CCW Entrapment

The current legal dangers of legitimately bearing arms.

Zimmerman: entrapped by the Democrat plan of racial polarization within the larger Democrat plan of class warfare.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, July 12, 2013

We have talked at length about how the Democrat Party, the SLIMC1 , education, academia, the "News", major entertainment/celebrity and the Republican Party leadership are all, essentially, one and the same thing: predominantly Marxist, Secularist, anti-American Constitution "revolutionary" movements. They might prefer to call themselves Trans-formative rather than Revolutionary, and Progressive rather than Marxist; nevertheless, they all have the same anti-Constitutional goals and they all march to the same anti-Constitutional drum-beat.

They all come at it from a different angle and with a different appearance, but they all aim to transform America, and they are all philosophical Marxists at their core, including those who don't even know that they are Marxist. So the biggest thing they have in common is their propensity to lie to achieve what they think is a higher purpose. That is why I refer to any Marxist as a MEJTML14 . You show me a Marxist and I'll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. The whole goal, of all of them, is to grow the government, migrate power from the people to the government, and "take care of" the citizenry. That is to say, to convert them, willingly, from liberated, independent operators into dependent and obedient members of the great collective.

What most of them don't know is that, among them, there are some real Marxists, of the old Bloody Revolutionary variety, who are preparing the ground for real, actual, violent revolution.  Most of America's philosophical Marxists are of the variety spoken of by the likes of Lenin and Stalin as their "Useful Idiots."  They are useful only temporarily.  Whether the real revolutionaries will be successful here or not remains to be seen; they keep trying.  They keep trying.  They foment chaos, for out of chaos comes opportunity, but chaos is unpredictable.  The important thing to remember is, they keep trying. 

In the George Zimmerman murder trial we see one small facet of this movement blown into national and international furor.  Legion are the citizenry who believe Trayvon Martin was actually, legally justified in committing an act of assault and battery on George Zimmerman, because Zimmerman followed him, or looked at him funny, or something.  Why, any 17-year old 6'3" black man would be perfectly justified in physically assaulting any white man who was looking at him, or watching him, or following him, or talking on his cell phone about him.  Everybody knows that.  Right? 

Forget, for the moment, the fact that Zimmerman is not even white. 

Question:  Would a white man be justified in physically assaulting a black man who looked at him or followed him? 

If Zimmerman had not been carrying his weapon, and he had been beaten to death, the story never would have made it beyond the local news. 

Because he was armed, and because he defended himself, and because of the Democrat Party goal of extreme national racial polarization, Zimmerman was publicly crucified in the national and international news. 

First, let's take a walk down memory lane, to recall a dialogue about the Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman case back in April of 2012, and then again in March of 2013, in the comments after the Affirmative Action page.  Let me quote the gist of it here as background. 

Date: Thu Apr 13 22:21:13 2012
From: Kathryn

Good points.

As evidence that racism today is the reverse of how it is publicly described and legally controlled, consider this:

A New Orleans police officer, speaking of the Trayvon Martin shooting, said “Act like a thug; die like a thug.” And he was fired just for saying that.

The Black Panthers put out a public “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster on George Zimmerman and nobody even says a word.

Date: Fri Apr 14 20:38:04 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Wrong; there were many words said about it, all favoring it and all profiling George Zimmerman as a typical white racist murderer, of a helpless little boy. Even while condemning George Zimmerman for “profiling” Trayvon Martin, they very publicly “profiled” George Zimmerman as a white racist murderer.

The SLIMC1 first reported him as being “white” and then rushed to modify the description to “white Hispanic.” Did you ever hear of that term before? “Journalists” falsely reported the case as a “Stand Your Ground” law example, when it had nothing whatsoever to do with that law. They falsely reported that his 911 call referred to Trayvon as an “f***ing coon” for days; then belatedly reported, without apology, that what he said was that it was “f***ing cold” out there. They purposely edited out vast sections of his conversation with the dispatcher on the tape to make him look like a racist. They purposely edited a picture of him to make it look like he had no injuries. They purposely portrayed Trayvon as a “little boy” with pictures of him at age 11 or 12, when the man stood six feet three inches tall. They played it up for all it was worth, in their typical journalistic Marxist zeal to create another crisis to take advantage of.

Black Panthers put a price on his head and call for his kidnapping or murder, and they even call for opening an actual race war. Remember the mass-murderer Charles Manson’s main motive was to start a race war which was to spark the ultimate revolution, which would topple the existing system. This whole thing is like Charles Manson’s race-war dream come true. Spike Lee and Rosanne Barr hurriedly published available Zimmerman addresses in order to enable, co-sponsor, promote, help, aid and abet in the immediate racial murder of George Zimmerman. There have been multiple purely racist rants against Zimmerman even on the floor of Congress, all aimed at stirring up blood lust against George Zimmerman. Everybody seems to be doing everything they can to get George Zimmerman murdered.

So-called Black Leadership, in the persons of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., jumped right in, right on queue. We must remember that, just as the worst of the environmental whackos are Marxists first and environmentalists second, and just as most American journalists put their Marxist ideology way ahead of journalism, black leadership is Marxist first, and black second. Race is just their little area in which to agitate, promote and exaggerate crisis, in a virtual sea of other forms of crisis. That is their particular profession.

Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) made a public statement to fan the racial flames, in which he said that if he had a son, he might look like Trayvon Martin. In the same time frame, typical black thug Shawn Tyson, 16, was convicted of the cold blooded murder of two British tourists in Florida. (I’ll bet you never even heard of this case.) There was no statement from the President that if he had a son, he might look like the murderous thug Shawn Tyson.

In the tape, Zimmerman indicating Trayvon was perhaps approaching him; ”checking me out” was the term he used, followed by ”I don’t know what his deal is.” Is it possible Trayvon wanted to intimidate Zimmerman, because he didn’t like anyone paying attention to him?

Earlier in the tape, Zimmerman said something about how Trayvon looked suspicious to him; could he have been right? Trayvon’s previous school problem with the “empty bag” that once contained pot (and which had once been full,) which was found in his locker was accompanied by a couple of other things. Lady’s jewelry, and a screwdriver. Perhaps you don’t know the significance of the screwdriver.

Once upon a time my wife’s IROC-Z was broken into in an unsuccessful attempt to steal it. I got a call from police, who couldn’t contact my wife – she turns her cell phone off in church – and I raced to the site. She showed up presently and was not harmed. But the criminal(s) had popped out her driver’s side window in such a way that all the glass came outside the car, so when he jumped in he wasn’t sitting in broken glass. Then he utterly destroyed the steering column to get at the ignition. Something spooked him – probably the cop – and he took off and left it like that.

I asked the cop how he did all that, and the answer was – the use of a screwdriver by someone who knew what he was doing. All the burglar needs is a screwdriver, the bigger the better, but it doesn’t have to be huge, to break into your car, to break into anything inside your car, to break into your house, and to break into anything in your house. Forget all the tools in the James Bond movies and in Mission Impossible episodes; all the well trained burglar needs is a big screwdriver. That’s the significance of the screwdriver. It’s a burglar’s tool.

What was that screwdriver doing in Trayvon’s locker along with all that expensive lady’s jewelry? Why did no one, including Trayvon or his family, ever claim the impounded expensive lady’s jewelry? If it wasn’t his, then what, exactly, was it doing there? If it was his, then why didn’t he claim it?

I submit that Zimmerman was almost certainly right in his suspicion. I don’t know what happened in his altercation with Trayvon, but he was a good neighborhood watchman. He was supposed to profile, and Trayvon’s actions probably fit the criminal profile. Not profiling, especially when you are looking for criminals, would be quite stupid. Any and all laws against profiling are stupid, dangerous laws that need to be repealed.

As far as the question of, if Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) had ever had a son, who he might have looked like – well, let’s see …

Comrade President Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him.

Trayvon Martin, 17, as he portrayed himself to the public.

Shawn Tyson, 16, convicted double murderer.

George Zimmerman, the so-called "white hispanic."

He might have looked like any one of them.

Comrade Obama is merely following his own long-used rule, invented by Machiavelli, refined by Hegel, perfected by Marx:

never let a good crisis go to waste,

and its corollary,

if you don’t have a good crisis, make one.

All of this is being built up for a purpose. The Obama Regime Attorney General and Dept of Justice has made it clear, in the previous Black Panther voter intimidation example, that they are following orders to not interfere with any race crime so long as the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. This is building to a “long hot summer” of riots and city burnings, and crisis upon crisis.

The Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, the congregations from “churches” like that of Jeremiah Wright, all hate and despise America, they hate the American Constitution, they hate American history, they hate everything America stands for, and in particular, they hate white American citizens. Don’t just take my word for it, ask them; they’ll tell you. These are Marx’s Useful Idiots in the most literal meaning of the term.

When the Occupy movements start up again this summer they will have a very serious and violent racial component added into the mix. The racial Nazis will join the Occupiers, the revolutionaries, the anarchists, the femi-Nazis, the eco-Nazis, the homo-Nazis, the union thugs, the students and their teachers, various gangsters and the media journalists to turn the Occupy movement into something big; as big as they can possibly make it. The one thing all of these seemingly disparate groups will have in common is that they will all be Democrats.

The worst riots and violence will be at the two big political conventions. The biggest and worst of all will be at the Democrat convention. The reason I say that is that the Democrat convention will have the biggest concentration of Marxists, revolutionaries, anarchists and journalists both inside participating in the convention, and outside demonstrating against it. All Democrats. You can’t expect a convergence of that many angry, hate-filled people all in the same place and not expect some very bad things to happen.

The most serious problem the Democrat officials, including the President, will face is the same one snake handlers have, because community organizing and agitating and promoting revolution is just like increasingly rough snake handling. Once the snake has had enough, he doesn’t care who he bites. Neither does the agitated and angered anarchist.

It’s really the same social problem predictable of cannibals living in a completely closed community.



Date:  Mon Mar 18 19:50:23 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth

I heard something interesting all over Talk Radio today, about the third episode of the History Channel's The Bible series, which we watched and thoroughly enjoyed on Sunday.  But Rush, Sean, etc., talked about a similarity we had not picked up on.  Apparently, it's all over Drudge and the internet.  The series producers took great pains to not use recognizable or famous actors in the series, so that the vitally important content would not be overshadowed by any famous personalities.  However, what Drudge and others were stunned by was a similarity between the actor who played Satan, and our own Comrade Obama, peace be upon him.  So, when I got home, I took a look at the pictures on Drudge, and I really have to agree, although I didn't see it at first.  Let's see what you think. 

It brought this particular webpage immediately to mind. 

I remembered the dialogue above, regarding if Obama had a son, what that son might look like.  And it brought to mind a new question:

If Satan had a son, might he look like Obama?



Those are the quotes I wanted to recall from the Affirmative Action page comments.  Let me present a rhetorical question:

If George Zimmerman can be described as a "white Hispanic", can Comrade Obama be described as a "white black"? 

Again, just to reiterate what I said before the long quote: If George Zimmerman had been unarmed and had been beaten to death or perhaps brain-damaged, whether Martin was caught or not, the story never would have made it beyond page two of the local news.  

"Neighborhood Watch Captain severely beaten while on neighborhood patrol" would have been the largely overlooked story line, and the "New Racist" national and international news media never would have even picked it up.  It would have been just another every-day, ho-hum, heavy sigh and here we go again incident

In the New Racism, only whites are expected to exhibit gentlemanly deportment, restraint and self control; they are held to a higher standard.  People of color are generally assumed to be perfectly justified in committing assault and battery on any white who looks at them funny, or pays particular attention to them, or follows them. 

And now we know that Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is using the federal government, in all its agencies, departments and bureaucracies, to perform Alinskyite, revolutionary Community Organizing to further his revolutionary agenda.  As soon as the New Racist media turned this story into a national crisis, the regime sent all the usual race-mongers - Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, etc. - to Sanford to plan, recruit, organize and run demonstrations, that would be made by the press to appear to be purely spontaneous, even as they propagandized and fanned the racist flames of the story in the "news". 

Chief among the Community Organizers in this effort was Attorney General Eric Holder, and a bevy of Department of Justice officials, petty bureaucrats and employees.  At taxpayer expense, they bussed in a bunch of recruited and stirred-up college kids from some 40 miles away to do the demonstration that got the police chief fired.  They stirred higher officials to take the case out of the hands of the locals, who did not charge Zimmerman for lack of evidence, and went ahead and charged him with second degree murder. 

And we are left wondering, how can so many people be so easily fooled? 

It's the New Racism, which still, after many, many decades of existence, is largely not recognized as racism at all.  Nobody seems to see it.  Nobody knows what it is.  It has even redefined the word racist.  In the new definition, the term is strictly reserved for the white race; no person of color is ever racist, or has a racist thought or commits a racist act.  Whites hold a patent or a copyright of some kind on racism, and only whites may ever be held to be racist.  That's why Zimmerman had to become a white Hispanic. 

The President, the Vice President, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, all of TTRSJTF6 who write and broadcast the news, your teachers, your professors, all, are racists, pure and simple, and they don't even know what they are.

They use the term reverse racism incorrectly; what they mean by reverse racism is racism perpetrated by someone of color against whites.  In proper English, a reverse racist would be someone who exhibits racism against his own race.  Which is exactly and precisely what all white New Racists are doing.  They are fomenting, generating and encouraging racism against themselves and their race.  And they don't even know it. 

No race holds any monopoly on racism.  Anyone can be a racist. 

Rush Limbaugh has an ongoing "outreach to the low information voter" program, in which he is trying to get their attention and gently educate them in truth.  His plan involves the fact that the low information voter doesn't know that he is a low information voter, and so when Rush uses the term, they don't think he's talking about them.  Nobody thinks of themselves as low information types, and so the low information voter doesn't know that he is a low information voter. 

But this is old news; it is only new in the sense of this place and time.  Recruitment into evil always begins with an innocent, trusting victim who does not properly apply his intellect to a temptation or a ruse.  It has been going on throughout all of human history. 

Eve didn't know she was being deceived in the Garden; she didn't properly apply her God-given intellect to what was being said by the serpent.  Machiavelli's fictional Agent Provocateurs didn't know they were merely sacrificial pawns of only temporary use in a much larger game.  Lenin's Useful Idiots didn't know they were useful idiots; if they knew they were useful idiots, they wouldn't have been useful idiots.  The typical union worker doesn't know that his union dues are being used to revolutionize America out of her Constitution.  Today's Moron Voter doesn't know he's a moron voter, and today's New Racist doesn't know he's a racist. 

It took many, many generations of continuous and increasing educational indoctrination and news media propaganda to create, grow and feed a huge moronified, if that's a word, population of American citizens.  But here we are.  The more government gets involved in education, the more poorly educated we the people become; the more wedded and welded together the government and the media becomes, the less well informed we the people become. 

But general New Racism and general Moronification are not the only factors operating to the detriment of justice in the George Zimmerman trial. 

We have the CCW Entrapment factor to consider.  While most of us who hold a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) license feel that our license enables us to legally carry in unrestricted areas, there exists a whole world of legal situations we had better not get ourselves into while carrying.  I believe the authors of the Second Amendment would be rolling in their graves over all of this. 

Most of the required CCW training is classroom rather than range, because of the myriad of related laws and possible legal entanglements you can get into while carrying.  With today's legal situation (which is abominable) there can be one and only one reason for a typical citizen to carry outside his home and off his property.  And that sole reason is self defense.  That's it.  Nothing else. 

Where Zimmerman got trapped was the "something else" he was supposed to do, and that he reasonably assumed he could and should do while carrying.  He was a neighborhood watchman, and it was his turn to "patrol" the neighborhood.  Granted, if he had not been carrying, he might be dead, or worse.  Nevertheless, adding "neighborhood watch" to "self defense" as a reason to carry was wrong, in his case.  And it would be wrong in mine, and probably yours. And you likely never would have even thought about it.  I wouldn't have thought about it either, if this case hadn't blown up in the news.  But now, here it is, and we are presented with the results. 

I don't care how well trained you are.  I don't care if you're a combat veteran.  You don't add another reason to carry to the self defense reason.  Off your property, it's self defense and only self defense.  If you are asked to bring your gun to some function for some purpose, decline the invitation.  You can be a neighborhood watchman, but don't "patrol."  Just keep your eyes open, like everybody else. 

If you are a veteran you might disagree; but I submit that there is a huge difference between military training and supplying additional security to, say, a Church festival by carrying your concealed weapon.  Or, patrolling your neighborhood for security purposes.  Only off-duty cops, or retired cops, or trained military police, or trained security guards should be used in such situations. 

Listen up, veteran: there is a world of difference between going into mortal combat on the one hand, and providing extra security for a social function, or patrolling an American neighborhood, on the other.  Any minor incident involving a drunk, or a bunch of belligerent teen-agers can turn into a tragedy in about a heartbeat if all you know how to do is work your weapon, and you feel called or responsible to do something and get involved. 

If your Church or your neighborhood, or whatever group, needs extra security, either get a volunteer or pay an off-duty or retired cop, or security guard, to actually wear his or her uniform to the event or function.  Mere presence of a uniform tones behavior down, and cops are trained to more peaceably handle drunks and disorderly people.  Veteran grunts are not.  Ordinary citizens are not.  It's not our job.  It's not what we do.  Leave it to the professionals.  Back them up if they need help, but unless you are a trained cop, never personally lead the action in any civil altercation. 

Never draw your weapon, or even let anyone know you're carrying, unless and until an obvious imminent threat presents itself.  Remember your CCW classes. 

The sad thing about Zimmerman is that he is probably an exemplary citizen who thought he was doing something good for his community.  He was trying to make a difference.  What might have helped him is if he had joined the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and had their automatic carrying insurance plan.  If you have a CCW, you should consider USCCA for carrying insurance, further training, the periodic magazine and perhaps even becoming a trainer.  It's hard to keep up with continually changing gun laws, and that raises another topic: why do gun laws even exist here? 

Returning to the Wild West days of the pre-anti-gun laws might not be as bad as you might think.  In early America, everyone carried, any time he wanted to, anywhere he wanted to.  And the gun crime rate, per capita, was considerably lower than it is today.  In the so-called Wild West days, America was considerably safer than it is today.  Every gun control law that passed resulted in a higher gun crime rate.  Never lower.  That's because, as we said in the Gun Control page, gun laws only affect law abiding citizens, not criminals, because criminals disobey laws anyway.  That's what makes them criminals. 

In the 30s, the first law outlawing fully automatic weapons had no effect on the criminal element; only on the law abiding, who didn't commit crimes with fully automatic weapons.  The Capone gang and the Moran gang didn't turn in their Thompson sub-machine guns; they kept right on using them.  Bonnie and Clyde didn't turn in their Browning automatic rifles.  Machine-Gun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson, Ma Barker and the boys, all kept right on using what they were using.  The gun crime rate went up, not down.  Surprise. 

It went thataway with every gun control law ever passed.  The gun crime rate would go up, the Marxist politicians would declare "We've got to do more!", the timid would say "We've got to get guns out of the hands of criminals!", and the bleeding-hearts would plead "We've got to eliminate weapons altogether!", after which a new gun control law would be passed, and the gun crime rate would go up again.  Surprise. 

In Fixing It All, among other places herein, we said that Congress and the Presidency - provided we ever get a Constitutionalist Congress and a Constitutionalist President - need to take a tip from the Supreme Court decision of Maybury v Madison precedent establishing Judicial Review, and establish for themselves precedents of Congressional Review and Presidential Review.  Un-Constitutional Law, Executive Order or Legal Precedent should be declared No Law, or No Order, or No Precedent, and null and void from that date forward. 

All that's required to accomplish this is elected officials packing the required equipment.  Every gun law in existence should be declared un-Constitutional, no law, null and void from that date forward.  The entire database of gun registration should be destroyed.  The federal government has no business with all that information on the free citizenry.  Criminals don't register guns or submit to background checks; only law abiding citizens do that.  They do it because it's the law, and criminals don't do it because criminals, by definition, disobey laws. 

We have a criminal problem, not a gun problem. 

Go back to the Declaration, and the Constitution.  There you will see that the very purpose for the Constitution of the government was to protect the civil rights of the citizens from their own government.  The Constitution "constituted" the nation, describing the whole of the government, and providing its rules of operation.  It's whole purpose is to protect us, not to control us. 

It's a Marxist shell game, making us concentrate on one hand while the other hand is doing something devious.  They make us look at guns rather than criminals.  It's the same in every contentious issue today, not only guns.  They tell us our immigration system is somehow broken, when in fact they illegally and un-Constitutionally and criminally and purposely do not enforce existing border law or existing immigration law.  These laws are not broken, and they are not in need of any Comprehensive Reform; they are fine as they are, they are only in need of being strictly and rigidly enforced as they currently exist. 

Pick a subject.  They even want to tell us what and how much to eat. 

It's past time to throw all the bastards out. 

Pray for the repose of the soul of Trayvon Martin. 

Pray for the exoneration and future safety of George Zimmerman. 


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Date:  Sat Jul 13 04:44:19 2013
From:  Matt

Your statement assumes that Martin started the altercation and Zimmerman acted in self defense, which has not been proved as yet. If it turns out that that was the case, then obviously he is innocent. But that is far from settled. The court is yet to make a decision. Zimmerman's version of the event could be a total lie because the only person who can contradict him is dead. Maybe the media jumped the gun by declaring him guilty, but you don't jump the gun by declaring him innocent either. Let the facts emerge and let the court decide.

Date:  Sat Jul 13 10:26:03 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


Right you are; that is my assumption, based solely on evidence presented in court.  The unfortunate thing, for America, is that the New Racism may play a bigger part in the decision of the jury than the law, or the evidence, or the instructions to the jury.  I can base this statement on the results of other cases, such as O. J. Simpson, Tawana Brawley, Duke LaCrosse Team, etc.  There is no factor bigger than the New Racism factor, unless it is the Moron Vote factor. 



Date:  Mon Jul 15 08:54:38 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth

Now, with a not guilty verdict, we see the results in the massive demonstrations all across America, which is just what Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, intended, planned, hoped and organized for.  Here we see demonstrated, for all the world to see, the size and far-reaching scope of the moron vote in America.  They have paid not one whit of attention to the evidence presented in court.  They are totally ignorant of the principle of innocence until proven guilty.  They are racist to the core, and they don't even know it.  They are totally invested in what they learned in school and what the media says.  They have never read, let alone understood, our Founding or Constituting documents. 

Evidence?  What evidence?  We don't need no stinking evidence. 

They are already sheep.  They are already being herded, and they don't even know it. 



Date:  Wed Jul 17 07:54:13 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth

Rush yesterday posted another first on his radio show.  Some time over the weekend the Leftie-Media interviewed Trayvon Martin's teenaged girl friend, Rachel Jeantel, and then totally missed the most important points she made.  All Leftie-Media follow-up discussions of the interview apparently lauded her as some kind of genius, and they wondered aloud why "this" Rachel had not shown up on the witness stand, instead of "that" Rachel who did.  Why, the whole case might have been turned around, they opined. 

This girl typifies the moron vote.  She couldn't construct a proper and complete English sentence of more than one words if her life depended on it.  But, the two points the Leftie-Media missed, and Rush caught, apply to her contention that ebonics, or whatever you call her speech patterns, changed around the year 2000. 

Prior to that change, the word nigger was (and still is) a racial slur, but the word nigga now means, simply, a male of the human species, of any race. 

Prior to that change, the word cracker was (and still is) a racial slur, but the word cracka now means, simply, a cop, a security guard. 

So, taking her at her word, race had nothing whatsoever to do with Trayvon's assault on Zimmerman. 

He was being folowed by a "creepy assed cracka" who was also described as a "nigga", which, taken together, meant a male cop. 

Rachel was afraid this creepy assed cracka was a homosexual who had rape on his mind, and told Trayvon that, and told him to run. 

Instead, Trayvon turned on Zimmerman and attacked him. 

Race had nothing to do with it.  It was just another case of another homophobic queer bashing. 

Adding to the crime of assault and battery, since Trayvon thought Zimmerman might be a cop, it was a case of assault and battery on a cop. 

Again, race had nothing to do with it. 

The Leftie-Liberal media either isn't smart enough to figure it out, or, more likely, they want to cover it over and promote Rachel to the hilt, make her popular, maybe giver her a reality show or something, in their ongoing program of growing, feeding and tending the moron vote. 



Date:  Fri Jul 19 13:15:10 2013
From:  KJ

You all believing what Rachel Jeantel says but she don't speak for no one but ghetto blacks.  I am a black American man and I do not accept the meaning of those words.  Profiling of black men goes on every day in America, and I see it all the time.  Whatever else happened George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin based on race and that's what started the whole thing.  It's profiling that got us all mad, none of that other bull.  Sometimes you seem reasonable, but you need to learn to reach out, understand the black side of this to bring us more together and not just exonerate Zimmerman from any fault at all.  You never been on the other side.  You never been profiled.  Profiling has to end. 

Kay Jay

Date:  Fri Jul 19 19:50:16 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


What's wrong with profiling?  Did you ever hear of forensic profiling?  Why do police, detectives and investigators, all over the world, use profiling? 

Because it works

You are right about the profiling starting it all, for that is what Zimmerman was doing; his phone call proves it.  But it was not racial profiling; it was criminal profiling.  He was looking for criminals

Don't blame me, and don't blame Zimmerman, for the fact that a lot of criminals are black.  There's a logical reason why people, of any race or color, don't get nervous when approached by a white man, but they do get nervous when they are approached by a black man. 

Note well that almost all shootings, murders or killings of any kind committed in America are not committed by white men against black men.  Such white-on-black crimes are so rare as to be practically non-existent.  It didn't happen this time either.  (Zimmerman is not white.) 

This whole thing is based on a lie whipped up into a gigantic furor by Obama and his minions in the government and in the media to further his agenda of manipulating his factions.  Black America is his favorite faction to keep angry and stirred up against whites in particular and Constitutional America in general.  He and his Democrat Party and his Mainstream Media are such practiced liars that you cannot even tell that he is lying to you. 

Let's see if you know these truths, which are absolutely irrefutable historical facts:

  1. Obama's Democrat Party opposed Lincoln's Republican Party and fought to keep slavery forever. 
  2. Obama's Demcrat Party gave birth to the KKK.  It was a branch of the Democrat Party. 
  3. Obama's Democrat Party created and enforced the Jim Crow laws. 
  4. Obama's Democrat Party re-segregated the previouisly de-segregated government and military under the Wilson administration. 
  5. Obama's Democrat Party fought tooth and nail against Eisenhower's desegregation of schools.  It was the Segregation Forever! Party. 
  6. Obama's Democrat Party was the Party of Bull Conner, George Wallace, the lynchings, burnings, bombings, fire-hoses, police dogs and police brutality all through the desegregation fight. 

I have no intention of "reaching out" to any segment of the moron vote, and that includes the black vote.  The have been moronified and stupidified to such a degree that they are unreachable by reason.  They cannot be any part of any "bring us all together" silly pipe dream.  They need to be defeated, in the voting booth, along with a lot of other manipulated useful idiots, or Constitutional America is lost. 

When people are so mal-educated and so mal-informed and so dumbed-down that they actually believe the flagrant and obvious lie that the Republican Party is racist, and that conservatives are racist, and that America is racist, they are beyond hope.  They have been taught that,

  1. they don't have a chance in this racist society, and
  2. whitey is out to get them, or to hold them down,

and they cannot be convinced otherwise.  Those are positions that cannot be compromised with; these are people who have to be politically defeated, not molly-coddled or spoon-fed.  If they have been made dependent, rather than independent, by the Democrat Party, and they really don't believe they can take care of themselves, I can't help it.  It is not our fault.  We cannot compromise and allow them to drag the whole nation down with them. 

The only people I will reach out to are Constitutional conservative Americans, and I don't give a damn what color they are. 



Date:  Thu Aug 15 20:59:06 2013
From:  Juanita

Have there been any more break-ins or robberies in the Retreat at Twin Lakes community since Trayvon Martin was shot? 

Date:  Fri Aug 16 06:31:27 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


Not that I'm aware of. 



Date:   Thu Oct 09 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

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