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Our American governmental criminal enterprise.
February 28, 2013
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Our American Governmental Criminal Enterprise.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, February 28, 2013

Question: How are the current Republican and Democrat Parties any different from each other than, say, the Al Capone gang and the Bugs Moran gang?

Answer: They are not any different than those two criminal enterprises. They don't dress better; they don't appear in public to be any better; they lie and hide the truth just as well; they are just as greedy; they are just as corrupt; they are just as criminal.

They are not what they appear to be; their public image is a purely political and purposely projected false facade. They smile and look nice for the cameras, just like Al Capone.

I still remember hearing the unhappy admission, the long, long, deer-in-the-headlights pause, followed by still reluctant "hand in the cookie jar" confession of the "Baseline budgeting" trick Congress has been using, reluctantly given by John Boehner on some show, probably Rush Limbaugh. He was caught, and he knew it, but there was no way to dress it up and make it look nice for the voting public, whom it was designed to fool. And there he stood, in the spotlight, hand in the cookie jar, crumbs on his face, and no way out of it.

There are no budget cuts. There never have been any. If Congress has its way, there never will be any. The "Sequester" cuts are an absoute hoax, and everyone in Congress, both Houses, both Parties, knows it.

Baseline Budgeting is the illegal, un-Constitutional but legislated trick that established a rule, which says that, line item by line item, every government budget item will automatically increase each year by some arbitrary percentage between 4% and 10% over - get this - whichever was greater, between what was originally budgeted for it, or, whatever was spent on it.

Now, what actually happens, where all the money actually goes, gets burried in the minutia and details of all those line items. And, of course, since Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, took office, we have never even had an annual budget, so there are no "lines," at least not officially. There's just this big black hole called government expenditures.

What all this means is that government always grows, it never shrinks, and government expenditures always go up, never down. That is the plan; that is the government-growing agenda of our governmental criminal enterprise, and both Parties, although for different purposes, gleefully participate in it.

Look at your own budget for a moment. You begin by putting down your estimate of what you'll bring in this year. You then build your budget around your known expenses; you know what you will tithe, you know what your house payments are, your car payments, insurance, credit debt, utilities, food, etc. You budget some periodic amount for charity, for retirement, for emergencies, for house and car maintenance, etc.

If this year you have a major expense such as a septic tank problem, or a basement flood, or a new roof, or an uninsured repair, you handle it as best you can. But you certainly do not add the cost of that major item into next year's budget. Your income will not go up that much, and you should not have to spend that much, so - what does it even have to do with next year's budget?


But our governmental criminal enterprise would add it into next year's budget anyway. That's the way it works. TARP got added to the Baseline. Stimulus I and Stimulous II got added in. Bail-outs got added in. Obamaphones got added in. Items that were supposed to be one-time, emergency items, were criminally added to the baseline budget for all following years, to be apportioned out, in a completely arbitrary manner, to increase old existing and brand new "line items" in budgets that are not even written down and passed by Congress.

The word arbitrary takes on a whole new meaning in a criminal enterprise.

The Sequester cuts, therefore, are not cuts. They are considerably smaller than the baseline increases. That means that the budget for everything, including defense, goes up this year, not down. The only thing that is cut is the amount that the baseline budget would have gone up; but the baseline budget is still going up, not down.

There are no cuts. Its all smoke and mirrors. Government expenditures will go up, not down; there are no cuts.

So, why is Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, cutting so many jobs and services?

Because he feels like it.

Congress makes the budget. Well, I mean, Congress is supposed to make the budget. Al Capone had a bookkeeper, but that bookkeeper just did what he was told to do and kept his mouth shut. Al just spent money as he pleased. In a similar manner, in our governmental criminal enterprise, our President holds the check book, and he writes the checks.

He writes them or he declines to write them, as he and only he sees fit. Because the bookkeeper - Congress - sets the budget, but the top gangster is the only one who writes the checks. No one else can do it.

He can boldly and outrageously lie and say that the items he is not writing checks for are being cut by the opposition Party, and his totally subservient SLIMC will back him up to the hilt, help him lie, and proactively help him to blame and demonize the opposition.

The agenda of the Democrat gang is pretty straight forward. To understand Obamunism, all you have to do is read Machiavelli, Hegel, Marx, Frank Marshal Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Cloward and Piven, and the actual written and spoken words of Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, himself.

The Democrats intend to crash America and destroy the Constitution. Very simple; nothing to it.

The agenda of the Republican gang is more related to personal greed and flat out corruption than it is to anti-Americanism. They have been at the ever growing political pork-barrel feeding trough for far too long, and they are addicted to it. They have grown to big to move; they seek to ever increase the size and content of the feeding trough; they want the government to grow, and grow, and grow.

Baseline budgeting absolutely guarantees that the government will always grow and never shrink. Senators and Representatives alike, since the passage of the 17th Amendment, cooperate and compete, even across Party lines, to "bring home the bacon" through un-Constitutional Earmarks, taxing the whole country to fix potholes in Poduck Junction, and buy votes, and increase the baseline.

With the Republicans, it's just pure corruption. They are either not smart enough to see where all this unsustainable growth is eventually headed, or they just don't give a damn.

God, and thoughts of God, have been expunged from both Parties. It is not possible for any man of God to willingly participate in this great evil deception of the people, this deep, deep deceit, and this outright treachery and violation of trust. They cannot possibly be concerned for their own immortal souls, let alone the soul of their own nation.

Even their publicly professed love of nation must be a lie. How could anyone truly love a nation that they are actively deceiving?

It is long, long past time for a thorough house cleaning around here.

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