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It's The American Ideal and our Constitutional Government Vs the Global Village.
November 02, 2006
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The Mid-Term Elections Commeth!

Recent perusing at the SANE WORKS website reminded me of one of the major purposes of this website, and prompted these comments on the eve of our mid-term elections. Amid the trials of daily life, prayer life, reading and other activities, the core values of Americanism and the need for America to continue to exist a bit longer tend to fall into the taken for granted bin of things not worried about. However, articles at the SANE organization reminded me of their vital importance, and Election Day is this Tuesday. So I'm speaking of these things again. Most of you know all of this, but it all bears repeating.

This site opposes all Leftist-Marxist ideological notions involving the end of international borders, the end of national sovereignty and the eventual end of the United States of America in favor of the Utopian ideal of a Global Village, Borderless Society, or one-world governance or authority by any other name, to be done by any Leviathan State entity. We likewise oppose all international cross-border efforts by Islam and/or Islamic groups whose ultimate goal is a one-world government by Islamic law, or Sharia. This site vigorously supports the sanctity of national borders and the continued existence of the United States of America, her Constitution and Constitutional government, and the strengthening and restoration of what's left of Western Culture.

Current Leftist-Marxist thinking, which now dominates in America's Democratic Party, has morphed into something that actually threatens the continued national existence of America itself. Miss-begotten partially from a misplaced sense of revulsion for Nationalism mistaken for Nazi-Fascism today's Leftists dream of and work toward an end to borders, nations and sovereignty, and the achievement of a Utopian, perfect, Global Village, or World-State. Which would mean, of course, an end to Democracy, our Republic, our Constitution and all that goes with it. This is the new Communism, descended from Marxism.

Yes, the Left really is that dumb. We now have a major political Party dedicated to our national end. No more United States Of America, as a political goal.

Precisely at this historic moment, when a resurgent Islam threatens the world with it's insidious international intrigues, incursions, terrorism and plots toward a world dominated by Islamic Law, we have Limousine Liberals, Hollywood Celebrocrats, Rock Stars, the whole SLIMC, most of the Democratic Party, some Republicans and a thundering herd of other silly twits singing the praises of and seeking to advance the Leftist Utopian Ideal of the Global Village and the end of all national sovereignty, local authority and the Rule of Subsidiarity.

While most of these people are just basically ignorant - the term silly twit really does apply - there are those among them who are not so ignorant. When all political power is centralized enough for it to happen, power will be forcibly seized by the one ruthless enough to seize it, whether he be Islamic or otherwise. The brutal and ruthless Stalins and Hitlers of our future work toward, watch and quietly await their opportunities.

As the preceding article at Bush War Revisited shows, I'm still considering and moving in the direction of favoring an official declaration of war against Sharia, the legal part of the ideology or false religion of Islam. I encourage you to read the whole article and the arguments and let me know what you think. Islam is, indeed, at war with us, whether we all readily acknowledge that fact or not. The question before us is what are we to do about that.

All of this ought to inspire your thoughts toward the Republican side of the ballot this coming Tuesday. We need to strengthen our nationalism, whether the Left likes it or not. We need to win the war, whether the Left even recognizes it as a war or not.

Give strength to the culture of life, and vote in accordance with America's overwhelming Western Cultural ethos.


And Pray for America.

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