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The Anti-Union Sentiment: Where does it come from?
February 26, 2011
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The Anti-Union Sentiment.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, February 26, 2011

To fully understand the depth of the growing anti-union sentiment in America, you have to understand the core mission and true purpose of the organized labor movement, which is not what many rank-and-file union members think it is. The initial design and the initial motivational principle for the modern organized labor movement is spelled out in the closing lines of the Communist Manifesto. Allow me to paraphrase, in modern English, those infamous, inflammatory words of Karl Marx:

Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by forcible overthrow of the existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at the Communistic revolution. The workers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.
Those words were written in 1848, and they hit the world like a bombshell. All Communist organizing aimed at world revolution begins with low level, local community organizing, and the first community Communism ever sought to organize was labor. But the organizers rarely identify themselves as Communists or, as revolutionaries, or as anything other than labor organizers, working solely for the good of labor, acting as a counter-force to the “exploitation” of labor by the demonized bosses.

Divide and conquer is the name of the game. To accomplish Marx’s goals, society must be divided. The first place Marxism began to instill a sense of division and promote the beginnings of class warfare into the subconscious collective mind of any society involved the relationship between employee and employer. The idea is to create bogus divisions – classes, if you will – of citizens of a country, and then set them against each other, to lay the groundwork of instability and internal animosity leading to conditions ripe for revolution.

Community Organizers of the labor union variety rarely if ever publicly invoke any part of the Communist Manifesto other than the insidious WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! They don’t want to be up front about what they are. You may have wondered why so many big labor unions have names that include words like United, and International. It’s not hard to figure out. The scope is global; it always was. The local union is not interested in merely recruiting the employees of Grandma’s Pizzeria, because Grandma is somehow exploiting them and they are not getting a fair wage. The local union is not really local, because it intends to recruit all employees of all pizzerias, whether they feel exploited or not. And, it intends to grow its own scope, and thus recruit employees of businesses other than pizzerias.

And, it intends to link-arms with other locals and other unions, in solidarity against all of the demonized owners of or investors in business. That’s how national, and perhaps one day international union strikes may be orchestrated, as we have seen in Greece, and as we are now seeing in Wisconsin.

Public sector labor unions, as seen in the current Wisconsin teacher situation, oppose not the bosses of any private business, but the taxpayers. They oppose us. Their pay and their benefits come out of the taxpayer; so do their deducted union dues. We are paying them to do this to us, and we – you and I – are paying their union dues, out of our tax dollars. Every union in America gives humongous contributions, out of their collected membership dues, which the taxpayer provided, directly to the political Party of their choice, which is the Communist Party. I mean Democrat. That taxpayer supplied public sector union money is the lifeblood of the Democrat Party in America, and the Democrat Party may be expected to stop working, shut down the entire constitutional process and go to actual warfare to prevent the stoppage of that big union cash flow.

Wisconsin union teachers, and Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers, both, have amply proved their animosity toward the rule of law, the Constitution and the established Democratic process. Wisconsin Senators actually act to defeat the established Democratic process and oppose the voters of their own state. That their actions are anti-American is just crystal clear. They act in open defiance of the voting public, and the tidal wave of citizen outrage at their open display of personal greed, selfishness, political corruption and wild spending of other people’s money. They would rather spend their state, and their nation, into bankruptcy than give up on any part of the “right” of collective bargaining, or give up one penny in pay or benefits, or one penny in union political contributions.

They actually hate America that much.

The Useful Idiot devoted union member who does not see the relationship to Marxism, has been tricked into a relationship of animosity with the one who pays his wages. The reason a man goes into business is to make a better life, which means, profit. So the purpose of the business is to produce profit. The devoted union supporter has been tricked into believing that the moral purpose of the business is to provide income and benefits to employees, at the expense of profit, which is considered to be evil. He doesn’t recognize that this is Marxist morality, or that it is logically upside down. He comes to work against the profitability of the business that pays him to work for it’s success. He thereby dooms the business that provides his job, while singing solidarity forever. His loyalty is to his union, not to his own employer.

I wrote about unions before, in the Argument Against Unions page. I copied Solzhenitsyn’s famous speech to American labor onto a page on this site, in the Solzhenitsyn Speaks page. Things are now coming to a head.

It is time to take off the gloves. We need legislation, at both state and federal level, to eliminate and make illegal

  1. All collective bargaining in the public sector.
  2. All employer automatic deductions of union dues in the public sector.
  3. All currently existing contractual agreements involving public sector unions.
If government employees want to join or continue to belong to a union, that’s fine; they can pay their own dues, without any payroll deduction done by their employers. If employees want to petition for a raise or increase in benefits, they are perfectly free to do so, but not through any collective bargaining. They do not own the taxpayers.

Private industry should look at the conditions unions have brought to America and to all industry, and consider similar actions toward private sector unions. Government, including courts, should favor business over Communist organization on a case by case basis.

Marxist community organizing, which began with the labor movement, has infected many, many areas of human activity. The whole Green Movement; various student movements; civil rights movements; the environmental movement; the homosexual movement; the abortion movement; there is little if anything left out. Government dares to tell us what light bulbs to use, what to eat, what kind of cars to buy, or even make; there is no end to what our own government tells us to do. We are supposed to be free.

Note that whenever you see things blowing up somewhere, which is now a daily event, the first ones into the street, the first ones organized, the first ones who move at the drop of a hat are the unions. Look at Greece, and so many other countries. Look at the national strikes. Look at the national shut-downs. Students will get out there too, but note well that labor always leads the way.

It’s time to take the unions down.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life.

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