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The Donald Trump articles are now numerous enough for their own catagory.
January 28, 2016
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The Donald Trump articles are now numerous enough for their own catagory.

The Donald Trump articles are now linked to each other in the right column, and in the Table of Contents.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Purpose of this grouping of links is to provide a record of the unique American political aberration of Donald Trump-ism. Neither Republican nor Democrat; neither Conservative nor Liberal; neither Christian nor Atheist; neither Fish nor Fowl; a stand-alone, determined, independent billionaire who just might save America from herself. Or, destroy her. Maybe.

The Trump Phenomenon Pages

Donald Trump rose in the public estimation because he started talking about stopping the illegal invasion of foreign intruders into America, which was not only allowed, but encouraged by the Obama regime and the Democrat Party, and not stopped by the Republican Party. Untold millions were pouring across our Mexican border, for government benefits. The American government was doing this on purpose, and elements of the Catholic Church and others were supporting it. That is the single issue that put Trump at the top of all political polls and kept him there so long.

Did Trump just Flip? He will now "deal" with Marxocratism and Obamunism? The Donald has flipped before, but this may be the flip to end all flips. If HE won't stop the destruction, WHO WILL?

Trump and Palin: Why are they considered to be the incompatible "Odd Couple"? If there's an incompatible "Odd Couple" it is the Tea Party and the Republicrat Party, not Trump and Palin, both of whom fully intend to stop exactly what we the people want stopped.

How "Trumpism" trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism. Trumpism: A turning away from the treacherous Republicrat Party's treason, toward the only imperfect alternative.

Cruz and Trump Rise Again, and the Elites still don't get it.The Candidate who actually recognizes the existing war and then properly prosecutes it will win all the marbles.

Trump Confounds the Republicrats and Flummoxes the Marxocrat Party's Media. Trump continues to confound the Left, including the "Bipartisan" Republicrat Party.

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