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Cut USDA budget, in whole or in part.
March 03, 2011
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Cut USDA budget, in whole or in part.

Is agriculture the constitutional business of the federal government?

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, March 03, 2011

Regarding the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) – Agriculture is not listed under Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, so why is the US government concerning itself with agriculture? Did America not have any agriculture, and was it not doing well, before we had a USDA? Does American agriculture need the US government to continue to exist and operate?

Let’s look at the component parts of USDA and what we’re paying for.

  1. “Education and Outreach” is a function of the USDA – why? Can farmers and future farmers or foresters not learn about their own livelihoods without the aid of the federal government? The “Outreach” part of it involves “career outreach” for scientists and their teachers, and “Congressional outreach” for international research. Why? Can scientists and teachers of scientists not do what they are doing on their own? Do they need to be led around by the nose and spoon fed? Who appointed the federal government the supreme expert in these areas?
  2. The Agricultural Labor Affairs Coordinator (ALAC) “coordinates” agricultural labor issues such as immigration. Why? Should that not be the preserve of immigration and border patrol agencies? Why is the federal government interested in regulating or controlling or coordinating labor of any variety? Could the real purpose be to avoid prosecuting illegal aliens?
  3. The Climate Change Program Office (CCPO) “coordinates” forecasts, rules and regulations related to Al Gore’s giant global warming hoax, believed and promoted by every Leftie politician, teacher and journalist, and by every Marxist revolutionary with an ulterior motive. The mind fairly boggles as we wonder how America ever might so much as survive without this ludicrous bureaucratic functionality. Don’t laugh; you’re paying for it.
  4. The Office of Environmental Markets (OEM) exists to develop markets for ecosystem services. See? It’s all about environmental market infrastructure, market innovation and market-based conservation. It facilitates landowner participation in conservation and land management. Why? Don’t farmers and foresters already know how to best conserve their land and what’s on it? If they don’t practice such things as soil and water and resource conservation, would they not soon put themselves out of business?
  5. The USDA has a Director of Sustainable Development, to “implement” the policies of the United Nations related to the project that these anti-American foreigners titled Sustainable Development. It is aimed at fulfilling the ridiculous, fraudulent belief that reducing development in America will somehow increase development elsewhere and uplift other nations. It’s a clear cut anti-American fraud. Why are American tax dollars being expended to accomplish a foreign goal? The UN is a foreign entity, not subject to our Constitution, not accountable to us, and not representative of us. Does it seek to super-impose itself over our Constitution and over us, without our say-so, and without any American citizen representation? By what authority?
  6. The Joint agricultural Weather Facility (JAWF) monitors and forecasts the weather and the climate (yeah, right) to facilitate commodity forecasting. Meteorologists cannot predict the weather five days out with complete accuracy, but these USDA jackasses would have us believe they can predict the climate, years or decades or centuries out.

Can you see any reason not to cut the entire USDA completely out of this and all future federal budgets?

I cannot.

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Cut USDA, in whole or in part

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