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In support of American Nationalism and American Patriotism.
November 05, 2011
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American Nationalism and American Patriotism.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, November 05, 2011

What is it about American Nationalism and American Patriotism that makes Democrats cringe, academics raise an eyebrow, teachers shake their heads, journalists drop their jaws, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters openly mock and jeer? How did each of these seemingly disparate groups each come to despise America so?

I submit that there is nothing wrong with nationalism that is not associated with Socialism. Indeed, there is everything right with nationalism that is opposed to Socialism. I submit that there is nothing wrong with pure nationalistic pride, or nationalism, in any truly decent and worthy nation. In America, a truly decent and worthy nation universally known as the land of the free, I submit that nationalism equates to patriotism, and that there is nothing wrong and everything right with both.

The simple fact of the matter is that Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters are indeed not the disparate groups they may seem to be. What they all have in common is that they have all been bitten by the same Marxist bug. They all lean so far Left as to be ready to fall over.

American Nationalism and American Patriotism are popularly demonized everywhere, with charges ranging from jingo-ism to Nazism, with being ridiculed as super-simplistic, low-brow, irrational and even dangerous to civil order. To be an American patriot is to be some kind of moron. To be an American nationalist is to be a potential terrorist, of all things.

Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters have a very loud public voice; they appear to be, or to represent, a majority in America. This is a false impression. They are a very loud and very visible but rather small minority here. Their public footprint is so oversized that they terrify the professional politicians in the Republican Party, known as the establishment Republicans.

These professional Republican politicians – the ones who are not already somewhat Marxist themselves – always seek to please, pacify, associate and align themselves with the Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters, at least in appearance, in the mistaken belief that that is the only possible path to political victory. They want to be popular. Popularity is politically more important to them than principle. They seek less to represent the people, or to represent any principle, than to win elections. That is the nature of the purely political animal.

Anti-American Sentiment comes in two predominant flavors: Western (or Marxist,) and Eastern (or Islamic.) In recent years, and for at least the second time in history, the Marxists and the Moslems seem to be uniting in an uneasy alliance against – predominantly – America. They are aligning with each other primarily against the liberty of man, and liberty happens to be one of America’s three national foundational principles. If liberty is to be eliminated in the world, then America as founded must come to an end. Neither Marxism nor Islam can ever hope to rule over the entire world so long as man enjoys liberty anywhere on earth.

If you have read Marx, then you know that Marxism seeks and intends to subjugate and rule the world via the path of revolution. To this end Marxism makes heavy use of deceit and treachery, in the evil belief that the ends justify the means.

If you have read the Koran, then you know that Islam seeks and intends to subjugate and rule the world via the path of war. To this end Islam makes heavy use of deceit and treachery, in the evil belief that the ends justify the means.

If you still have common sense, then you know that no one is ever going to subjugate and rule the world so long as anyone anywhere enjoys and defends liberty – the ability and intention of making one’s own decisions, regarding religion, politics, business, or what to do with one’s own life. Liberty and subjugation are mutually exclusive things.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are three of the God-given inalienable rights of man enshrined in our national Declaration of Independence. They are listed there as the very purpose for being of our American government. When these rights of man are no longer protected, but are endangered by our government, then that government needs to be thrown off, and a new government rebuilt, in order to preserve these rights of man. This Principle is far more important than Popularity. Principle comes before mere politics. Principle comes even before Representation by popular vote. These rights are inalienable rights; these rights cannot be voted out of existence.

Again, principle comes before representation; that’s why we are a Republic rather than a Democracy. A purely Democratic system may be demonstrated by the image of two wolves and a sheep coming to majority agreement on what to eat for dinner. Or it may be demonstrated by a lynch mob, deciding whether or not to hang someone currently in disfavor. The ayes have it; get the rope. But, you see, we are a nation of laws, not merely of men, and principle always comes first. When we the people lose track of that basic moral idea, we are doomed as a great nation.

Pursuit of Happiness means the ability of a man to ethically, morally and legally work as he pleases and act in his own self interest. The unique American ideology surrounding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been falsely demonized by Marxism and attacked as Evil Capitalism; Greed-Based System; Corporate Greed; Exploitation of the Masses; Exploitation of the Worker; etc., etc., etc. Many generations of educators and of the educated have been raised on this pure Marxist evil propaganda. It is pure Marxist anti-Capitalism and anti-private property rights dressed up as something that is supposed to be somehow moral. The anti-Capitalist sentiment that predominates among the elites in America has no truth in it and has one and only one originating source: Karl Marx. Past personages such as FDR, Dewey, Keynes, etc., may have modified it, but the original source remains Marx, and its proponents, whether they know it or not, are Marxists, and therefore anti-Americans.

American “public” education, which was created in the first place under the inspiration of the Communist Manifesto, teaches a “new” morality, in which covetousness is championed under the title of Social Justice. It’s all wrapped up in the notion of a lack of equality in the distribution of - everything. This is the deceitful promotion and creation of Marxist class warfare where classes do not even exist. It flies in the face of American foundational principles.

“Wealth” is falsely taught as a zero-sum pie, that may be divided up. Children are taught that “the rich” have most of it, “the poor” have practically none of it, and that’s that. But it isn’t a zero-sum game; wealth constantly changes, and changes hands, and all of it, if you could count it, is not the same figure even from moment to moment. People make wealth; government spends it.

If you work at whatever you do to earn your daily bread, and you earn more than you need to feed, cloth and shelter yourself on a given pay day, the excess over what you need is called profit. Another name for profit is wealth. Both words are considered obscene words in Marxist thought. But you have profit, and you may save it, invest it, spend it or squander it as you please; you made it, and it is yours. This is not brain surgery. An individual citizen making more profit than what he needs immediately to survive is the only way on earth that wealth is created. Including corporate wealth; corporations are made up of people, and they are created by people who made use of their profit, and sometimes the profit of others in the form of investments, to form a corporation.

But Marxist Social Justice demands the government establishment of a Commissar of Abilities to determine your ability to work for you, and a Commissar of Needs to determine your needs for you. Then the wise and beneficent government can issue you your work quotas, and, after you fulfill your work quota, issue you just enough pay for survival. In a worker’s paradise, who needs more than that?

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are all mutually exclusive with Marxism, and with Islam. The American ideal requires a large sphere of private human activity that is beyond the scope, reach and control of government. I consider my legal and ethical personal activities to be none of my government’s business. But Marxism and Islam, both, seek government control of all human activity, none of which is considered “private” or in any way protected from government reach.

We said in the Refuting Obama webpage that Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is a professional Marxist revolutionary. That is all he has ever done. Comrade Madam Hillary, on the other hand, has described herself as a Progressive, as exemplified by Teddy Roosevelt.

Question: What’s the philosophical difference between a Communist and a Progressive?

Answer: Nothing whatsoever; Progressive is the newer and kinder, gentler name for the Communist movement.

Question: What’s the strategic or tactical difference between the two?

Answer: While brute force and bloody revolution is not out of the question, the Progressive would prefer to achieve Marxist domination one little nibble at a time, growing government bureaucracy and shrinking the private sphere of human activity. While one little nibble at a time is not out of the question, the Communist Revolutionary would prefer the quicker route of brute force and bloody revolution.

The Revolutionary may be expected to take larger bites, rather than little nibbles, toward the ultimate goal while preparing for actual revolution. The Progressive may be expected to join the revolution with gusto once it gets going and looks like it may succeed. The ultimate goal is the same for both: an absolute dictatorship sitting on top of a giant bureaucratic pyramid of underlings, with a bottom layer of petty bureaucrats directing, controlling and herding a crushed and subservient populace. As we said in the Refuting Marx page, everything else Marx wrote about, especially his Worker’s Paradise, is an absolute fraud. Marxism is a treacherous and deceitful path to dictatorship, pure and simple.

Real Marxists want to displace the hated bourgeoisie, and become the new bourgeoisie. Marxism thus is seen to be class warfare whose goal is to create the ultimate social classes, with the dictator in the supreme position, and multiple layers of bureaucratic classes beneath him, and the lower class, fixed forever, being the “equal” populace. It will then be the job of government to keep the populace as equal in poverty as it is possible to keep them.

Why we will survive this onslaught of Obamaunism involves the continued existence of American Nationalism and American Patriotism. Despite the best efforts of our predominantly Marxist elites – again, the Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters – these elites, although very loud and visible, are a distinct minority here, and their opinions and ideals are minority opinions and ideals. They have not, and I pray that they will not, yet broken the important links between parents and children, and between Churches and congregants. Parents still have more impact on their children than their teachers, and pastors still have more impact on their congregants than their news anchors, although the Marxist educators and the Marxist journalists are always gaining ground.

The great Tea Party awakening involves a resurgence of American Nationalism and American Patriotism. The Tea Party was born of the clear and obvious Communist threat posed by Obamunism. It involves a recognized need to return to First Principles in American government. People are now going back and re-reading their founding and constituting documents, their American Declaration and their American Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are becoming more and more wide awake to how far the system has drifted away from our founding American principles over the last hundred years, and the alarm bells are ringing.

Our government has become a behemoth; most of our government is now extra-constitutional government. We are now primarily ruled by nameless, faceless appointed bureaucrats who make unrepresentative, un-legislated regulations, with full force of law, in direct violation of our beloved Constitution, and it was done with the full approval, and instigation, of our supposedly representative elected office holders, predominantly (but not exclusively) of the Democrat variety.

"We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism.'' – Nikita Khrushchev Marxist Fundamentals.

It is long past time for a thorough house cleaning in American politics, and the people are waking up to it.

American Nationalism and American Patriotism demand that YOU return to our American foundational principles. It is up to YOU to do this. If YOU don’t do it, it won’t get done. Do not expect any of your long-sitting elected “representatives” to do it for you; your long-sitting, long-established professional politicians have all proved that they are all either too stupid and incompetent, or too evil and treacherous, to be trusted with the task.

America needs more Tea Party supporting and supported candidates in Republican races, to co-opt the Republican Party and return it to First Principles. We need solidly American Nationalists and American Patriots in control of both houses of Congress, and in the Presidency and Vice Presidency. First and foremost, we need Obamunist damage undone and repealed, and that means a conservative victory of epic proportions in the 2012 election. We need to withstand, survive and come out on top of whatever contrived “revolutions,” economic depressions, wars or invasions that may be purposely set upon us between now and then.

We need the Fair Tax to simplify American life by eliminating income and all other taxes, in favor of a sales tax. We need to Fast Track the Fair Tax to get it installed immediately without waiting for the required Constitutional Amendment to get rid of the Income Tax. We need to cut annual federal spending by two-thirds to three-quarters by eliminating our big fat bureaucracies, as we said in Shut Down Unneeded Bureaucracy. All these bureaucracies do, for the most part, is strangle business and individual prosperity with nonsensical regulation, and move us toward, as Khrushchev predicted, one day waking up to find ourselves Communist.

My Choices for President are three, and the differences between them in my estimation is about the thickness of a human hair, or less.

  1. Michele Bachmann
  2. Herman Cain
  3. Rick Santorum
My main reasons for supporting these three are that, since Sarah Palin is not running, they are the strongest champions of Tea Party (meaning American First Principles) positions among the whole field. They have, from the start, been rock solid champions of our Constitution, of cutting Obamacare, of cutting taxes, of cutting spending, of strong defense, border security, and of getting America back on the right economic track. Which means changing tracks and getting off of the current track leading to dictatorship.

Herman Cain is currently under attack for his unprepared, amateurish and un-polished response to a typical SLIMC attack involving an unspecified charge that they want him to provide the specifics of, and do their journalistic jobs for them. The so-called sexual harassment slander seems to be being dropped, but the heat is raised on Cain’s poor response to the unsubstantiated and even unspecified charge. The Establishment Republicans are in full concert with the Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters in highlighting Cain’s un-preparedness to respond to a scandal charge. See?

In their view, he should have a professional staff in place to handle bimbo eruptions; he should have a strategy in place in case a dead paramour is found under water in his car; he should be fully prepared to adroitly deflect questions regarding whether he committed perjury before a Grand Jury, and so forth. In other words, if he hopes to be President, he should be a professional politician, just like them. Instead, he is coming across as some kind of ordinary citizen who imperfectly but honestly and un-politically answers questions as they are put to him, and who is fed up with the way Washington is being run.

The more they attack him, the more they endear him to me.

Romney is an on-again off-again conservative, a truly professional highly polished and beautiful politician who knows how to play the public and play the political game to win. Most of his history is Liberal. Obamacare is based on Romneycare. He will waffle on any issue that blows with the popular political wind. I will only vote for him if and when he is running against the Democrat candidate in the general election.

Perry is weak on treatment of criminal aliens receiving tax paid benefits, showing how he has aligned himself on the popular side of local political issues despite the important American principles the positions violated. His support of HPV vaccinations for little girls shows his weak moral code, because that particular issue is a flat out moral issue – anyone who says otherwise is either lying or stupid. HPV is a venereal disease acquired by skin contact in the genital area and thus condoms are useless as protection against it. At question is whether little girls ought to be vaccinated against HPV so they can get out there and fornicate with safety, or whether little girls ought to be taught about chastity and purity until marriage. This is not rocket science. Cancer should have nothing to do with promoting or even condoning lifestyles of random “safe” fornication or any other form of un-chastity. I will only vote for Perry if and when he is running against the Democrat candidate in the general election.

(Note that Democrats, academics, teachers, journalists, popular entertainers and other Marxist America-haters will disagree on any moral issue, for they oppose our national Judao-Christian Ethos and they recognize no universal moral norm. In current news, among other abominations, NY public schools are now officially teaching children how to properly perform oral sex while wearing braces on their teeth. I have heard no outcry from any public school teachers about this. While one should not make broad, sweeping generalities, I think it is safe to say that the overwhelming majority of public school teachers are just a bunch of filthy Clintons. I mean pigs. Not only do they do not know right from wrong, but they teach moral degradation to our children, for pay, which comes from our tax dollars.)

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a towering intellect and a true scholar, but sometimes I think he is too smart by half. He is usually the most experienced and successful professional politician in any group he stands in. He appeared in an ad with Nancy Pelosi promoting Al Gore’s fraudulent global warming agenda and the need for government involvement in “clean energy” initiatives. He has opposed Tea Party candidates in favor of Left-leaning Republican candidates – remember Christine O’Donnell? America needs fewer professional Republicans and more ordinary citizen representatives in office. I will only vote for Newt if and when he is running against the Democrat candidate in the general election.

Ron Paul, while perhaps the most expert of all candidates on economic issues, is so blindly pacifist and anti-defense as to be an actual menace to our national security. I will only vote for Ron Paul if and when he is running against the Democrat candidate in the general election.

Bachmann, Cain and Santorum have all pretty well convinced me that they will stand on principle before popularity, and that they actually mean what they say. They are not actors, and they are not as polished and professional as the others in the field. Any of the three would be a good President who would begin leading us out of this mess. I just wish they would pick up on their very real ability to Fast Track the Fair Tax immediately, without waiting for the required amending of the Constitution. All are champions of the Fair Tax. If Bachmann doesn’t end up President or Vice President, I pray that she might become the next Speaker of the House; she would be a good one.

The key reason they stand out in my estimation is that they are more like ordinary citizens than professional politicians. They talk our talk and walk our walk. While our nation’s founders were not dummies, by any means, I tend to believe the theory that they, for the most part, were more ordinary than exceptional men of their day. They were challenged by circumstance, and they rose to the challenge, and they did exceptional things. Their brilliance was drawn out of them by the challenges they faced; none of them began life hoping to be or become successful politicians, of all things. America is in need of leadership drawn out of ordinariness, if that’s a word. What we don’t need is leadership by establishment Republicans who might “seek common ground” in order to “bring us all together” with those whose ultimate goal is the destruction of the American ideal and the establishment of another Marxist dictatorship.

The Democrat Party must be soundly defeated, to the point of being crushed.

Old Glory is immediately recognized by everyone who sees her. Everyone on earth knows what that flag stands for. It is not just a national flag, representing merely another nation.

It stands for Liberty, and everyone who sees it knows it.

It stands for Opportunity, at the individual level, and everyone who sees it knows it.

It’s the reason my grandparents came here in the first place, and probably yours too.

Under that flag, an individual will be left alone by the government, and protected by the government. It is not the flag for those who want to be molly-coddled and taken care of. It is the flag of Independence.

If you want to be a dependent, which is another word for slave, you need to go somewhere else. Here, a man who is nothing can become something, because he will be allowed to profit by his own work. Profit and wealth are not dirty words under this flag.

America was made rich by poor people who came here to make something of themselves. Many, perhaps most, came here with nothing. The stories are legion.

I have always felt that the type of immigrant America should encourage and welcome the most is the one with the least; the one in most need. Not the best educated, or the wealthiest, because they do not come here to become something. The wealthy do not come here to contribute, but to retire in comfort and safety.

The poorer man will generate wealth, and a rising tide raises all ships.

Once again, for memory’s sake, read the famous inscription of Lady Liberty:

The New Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
– Emma Lazarus, 1883
We need elected leadership that will encourage the elimination of strangling regulation and bureaucracy to allow the poor man to profit. That includes local government. Why, just as one instance, should a would-be taxi-driver be required to buy a “medallion” or other taxi-business authorization for many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, just to start a taxi business? If a man wants to run a rickshaw, pedi-cab, motorcycle side-car or whatever, what the hell business is that of any level of government? If a man wants to mow grass, trim bushes, or virtually anything else that is legal and moral, he should be unrestrained by regulation and bureaucracy. Let the free and open market decide who profits the most in whatever business.

That’s what America is about. It’s called Opportunity.

To Life. To Liberty. To the Pursuit of Happiness.

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