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CCW Entrapment discusses the legal dangers of legal carrying.
July 13, 2013
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CCW Entrapment

The current legal dangers of legitimately bearing arms.

Zimmerman: entrapped by the Democrat plan of racial polarization within the larger Democrat plan of class warfare.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, July 12, 2013

We have talked at length about how the Democrat Party, the SLIMC, education, academia, the "News", major entertainment/celebrity and the Republican Party leadership are all, essentially, one and the same thing: predominantly Marxist, Secularist, anti-American Constitution "revolutionary" movements. They might prefer to call themselves Trans-formative rather than Revolutionary, and Progressive rather than Marxist; nevertheless, they all have the same anti-Constitutional goals and they all march to the same anti-Constitutional drum-beat.

They all come at it from a different angle and with a different appearance, but they all aim to transform America, and they are all philosophical Marxists at their core, including those who don't even know that they are Marxist. So the biggest thing they have in common is their propensity to lie to achieve what they think is a higher purpose. That is why I refer to any Marxist as a MEJTML. You show me a Marxist and I'll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. The whole goal, of all of them, is to grow the government, migrate power from the people to the government, and "take care of" the citizenry. That is to say, to convert them, willingly, from liberated, independent operators into dependent and obedient members of the great collective.

What most of them don't know is that, among them, there are some real Marxists, of the old Bloody Revolutionary variety, who are preparing the ground for real, actual, violent revolution. Most of America's philosophical Marxists are of the variety spoken of by the likes of Lenin and Stalin as their "Useful Idiots." They are useful only temporarily. Whether the real revolutionaries will be successful here or not remains to be seen; they keep trying. They keep trying. They foment chaos, for out of chaos comes opportunity, but chaos is unpredictable. The important thing to remember is, they keep trying.

In the George Zimmerman murder trial we see one small facet of this movement blown into national and international furor. Legion are the citizenry who believe Trayvon Martin was actually, legally justified in committing an act of assault and battery on George Zimmerman, because Zimmerman followed him, or looked at him funny, or something. Why, any 17-year old 6'3" black man would be perfectly justified in physically assaulting any white man who was looking at him, or watching him, or following him, or talking on his cell phone about him. Everybody knows that. Right?

Forget, for the moment, the fact that Zimmerman is not even white.

Question: Would a white man be justified in physically assaulting a black man who looked at him or followed him?

If Zimmerman had not been carrying his weapon, and he had been beaten to death, the story never would have made it beyond the local news.

Because he was armed, and because he defended himself, and because of the Democrat Party goal of extreme national racial polarization, Zimmerman was publicly crucified in the national and international news.

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