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Our argument supporting the Fair Tax as a sensible and practical Tax Revolution.
March 19, 2009
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The Fair Tax: Bring It On.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, March 19, 2009

Every year, we look forward to tax time with increasing dread. Historically, it has meant, for me, at least one more trip to the confessional every stinking year; I just cant help it. The air fairly turns blue around here when I go through the complex, disgusting, counter-intuitive and even contradictory instructions on the huge, behemoth, mammoth annual tax instructions on how to do your $%*#@!!! taxes!!!

  • Line 134: (see item 36 on page 84.)
  • Line 135: Line 133 minus line 134 multiplied by the amount computed on line 18 page 468 using factor from table IX on page 66.
  • Line 136: If Line 135 is greater than the special credit computed on page 2 paragraph 6, then see the graph on page 19, where your adjusted income on the vertical plane meets the categorical factor on the horizontal, then go to page 86 line 3
Balderdash!    Bull Feathers!    Horse Hockey Dooty-Poop!

There is no reason for us to have to put up with this absolute crap. The whole tax code is just plain ridiculous. Who the hell is driving the bus here? Are we the sovereign citizens of America, and do we have representative government, or not? How on earth did we ever come to the place where we have a tax code thousands of pages long? Why?

Now, I have to admit that Turbo-Tax has steadily gotten more sophisticated, and for the last couple of years it has enabled me to get through our annual taxes without the need for any additional trip to the confessional. In fact, last year it all went pretty quickly, to our pleasant surprise. However, why in the world should we, who are not exactly dummies, feel the need to spend a sizeable sum every year for the new version of Turbo-Tax to do something that ought to either be simple to do, or not need to be done at all? Today a majority of American tax payers pay something extra, either for a Turbo-Tax like product, or for a service like H&R Block or perhaps a tax lawyer or accountant, just to get their stupid taxes properly filed.

This is preposterous.

We have already addressed Pork Barrel Earmarks in a previous Argument which described some of the hidden motives of politicians who seek to complexify legislation for both political and personal profit. I submit that much if not most of that earmark complexity involves taxes. In fact, every time anything is added to the cost of any Bill that added cost will affect taxes, because taxes are the only legitimate source of government revenue.

I have elsewhere in this Website recommended a flat national sales tax to replace all other forms of taxation, which I believe would not only out perform any flat tax of income, but would also eliminate the need to file an annual income tax at all.    Yes!

Think about it. Why do we have to file at all? What business is it of the government how much money you make? What business is it of the government how much money your Pastor makes? What business is it of the government how much money you have? The beauty of a sales tax collected at the retail level, at the cash register, is that, not only do we gain back some semblance of autonomy and independence from the government, but nobody could avoid the tax. You and I would pay it; illegal aliens would pay it; priests, ministers and rabbis would pay it; criminals would pay it; even government officials would pay it. Anyone who made any kind of a retail purchase would pay it.

Its time for the government to go back to being our government. The people need to take back a whole lot of the power that has migrated up to the federal government, and the Fair Tax presents an opportunity for us to do that. We talked about this before in the Border Security and Sane Taxes article, among other places. Since then, Ive seen the Fair Tax, and looked into it.

You can see it at the (Opens in a New Window) link. You should visit it, and look at the details; its a very comprehensive proposition worthy of serious consideration.

The only part I didnt like, at first, was the so-called Pre-Bate; but after closer examination, I have to admit there is more going for it than against it. My only objection was that, to get the so-called pre-bate, you have to (shudder!) file, which means that some skeletal remains of the IRS will still be around, with petty bureaucrats struggling to grow their little domains. But, it is fair, is the bottom line. Poor people who have no income to tax would get some monthly income, to offset the higher sales taxes on food and other stuff. (And so would every one else.) Go to the site and read about it; I wont push the details here. Learn about it and make up your own mind. This is vitally important to you and yours.

The Fair Tax proposal included a repeal of the 16th Amendment, which is the income tax amendment. What this means is that taxing income would go back to being illegal, because it would be unconstitutional. I believe it should go further, and prohibit any other form of tax that might exist or that might be created. This would mean, in other words, by law, sales tax only; all other forms of taxation other than sales tax to be against the law, in perpetuity. No doubt this would drive the Marxists nuts. I mean Democrats.

At the National level, implementation of the Fair Tax in America would trigger a major competition for major international corporations to migrate into America, because there would be no corporate taxes. More corporations would mean more jobs. America would overnight become the place to locate corporate headquarters, manufacturing facilities and businesses of all variety, and America would experience an economic boom the like of which the world has never seen.

The biggest single aspect of this monumental economic boom would be attributable to the fact that every American worker would immediately get a huge raise in pay; what he used to pay in federal income tax would now be added to his net pay. Every existing business in America would immediately get a huge reduction in expenses, because they would immediately stop paying all corporate taxes. Can you say Boom?

At the State level, the first state to implement a state Fair Tax and eliminate all other forms of state taxation would trigger an instant competition among surrounding states to implement one with a lower Fair Tax sales tax. Businesses (meaning jobs) and new residents would immediately be attracted to the state that had the fair tax for the added tax benefit of location, location, location. If a state eliminated every other form of taxes, including property taxes, there would be a migration of citizens into the state, and that state would experience an economic boom even bigger than surrounding states. A wonderful competition between states might ensue, to the benefit of everyone.

At the Local level, the first city/county/local taxing authority to go to the Fair Tax for local taxes and eliminate all other forms of local taxation, including property taxes, would trigger the same kind of positive migration of both businesses and citizens and the same kind of economic advantage over surrounding localities, triggering even more competition among localities. The first full Fair Tax community would draw new businesses and new residents like nectar draws bees.

Overall, what we are talking about her is a workable tax system that I believe would trigger an economic boom that would make even the great Reagan boom look like small potatoes. It would go on, indefinitely, and it would grow. This one, single thing could retrieve America from the precipice of economic doom and the specter of flat out Socialism, which is to say, Dictatorship. See the The Communist Lie argument, if you havent yet seen it, to see what Im talking about here.

You owe it to your country and you owe it to your family to look into this, and take action on it.

Go to the (Opens in a New Window) link, and go over it in detail. There are now a couple of books on it in the Reference Material link, which appears at the bottom of every page on this site. Im telling you, you need to get into this and get behind it.

Pray for discernment; study the Fair Tax objectively; spread the word; contact your Representatives. Speak up.

Please God, and live forever.

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