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There is a time appointed for everything; this is the time of winnowing.
April 18, 2011
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Political Winnowing.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, April 18, 2011

Sometimes I just get tired of saying the same thing over and over; but if the message isn’t getting across, then it must be repeated. Every time I read a current news article, or see one on TV, or hear one on radio, or read someone’s opinion-piece on-line or on FaceBook, I see the same old thing, rehashed again, about how some potential candidate is “polarizing,” and about how we desperately need a candidate who can “bring us all together.”

That’s bull crap.

That is what the enemy wants. To bring us all together. To make us act as one. To begin to herd us. If ever there was an appointed time for dividing, this is it. This is a time of polarizing, and dividing.

We have spoken before of how America is a nation of thirds, politically speaking; and we have been so from the beginning. This is not a land of landslide elections or unanimous political decisions. The first third is comprised of those who love the Declaration and the Constitution; the second third is comprised of those who don’t really pay attention or give a damn about politics, until crisis occurs, and the last third are those who oppose the Declaration and the Constitution, although they may not say so in so many words. None of these thirds is perfect as described. The overwhelming majority, in each third, doesn’t pay a lot of attention to what’s going on until some actual threat appears and an alarm is sounded, and some political contest begins to polarize them into separate political camps.

The first third, largely but imperfectly, sees America as good, in her overall design. The second third is distracted and disengaged; far too interested in sports, or in leisure, or reality TV, or other such nonsense. The last third, largely but imperfectly, sees America as bad, and terribly flawed, in her overall design.

I submit that the popular notion that America needs someone or some Party to “bring us all together” is just another Fatal False Premise, designed and intended to help bring about the downfall of liberty, and the establishment of total authority, i.e., totalitarianism. We talked about this in World Revolution Returns, and we talked about it in Blessed Polarization, and in a bunch of other pages. Still, the topic keeps publicly coming back and hitting me between the eyes.

It seems to go against nature for us to not seek to totally unify as a people; but, what is our true nature, and our true purpose for being? Is it not to seek and do the will of God? In every Catholic Mass, we pray that we might become what we eat: the Body of Christ. In every other Christian Church that I am aware of, prayers are offered to bring Christ to the whole world, and to unite the whole world in Christ. This is a glorious, magnificent effort … but … we all so easily forget the “shake off the dust” part.

And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.
[Luke 9:5]
So long as evil exists, and so long as Satan reigns on earth, it is quite impossible for us all to “gather together as one” without simultaneously separating ourselves from God and His law. Just as sheep cannot gather with wolves, good cannot gather with evil. Truth cannot gather with falsehood. The American Constitution cannot coexist with Marxism, or with Islam.

At this historic moment in time, America’s First Third has never been more solidly united and galvanized to action, thanks to the great Tea Party awakening. Yet today, even from within the Tea Party, we still hear many voices calling for someone who can bring us all together, which is the absolute last thing America needs. We need to turn our faces toward God, and all of us are just not going to do that. That’s the way it is. Evil exists, here and everywhere. It is our first job to see to it that evil does not reign here and everywhere.

Here in this life, on this earth, this is not the Chuch Triumphant, and it is not the Church Suffering; this is the Church Militant, where the battle against evil commences. Before you can put your total trust in your battle-mates, you must consider the task of winnowing. What, exactly, is it?

In Biblical times, winnowing took place on a threshing floor. The floor had a large spot on which to lay harvested grain, a window or hole in the floor nearby leading to a storage bin, and another window or hole, farther away, in the floor leading to another bin. A winnowing fork, or a winnowing fan, was a large pitchfork-like tool, sometimes in a flattened paddle shape.

The winnower would pick up grain and throw it into the wind for separation. The grain, being the heaviest, would fall right beneath the winnowing fan. The straw, being useful, and being lighter than the grain, would fall through the first window into the first bin. The chaff, comprised of leaves, dust and twigs, all useless, and all lighter than grain and lighter than straw, would fall through the last window into the last bin, intended to be burned. Metaphorically, it would burn in unquenchable fire.

How does that apply to us?

This is the time of polarizing and dividing for America. There is no place for compromise in this political environment. It is time to get rid of all the old time politicians in both Parties. It is time crush the Democrat Party, and it is time to absolutely renew the Republican Party, from top to bottom. We need to eliminate all professional politicians, and put ordinary citizens in office. High office should not be a profession.

If you say a citizen candidate like Palin is somehow “not qualified” to run, then, tell me just who the hell is better qualified? Obama? Biden? How, exactly, is Palin not qualified? As compared to who? Being a polarizer should be a point in her favor. Don’t stand there with your bare face hanging out and tell me she cannot win. By every possible method of calculation, Obama should not have been able to win, if the voting electorate was even so much as conscious.

You know, or you had better know, right from wrong, and good from evil. Everything boils down to that. It’s very simple. Issue after issue, one at a time, presents a choice between right and wrong, good and evil. That is where you must begin to divide.

And that is where you need to wake up and pay attention. To gather with obstinate unrepentant sinners is a sin. To look aside from obstinate unrepentant sin is a sin. To hold your tongue in the presence of evil is to speak. To stand aside as evil goes by is to take a stand. To not act against evil is to act. You will face judgment for not speaking, for not acting, for being silent, for gathering with evil, for compromising with wrong, for making any deal with the devil.

Read John 25:31-46; there you might see how we might be judged more harshly for the things that we do not do than for the things that we actually do. When it comes to fundamental issues, once you peel away the covering layers, it always comes down to right vs. wrong; truth vs. falsehood; good vs. evil. You may not stand neutral in the face of wrong. You may not compromise with evil.

Over-willingness to politically compromise with evil is what brought the American Democrat Party to its current condition, opposing as it does the Declaration and the Constitution at nearly every turn. A knee-jerk need to politically compromise “to get something done” is what caused the current Republican leadership to commit to Boehner’s Folly, deepening and exacerbating our economic dilemma and potentially bringing America, and the world, to economic catastrophe before the next election. Every minute given to the Obamunists will be used by them to destroy us, economically and otherwise.

There can be no compromise with evil. This is where the battle commences. You may not stand neutral. This is a time for dividing, and choosing sides. If you would join us in restoring America to her founding principles, then you must know this first.

This ain’t no pleasure cruise. You can fish, you can cut bait, or you can get the hell off the boat. Those are your choices.

Once you’ve made your choice and shook the dust – welcome aboard.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God, and live forever.

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