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Renouncing the great Communist Lie in its older, current and newer forms.
March 19, 2009
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On the Great Communist Lie.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Great Communist Lie is now so pervasive in our society that much of the message has become subliminal, gently interwoven as it is into our formal education, the “spin” on our news, our prevalent editorial commentary, our published literature, our entertainment, and nowadays even main themes in our public discourse and political argument. Today, it rarely if ever goes by the more honest, original name of Communism, but that is precisely what it is; and Communism is, precisely, a lie. It is a smooth subterfuge that most often does not even go by its own name.

What I hope to do here, again, is identify the Communist Lie for what it is. I’ve said it so many times it’s getting tiresome; all over this website it has been repeated in many ways, and some of you may be betting bored with it. However, the message and the pipe dream of the lie is so strong, so prevalent everywhere, so dominating of discourse, even without properly naming itself, that it bears repeating. So, for what it’s worth, here it is again:

Every single Marxist is an Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar.
No exceptions.

All Marxists are liars. Marxist have to be liars; being a liar is virtually a definitive characteristic of being a Marxist. It is a requirement. The ultimate goal of the Marxist is to move all of society toward or into Communism; that “worthy” goal is the supposedly noble “End” that justifies, in the mind of the Marxist, any “Means” at all that may be applied to achieve it. Historically, these “Means” have included mass deportations, mass movements of whole populations, and even mass murder. Again, let’s look at the three pithy sayings of the typical Marxist temporarily useful idiot, the future would-be Marxist bureaucrat, and the potential future Marxist dictator, all, on the road to ultimate supreme Marxist power:

  1. The Ends Justify the Means.
  2. You Cannot Make and Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs.
  3. Shut Up and Get On the Cattle Car.
I’m not making this up. Twentieth century European and Asian history is loaded down with records of Marxist collectivization and mass-movements of whole enslaved peoples on cattle cars to wherever “The Party” (but really, the Dictator) wanted them all moved. Untold millions were simply murdered to achieve the ends of Marxism, because, after all, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs. These three sayings are as close as you can come to identifying a motivational collective ethos that drives atheistic and materialistic Marxism.

The Communist Lie: Level 1:     Regarding nature and even existence of Communism itself.
Marx’s Communism - the state of authority-less, classless, government-less, state-less, border-less, perfect, utopian Worker’s Paradise - has never existed, does not now exist anywhere, cannot possibly exist, is quite impossible, and might even be taken as some kind of sick joke if it were not so tragic. The very notion of social movement toward Communism is a flagrant lie, for the destination never did, does not and cannot ever exist. The True destination is, exactly, Socialism, known also as The Dictatorship of the Proletariat, which is also a lie.

The Communist Lie: Level 2:     Regarding nature of Marx’s invention of his “unpleasant but necessary” so-called “intermediary phase” that he called Socialism, or, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
The Marxian “evolutionary phase” of societal development, his dictatorship of the workers, or of the Party, was, is, and has been from the first one created to every other one that ever existed, an absolute Dictatorship, pure and simple. Whether under Lenin, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, or Castro, or Ho, or any other so-called Communist or Fascist dictator, they were all the same, under somewhat different paint or skin or camouflage. They all were and/or are absolute dictatorships. The title of the dictator might have been Fuehrer or Premier or Chairman or Party Supreme Secretary or whatever – they were all the same. Only the personalities of the dictators differed.

They might have installed beneath themselves various governmental bureaucratic organizations, such as Politburos, Congresses or whatever, populated with rigidly obedient governmental assistants. These helpers ranged from relatively innocent idealistic useful idiots to zealous idealistic committed loony-tune fanatics, to the twisted, perverse criminal types who were heartless and ruthless enough to do the terrible things real dictators always need to have done. Again, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Most usually, the useful idiot types just quietly disappear, being murdered or sent off into the gulag somewhere shortly after the dictator assumes full power, and after they served their purpose. Only the most ruthless survive and advance in the Marxist environment.

No matter how you dress it up under any window-dressing title or complex organization, whether titled Communist, Fascist, Nazi, Bolshevik, Marxist-Leninist, Stalinist, Socialist, or whatever, an absolute dictatorship is an absolute dictatorship. No one opposes the absolute dictator and remains both free and alive. Period.

The Communist Lie: Level 3:     Regarding the completely false “history” of all Communist so-called “Revolutions.”
The term “Communist Revolution” as used in any past world history is false. It is true only in the second or third sense of the dictionary definition of Revolution, which is to say, a radical and complete change of government from what it was to something else. The first sense of the word, as found in any dictionary, involves a popular movement; an overthrowing and complete replacement of a government by the governed people. No Communist revolution was ever a popular movement of the people governed. Such a popular Communist revolution has never successfully occurred in all of world history.

In truth, the advance of the Communist agenda absolutely requires crisis; the greater the crisis the better. Marxism has never advanced except when it took advantage of some terrible crisis, or in a few cases when it advanced due to trickery, deception and subterfuge. Today’s Marxists know this; they purposely seek to actually cause terrible crisis, and they simultaneously seek to grossly deceive the populace.

The Russian Communist “Revolution” never had more than about fifteen thousand committed, ready-to-die-for-the-cause “Revolutionary” fighters before Lenin seized power and butchered up the Czar and his family, eliminating the possibility of going back to the previous form of government. There was no going back from that point; it was either stay in power, or die. Fifteen thousand represents an incredibly small force in a country as huge, vast and populated as Russia. If the whole thing had not occurred during the horrible distracting national crisis of World War I it never would have succeeded. It was no popular movement. The ordinary Russian citizen had no idea what was going on until it was all over and too late to do anything about it.

During the terrible WWI and following Russian historical period that Robert Conquest called War Communism that followed the Russian political coup, or takeover, the loyal Russian opposition had no leadership and therefore no coherent strategy or even sense of cohesive organization, since all of their government and leadership had been wiped out. This is why they lost. Again, if Russia had not been preoccupied by desperate crisis – fighting for life against a deadly foreign enemy in World War I – the Russian Communist “Revolution” could not and would not have succeeded at all.

The Chinese Communist “Revolution” also occurred during a desperate national crisis, when China was fighting for her very life against the Japanese Empire during World War II. It quickly developed into a three-way conflict, between fragmented Nationalist forces, the growing army of Mao and the forces of the Japanese Empire. In the semi-feudal organization of WWII China, Chinese forces were divided into semi-autonomous armies of war lords with feudal hierarchies reminiscent of medieval European nobility. Mao managed to “convert” more of these forces than did General Chiang Kai-shek for those fighting for the Chinese Nationalist cause. It was a three-way fight, which Mao ultimately won because of the divided attention of the Nationalist fighters.

Once again, just as in Russia, a crisis helped the Communist cause. If China had not been distracted and had to split her forces to fight Mao and still fight for her very life against a deadly foreign invader in a desperate war, the Communist “Revolution” in China could not and would not have succeeded.

Every other country that came under the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact Nations, and under the Bamboo Curtain of the new Chinese Communist empire, was the victim of military conquest, pure and simple. They were invaded and conquered by massive forces. Every land “liberated” from Nazism or Fascism became a part of the Communist camp, by absolute military force. The people had nothing whatsoever to say about it. No previous government was allowed to re-establish itself, and no government organization other than a typical Socialist dictatorship, subservient either to Moskow or to Peking, ever came into existence in any of these lands.

I remember what happened in Cuba very well; I was an idealistic youngster then, and Castro appeared to be quite a heroic figure to me. His seemingly desperate situation in the mountains of Cuba while seeking to oust the gangster Batista and establish Democracy in Cuba was inspiring. He was backed by virtually the whole of the American media; I followed it closely, read every word of it and paid very close attention to all of it.

When he actually won, and all the gangsters fled, and he immediately announced to the world that he was a Marxist-Leninist, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I couldn’t believe it. But, here’s an even more surprising thing – at least it was surprising to me – the media, our media, never changed it’s tune, never missed a beat, continually and consistently remained in Castro’s corner and portrayed him as a heroic Cuban patriot and an all around wonderful and glorious new leader on the world stage.

That was when I began looking more suspiciously at our American media. Marxism requires either desperate crisis or deep deception, or both, to succeed. I saw this whole Cuban “Revolution” as a great act of treachery; our SLIMC, to this very day, sees Castro as not only a valiant and heroic Revolutionary, but also as a warm and wonderful human being who loves dogs and small children, and can do no wrong. In fact, he is a dictator, little different than any other dictator.

The Communist Lie: Level 4:     Regarding the true nature of Social Democracy; or, almost Socialism, or partial adoption of Socialist theory.
The semi-Socialist, or typically European combination of Marx’s Socialist theory with some form of semi-representative government that we’re talking about here is exemplified by countries like France, Germany, most of Western Europe, and even the United Kingdom. These governments came to be semi-Socialist over about a hundred years of successful Marxist disinformation, which began as a mere elite-class, pseudo-intellectual fad, later fed and expanded by the output of a deliberate Communist disinformation conspiracy, to virtually permeate and dominate the ongoing social dialogue in all of Western Culture. It masquerades as a more moral social goal, while successfully demonizing the straw-villain “exploitation” of Capitalism and of authoritarian government.

This branch of the Communist lie got its biggest boost from the combination of two falsehoods. First, the belief that “Socialism” is something other than dictatorship; that is represents another way, a perhaps better economic social organization that favors the worker and the lower class. Second, the predominantly interventionist economic theory authored by John Maynard Keynes, seen as needed to “curb” the greed and exploitation tendencies of increasingly demonized Capitalism and the unhindered open market place. Keynes believed, falsely, as it turned out, that the Great Depression was caused by a general failure of laissez-faire (hands off) free market Capitalism. It was, indeed, caused by the direct government interventionist actions of Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt; the market itself had never failed. We talked about this in the 2008 Financial Crisis page in a little more detail.

World class economists like Friedman, Von Hayek, Von Mises and others strongly state that any intervention in laissez-faire Capitalism will do injury to it, and prompt it toward perverse performance, meaning, failure. The more it is interfered with, the more it will fail. Generally, when a government starts down this trail, each interference-induced failure prompts the government to more and larger interference, causing even more failure. The inevitable end of this process is, the completely controlled economy. Another name for a completely government planned and controlled economy is Socialism. As we have already seen, another name for Socialism, and the most honest one, is, exactly, dictatorship.

Unless the French and the Germans and the English and most Western Europeans do something to stop the process, they are all headed into eventual dictatorship. This mildness, or, not so badness, view of Socialism is patently false. There is nothing nice about complete dictatorship, most especially when it comes about via the path of Marxism. History proves it.

The Communist Lie: Level 5:     Regarding the true nature of so-called Demand Side (Communist inspired) versus Supply Side (Free Market inspired) economic theory, as practiced in America.

In a nutshell, Supply Side economics promotes creating or modifying or eliminating government regulations with the intent of encouraging people to go to work, and encouraging business to get started or to grow to create more jobs. It concentrates on controlling only the supply of money to control inflation. Money supply is increased, according to Friedman’s monetarism, in accord with population increase, but not to exceed about two and a half percent per year. We’re talking about the rate of printing American money here, to exceed the amount that is destroyed every year. Under Supply Side everything else floats and finds its own price level in the free market according to the natural laws of supply and demand.

When free to do so, consumers search for goods and services that they want or need; in a like manner, when free to do so, businesses compete with each other to provide those goods and services. Prices of goods and services are established, and changed, by changes and fluctuations in current demand and available supply. Timeliness, quality and price drive consumer demand; consumer demand drives business production, quality, distribution, retailing, wholesale and retail cost, and so forth.

This same process includes labor; businesses compete for good laborers at all levels. When there is a high demand and a low supply for a certain kind of laborer, the price (pay for that laborer) will naturally increase; when there is a glut of a certain kind of laborer or there is lessened demand for them, the price (pay for that laborer) will naturally decrease accordingly.

In a nutshell, Demand Side economics promotes taxes, regulations and legal restrictions that encourage people to not go to work, or to work minimally, and that penalize or discourage private enterprise from getting started, expanding or growing, which means a reduction in number of available free market jobs. It includes government encouragement of unionization, minimum wages, government caps or other restrictions on higher wages and bonuses paid by private enterprises, legal requirements of employer-paid insurance, legally mandated private employer provided benefits such as maternity leave, etc.

Demand Side seeks to make (or actually, direct) demand by controlling supply in order to force society into a certain preferred behavior. For instance, taxing, regulating and legally restricting production of coal in order to reduce or even shut down and eliminate the entire American coal industry so that electric energy will be produced in some other way, regardless of how much real demand there might be out there for government demonized and restricted coal. When coal is no longer available, it is hoped, someone somewhere might go into the windmill business, because it might become a more economically feasible business in the absence of competition from clearly more available and more competitive coal power.

We had an example of Demand Side prevalence during the Jiminy Carter Stagflation years. We had an example of Supply Side prevalence during the Ronald Reagan Boom years. Then, we had a milder turn from Supply Side back toward Demand Side when George Read My Lips Bush I became President, publicly renounced Reaganomics as “Voodoo Economics”, raised taxes and promptly put us into another recession, paving the political road for the Clinton victory.

Essentially, Supply Side means control money supply, leave interest alone, reduce government wherever possible, reduce both taxes and government spending, free business and free labor as much as possible, restrict business only so far as to restrict monopoly or price/wage fixing collusion and any other fraudulent or unfair market practices. The goal is to encourage myriad competitive sources of supply of goods and services.

Essentially, Demand Side means tax, spend, grow government, control private enterprise, create regulations to direct and control demand (by restricting supply) for goods and services in order to governmentally control what gets produced, in what quantity and in what quality. The goal is to restrict the market place in order to provide what is deemed by government to be in the best interest of the government and/or the people and/or the environment, depending on the administration of the moment.

Many deceptions and treacherous lies are used to grow the government and its reach; each one of these incidents in truth merely further interferes with free market natural forces and prods Capitalism toward failure. Lie after lie is hammered into the public consciousness to achieve this “End.” See the Eco-Nazism Movement link for some of the most gross examples.

This Communist lie convinces the people that government knows best, that the Free Market can get “out of control,” and that only big government can solve major economic problems which are deemed to be far too complex for mere citizens to even understand, and often the problems are so huge and the costs so high that no entity other than central government may properly address them. In point of fact, in every such incident, the government itself is the problem, rather than the solution, and what is needed for resolution is for the government to step aside and get out of the way of free market natural forces, and allow nature to take its course.

Where are we going; What may we expect:     What do the current manifestations and current versions of the Great Communist Lie have in store for us?
As I write these words (Thursday, March 19, 2009) Obama and a thoroughly Democrat Congress are purposely and deceptively driving America into deeper and deeper economic crisis while openly advancing different branches of the Communist lie agenda. The “reach” of central government is being extended to first touch, then control, every mundane aspect of citizen life. From Socialized education, to Socialized medicine, to Socialized resolution of such problems as childhood obesity, illegal alien insecurity here, too many guns out there, not enough union members in America, etc., etc., etc.

People are beginning to see through the deceptions and become angry, and it is not good for Marxism when popular opinion begins to turn against it. Besides treachery and deception, the other favored weapon the Communist lie uses to greatest effect is very serious crisis; when a serious, national survival type crisis does not present itself, it may be purposely caused. The Ends justify the Means. Obama, like Lenin, and Hitler, and all other such potential dictators, would benefit greatly from a major, even catastrophic crisis.

Even major riots in the streets might not be enough for him to truly benefit yet; it might take something much bigger. The problem he faces is whether the military, as it now stands would actually do what he would order them to do, before he had an opportunity to properly “purge” the top ranks. Not likely. Yet. A major terrorist attack would do nicely. An atom bomb obliterating New York City might do nicely. It would have to be something big enough for Obama to declare Martial Law and suspend the Constitution, for national security purposes. He could then silence all public opposition with the stroke of a pen, and begin the process of taking all authority, in increasingly daring and oppressive stages.

I look for deception after deception and major crisis after major crisis between now and four Novembers from now, when the voters will speak again, provided the Republic itself survives that long. In the case of the hypothetical atom bomb disaster spoken of above, the mushroom cloud would not have dissipated before Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News were shut down. In that horrible scenario, the military would immediately react and obey, at least until the shock wore off, which might be too late. All opposition from all quarters might just “disappear.” Look at Communist history.

If the Communist Lie succeeds: What will America look like:     What will life be like if the Communist lie succeeds?
The so-called classless society of the Communist utopian dream is, of course, false. Historically, “Communist” nations, satellites, unions or empires have wound up with a rigid class structure. There is, of course, the dictator, who stands alone; then there is the “Party,” those closest to and most trusted by the dictator. A slightly lower class includes the working assistants or bureaucrats who follow the orders of the Party and oversee the populace; last, and least, there is the populace.

This, while not the same, is more similar to medieval Feudal Society than it is to anything else. The only “class” that is absent is the ecclesial order. It is thus a society without a religion and therefore without a morality. If you look at Cuba you see a semi-feudal example. Fidel acts exactly as though he were the lord of a domain, which is, after all, precisely what he is. He selects his own heir apparent, his brother Raul, to succeed him on his throne, which is the same thing he might do if he were the suzerain of a European duchy.

What to do: How do we resist this trend:     How can we keep America and her Constitution intact?
It ain’t gonna be easy, and it might not be pretty. Expect (and therefore raise hell about) the Dems to use their vast array of Communist grass-roots organizers like ACORN to do the next census, gerrymander districts to favor Marxist politicians and rig the next election. Expect (and therefore raise hell about) a Marxist grab for our guns and gun rights. Expect (and therefore raise hell about) open attack on our religion, in various forms, from institutionalizing sodomy, abortion, infanticide, and so forth. The Marxists hope Catholic hospitals will close, so that they can quickly nationalize them, as a crisis solution to a burgeoning national health-care problem. They hope to see major financial and industrial centers to fail, so they can quickly nationalize them, as a crisis-solution to a burgeoning national economic problem.

Look around. The government is already dictating to private commercial enterprises rules of doing business, private salaries, private bonuses, and even changing terms and/or abrogating standing private contracts, in direct violation of Article 1 Section 10 of the United States Constitution. I’m telling you, these people will do anything. Here it is again, for whatever it’s worth:

  1. The Ends Justify the Means.
  2. You Cannot Make and Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs.
  3. Shut Up and Get On the Cattle Car.
Votes have consequences. Pay very, very close attention to what your supposed Representatives not only say, but do. Get informed and involved in politics, and get the rest of your family informed and involved. Don’t stand by and let this happen.

Keep a tight grip on your guns, and pray the Rosary.

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