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Tolerating intolerance of America is what Americans are being trained to do.
September 10, 2010
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Tolerating Intolerance.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 09, 2010

We are tolerating intolerance. We are a tolerant people; everybody says so. I’m getting sick of hearing it. Our “values” insist on tolerance. There is some truth in it; as a people, Americans may be among the most tolerant people on earth. But the current American government, in league with the World Elites, is absolutely intolerant of America as founded. Proof is everywhere you look.

Just look at the crap that the filthy pigs who run the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) have spent our own American tax dollars to rub our noses in. A crucifix in a jar of urine titled “Piss Christ.” A dung-covered Madonna. A Mapplethorpe photo-art “exhibition” showing faggots using each other’s mouths for urinals, and worse. Thus does our own government show its own absolute intolerance of us, the ones they are supposed to represent. They clearly hold us in utter contempt. They pay people to insult us, and to blaspheme against our religion, with our money. And then they make speeches about tolerance and values.

Now we’ve got this Bozo Imam in New York, pushing to build the Ground Zero Mosque, as a monument to Islamic victory over America, taking our tax dollars to fly around Islamic countries to raise the money to build it. His latest outrageous statements are an open threat that if it isn’t built there will be violence against Americans and others.

And we would be intolerant if we resisted this blasphemy. Our Dear Leader, Comrade Caliph Barrack Hussein Obama said so. Who is being intolerant here?

If we oppose our Dear Leader, we are labeled racists and Islamophobes. But if we were racist, then how is it that we elected a black man? And if we are Islamophobic, then how is it that we elected a man with an Islamic name like Barrack Hussein Obama? Again, who is being intolerant here?

Would Islam consider the possibility of building a Catholic or a Jewish or a Baptist or a Hindu or a Buddhist cultural center within a couple of blocks of the Kabba in Mecca, to show that they might be somewhat tolerant of other peoples? Again, who is being intolerant here?

Now a small town preacher in Florida has threatened to burn some Korans on the next anniversary of 9/11/01, and the whole world, including the Pope, the President, our whole pea-picking government (which championed Piss Christ), the UN, and multiple international rulers are having a hissy-fit over the typical Yankee intolerance of it.

Why, if that happens, Islamic “radicals” would rise up and endanger our troops and any other Americans or Westerners abroad. Well, guess what? Our troops are already endangered by radicals. It might be better if more of them would stick their heads up so they could be blown off.

The real story is that there are no radicals; there are only Moslems who closely follow Islam, and others who don’t. Who is going to be incensed by this admitted provocation are the most die-hard and the most stupid in the world of Islam. The “die-hards” are the evil ones intent on conquest; the stupid ones are the “useful idiots” who are convinced that the Koran really is holy, and that Islam really is a religion rather than an ideology of war and conquest. We talked about this in The Last Barbarians Webpage.

Who are we at war with? That is the popular question. Almost everyone in the West answers that question wrong. Those who are most correct say that we are engaged in a war against Terrorism. And indeed we are. But we are not even asking the right question.

Who is Islam at war with? Everyone who is not in submission to Islam. That has been the status of Islam for almost 1,400 years. It has never changed. Let’s look at the Koran itself:

  1. Moslems are instructed to kill us everywhere they find us (2:191).
  2. We are not to be trusted, bargained with or befriended (2:254) and (3:28) and (4:144) and (5:51).
  3. Moslems are instructed to lay in wait for us, seize us, beleaguer us, ambush us, slay us, enslave us, but if we repent and pay special taxes, we will be spared (9:5).
  4. Moslems take women prisoners of war as slaves (33:50).
  5. Moslems are instructed to crucify us or cut off our hands and feet (5:33).
  6. Moslems are to strike off our heads and our fingers (8:12).
  7. Moslems are instructed to strike off our heads and make a wide slaughter among us, and to carefully tie up the survivors as captives (47:4).
  8. Moslems are to prepare for us garments of fire, to pour over our heads boiling water whereby whatever is in our skin or in our bowels will be disolved by it, and we are to be punished by hooked iron rods (22:19-21).
  9. Moslems are to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (2:139; 8:39; 9:29).
That is the teaching of the Koran; it is Islamic religion; it is Islamic ideology; it is Islamic law. It is what their prophet told them to do, it is how they are instructed and how they are required by law to behave toward us.

The Islamic intolerance of the other is just crystal clear here. The only question is whether these words are actually in the Koran or not. That’s a very simple yes-or-no question; the truth does not take many words. If the answer is yes, then we are looking at absolute, non-negotiable intolerance. Nobody is ever going to negotiate those words out of the Koran.

I have said before, in multiple places, that the fact that so many Moslems are peaceful and normal people is true in spite of Islam, and not because of Islam. People are naturally good; Islam makes them bad. The deeper any Moslem gets into his own religion, the more dangerous he becomes to any non-Moslem. That’s just the way it is.

It is not Islamic “radicals” who will be incited to violence by any hint of intolerance shown toward Islam – it is ordinary Moslems who will be incited to violence. The real problem here is that we are not at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us. Islam has always been at war with us. Only the strategies and tactics have changed.

The fear-filled, let’s negotiate, peace-at-any-cost crowd will not, and perhaps can not, accept the truth of it; but Islam is out to conquer and dominate everyone, whether they like it or not. Right now it’s acting like a great constrictor snake, slowly increasing its coils and tightening its grip on multiple nations, slowly squeezing the will to resist out of them.

”For God’s sake, don’t do anything to start a religious war with Islam!” is the anxiety-ridden warning; why, that would be catastrophic. As much as I hate to pop anyone’s little happy balloon, the religious war is already on. It has been on for way over a thousand years. We are just now waking up to it.

Let’s get it on and do it right.

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Tolerating Intolerance

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