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A Palin Parker Ticket? My Dream Candidates for 2012.
December 31, 2009
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A Palin Parker Ticket for 2012?

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, December 31, 2009

By now you all know how I feel about Sarah Palin; if not, go read all my comments after the Hatred of Palin page and then continue reading here. I believe she is the best thing going for leadership of a restored Republican Party. She is a proven executive, a conservative, an independent Republican, an extremely popular figure, a strong woman with solid, unshakable American moral standards, and there is absolutely nobody out there who knows more about energy and conservation than she does. That's who Sarah Palin is.

So, who is this Star Parker person?

Some time back we attended the annual Dayton Right to Life fund raiser, and Star Parker was the featured speaker. Her presentation was exceptionally good; we both agreed it was an absolute knock-out. Star Parker has got to be one of the most dynamic, soul-stirring and motivational speakers we have ever heard, and we have heard the best.

She had several books there for sale, and I bought one, titled the White Ghetto, Star Parker, published by Nelson Current. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to get my copy signed and shake her hand, because the lines were quite long and we had to go. But then work, activity on this website and other issues took command of my attention and the book just laid around unread until recently. She didn’t strike me as a politically oriented person. A strong woman of conviction, a devout Christian, definitely a mover and a shaker, but, not a woman of political aspirations. However … I read Sarah’s Going Rogue, and something in it stirred my memory and pointed me back to some of Star Parker’s words.

Long story made short, I picked up Star’s book, couldn’t put it down, and just finished it. It’s the story of where we are going, and it is not to a good place. What we have all watched happening to our black community is exactly and precisely the same thing that is now happening to the rest of our whole community of America. “White” America is not that far behind black America in the slide down the slippery slope of degeneracy. We are degenerating as a culture, as a recognizable people, as a nation. The American black inner city ghetto is just showing the rest of us where we are all headed.

Star Parker is a perceptive woman who has diagnosed the social toxin, and who has the social antidote, and it is – morality, pure and simple. The simple morality born of the Judao-Christian Ethos of which this nation was born and constituted.

Star Parker is saying all the things this Website has been saying from the beginning, only saying it better, in fewer words, and with greater clarity. She may not see herself as any sort of political candidate, but I do, you should, we need her more than she needs any high office, and we need to try to draft her or convince her to go where she can really make a difference, which is on the Republican ticket with Sarah Palin.

America needs to get moving in the direction these two ladies are already moving in, and what better way for that to happen than with them leading the way. They live and breath American Exceptionalism.

How could two such different ladies from two such wildly different backgrounds end up with such strikingly similar core values, economic principles and high moral standards?

Sarah was raised as a rugged individualist, tight family member, worker, earner, contributor, business-person, with the co-dependent twin senses of liberty and responsibility in the very Alaskan air she breathed, from birth.

Star is a former welfare-mom, abortionette, government-dependent, druggie, shoplifter and general all around ghetto low-life. She had a turning; an awakening; a recognition of Truth; an encounter with a decisive point that began to allow her to see a better way. It was The Way.

Sarah was raised in it, but Star came to it the hard way. She learned of it, sought it, and got it. She educated herself, even to advanced degrees, and now spends her strength motivating others to do likewise, and showing us all the sheer cliff that is straight ahead on our current cultural path.

Both have proved that they can git-r-done.

Those of us ordinary citizens who love America are so pissed off at the status-quo and at the very notion of “professional” politicians and “experienced” politicians that this combination could not only win, but win big. We have a rogue Alaskan governor who ran for VP, and a politically-inexperienced academic, fire-brand moralist and motivational speaker, both of whom know what none of their political opponents and damned few of their political contemporaries know, and that is, quite simply, right from wrong.

The same sense of telling right from wrong that animated the founders, that formed the basis of our Constitution and the foundation for our civil law, and that animates Christians and Jews all over the world. It is the sense of telling right from wrong that came out of Western Civilization and the long, long tradition that culminated in America. All of that is lost on the Marxist opposition. They don’t know right from wrong.

We have economic problems, yes. And we have ecological problems, yes. And we have energy problems, and we have enemy problems, and we have problems of revolutionaries within our borders, and we have problems with our borders, and we have problems with Islam, and we have problems with education, and we have problems with apathy, and the list goes on. But there is one American problem that tops them all, and relates to every other problem.

It’s the morality, stupid.

The current sitting government contributes to and enflames each and every major problem we face in America and makes it worse instead of better. At the root, the current sitting government is so immoral as to be labeled evil. They love and promote sodomy and public faggotry, they love and promote medically unnecessary abortion on a massive scale, and they are so deeply mired in illegal political shenanigans and un-constitutional politics that they can’t see past the next payoff or kickback or promised political appointment.

The Marxocrat Party, and the Courts they own, and our leading academics, and the intellectual elites, and the show-biz personalities and celebrities, and the SLIMC, all, absolutely despise us and they despise our religion, and they despise our morality, and they seek to suppress it, and they seek to suppress us.

Just look at what they’re trying to do to Sarah. Look at what Saturday Night Live does to her; look at the latest Doonsbury cartoons of her. She represents us. It is the vast American Middle Class that they so despise and that they so viciously attack. It is the very idea of how we live our lives and how we interact that they so despise, and that they intend to destroy. It is the American Ideal itself.

It is the correct way to live a traditional Judao-Christian life in America that they fear and hate and treat with contempt and seek to destroy.

Sarah and Star are both so young that they could lead us in right paths for eight years, switch places, and lead us for eight more. The path to that possibility begins when we remember in November of 2010, and we begin to throw the Marxist bastards out of American political office.

Maybe one or the other may not agree; but I can dream, and I can hope, and I can pray. This I know: America isn’t going to improve without fasting and prayer and a major turning of her people.

Pray for America, and remember in November.

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