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Against political moderation: America was not founded by indecisive moral wimps.
June 17, 2009
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Argument against political moderation.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Political moderation is precisely what America does not need, particularly in times such as these when what is called for is decisiveness. As previously described in the against diversity argument, the so-called Big Tent political approach has been very successful for America’s Marxist Party. (Sorry; I meant to say Democrat Party.) For many, many elections now, the Dems have repeatedly proved that they had the black vote, the Hispanic vote, most of the female vote, the homosexual vote, the pro-abortion vote, the pornographer vote, the free sex vote, the atheist vote, the union vote, the Communist vote, the welfare vote, the Rock Star vote, the convicted criminal vote, the Hollywood Celebrity vote, and the vote of any other minority you can name, solidly locked away in the Party hip pocket. The Marxist Big Tent virtually owns all of these voting blocks.

The fact that all of these groups always vote in blocks should tell you something important about the members of these voting blocks:

They do not and probably cannot think for themselves.
They are governed in their voting solely by herd instinct, always aligned with the common direction the herd is facing at any political moment in time. Note well the numbers of large and powerful organizations that are in the Big Tent, although all of their members are not necessarily in there with them. These large organization-voting-blocks are very important for their money, power and influence, but not so much for their voting numbers. The members don’t always go along for the ride.

For instance, the big unions are all solidly Democrat, although that cannot necessarily be said for all of their membership. The AMA is solidly Democrat, although most doctors are not members of the AMA, and most medical doctors virulently oppose Democrat politics. The BAR is solidly Democrat, although most lawyers are not members of the BAR, and some of them oppose Democrat politics.

But the fact that these voting blocks exist, are owned by the Democrat Party, and cannot be moved should not be lost on American conservatism. The Republican Party, which used to be conservative once upon a time, was continually advised by the thoroughly Marxist and Democrat SLIMC to always watch their step and tip-toe around their criticisms of Democrat candidates and be nice, in order to “win” the black vote, or the Hispanic vote, or the women’s vote, or whatever.

Forget it. To hell with those voting blocks. They are lost, never to be gained again. Write them off. What is needed is to prod thinking, and to seek the thinking vote. Let the herds go off the cliff. The Left has now over-reached so far that they have caused people who have not used their grey matter on political issues for generations to begin seriously thinking, out of fear, out of final recognition of a very serious threat from within.

This is not the time to tip-toe around sensitive issues with ballet slippers. This is the time to kick ass with combat boots, out in the open public square. The issues are stark and clear, black and white, as they have always been. We should not worry about losing abortionist dollars we will never have or pro-abortion votes we will never get. We should spotlight and headline and emphasize that the Dems champion and sponsor and promote more and more and more medically unnecessary abortions at tax payer expense, and to force Catholic and Jewish medical facilities and practitioners to perform them against their will. There is nothing grey or shaded about this issue; it is flat out immoral, and it is a plank in the Democrat Party platform. It is what they stand for, and that fact, like Democrat speeches about it, ought to be highlighted, not played down or rhetorically “moderated.”

The notion that we ought to somehow moderate our rhetoric on abortion in order to not loose votes that are already irretrievably lost is just plain stupid. It’s the same with the so-called black vote. To hell with the black vote. Speak the truth and stand on principle, and to hell with the opposition and their anything-goes Big Tent. This is a fight for America, as founded and Constituted.

We are supposed to “moderate” our politics to compromise with the opposition in order to not offend any particular Big Tent voting block. Horse Patooties. Plus, we are advised by the political science experts, there are all those “undecideds” out there – the so-called moderates who don’t fall into either camp until the final election day, when they finally make up their tiny little minds on substantive issues. Maybe they finally flip a coin in the voting booth. We already know from His Word what God thinks of the indecisive moral wimp:

I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.
Rev. 3:15-16.
In the similarly trying days of the nation’s founding, the original Colonies were divided roughly into thirds – one third for the new nation, one third for the King, and the last third for “moderation” – the indecisive moderates, who would quietly stand back and see who won, and then join the winners. Benjamin Franklin contemptuously referred to these “moderates” as Mug-Wumps, with their Mugs hanging over one side of the fence, and their Wumps hanging over the other side. In our nation’s greatest hour of peril, these political moderates stood by and did nothing.

Advice to any real conservative, moral political candidate: Do not seek to gain the moderate vote. You don’t need it. America doesn’t need them. America was not won by political moderation. America was never defended by political moderation. Political moderation does not bring mighty nations into being, and political moderation does not point the way to liberty and freedom. Take a moral stand, and let the chips fall where they may. Plant your political feet solidly in Judao-Christian morality, and watch the religious, the moral, the decisive, the thinkers, and the newly motivated turn their eyes toward you as a leader.

We will not get out of this mess via political moderation. Indeed, it may be argued, political moderation is what got us into it in the first place. Do not seek the moderate vote, and do not moderate your political rhetoric in any way. Read your Scripture, pray about it, and then let them have it. Speak clearly on the moral issues, and you will win. Stand up for the nation’s original founding principles, and you will win. Moderate your language and you will loose. Do not “reach across the aisle” to the Big Tent Marxists.

In other words, be divisive.

If there are not enough voters who love America to turn this situation around, then America no longer deserves to remain in existence as the world’s greatest example of individual liberty and economic prosperity. We will begin our own period of chastisement as in the Babylonian Exile. The entire world will suffer for it, for we have been the world’s economic engine for many generations. However, if we as a people have lost our Judao-Christian “goodness,” as Tocqueville referred to it, then we have forfeited our right to continue in the blessing of individual liberty and national prosperity.

If, however, we remain a moral people, a good and decent people, then all that we need is a good, decent, moral leader to stand firmly on principle and lead the way. Pray that Sarah Palin may be the one. Pray for her, that her discernment and wisdom may be increased, and that she might stand firm for what is right, and that she might speak out forthrightly on substantive issues.

And pray for America.

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