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Fair warning: Beware of the Moslem Liars holding olive branches and smiling.
May 12, 2013
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The Moslem Liars

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is written as fair warning to all non-Moslems who deal with Moslems, work with Moslems or who have Moslem friends or neighbors. If they really are believing Moslems, then they are not your friends, and they are not to be trusted.

It seems that, daily, at least, I hear someone on the radio or on TV, or even in my daily interactions with people, revealing that they think all the terrorism and bad things coming out of Islam are somehow aberrant, perverted, erroneous or even "highjacked" Islamic practices. Jihad, for instance, is somehow disassociated with mainline Islam. As are various forms of Sharia. As are Islamic calls for a world Caliphate.

"I have personal friends who are Moslems, and they are wonderful, peaceful people" is a fairly frequent pronouncement made by trusting Christians who, in their Christian goodness, lack guile. Some of them trust as little children.

But I'm telling you, deep deception is afoot in the land.

To us, lying is a sin; always, a sin. It violates a Commandment. With that common rule, Western man places high value on his own word, and the most valuable thing he will ever posses is the earned value other men place on his given word. Banks and businesses call it credit. Individuals and families call it respect. At the heart of this principle is the value we all collectively give to Truth.

It is not so in the house of Islam.

In Islam, the goal is a world in submission to Islam. That is Islam's purpose for being.

Don't waste your time studying or learning or arguing with anyone about the various forms of Sharia, or the meaning of Jihad, or the true mission of the Moslem Brotherhood, or, most especially, the words of any true devout Moslem.

Just look at what the Koran says about it. We showed you in

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