Why the USA should Outlaw Islam.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why outlaw Islam? For the same reason we recommended Outlawing Marxism. There is and can be no middle ground between Marxism and the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. There can be no compromise here. There is no room to negotiate. You cannot meet any Marxist notion, such as Equality Via Redistribution, part way and still support the Declaration and the Constitution. The same things can be said of Islam. Being forced to submit and convert, become a specially taxed slave, or be executed, is not compatible with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America has always been a nation of free-wheeling free-thinkers. We have here legally established rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition, etc. That’s why some of our debates get pretty heated on occasion; over time we become more and more diverse in our thinking and life direction. This diversity of thought has good points and it has bad points, which can be argued well from either standpoint. However, when one ideology arises among the many that seeks and intends to replace all other ideologies and establish itself as the supreme ideology, destroying all opposition, we need to pause and study it. That thinking does not fit the American model, because it would in the future deny the very freedom that protects it today.

Do we want to remain the Constitutional nation as founded, or do we want to become something else? Question: Is our national foundation – the Declaration of Independence – and is our defining legal document – the Constitution – worthy of preserving intact, with all of our citizen rights, or is it time to replace it all with something else?

Now, everybody wants to tip-toe around any notion of outlawing Islam because of the religion clause in Amendment I of the Constitution. However, Islam is not merely a religion; it is a theocracy – a radical combination of Church and state. And, it is not merely a theocracy, but an aggressive, domineering and barbaric theocracy hell bent on forcing the entire world into submission to itself.

What this means is that Islam seeks not only to convert everyone to the religion of Islam, by any means necessary including force; but Islam also seeks to transform every other government and every other legal system into absolute submission to Islam. That necessarily means the end of not only our religion, but the end of our Declaration of Independence and the end of our Constitution, and the end of all of our legislated law. Are you really ready for that?

Islam’s Koran would make a system that is the reverse of all that we are and all that we stand for. Rather than a system of freedom that recognizes the rights of man, those of us who survive would become a conquering horde intent on forcing others into submission to Islam.

I submit that the main theme in the Koran aims at the destruction of America as founded, the negation of the American Declaration of Independence and the negation of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It aims at the elimination of our religion, our ethos and our morality, and at turning us into enslavers and murderers. We talked about the nature of Islam in the The Last Barbarians Webpage.

We must outlaw the Koran just as soon as we have the legislative power to do it. We need legislation in defense of the whole of the American Ideal, including the Declaration and the Constitution. Islam is just flat out anti-American, and it seeks to destroy all that we have and all that we are. The language is just crystal clear. You can see a short-hand version of the more egregious verses in it in the Tolerating Brutal Intolerance Webpage; or, read the Koran itself. Islam doesn’t make any bones about what it intends to do to us.

Jews and Christians, as “people of the book,” are singled out for special treatment. Early verses seem especially peaceful toward us, but later verses are downright brutal. The reason is that Mohammed failed to win the Jews and the Christians over, and then had himself a little hissy-fit and wrote the later and harsher verses. He did that sort of thing a lot. Moslem theology insists that whatever verses he authored later automatically overrode and superseded any previous verses that they conflicted with. Therefore, the brutal verses are the ones that stand.

All good Moslems are to strike off our fingers and/or our heads, to make a wide slaughter among us, to enslave survivors, to torture us with fire and with boiling water, and to make continuous war against all unbelievers until no other religion exists except Islam. There can be no compromise here. This is held to be the irreformable word of Allah. No one is ever going to negotiate those verses out of the Koran.

No one who holds to Islam, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep an oath of office involving the defense and safeguarding of the Constitution. These are opposite and antagonistic ideologies. Any elected or appointed official whose office is subject to such an oath should step down or be removed from office. No candidate for any such office who is identifiably Moslem should be held to be qualified for the office.

No member of the American armed forces who holds to Islam, in part or in whole, can honestly take and keep the oath of office for entry into the military, because Islam and the Constitution are opposites and antagonists. Any such member of the military should step down or be removed from uniform. No candidate for military service who is identifiably Moslem should be held to be qualified for service.

People should still be free to talk Islam all they want to; but we need to preclude Moslems from office and from military service, and we need to preclude any Islamic goals from American legislation.

No need to burn Korans as any part of outlawing the Koran, any more than there would be a need to burn the Communist Manifesto if we were to Outlaw Marxism. It is the principles and goals contained in the document that are to be outlawed. Libraries and private citizens should be free to keep the Koran so that people can see what it is. What, then, should be outlawed, besides Moslems holding office or entering the military? What restrictions should there be?

  • No building of any new mosques.
  • No repairing or expanding any existing mosques.
  • No praying in public in the Moslem manner.
  • No audible Islamic call to prayer.
  • No immigration of Moslems.
  • No travel, work or student visas granted to Moslems.
  • All Moslems to register as Moslems.
  • All Moslem convicts to be deported after serving any prison sentence.

Islam is just as treacherous, underhanded, sneaky and deceptive as is Marxism in seeking to destroy nations from within. Islam slowly builds little enclaves into larger ones, ultimately claiming a territory that it considers to be under Sharia law, and then its attitude changes and becomes more belligerent to the host country. Islam, like Marxism, is a cancer on society. It declared war on the whole of the non-Islamic world over 1,300 years ago, and it’s taken this long for the non-Islamic world to begin to recognize that simple fact. It needs to be outlawed in America.

That’s my argument; what’s yours?


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Date: Sun Oct 10 10:31:46 2010
From: Mahmoud
Location: NY NY

Victor, this is crazy, intolerant and illegal in America. The constitution forbids it as violation of freedom of religion. You cannot “outlaw” a religion in America. Not all Muslims are terrorists; you need to differentiate between good and bad in any religion. Your religion has bad people also, and you cannot outlaw your religion.

Date: Sun Oct 10 12:43:17 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


I do not seek to outlaw a religion; what I seek to outlaw is a belligerent and invasive theocracy that is committed to world conquest and religious domination.

US Constitution, Amendment I:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In simple English, this is a legal prohibition on the government, saying that the government may not impose any particular theology on anyone. Every state in America has an Amendment similar to this on in its State Constitution. It is the law of that land, at the federal level and at the state level. (I have always interpreted it to mean further that the government may not impose the theology of atheism on anyone.)

What Islam proposes to do is impose its theology on America, impose Islamic government over American government, and impose Islamic law over all law in America. In plain English, Islam intends to do exactly what it is specifically prohibited by law from doing by Amendment I, and a whole lot more besides.

The Koran clearly directs all Moslems to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (2:139; 8:39; 9:29). Are you prepared to stand there in public with your bare face hanging out and tell me either that that order from Mohammed to make continuous war is not in the Koran, or that the words in the Koran are not held by Moslems to be the incorruptible and irreformable words of Allah?

Do you really think we’re that stupid?



Date: Wed Dec 22 11:22:07 2010
From: justin
Location: USA

I respect you. All Moslems should be executed brutally by the USA government.

Date: Wed Dec 22 18:55:24 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


That is what a Marxist government might do, and that is what a Moslem government might do. But we are not Marxists, and we are not Moslems. We are Americans, and as Americans we are called to a higher dignity.



Date: Mon Oct 03 06:48:18 2011
From: PeteWaldo

christian 2

You seem to be in direct opposition the Roman Catholic church. The Pope and Vatican Council on Islam:

The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself, merciful and all-powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth (5), who has spoken to men; they take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes great pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God. Though they do not acknowledge Jesus as God, they revere Him as a prophet. They also honor Mary, His virgin mother; at times they even call on her with devotion. In addition, they await the day of judgment when God will render their deserts to all those who have been raised up from the dead. Finally, they value the moral life and worship God especially through prayer, almsgiving and fasting.

Since in the course of centuries not a few quarrels and hostilities have arisen between Christians and Moslems, this Sacred Synod urges all to forget the past and to work sincerely for mutual understanding and to preserve as well as to promote together for the benefit of all mankind social justice and moral welfare, as well as peace and freedom.

Date: Tue Oct 04 05:44:2011 2011
From: Vic Biorseth

PeteWaldo: Right.

I believe I may have quoted those very words somewhere, but I don’t remember where. What they describe are the beliefs and behaviors of the vast majority of Moslems who have not yet really gotten into their own faith sufficiently to have encountered the Islamic call to war, conquest, subjugation and murder – see the Refuting Mohammed page. They also refer to the public words, spoken to non-Moslems by many recognized leaders and spokesmen of Islam. But they do not reflect the more private words of those same men spoken to other Moslems strictly within the house of Islam.

The leadership of Islam thinks we are too stupid to figure out what they intend to do to us, and they appear to be largely correct. “We come in peace” is what they say in English to Western man. But the message is reversed when spoken in Arabic to followers in the Mosques and elsewhere in the house of Islam. If Islam were open, honest and decent, as we understand that word, it would look us in the eye and tell us of its true intentions toward us; but that is not the case. Islam is treacherous and deceitful, just like Marxism. The peaceful Moslem leader holds a sword behind his back.

Ranking clerics, holders of high office, political candidates and all recognized “leaders” in the West seem to feel the need to tip-toe around the issue and speak kindly to and of Islam, to be overly respectful and super-sensitive to the “feelings” of Moslems, and to avoid, with great effort, even discussing the violent history, the violent scripture and the quite consistent violent preaching of Islam. In fact, some of them will publicly deny it.

But I am no cleric, I am no office holder and I am no politician; I treat the issue straight up, directly and openly. It’s right there in front of you in black and white. History is still available to the researcher, despite the efforts of those who would erase it or re-write it. The Koran and the Haddith are available for your perusal.

Islam intends to rule all, in religion and in civil law, pure and simple.



Date: Thu Oct 20 07:43:36 2011
From: PeteWaldo

Dear Vic,

Thanks so much for the kind favor of your reply. You wrote: "What they describe are the beliefs and behaviors of the vast majority of Moslems....

They also refer to the public words, spoken to non-Moslems by many recognized leaders and spokesmen of Islam."

The Vatican Council is not ignorant to what the Quran and Hadith actually say. Nor did they simply parrot Islam's ignorant minions, or taqiyyah practitioners, but instead went so tragically far beyond that.

Read it again.

"They adore the one God... they take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees..."

Now you and I know that couldn't be more UNTRUE, since Muhammad, and thus all of his followers, profess the EXACT OPPOSITE of the WHOLE SUBJECT of the Gospel.

Surah 4:157 That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus... but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them... for of a surety they killed him not"

Indeed the most egregious - and only unpardonable - sin in Muhammad's cult is committed when a Muslim confesses that Jesus is the Son of God.

Sura 19:88 They say: "(Allah) Most Gracious has begotten a son!" 89 Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!

1Jo 4:15 Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.

2Jo 1:9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

Surah 9.29 Fight those who believe not in Allah... (even if they are) of the People of the Book... 30 The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah... Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!

1 John 2:22 ... He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father:...

That's 1.5 billion antichrists in the world today - just in Islam - not even counting atheists and other antichrists! The reward?

Jhn 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

Rev 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where THE BEAST and THE FALSE PROPHET [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

The Pope and Vatican council didn't say "Muslims BELIEVE they worship the one true God..." or "Muslims BELIEVE they submit wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees..."

So what they wrote couldn't be more UNTRUE, of which I thought exposing UNTRUTH is the purpose of your site.

What if instead of the cowardly declarations above - and the pope literally kissing the antichrist Quran and even praying in a mosque that points to the Quraish pagan's black stone idol in Mecca, in an act of reconciliation to apologize for the TRUTH that was spoken by one of their own clergy - what if they had offered a genuine Christian response instead?

What if the pope and Vatican council had stood up for Jesus instead, and declared Islam to profess the EXACT OPPOSITE of the WHOLE SUBJECT of the Gospel, so all those deluded people that you suggested that call themselves Muslims but remain in abject ignorance to their own religion, could have had perhaps their first opportunity to be shown the truth?

The Pope was in the enviable position of being in the bully pulpit, with the perfect opportunity to begin a massive global dialogue, not unlike when Ronald Reagan went against all of the appeasing liberals and media elite and TOLD THE TRUTH, that the Soviet Union was indeed an EVIL EMPIRE.

If the Pope had done the same, how many Muslims do you think might have gotten that first spark of cognitive dissonance, and the first step to a new heart?

It need not be complicated. It could have been done very easily through the single Quran verse that REJECTS the WHOLE SUBJECT of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,


(if you could put a couple spaces and maybe 2 lines in my email address in the prior post, I would appreciate it, so internet spiders and bots can't catalog it. Thanks a lot bro.

Date: Fri Oct 21 05:50:30 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


You are quite correct in what you say. I have disagreed with the Pope before, as shown in The Pope On Globalism page in this site. Let me make three points regarding “the Pope and the Vatican”:

  1. The Pope is human and is as free as the rest of us to err on matters outside the Deposit of Faith laid down by our Lord and His Apostles. He is kept from error only when speaking on matters of faith and morals.
  2. The false religion of Islam was not invented until multiple centuries after the death of the last Apostle. The Pope may be ignorant of the true nature of Islam, or, more likely, he may fear for the peace of the world. Or some combination of the two.
  3. The Pope is in a delicate position of being a peaceful global diplomat facing a blood-thirsty menace that cannot take being hit in the face with the Truth without reacting with violence.

Regarding the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, John Paul the Great did indeed do the same. He went into the belly of the beast, preaching the Gospel on Communist ground while it was still Communist. It was John Paul the Great just as much as it was Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher who brought down the Soviet Union.

That being said, I still agree with you. The Pope should make a brief, clear and simple statement regarding the true nature of Islam.



Date: Thu Dec 15 21:40:11 2011
From: Dwayne M.
Location: Rochester NY

The Conservative’s Forum says that Islam is not a religion at all, and that you are mistaken saying Islam is a religion. You should go there and participate.

Date: Fri Dec 16 06:43:21 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


I don’t have a whole lot of free time these days, and what little I have is spent right here keeping up with this website. I think at this point, all these centuries after Mohammed, with upwards of a billion practitioners in the world, it is rather foolish to not recognize Islam as a religion. It may be a false religion, but it is nevertheless a recognized world religion, with hordes of convinced followers.

The important thing about Islam is that it is not merely a religion; it is also a theocracy, which is to say, a radical combination of Church and state. And it is not merely a theocracy, but an aggressive expansionist theocracy that seeks to impose itself on all others, by force if necessary. The whole mission of Islam is to grow itself at the expense of the non-Islamic world.



Date: Thu Aug 09 05:23:10 2012
From: Link Travella
Location: Las Vegas, NV

The right to freedom of religion in the US Constitution was put there UNDER THE ASSUMPTION that all religions were BENIGN. "Islam" is NOT "benign"; it promotes "SHARIA LAW", and the MURDER OF and LYING TO "infidels". Very simply, our "rights" DO NOT SUPERCEDE US LAW, or PUBLIC SAFETY; you can't promote "Sharia Law" and the MURDER of "infidels" and hide behind freedom of religion anymore than you can yell "fire!" in a crowded theatre and hide behind freedom of speech. Therefore, "Islam" does NOT fall under the Constitutional protection of "religion". ALL Muslims in the United States should be given the choice between SELF or FORCED DEPORTATION to a Muslim country, or PROSECUTION under EXISTING "RICO" STATUTES. Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate into the US. "Mosques" should be shut down and CONFISCATED the same as the property of DRUG DEALERS and other CRIMINALS. Unfortunately, this isn't going to happen; the "Islamization" of the US IS WELL UNDERWAY. Barry Soetoro (aka "Barrack Obamma") IS A MUSLIM who is LYING (according to the Koran). May the God of Israel have mercy on us. Jesus IS GOD; "Allah" is a fiction.

Date: Thu Aug 09 05:44:26 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Actually, as we said in the Refuting Separation of Church and State page, freedom of religion was put into the Constitution to keep Congress from establishing any official national religion, and to not allow Congress to prevent any of the thirteen Colonies from freely worshiping in accordance with the Christian denominations already pre-established as official legal state religions in each Colony, and to allow any citizen to worship or “exercise” in any Christian denomination, in any Colony.

It said (and says) nothing about any “religion” that is also another form of government and another form of law that would superimpose itself over us and over our Constitution. I no longer waste time and effort arguing about Sharia Law, or variants of it, or anything else that is extra-Koranic. It is enough for me that the Koran itself expressly calls for us all to be converted to Islam, subjugated to Islamic law, or killed. That’s what the Koran tells its readers to do to us.

Therefore, I find no disagreement with what you say, as ugly as it appears on its face. We cannot have any new law superimposed over our Constitution, which is intended to be the supreme law of the land. Islam itself is absolutely intolerant of the other. Our own toleration of Islam among us might be suicidal. It might be a bit easier to tolerate Islam over there somewhere, far away from our shores.



Date: Fri Aug 17 10:33:05 2012
From: Robert D.
Location: St. Louis/MO/United States

Bottom line: if Islam can be banned, so can Christianity and Judaism. Both of these have sworn enemies in this country and indeed in the West - to say nothing of the rest of the world. Do we really want to go there?

Date: Fri Aug 17 19:16:31 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Not true.

Neither Christianity nor Judaism seeks to overthrow or replace the supreme law of our land, or of any other land. Only Islam seeks to dominate us, and the world. That is Islam’s whole purpose for being.

See the Refuting Mohammed page.



Date: Sun Aug 19 13:15:09 2012
From: You people are insane

America will not be overrun with Islam. If you haven't noticed, we have already been under the control of major religion- CHRISTIANITY. Christian ideals have found their way into politics to such an extent that many of our now "major issues" have Christian ties; abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. How do you look passed these hypocrisies? When will we finally move passed these insignificant issues provoked by the religious right? When will we solve real problems and move towards a brighter, more free future?

Date: Mon Aug 20 05:55:24 2012
From: Vic Biorseth

You People …

You haven’t been paying attention. Over-running the world is the ultimate goal of Islam, by use of force. There is a world of difference between the methods of Christian evangelization and Moslem conquest.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but America started out a Christian nation and remains a Christian nation. It is our common Judeo-Christian Ethos that makes of us a “good people” as Tocqueville described us, and it is that ethos that provides our common moral code, from which we develop our representative civil law.

If our Judeo-Christian morality affects such issues as abortion, same sex marriage, etc., that is not hypocrisy; that is as it should be. It is not Christianity, but religions such as atheism and Islam that seeks to impose its will against the Christian majority.

I know how much you despise Jesus Christ, Christianity and Christians in general, but if you want to live among us you’re just going to have to get over it, and deal with us on our terms, not yours. I know how much you love abortion, same sex marriage, etc., but federal law has no constitutional business addressing such issues, regardless of how badly you wish to impose your immoral will on all the rest of us through civil law. Here, states and local jurisdictions make their own laws in accordance with community standards. If you don’t like it where you live, you can move.

If you truly believe that abortion, same sex marriage, etc., are the marks of a brighter, more free future, then your ultimate destination is hell. You may enjoy the journey, but not the destination.




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An earlier phase of this major conversion corrupted or adversely affected some fonts, alignments, quotes and tables in the previously published webpages. Not to worry; this phase is converting them all, one by one. Eventually, every webpage on this site will have the same look and feel as this one.
LOVE this new release!



Date: Thu Sep 27 06:58:01 2012
From: Patriot1


In the right column of this very page you have a link called “Refuting Mohammed and his ideology of conquest masquerading as a religion” and you further describe Mohammed as “ … little more than a popular fraud among pagans.”

And yet here you call it a religion.


Date: Thu Sep 27 07:12:43 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


I do not consider Islam to be a proper religion, or a valid religion, or anything other than a fraud. However, with over a billion followers, the vast majority of whom actually think they are following a religion, and probably a majority of the non-Islamic world who also (mistakenly) think Islam is a real religion, it is just pointless to debate the point in almost any public arena. No matter what political, theatrical or other kind of podium you could speak from, you will be ignored or written off as a nut case if you try to convince the world of the invalidity of Islam as a religion.

So what I try to do is emphasize the theocratic nature of it, and emphasize that Islam is a form of government, antagonistic to every other form of government. Islam is a legal system, antagonistic to every other form of legal system. Islam seeks to impose itself on the entire world, by force, and that is what needs to be recognized.

I guess I just hit a point where it seems a complete waste of effort to try to convince the world that Islam is not a real religion. But the threat must be recognized and dealt with.

The non-Islamic world needs to pay attention to what Islam intends to do to them, regardless of their religion or lack of religion. Islam has morphed into an ideology with a plan. Like Marxism, the real Islamic plan is universal.



Date:  Sun May 19 11:58:43 2013
From:  i<3muslims

i read this article and felt sick, this is disgusting. every religion and human is equal, stop labelling and start loving. God did not said 'love your neighbor as yourself' which is what i shall do, rather that spreading racist hate.

Date:  Mon May 20 06:16:03 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


If you really believe that all religions and all humans are equal then you are a fool.  I know how much you despise Caucasians, but that doesn't make Caucasians racist; rather, it makes you a racist.  If you want to go spread Christian love throughout the world, start out in Egypt, where most Christians are fleeing for their lives.  Go show the Moslems your Christian love and see how they respond.  I'll wait here.  Let me know how that turns out for you. 



Date:  Thu May 30 06:22:11 2013
From:  Stan

Apparently Thomas Jefferson liked Islam since he wrote an English version of the Qu'ran.  If he were to apply for citizenship today, let alone run for President, would you support him?

Date:  Thu May 30 09:07:24 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


You have it backwards, my friend.  Jefferson feared and despised Islam; that's why he had the Koran published in English; it was to be a warning to all who spoke English. 

Here's what I said about it in The Way, The Truth and The Life:

Thomas Jefferson knew that Islam was the mortal enemy of all of Christendom, and all of Western Civilization, and all of the non-Islamic world, and he knew it way back in the 18th century, for heaven's sake.  Don't look now, but it is the 21st century, and we are in need of learning this terrible lesson all over again.  Jefferson was so alarmed by what he learned of Islam that he personally published and distributed an English translation of the Koran, as a warning to all who spoke English, about what these people intended to do to us. 

Are we all deaf, dumb and blind? 

Are we now so semi-literate that we cannot read with understanding? 

Sometimes I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse. 

Go back and study America's very first war after gaining independence.  You might be surprised. 



Date:  Tue Dec 10 18:18:15 2013
From:  Captain
Location:  New York

Can I bring back an ancient religion like that practiced by the Aztecs which includes Human Sacrifice? And practice it in the US?

It's My religion and I can practice it legally in America!

But let's talk about ISLAM...

It's a sick cult of uneducated, lobotomized idiots...who KILL those who don't follow their cult!

"Behead Those Who Insult The Prophet" signs have been carried by Muslims.
When was the last time you saw ANY OTHER RELIGION carry such signs threatening:

Decapitation for not following their One True Belief System?
Christians? Jews? Buddhists? Taosists? Atheists? Agnostics? Scientologists? UFO Cults?


Date:  Wed Dec 11 05:34:11 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth



(To see what the Captain is talking about, see the Democracy V. Open-Society page.) 



Date:   Wed Aug 13 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

Changes pursuant to changing the website URL and name from 
Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
Catholic American Thinker.

Pulled the trigger on the 301 MOVE IT option June 1, 2014. Working my way through all the webpages.  . 



Date:  Wed Aug 13 06:31:14 2014
From:  Bokul

You said no Muslim may take oath for office or military because Muslims oppose your constitution.  You are wrong.  Holy Qur'an nowhere says that.  Show me where in Holy Qur'an or retract. 

Date:  Wed Aug 13 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


Sura 9.29 in the Koran orders all Moslems to:

Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection. -Koran sura 9:29

What this means is that Moslems are instructed to:

  1. Convert all infidels to Islam, or,
  2. Subjugate all unconverted infidels under strict Islamic law and subject them to a special tax, or,
  3. Kill them. 

All of that violates the Constitution that all American high federal office holders and all American military members are sworn to uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign or domestic. 

There is also this, in the Koran:

Let believers [Muslims] not take infidels [non-Muslims] for friends and allies instead of believers. Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with God-unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions. -Koran sura 3:28

What is meant by "guard yourselves" and "precautions" is explained in the Commentary on the Koran thus:

If you [Muslims] are under their [infidels'] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them, with your tongue, while harboring inner animosity for them. -The Commentary on the Koran (Imam Tafsir al-Tabari), correct interpretation of Koran sura 3:28.

This is but one of many Koranic instructions to Moslems to lie, so long as they lie to infidels.  The Koran is absolutely antagonistic and opposed to the whole of the American Constitution, as is Marx's Communist Manifesto.  Both oppose and seek to destroy all other religions/ideologies/legal systems/governments other than themselves.  Globally. 



Date:  Fri May 29 22:32:07 2015
From:  jjjake
Location:  ny

1.No extraordinary natural signs before birth of Muhammad, or predictions from past religious characters about arrival of Muhammad to save the world.
2.Islam did not exist at the time Muhammad was born. He was born to an idolater family and that’s what he followed all his childhood and teenage. That means, Muhammad, born as a Qafir (Infidel), spent 70% of his life as a proud infidel before he invented Islam.
3.His first marriage was with a Jewish woman and not with any Muslimah. So, which religious rites were followed at his marriage ceremony with a Jewish woman if Islam wasn’t yet born? Certainly, a Jewish style marriage ceremony! Even the Quran doesn’t mention anything about the Islamic ceremony of Prophet Muhammad’s first marriage. That simply shows that even Muhammad didn’t have any idea of the existence of Islam or his prophecy.
4.If Muhammad was an adorable prophet sent by Allah, then why didn't he reveal the truth about Islam, when he was a child or when he got young? Why did he waste 40 years of his life as a non-Muslim idolater? If his purpose of coming in this world was only to reveal Islam and preach it to people, then why he had to wait until more than half of his life, living like a common man and practicing idol-worship?
5.Almost all the rituals and rules of Islam mentioned in the Quran are copied from Judaism, which shows how deeply Muhammad was inspired by Judaism and attracted towards the Torah. So, he found copying and pasting from the Torah into his Quran was the easiest way to invent a new religion.
6.Muhammad spread Islam on the point of the sword and not with love and preaching. His strategy was to rule at any price.
7.Muhammad killed poor, innocent and helpless people, which can’t be justified in any sense as act of a holy prophet.
8.How to call Muhammad a holy prophet, when he sexually abused uncountable number of women, including sometimes ridiculously shamefully, like his marriage with minor Aisha and his own daughter-in-law Zainab. That proves that Muhammad was just another powerful dictator, who knew very well how to take advantage of his power and abuse everyone, anywhere and in any way.
9.Muhammad never performed any miracle, which is expected of a prophet. Instead of helping the suffering people, he used to destroy well-settled, peaceful communities, capturing their lands and making the captured children and women slave.
10.In his life, Muhammad did immense harm to humanity but that was not enough for his satanic mind. So, before dying, he left the messages of Jihad to his followers for conquering the whole world, all of humanity, in the name of Islam, which continues causing great sufferings to our lives to this day. Wouldn't a true prophet sacrifice his own life for his people, instead of destroying lives on every flimsy excuses? It shows that Muhammad was not a prophet – neither in life nor in death.

It is hard to find a holy personality in other religions, who committed atrocious crimes like those of Muhammad. Let’s have a look at some other famous religious characters from history:

Jesus Christ: He didn’t initiate any war, never killed innocent people, and didn’t abuse women like Muhammad. He has not left any question mark on his character before leaving this world.

Budha: A man who left his home, luxury life and all the advantages he could have because of his rich background, just because he was really looking for truth and peace and make them reach to the humanity, which he did without putting sword on anyone’s neck. That’s like a truly holy personality.

Ram: Even in Hinduism, Rama, the god of the idol-worshipping Hindus was a much better example than Muhammad, who spent many years of his life in jungles, leaving behind his entire luxurious kingdom. He engaged in some war, but on valid excuses. He never killed or tortured poor people on flimsy excuses as did Muhammad. He never forced someone to embrace Hinduism.

I am not justifying that any of the religions mentioned above is true, but all I want to say is that in comparison to Muhammad, those religious personalities stand higher in esteem and cleaner in character.

On the other hand, evil Muhammad did all kinds of things what civilized humanity and laws deem as criminal and barbaric. Wouldn’t you now say that Muhammad was a bloody prophet? Oh, come on! Come out of the illusion, accept the reality and be practical. A man, who cunningly declared himself a prophet, fooled the world by copying and pasting from the Torah to create his own holy book, the “Quran”, can’t be a prophet. A man, who never gave life to someone but snatched lives of innocent people, can’t be holy, can he? A man, who before leaving this world, has left so much pain, turbulence and destruction, can not be a God-sent prophet, can he?

Muhammad by his own actions has left a giant “question mark” on his character because of which he will never ever be accepted as a holy prophet by sane, educated, people, brave enough to call dirty what is dirty.

Muhammad: you are on curse of many widows, orphan children and helpless parents who got their loving children becoming victims of your cunning desires. Shame on you the blood-thirsty self-claimed prophet of no God.

Date:  Sat May 30 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth





Date:  Sat Nov 14 06:39:02 2015
From:  Indonesian Christian

To this webmaster: I'm a Christian (Protestant) in Indonesia, an Islamic majority country. Yes, i believe Islam is different than Christianity (i disregard "denomination" here) to the point Allah and our God is not the same. Yes, many of the most brutal Christian persecution in the world were committed by muslims (incl. in my country)

Any tips for your brothers and sisters in faith who lives in there? I'm not yet have an opportunity and money to go to America, sir. so I never experience your country first-hand.

I personally don't think a muslim student need to be barred to study (particularly with scholarship) or work in your country (like in the Silicon Valley) simply because he or she's muslim, in this case he or she are competent. (human rights speaks here)

Any other explanation, sir?

Jesus Bless this ministry (even I'm not a Catholic)

Date:  Sat Nov 14 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth

Indonesian Christian:

I don't know what to say to fellow Christians living in predominantly Moslem lands, other than, find some way to get out of there.  Sooner or later Islam will kill or subjugate all non-Moslems. 

In America, at the moment, no one is barred from legal immigration, any kind of visa including student visa, or even illegal entry, or even invasion.  That's the problem.  We are allowing, even welcoming, our own future murderers and enslavers into our country. 

No free non-Islamic people should ever allow any Moslem to enter their country.  No free non-Islamic nation should allow any Moslems to remain free inside their borders.  That's just simple common sense, and responsible adult judgment. 

What's going on in France at this moment is typical of what happens when the doors are opened and Islam is allowed in.  That's what the Koran instructs disciples to do to non-Moslems.  That's normal Islam, in practice. 

If you think the Moslem student next door poses no threat, you haven't read the Koran.  Perhaps neither has he.  If he has read it, and he doesn't agree with what it explicitly instructs him to do to you, then, why is he still a Moslem? 



Date:  Tue Dec 20 16:39:46 2016
From:  Theocratic Christian
Email:   theocrat2@hotmail
Location:  Lakewood, Ohio, America

Banning Islam can be done by either understanding religion in the American Constitution to mean Christianity, or by amending the Constitution, considering John 10, Leviticus 26, and other scriptures.

Thanks for speaking out.

Date:  Wed Dec 21 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


There is no need to "understand" the USA as being a theocracy, nor is there any need to amend the Constitution just to outlaw any existing menace to American national security.  The First Amendment was not intended to be any kind of a national suicide pact. 

Freedom of Speech does not grant the right to work for the elimination of Freedom of Speech. 

Freedom of Religion does not grant the right to work for the elimination of Freedom of Religion. 

Marxism and Islam, both, exist to oppose and eliminate our very purpose for being, which is, to protect citizen rights to Equality, Life, Liberty and Property.  These are not merely declared to be our national purpose, in our Declaration, but they are actual, coded-in Constitutional rights of American citizens.  These rights may not be denied any citizen without due process of law. 

Both Marxism and Islam oppose every one of them.  That makes them absolute, unrelenting, irreformable mortal enemies of the USA. 

Any President can and should outlaw Islam as a threat to American national security.  Protecting national security is his bound duty. 

All that's required here is simple common sense. 

The Authors of the Constitution never intended to "free" ideological movements or religions that intend to destroy or forcibly control all human civilization. 



Date:  Tue Feb 21 22:28:31 2017
From:  loops

Outlaw Islam.

It is not a theology / religion only.

It is a political system.

Communism, Marxism, Nazism, just like Islam, are political ideologies. It should be illegal.

Muslims should be deported back to the middle east. All of them.
Buddhists should be sent back to China/Tibet. Hindus back to India.

Everyone should be separated. You might think this is a bad idea. Should criminals be separated from the common citizen?

Technically whites should go back to Europe, but, out of all other ideologies, who better than whites to protect natives?

Date:  Wed Feb 22 2017
From:  Vic Biorseth


So far as I know, Hindus and Buddhists pose no threats to anyone in the USA, and no religion or ideology that does not conflict with the Pledge of Allegiance, or with the Constitution and the Declaration should not be welcome here.  Anyone of any faith or belief system who can embrace and live in accordance with American law is a potentially good, productive and valuable American Citizen.  Just as likely to live within the law or commit some crime as anyone else. 

Only Marxism and Islam do not fit that description.  Both seek to destabilize and displace whatever is, and replace it with something else.  Both are forms of Global Revolution, in their very foundation and in their very purpose for being. 

That makes them enemies of America and enemies of Civilization. 

Very simple; nothing to it. 



Date:  Tue Dec 19 21:42:53 2023
From:  Mitch

Sadly Christian Arabs & "Palestinians" as well  as Atheist Arabs have been vile Jew-Haters and Supporters of Terrorism  Not All Hatreds are Equal, Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred is Worse than All Other Hateds combined

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If we have an inherent right to something, then, who must supply it?  Rights and Responsibilities exist in paired sets; a right does not exist in the absence of a related responsibility.  If indeed we have a right to our job, then, someone must provide it. Who?

The Three Big Ideas competing in global geopolitics today. The Three Big Ideas, and a Fourth one: aggressive, militant atheism, or secularism. 

Only clear, distinct political battle lines will save Constitutional America.  Fuzzy, indistinct political battle lines only encourage and feed the "bipartisan" progressive destruction of this last bastion of Human Liberty.

Political, Theological and Philosophical Pigeonholes.  No one exactly fits any Pigeonhole; you're not supposed to Pigeonhole anyone; but what about their own words, actions and behavior?

Absolute Truth, as The  Winning Political Force to be Reckoned With.  The 2016 Candidate who stands in Truth rather than whatever various audiences want to hear will beat everyone, severely.

The Social Formula [Culture=Religion+Politics] is Inviolate.  Politics merely organize Human Culture around the predominant Religious beliefs of a distinct and identifiable People.

Whether the result means death or rebirth, the American Reset will be painful.  America was born in Revolution. If the reset means rebirth, it will only come through re-revolution.

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Satanism, Communism: What's The Difference? Look To The Roots Of Communism

Fox Is the Leading "Trans" Channel There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel.

Trump and His Communist Enemies The Demonized Joe McCarthy Turned Out To Be Accurate In Everything He Claimed: Fox News Is Wrong About Him And About Much More

The Five Stooges on Capitol Hill They Think We Need Even More Doped No-Hopers In The American Intelligence Community

The Biden Doctrine of Demoralization and Defeat By Cliff Kincaid

A Republican Church Committee? Do Pro-American Republicans Even Know Who Frank Church Really Was?

A Top to Bottom Housecleaning of America When we clean our house, my wife has a slogan, “Top to bottom,” meaning you have to target the whole house. The same advice applies to nations.

China's Mass Murder Experiment Phase Two

Bury The Dead And Move On Fuggedaboutit!

9/11 Truth This is the real 9/11 Truth: Our “intelligence” agencies are infiltrated.

Moving Toward Gorbachev’s “World of Communism” It's called the Monster Plot.

The Errors of Russia, the Dupes of Putin, and Another Holocaust Can The Increasingly Faithless Free World Be Saved From Russia?

World War Quietly Conquering A Distracted and Blithely Unaware World. Could it actually be Satan's world war on despised humanity?

Stand With Ukraine Against Russia and China By Cliff Kincaid

Tucker Carlson Carlson Gets His Comeuppance. Tucker's View: It is not moral for us to intervene in support of any nation's (Ukraine's) democratic self-determination and against Soviet military expansion.

The Need for Secure Borders. Have we so easily forgotten what borders are for? Have we forgotten that evil exists in the world? Have we forgotten how to keep apart from this evil?

Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden? Can America? Can the Free World? Can Faith in God?

The Soviet Union: Back From The Dead The Return of the Evil Empire

Could an American Surrender be in the offing with Biden at the wheel? Is this not the perfect time for Communism to strike, with Commies now governing America, China and Russia? What would Biden do?

Abortion and Communism. If you ever wondered where all the popular abortion-contraception-sexuality-perversion nuttiness came from, look to Marx's Communist Manifesto.

The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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