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Vic Biorseth opposes affirmative action / equal opportunity programs as racist.
June 16, 2009
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Affirmative Action is racial preference, which requires racial exclusion.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Affirmative Action = Racial Preference.

Government programs typically labeled Affirmative Action and / or Equal Opportunity are, in point of fact, programs that give preferential treatment to people based on race, gender or other factors, such as age. I submit that it is not possible to give someone such preferential treatment without simultaneously giving someone else detrimental treatment on exactly the same basis. Detrimental treatment based on race is racism; detrimental treatment based on sex is sexism / Chauvinism; etc.

Here’s how I described it on the Marxism of Obama page:

The Racism of Obama is not widely recognized, because the meaning of the term has been purposely skewed both in formal education and in the media to be an attribute that may be attached solely to members of the white race. Which is false. Whites have no copyright or patent on racism. Anyone can be a racist. The common term “reverse racist,” as in most common usage, proves the point. In simple English, the only way someone can be a reverse racist is if someone is racist against his own race. (Which some whites – mostly Democrats – are.)

Racism is generally defined as belief, and sometimes as a behavior, or as a behavior-guiding attribute. First, racism is a belief in some inherent, possibly genetic racial superiority / inferiority existing between different races. Second, racism is sometimes taken to the point of believing that one race has some inherent right to rule another race, or all other races. Third, racism is sometimes taken to the point of irrational animus toward one or more races, and programs or intent to do injury to members of the despised race(s). The last absolute Marxist dictator of a truly powerful nation, who was also a clear racist, was Adolph Hitler.

Popular government programs thought of as “Liberal” or “Progressive” but which are in fact Marxist, such as Affirmative Action and so-called Equal Opportunity programs, are in fact racist. Look again at the definition above. These programs, on the outside, as presented to the public by the Democrats, the SLIMC and Celebritwittery, as uplifting and equalizing of so-called disenfranchised races. I submit that it is not possible to give any race or class legal preferential treatment without simultaneously giving another race or class legal detrimental treatment.

Purposely and legally treating someone in a detrimental way based solely on race is, definitively, racist. You simply cannot get around that fact. Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity programs are, by their very nature, racist.

Now, proponents of these programs often come before the cameras and howl about how their particular “equal opportunity” program is not quota-based and does not include anything to do with any quota. Of course, that’s a lie. How do you even begin to determine if any “opportunity” is “equal” if you don’t even count anything? How do you know you even need such a program? How do you know if or when you have achieved the goal or the purpose of the program?

Indeed, exactly what is the goal and / or purpose of the program, if no people are to be counted, and there are no quotas?

Affirmative Action is a movement that has become (or perhaps was from the start) a tool of use to the Left in causing, deepening or magnifying a social dividing line to promote class warfare, or at least class strife and animosity, in an otherwise peaceful population. It does not promote equal treatment before the law. Indeed, what it promotes is quite the opposite of equal treatment.

Pray for a return to good old fashioned American and Constitutional equality before the law.

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