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Could we, and should we, outlaw Islamic Sharia in the US?
November 06, 2006
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Question 1: Should we outlaw Islamic "Sharia" within the USA?

Question 2: Should we consider all lands ruled by Islamic Sharia to be hostile to the USA?

As we've seen in the Islam and the Jews page, Islam is an all-encompassing system, involving religion, way of life, and legal system. Islam ultimately rejects all other sources, forms and examples of law, in favor of Sharia.

We cannot outlaw a religion outright and remain true to our Constitution. First, it would take a Constitutional Amendment to do it, with all the difficulties that would entail, including required super-majorities at every step along the way, and even a two-thirds majority among the 50 States. Thus, a huge undertaking, very time consuming, with no guarantee of outcome. Nevertheless, I have elsewhere recommended going that route to outlaw Islam itself in America, because I see Islam itself as so very dangerous to us all over the long term.

But there is a part of Islam that is so clearly antithetical to the very existence of our Republic and it's Constitution that it might be possible to legislate it into civil criminality, without resorting to the Amendment route. If it is possible to definitively separate Sharia - the civil and ecclesial law of Islam - from the religion of Islam itself, then it should be possible to address it in a legally restrictive way.

In other words, the practice and exercise and expression of the religion of Islam would be allowed, like any other religion; however, the imposition of Sharia law would be outlawed. The reason this is recommended involves the fact that Sharia seeks to replace all other existing law, both civil and ecclesial, including Catholic or Protestant or Jewish ecclesial law, including American civil law, and including even our Constitution itself, with the law of Sharia. Islam is not only intolerant of all other religions; it is also intolerant of all other forms of law. This is no drill.

Now, I am no lawyer, and I am no religious prelate, but I can read, and one of my favorite and most well read documents is our Constitution. And it seems to me that the most difficult area in what I am recommending here involves threading and weaving the legal needle in, out and through those parts of Islamic ecclesial law that might attempt to have any effect on any non-Islamic person. Of course, by our Constitution itself, there is no way that any religion - including Islam - should be able to impose any civil law whatsoever on anyone in America. And, of course, no strictly ecclesial law should be able to impose any civil penalties.

Islam, like all other religions, should be legally restricted to legitimate ecclesial punishments, such as excommunication and so forth, for violations of ecclesial law by adherents. Islam, like all other religions, should be absolutely restricted from imposing any civil law or restriction or penalty on anyone anywhere. I submit that for Islam to try to do so here in America would clearly be un-Constitutional.

It's important to stress here the anti-Constitutional nature of Sharia. If a majority of Americans voted in Sharia law, for instance, we would recognize that as a part of the Democratic process at work in our Republic. But, by that act, a majority of Americans would have actually voted for the last time in American history. Sharia legally prohibits all other forms of law, including our Constitution. The President, all of our Congressmen, all of our Justices could all go home and retire, if they were allowed to continue living. The Mullahs and Imams would take it from there. All that eventually would be left among American citizens would be Moslems, tax-paying Dhimis, and the dead.

Isn't Marxism the same sort of thing?

Yes it is. And, during the Cold War years of antagonism between the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union and the West, it was widely recognized as a similar form of law that sought to replace all other law, everywhere. Today, major parts of the so-called Communist system have been relegated to the dust bin of history, and most people mistakenly consider it to be no real threat any more. They are wrong, of course. Many modern Leftist-Marxists who don't even know what they are still work toward their silly utopian pipe-dream involving the eventual elimination of sovereignty, which is yet another strictly un-Constitutional and even anti-Constitutional idea. They seek to dumb-down and gradually schmooze the American population into the very thing that Stalin failed to violently force us into.

It's already worked, for the most part, across the Atlantic in the new United Eurabia. Most of the inhabitants there have already yielded up huge amounts of sovereignty in return for - well, nothing in particular. Higher unemployment, higher taxes, less representation, higher costs of just about everything and so on. And, in turning away from nationhood in the first place, they have set themselves up for Islamization.

I predict that the first one to fall will be that portion of Eurabia that used to be known as France. She will fall under Islamic rule, involving conversion, Dhimitude and death, because there were not enough men there who loved her enough to carry her flag, or sing her anthem, or stand up for her. She is not considered by her occupants to be worth it. France will die by default, and her history will gradually be obliterated.

I encourage you to carefully read Bush War Doctrine Revisited and american-ideal articles as food-for-thought before going to the polls tomorrow. It's important to think long-term about important issues.

If the Dems take control, then we will have rule by such Lefties as Pelosi, who seeks absolutely open borders, and Kerry, our highest strictly self-decorated and self-adulated war hero, and Gore, our false super-hero to the un-needed rescue, and the Clintons, with the huge slimy trail of sleaze they leave behind wherever they go, and all the other rabid opponents of any war against any Islamic terror, and strict opponents of the American Ideal. These are all Utopian Global Villagers, and as such they oppose our Constitution as it is clearly written and our Republic as it stands.

Here's to our religion. Here's to our freedom. Here's to life.

Get out there and vote as if your nation depended on it.

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