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Warning all bourgeoisie: Obama will destroy the middle class.
April 18, 2009
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Warning all Bourgeoisie:
You are the first target of Democrats and other Marxists.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, April 18, 2009

”Warning all Bourgeoisie” serves as a status update and apology for falling behind again. The apology is to subscribers for not sending out the E-Zine for the new argument pages for the Values Versus Ethos argument page, and the Refuting Pro-Choice argument page.

I am working hard these days, and there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whenever I get extra time not devoted to the Lord, I try to spend it here. This little article will go out in the E-Zine; you can go to the links above to see what you’ve missed so far. Also, any time I do an article with a lot of pictures in it, I will not send it out via e-mail, because some of you and some of your e-mail servers take a lot of time or have space problems with graphics. I’ll try to send a notice of and a link to the article, but not the graphic-heavy article itself.

Why am I warning all bourgeoisie? Because the middle class – the largest “class” in America by far – is the most hated, despised and demonized “class” in America, by all Marxists. That includes the current elected American political leadership in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It includes the SLIMC, nearly the whole field of so-called Journalism, most all of American Academia, most of show-biz, and all of the most prominent American celebrities.

We – the bourgeoisie – are nothing but greedy over-consumers, polluters, failures at recycling, drivers of big cars and – worst of all – not nearly as ready to revolt, violently or otherwise, against horrible, horrible capitalism and the exploitation of workers and the earth. This has been being set up for some time now. The bourgeoisie have always been in the sights of Marxism. Here’s what Thomas Sowell once said about it:

The almost universal disdain toward the middle class – the bourgeoisie – by those with cosmic visions can be more readily understood in light of the role of such visions as personal gratification and personal license. The middle classes have been classically people of rules, traditions, and self-discipline, to a far greater extent than the underclass below them or the wealthy and aristocratic classes above them. While the underclass pay the price of not having the self-discipline of the bourgeoisie – in many ways, ranging from poverty to imprisonment – the truly wealthy and powerful can often disregard the rules, including laws, without paying the consequences. Those with cosmic visions that seek escape from social constraints regarded as arbitrary, rather than inherent, tend to romanticize the unruliness of the underclass and the sense of being above the rules found among the elite.

Thomas Sowell, The Quest for Cosmic Justice; The Free Press, 1999; pp. 139-140.

The Democrats and the SLIMC have already won over the so-called under-class, and the academics, pseudo-sophisticates and celebritwits have already won over the so-called wealthy and aristocratic upper class. Public education and Marxist-dominated universities have made major inroads into segments of the vast middle class itself. We are increasingly in danger of having our way of life voted out of existence by people who do not even recognize the threat and where it’s coming from.

It is coming from within.

I am praying that the Tea Parties are just a beginning, and not just a flash-in-the-pan. We need an awakening, and we need it now.

We need to pass the Fair Tax as a first, and major revolutionary step. More pages are coming to the Arguments Pro and Con section. Included will be an argument opposing Unions; an argument opposing maximums or minimums on wages and prices; an argument opposing Capital Punishment (which I thought I would never oppose until I got into it); an argument promoting what I call the Neal Boortz Solution, which includes repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments, term limits on House membership, and an approach to Constitutional Convention begun at the state level, with two-thirds of states calling for and holding the Constitutional Convention, the output of which will still need two thirds of states for ratification.

While I don’t agree with everything Neal Boortz stands for, he is currently offering the best and most practical, real world solutions to the fix we are in and the most reasonable path to a return to the Republic as originally founded.

We have got to get rid of the very idea of the professional politician, as well as deal with the current Marxist threat from within, and do it while it can still be done as bloodlessly as possible. Marxism is succeeding in what Judao-Christianity should be succeeding in, which is, the conversion of reasonable minds to see a more appropriate direction for our lives. The Marxist promises are all false, but they are delivered so smoothly that they are believed. Many today actually believe that something, some part of Marx’s social theory has some merit. It does not. There is nothing in it. It is an empty basket. Everything about Marxism is false. There is not even one small nugget of economic truth in Marxist theory. It began, and remains, a pseudo-intellectual fad, and nothing more than that.

Pray for Sarah Palin, John Bohener, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huccabee, Newt Gingrich, and pray for more like them. Keep track of who hates human babies and who loves them. Keep score on who voted for bail-outs and economic stimulus bills, and who opposed them. Get ready to turn the Marxists the hell out of office.

We still outnumber the under-class and the over-class, whether the academics and the journalists like it or not. We can do this, in the name of God.

Pray for America

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