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Argument: The Good, The Bad and The Pointless.
December 06, 2014
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Argument: The Good, The Bad and The Pointless.

On the Reasoned Argument. (In the absence of reason, there is no valid argument.)

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, December 6, 2014

I love to argue. Few things are more invigorating and thought provoking than a good argument with a reasonable man, or two, or more. (Or women). The keyword here is reasonable.

The "Good" argument is one in which substantial points are made, and counter-points, from which logical conclusions may be drawn, or deeper points, the ultimate object of it all being the arrival at the truth of the matter.

The "Bad" argument is one in which someone's points are seriously unsubstantiated, unverifiable or even false. When someone argues from a blatantly false position (the worst case) there is little point in participating. Being at insurmountable loggerheads, whether due to religious, ideological, political or philosophical differences, means that objective reason has left the scene, and "Good" argument has departed with it.

The "Pointless" argument is one in which someone has no real point, and cannot or will not understand the counter position. This may be due to obstinacy or stupidity, which may as well be the same thing. The argument will go nowhere. It is never profitable to argue with a fool.

What inspired these thoughts was the ongoing, rapidly accelerating treacherous and yet "legal" destruction of Constitutional America, from the inside, from the top down, and from the bottom up.

And all the arguments involved.

Some of our favorite arguments are linked from our Arguments Pro and Con) page, with all its right-column linked individual arguments; and, we have already addressed argumentation).

Here, we will address the vital linkage between reason and argument. Then we will address the lack of reason and the lack of substantiality supporting the current anti-American Constitution arguments that are winning in America today. They are obviously, glaringly wrong, and yet they are winning, and they are quickly transforming America out of Constitutional existence.

Right before our eyes.

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