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Against diversity for the sake of diversity. Why do Marxists always seek more?
June 16, 2009
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Against diversity for the sake of diversity.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being against diversity for the sake of diversity does not equate to being against diversity. I know something about diversity, and I celebrate it, as it exists, and as I find it.

I am Lithuanian on my mother’s side, and Norwegian / Swedish on my father’s side. My wife is Polish on her mother’s side, and German on her father’s side. We are third-generation Americans; our grandparents were immigrants who became naturalized citizens. We belong to a Lithuanian Catholic Church; our Pastor is also the Pastor of a Polish Church, a Hungarian Church, and the main “territorial” Parish, which originally used to be German, but is now a non-ethnic, typical old “cathedral-style” Catholic Church. Our ethnic Churches keep alive ethnic languages and traditions, including costume, dance, food, art and artifacts from the old countries.

Nearby, close to down-town, is an Irish parish. That’s where we like to go for St. Patrick’s Day Mass, because they have a parade/procession with pipes, and we get to sing along to all those wonderful old Irish songs that everybody loves. Plus, Marcie’s birthday is St. Patrick’s Day, so once a year we all become Irish.

Our town has a major ethnic festival every year that includes major performances of ethnic dancing, music and food, and it’s a wonderful celebration of diversity in America. Nations from all over the world, representing every continent, are represented by dance groups, cultural exhibit and food booths.

We have a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church in our neighborhood that has an annual Greek festival, which is one of our favorite events. The dancing is terrific, and I don’t know if you’ve ever had Greek coffee, but that’s quite an experience all by itself, if you are a coffee lover like me.

It’s served in a little dinky cup, from which you slurp about 2/3 or a little more and then leave the rest, because a thick residue of grounds is settles toward the bottom of the cup, and you don’t want your lips or tongue to encounter that. But, be that as it may, that little bit of coffee from that little bitty cup is great. The caffeine from this one little dinky cup will likely keep you up for the rest of the week. A Greek baklava goes perfectly with Greek coffee.

Obviously, this kind of diversity is not what is opposed here. Indeed, this kind of diversity is much beloved. But when any Marxist talks up diversity, they are talking about something entirely different from this. What the Leftist seeks to do while seeming to promote diversity is to create and exploit division, to foment discord, and to promote class warfare. While seeming and appearing to be promoting “togetherness” and simultaneously highlighting the racism / sexism / homophobia / etc. of their opposition, Leftists, who have perfected this ruse, always manage to look and sound and act innocent and even virtuous. They always come out, with a lot of help from our thoroughly Marxist SLIMC, academia and celebritwittery, looking like the good guys here.

What Marxism seeks in America is what the Democrat Party has largely achieved, again, with major contributions made by the SLIMC, academia and celebritwittery, and what may be rightly called Big Tent Politics. The idea is to get everybody that can in any way be construed or presented to be disenfranchised or somehow outsiders into the Big Tent, making The Big Tent even bigger whenever necessary. The idea is to make a voting majority out of a bunch of minorities, while gaining sympathy for their seemingly worthy and noble cause even among their political opposition. First, make a minority feel like an outsider, then, recruit them into the Party that will be nice to them, while demonizing the opposing Party. That’s the ruse.

Look very carefully at the one place where there is absolutely no diversity allowed within the Democrat Party: Ideology. All who take shelter in the wonderful diversity of the Democrat-owned political “Big Tent” absolutely must be, or lean in the direction of, Marxism. Period. They must be committed Marxist ideologues, Marxist useful-idiots, or persons easily duped by Marxist ideology. No one else may enter the Big Tent. It is an exclusive club.

There will be absolutely no ideological diversity allowed here. So what kind of diversity for the sake of diversity does Marxism promote? Well, the kind that weakens the moral fiber of our culture, and / or exploits and enflames any perceptible existing social or cultural dividing lines.

America now has black citizens too numerous to count who are daily hammered with propaganda from many sources, including Marxist-spun formal education, daily news, entertainment and even history, whose major goal is to convince the black American citizen of his own second-class status, and how he alone can do nothing about it. He needs the help of the Big Tent, or he cannot survive on his own in this cruel, racist nation. The game is rigged against the black man. Whitey hates him and intends to exploit him and keep him down. Only in the Marxism of the Big Tent is his salvation to be found.

The interesting thing here is that the Democrat Party was the Party that opposed Lincoln and championed slavery. Later, it was the George Wallace Segregation Forever Party. It has always been, and, I maintain, still is, a fundamentally racist Party. Blacks are being duped and exploited here, by America’s real racists.

The Pro-Choice woman who innocently “found herself” pregnant, and / or her mother, are easily recruited into the Big Tent, because the political opposition would like to take their “Choice” away, and force upon them, Punishment-By-Living-Child, even in violation of the well recognized Constitutional Right to their own “Choice” in the matter. The Big Tent, on the other hand, is never satisfied with the numbers of “Choices” made on an annual basis. The current 1,350,000 medically unnecessary abortions per year is not enough, by a long shot, for the Democrat Party. They will not stop pushing for more and more abortions every year until every pregnancy in America is terminated by an abortion, in support of one of their Marxist values that says that HBAACOTE, and our precious resources will be better utilized by fewer humans. Only in the Marxism of the Big Tent will a woman keep her “Choice” and the planet be saved from human beings.

The homosexual seeking public acceptance of Open Homosexuality in the American public square is also easily recruited into the Marxism of the Big Tent. What he seeks is public acceptance and even celebration of his homosexual condition everywhere in America, meaning, precisely, that practicing Jews and Christians must either change their ancient religions, or reject them. Open homosexuality must be accepted everywhere in America, just as it is accepted and encouraged in the Democrat Party’s Big Tent. The horrible, immoral opposition actually has the gall to oppose open homosexuality everywhere. The Democrat Party promises, meanwhile, that one day we will have a real, live screaming queen for President.

This is just stupid.

Where has merit gone? Exactly how is it that Hillary was somehow better qualified to be a Presidential candidate than anyone else just because she is a woman? How is it that Obama was somehow better qualified to be a Presidential candidate than anyone else just because he is black? How is it that Sotermayer is somehow better qualified to be a nominee to the Supreme Court than anyone else just because she is an Hispanic woman?

Where the hell has merit gone?

The one thing they all share, again, is their predominantly Marxist ideology. They all came out of the Big Tent. They do not represent us. Quite the opposite. Take a good look at their histories and their ideology, and then read the Judao-Christian Ethos page for a review on the foundational basis for our Constitution and our civil law, and the guiding principles by which the overwhelming majority of us guide our daily lives. And then see if the Democrat Big Tent represents our common American future, or our end, as a nation as widely and universally recognized since its birth.

Diversity for the sake of diversity is just plain stupid.

God help us.

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