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American Constitutional Doom: Our own political process is destroying us.
May 10, 2012
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American Constitutional Doom.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, May 09, 2012

May the Lord preserve us from enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF who promote and teach falsehood as truth, leading America, and the world, into error upon error, into an ultimate spiral of fatal error. Our elites may already have sealed American Constitutional doom. Only truth can save America, and truth is beyond the reach of our elites.

For a hundred years, since the Communist movement went Progressive in America, its practitioners have been gaining ground and establishing themselves as the experts in everything, the knowledgeable ones, the “fair” ones, and they have been gathering, concentrating and centralizing political, economic and legal power, and making themselves into an elite class among the recognized and respected elites of the world. The things that they say are accepted at face value. They are taken as truisms. Everybody knows that these people, these elitists, know what they are talking about. It took the whole hundred years to do it, because the things that they say are not true at all; they are false. It took all that time, and a lot of very gradual movement, to make so many of us think otherwise, and to recognize them as the elite. They are the teachers; they are the teachers of teachers; they are the scientists; they are the teachers of scientists; they are the historians; they are the teachers of historians; they are the journalists; they are the teachers of journalists. Worst of all, they are the politicians; they are the teachers of correct politics.

It took the near death of critical thinking in American education. It took multiple generations of people educated in what to think rather than in how to think. It took multiple generations of systematic dumbing-down of the citizenry through the government controlled educational process. It took the systematic elimination of the American national morality – our common sense of what’s right and what’s wrong – born of our American Judao-Christian ethos. Our common national morality has been purged from formative education, from public life, from entertainment and from the whole of our culture, including even from the legislation, enforcement and adjudication of law. We seemingly no longer know right from wrong, and our most currently enacted law and regulation clearly shows it.

Our elites work toward the destruction of America, and many or most of them do not even know it; I will try to explain that. The most galling thing about the enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF who promote and teach falsehood as truth, is the utter certainty with which they hold fast to all of their false premises. They look upon the rest of us with insufferable condescension and feigned superiority. They, who alone know the truth of all matters, are duty-bound to rule and take care of all of us lowly hoi-polloi who are, in their eyes, stupid, and incapable of taking care of ourselves, without dooming ourselves, or dooming the planet, or dooming the universe.

And in their assumed role of taking care of us stupid ones, they lead America into the hands of one or both of the two mortal enemies of American founding principles and American Constitutional principles. Let us look at the current, contemporary versions of those two mortal enemies of the very idea of America. Some of our elites do this unknowingly, and some of them know full well what they are doing. Either way, they are dooming America.

American mortal enemy number 1: Marxism, in all of its sneaky, underhanded, treacherous and deceptive current political, historical and philosophical forms, opposes the very idea of America. There is no part of Marxism that is compatible in any way with our Judao-Christian ethos, with our national founding principles, or with our American Constitutional principles. Everything in Marxism is antagonistic to Judao-Christian religion, and to America. You can find what’s at the core of Marxism in the closing lines of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, quoted here:

In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.

In all these movements, they bring to the front, as the leading question in each, the property question, no matter what its degree of development at the time.

Finally, they labor everywhere for the union and agreement of the democratic parties of all countries.

The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

And, we have Marx’s famous dictum, quoted below:
The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property. – Karl Marx.
Don’t take my word for it; read the Communist Manifesto. Every word of it was written by Karl Marx. Engels was a co-signer, but Engels openly admitted that all the ideas and formulations came out of Marx, and the only real role of Engels was one of advice and consent. The whole thing was an open fraud, as we explained in the Refuting Marx page. Marxism is nothing but a deep-deception fraud whose goal is the recruitment and incitement to revolution, with the aim of destabilizing society and ultimately achieving dictatorship. I submit that there is not one small part of Marxism or Marxist theory that is not directly opposed to our religion, our national purpose and our Constitutional organization. Marxism is a mortal enemy of America.

The straw-villain Marxism sets up to attack is the “system” of Capitalism, portrayed as a controlled system of man run by exploiting, monopolistic, monstrous corporations and rich people. But Capitalism is not even a “system” of man, and cannot be controlled by man. It springs forth naturally from social situations in which men enjoy the rights to equal treatment before the law, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; all of which human rights happen to be among America’s national founding principles. Capitalism, i.e., the Free Market, springs forth from the existence of those rights. It is the economic world’s only source of original wealth creation. Men must be free to work in their own self-interest, and be able to prosper by the work of their own hands, in order to create wealth in the first place.

When a man earns more than he needs for sustenance – more than enough for his food, shelter, clothing, etc. – the excess he earned is called

profit = discretionary earnings = wealth = private property.
If he is free, he may spend it, save it, squander it, invest it; exchange it for real property, give it away, or do with it as he pleases, because he earned it, and it is his private property. But private property, you see, is the central, core idea which Marxism opposes as exploitive. Property is supposed to be collectively held, not privately held. In actual practice, in Communist lands all property is controlled if not held by the dictator, not the collective. The working people have been made into an equally impoverished underclass, and the new over-class is made up of the dictator and his underling bureaucracies, made up of all of his enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF who promote and teach falsehood as truth. Marxism therefore does the very thing it falsely claims Capitalism does, which is, to set up rigid and radically unequal social classes.

Marxist incitement to class warfare and inducement to class envy flies in the face of the Commandment against coveting your neighbor’s goods. Marxist Redistribution and general opposition to private property flies in the face of the Commandment against stealing your neighbor’s property. It opposes the American national founding principles ensuring the right to Liberty and the right to the Pursuit of Happiness. It opposes the American Constitutional right to private property established in the Fifth Amendment and in the Fourteenth Amendment. Opposition to Capitalism (i.e., the Free Market) opposes the foundational principles protecting the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and again, the Constitutional right to hold private property.

Marxism pushes a false history of the world in which all historical wars and conflicts are interpreted to be events involving “class struggle” in which there is, always, an underclass struggling to be free of an over-class; which is, of course, false on its face. Nevertheless, millions if not billions believe it. It is taught in schools all over the world, provided those schools are “public” schools, and/or their teachers are “union” teachers. Like many other open frauds, falsehoods and unproven theories discussed in this site, this Marxist version of world history is both patently false and almost universally believed, at the same time.

American mortal enemy number 2: Islam, in all of its sneaky, underhanded, treacherous and deceptive current political, historical and philosophical forms, opposes the very idea of America. There is no part of Islam that is compatible in any way with our Judao-Christian ethos, with our national founding principles, or with our American Constitutional principles. Everything in Islam is antagonistic to Judao-Christian religion, and to America. You can find what’s at the core of Islam in the Koran, as quoted here:

So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. – Koran Sura 9:5.

And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah, but if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors. – Koran Sura 2:193.

And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do.- Koran Sura 8:39.

Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection. – Koran Sura 9:29.

Islam is thus not a mere religion among religions – it is an invasive, aggressive, war-like theocracy; that is, a militant, radical combination of church and state. It presents its followers not only with theological teaching, but also with civil law. Don’t take my word for it; read the Koran. These are held to be the words of Allah, spoken through the lips of his prophet Mohammed, and permanently recorded in the Koran. All disciples of Islam are ordered, by the Koran, to make war on us until we are all converted to Islam, subjugated to the rule of Islam, or dead. This is no drill. Thomas Jefferson warned us about this very threat some 200 years ago, but America has already forgotten.

Today, even after multiple attacks upon us by Islam, both here and abroad, we argue interminably about interpretations of Islam, and about factions within Islam, and about the imposition of sharia law, and about variation of sharia law as enforced in different places, and about true Islam, and about Islamism, etc., etc., etc.

Listen to me: It’s Islam. There is only one Islam, and only one Koran.

The last thing you need to worry or even think about is the imposition of sharia, in any form. In any nation, including America, once it gets to the point that the form of sharia to be imposed even needs to be discussed, it will be too late; for the former nation, the former religion(s), and the former form of government will be no more. Everyone who is not converted to Islam will be totally subservient to Islam, or dead. Along with the rights to equality before the law, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Along with the rights to freedom of religion, speech, press, and all other Constitutional rights. America will be no more.

The Koranic imperative to convert us, enslave us or kill us are in the final verses, written after the flight to Medina, permanently abrogating the earlier “peaceful” verses, written in Mecca, referring to those of us with the “book”; verses which Mohammed indicated were inspired by Satan. It is the later violent verses that hold sway in Islamic theology. No matter how peaceful any particular Moslem might be, those verses are in the Koran, and they are law. Even the most peaceful Moslem will, at the very least, however quietly, grant moral support to terror in the name of Jihad. At worst, he or one of his children might actually be moved to Jihad, at any unpredictable time. Between these two extremes, he will get out in the street and join Moslem forces when ordered to do so by ranking Islamic clerics. The more any Moslem gets into his religion, the more he is moved toward Jihad.

The Three Divisions of our Domestic Enemies. Both Marxists and Moslems come in three predominant flavors:

  1. The Treacherous Conspirators. These are the ones who are in on the game, know what it is all about and perpetrate the fraud. Treason is their game. Among the Marxists, these are the real revolutionaries who intend to overthrow the existing system of government and take over. See the Refuting Marx page for the hidden true purpose of Marxism, known and understood by the relatively few who are the current perpetrators of the Great Marxist Fraud.

    Among the Moslems, these are the real Caliphate-Zealots who intend to overthrow the existing system of government and establish an Islamic Caliphate, which would be the Islamic equivalent of a Communist Dictatorship. See the Refuting Mohammed Page for the hidden true purpose of the spread of Islam, known and understood by the relatively few who are the current perpetrators of the Great Islamic Fraud.

  2. The Convinced Idealists and Ideologues. These are most frequently our most highly educated elites, and those educated beyond their intelligence, and those sophists who feign high intellect. They are the supposedly enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF who “know” the truth of all things.

    Among the Marxists, these are the convinced experts who tout fairness and equality and the possible perfectibility of humankind through human planning and engineering. They really, actually believe that Marxist theory is honest, true, and that it works.

    Among the Moslems, these are the true believers, convinced that this is the path to heaven, and all who are outside of Islam are doomed to hell anyway. The word Islam means submission; they have submitted, therefore they are saved. You have not, and you are not.

    In both Marxist and Moslem camps, these people have likely been propagandized and indoctrinated in falsehood for probably all of their lives, if not all of their educational lives. They were raised in it. They don’t know any better.

  3. Useful Idiots. These are the lowest of the low, including those with completely unrelated purposes of their own, usually of a criminal nature. These are the typical people who show up at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, and the typical union workers who always picket for pay or show up when called, and the truly mal-educated and stupid students who don’t really go to school to learn, and those who are there because teacher said to go, and the ACORN and other manipulated agitators. And, of course, the anarchists, who are always fully prepared to resist authority of any kind, just because it exists.

So here we are. A century ago Marx’s Communism went through a metamorphosis and became Progressivism, to be, eventually, wholly adopted and strengthened by the American Democrat Party. Revolution was to come about not abruptly, and not by violence, but gradually, through Progress. Today that “Progress” has at last metastasized into a potentially fatal cancer threatening the life of liberty. The ultimate output of all of this hundred years of Progress is personified in our current President, Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) who, it turns out, is a Marxist Moslem.

If you don’t believe he’s a Moslem, read the Obama the Moslem page; if you don’t believe he’s a Marxist, read the Refuting Obama page, and all the articles linked in the right column of that page. He can be a switch-hitter; he doesn’t care which faction finally brings down the American Constitution and way of life. He has an equal shot at becoming dictator either way. Don’t’ get me wrong here – he will still work to be re-elected; he will take President if that’s all he can get. But he would much rather be a Marxist ,or a Moslem, or a Marxist-Moslem Dictator over a crushed and subservient America.

We have entered the end-game. The only hope America has of restoring herself to her own Founding Principles and her own Constitutional Principles is to:

  1. Make it through the November election, the January inauguration, and survive another six months to a year without a violent revolution or catastrophic event, or storm of multiple catastrophic events, allowing a takeover of America to be accomplished by anyone under any pretext.
  2. Conservative control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency.
  3. Determined conservative drive to radically cut social spending and turn this ship around.
That will not be an easy set of things to accomplish.

For one thing, there will be mighty opposition from the Democrat camp, which includes the whole of the news media and the entertainment industry. The news media and the entertainment industry, and public education, have been ideologically Marxist all your adult life if you are my age or older. If you are younger, then it has been that way all of your life. We have been being hit with Marxist notions of fairness and equality and redistributionism and social justice for so long that we don’t even recognize it for the menace it presents to liberty. We are becoming our own enemy.

For another thing, there are Progressives in the Republican Party too. The “Establishment” Republican Party, comprised of those few hundred souls who are in absolute control of it, is comprised of members who are either Progressive, corrupt, power-hungry, purely professional politicians, or all or any combination of the above. The one thing they are not is Constitutionally Conservative.

But the most important threat to liberty has proved to be our man-child President, Comrade Obama (peace be upon him,) a clearly open, obvious Marxist, who we elected President anyway. Where previous American Marxists in high office have been Progressive in their approach, and have backed off when they met resistance, this guy presses on, doubles-down and shows every indication of being more of a Revolutionary than a Progressive. He is feeding multiple gigantic potential crises at once, ala the infamous Hegelian Dialectic.

We have a huge and building economic crisis with some $17 Trillion in national debt by the time of the next election. We have a building energy crisis with availability and price of fuel potentially affecting everything else. We have a terrible and building border problem, with Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Queda joining forces with Mexican drug cartels and taking over swaths of American territory in the border areas. We have a growing potential for war involving our ally Israel at a time when we are drawing down our military prowess ala the Jiminy Carter years. We have a problem with military and intelligence communities being purposely infiltrated with Marxists, Moslems, homosexuals and gangs. We have the OWS “revolution,” the rise of Islamism via the Moslem Brotherhood, and even potential race war being encouraged by the administration, the news media, education and entertainment. We are rapidly approaching the point where over half of us will be totally dependent on the output of the rest of us, to the utter delight of the Democrat Party.

The Real Revolutionaries want chaos; they therefore create, stoke and feed multiple calamitous crises. They want people out in the streets; they need a great public danger for them to “rescue” America from. When the value of the dollar plummets to the value of a penny or less, or when gas hits $12 or $20 per gallon, or when whole American industries shut down, they may get their wish. The anti-American Marxist agenda is being rapidly advanced by both the Progressive radicals and the Revolutionary radicals.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, most of America goes about it’s business as if none of this was happening at all. The Disconnected pay more attention to sports, entertainment and hobbies than to the menace looming over them. Why, if there were any real danger, they would certainly hear about it in the news, right? Most of America is blithely unaware of the fact that the news media is complicit in the anti-American treachery. If you don’t believe that, read the Professional Liars of Journalism page, and all the articles linked to in the right hand column of that page. For most of our lives, journalism has been going so far as to manufacture and publish false evidence for their lies. It’s what they do.

(A current example of the predominant guiding ideology of American journalism is presented by the on-going saga of negotiations between the New York Times and their unionized reporters and editors. It seems that, like Greece, most of Western Europe and now America, the Times can no longer afford to pay the ever increasing pensions of the increasing numbers of retirees, and is trying to institute austerity measures. And, predictably, the reporters and editors are howling mad, and reaching for the torches and pitchforks. Why, they had a contract, and it didn’t matter whether the Times might go out of business over it; the contract had to be fulfilled, and the benefits had to be paid. These are Journalists. Some of them have probably covered what’s going on in Greece. And yet, they are either too dumb to see the connection, or they really are Marxist revolutionaries out to bring the system crashing down.)

Among the voting electorate, the undecided people, and the self-proclaimed independent voters are the ones publicly courted by candidates and survey-takers as if they were celebrities or recognized wise men. In point of fact, the independent voter is the most idealistically immature and unpredictable voter out there. He doesn’t know what the real game is about. Like I said, we have been being schmoozed by Progressivism for a hundred years, and it has adversely affected our recognition of alien ideologies as well as our ability to do good critical thinking. Supreme Court “Swing Voter” Kennedy is a good example of what we’re talking about here. Let me try to explain.

The real political debate in America is between these two basic ideas:

  1. The view of the Constitution as a fixed legal document that says very specific legal things, which are held to be the supreme law of the land.
  2. The view of the Constitution as an “organic” living, breathing document, open to broad and variable interpretation, where it is not outright outmoded and inadequate for the modern world.

The Conservative view holds to the first basic idea, and the Liberal view holds to the second. This is a very straight-forward, black-and-white debate; but everybody brings a little baggage of some kind to the argument. The potentially fatal error that the independents make is that they view both sides as mere opposing political positions, equally true, equally false, equally honorable and equally corrupt. They might vote either way depending on the weight of the popular political argument of the moment. To them, neither Party is to be trusted; Their attention is on the trees rather than the forest.

Even the most conservative among us have been swayed, over the years, to no longer recognize at least some of the elements of the Communist Manifesto that have been legislated and regulated into American law in direct violation of the Constitution. Progressivism has been making us into a Socialist society one little nibble at a time, and it has been working well for them. They consciously hold back their instinct to just out and out kill the American frog; they restrain themselves, and they say let us very gradually and slowly boil this frog, and he will be dead before he even knows that he’s in danger. It is working.

A good example of just how serious the danger to our Constitution is might be our current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who was the “runner-up” for the Democrat Party’s nomination for President in the last election. She wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky. So what, you say. Well, what that means is that her major interest in college, the thing that most impressed and inspired her, the thing that she studied and mastered, was how to destroy and bring down Constitutional America. Nobody seems to have a problem with that. I look at Madam Hillary and I wonder who in America could possibly be more anti-American than this; but then, I remember who our sitting President is …

On the Republican side of the street, much like the independents spoken of above, all of the political attention is on the trees rather than the forest. No one seems to see what the game is really about. Once again, the Democrats have picked the Republican candidate for them, with the aid of the media, and even with the aid of quite a few “conservative” pundits, authors and celebrities. The Marxist media played the biggest part in this selection process, in presenting all real conservative candidates as stupid or unelectable, one at a time, and hammering and hammering the theme until it was believed by enough of the voters to get the job done. They have become experts at this game.

Progressive Republicans like McCain, Romney and Gingrich join Establishment Republicans like John Boehner in loudly proclaiming how they, and they alone, have demonstrated the ability and the willingness to “reach across the aisle” and cooperate with the Democrats to “get things done,” which proves either that they don’t really know what the game is about, or that they are truly evil. When they reach across the aisle, they cooperate in the destruction of Constitutional America.

Establishment Republicans will never even consider the Fair Tax as a replacement for our 70 thousand page tax code. They won’t even consider it. The existing tax code is their pork barrel – their feeding trough – it might well be the hidden major source of their own personal income. The fact that the income tax was born of the Communist Manifesto matters not one whit to them; it is here to stay. They will fix it; they will not replace it.

Establishment Republicans will not get rid of such things as the Department of Education and Public Education, again, an idea born of the Communist Manifesto. When the talk turns to cutting expenses, they will fix it, as has been done decade after decade, since it was born. And American students will get even dumber. Nor will they get rid of such unconstitutional bureaucracies as the EPA – no, they will fix them, and make them better. There will be no serious budget cuts under Establishment Republicans and Progressive Republicans. The debt will grow. In their economic brilliance, they will pass multiple raises of the ever changing debt ceiling, in repeated, episodic attempts to borrow our way out of debt.

Worst of all, Republican candidate Romney sees Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) as merely a “Nice Guy” who is just in over his head. He sees no real menace to the Constitution there. Perhaps Romney himself presents a hidden menace to the Constitution. Glenn Beck may be wrong when he says “Vote for Romney; at least he’s not a Commie.” Romney may just be another kind of Commie, using the slowly boil the frog approach rather than Obama’s more revolutionary strategy. He is certainly a “big government” kind of guy. While it is unlikely that he is a Moslem like the President, it is also quite likely that he does not recognize Islam for the world menace that it is. (I haven’t heard one Republican who does.)

What can I say? Once again, we must vote for the lesser of two evils, and vote we must, if we wish to survive a little longer as an actual recognizable nation.

If violent revolution or other catastrophic event does not occur, and Romney wins, the resulting economic boom will be temporary. They may pass a Ryan or Ryan-like budget, and it may look like we’ve turned a corner, and things might get phenomenally better; but if we do not absolutely kill whole bureaucracies and return the federal government to the limitations of Article 1 Section 8, then, eventually, it will all be for nothing. Sooner or later, the existing bureaucracies, and Progressivism, will bring us right back to this point, or a worse one.

What can we do about it? Well, we can turn our faces back toward God. Marxism, the Democrat Party, education, entertainment, the news media and all enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF have been driving God out of the public square all of our lives. Where they don’t deny His existence, they mock and ridicule Him. We can resist that, and return to Truth, and God.

We said, in the God and Nature page, that to oppose God is to oppose Nature, and to oppose Nature is to oppose God. Go there for the details. What I want to emphasize here is the fact that Marxism, the Democrat Party, education, entertainment, the news media and all enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF have been publicly opposing Nature, ostensibly in the interest of Nature, all of our lives. Our elites insist that Nature is all there is; they insist that they act in the interest of Nature.

We simply must recognize the clear falsehood of that idea.

The underlying but often unspoken theme of this false idea is that man somehow stands outside nature. Nature is good; man is bad; man is bad for nature. The anti-nature activities of man must, therefore, be controlled by – well, by man. Not just any men, but by elite men, who know the underlying theme. The enlightened, modern, secular, highly educated, sophisticated elites, including all of TTRSTF need to control the activities of the rest of us. (It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.)

The mission of the elites: to save the planet from the foibles of man.

F. A. Hayek coined the term Scientism to describe the results of the massive metamorphosis of Material Science from the use of the Scientific Method to the current group-think of Scientific Consensus. Science today needs less empirical evidence than it needs educated consensus thinking on any particular theory. Material Science is now almost pure group-think; it has become far more academic than real-world science. Scientists spend more energy discussing and thinking about science than doing it. They vote and count votes rather than doing experiment, verification and falsification. It’s all academic.

The grossest examples of the application of Scientism may be found at
Refuting Darwin, Refuting Freud and Refuting Marx. This is where, I believe, science began going off track. All of these important theories were touted as being scientific, yet none of them had any empirical evidences at all supporting them, and all of them are easily falsified in the real world. Yet, they are all held to be Scientific Theory, and thus, axiomatic truisms. See the Eco-Nazi page for a long series of false theories born of Scientism, from global-warming through acid-rain, limited-resources, ozone-holes, etc., etc., etc. None of them are true; all of them triggered massive government taxation, spending and restrictive regulation on business and the activities of free men. They all migrated power from the people to the government.

And that’s the real purpose. Wherever any such false “scientific” theories were not invented by men seeking power over citizens, they were commandeered by men seeking power over citizens. They all expanded government, shrunk the private sector, spent treasure, increased taxes, increased government authority and restricted liberty. All over a false theory.

We need to return to Critical Thinking. The Latin Homo Sapiens refers to man as Thinking Man; it is our nature to think about things. Do not just accept what the elites say. They, a distinct minority among us, are leading us to our national doom, simply because we hold them in undeserved high esteem, and believe whatever they say, uncritically.

Putting Scientism-invented false crises aside, the elites work hard to restrict or remove all of our natural support systems in order to make us less dependent upon ourselves and more dependent upon the state. Look back at our political history since Communism morphed into Progressivism around the turn of the previous century. Pay attention to what happened our natural citizen support systems.

  1. The Family. The normative family – husband, wife and children – has been under systematic attack for a hundred years in this country. The family is the first support system for the disabled, the aged and the temporarily unfortunate. Such things as elitist and government-sponsored, publicly-accepted contraception, abortion, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, easy divorce, co-habitation, single-parenthood, free sex, etc., all work to reduce if not eliminate the family as a citizen support system.
  2. The Church. Religion in America has been under attack for a hundred years; we were born a Christian nation, and we remain overwhelmingly Christian by population. However, Christian expression is being legally prohibited in the public square, in direct violation of the exercise clause in the First Amendment. The Church has always been a secondary citizen support system, but it is under direct attack from the elites and from the Democrat Party. Education, entertainment and celebritwittery subject our religion to public scorn, ridicule and mockery.
  3. Charity. Democrats, who are quite typically uncharitable and who do not tithe, always seek to remove tax deductions for charity and otherwise discourage charity in order to increase dependency upon false Democrat Party promises.

Making the people dependent rather than independent is what it’s all about, and that requires removing support systems, and putting enmity between employees and employers, and stoking class warfare.

And they use nature as a useful tool to help get it done.

After all, we do have a mounting human population problem that has to be dealt with. No, really. There’s no scientific evidence for it, but it has world-wide scientific consensus.

And, after all, homosexuality is normal, which necessarily means the heterosexuality is abnormal. No, seriously. There is an undeniable and overwhelming expert consensus on this.

Homosexuals are born that way, and they can’t help it. No, seriously; really and truly; there might be no solid empirical evidence for it, but whole libraries full of books have been written on it, and everybody knows it.

And every single difference between human males and human females, including even size, strength and aggressiveness, is learned, institutionalized behavior. I kid you not. There are whole college courses and curricula designed around it; you can get a degree in it.

I could go on …

The minute man abandoned God and turned to the world, he came under the influence of the ruler of the world, and all truth began to be replaced with a twisted version of nature. Including even the falsehood that nature is all that there is. Deep deception became the name of the game. The game goes on, with or without you. Leave the game. Get out of it. Return to Truth.

Return to your nature. Return to God. Reconcile with your family.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life. Please God and live forever.

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