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Old North Dayton is looking for a Few Good Men.
January 17, 2011
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Calling All Available Priests:

We Need A Few Good men, who are Catholic Priests, retired or about to retire.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, January 17, 2011

We have a new Archbishop in the archdiocese of Cincinnati who is committed to increasing vocations and growing the priesthood; but that will take time. In the meantime, we have a problem, and it is the same one in every American dioceses or archdiocese we know of (other than Arlington, Lincoln, Peoria, Wichita, Bridgeport, Omaha, Atlanta and Rockford,) and that is, a severe priest shortage. In the current situation, priests are retiring at a higher rate than they are being ordained. Until that situation at least stabilizes, and eventually turns around, we are looking at closing some of our ethnic parishes.

We have permission to try to find some Priests.

We currently have one Pastor for the four parishes, and irregular helper priests from the University of Dayton, to keep regular Masses going, but over time, the situation is growing worse. We need, at least, one more full time Priest here. (Meaning available for Sunday Masses.)

Grandparents, Great Grandparents and Great-Great-Grandparents of parishioners built these beautiful old Churches with their own hands; they are true Catholic treasures. I would like to be able to tell you that Dayton Ohio is a tropical paradise, where the sun always shines and everything is wonderful, but alas, I cannot do that. I can tell you this: We dearly love these Churches, and if you come here and help us keep them going, we will love you too. You bring us Jesus in the Eucharist, and we will give Him back to you in love.

Check out the links below, and contact us. God bless.

The four Roman Catholic Churches of Old North Dayton, consisting of the “Parent Parish” (Our Lady of the Rosary) and three Ethnic Parishes within the Parish Boundaries of the Parent Parish: Holy Cross (Lithuanian), St. Adalbert (Polish) and St. Stephen (Hungarian).

Our Lady of the Rosary -

Holy Cross Lithuanian -

St. Adalbert Polish -

St. Stephen Hungarian -

Old North Dayton Four Parish Bulletins -

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