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On Losing You; by Rosemarie A. Stone.
July 11, 2011
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On Losing You.

Rosemarie A. Stone, April 20, 1997

Dearest, Father, where have you gone?
Removed are the days where we greeted the dawn.
Now plagued by bitterness and sorrow,
From a loss so deep--devoid of any tomorrow's.

Hurt and wounded, battered and torn;
Wretched we live in a world full of scorn.
How can we salvage memories of your redeeming grace?
Our lives are truly empty--only anguish we taste.

Lord, remove these barriers to end our plight.
Father, release us now to hasten your flight.
The cold, earthly abyss is too lonely an abode.
One more loving awaits in the heaven's above.

Father, ready the path, we all must take some day.
So we can rejoin you in a tranquil place to stay.
God will decide when it's time to meet again.
'Til then, we'll remember the love you gave us as a man.

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