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Nov 24, 2017

Anti-Capitalism is Anti-Christian and Anti-American.

Anti-Capitalism denies "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not covet", it denies American Constitutional Civil Rights, and it opposes Natural Law.

Continue reading "Anti-Capitalism is Anti-Christian and Anti-American."

Nov 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Proclamation

Given by President George Washington in New York, October 3, 1789.

Continue reading "Thanksgiving Proclamation"

Nov 23, 2017

Welcome to America's Protected Multi-Billion Dollar Masturbation Industry .

That the government simultaneously censors Christian expression and protects pornography, the product of the Masturbation Industry, is a pure national disgrace.

Continue reading "Welcome to America's Protected Multi-Billion Dollar Masturbation Industry ."

Nov 23, 2017

Stupidity Rising: As the political pot boils, Elite Stupidity rises to the top.

As more Trumpian Truth enters the American political recipe, our "Elites" are increasingly exposed as Liars, Lechers, Abusers, Perverts, Common Criminals, Corrupt Profiteers and just plain stupid.

Continue reading "Stupidity Rising: As the political pot boils, Elite Stupidity rises to the top. "

Nov 21, 2017

America is either a distinct Christian Nation, or she is not.

The American National Ethos is distinctly and uniquely Christian; The American Constitution and Laws are distinctly and uniquely American. Destroy either distinction, and America is no more.

Continue reading "America is either a distinct Christian Nation, or she is not. "

Nov 21, 2017

The Anti-Christians

Part 1 Of 4

Continue reading "The Anti-Christians"

Nov 20, 2017

Catholic Marriage Annulment: Is it merely the Catholic version of Easy Divorce?

Ecclesial law regarding the Catholic marriage annulment process has not changed, yet the numbers of annulments granted in America have rocketed. Why?

Continue reading "Catholic Marriage Annulment: Is it merely the Catholic version of Easy Divorce?"

Nov 17, 2017

Culture = Religion + Politics, yes; but Religion and Politics have Gone Nuts.

All Institutions have crumbled under the assault of the anti-institution sentiment, which is driven by the Globalist-funded, Alinsky-Organized, Cultural Marxism Movement.

Continue reading "Culture = Religion + Politics, yes; but Religion and Politics have Gone Nuts."

Nov 14, 2017

Machiavellian Word Games: Commandeering Language for Communism.

On the diabolically clever playing of Word Games, aimed at frightening, tricking and fooling the world's populations into joining the Globalist International Communist Movement.

Continue reading "Machiavellian Word Games: Commandeering Language for Communism."

Nov 12, 2017

I see it; I recognize it for what it is; but I don't understand the Why of it.

Hatred of Christianity by people raised in Christianity; hatred of the USA by people raised up in the USA; there it is, right in front of us. But, Why?

Continue reading "I see it; I recognize it for what it is; but I don't understand the Why of it."

Nov 11, 2017

Unpunished Desecration of Flag, Anthem and Country is Not New.

Unpunished misbehavior feeds, breeds and multiplies more such misbehavior. Burning and Desecrating American flags is not new; it's old. That's why it's growing. There is nothing new under the sun.

Continue reading "Unpunished Desecration of Flag, Anthem and Country is Not New."

Nov 10, 2017

Is the Novus Ordo Mass already a mostly Protestant Mass?

A Protestant Mass? Excuse me? Was that really somebody's plan from the beginning?

Continue reading "Is the Novus Ordo Mass already a mostly Protestant Mass?"

Nov 10, 2017

Death to the Church of Nice.

Long Live the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Continue reading "Death to the Church of Nice."

Nov 10, 2017

Church Militant Resistance Movement: Will you join it?

For once, a "Resistance" Grass-Roots Movement that is for Culture and not against it; for Magisterial Teaching, and against Error. (And isn't that already Counter-Cultural?)

Continue reading "Church Militant Resistance Movement: Will you join it?"

Nov 08, 2017

The Blessing of Age: It is good to not be young today.

I give thanks for the blessing of age every time I look at the young, and see their aimlessness, pointlessness, purposelessness, and unjustified general anger.

Continue reading "The Blessing of Age: It is good to not be young today."

Nov 08, 2017

Delusional Pope Francis, molding world culture into one undefinable hodgepodge.

Does the Pope want International Communism, or just a border-less, all inclusive, nonsensical, global non-culture?

Continue reading "Delusional Pope Francis, molding world culture into one undefinable hodgepodge."

Nov 07, 2017

Redounding Evil: All the Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

All the Lies, all the Falsehoods, all the Trickery, all the opposition to Truth, in our Religion, in our Science, in our Politics, in our whole Culture, are redounding back on Now Identified Evil.

Continue reading "Redounding Evil: All the Chickens Coming Home to Roost."

Nov 07, 2017

Is Jeff Sessions one of the Deepest Swamp Creatures?

Why no prosecutions of Madam Hillary and other criminals among the Marxocrats? How about Trey Gowdy? Was his incriminating examination more toothless political bluster by the deepest swamp creatures?

Continue reading "Is Jeff Sessions one of the Deepest Swamp Creatures?"

Nov 06, 2017

Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity.

All of Marxist Economics is just stupid. Not just wrong, but stupidly wrong. Clearly, Marxists never learned simple arithmetic in grade school.

Continue reading "Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity."

Nov 04, 2017

Simple Tax Facts blow the need for any income tax out of the water.

From the "How ya gonna pay for it?" idiocy to the "Tax cuts for the Rich!" lunacy, all Marxocrats will ever accept is more income tax, more spending, more government, more Socialism and Less Freedom.

Continue reading "Simple Tax Facts blow the need for any income tax out of the water."

Nov 03, 2017

What, exactly, is Christian Civilization?

And is Western Civilization still Christian, and precisely what does that mean, to be Christian?

Continue reading "What, exactly, is Christian Civilization?"

Nov 02, 2017

Restoring our American Identity.

With the election of President Trump, the Jig is Up, and we are recognizing and coming back to our own unique Christian American Identity. But do we recognize our enemies among us?

Continue reading "Restoring our American Identity."

Nov 01, 2017

Site Traffic Statistics for the Catholic American Thinker

Site Traffic Statistics since the site began

Continue reading "Site Traffic Statistics for the Catholic American Thinker"

Oct 31, 2017

On going back to the Original Bible, after all these Revisions.

The Douay-Rheims is the English translation of the original Vulgate, the world's first one-book Bible, put together by St. Jerome around 400 A.D. From now on, this is my Bible of reference.

Continue reading "On going back to the Original Bible, after all these Revisions."

Oct 31, 2017

Noblis Oblige: To be recognized as Noble, one must actually be Noble.

The French "Noblis Oblige" carries the obligation of Nobility into all aspects of the living of a life. If one would be seen as Noble, then one must put Nobility into action.

Continue reading "Noblis Oblige: To be recognized as Noble, one must actually be Noble. "

Oct 28, 2017

The Kumbaya Time Bomb: Inclusiveness building deadly Divisiveness.

Universal Inclusiveness - the Kumbaya Time Bomb - is a dirty trick that benefits only the Ruthless Conquerors who intend to capitalize on the resulting inevitable Chaos and Divisiveness.

Continue reading "The Kumbaya Time Bomb: Inclusiveness building deadly Divisiveness."

Oct 25, 2017

On the Social Affects of Roman Catholic Clerical Faggotry.

As Catholic Clerical Faggotry eats away at the Church from the inside, "Cultural Marxism" works to destroy decency and cohesiveness in all of Western Civilization, from the inside.

Continue reading "On the Social Affects of Roman Catholic Clerical Faggotry."

Oct 24, 2017

Lord, help our return to Simple Common Sense.

Common Sense and Independence are Overwhelmed by Community Sense and Social Dependency; Churches close and "combine" as they work on LGBT Equality and Social Justice and we can't figure out why.

Continue reading "Lord, help our return to Simple Common Sense."

Oct 22, 2017

An American Resistance Counter-Revolutionary Movement.

America needs a Political Movement mirroring Michael Voris' Catholic Resistance! Movement. American Resistance would counter our Multiculture and return to identifiable American Culture.

Continue reading "An American Resistance Counter-Revolutionary Movement."

Oct 20, 2017

Deepest Treason: High-Placed Traitors Investigating Each Other.

Traitors at the level of Jeff Sessions commit the Deepest Treason against the USA. The deepest members of the Deep State "Investigate" and cover up each other's deep treason.

Continue reading "Deepest Treason: High-Placed Traitors Investigating Each Other."

Oct 17, 2017

Finally, the Natural Self Identifying Evil of the Left is Unrestrained.

In Leftist-Elite Circles, Evil is the popular and in-thing to be. Elite, Self Identifying Evil has always yearned to go public.

Continue reading "Finally, the Natural Self Identifying Evil of the Left is Unrestrained."

Oct 15, 2017

With Truth Rising, the Lies scream louder, like desperate cornered rats.

Truth is Rising everywhere, despite the best efforts of Satan, Marx, Mohammed, Hollywood, Journalism, Heretical Cardinals and Bishops, the Deep State and the Washington Establishment Club.

Continue reading "With Truth Rising, the Lies scream louder, like desperate cornered rats."

Oct 12, 2017

Institutionalizing Social Instability

How the Left busily blesses evil, curses good, systematically breaks down all established institutions, and institutionalizes social instability.

Continue reading "Institutionalizing Social Instability"

Oct 12, 2017

Trumpism: Pro-Capitalist, Populist-Nationalism.

Communism is anti-Capitalist Globalism; Fascism/Nazism is anti-Capitalist Nationalism; all have Marxist anti-Capitalist roots. Only Trump's Populist-Nationalism conforms to the US Constitution

Continue reading "Trumpism: Pro-Capitalist, Populist-Nationalism."

Oct 10, 2017

Generational Degradation + Deep State Spies = Deep Doo Doo.

Trump's America is in Deep Doo Doo. All the evil tentacles of Cultural Marxism are strangling truth, knowledge, morality, faith and reason, while Deep State Spies attack Trump Himself.

Continue reading "Generational Degradation + Deep State Spies = Deep Doo Doo."

Oct 07, 2017

Non-Deductible Contributions to the Catholic American Thinker

Keeping the WebSite going through Paypal Contributions

Continue reading "Non-Deductible Contributions to the Catholic American Thinker"

Oct 06, 2017

Insatiable Leftist Hatred: a Form of Absolute Political Insanity.

Leftist Hatred doesn't merely defeat opposition, but seeks to harm them, even destroy them, and, yes, even murder them.

Continue reading "Insatiable Leftist Hatred: a Form of Absolute Political Insanity."

Oct 05, 2017

Filial Correction of Pope Francis for the Propagation of Heresies.

The Filial Correction was written July 21 and delivered August 11, 2017. It is the first step in the Canonical process of Deposing a Heretical Pope.

Continue reading "Filial Correction of Pope Francis for the Propagation of Heresies."

Oct 04, 2017

Stephen Paddock and the Purposeless, Pointless, Undirected Life.

So, Stephen Paddock displayed no religious views and no political views and no "movement" or "cause" affiliations. Why is that, in and of itself, not seen as socially problematic?

Continue reading "Stephen Paddock and the Purposeless, Pointless, Undirected Life."

Oct 04, 2017

The Early Universe and the Human Embryo

On the Similarities of the Embryonic Human and the Embryonic Universe

Continue reading "The Early Universe and the Human Embryo"

Oct 02, 2017

Is America still a Christian Nation? And if not, then, what are we?

Normally I don't pass on "Honk If You Love Jesus" type emails, especially after being burnt by virus-containing pass-it-on emails. But this one struck a chord.

Continue reading "Is America still a Christian Nation? And if not, then, what are we?"

Oct 02, 2017

If we now have a Divisive President, it's about damned time.

Actually, President Trump is Unifying, of Americans. It is all the Culturally Marxist Anti-Americans of Identity Politics who Divide and Destroy America while pretending to be calling for “Unity”.

Continue reading "If we now have a Divisive President, it's about damned time."

Oct 02, 2017

The Anti-Nationalism Dirty Trick: Anti-Nationalism is Anti-American.

The thing about Anti-Nationalism is that America happens to be a Nation. To be Anti-Nationalist is to be either Globalist or Anarchist, and thus, Anti-American.

Continue reading "The Anti-Nationalism Dirty Trick: Anti-Nationalism is Anti-American."

Sep 30, 2017

All Anti-American Sentiment is Marxist Anti-Private-Property at its Roots.

All the Anti-America NFL Stars were first tricked into opposing Private Property, and they just aren't smart enough to figure it out.

Continue reading "All Anti-American Sentiment is Marxist Anti-Private-Property at its Roots."

Sep 28, 2017

Progressive Communism explains the Republicrat Senate Inaction.

Progressive Communism gave us our Democratically Elected Senate, our Redistributive Progressive Income Tax, the FED, Separation of Church and State, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage and Obamacare.

Continue reading "Progressive Communism explains the Republicrat Senate Inaction."

Sep 26, 2017

On the Alinsky-Induced Suicide of the Now Anti-American NFL.

How a whole giant commercial industry was led to self destruction by a pitifully few organized "Useful Idiot" ignoramuses. Cultural Marxism-not Whites and not Cops-created the Anti American NFL.

Continue reading "On the Alinsky-Induced Suicide of the Now Anti-American NFL."

Sep 24, 2017

Bringing back McCarthyite Blacklisting to Restore Constitutional America.

The Resurrection of McCarthyite Blacklisting would be the best way to encourage all of our Rabid Anti-American Americans to Self-Deport.

Continue reading "Bringing back McCarthyite Blacklisting to Restore Constitutional America."

Sep 21, 2017

Was Globalist Pope Francis listening to the Trump Speech to the UN?

As Globalist Pope Francis works to conform the Church to the World, President Trump draws the line between Nationhood, i.e., Distinct Human Cultures, and any dreamed-up Globalist Multi-Culture.

Continue reading "Was Globalist Pope Francis listening to the Trump Speech to the UN?"

Sep 20, 2017

The Trump UN Speech Transcript.

President Trump's UN speech, delivered September 19, 2017, to the United Nations.

Continue reading "The Trump UN Speech Transcript."



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Date:  Thu Oct 03 23:21:17 2013
From:  Ignored

Is there some reason you ignore my friend requests and messages on facebook?  I keep trying to talk to you and you keep ignoring me.   What have I done that offends you? 

Date:  Fri Oct 04 05:26:47 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


Please accept my apologies; it has nothing to do with you.  My FaceBook account was hacked or compromised in some way by an identity thief pretending to be me.  Since that experience, I no longer communicate with anyone using FaceBook. 

See the comments after the Contact Me page, and the comments after the Vic on FaceBook page.  If you are interested in where I caught the guy, see also the comments after the  I Told You So page and the Shaharokh Sharifazi page. 

It's nothing personal; I just don't chat and jabber on social media any more.  Here, I do.  Nothing gets posted on this website by anyone other than me.  There is no real control over your own account in social media, and that's the reason. 



Date:  Sun Oct 20 21:45:57 2013
From:  Michael


I love your site, and I've been trying to read as much as possible over the last few weeks. I agree with most everything you've written, but I've struggled with my faith over the years and am not exactly sure what to believe in anymore.

I've recently read the work of Ian Stevenson who made a living studying the claims of reincarnation, and I believe he has made a pretty good case for it (along with numerous cases for it). In addition, there are a multitude of Near-Death-Experiences in which the experiences not only taught reincarnation, but all the experiences seem to suggest that while there is a God, there appears to be no such place as hell, or even Satan.

However, I despise the New Age philosophy because they are almost all leftists, and preach that there is no such thing as evil, which I strongly disagree with. I find myself identifying much more with the Catholic faith then with any New Age religion, but, I can't seem to get my mind of of these two major points, which both are in direct opposition to the Churches teaching.    

I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the subject of reincarnation and NDEs. Is there evidence that suggests that reincarnation isn't real and NDEs are just a product of the mind?



Date:  Tue Oct 29 05:50:30 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


Sorry for the delay in responding, but I have been having computer problems. 

The difference between Catholicism and non-Christian, non-Jewish religions is vast.  When different kinds of Christians and different kinds of Jews argue religious points with each other, they argue about differing recognitions and interpretations of that which they all recognize as Revelation.  It is a body of knowledge revealed to man by God.  It is not so with other religious belief systems. 

In all other religions, man sought God, and came up with some hopeful representation of what they thought God should or could be.  In Judeo-Christianity, alone, God came to man.  In no other religion is this true.  He Who made it all, Who made man, also made freedom, or liberty, and placed it in the heart of man, out of love. 

God wanted man to love God, and love is only possible in the presence of liberty, because if love is not given freely, it is not love.  But freedom allows wrong decisions; the propensity of love given freely accompanies the propensity of hate, and of wrong choices freely made. 

At first, He walked and talked with man in the Garden.  After the fall, He came to Noah, to save a remnant.  He tested Abraham.  He sent Johah to save Niniveh.  He inspired Moses, gave him the Law and equipped him as a leader.  Finally, He sent Himself, in the "person" of Jesus the Redeemer, to take upon Himself our guilt, to free us from our sin, if we would be free of it, and to show us the Way. 

For those looking for worldly proofs, much of salvation history as recorded in Scripture is solidly backed up by archaeological and non-Scriptural historical evidences.   For those looking for logical proofs, the ancient Greeks, and perhaps others, arrived at the conclusion of the singularity of God from the Primal First Mover argument, described in the faith versus atheism page.  This argument says that even if there be other gods, they must have been created by the original god.  Something had to be first

It is not by science or by logic that you will find ultimate salvation, but by faith, hope and love.  Read the first chapter of John.  It's all right there. 

Regarding reincarnation and near death experiences, all I can say is, the only supporting evidences are ephemeral, which is to say, not physical.  It consists solely of reports by fallible human beings about experiences and or dreams.  Whether any particular event as reported was inspired by God, or by angels, or by demons, or merely by the mind that told the story is indeterminate. 

For me, the test of whether such an imagining or dream or story might have validity is whether it supports or contradicts Revelation - the protected deposit of faith from which we draw hope.  The Revelation does not change.   (There is no reincarnation in the Revelation.)  If the event or report supports or at least does not contradict Revelation, which is to say, it does not ad to it, subtract from it or change it, then, it may be true. 

Regarding the existence of Satan and Hell, Bishop Sheen and others have pointed out the fact that Satan is never happier and never makes more progress in the world he rules than when his potential victims do not even believe that he exists. 



Date:  Mon Nov 04 19:54:19 2013
From:  Michael

Hi Vic,

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.  I will look into the archaeological evidence.  I enjoy reading your site, and look forward to reading more in the future.


Date:  Fri Apr 07 2017
From:  Vic Biorseth

To Eric, re your submission Thu Apr 07 2017:

Your comment seemed more appropriate to the Mitochondrial Eve page than to this general web activity log, so I put it after that Webpage.  The link will take you there. 



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If you fear intolerant Leftist repercussions, do not use your real name and do not include email or any identifying information.  Elite Culturally Marxist Authoritarians cannot and will not tolerate your freedom of speech or any opposition to their own rigid pro-Marxist, pro-Islam, anti-Life, anti-Christian, anti-American, Globalist, anti-Nation, immoral, anti-white, racist intolerant and bigoted point of view. 


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