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The why of it: are our teachers, leaders and our journalists all just stupid?
April 26, 2013
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Getting to the why of it all.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, April 26 2013

To me, the why of it all is so obvious that I don't understand why everyone else doesn't see it. Daily, we're looking at seemingly stupid high level decisions, international agreements, legislation, regulation, new taxes, tax changes, new citizen requirements, restrictions and limitations, increasingly open borders, increasing possibility of amnesty for criminals of various kind, easier access to us by terrorists, more and more care and feeding of programs of pluralism and diversity, more and more demonization of our American religions, traditions and culture, and more and more ignoring of our founding and constituting documents.

And the voices of the few remaining conservative champions with a public voice almost unanimously question the mental state of our elected representatives, rather than their deeper anti-American motives. The most frequently heard challenges:

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The why of it

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