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America's Last Stand; Cling to your Bible, Constitution and guns; you will be OK.
January 19, 2013
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America's Last Stand.

By now it should be crystal clear to any American with half a brain and who is wide awake that:

  1. The Democrat Party despises the Constitution and seeks to either destroy it completely or just ignore it and bypass it as a curious relic of the past. Their goals are to eliminate any sense of sovereignty or borders and to "equalize" America among nations. The majority of not-too-bright Useful Idiots among the Democrats seek to replace Constitutional America with some idealistic, Communistic Utopian system (an utter impossibility.) Some Democrats may actually seek to make us more Socialist, like Europe, and they're not smart enough to see how that would end. The small minority of in-the-know, conspiratorial real Revolutionaries among the Democrats seek to replace America with an absolute dictatorship (a distinct possibility.)
  2. The Republican Party leadership and "Establishment" members of the Republican Party are far too corrupt, too stupid, too anti-American themselves, too asleep and/or too indifferent to the threat to the Constitution to stand up and do anything about it. They are the most critical part of the whole problem.
  3. The whole of the News Media, major Entertainment, all of Academia and the whole teaching profession is just as anti-God, anti-Constitution and anti-American as is the whole Democrat Party and the "Establishment" Republican Party.
  4. Multiple successive generations of American citizens have been progressively and systematically educationally dumbed-down, indoctrinated and propagandized into opposition to God, opposition to the Constitution, opposition to America as founded, and into accept glaring falsehood as truth, and to favor dependence on government and group-think over individual independence, individual responsibility and freedom.

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America's Last Stand.

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