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Values Versus Ethos: If we are not a Christian people then what the hell are we?
April 11, 2009
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Values versus ethos:
Do we no longer have any common ethos?

Vic Biorseth, Friday, April 10, 2009

It’s Good Friday; the day He suffered and died for our sins. I’ve been to the Confessional, and spent some time before Him in the side Tabernacle, in the darkened Church that awaits the Light to come back into the world with the Easter Vigil Mass. Yesterday there was the Holy Thursday washing of the feet Mass; tomorrow there will be Vigil Hours and other devotions. Finally, there will be the glorious Rising, all the lights will be lit, all the candles will be lit and all the bells will be rung; joy will again end another long Lenten season.

I’m thankful for these few days off; I’m supposed to be concentrating most of my time on the Lord and His suffering and sacrifice. But worry for my countrymen and the future of my religion and our liberty has driven me to write of more worldly things, may my Lord Jesus Christ forgive me. This is not what Good Friday is supposed to be for, but hopefully I can finish this fairly quickly and get back to more important things, like devotions and prayers.

President Obama announced in Turkey that we are not a Christian nation, but rather a nation of citizens with principles and values. I wonder what he thinks we are. I wonder where he thinks our principles and values came from. But then, I don’t think the terms principles or values mean the same thing to him as they do to us. His “values” are based on whim, fancy, fad, fashion, popularity and politics; and – devious means to hidden ends. Ours are based upon the exact same Judao-Christian Ethos that formed the foundation for our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Our values and our principles came right straight out of our common religion; the religion that gave birth to Western Civilization itself.

He also flatly stated that the United States is not and will never be at war with Islam, which is an interesting thing to say, since Islam has been at war with us for centuries. Islam has openly declared war against us. Nobody listens to what Islam itself says about Islam being at war with us, and with everyone else who has not yet submitted to rule by Islam.

It is important to remember that when we listen to President Obama we are listening to a MEJTML and that the truth is not in him. Everything he says turns out to be another lie.

There was the Transparency lie. There was the we’ll put it up on a website for everyone to see it lie. There was the no more Earmarks lie. There was the no more Pork Barrel Politics lie. The only way that you can tell of Obama is lying again is if his mouth is open and words are coming out.

There is the famous line from the banditos from the movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre that exemplifies the moment when the devious and treacherous liar is finally identified for what he really is:

Badges?  What badges?  We don’t need no stinking badges!
Democrat leadership can pretend all day long that they are not Marxist and that they have America’s best interest at heart, but the lies are all just so obvious.

Most recently, they abrogated Contract Law in America, and lied all the way through the whole process. Now, contract law is the bedrock foundation of the free market; when contract law is null, there is no free market any more.

As prelude to the incursion on private contracts, you may remember the giant, public rant about the billions of dollars – that’s billions, with a B – of Pork Barrel Earmark spending snuck into a supposedly economic stimulus package. The defense of all of this political pork amounted to the statement that “these earmarks represent such a tiny amount of money that the people don’t care about them, and the bill is too important to not pass immediately.”

The current whipping boy, AIG, was in dire financial straights, and felt the need to go to the government with their hand out to avoid bankruptcy. Ahead of time, they offered the upper levels of management throughout the company a retention bonus if they would stay on and not jump ship during these trying times, which might even include major restructuring. This was a contract. It is important for most of us lower beings to know that much, often most of upper management pay is in the form of bonuses; in most instances, their pay is not that high, but they can earn pretty big money with merit bonuses for performance. This one was a retention bonus, to be paid if they stayed on the job in their critical positions during the trials ahead.

The retention bonus contracts were negotiated and signed by both private parties.

Then AIG went to Big Brother Government with their hand out. Big Brother would give them money, but, of course, there would be strings attached, as there always are. Get in bed with dogs, you get up with fleas. There would be no bonuses, declared Big Brother. AIG explained the retention bonuses and that if these retention bonuses were denied, they would immediately lose all the key people in key positions who made the company work, and the business would immediately fail due to the loss of all of these critical employees. Forget any restructuring, the business would die in short order.

OK, said the Marxists. I mean Democrats. Against their better judgment, these retention bonuses were signed off on by leading Democrat members of the House, the Senate and Obama’s Administration. AIG got it’s handout, and the “strings” turned into chains immediately.

When the first period of performance passed the bonuses were paid and the Democrats in both houses and in the White House threw a flying hissy fit. Remember their private Pork Barrel Earmarks that amounted to billions with a B spoken of above? Remember how they all immediately declared that ”the people don’t care about these piddling little amounts” and they passed them anyway? House, Senate and Administration leadership all got their own personal big fat slice of pork out of that open fraud. But now, someone else was getting paid, and they would have no part of it.

”The people are outraged!” was the public pitch, about these millions, with an M, and a much smaller fraction of this bail-out than Pelosi and Reid and Obama personally got out of stimulating the economy with the previous bill, as if it were stimulated at all. The only thing that was stimulated was political pockets. Marxists cannot stand private contracts. They all railed about how “the people” demanded the return of these bonuses to them, the government, who would no doubt spend them wisely.  Right.

Contract law?  What contract law?  We don’t need no stinking contract law!

When it looked like the court might not favor this Marxist incursion into the previously signed contracts of private individuals, and which the very complaining government officials had previously approved and then openly lied about, they changed course. They would pass a law very quickly to tax the paid out bonuses at something like 90%. That would teach ‘em.

Here’s Article I Section 9 third paragraph of the Constitution:

No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

And Article I Section 10 paragraph 1 of the Constitution?

No state shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

A Bill of Attainder is a bill that confiscates private property. An ex post facto Law is a law that makes something that legally happened in the past illegal today, and someone may be punished for having done it while it was legal. Obligations under Contracts form the very foundation of liberty and a free market place.

Constitution?  What Constitution?  We don’t need no stinking Constitution!

So, it’s all about power and getting more and more of it. Everything that has gone before may be damned. That’s what were talking about when we talk about Obama’s “values” that he mentions to foreigners when he describes us as somehow not being Christians, but then he fails to elaborate upon these so-called values. What are they?

We know that the Obama’s love abortion, and they have said that they would not want their daughters to be punished by babies. So, the record shows that the Obamas consider a living baby to be a punishment. Punishment for what? What kind of values are we looking at here?

Perhaps they mean punishment for not practicing safe fornication. Maybe they teach their daughters to get out there and randomly copulate like little Democrats. I mean animals. But that they should be smart about it, to cut down on the chances for being punished by a living baby.

Or, perhaps they mean that after they get married, they should practice artificial contraception and use their spouses as mere sexual playgrounds, having fun while still avoiding the punishment of a living baby.

Materialists will not speak a word about chastity before marriage. And they will not consider periodic abstinence after marriage. And they will not ever believe that a life of celibacy is even within the realm of possibility. Materialists see no need for self control. This life is all there is; get your pleasure while you can; look for something called quality of life; try not to die before you get your fulfillment. They can’t say why; that’s just the way it is. Eat, drink and be merry, for this is all there is.

You can see this kind of ethic in the kinds of questions they are asked and that they answer, and the venues they appear in, as opposed to the opposition. Democrats are typically asked questions such as what kind of underwear, between boxers and briefs, and they typically answer them. Conservatives are never even asked such ridiculous and undignified questions in the first place. Democrats and other Marxists appear on shows like Ellen where they get a chance to “show off their moves” and dance for the faggots. It shows that they are regular people who love diversity and tolerance. See?

An important value of all materialists and all Marxists is the one that says that HBAACOTE. You can see the possibilities of advancing Marxism through this “value” in the Eco-Nazi Movement page. Other Obama values are described as MPAV. This shows that even Obama can be a man of principle.

You and I are still Christians, regardless of how any President chooses to falsely describe us to others, and we still guide our lives by the Judao-Christian Ethos that gave birth to America in the first place. If the Obama’s have any guiding ethos at all, it is the ethos of BMDFP and Democrats.

I’m going back to give some more time to the Lord now. And I’ll sneak in another prayer for America.

Have a blessed Easter rising, or a blessed Passover.


Vic Biorseth, Saturday, April 11, 2009

There were some other things I felt needed to be added to this argument; early morning is the best time to do it and get it out of the way.

Now that the government has taken over and changed General Motors to Obama Motors, and now that the government has shown its blatant disregard for contract law, the UAW now has something very serious to worry about. They had better not ever go on strike against Big Brother. Obama fired the CEO of a formerly private enterprise, showing that he has already moved the American government a giant step toward the Nazi-Fascist variant of Marxist Socialism. For the unfamiliar, Nazi-Fascism leaves the means of production – the private property itself – in the more expert private hands, but commands, directs and orders the “private” enterprise on what to produce, in what quantity and in what quality, and when necessary, provides the slave labor necessary to accomplish its ends. It is the Internationalist variant of Marxist Socialism that actually confiscates, or “expropriates” the whole private enterprise, kills, imprisons or enslaves the former owners, and runs it as a government bureau.

In the past, the American consumer used each dollar in his pocket as a vote for the goods and services he needed, the quality and the quantity. Supply and demand set the price naturally in a free and open market. Americans drive farther than anyone else, they have kids, and they like big cars. That’s just a fact of American life. They need to haul their kids around and they like the safety of a larger vehicle. They got what they asked for from GM. In the future, OM may be expected to eliminate the business model that supplies what the customers want, and produce little green cars exclusively. The consumers don’t know what’s good for them; Obama does.

In the Marxist view, the family should be small or non-existent. Americans shouldn’t have had so many live children. The Materialist-Atheist principle of HBAACOTE applies here, more particularly than elsewhere, because every green fruitcake knows that Americans consume more of “our precious resources” and produce more pollution than poor people do. See the Eco-Nazi Movement page for their evidences.

This is a direct example of switching from supply-side economics to demand-side economics. It says to hell with what the consumer wants. If what the consumer wants is not available, they’ll buy what is available. Thus do Marxist seek to use the so-called punitive tax on things like cigarettes to punish users and (they think) increase government revenue. (Usually what they accomplish is to cut legal usage and therefore reduce taxes, create black markets and reduce government revenue.)

The government is switching to command-and-control mode of everything. Notice that Obama appears to be on the campaign trail, long after his election. He’s appearing in pre-arranged “Town Hall” meetings in which his teleprompter responds to questions and prompts from carefully pre-screened participants. You might ask why is the President of the United States of America going to so many of these local Town Halls instead of handling the affairs of state.

He is doing it in order to begin to destroy the Rule Of Subsidiarity and make the common citizen increasingly dependent upon him personally. To get people to turn their faces to the highest level of government for the most local and even personal needs. To eliminate dependency on family, neighbor, charity, church and any other private and non-government supplied source of relief. To eliminate dependency on local government representatives who might not agree with Obama. To eventually get Big Brother deeply involved in every aspect of our personal lives. To eventually turn us into dependents, and eventually, slaves. And to make us feel good about it while he’s doing it.

Once the despised middle-class is wiped out or made subservient, attention will turn to the upper class. The Oprahs of the world will have to give up their mansions and limos, get themselves a supply of work gloves and await their job assignments. They will have to “get patriotic” as Joe Biden once put it. Marx’s dictum, from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs will be enforced. The Commissar of Abilities and Needs will come around handing out work assignments. He and he alone will determine how able you are to perform whatever work he needs to have done at the moment. He and he alone will determine how much he thinks you need to be paid. He and he alone will hand you your shovel.

But everything will be fine, just so long as you meet your work quota.

We have got to begin to turn these people out of office. That includes those Republicans who are also Marxist at the core. I cannot help the fact that we don’t currently have an abundance of excellent alternative candidates at the moment. We still need to turn the Democrats out, at every opportunity, at every level of government. We have got to take back government if the Republic itself is to survive.

Please pray for America, for Western Culture, and for the World.

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