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You cannot legislate morality is the false claim of the immoral.
March 16, 2009
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We can’t legislate morality?
Sez who?
What else should we legislate?

The Can’t Legislate Morality argument has no logical basis.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, March 16, 2009

If the argument is true, then, should we legislate immorality?

Those who say we cannot legislate morality seek to avoid and oppose the morality of the majority, or destroy it. A common ethos is what makes a unique people, and this ethos-defined unique people-hood is what makes a nation. The guiding ethos of the American people is the Judao-Christian Ethos of Western culture, developed through the long history of Western civilization.

The USA is, by population, fully eighty six percent Christian, eight to ten percent Jewish, and fully ninety eight percent of us openly profess belief in God. That is our make-up. We have, or are supposed to have, a fully representative government, and it serves us – we do not serve the government. We the people grant government the authority it needs to defend our shores, maintain our common currency, ensure domestic tranquility, legislate, adjudicate and execute our laws, and nothing more.

Our common guiding ethos is what sets us apart, makes us different, and makes of us a nation. An ethos may rightly be considered a collective conscience. The rightly formed conscience of the citizen properly raised in the religion of Christianity or Judaism reflects his morality, or his sense of right versus wrong. Morality is religion-based. Collective morality, or the morality of a tradition and a population, is, precisely, ethos. It is the sense of right-and-wrong by which we guide our lives.

Why would anyone with any common sense want any laws legislated that would oppose this obvious, clear and present common sense of right and wrong?

I submit that our common ethos – the Judao-Christian Ethos - is the very foundation of all of our civil law. It has been the culturally instinctive basis for all Western Culture common law since even before Charlemagne.

To turn it around and legislate against the common ethos of the people is to reverse rolls, making the people the servant of government, and the government no longer representative of the will of the governed. It would mark a turn back toward ancient feudalism, where some citizen rights were recognized, and beyond feudalism, into barbarism, and beyond, into anarchy.

Take a long hard look at the political opposition to the Judao-Christian Ethos, and you will most likely see Marxists of various spot and stripe. From the naïve, idealistic and super-simplistic useful idiots to the Keynesian economic interventionist useful idiots, on up to the potential future dictators, who are not idiots, but evil. Whatever else he may be, I do not believe that Obama is stupid. He knows full well what he is doing.

The last major historical personages of Western Culture who rejected and disavowed Christianity in the interest of Marxism were Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. To reject the religion at the root of Western Civilization is to begin the return to the barbarism that preceded it. Well, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all turned away from Christ, all were disciples of Marx, and all returned major populations to savage barbarism.

Remember the three favorite pithy sayings of the typical Marxist bureaucrat on the upward march to power:

  1. The ends justify the means.
  2. You cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs.
  3. Shut up and get on the cattle car.
Note well that one cannot disavow and damn Western Civilization as Marxism does without similarly disavowing and damning Christianity, which brought Western Civilization into being and remains at the roots of Western Culture, and at the roots of Western Culture Common Law.

Those who would not legislate morality would prefer to follow the “ethos” of BMDFP and Marxism. That is the “ethos” of the SLIMC, and the “ethos” that prevails in upper academia today. But it is not representative of the people. Yet.

Again, morality is religion based. Irreligion equals amorality.

Morality is exactly and precisely what should be legislated.

The notion that you cannot legislate morality is so stupid as to be suicidal.

Please God, and live forever.

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