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The Byzantine 4th Crusade page is now finished; the arguments section will now begin.
March 09, 2009
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Vic Biorseth, Monday March 9, 2009

It took awhile, but the Byzantine 4th Crusade page is finally finished.

As promised, I will now start on the "arguments" section, in which I hope to begin to respond to the giant backlog of private communications that came in through the "Contact Me" page while I was gone over the road and unable to properly respond. Note that "Contact Me" is no longer an option. There were just too many private email conversations going to keep proper track of them, particularly when I couldn't do it anywhere near full time every day. All dialogues from now on will need to be public, at the bottom of whatever webpage is related. You may still keep your anonymity if you so wish; just don't put in your real name, and exclude your email.

Thanks for your patience, and may God bless you.

This article and comments may be found on the web site at the link below :

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