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American survival requires bold, take it to the enemy leadership.
December 12, 2013
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America demands bold, take it to the enemy leadership.

What is required is wild, radical, revolutionary, take it to the enemy leadership just for American national survival itself.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Thursday, December 12, 2013

For well over a hundred years, most of us have been becoming increasingly fat, dumb and happy. We sit on our fat asses eating pizza and watching football. In between our love of the unimportant, we ingest without thought all the ever increasing scientific, educational and news-reporting propaganda diet of

  • "Social Justice" and
  • "Liberation Theology" and
  • "Imminent Environmental Disaster" and
  • "Gay Rights" and
  • "Women's Right To Choose" and
  • "Danger of Right Wing Religious Nuts" and
  • "Danger of Right Wing Gun Nuts" and
  • "Danger of Right Wing Capitalist Exploiters" and
  • "Capitalist Exploitation causing Ecological Disaster" and
  • "Unfairness of Unequal Wealth" and
  • the need to "Give Back" what was never taken, and
on, and on, and on. All of these seemingly disparate topics and agendas and causes have the same controlling source, that being, the movement away from Constitutional American citizen independence, and into Marxist collectivism, social-sameness mediocrity, citizen dependency and poverty.

Big government, in other words. Bigger and bigger government. An ever increasing centralization of government power, ever increasingly ready to be seized by the would be dictator who is ruthless enough to try to seize it. Every single increase in government scope and size involves another migration of power from the people to the government.

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