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Here we see Bush family class captured in a simple private citizenís photo.
March 06, 2010
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Bush Family Class.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, March 06, 2010

When they heard on the news what had happened at Fort Hood, they just got in the car and drove over there, without escort or anything. The gate guards couldnít believe who just drove up. They asked for directions to the base hospital and just drove on, declining escort. They spent a couple of hours just visiting the wounded, and then just as quietly, they left.

If someone didnít happen to have a personal camera to take this shot, we wouldnít know for sure that it really happened. The SLIMC never mentioned it.

A lady got the notification that her husband had been shot multiple times and was in surgery. She drove all night. When she got there, he was in recovery, and when she got to his room, Mr. and Mrs. Bush were already in there visiting him.

That kind of class needs no further comment. They are an everlasting credit to their families, their state and their country, and to God, and to simple, quiet Godliness and old fashioned common decency.

Some days later Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, flew in with his always present media entourage to do a quick photo op in a gym, never went near the hospital, and then they all flew back out again.

Pray for our troops.

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Bush Family Class

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