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and Critical Thinking

Website Commitment to Truth

This site is committed to Truth in all things, as best as Truth can be determined.

In matters pertaining to Religion, this site is unabashedly Christian, i.e., Roman Catholic

In matters pertaining to Christian Doctrine and Theology, this site is in obedient service to the Roman Catholic Church's Magisterial Interpretation of the Word of God and Magisterial pronouncements on the protected, unchanged and handed-on original Divine Revelation. The era of Divine Revelation Ended and the Sacred Deposit of Faith was Permanently Sealed with the death of the last Original Apostle. 

In matters of Material Science, this site is in service to the Scientific Method and Empirical Evidences, which are not the same as any mere Consensus of Scientific Opinion. Opinion is not scientific, no matter how "Scientific", how "Educated" and/or Popular. If it isn't Scientifically Proven,Independently Corroborated and Never Falsified, then it is not Scientific Fact, and it is not necessarily True

In matters of Politics, this site is in service to the American Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, the American Bill Of Rights, and the American Amendments to the Constitution. Considering even her worst imperfections we hold Constitutional America to be a vastly superior form of civil government - of, by and for her own citizenry - to any other form of civil government that ever existed. Especially so from the perspective of the governed citizenry.

We are Constituted to be Governed Equally By Laws, not by Mere Men

Powers of our government are Constitutionally Limited and Enumerated.

In the interest of restoring America to her original status as a Constitutional Republic - not a Democracy, not a Monarchy and not Socialist - this site seeks the repeal of the 16th Amendment, the repeal of the 17th Amendment and the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 

Website In A Nutshell:

Exploring Culture, Religion and Politics. Emphasis on Judaeo-Christian religion, American Constitutionalism and American People-hood. Provides a focus-point for Orthodox and Magisterial Roman Catholicism, Judaeo-Christian morality and Western Culture history. Promotes faith, family, tradition and property. Emphasis is on Truth, ethos, critical thinking and reason.

Website In A Detail:

To begin: Culture = Religion + Politics

The Catholic American Thinker World Focus:
Where Religion Meets The World, and forms Culture.

The Catholic American Thinker American National Focus:
Where OUR Religion meets OUR World and forms OUR Culture.

The morality of Western Civilization is born of the Judaeo-Christian religion. This site marches under the banner of that morality and holds it up as a standard by which to measure any and every other moral standard in existence.

Morality is born of religion and grows best in family and tradition. The family is the primal social unit. As the family goes, so goes society.

The Call to Holiness is a call to change culture, not surrender to it. Any theology that has to modify itself to suit cultural fashion is irrelevant, and any theology that does not directly engage current culture is dead. Catholicism, (like Judaism, and Protestantism, and Eastern-Greek Orthodoxy,) must, at some point, engage culture; and every bit of culture needs to be engaged, not just some parts of it. Secular culture does not hesitate to challenge our religion, and that engagement takes place on a two-way street. All believers are called to draw their rhetorical swords and step out onto the field of honor.

The Catholic American Thinker provides a focus-point for

  1. Orthodox Roman Catholicism;
  2. American idealism;
  3. Conservative values.

It promotes faith, family, tradition and property.

This site emphasizes critical thinking and reason. Within the realm of social/political/legal topics, for the Theist, doing good critical thinking requires pre-recognition of certain axioms, or givens, as external objective truths that guide our reasonable decision making to keep us within parameters of

  1. revealed truth, for the sake of our souls,
  2. social and societal moral norms, for the sake of common civility,
  3. and common sense, for simple practicality.

As opposed to pure Materialist-Atheist-Anti-Capitalist external objective truths, such as

  1. The Ends Justify The Means,
  2. You Can't Make And Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs, 

    and the dreamed-of eventual ability to say to someone,
  3. Shut Up And Get On The Cattle Car.

Apologetics and defense of faith, culture, the Judaeo-Christian ethos, the American Ideal and Representative Government are important, and Catholic American Thinker does that. However, we tend to be an attack site more than a defense site. We go after any faith, culture, ethos, economic system, political system or other entity that falsely claims superiority and/or steps out to challenge us.

We see a symbiotic relationship between orthodox Catholicism and the American Ideal, which is explored in the Catholic Thinker page.

Within Catholic culture, Catholic American Thinker supports the Roman Magisterium, Catholic Orthodoxy and Tradition. Which means we attack the American counter-Magisterium, cafeteria Catholicism, heterodox teaching and general weak belief or disbelief publicly pretending at being Catholic belief.

Within the larger American culture, Catholic American Thinker supports faith, family, tradition, private property rights, free markets, free enterprise, equal rights and remedies before the law for all men, the American Constitution, representative government and the high ideals of the Founders. Which means we attack the notions of loss of representation in government, growing government, and the migration of power from the people to the government.

This means in particular that we vigorously oppose the systematic, legal secularization - which is to say, the religious cleansing - of the American government, the American public square and the American people. Despite our overwhelming Christian population, and despite our First Amendment right to open religious exercise, we are increasingly forced by civil law to be, appear to be or pretend to be atheist, in public. Noting that history’s greatest publicly professed atheists were also history’s greatest publicly professed Marxists, and were also history’s cruelest conquerors and greatest mass-murderers – Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao Tse Tung – we submit that social secularism, which is an extremely proactive, biased and not neutral form of atheism, is not a good path for a person, a people or a nation to travel.

Since we remain an overwhelmingly Christian nation by population, to the degree that our government makes itself secularist or atheist, to that same degree does our government cease to be a representative government. It may represent itself, or some other entity, but certainly not us, the governed.

We submit that, for any individual, group or political body, putting one’s religion aside, for any reason at all, for even an instant, is, strictly speaking, against the religion of everyone who has a real religion. There is and can be no logical reason to do such a seemingly stupid thing other than to get a decision or opinion or action that would oppose the teaching of the religion. Or to gain specific minority votes. When done by any American government “representative”, it is a practice that betrays an absolute intolerance in that representative toward the overwhelming majority of the population of America.

The guiding ethos, the moral compass, the life-directing influence, the very purpose for being of the gigantic majority of the American people is wrapped up in what is universally known as the Judaeo-Christian ethos. And if the guiding ethos of the American government is not the Judaeo-Christian ethos, then it is no longer a representative government, and we might well ask what it’s true purpose for being might be.

The always imperfect American Republic was designed, intended and founded to make us a nation of laws and not just of men. Our Republican form of government limits our Democracy in order to, One, provide for stability in government and a peaceful means of government succession, and Two, in all good justice, to protect minorities from the majority. In the Catholic American Thinker view, respecting, tolerating, loving and protecting minorities does not equate to granting minorities, whether collectively or individually, any special status, advantage or privilege. Nor does it equate to forcing the majority to pretend that it has no special guiding ethos, or common sense of right and wrong and moral direction, which should always, in any representative government, drive representative legislation, and the creation, enforcement, adjudication and respect for all civil law. Civil law should always be representative law. As opposed to dictated law.

Simply stated, the Catholic American Thinker supports majoritarianism and opposes minoritarianism and totalitarianism. The same representative law applies to all men equally. 

We oppose all Leftist-Marxist ideological notions involving the end of international borders, the end of all national sovereignty and thus the end of the USA in favor of the Utopian ideal of a Global Village, New World Order, Borderless Society, Internationalism or one-world governance, or authority to be done by any other Leviathan State entity by any other name, including old time International Communism, the UN, or any World Court. Or any other unrepresentative entity. That means we also oppose government planned and controlled economies, and support liberty of man, private property, free markets and free enterprise, i.e., Capitalism.

Human liberty and the free market (Capitalism) should be controlled solely by the voluntary restraint of a free population imbued with Judaeo-Christian morality, which must be the one and only moral code supported and not opposed by truly representative civil law and civil government.  Only voluntarily restrained by that morality do we remain a civilized people. 

We likewise oppose all international cross-border efforts by Islam, whose ultimate goal is the achievement of global Ummah, requiring the systematic forcible destruction of all other religions to achieve a one-world religion in blind submission to Islam, and, requiring the systematic forcible destruction of all other forms of civil government to achieve a one-world government ruled by Islamic law. This is not describing any branch or subset of Islam, but the permanent, irrevocable,  mainstream orthodox teaching of Islam, out of the mouth of Mohammed, recorded in the Koran, and openly preached in every mainstream Mosque on Earth. The ultimate goal of mainstream Islam is Global Ummah, by the sword, or by any means necessary.  Ask a Moslem cleric about it.

We support the sanctity of national borders and the continued existence of the United States of America, her Constitution and Constitutional government, and the strengthening and restoration of what's left of Western Culture.

The Catholic American Thinker is unabashedly Roman Catholic, unabashedly pro-Capitalist and unabashedly pro-American. We welcome open discussion with Protestants, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish persuasions or denominations, as fellow travelers toward the same eternal reward. If our discussions get heated sometimes, that’s fine; at least we share a life-direction, and we’re all aiming at the same target. We likewise welcome open discussion with citizens of other nations, those with some form of representative government, and those who wish they had some form of it.

But the Catholic American Thinker may be expected to return fire and advance on any positions opposed to Catholicism in particular, Christianity in general, Judaism, Western culture, liberty of man, private property, free markets, representative government, our Constitution, our continued national existence and borders, or the original if weakly enduring American Ideal.

We submit that morality, as all the world recognizes it, has its origination and its living roots deep into Theism, i.e., theistic religions of various stripe. We submit that the highest form of morality existing in the world today may be found in Western Civilization’s Judaeo-Christian ethos. And that the worst examples of immorality in the world today come out of irreligion, i.e., atheism, and out of anti-religion, i.e., secularism.

Whatever political contest is going on at any moment in time, the most important contest is always between Godliness and un-Godliness - between Truth and falsehood. Recognize that. Do not tolerate lukewarm-ness in yourself. Life itself demands passion. The man who is indifferent to religion has already forfeited his soul. The man who is indifferent to political action has already forfeited his liberty. Do not stand idly by while your destiny, and my destiny, and our destiny, just happens.

Catholic American Thinker explores and seeks to strengthen the linkages between faith, culture and ethos; the things that make of us a distinct people, and that make of distinct peoples distinct nations.

"The link between culture and faith is not only necessary for culture but also for faith. A faith that does not become culture is a faith not fully embraced, not fully appreciated and not faithfully lived."
- John Paul the Great

We are overwhelmingly Christian with Representative Government. That is a vitally important if tenuous fact.

We don’t give a damn about your race, color or other outside physical attributes. What we’re interested in is the standard by which you discern right from wrong, and what it is, exactly, that gives your life purpose, direction and order. The two most vitally important subjects to you and to yours are the very two subjects you are always most discouraged from talking about in public. Those two forbidden subjects are your religion, and your politics.
Think about it.

Exactly what kind of a person are you?

Exactly what kind of example are you to others?

Exactly what kind of a family is yours?

Exactly what kind of a people are we?

Exactly what kind of a nation is this?

These are vitally important topics for you to ponder, meditate on, pray over, and – ultimately, and most importantly – they are questions that demand a decision, and questions which you must decide.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
- Joshua 24:15

We hope you enjoy the WebSite and might contribute your thoughts to it, either through your comments or by adding your own individual essays and articles, and we pray that you may please God, and live forever.

Vic Biorseth

Added Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 

We have pointed out, in the recent No Party America page among other places, the horrible results of moral, demographic and political agenda changes in America, are the direct result of the purposeful indoctrination, propagandizing and educational dumbing-down of the American electorate.   It is a collectivization of thought that is supplanting old fashioned critical thinking.  Critical thinking is best done one man at a time.  Today, all of these radical changes in our national nature have resulted in two "bases" of voters, which are normally associated with the two great political Parties in America.

Today, the Democrat Party base is comprised of hard-core revolutionary Marxists, the gentler variety of Progressive Marxists, and the Moron Vote, who are pretty much clueless about everything. 

Today, the Republican Party base is comprised of the great Tea Party Awakening, who are now increasingly aware of the fact that the Republican Party does not really represent them at all.  The official Republican Party does not defend the Constitution, and the Constitution itself is what is at stake here. 

Michael Voris is saying, in video, pretty much what I've been saying here in text.  We're talking about the same "taboo" subjects in different ways.  Here is his latest video, which prompted these words:

Never talk about sex, religion or politics.  Right.  That's the problem.  We will begin to recover our American decency and worthiness of Constitutional Liberty when we go back to being a No Party America and our most important political arguments revolve round points of decency, morality and Christian theology. 



The Most Recent 50 Web-Pages to have been added or updated in the whole Website are listed and linked in the What's New page.  Every time any page gets updated or commented on, it, and its comments, moves to the top of that stack of links. 

(BLOG is just a cutsie-pie computer-eze transliteration of the words Web and Log; it's just a log of current website activity.)

So, pick your subject and follow the trail.

I bid you good reading, and good thinking.



This Website un-apologetically favors divisiveness over inclusiveness, in religion, ideology and politics, as food-for-thought for the serious Judaeo-Christian thinker.   As such, it is more interested in quality than quantity of audience.  It is not written for the unengaged or the semi-literate with a short attention span.  It is written to feed that remnant fraction of Americans who will hopefully form the decent, truth-centered citizenry who will successfully continue the unique and on-going American Revolution.

The three completely incompatible, sworn, implacable mortal enemy religious, ideological and political arguments under contention in every single geopolitical contest today are:

  1. The original and continuing American Revolution;
  2. The original and continuing Marxist Revolution;
  3. The original and continuing Islamic Revolution.

There is absolutely no possible compromise settlement point between Christianity and any variation of Marxism, or between Christianity and mainstream Islam, in which Christianity survives. 

There is absolutely no possible compromise settlement point between Constitutional America and any variation of Marxism, or between Constitutional America and mainstream Islam, in which the American Constitution survives. 

Christianity and Judaism, alone, share the Two Great Commandments: Love of God, and Love of Neighbor. 

Christianity and Judaism differ only in interpretation and application of the Love Of God Commandments, or, Theology.

Christianity and Judaism, alone, are absolutely compatible in the interpretation and application of the Love Of Neighbor Commandments, or, Morality

That is exactly the same situation that exists between Catholicism and Protestantism, and between each and every Protestant denomination and every other Protestant denomination. 

Judaeo-Christian believers who differ in Theology are Political brothers.

Co-dependent political brothers.  Politics is where we join hands. 

Only those who live in the Judaeo-Christian Ethos automatically recognize and love the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and therefore are in need of little or no police or government control to keep them "within the law", so long as the law is representative law, and thus is representative of the Judaeo-Christian Ethos of the people. 

Only Judaeo-Christian believers are capable of self-governance.  Liberty itself demands citizens who seek to live virtuous lives. 

Note to anonymous criticizers of the "Divisive" notice above:  I will change it or remove it just as soon as any of you show me anything in all of Marxism (including the current Democrat Party) that is in any way compatible with and not antagonistic to either Christianity or the American Constitution.  Show me the same thing regarding the Islamic doctrine demanding expansion of the Ummah to dominate the whole world by force if necessary, whether in the Koran or anywhere in Islamic history.  Until then, the notice stands.  See the Winnowing Pages


EENS:  Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
(Outside the Church there is no salvation)

With fear and trembling, work out your salvation--Phil 2:12

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.
Please God, and Live Forever.


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SLIMC1 Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex
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PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild-Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical-Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser-Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical-Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
PEJTML22 Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
PSYOP23 "Psychological Operation" Mind Trick
CDC24 Covid Developmentally Challenged
LGBTQ+25 Every Letter Represents A Serious Psychotic sexual Identity Disorder
HEJTML26 Hedonist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
SEJTML27 Scientistic Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar

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Publish your own whole new Article from right here.  

Date: Mon Oct 26 20:00:48 2009
From: Stan Gwizdak
Location: Fairbanks/Alaska/USA

I find your site very compelling and thought provoking. Thus far, I have read your points on the home page and that of health care. I agree - profoundly agree. I am a repentant Catholic fully returned to the Church as of 2004. I currently run our RCIA program (the appalling lack of catechesis in the American Church is a spiritual holocaust).

You see what I see (though more articulately): a nation increasingly and diametrically opposed to its founding documents, founding father and founding principle (what you have termed), Judaeo-Christian Ethos.

Not one Founding Fathers nor one single state of the original 13 colonies would have ratified the Constitution if they had seen the Leviathan that the federal government has become. The 10th Amendment seems to be an ornament between the 9th and 11th and nothing else - and yet is a part of the document staring us in the face.

Personally, I believe that everyone is directly or indirectly bought of with federal funds. People are more willing and states less willing to contest intrusion into their jurisdiction when they're paid off.

I'm still recoiling from the 2008 election. Four years ago, Obama would not have been a serious candidate. Aided and abetted by a press with a canine devotion that Joseph Stalin would have coveted, and who learned well the lessons of John Kerry's defeat - swore to themselves they would not let it happen again. Vetting was left for marginalized right-wing former mayors of Wasilla.

Obama is virtually a ghost with a vague yet suspicious past who sat in a anti-white, anti-American, Black Liberation Church. All his writings and grades are sealed. There is a supernatural incuriosity about this man. I believe he is diabolically protected - perhaps I don't really have a clue how much.

McCain was no barrel of laughs but I knew he loved the country. I am equally convinced that Obama does not love the country and perhaps despises it......

I apologize; I went too long for a comment. I thank you for the site and look forward to reading more.


Date: Tue Oct 27 04:34:42 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


Thank you, sir. You might like to look at Deliverance from Evil next.

Et cum spiritu tuo.



Date: Tue Oct 27 05:46:50 2009
From: Vic Biorseth

Note, for those (like me) who don’t speak Latin; I had to look this up.

”Pro Deo Et Patria” translates to “For God and Country,” and is the motto of the US Army Chaplain Corps.

I wrote the For God and Country page without knowing that.



Date: Tue Jun 29 15:07:43 2010
From: Andre
Location: South Africa

Good day

I am trying very hard to find my way back to the Church, and I am walking through this difficult and tiring process day by day. I know that I will need sites like this to educate me one way or the other.

While the process continue, may I ask you in all kindness and as constructive criticism, to please clean up the spelling on the first page / introduction? It is rather irritating and even off-putting to read some absolute clangers on a site that purports to be an intellectual resource.

I will be following the site with some interest.

Thank you so far.

Date: Tue Jun 29 17:56:06 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


Welcome; the destination is well worth the journey, and it should get easier the farther you walk. If you read Scripture with an open heart you will be moving in the right direction; if you love history, all the better, for it makes the journey that much more enjoyable.

Thank you, but I am no intellectual or any great scholar; just a simple working man. However, I will have you know, my grammar school teacher learned me good talking. Maybe my spell-checker needs updating or something; you will have to point out all the “clangers” for me. I assume you are talking about this HOME PAGE. I just looked at it and nothing jumped out at me.

It may be a cultural thing. I have noticed that Brits and Canadians and Ausies and South Africans all have a funny way of abusing the English language, which probably is only properly spoken here in America. Even here, the Southerners and the Westerners and the Easterners all have funny accents. We are originally from Michigan, the only place without any accent and where the language is spoken most properly.

Of course, the Ohioans around here may disagree, but what do they know?



Date: Tue Mar 29 01:47:01 2011
From: James Evans
Email: jamestevans0@yahoo,com
Location: Cave Junction, Oregon

What are these people at Commonweal thinking? Have you seen this Vic?: Have at it... Jim Evans

Date: Tue Mar 29 06:09:24 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


There is no real thinking here. Or at least there is no Critical Thinking. Eagleton (and, I suspect, Boudway) is traveling under several gross misconceptions, reinforced if not introduced into Western thought by Marx’s great, masterful hoax.

Chief among these misconceptions is the rather silly notion that depicts “wealth” as a fixed pie in need of “fair” division. In this conception, designed to invite envy, class warfare, and to promote violation of Thou shalt not steal, and violation of Thou shalt not covet, each billionaire becomes a billionaire only at the expense of others who are not billionaires. Hence, each billionaire “owes” something “back” to the larger community. Exactly as if he took it or stole it from someone, or from everyone.

Of course, wealth is not a fixed pie in the first place. Wealth is created, multiplied, expended, wasted and destroyed, in a never ending process. Marxists, whether of the treacherous revolutionary variety or the useful idiot variety, oppose the true nature of wealth. The treacherous revolutionary hides the truth about the nature of wealth and the useful idiot isn’t smart enough to figure it out.

Another gross misconception is revealed in the projected vision of “probable future of nuclear-armed states warring over a scarcity of resources; … ” indicating the silly belief that the world is running out of “resources”, whether food, fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal, or whatever. At this point in time, this notion is just plain stupid. Proven reserves of everything go up, not down, over time. That includes food. More of it is discovered and/or produced every year, not less.

Again, treacherous revolutionaries will hide these facts, and useful idiots are not smart enough to even seek the truth. Few educated people today have read about the famous Ehrlich – Simon bet, and who won and who lost. We talked about it in the Population Problem page, and again in the Eco-Nazi page. There are none so blind as they who will not see.

If Eagleton (and Boudway) was smart enough to objectively investigate Marx, then he should have learned about Marx’s love of Machiavelli and subsequent adoption of The Ends Justify the Means; and of his adoption of the Hegelian Dialectic, which was a well thought out method by which to achieve Machiavellian dictatorship. The whole goal is to work toward two things: chaos and anarchy so that a strong ruler will be welcomed by the masses, and the centralization of political power, so that it might be more easily seized by someone ruthless enough to seize it.

If he was either honest enough, or smart enough, he would have known and reported that the true hidden purpose behind everything Marx wrote, including his Communist Manifesto, was to get someone who was not the ruler into the position of being absolute ruler. That’s it. All the rest is just so much cover story, embellishment, camouflage and window-dressing. The whole, sole purpose behind all of Marxism is the transfer of political power, and the final achievement of absolute power.

The last line of his Communist Manifesto, “WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!” was a work of diabolical genius. That line lit the first fire of Marx’s class warfare, by alienating the employee from his own employer, and placing a socio-political wedge of open enmity and animosity between them. That one line forever made “Community Organizing” very easy for all future Marxist agent-provocateurs.

I’ve covered it all here in the Marxism page, and in the Definition of Marxism page, and in the Refuting Marxism page, chief among a host of others. It just gets tiresome going over the same old ground so many times.

Obviously Marxist-dominated formal education has me radically out-gunned, for my viewpoint seemingly represents the minority viewpoint everywhere.

But here’s the open “secret” that will cause Marxism to ultimately fail: There ain’t no such thing as any fixed pie of wealth to be fairly re-distributed by anyone.



Date: Sun Apr 03 21:13:22 2011
From: Gwen
Location: Bayonne, NJ

You are implying that unions are always bad and always wrong and that no workers are or ever were exploited by their employers and that is just not true. There were and are all sorts of oppressive practices in the job market and there is nothing a worker can do about it without a union. I don’t know and I don’t care who started any particular union the important thing is that collective bargaining levels the playing field and gives the worker some say.

Date: Mon Apr 04 07:26:04 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


So does a free job market level the playing field and give the worker some say. A free job market means, of course, lots of employers and limited monopoly, so that lots of employers are forced to compete with each other for good employees, and employees have lots of free choices for jobs between employers. Laws and regulations should (and in most cases do) restrict such things as monopoly and secret collusion among employers, re price fixing, wage fixing, etc.

I have yet to see a union that was a one-shop union or one-store union or one employer union. I have yet to see a union that was not national or international, or not somehow affiliated and organizationally aligned with a national or international organization of unions. This is movement toward and into monopoly and secret collusion among employee union members, re wage fixing, benefit fixing, etc. It is precisely and exactly what unions accuse employers of doing. It is exploitation, on a grand scale.

While I agree that some of that has happened and may be happening on both sides of the argument, I submit that it has become a one-sided argument, with the unions holding the upper hand, supported as they are by the American Marxocrat political Party that is almost totally dependent upon union support for its very existence.

In the open job market, the potential employer offers a job, and offers a description of the work, expected production of the work, the work place, the time the employee is to arrive, the number of hours he is to work, the time for lunch, the time work ends, how much the employee is to be paid, arrangements for overtime, benefits, vacation time and so forth. The potential employee takes it, or leaves it, and continues his job search.

In the union shop, the union tells the employer specifics about the description of the work, what time the employee will show up to work, the time for breaks and lunch, how many hours the employee is to work, how much and what quality is involved in the production of the employee, how much the employee is to be paid, limitations and pay for overtime, vacation, paid time off, medical leave, medical benefits, retirement benefits, and so forth.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The purpose of the employer going into business was to produce a product or a service in the competitive free market for a profit. The purpose of the union is to secure a job for an employee for specified pay and benefits, and specific deducted union dues, and to hell with the product or service. There is, of course, a third player: the Marxocrat Party political office holder. The politician wants his ever increasing share of the payroll deducted union dues, while he works from his high office to further the goals of Marxism.

So the first clause in your first sentence is quite correct. I am implying that unions are always bad. In fact, I’m stating it.



Date: Thu Apr 07 06:12:19 2011
From: Jacques
Location: Montreal

Do you not see a close philosophical relationship between the goals of the burgeoning Right wing political movement in France and the Tea Party in the US? Is there a possibility of linking up here, as a beginning point to linking other such movements in other nations, so that the Right would have a movement of global scope too, to counter the global movement of the Left?

Date: Thu Apr 07 07:18:48 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


No, not really. While I’m not really familiar with any such “Right wing” movements in any other countries, I know that even the terms Right and Left do not mean the same things in other lands that they mean here in the US. The American Tea Party movement is absolutely unique in the entire world, and in world history. It is a movement to restore America to government by constitution, and, I submit, the American Constitution itself is absolutely unique in the entire world, and in all of world history. There is and can be no other quite like it.

So the Tea Party cannot be called a movement of the Right, in the usual sense of that term, even as applied in America. Neither France, nor any other country, can ever hope to have a Constitution that is the same as the American Constitution, and so neither France, nor any other country can ever hope to be the same as America.

The Tea Party does not seek to change the world; the Tea Party seeks to restore American government to be run, guided and constrained by the American Constitution, and that is a very distinct and very specific political goal, which is, again, absolutely unique in the world today, and unique in world history.

Any foreign movements that seek to restore or strengthen citizen liberty and/or representative government and/or national sovereignty and/or Judaeo-Christian morality and/or national security are to be applauded and supported, wherever they occur, but there is no movement anywhere to equal the Tea Party awakening in America today. Other nations may try to emulate us, but no nation may ever hope to successfully develop the same Constitution, and so no nation can ever be quite the same as us.

Unless the Tea Party movement fails, of course; then – sooner or later – we will all be the same, and all peoples will be made equal in suffering.



Date: Thu Apr 07 14:44:53 2011
From: Jacques

If the Tea Party does not seek to change the world then why did Bush seek to establish Democracy in Iraq? Other places in your site you talk about spreading Democracy so how can you say that the Tea Party is not a global movement of the Right?

Date: Fri Apr 08 08:25:31 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


First of all, the Tea Party movement did not exist until after Bush left office. In defense of the Bush – Democracy policy, he was right, in that Democracies historically do not make war on each other. To seek to allow, support and strengthen a new Democratic government somewhere is not the same thing as trying to establish some sort of proxy USA somewhere. It is doing the next best thing, which is, to establish citizen liberty to the extent that it can be established, under representative government.

The next best thing to the American Constitutional form of government is probably the form of Constitutional Parliamentary Democracy after the model of the UK, before she descended into a Marxist-inspired mommy-state with a population of dependent little thumb-suckers directed by a huge and growing army of petty bureaucrats.

The American Tea Party movement is a purely American phenomenon with no foreign aspirations or intentions. The only people on earth today who want to establish any sort of global system of world government are Marxists, Moslems and lunatics.

-- And, unfortunately, useful idiots.

Unfortunately, since the news media is predominantly Marxist, the primary education system is predominantly Marxist, academia is predominantly Marxist, show-biz and celebritwittery are predominantly Marxist, whole political Parties are predominantly Marxist, multiple generations of citizens everywhere have been schmoozed into believing the Marxist falsehood that government knows best, and the best solution to any problem is a government solution, and the world is “inevitably” moving (evolving?) into a global community, which will somehow be wonderful. Even though it is undefined, and thus not even comparable to what we have now or had in the past.

What the Tea Party points out is that government is the problem. The Tea Party seeks to reduce government; everyone else seeks to increase it.



Date: Fri Apr 08 08:57:21 2011
From: Jacques

Only the Tea Party seeks to reduce government, and everyone outside the Tea Party seeks to increase government?

Date: Fri Apr 08 09:34:08 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


That is certainly what it looks like to me.



Date: Wed Apr 13 10:22:31 2011
From: Sandra
Location: Natchez, Mississippi

Vic –

I recently became a follower of Rush Limbaugh, and he made me see much of the world in a new light. My views have now been modified, and changed against much of what I thought I knew all my life, and I almost feel like an actual another person. I see the reasoned approach to all that he says. Then I found your site, and you have rocked my world. I thought you were too apocalyptic and conspiratorial, and even frightening. Now, I have started following Glenn Beck – do you know he is even more apocalyptic than you? And he backs it up with solid evidences.

I have now come back to your site after some time away, and I am re-reading some of the things you wrote in light of other things I have learned. You and Glenn are scaring me to death. I know I’ve got a lot more reading and learning to do, but right now there are two questions I would like answered.

One, why did your gloomy prediction regarding Obama’s big expensive trip abroad not come true, and two, what do you think of Donald Trump as a candidate for President?

Thank you for your great volume of information.


Date: Wed Apr 13 14:08:38 2011
From: Vic Biorseth


Thank you, and welcome. Now that you have had your Tea Party awakening, you need to find your nearest local liberty group and join it.

You have not really recognized truly apocalyptic writing until you have looked at the Marxocrat speeches, editorials and opinion pieces that preceded every single false emergency government spending program since TARP. Stimulus I, Stumulus II, Health Care, etc., etc., etc. With every single one of them, if it didn’t pass, the world would end in absolute calamity. Every one of them was a lie. Marxist frighten the people into herds by crying wolf. That’s what they do.

Re your reference to my gloomy prediction – I think you might be talking about what I said on the Obamadinejad In Exile? webpage. If that’s not it, let me know.

In that page, I didn’t really make any precise prediction, something I rarely if ever do, but what I did was express alarm and point to possibilities. It worried me, and I said so.

The fact of the matter is that Obama is a creator of chaos and instability, as are many of his contemporaries, both in this country and elsewhere, some of them uneasy colleagues of Obama, some of them uneasy enemies of Obama. Whatever course they may be on, all of them, including Obama, are ready to turn on a dime.

That fact alone should cause unease in all of us. The one thing about chaos and instability is that it is unpredictable in itself, and what comes after it is unpredictable. That is the nature of chaos and instability. Even Obama cannot predict what particular previously planted social, economic, international or military time bomb might go off first. I would bet that Obama and his kind are generally more prepared to deal with chaos and instability at any point in time than you or me. They are causing it, and hope to exploit it in some way, or to later expropriate the ones who first exploit it.

Re The Donald, as a candidate for President – what can I say? Donald Trump may be among the worst examples of American entrepreneurs, not because of lack of business success, but because of the method used to achieve it. Trump gives every appearance of being a big time Capitalist who has adopted the Machiavellian-Marxian edict, The Ends Justify The Means. Once upon a time, everyone would have recognized that as evil; unfortunately, today is almost a commonplace, accepted maxim.

Look at the typical Trump approach to becoming filthy rich, one step at a time.

  1. Acquire control, by hostile takeover if necessary, using as much of Other-People’s-Money as possible, another business entity.
  2. Cut expenses to the bone, meaning, fire most of the top paid employees.
  3. Stop paying the bills.
  4. When the wolf is at the door, file for bankruptcy protection.
  5. Emerge from bankruptcy paying pennies on the dollar to company creditors and vendors and retirees.
  6. Put in cosmetic upgrades, and cut prices of goods/services below competition prices, because you accounts payable have been virtually wiped out by bankruptcy.
  7. Run your business competition into the ground with low prices because they have bills to pay, and you don’t.
  8. Watch your stock skyrocket, and either sell at a profit, or run it for awhile at a profit.
  9. Accept the next Entrepreneur of the Year award, and get your face on lots of magazine covers.

Around here, we call a guy who doesn’t pay his bills a deadbeat, and when he plans ahead of time to not pay his bills, we call him a scoundrel. But, today, the whole world calls Donald Trump a brilliant, magnificent business man.

It’s the basic immorality I have a problem with. Where is his moral foundation? I don’t have to ask that question about Sarah Palin.



Date: Wed Jul 20 21:24:52 2011
From: Thinking Evangelical


I agree with almost everything I have read here so far, except for the notion of “Thinking Catholic.” It seems to me that “Thinking Catholic” is restricted thinking, or thinking with tunnel-vision, as the restricted vision of a horse with blinders on. If you are restricted by Catholic Church authority from thinking in certain (or any) directions, then you are not open to correctly reading Holy Scripture and to allowing the Holy Ghost to fully enter into your life. If Thinking Catholic means restricting your thought to Catholic “Tradition” and the confines of the Catholic Magisterium then you are not truly free to think. It is not free-thinking. That means, it is controlled thinking. Do you agree or disagree?

Date: Thu Jul 21 06:44:18 2011
From: Vic Biorseth

Thinking Evangelical:

I both agree and disagree.

Catholicism is more than a religion or a Church; it is an ethos; it is a family; it is a way of life; it is a tradition; it is a norm. Thinking Catholic is, therefore, a way of thinking within a family. It involves a bending of the personal will to the good of the family as well as to the good of the soul.

The good Christian subordinates his desires to the will of God. The Catholic Thinker subordinates his desires to the teaching of the Church, which actually is the best representation, in black-and-white, of the will of God that is available to man. It is collected and preserved in the Depositum Fide laid down by Christ and His Apostles, protected by the Catholic Magisterium.

If man does not subordinate his desires to the will of God, his desires will eventually subordinate his thinking to the will of Satan. It is not impossible for one man alone to subordinate his desires to the will of God; Abraham did it. But, it is much, much easier to subordinate ones desires to the will of God from within a strong family that strongly supports that effort.

Thinking Catholic does not mean “controlled” thinking in so much as it means “correct” thinking, when correct thinking means subordinating it to the will of God. All you have to do is look at the historical Marxists, at the atheists, or at the Democrats, to see where absolutely free-thinking leads man.

(See the Sole Authority? page for my take on “Scripture Alone.”)



Date: Sun Nov 13 06:40:25 2011
From: Vic Biorseth

To Dick McManus for Congress, Democrat, Everett WA:

Your submission was one, long, nonsensical and ridiculous screed, containing, point by point, positions that are opposed and refuted all over this site. Why you would seek support here is beyond reason. Your core beliefs defy credulity. You are, in a word, nuts, sir. This site is vehemently opposed to every single thing that you hold dear. You can read, one would assume; the only remaining possibility for why you would seek support here is that you might be nuttier than a fruitcake.

Sorry, but I will not publish your wild rant bordering on lunacy, or any of your supplied links. This site stands for truth, faith, family, tradition, property and American liberty. It’s nice to know that you have an alternative, but – no thanks. Regards, Vic

Date: Fri Jun 29 15:17:41 2012
From: Jim

I have been looking around this site in my free-time, but have not been able to find anything into your views on various free speech cases. For example, I am curious about your view on cases similar to those of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at soldiers' funerals, or what your views on what speech should be protected and what should not be.

Date: Sat Jun 30 06:50:03 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


The example of falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is always used, and agreed with. I put the anti-war protests at family funerals you speak of in the same category as the desecration of a Church, or the painting of a swastika on a Synagogue. To interfere in such a hateful way in a family’s funeral of a veteran should be a legally actionable offense, at least in civil court if not criminal court. The disgusting irony of it is that the perpetrators would not be free to demonstrate if not for the previous sacrifice of many veterans.

That being said, when you look at “hate speech” as legislated or regulated, you see that it is always applied against people who oppose something immoral, such as homosexuality, never against someone who champions something wrong. Call it a sin, or just speak against it, and you are mentally ill – a homophobe – and a hater. Laws regarding hate speech and hate crimes are just stupid, unnecessarily complexifying and counter productive. A crime is already a crime. Determining whether or not someone indulged in hate while committing the crime is not only difficult, but not even necessary. What’s the difference? Is there such a thing as a love crime?

In my view, desecrating American symbols, such as the American flag, should be held in the same category as desecrating a Church, which should be made illegal everywhere. People publicly crapped on the flag back in the sixties, and they’re now doing it again in the OWS movement. When citizens show so much clear opposition and animosity to the very idea of America, there should be a punishment established to fit the crime. Banishment comes to mind.



Date: Mon Jul 02 14:09:46 2012
From: Jim


Do you consider the Westboro people anti-war? I do not think that is there main message.

And I completely agree with you on hate crime. With rare exceptions, the intent and actual carrying out of a crime is what matters in the criminal justice system, not the motive. I personally disagree with you though on flag burning and that stuff. The difference between desecrating a church or a synagogue and burning or desecrating an American flag is that the former are private property, while someone who destroys a flag is destroying their own property. As you said "A crime is already a crime" and people who desecrate houses of worship should be punished for property damage, and not have their motive come into play. The burning of flags, one of the most insensitive and hated actions one can commit, is the exact kind of speech that should be protected. We should protect the most vile speech, and the speech that we disagree with most.

Thanks for the response,


PS I did not realize my email address would be published in my previous posting, and I was wondering if were at all possible if it could be removed. If deleting the email address would eliminate the comment as well, then do not worry about it and feel free to leave it. Thanks

Date: Mon Jul 02 20:23:16 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


The message of the funeral disrupters is precisely anti-war. It is based on a warped and twisted interpretation of Thou shalt not kill, by which they would condemn David, and Joshua and a host of other Biblical figures. It’s a classic example of how twisted a message can become the more it divorces itself from the original teaching authority.

I disagree with your view of those who burn and squat over American flags to publicly desecrate them. Done by foreigners in any foreign land, it might be more excusable; but here, in America, done by American citizens, under free speech? No. They don’t even honor the blood shed for their speech rights.

Citizen flag desecration is a very strong message of anti-Americanism and a statement that the perpetrator despises the nation the emblem stands for. It should be some sort of legal offense. If they cannot do so much as pledge allegiance to the flag, and mean it, and if they take the opposite approach and spit on it, then they would be happier somewhere else, and America would be safer without them. Once someone goes so far as to make it so abundantly clear that he despises his country, he should be considered to be an actual enemy of it. I take people at their word. If they say the hate America, I believe them.

See the On Tolerating Intolerance page for how I feel about tolerating the most intolerant of people. I see little difference between the devout Moslem and the equally devout anti-American American citizen. Both seek and intend the eventual destruction of America, one way or another.

Desecrate your Church, and you will likely be kicked out of it. Why should your country be any different?



Date: Sun Jul 08 01:50:43 2012
From: Earl

You remind me of Fred Phelps. I have read several of your pages on this site and actually really like it. I am likely going to start posting comments as well, but I did want to address something with the owner of this site. Is it Vic? I think so. On your homo-Nazi page, I was highly offended as a Christian that you would speak about other people with no regard either for their say (which I can understand by the way. It is your site.), or for Christian charity. As a Roman Catholic man, I feel very strongly that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. However, I do not think that making a blanket implication and perhaps (haven't read but a few pages) said outright, any and all people who are pro-gay in any way, are like the Nazis, is. That is not the love of Christ, my brother. The love of Christ does not compare people to other people. The love of Christ compares others to Christ. And secondly, I don't recall ever, at any place or time, ever having had a gay try to recruit me. I've never seen it. If it exists, show it to me. I have seen not one ounce of proof, neither in my own study, or (thus far) on your site. Thirdly, I really love your page on Marxism that I read. It was quite good and I'll go back to it. Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you.

-Earl Harris

Date: Sun Jul 08 06:31:32 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Perhaps your problem is that, as you say, you haven’t read much yet; or, perhaps it is that you are super-sensitive to “the other” as is in vogue these days. I attach the word Nazi to political movements aimed at forcing all of society to go in a certain direction. These negative titles have little or nothing to do with people who are not agitating, demonstrating, advertising, activating or politically manipulating the culture in a negative direction.

I wrote the Eco-Nazi page to address the silly twits who seek to legislate the weather and the climate for us, for our own good. I wrote the Femi-Nazi page to address the silly twits who seek to force gender-equality nuttiness on firemen, infantrymen and NFL Linebackers, for our own good. And I wrote the Homo-Nazi page to address the silly twits who intend to force open homosexuality into every single aspect of public and private life, including schools, boy scout camps, entertainment, religious life, military life and politics – again, for our own good.

Regarding those homos who are not activist or part of the “movement,” I simply condemn their “sexual orientation” choice as abnormal, unnatural and sinful, and leave it at that. Those who say homosexuality is normal need some remedial elementary arithmetic studies. Those who say homosexuality is natural need some remedial elementary biology studies. Those who say homosexuality is not sinful need some remedial elementary Scripture studies. Those who are truly convinced that homosexuality is normal, natural and not sinful have been trained to think that way, by their teachers, who were trained by their teachers, probably in public schools.

All of these “Nazi” movements where they were not invented by some variant of the larger Marxist movement, were co-opted by Marxism. In every case, “types” are separated, “divide and conquer” division and class warfare is intensified, government authority is increased, special laws and regulations are encouraged at the national level, and power is migrated from the people to the government. All favoring wrong over right, and all at the expense of individual liberty.

And all, quite clearly, at the expense of simple common sense.

Do you condemn active homosexuality or not? That is a yes or no question.

What kind of a people are we? More importantly, what kind of a people are we to become if more “Christian” Americans like you continuously acquiesce on sin and will not defend Judaeo-Christian moral standards?



PS: Are you actually saying that homosexual recruitment, seduction, and even homosexual rape, has never, ever occurred? And you base that solid belief solely on the fact that no one has yet tried to teach or convince you that there is absolutely no difference between homosexual and heterosexual life choices, and that you personally have not yet been seduced or raped by a homosexual? I just want to be absolutely clear here.

Date: Sun Jul 15 15:21:21 2012
From: Earl

I never mentioned homosexual rape or seduction so it would have been impossible for me to say that it has never occurred. I did however say that I have never once had someone try to recruit me. That statement stands. I believe that that has happened in the same way that I believe in underwear bombers. It does happen. How often and whether that is to be associated with homosexuality or out right insanity is the bigger question. Both exist. It is highly unlikely in my mind to consider that an entire group of any people is militant, although I must admit that I speak from both sides of my mouth because I do not believe that Allah or his followers mean me good. Regarding my lack of defense for Judaeo-Christian standards, I respond by saying that that wasn't the purpose of my letter; Had it been, I would have.

Coincidentally, I also didn't tell you how much I like Chinese food. It simply wasn't part of the letter. Concerning your yes or no question - No. The Church teaches that homosexual conduct, not homosexuality itself, is to be condemned. The same Holy Mother Church teaches that homosexuality itself is gravely disordered, and that "homosexuals are called to chastity," neither of which is condemnation for homosexuality itself. If that is to be condemned, then so must be heterosexuality, regardless of whether the individual in question is active. Yes, though, I do condemn homosexual conduct, as the Church is very clear on Her teachings. As far as this comment is concerned, I think that I have responded to everything that I needed to. Should I have missed something, let me know, and I will be glad to respond to it.

Actually, though, I still disagree with your wording, but now that I have heard back from you and know your intention, it makes more sense. And yes, part of any problem is not reading all the information given. I have been looking back over your site and enjoy it for the most part. I should also say in my own defense, that the reason I messaged you before I continued reading is because I needed to hear back from you and be able to understand your reasoning for the language used. I felt that it would have been disrespectful to God, you, and myself to continue looking at a site that has said something that - at the time - I could not see as a Christian comment until I heard back from the one who wrote it, and saw the reasoning for it.

Thanks for the site. I will be back. God bless.

Date: Mon Jul 16 06:04:17 2012
From: Vic Biorseth

Earl: The first lie was of the order

”Did God say, “You shall not eat of any tree of the garden?” followed by
“You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

I submit that this was a lie aimed at recruitment and seduction. I concede that adding rape into the mix was hyperbole.

However, every time you ever read or heard statements that homosexuality is normal, natural or not sinful, from any source whatsoever, you have been subjected to recruitment and seduction. Even the innocent-sounding proclamation that homosexuals are born homosexual is a lie, of the flagrant and categorical variety, with absolutely no empirical evidence to back it up. Furthermore, the ad homonym attack on the messenger rather than the message, which says that all homosexuality opponents are mentally ill, i.e., suffering from homophobia, is likewise a flagrant categorical lie aimed at any opposition to the recruitment and seduction effort.

Your initial challenge

”And secondly, I don't recall ever, at any place or time, ever having had a gay try to recruit me. I've never seen it. If it exists, show it to me. I have seen not one ounce of proof, neither in my own study, or (thus far) on your site.”

clearly indicated that you did not believe that homosexual recruitment even existed.

Perhaps we both used a bit of hyperbole.



Date: Mon Jul 16 23:30:33 2012
From: Earl

No I never denied having said that. Recruitment and seduction and rape are all different things. I had a recruitment attempt placed on me when I was 18 and was asked to join the armed forces - I declined. You see, recruitment only works if the one being recruited doesn't mind. Rape absolutely exists and so does seduction. They exist in the gay community. They exist in the straight community. So, no. I will grant that everyone has loopholes, hyperbole, or whatever in what they say. The reality is that everyone, even Christ Himself told stories with the intention of conveying a particular message, and so at no time did He necessarily include all the information there was - just the information needed for what He had to say. Dito. Would stay on longer but frankly too tired to right now. I'll get back on here tomorrow or the next day. Have a good one.

Date: Tue Jul 17 06:23:07 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Any time the great tempter seeks to fraudulently convince someone that something untrue is true, that is an effort at both recruitment and seduction. It is an effort to convince the potential victim of the attractiveness of the object of the fraud, and the pleasantness of participation in it.

The problem is that all such efforts are not born of evil. Discernment is always required. The “Uncle Sam Wants You!” poster is an effort at recruitment; it is also very seductive to the young boy becoming a man with visions of heroic adventure.

Go read again the Genesis story of the conversation between the serpent and the woman.




Date: Sat Oct 13 02:32:20 2012
From: Mike
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

There really is no such thing as Judaeo-Christian ethos in the context of Orthodox Roman Catholicism. The Jewish people and the religion of the Jews is now and has always been in opposition to Jesus and His message. Read Father Denis Fahey. The United States is not now, nor has it ever been a Christian country, by any standard. The majority of the Founding Fathers were Masons, and as such, anti-Christian and especially anti-Catholic Christian. The Enlightenment values, upon which our nation was founded, were entirely based on antipathy for the Catholic Church. I certainly agree that there is a dissident agenda. I have unfailingly noticed this every time I go to Church, and no matter what Catholic Church I attend. It is present at the Traditional Tridentine Mass. It is present at the Novus Ordo. It is present in the city and in the suburbs. It is there in rich parishes and poor. It is literally manifested everywhere: on EWTN, the internet, every venue that discusses Catholicism. Every venue and every religious order seems to have been subverted. Even the break away groups are heretical and crazy. I just keep wondering what is the moral course of action under these circumstances?

Date: Sat Oct 13 14:18:11 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


There is such a thing as Judaeo-Christian Ethos in American culture; Roman Catholicism has its own particular ethos, which is more symbiotic with than antagonistic to the American ethos. Catholicism is tolerant of other faiths, and America is tolerant of Catholicism. (At least on paper.)

It cannot be said that Judaism is now and has always been in opposition to Jesus and His message, since Jesus was a Jew, and all the first disciples were Jews, and they didn’t stop being Jews when they followed Jesus.

The United States is now and has always been a Christian nation, by every logical standard. Although many of the Founders were Masons and even Deists, I reject the notion that they were anti-Christian or anti-Catholic. Quite to the contrary, they took great pains to not be anti-Christian or anti-Catholic.

I submit that many of the Founders and Framers would vehemently disagree with your statements, particularly Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas stone, Charles Carroll, James McHenry, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Danl Carroll, and any other delegates or representatives from the original Roman Catholic theocracy of Maryland.

I submit further that the American Founders rose above the Enlightenment values, and founded this nation on Judaeo-Christian values. It was the French Revolution, not the American that tried to base a new society on purely secular values.

As far as what we can do to change all this, all I can say is, get in the game, at whatever level you can, and do as much as you can. In American culture, go to your town hall and speak up. And vote, as if your nation depended upon it. In Catholic culture, get on your Parish Council, participate in meetings. Speak the truth and be not afraid.

Perhaps nothing is more efficacious than fasting and prayer.



Date: Sat Oct 13 17:07:59 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


I looked up Fr. Denis Fahey, and from what I’ve seen so far it looks like he was duped by at least one fraud. He apparently embraced the fraudulent document known as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a hoax out of 1903 Russia. It was purported to be minutes of a meeting of Jewish leaders of a conspiracy to gain control of the world through destroying Gentile morality and controlling banks, finance and the press. The meeting never took place; this is a well known hoax. Hitler used it to his advantage in scapegoating the Jews. By his order, it was read in German classrooms. It was thus somewhat instrumental in committing the holocaust.

I can’t believe you recommend this guy.



Date: Sat Oct 13 18:10:00 2012
From: Mike

Good one.

Date: Sat Oct 13 19:35:28 2012
From: Mike
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

You seem to have worked out a lot of "ethese"in your mind. Is ethese the plural of ethos? But, you honestly reveal a basic lack of understanding of many of the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church.

I strongly question whether you were raised as a Catholic or went to Catholic grade school back in the 50s and 60s. If it is possible to keep any opening in your mind after you have so thoroughly worked it all out to your obvious satisfaction, I once again suggest that you read Father Denis Fahey and Father Leonard Feeney. I'm sure you have heard that Father Feeney is a heretic, but he is not a heretic, nor was he ever a heretic. If I were putting up a website this extensive on your topics, I would definitely want to make sure I was putting out the TRUTH. Check out Fahey and Feeney, what can it hurt?

Date: Sun Oct 14 06:20:55 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


The word ethos (Greek) means being moral, or, showing moral character for an individual, or, character, when describing the guiding ideals of a community or an ideology. The plural is ethe or ethea. And yes, I have worked out several ethea in my tiny little mind; the ethos you will find at the link above, if you click it, contains the rudiments of the Judaeo-Christian ethos that guides America, stemming from what Benjamin Franklin referred to as “the American Christian religion”. And, I have described the Marxist guiding ethos as being based upon the three popular sayings of the typical Marxist, which are:

  1. The ends justify the means.
  2. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.
  3. Shut up and get on the cattle car.
And, I have described the guiding ethos of the Democrat Party as being a mixture of the guiding ethos of Marxism and the guiding ethos of BMDFP10 s and Clintons.

Re Fr. Feeney, and the aforementioned Fr. Fahey, you seem to have an affinity for anti-Semitic priests. Anti-Semitism is not orthodox Catholic teaching. If you want to be an orthodox Roman Catholic, then I suggest you align yourself in faith and obedience to the official teaching of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded on Peter, not on any particular priest who argues with the Roman magisterium about the “correct” interpretation of any Church doctrine. Otherwise, do not refer to yourself as an “orthodox” Roman Catholic.

There is a name for Western Culture Christians who oppose the authority of the Pope, and that name is Protestant.



Date: Sun Oct 14 23:22:19 2012
From: Raj
Location: Sri Lanka

Vic –

Why you say “the American Chrisitian religion”? Should you not say “the American religion”? Your country say freedom of religion. What of Buddha? What of Muhammad?

Also you say Christian, but you don’t like other kinds. How you do such and still say freedom of religion?

Date: Mon Oct 15 06:47:44 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


America is quite a mixture of cultures combined into a larger national culture. In the beginning of American national history, we began life as thirteen colonies, each one of which was a theocracy – a government with an imposed religion – and each of these thirteen colonies established a particular Christian denomination as the colony’s official faith in their law. All were Christian, hence, we were a Christian nation at our founding.

When the Constitution was debated and established, it eliminated the idea of any official national denomination. However, the guiding ethos – the culture, the character and the moral norms – of the Founders and the Framers remained Christian. Our legislated law was and is based upon that Christian morality. This means, at the core, our culture and our representative law most properly supports, or was originally intended to support,

  • The sanctity and protected nature of the family, and to parental first-authority over their own children. (From Honor thy father and they mother.)
  • The sanctity and protected nature of life, and the requirement of non-violent and non-forceful social interaction. (From Thou shalt not kill.)
  • The sanctity and protected nature of private property. (From Thou shalt not steal.)
  • The sanctity and protected nature of the marriage covenant. (From Thou shalt not commit adultery.)
  • The sanctity and protected nature of truth, and the requirement to profess it. (From Thou shalt not bear false witness.)
  • Prohibition against jealousy and “class warfare.” (From Thou shalt not covet.)

Now, I am a Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism is a very large sub-culture within America. While everyone is not properly predisposed, and therefore not invited, to the Catholic communion rail, that exclusivity is strictly limited to this particular Catholic American sub-culture.

When I leave my Church and step out into the larger American culture, there I hope to be a “leaven” in the larger society and try to do my small part to move it toward the good, in so much as I can. I rub elbows with other Christians of all variety, and with Jews of all variety. We discuss and argue in our Town Halls; we work together in the work place; we stand side-by-side in the voting booths and in the jury boxes, we march side by side in the ranks of our military and we get along just fine, because we all recognize those basic, fundamental right-and-wrong rules of social behavior that came down from the Mountain with Moses, and that make of us a good and decent people. While we might not all get along perfectly, we do get along, a lot better than in most other places.

As for followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., they are perfectly welcome here, many are here, and there doesn’t seem to be any real problem with that. The important thing is that, whatever culture or ethos they bring with them should not seriously conflict with our own national guiding ethos or our representative law, which, in a “perfect” America, would be the same. We simply cannot allow any ethos that opposes ours to begin driving the legislative or legal bus here. So others are quite welcome here so long as they can accept and live within our representative law.

And that points out the radical differences between us in America, and you in Sri Lanka, and everyone else everywhere, and Islam. Islam is an aggressive and invasive radical theocracy – a combination of church, state and law – that intends, in its own “holy” book, to dominate the world, by force if necessary. As pointed out in multiple pages on this site, Islam is by its very nature diametrically opposed to the American Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution, and it should not be welcomed here at all, because all it does to any non-Islamic land is pose a menace and a threat to national sovereignty itself. It is the only “religion” that I know of that intends to eliminate and replace all other religions and all other governments.

Does this help?



Date: Mon Oct 15 18:54:44 2012
From: Mike
Location: Cleveland,Ohio USA

Fathers Fahey and Feeney are/were not anti-Semites. It is obvious from this remark that you have never read either of them. It is likewise obvious from this remark that you are not familiar with the teachings of the Popes and the Church prior to Vatican II. Their "ethos" (Feeney and Fahey) is in complete accord with ALL of the teachings of the Church prior the "ethos" of modernism, beginning in the late 19th C. and escalating until today. Because Father Feeney was simply teaching what the Church has ALWAYS taught, and in fact what Jesus Christ Himself taught, it was preposterous to even suggest that he was excommunicated for heresy. And, HE WAS NOT EXCOMMUNICATED for heresy. I don't really expect you to explore what I'm saying because it might mean that you don't have it all figured out and it’s pretty clear that you have a different agenda.

Date: Mon Oct 15 19:21:42 2012
From: Mike
Location: Cleveland, Ohio 44121

"Madison’s ideas dovetailed nicely with Jefferson's belief that the ideal moral framework is one in which there is a vast proliferation of inconsequential denominations and independent churches, each competing with the next. "Freedom," Madison said, "arises from a multiplicity of sects." That is because no one body can attempt to impose orthodoxy upon another. Jefferson similarly opined that the best way "to silence religious disputes is to take no notice of them." It is further proof that the First Amendment achieves the gentle but certain neutralization of serious religious activity. Attentive study of the Founders' actions and beliefs makes clear that "freedom of religion" did indeed mean "freedom from religion," since the predominant views of the eighteenth century held that the only moral system entitled to respect was one entirely "rational" and voluntary. Revealed religion does not make the mark.

As for the Christian influence of men like Charles Carroll, the Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence, it may well be that Carroll sincerely viewed the First Amendment as "terms of peace," alleviating decades-long oppression of his co-religionists and permitting the faith to develop unhindered by political considerations. This, Craycraft points out, was the perception of many ordinary Americans, but not that of key figures who shaped and implemented national policy. The actual course of American history, of which the current phase of obscene neo-paganism is an inextricable part, is indebted to the original plan to transform America into a deistic state. At best, sincere Christians have fought a rear-guard action in a battle they were meant to lose."

Date: Mon Oct 15 22:05:50 2012
From: MIKE
Location: Cleveland

Date: Mon Oct 15 22:21:29 2012
From: Mike
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

When I wrote "Good One," I was not commenting on your response about the Protocols which was not even written when I wrote that.

I find it pretty dishonest and annoying that you would position my comment there, obviously intending that people be misled into thinking that you really scored with your response.

Father Fahey does not even speak one word about the Protocols in any single book which I have read that he has written. Not one single word. I see who runs this website, and it isn't a Catholic, Orthodox or otherwise.

Date: Tue Oct 16 05:34:42 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


My my. You seem to be upset.

Re yours of Mon Oct 15 18:54:44 2012:

Fathers Fahey and Feeney were, indeed, anti-Semitic.

Fr. Fahey believed in a grand conspiracy between Freemasonry and Judaism, and that it was a cabal of Freemasons and Jews who succeeded in the Communist revolution in Russia and who were behind Communism itself. His only reason for opposing the IRA was that it leaned Communist, and Communism, to Fr. Fahey, was secretly manipulated by Freemasons and Jews. He further believed that Freemasons and Jews were the worldly counterparts, or servants, of those demons bent on opposing the Church. He saw a Judaeo-Masonic conspiracy to oppose the “programme of Christ.” Fr. Fahey was the chief inspiration of America’s Fr. Charles Coughlin, probably America’s most famous anti-Semitic Catholic priest, and the most famous because of his successful radio broadcasting, and his publication “Social Justice.”

Fr. Feeney, too, saw a secret conspiracy between Communism, Freemasonry and Judaism. He wrote that “the Jews” were behind Freemasonry, Secularism, Communism and the anti-hate drive, which was encouraging a destructive social tolerance of all that opposes the Church. Some of his writings:

  • Jewish invasion of our country – our culture under siege.
  • The fight for the Holy City – Efforts of the Jews to control Jerusalem.
  • The rejected people of Holy Scripture; why the Jews fear the Bible.
  • The Judaising of Christians by Jews – tactics of the Church’s leading enemies.
  • A sure defense against the Jews – what our bishops can do.
  • An unholy people in the Holy Land – the actions of the Jews.

You are the one who brought up the topic of heresy and excommunication regarding Fr. Feeney, not me. You are arguing with yourself here, for I never said anything about it. Apparently Fr. Feeney held a more literal and exclusive interpretation of Ecclesiam null salus (outside the Church there is no salvation) which might indicate that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not saved, and he argued with the Church about it, believing his interpretation was correct, and that of the Roman magisterium was wrong.

And, incidentally, the Heresy of Modernism got itself started a whole lot earlier than the late 19th century.

Re yours of Mon Oct 15 19:21:42 2012 and Mon Oct 15 22:05:50 2012:

Not too sure what you’re driving at, unless you are recommending some sort of Catholic theocracy for America. As I have said in Church and State and elsewhere all over this site, there is no such thing as a Constitutional principle of Separation of Church and State, since such a thing cannot be found in the Constitution. It remains for a future Congress to set aside the unconstitutional legal precedent that established it in law, having the effect of successful legislation from the bench.

I think you are kind of conspiracy-prone, Mike. Men must be free to make the decisions necessary for salvation; it must be of their own free will. Would you have the state impose Catholicism upon the citizenry?

The religious political motive driving us should be to oppose secularism and anti-Judaeo-Christian morality. There is nothing wrong and everything right with the religious Jew along side of us. If you want to live in an absolute Catholic theocracy, then the best advice I can give is to emigrate to Vatican City.

Re yours of Mon Oct 15 22:21:29 2012:

Submissions come in to this site’s email with a date-time stamp on them, and they generally get processed in date-time order. If I am here and at the computer when one comes in, if I’m not busy with something else, I handle it then; otherwise, I handle it later. Often there will be quite a lag between when one comes in and when I approve and publish it, but once in awhile I get into almost chat mode with someone if the timing is right.

Based on the date-time stamp, your comments are right where they should be. Don’t get upset that I don’t handle them all in some other sequence via clairvoyance or something; I’ve never been very good at that sort of thing.

I’ve pretty well had it with your hatefulness, jumping to conclusions and your bent toward deep, dark conspiracy. Go away and stop bothering me.



Date: Wed Oct 17 23:09:19 2012
From: Raj

Forgive please bothering. What about first amendment when you say no separation? Does not supreme court decide such?

Date: Thu Oct 18 05:48:40 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


Here is our First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Note that, regarding religion, it places two restrictions on Congress, and no restrictions on anyone else.

  1. Congress may not establish an official state religion in law.
  2. Congress may not interfere with the free and open exercise of religion.

The Amendment places no religious restrictions on anyone else, and there is no mention of any “separation” between Church and state. See the Separation of Church and State article for a brief history and a refutation of the whole so-called “principle” of separation.

Here is Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

This means that Congress holds the exclusive privilege of making new law. Neither of the other two branches of government may make new law. The Black decision in the 1947 Everson case (see the link above) had the effect of making new law, which did not exist before this decision; it was not legislated law, and it was not representative law, and Congress should have immediately set it aside. It remains for a future Congress to do that.

It had the effect of changing the government’s behavior toward the citizenry, and of restricting citizen behavior. It was an unconstitutional decision, and as an unrepresentative, unlegislated decision violating the Constitution, it should be declared by Congress to be nul and void as any legal precedent in any and all future legal procedures or adjudications.

This action would not allow the government to establish any official state religion; it would stop the government from interfering with the free, open and public exercise of Christian religion. It would not touch the First Amendment, except to restore it to its original intent.

Are you a Christian?



Date: Mon Oct 22 13:37:40 2012
From: Maureen
Location: New York

Hello Vic~

I happened upon your blog "Modernism: The Modernist Heresy," as I was searching for a Catholic scholar that was adept at the study of St. Augustine's letters opposing Faustus of Mileve. It seems to me that Raymond E. Brown's theories match Faustus of Mileve's more closely than they do St. Augustine's.

The reason I'm searching is because I read Frank Sheed's Theology and Sanity (a Georgetown University theology textbook in the 1950's--no more, I'm sure), read Archbishop Fulton Sheen's doctoral dissertation "God and Intelligence in Modern Man" (in which Sheen discusses the modernist philosophers at length)and with all that under my belt thought it would be great to join my parish Bible study group. There, I was introduced to the work of Raymond E. Brown--who, I was told when I bristled at his theories--one could not question. Well, that's ridiculous, I said. He questioned 2,000 years of Catholic theology, who is he? I left the class, but first I gave the majority of the very elderly students a copy of Msgnr. Kelly's opposition paper to Brown. Brown's theories are everywhere in Catholicism and in every Catholic University. It's no wonder so many have fallen away from the Church especially the college educated youth.

Yesterday, after Mass, these Pauline Brothers were selling Bibles. I asked if they had a Bible with footnotes to Old Testament prophesies in the margin without Raymnnd E. Brown and his Q theory because I don't accept it. They told me to get a St. James Bible. I said that was a Protestant Bible and I wanted a Catholic Bible--they said if I didn't accept Raymond E. Brown that I wasn't a Catholic! God help us all. So, since Raymond E. Brown is standing between me and my search for Christ's truth, and he has haunted my quest for the last six months, and practically single-handed destroyed Catholicism and Thomistic theology, I'm furious (and that may be a good thing!) Yesterday, I also read a paper signed by a ton of Catholic Theologians called "On All Our Shoulders." It's an attack on Paul Ryan. One signer's name sounded familiar--Charles Comosy. I remembered reading last February a paper in medical ethics by Guibilini and Minerva called "Afterbirth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?" and there was only one response from one Catholic theologian--Charles Comosy--I was horrified at what he said.

So, my quest has led me to trying to counter all of these people and let those in opposition, like me, be aware.

I think that maybe we should all request a proper Catholic Bible that reflects the Church’s proper teachings and not Raymond E. Brown’s.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I’m sure you can relate.



Date: Mon Oct 22 19:23:52 2012
From: Vic Biorseth


It’s so good to hear from another sane searcher. It gets lonely sometimes, doesn’t it?

I have encountered pretty much the same thing in formal studies at the Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP program of the archdiocese of Cincinnati back when it was under Archbishop Pelarczyk. I wrote lightly about some of it in the various Cafeteria Catholic pages on this site, and also in the Historical-Critical Crap page. I completely agree with your assessment of the historical-critical method applied to paranormal literature in general, and the conjectured-into-being “Q” theory in particular.

This is the sort of thing that may be expected when clerics and theologians fool themselves into aping material scientists and trying to apply empiricism to the ephemeral and the paranormal. This sort of thing can only point the way to a weakening if not loss of faith.

It’s kind of interesting that most Catholic Bible study groups somehow turn out to be or end up being classes of some sort. I agree that a priest or someone who has been through seminary should be present to keep things on the orthodox side of the street, but it seems to me that the Protestants – the ones who reject historical-criticism – are one step ahead of us here. They just dig into it.

A lady fellow parishioner has been (and may still be) a committed regular in a Bible study group that is predominated by Protestants. Her only complaint, and it is not a strong one, is that no Catholic may “facilitate” at the discussions, because facilitators must swear a sort of oath or promise that they consider Scripture to be the sole authority in Christianity, and, of course, Catholics cannot do that. And, almost everybody there holds a Bible that is, as you know, several books light. She is quite aware of some of the major errors in the King James; knowing that, she is comfortable that it and other Protestant interpretations are not enough different from ours to cause any significant argument on issues of faith and morals. But at least no one is trying to work “Q” into the discussion, or downplay any miracles.

Are you talking about a “study” bible with the notes you refer to?

My personal favorite is the RSV Holy Bible, Catholic Edition, Scepter Publishing; leather bound, gilt-edge pages with indent tabs.

I have learned, the hard way, that all “official” accredited Catholic teaching institutions and accredited teachers are not the best sources of good Scripture education, or even good Catholic theology. So, it would appear, have you.

Welcome to the club.



Date:  Thu Jul 18 23:21:18 2013
From:  Jill

Vic, I am speaking for two families with children coming of age.  We are from a small agricultural community with one Catholic church within 80 miles, and it is so liberal as to be disgusting.  The farm is our life and we cannot relocate.  We would all prefer our children remain on the farm or very nearby for family support, both ways.  But all the young people around here of marrying age appear as loose and immoral as anything on TV and the situation is getting worse over time.  Have you had any luck finding the priest you have been looking for, and do you have any suggestions for us finding a priest and starting a new church? 

Date:  Fri Jul 19 06:09:48 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


No, it isn't that easy to start a new Catholic Church.  Your bishop would have to do that, and if your Church is as liberal as you say, the odds are pretty good that your bishop is that liberal too.  The best way to change things for the better is to persistently and patiently change your existing Church from the inside.  Stick to the Catechism and calmly present the Church position with consistency.  Truth will always win in the end.  You might introduce your children coming-of-age to to meet others of more consistent Catholic faith.  Anything recommended by Fr. Frank Pavone can't be any worse than what you're seeing. 



Date:  Sun Jul 28 19:12:37 2013
From:  Andrew Maggard
Location:  Port Haywood Virginia, USA

The recent verdict and subsequent manipulated trial of George Zimmerman prompted by the Justice Departments involvement as well as the Presidents various comments on this matter comes as a shock. The scales of justive have been tilted in favor of declaring guilt before the factual investigation of the incident, what has become of the concept of, innocent until proven guilty? The fact that Travon Martin's attack and assault on George Zimmerman is presumed to be justified is evident in the mind of many... The real test of self defense and the subsequent use of a justifiable action to effect that defense appears to have been qualified by those injuries in clear evidence of the wounds to the face and head of George Zimmerman. Unfortunately the public, media, as well as the Justice Department's involvement in pursuit of pressing charges via a perception of public opinion has managed to tip the scales of justice in an arbitrary manner not unlike, Guilty until proven innocent. I might add that the President's remarks and evident sympathies only contributed to this perception of guilty unti proven innocent. Now that s verdict has been rendered, those involved in promoting guilt after the factual defense and trial continues to reflect the clear bias that began this epic journey into a balatant disregard for the constitutional protections afforded an individual. That so many of what was once perceived as rational thinking represenatives of the civil rights movement as well as the involvement by elements of the government and our chief executive has created the basis for the shock that i reference. It would appear the post raciaL era that was lauded with the election of this president has failed to materialize. The opportunity to unify the people of this nation appears to have been squandered by a self evident bias and self interest amongst a large number of the population of this nation. The complicity of racism is prevalent among many that should have learned the lessons that Dr King gave his life to promote. The essence of character rather than the color of one's skin appears to have been dismissed somewhere along the way, to say nothing of the apparent dismissal of clear and rational thinking. That an assault on an individual with serious intent to do bodily harm is now condidered justifiable for simply inquiring as to ones presence in a neighborhood setting has set a new precident for uncivilized behavior. This is the shocking revelation of the verdict aftermath. 

Date:  Sun Jul 28 21:13:49 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth



Unlike most others, I do not believe the President is stupid, or lacks the facts of the matter, or speaks too soon, or any of that.  I believe he is evil.  He is a manipulator of factions, and race is a faction.  He is a divider, and a class warrior of the old Marxist school.  But his motivation is not strictly Marxist; it is, rather, Selfist.  He manipulates Marxists, too. 

He is using the DOJ, and other government agencies as well, such as the State Department, the IRS and the EPA, as Alinskyite-type community organizing tools to promote his own personal agenda.  He will use anything he can use and any one he can use to increase his own personal power. 

And he will very carefully not leave his fingerprints on any of it. 



Date:  Fri Aug 16 04:29:31 2013
From:  Prometheus


Some of your thinking is off track.  Your response to Jim above is a good example.  His question regarded free speech, and your response indicated that the Westboro Baptist Church position was primarily anti-war, when it was in fact anti-homosexual, more specifically, anti- the "don't ask, don't tell" military rule.  But that doesn't matter much, because your response would have been pretty close to the same, although slightly more aligned with the Westboro Baptists because of your strong anti-homosexual standing. 

But to the larger question of free speech, you seem to oppose it in the most important areas, which would be the ones most offensive, and the ones the framers of the Constitution specifically intended to protect. In your Three Fatal Oversights, Outlaw Islam and Outlaw Marxism, you show that you are opposed to the expression or even holding of ideas that do not conform to America as constituted. 

Note that John Adams defended the British soldiers charged in the Boston Massacre, although he disagreed with what they had done.  Everyone deserves to be heard.  That is what free speech is supposed to be about. 

How can you seek to outlaw that with which you disagree, and still claim to love the First Amendment? 


Date:  Fri Aug 16 07:42:11 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


I stand corrected; the Westboro Baptists appear to be primarily motivated as you say.  However, their actions were against the memories and families of American fighting men, regardless of sexual orientation, in a blanket attack on military, using any funeral that presented itself, in deliberate attempts to disrupt and hurt the family and the memory of the departed. 

Re the webpages you mention on this site, there is a huge difference between supporting free speech, including the most offensive speech to me or to anyone, and supporting movements that aim at the destruction of the nation.  Avowed Marxists and Moslems don't just talk; they act out their beliefs. 

Adams gave the British soldiers the defense they deserved, but note that they were charged with a crime.  As part of their defense, Adams made an eloquent defense of American principles, but it was less a free speech case than a free trial one. 

Both Marxism and Islam are absolutely, irreconcilably opposed to America as founded and Constituted, and cannot coexist with her.  No Marxist, and no Moslem, can truthfully take any oath of office, or any oath, including the oath to enter the American military, in which they must swear allegiance to and defense of our Constitution.  It would have to be a false oath.  They would have to be lying. 

Neither Marxism nor Islam can coexist with Constitutional America. 

Both Marxism and Islam seek the eventual destruction of Constitutional America. 

Why should Americans accept absolute, proactive, violent and destructive intolerance of themselves, their Constitution, their laws and their nation? 



Date:  Mon Aug 19 12:12:28 2013
From:  Robert A. hall
Location:  Des Plaines, IL 60018

Unfortunately, 98% of the people look at any “fix it all” efforts as to how it will impact their own short term self interest. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead Blog (

Robert A. Hall
Massachusetts Senate, 1973-83
Author: "The Coming Collapse of the American Republic"
For a free 80-page PDF of this book, write me at

All royalties go to wounded vets

Date:  Mon Aug 19 19:52:21 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth

Mr. Hall:

My gut tells me that you are right - the inpenetrable "moron vote" seems forever ascendent - but my heart, mind and soul pray that you are wrong, and that there is a significant turning going on, even among the moron vote. 



Date:  Wed Nov 06 06:33:08 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth

Added link to a Michael Voris video to the page, highlighting the social taboos of addressing sex, religion and politics in polite company. 



Date:  Wed Jun 02 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

Changes pursuant to changing the website URL and name from 
Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
Catholic American Thinker.

Pulled the trigger on the 301 MOVE IT option yesterday, June 1, 2014, and it appears to have worked this morning.  Still finding my way around. 



Date:  Sat Aug 30 06:04:25 2014
From:  Monk Chanan
Location:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for your greeting Lyman. I enjoyed listening to you on Roku yesterday on the Survival America Network. You reminded me of what is best about America. I'm half American: my mother's family was from Spencer Iowa area which is east of Sioux City...

Grampa's wife, my Gramma Cora was from Nebraska and she was Aunt to actress Jane Wyman, who was Ronald Reagan's first wife as I'm sure you know, so its a small world, isn't it?

I went to Liberal and spoiled Stanford, though we weren't nearly as Liberal as U.C. Berkeley! And at least we have the good conservative 'Think Tank:" the Hoover Institute, where I saw Alexander Solzhenitzen one day: I walked by him on the sidewalk (my claim to fame!) where there was just the two of us approaching and then passing each other! I didn't interrupt his train of thought, I figured it was best that way. lol

My Dad's family was from England in the Cotswolds, a very lovely part of England to say the least. Dad became a Conservative Member of Parliament in Canada for over two decades, and was there long-serving Justice Critic during the long silly years of Canada's Obama by the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau! Dad was a Goldwater, Nixon, Haig, and a Reagan fan. He met once Gerald Ford in D.C. on an early morning jogg in the park area of where they were holding a Inter-Parliamentary Conference. Dad was not shy, so he walked over to the POTUS and started an early morning chat with him. He liked him too!

Another interesting antidote was that Dad was invited to the LBJ Ranch, because he had gotten Dean Rusk's daughter and girlfriend out of a Banff jail one night and succeeded in quashing legally a marijuana possession charge. Canada's Minister of Justice called Dad because he was a good lawyer and the offence was a part of his constituency. I've never done much of a search on that to see if there was any knowledge the Media had of that day! The judge threw the charge out in the interest of Canada - U.S. relations and national security! lol. 

My Dad reached the front bench of Parliament but like Mr Goldwater was excluded from power's inner circle because of his honest directness with everything, which he was forcefull about it too and people are uncomfortable with that. So he was an unhappy man kind of like Enoch Powell, the Conservative in the UK who warned them about the trouble they were creating by letting in all the Muslims in Britain. So he too was shunned.

So I thought you might find those anecdotes interesting. I wish you a great long weekend; we have one here too.

Yours Truly,

Shane Leslie Mattison (Woolliams, my Dad's name was Eldon Mattison Woolliams, which you can google him. Our 'CBC' such a lefty outfit like the BBC - that they have kept public a clipping where Dad is being interviewed a long time ago by David Frum's mother Barbara Frum - a flaming liberal like Nancy Pelosi! In the interview my Dad says in a now archaic way that the "gays" can be sent somewhere to be "fixed" - that its possible they could be cured! Which is true, but it was politically incorrect then let alone now which is why the CBC keeps the clip - to make Conservatives look like "barbaric red-necks" - same old, same old eh?

Date:  Sat Aug 30 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


What a delightful post.  Your dad has quite a writeup in Wikipedia.  Welcome to my site. 



Date:  Feb 04 11:12:54 2016
From:  Mark
Location:  Brookfield, WI

Dear Vic,

I love your site and your traditional conservative Catholic views. I always look forward to reading your articles. God Bless you and your ministry.

One of the reasons the Church Militant is so passive is because we have "meekly" accepted Silence as Consent. Whenever I send out an email message, I always come to your site to copy/paste St Catherine's quote ("We've had enough of exhortations to be silent!   Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues.  I see that the world is rotten because of silence.")

Here is a Request. It looks like you have some space on the Left hand column. Can you please consider adding the Quote from Pope St. Felix III ( “Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and, indeed, to neglect to confound evil men—when we can do it—is no less a sin than to encourage them.”) This powerfully confident statement from a Saintly Pope has made me so strong and I think anyone that visits your site must read it.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

God Bless.

Date:  Feb 04 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


Excellent quote!  I am most happy to comply.  See it in the Left Column. 



Date:  Mon Mar 05 09:55:56 2018
From:  Barry Stephenson
Location:  UK

Just found this site. Reading through the articles - absolutely excellent. Agree completely with all I have read so far, and also find it informative. Bookmarked.

Date:  Tue Mar 06 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


Thank you, and welcome. I wish you good reading, good thinking, and everlasting life. 



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The Catholic American Thinker Mission Statement.
The Catholic American Thinker promotes Catholic orthodoxy, defends Western Civilization history, culture, values and traditions, and attacks all opposition to those things.
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This Christian Nation, and its Political Process: It’s The Morality, Stupid.
This Christian Nation, and how We The People have been led astray from the path of Truth.
In support of American Nationalism and American Patriotism.
American Nationalism and American Patriotism have been demonized long enough.
The cultural ethos: external objective truths that guide our behavior.
Only atheism lacks a fixed guiding ethos. From Eskimos to Massai, from Englishmen to Aborigines, all of God's children have an ethos.
Critical Thinking: a brief explanation, and a link to further information.
As the art of Critical Thinking slowly dies, and Critical Thinkers become more rare, increasingly shaky "knowledge" is passed down by the "Intelligentsia" to be uncritically accepted by most of us.
Refuting Separation of Church and State as a Constitutional Principle.
If Separation of Church and State cannot be found in our Constitution, what makes it a Constitutional Principle? Nothing. It is NOT a Constitutional Principle.
Returning to American Founding Principles offers a return to national salvation.
American Founding Principles are reawakened by the mortal threat to the nation posed by Obamunism.
Return to American Constitutional Principles is the path to national salvation.
American Constitutional Principles are reawakened by the mortal threat to the nation posed by Obamunism.
The Church and State - Artistic proof of America's Christian heritage.
The combination of church and state in art in the Nation's capital raise interesting church-state questions.
Why is this American Christian nation not called a Christian nation?
This American Christian nation is oddly referred to as something other than a Christian nation. Why?
The religion as a private matter argument can't stand the light of day
Claiming one’s religion as a private matter is a neutral thing, unless the one with the claim is in authority over us, as an official or a “representative” politician.
You cannot legislate morality is the false claim of the immoral.
We MUST legislate morality, as long as the legislature is representative of the people. Otherwise, what is legislated reflects the whim of the dictator(s) of the moment.
Tradition and Moral Discipline Vs. Impulsiveness, Popular Fad and Moral Chaos.
America was born of tradition and moral discipline, and she changes for the best when the process is steady and natural.
Of Families and Fortunes, and Inheritance Vs. Redistribution.
Families and Fortunes are despised by Marxists, because Marxism demonizes the family, demonizes fortunes, and even demonizes profit.
At the crux of the culture war is morality - a standard to defend or replace.
What is needed is a standard of morality by which to judge cultures; what is it that makes us all instinctively know that a given culture is a moral one?
What makes us uniquely Catholic? What defines a Catholic culture?
Our baptism and our faith make us Catholic, but it is through the living out of our faith that we build and participate in the larger Catholic culture.
Secularism is clearly "the enemy" in the culture war; so, what, exactly, is it?
Secularism is an aggressive and very pro-active form of atheism, in that it not only disbelieves, but it actively attacks belief itself, on all fronts.
Indifferentism and Moral Relativism eats away at Catholic Culture
Catholicism stands against Indifferentism. Where do you stand?
Culture War: Western Culture Vs Secularism and any other foreign ethos.
Our culture war is primarily against Secularism's unholy trinity (Darwin, Freud and Marx) and any and all opposing cultures who challenge us.
Battle Line: Where the advancing secular army meets Judao-Christian moral norms.
The Secular Position (or Agenda) involves Proactive, Aggressive Anti-Theism, and not merely "neutral" Atheism.
Constitutional America: The argument for a return to basic rule of law.
The arguments for a return to the Constitutional America intended by the Fathers and expected by the People through their Representative Government.
A return to the American Ideal means a severe reduction in Government.
To return to positive growth and progress means, necessarily, purging our nation from all Marxist-Socialist philosophical influence and a return to the American Ideal.
World Revolution returns with a vengeance: the rebirth of Marxism
Marxist world revolution returns, and faces far less opposition than in 1848 or the period between the Great Wars.
Returning America to her original consecration; the Way the Truth and the Life.
Is it to be the Way the Truth and the Life, or is it to be randomness, pointlessness and oblivion?
Constitutional America requires American re evangelization.
We cannot revive Constitutionalism without an American re evangelization.
Deep Reconciliation means repentance, confession, absolution and conversion.
A Serious, Deep Reconciliation is required of this whole nation, one man at a time.
On my radicalism: was it once the cultural norm?
Is my radicalism good, or bad, and is there even such a thing as "good" radicalism?
Concerning the "Good Without God" twits: What, exactly, is good without God?
Good without God? How? If there be no God, then, exactly what is good, what is evil, and what are they based on?
The deadliest of lies are the inheritable lies.
The Inheritable Lie, through which the sins of the father are visited upon the son.
Marxist Ideology: Feeding Human Dependency and starving Human Capital.
Human Capital creates wealth; Human Dependency consumes wealth. Very simple; nothing to it.
The Un-Godly Drive toward Worldly Perfectibility.
On Secular goals of Human Perfectibility, Worldly Perfectibility and Universal Perfectibility.
The Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass Explained, Step By Step.
With Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio 'Summorum Pontificum', the Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass may need explanation for the uninitiated.
Tridentine Mass Implements and Vestments
Describing the required Tridentine Mass Implements and Vestments
Latin Mass Page: a repository for links to Latin Masses.
If your Church celebrates the Latin Mass, send a link to the Latin Mass Page.
Background history of the recent Catholic revolution in liturgy.
Reform of the Liturgy began with good intentions toward minor changes, yet almost permanently trashed Latin, and Chant, and, etc., etc., etc.
Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum; Apostolic letter on 1962 Rite.
The Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum confirms the 1962 Latin Rite as the 'Extraordinary' Roman Liturgical Rite.
The Pope's Letter to Bishops on Summorum Pontificum.
Benedict XVI's Letter to Bishops on Summorum Pontificum issued the same day as the Motu Proprio.
The Explanatory Note on Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.
An 'Explanatory Note on Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum' issued by the Vatican.
Materialistic Culture Versus The Catholic Thinker
The Catholic Thinker is called to openly oppose Materialistic Culture.
The Thinking Catholic Challenge: Walking that very inconvenient walk.
The Catholic American Thinker seeks a return to Critical Thinking, recognition of Objective Reality, and living a solid, morally grounded life.
The Eucharist is our Emmanuel; "God is with us." Who else can say it?
Roman Catholicism is centered on Eucharist; it is a central dogma of our faith.
The contentious issue of Infallibility of Papal and Church teaching.
On matters of faith and morals, and matters relating to Divine Revelation, our central Catholic trust is in the Infallibility of the Holy Ghost, Peter, and The Church, acting together.
Responses to questions re Perpetual Virginity of Mary.
From the "brothers of the Lord" to "The Davinci Code" to the word "until" in Matt. 1:24-25, the ancient Hebrew cultural notion of Professed Perpetual Virginity is doomed to be repeatedly challenged.
Catholic Marriage Annulment: Is it "Catholic" Divorce & Remarriage?
Ecclesial law regarding the Catholic marriage annulment process has not changed, yet the numbers of annulments granted in America have rocketed. Why?
Catholic Prayer is described in the Catholic American Thinker.
The Catholic American Thinker describes, defends and presents Catholic Prayer, in all its diversity.
Catholics learn and practice Glossalalia, in the Life In The Spirit seminars.
Life in the Spirit seminars, fueling the Catholic Charismatic renewal, bring tongue-speaking "Glossalalia", and being "Slain in the Spirit", to Catholicism.
The Gift Bearers at Mass; sometimes the small things are the most important.
Getting someone to be a gift bearer, to do that little something extra, may be like pulling teeth, until they understand what's really being asked.
A submission of the “The Church is rotten to the core” argument and its basis.
If indeed the church is rotten to the core then all is lost; unless, of course, the statement is untrue.
Truth Versus Evil sums up this whole Website in one concise sermon.
Truth versus Evil, or, The Kingdom versus The World, describes the contest. Do we really recognize the contestants?
The End of the Age.
Thoughts on where we are, and where we are going.
When Worldly Authority meets Truth, it is Decision Time.
When Just Authority meets Truth there is harmony; when Unjust Authority meets Truth, there is a Contest.
The Lamb of God: Paschal Sacrifice and Paschal Meal.
Jesus in the Eucharist: The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world.
The Social Lesson of the Little Red Hen.
Listen, as a learned and wise professor and priest tells us about the Little Red Hen.
Of sheep and men; of pride and humility.
Between sheep and men, which is greater: differences, or similarities? Of how we are especially chosen.
"The History Channel" repeats the flagrant categorical lies regarding Pius XII.
Ho hum, heavy sigh, and here we go again. Once again, we see show-biz "Historians" bypassing actual historical documents in favor of purely anti-Catholic show-biz fictional works, for fun and profit.
Our Lady of Siluva appeared twice in Lithuania, in AD 1608.
Our Lady of Siluva appeared with the Christ Child in her arms; the rock on which she stood is preserved in a shrine.
Freedom's Circle: Free Will's relationship to Love, and to Evil.
Looking at Freedom, and it's relationship to Good and Evil.
Real Freedom
The nature of Freedom, in Concept and in actual Fact
Misguided good intentions or ignorance turned a Mass into a Leftist Rally.
Whether done through misguided good intentions or ignorance, Leftist political spin was out of place here.
Proper catechesis is the glue that keeps the Church and the People Catholic.
Lack of proper education may cost you your liberty; lack of proper catechesis may cost you your soul.
Faith versus Atheism: Is atheism really just a silly superstition?
The Faith versus Atheism argument is at the root of every other important argument.
“Are you saved” as the conversation starter with a devout Protestant.
First, are you saved; then, are you saved by having been “born again” (but not by Baptism) are the two popular questions of Protestantism.
Is the Bible the sole authority for teaching Christianity?
If Holy Scripture is the sole authority for Christian teaching, then, where does it say that in Holy Scripture?
Is faith alone the sole requirement of salvation?
Luther’s dictum says that man is justified by faith alone. Is it true?
John Paul II, alias John Paul the Great, now becomes Blessed John Paul.
Blessed John Paul the Great has been beatified; now, on to sainthood!
Getting ready for Paczki Tuesday.
Paczki Tuesday is the old time European version of Fat Tuesday.
The Church calls us all to Catholic Evangelism; how do we do that?
Catholic Evangelism comes easier than Protestant variants because it has its base in Truth.
Fallen away Catholics may be America's largest Christian denomination.
An appeal to Fallen Away Catholics: Christ is calling you home.
Refuting Perverted Catholicism: defending the Church as the Center of all Truth.
Refuting Perverted Catholicism at the Layman Level. If proper Catholic catechesis dies, all is lost.
Modernist Heresy: Western Man's Descent from Philosophy into Modernism
Modernism is the heresy of heresies, because it carries within it all previous heresies, being as it is a direct, frontal assault upon faith and all doctrine and dogma.
The Smoke of Satan is in the Church in America; has it reached the Vatican too?
The Smoke of Satan conceals the true object of the Progressive Agenda.
Lucifer and the CCHD: The Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
Lucifer and the CCHD: how Lucifer’s disciples infected Catholic thinking, enjoyed Catholic funding and advanced evil in America.
The Catholic Communizer Dorothy Day is up for Sainthood? Excuse me?
The life's work of Catholic Communizer Dorothy Day was Marxist Community Organizing for future revolution.
Catholic Orthodoxy: On Straying, Right or Left, from the Catechism.
We have before us, on one side, excesses of "Social Justice" and "Liberation Theology", and on the other, the "Lefebvre" movement and related groups. In the center: the Catechism.
Do our Catholic bishops promote and teach Roman Catholicism, or something less?
Cafeteria Catholicism, i.e., Pick-And-Choose Catholicism, is rampant in America, thanks to many American Catholic bishops.
My "Education" at the Athenaeum Of Ohio LPMP (Lay Pastoral Minstry) Program.
The Athenaeum Of Ohio LPMP program was the required pre-requisite for entry into the Deaconate program in Archbishop Daniel E. Pylarczyk's Cincinnati Archdioces.
The hidden dissident agenda in the Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP teaching.
The overriding dissident agenda of Liberal Catholicism appeared sometimes mostly in teaching material, sometimes in teachers themselves, sometimes in both.
A better name for the LPMP's Formation for Discipleship class: Catholic Dissent.
The Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP course called Formation for Discipleship was one big long exercise in Catholic dissent, pure and simple.
Moral Theology, Cincinnati Archdiocese style: This ain't your daddy's religion.
Christian Ethics is the title of the course in the Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP course on Catholic Moral Theology.
Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP Christology Course: NOT about the Christ Who Rose Again.
This theoretically Catholic Christology course teaches about a Christ Who didn't know who he was, didn't necessarily rise again after death, but Who "teaches us valuable lessons" nonetheless.
Athenaeum courses taught the lie that the Church condoned slavery.
This teaching is clearly false. Yet the Athenaeum of Ohio LPMP program, in multiple courses, officially taught that the Church "changed" its teaching on slavery.
The "Enlightened" birthing of Historical Critical Crap (Scripture analysis).
Historical Criticism of the most paranormal literature ever produced calls into question the "enlightenment" of the enlightened.
Catholic Communism: Similarities between Church Hierarchy and Pure Bureaucracy.
Mises said that Communism equals Bureaucracy; the Church is a bureaucracy, therefore we have Catholic Communism. True?
I must oppose the pope on globalism, but not on faith and morals.
Recent comments of the pope on globalism, calling for a world political authority, is absolutely the last thing the world needs.
Compromise with Evil begins the ultimate death spiral.
Compromise on any Vital Principle leads to death, for individual souls and for cultures.
The Fracturing of Christianity: lost unity; lost teaching authority.
The history of the Fracturing of Christianity amplifies the need for ecumenism and healing among men of good will.
Wayward bishops and complicit journalists corrupted Catholic culture.
Evil grew as a leaven in the clergy and corrupted Catholic culture from within.
How many "Practicing" Catholics are really only Lip Service Catholics?
Lip Service Catholics like to look Catholic and sound Catholic, but they are fraudulent Catholics.
Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, and Evangelizing for World Communism.
Evangelii Gaudium started out on Catholic Evangelism, but ended up Evangelizing World Communism.
"Unfettered Capitalism" does not exist; so why is the term so popular?
Unfettered Capitalism is a nonsensical term. The moment it is fettered it is no longer Capitalism.
Do detractors even know what Trickle Down economic theory is?
Those who condemn Trickle Down economic theory either don't understand it, or they are trying to fool someone.
Marching nations into Globalism under the banner of Social Justice.
Does Social Justice mean collective property, collective labor, collective rights and collective salvation?
Presenting Yankee Economics to Ranking Catholic Churchmen and others unfamiliar.
Yankee Economics 101: A light description for those who never experienced it.
The Contraception Perversion: The Deep Root Cause of All Sexual Perversions.
Every form of sexual perversion has its roots in the original perversion of Artificial Contraception.
Establishment Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and Establishment Bishops?
Supposedly Catholic, Inside-the-Beltway, Big Government, Progressive, Establishment Bishops.
Roman Catholic Marxism? Excuse me? Who is evangelizing whom?
Roman Catholic Marxism explores the Politics of Private property v. Collective property (i.e., Marxist Redistributionism.)
Geopolitics, Political Ideologies and the American Political Condition.
Examination of American Political Ideologies going into the 2012 Election Year.
A fallen people must return to Principle to return to Greatness.
Returning to Principle is the only path to national salvation.
Fixed Pegs versus Variable Reality: Salvation versus Doom.
Fixed Pegs versus Variable Reality describes the dichotomy between objective truth and human imaginings.
Argument against Public Education, which is, in fact, Government Indoctrination.
Public Education equals State Indoctrination, pure and simple. Education is beyond the scope of government and not what our government is constituted to do.
American Constitutional Doom: Our own political process is destroying us.
American Constitutional Doom made inevitable by parasitic enemies within America.
Of the four Republican candidates left standing, only Santorum gets it.
Romney? No. Gingrich? No. Paul? No. Only Santorum gets it.
If an American Redirection is underway; we all need to look at it.
Reviewing some implications of the newly coined Science / Democracy Obversion theory underlying the new American Redirection.
Warning all bourgeoisie: Obama will destroy the middle class.
Take fair warning all bourgeoisie, i.e., members of our vast middle class: the Marxists despise you and intend to conquer you once and for all.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Democrat rope-a-dope straw villain.
We have no need of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It's just a dirty trick.
The Marco Rubio and the Criminal Aliens story shows our intellectual decline.
The plan of Marco Rubio and the Criminal Aliens is the path to Republican Party doom.
Kill the illegal alien marketplace, and illegal aliens will leave on their own.
Why should we "imagine" life with no Mexico? Shouldn't the Mexicans be trying to imagine life without the USA?
Taking a look at Illegal Immigration and Tax Problem solutions.
In our view, the minimum wage and income tax have outlived their usefulness, and only contribute to the illegal alien problem.
Of Illegal Aliens Vs the Berlin Wall, and Sovereignty Vs the Global Village.
Marxism - or, if you will, Social Darwinism - presents the notion of Social Evolution, and predicts a final end of national sovereignty, & a perfect, government-less, Global Village; Heaven on Earth.
So how come we have all these homeless people if our system is so great?
The strong "Utopian Idealist" firmly believes that absolute worldly perfection is actually possible. Therefore, there should never be any such thing as a hungry or homeless person.
Pro-American Quotations
American Quotations that remind us what we are supposed to be aout.
Anti American Quotes – Opposing American Ideals, Foundation or Constitution.
Anti-American Quotes- opposing liberty, from pre-American history to today.
The American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all Amendments.
The American Constitution and Bill of Rights came as close to worldly perfection as was possible.
Leftist Useful Idiocy of Marxism: a time bomb planted deeply in Western Culture.
Leftist Useful Idiocy idealizes impossible man-made utopian perfection at the expense of the Western culture sense of telling right from wrong.
Our definition of pro American goes considerably deeper than the dictionary.
Anyone, anywhere, may be a patriot. Definition of pro American: one who loves and adheres to the American Constitution.
Our definition of anti American goes considerably deeper than the dictionary.
Anyone, anywhere, may oppose nationalism or national pride. Definition of anti American: one who ignores or opposes the American Constitution.
Anti-American Politics describe Democrat Party strategy.
Anti-American Politics are practiced by all Leftists. Marxism, at any level, is antithetical to the very idea of America. To be Marxist is to be an anti-American.
My anti anti-American arguments are attacks on falsehoods, in support of truth.
American Communists hide their true identity and disguise themselves as anti anti-Communists. Using their playbook, I hereby identify myself as an anti anti-American.
Marxist Fundamentals clearly describes the threat to America that we now face.
A timely and timeless submission by Professor Libor Brom; Marxist Fundamentals describes the most successful destroyer of liberty since 1776.
How is it that opposing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens is "arrogant"?
If my pro-Catholic, pro-American, anti-alternative-ethos position is "arrogant," then, exactly what is the position of those who claim superiority or even equality with it?
Current American Political Landscape: Our Two Parties and their Positions.
The Thinking Catholic looks at Issues and Parties for the Catholic American Thinker.
Here we see Bush family class captured in a simple private citizen’s photo.
George W. (and Mrs.) Bush quietly demonstrate Bush family class without hoopla or fanfare.
Our Colonial Communism lasted less than 3 years; reality destroyed it.
From the Mayflower Compact through an economic disaster of Socialism to Capitalistic Liberty, our first Colony triumphed.
Marxists love crisis, and they love an oil spill crisis most of all.
Marxists even create and drive crisis. Their favorite crisis of all must be the Oil Spill Crisis, which is even better than a Banking Crisis.
Marxists and Moslems: The Last Barbarians.
The last barbarians not yet converted or conquered by Western civilization are Marxists and Moslems.
Marxism Socialism Communism – what’s the difference between them all?
Marxism Socialism Communism are all mistakenly held to be different things, but they are one and the same.
Can we outlaw Marxism in the USA and still be a free thinking society?
I say we can and should outlaw any ideology that seeks the elimination of Constitutional America.
Can we outlaw Islam in the USA and still be a free thinking society?
I say we can and should outlaw any ideology that seeks the elimination of Constitutional America.
Three fatal oversights of the top conservative cognizanti: Glenn, Rush and Sean.
Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity are on the right track, but just nibbling around the edges of who the enemy is.
Are our federal bureaucracies all malignant outgrowths of Marxism?
Any extra-Constitutional government agency is likely to be a malignant outgrowth of Marxism.
God and Nature: on the Nature of Things, established by the Creator of Things.
God and Nature: on man’s Perversion of the Nature of Things, even with the best of intentions.
Come, let us sit and reason together.
Jews and Christians of various stripe and spot can say to each other, 'Come, let us sit and reason together.' But we can't do that with the Moslems.
It’s Liberty versus Marxism and Islam, which cannot coexist with Liberty.
Liberty versus Marxism and Islam: the epic contest of this historic era.
A tale of Promised Financial Melt-Down Debt Ceiling Nonsense and Happy Marxists.
Everyone, on both sides, believes the Debt Ceiling Nonsense. Why?
“I, Pencil … ” by Leonard E. Read; Capitalism in a Nutshell.
A beautiful illustration of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand of Capitalism and the Free Market.
If we have an inherent right to something, then, who must supply it?
Rights and Responsibilities exist in paired sets; a right does not exist in the absence of a related responsibility. If indeed we have a right to our job, then, someone must provide it. Who?
Right and Wrong, and what happens when we no longer recognize it.
The difference between Right and Wrong is fixed forever; or, is it?
Obamunist selective law enforcement grants back-door amnesty to criminal aliens.
Obamunist selective law enforcement: yet another violation of the Presidential oath of office.
Constitutionalism: Sovereign Citizenship and Limited Representative Government.
The philosophy that government derives authority from citizens and is permanently limited is called Constitutionalism.
Lies and Liars: All the devil's lies and all his liars cannot make a new truth.
He can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but he can't fool all of the people all of the time.
The anti intellectual sentiment: Where does it come from?
Marxist Academia and the Anti-Intellectual Sentiment.
Naked Elite: The Intelligentsia Have No Clothes; their arguments: empty suits.
The Naked Elite, and their stupid, unsupportable positions camouflaged by unanimous consensus and highfalutin language.
Rush Limbaough just hit on something big: the Politics of Popularity.
The Politics of Popularity explains why so many areas of American life have fallen into error.
Bill O’Reilly’s Elitist Pompous Assininity.
Bill O’Reilly put the Pomp in Pompous Assininity.
Witnessing, grieving and weeping for our dieing culture.
What might it take to call a whole people back from the brink of cultural death?
Even experts grossly underestimate the Marxist zeal of the American Left.
The sharp Left turn happened in the Hoover-FDR era, and the Marxism of the American Left has been deepening ever since.
The Global Village concept seeks to replace National Sovereignty by default.
Marxian "Global Village-ism" makes major inroads among outlaws, and among elitist intellectuals.
Toward a definition of a distinct American People: American National Existence.
What makes us a distinct American People? The way we look? Or is it someing inside us, that defines American national existence?
On Threats to America's National Existence.
A look at the nature of our national existence, what makes us America, physical threats to that, and the possibility of just going out of existence.
On the ethics of language: English dictionary Vs. Political-Correctness taboos.
Language evolves, yet morals are (or should be) fixed. This poses questions re the ethics of language.
Are we really a racist culture, or are our blacks just a bunch of crybabies?
If America has produced more black self-made millionaires than any or all other nations, then, how is it that America is seen to be a racist nation?
The Democracy-Open Society problem: Does it spell doom for Democracy?
The "Redirection" and the increasingly Open Society born of Democracy. Inevitable chaos?
American survival requires bold, take it to the enemy leadership.
What we need is radical, revolutionary take it to the enemy leadership just for national survival itself.
Going whole-Hog on American Constitutional Restoration.
It's all or nothing, now. If we don't go whole-hog on Constitutional Restoration, the USA is history.
Introducing Glenn Beck Progressivism, and the depth of the hidden movement.
Glenn Beck Progressivism: the unseen and unrecognized advance of Marxism.
Argument against National Health Care, which is, in fact, Socialized Medicine.
National Heath Care equals Socialized Medicine, pure and simple. Medical Practice is beyond the scope of government and not what our government is constituted to do.
On the forced use of medical boiler plate language rather than simple notes.
The "little dictators" from insurance companies and government bureaucracies force MDs to use stilted, verbose, medical boiler plate language in their own documentation.
Who's driving the Health Care bus? Health insurance companies grading doctors?
Health insurance companies grading doctors: a legitimized conflict of interest. A preparatory step toward the nationalization of the health insurance industry?
It isn’t really Health Care. It’s all a giant pile of lies.
No, it isn’t really Health Care. Nothing in Obamunism is what it appears to be.
It isn't just Obamacare; we need to kill controlled Health Care.
Kill Controlled Health Care to get government and insurance out of the medical transaction.
Rebirthing America, out of the ashes of Obamunist destruction.
Rebirthing America, provided there is enough left to work with.
Shut down unneeded bureaucracy, for budget’s sake.
In the name of fiscal sanity, we need to shut down unneeded bureaucracy.
Our argument supporting the Fair Tax as a sensible and practical Tax Revolution.
Fair Tax presents the possibility of a real, popular, voter-supported, tax payer supported, grass-roots supported Revolution in America, and a radical change for the better.
Fasttrack Fairtax: Stop income tax until repeal of Amendment XVI.
Fasttrack Fairtax: Legislate to not collect income tax and pass FairTax.
My Proposed Constitutional Amendment to neutralize the enemy within.
A proposed Constitutional Amendment to get anti-Constitutionalists out of power and authority.
Catastrophic Spending: Change You Can Believe In.
The most dangerous Change in all of Obamunism is Catastrophic Spending.
Regarding The President We Need, The President We Deserve, and God's Judgment.
I can describe the President we need; what we have now is the President we deserve.
The Anti-Union Sentiment: Where does it come from?
The Communist Manifesto and the modern organized labor movement.
A Plan to Kill the Unions, especially in government.
We need to kill the unions, or at least break their stranglehold on free enterprise.
Our argument against unions and for a more open and free marketplace.
Arguing against unions and other free market interventions is seeking greater excellence in market goods, services, employees and employers, through free and open competition.
Fixing it all, or, losing it all: the only options left for America.
Fixing it all is our only option. If we don't fix it all, we will surely lose it all.
Cut Social Security: Elimination of America’s Largest Budget Expenditure.
How to Cut Social Security and begin the return to fiscal sanity.
At this moment in time, most Constitutionalists would love to kill the IRS.
How do you Kill the IRS? Fast-track and pass the Fair Tax. Very simple; nothing to it.
The English national language of the United States of America.
There is no good argument against an English national language for America. What other language <i>should</i> we all speak here?
Argument for Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
The Federal Reserve Act did not prevent the Great Depression, so why does it still exist?
Argument to Repeal Amendment XVI, the Income Tax Amendment.
Repeal Amendment XVI and the very idea of progressively taxing income.
Argument to Repeal Amendment XVII and the Politicizing of the Senate.
We need to repeal Amendment XVII and restore our Senate to its original status.
We need to shut down the dept of education.
Shut down the dept of education and cut $77B from the budget.
Cut DHS budget, completely.
Homeland Security is the proper domain of Defense, CIA and FBI. We should cut DHS completely.
Cut USDA budget, in whole or in part.
Is agriculture the constitutional business of the federal government?
Department of Commerce: Cut DOC budget, with a meat axe.
Argument to cut DOC; in times like these, no bureaucracy is sacred.
Dept of Defense: Budget cuts here need to be of the scalpel variety.
Defense cuts need to be done very carefully lest we harm national security.
Cut the ED budget, in whole.
Is education the constitutional business of the federal government?
Cut DOE budget, with a meat axe.
Other than nuclear, how is any energy source the business of federal government?
Cut HHS budget, completely.
How, exactly, is any Health and/or Human Services the Constitutional business of federal government?
Cut DOJ budget, with a paring knife, but, radically.
We need to cut DOJ unnecessary and unrelated functions to streamline the function of justice.
Cut DOL, completely. The Dept of Labor has no Constitutional reason to exist.
We should cut DOL, which, like organized labor itself, was born of Marx's Communist Manifesto.
Cut EPA, completely. EPA has no Constitutional reason to exist.
How, exactly, are the environment or natural resources the Constitutional business of the Federal Government?
Cut HUD budget, completely.
How, exactly, is Housing or Urban Development the Constitutional business of federal government?
Cut DOS (State Departement) budget excess fat.
Cut DOS unnecessary functions and get back to State business.
Cut DOI (Department Of Interior) with a meat axe.
We can eliminate ninety percent of Interior bureaucracy when we cut DOI.
Restoring our Treasury Department to its original purpose for being.
On restoring our Treasury from Fascist Crony Capitalism, i.e., the Fed.
If we really need to cut spending, we should cut DOT with a meat axe.
We should cut DOT and all these other bureaucracies that are regulating us to death.
Cut bureaucracy, but leave VA alone. In fact, we should build up the VA.
In the aftermath of Marxocrat and Republicrat cuts to defense, both defense and the VA need new attention.
Stupidassism: Stupidassery commandeered by politicians for herding stupid asses.
On the many branches of Stupidassery sucked into the multiple Marxocrat Party political programs of Stupidassism.
Decision Point: Will You (We) Stand in Truth, or Lay Down with The World?
The exact same Decision Point at which Nineveh was saved, and Sodom and Gomorrah were lost.
The Enlightenment and Scientism advance at the expense of Western Civilization.
From Voltaire to Enlightenment and Scientism to Modernism, the ill-informed cheer the process along even as it destroys Western Culture.
Refuting Scientism, the term coined by F. A. Hayek for modern pseudo-science.
Refuting Scientism is another ho-hum, heavy-sigh, here-we-go-again effort to return to truth, common sense and sanity.
"There is no such thing as Scientism" say those who practice it.
If Scientism is a false term, then by what title to we refer to "Scientific Theory Established By Vote"?
Silly premises built on crumbling foundations: Global Villageism & Evolutionism.
The Dem Global-Villagers insist the US Constitution was written to cover all citizens of Earth; Disciples of Scientism and Evolutionism all genuflect before their high priest, Richard Dawkins.
Refuting Darwin and Dawinian “science” as bunk and silliness.
Refuting Darwin is almost too easy due to his rush-to-publish and his complete lack of empirical evidences.
The definition of Darwinism in a nutshell.
In the definition of Darwinism we find the foundational priciples upon which the quest for the atheist holy grail: the purely material origin of life itself.
Darwinism: Darwin, Evolution, and the Devolution of the Scientific Method.
Scientistic Materialism's cornerstone: Darwinism and the competing sub-theories of Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium.
Refuting the Origin Of Species pseudo-scientific theory of Darwinism.
If Darwinism’s Origin Of Species is a true Scientific Theory then there must be a preponderance of evidences supporting it. Show us any of it.
Radiocarbon dating as an aging method is accurate up to a point.
Radiocarbon dating is reliable up to 6,000 years, shaky at best up to 40,000 years, and completely useless beyond 70,000 years.
Refuting Freud and all his works: psychoanalysis; repressed memory; sexology.
Refuting Freud is so easy we have to wonder how he was ever accepted. Is man getting dumber over time?
Definition of Freudianism: The psychoanalytical thought and practice of Freud.
This definition of Freudianism addresses Sigmund Freud's turn of psychological focus from the intellect to the unconscious or subconscious mind.
Freudianism aka Psychoanalysis: Introduction to Freud, Dope and Sexual Fixation.
Freudianism, through flawed reasoning, changed the focus of psychology from intellect, cognition and thought, to the unconscious, the sub-conscious and the hidden.
Another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting Marxist theory.
Articles refuting Marxism are linked to in the right column of this webpage.
Definition of Marxism: Total control of means of production, including workers.
The definition of Marxism describes the social, economic and governmental philosophy of Karl Marx, co-author of the Communist Manifesto.
The intellectual elite embrace Marxism and reveal their own stupidity.
It is astounding that any philosophy so obviously fatally flawed as Marxism could ever have gained such wide support and alliance throughout the world.
Against the great Communist Lie; the old, current and newer forms.
Our argument: The whole “Communist Dream” is a lie; the history of “Communist Revolution” is a lie; virtually everything about Communism is just a big elaborate flagrant categorical lie.
Femi-Nazi -ism: The Leftist, authoritarian Movement that commandeered Feminism.
The Femi-Nazi Movement seeks to modify our language and culture, restrict our speech and press, and create and alienate yet another "disenfranchised" group.
Eco-Nazi -ism: Global problems? Global Solutions (and global Mastery).
The Eco-Nazi movement actually describes two movements: those who say "it's the economy, stupid" and those who say "it's the ecology, stupid."
Homo Nazi -ism assaults the Western Culture ethos of our American majority.
The grass-roots Homo Nazi is for the most part a simple immoral selfist. But the homo-Nazi in the rarified atmosphere of city, state and national politics is a much more sinister character.
The Racial Nazi Movement seeks to modify all of society to favor one race.
Racial-Nazi joins Eco-Nazi, Femi-Nazi and Homo-Nazi movements feeding class warfare.
The HIV AIDS myth has cost human lives and untold billions of dollars.
The HIV AIDS Myth may be the greatest and most massive international hoax since Piltdown Man. HIV causes AIDS and DEATH supposedly, but where is there any empirical evidence at all supporting it?
Global warming is outed as another global consensual fraud. So what else is new?
As a global consensual fraud, global warming is not the biggest, the oldest, the longest running, or the most expensive. It’s just the latest one.
The Plastic Bags and Eco Doom theory: will plastic bags end life as we know it?
Plastic Bag and Eco Doom predictions tell us that plastic grocery and garbage bags will still be buried in the land fills and dumps a thousand years from now. Well … so what?
Reason versus Materialism, or, Purpose versus Pointlessness.
The reason versus materialism debate takes causality to its ultimate and unavoidable source, against Pure Materialistic Stupid Ass-ism.
Refuting Mohammed's ideology of conquest masquerading as a religion.
Here we refute Mohammed, who should be seen as little more than a popular fraud among pagans.
The Islam Way Versus The Way of the Lord, and the way of Western Culture.
The Islam Way stands at loggerheads with the moral, social and civil codes historically common to Judao-Christian, Western Civilization.
How Orthodox Mainstream Islam Opposes America, and all other National Existence.
Islam's Lesser Jihad seeks to (1) Convert All, or (2) Subjugate All, or (3) Kill All. Islam opposes America and American national existence.
The hard, cold, truth about the murderous nature of the religion of Islam.
Islam is a religion of Peace? Excuse me? If that's true, then you must agree that Islam has a very funny way of showing it.
OK, the strictly Koranic Islamic teaching on infidels isn't TOTALLY murderous.
A changing view on the Islamic teaching on infidels, and other important issues this political election season.
The Islamic Theocracy menace Vs. the U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment.
How to attack the expanding Islamic Theocracy here while remaining true to the Constitution: SANE may have found the way.
Could we, and should we, outlaw Islamic Sharia in the US?
Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion; but what of a "religious law" legal system that has a core goal of the destruction of our Constitution itself?
Again, it's Israel up against what appears to be the whole pea-picking world.
Weak lip-service and pretty speeches aside, America is Israel's only real ally. And, as war is imposed upon her again, even many Americans are lukewarm in their support. Why?
The latest Israeli conflict is little different from all the previous ones.
The first Israeli conflict with her neighbors, and every one since then, has been a simple matter of self defense.
Faith And Reason Vs. Islam: A Pontiff on faith and reason again, and again, etc.
It is and has always been faith and reason vs. Islam; Islam is unreasonable, it's faith equals submission, and it is by nature violent and war-oriented.
Islam is the enemy; the non-Islamic world just dosen't know it yet.
I keep saying that Islam is the enemy here, and you keep not wanting to hear it. But it's true.
The Ground Zero Mosque.
The ground zero mosque is an Islamic slap in the face of all 9/11 victims.
Tolerating intolerance of America: Americans are being trained in it.
In tolerating intolerance of themselves some Americans think they are proving something or other.
More concessions to the Palestinians? Do concessions run on a one way street?
Israel is called to make more concessions to the Palestinians. It is never the other way round.
Argument opposing Sharia law as brutal, oppressive and murderous.
Opposing Sharia Law means opposing brutal domination, wife beating, child abuse and even bloody murder.
Fair warning: Beware of the Moslem Liars holding olive branches and smiling.
If you have Moslem friends, you need to learn about the religious Moslem Liars
Who "radicalized" the Boston Marathon Bomber brothers? It's the Koran, Stupid.
Yes, it's the Koran, stupid, and it's mainstream Islam, and there's nothing radical about either of them.
Refuting Obama, the American Politician, who is a Professional Revolutionary.
Refuting Obama, and refuting his “Social Justice” smoke-screen policies of destruction.
The Marxism of Obama: Marching America into another Socialist dictatorship.
Describing the self-documented Marxism of Obama which is still not widely recognized among the American citizenry. Obama “change” is Socialism, pure and simple.
Deliverance From Evil goes to the heart of the hot political debate in America.
Americans increasingly pray and work for deliverance from evil, as they slowly wake up to a threat that is not merely political in nature.
A submission from someone who didn't know what page he was on.
Frequently someone doesn't know what he's talking about but just goes right on talking.
Values Versus Ethos: If we are not a Christian people then what the hell are we?
Obama set up the values versus ethos argument. He declared that we are not a Christian nation, but a nation of citizens with “values”. What are these values and where did they come from?
Up From Obamunism: The Path Back to Constitutional America.
Rising Up From Obamunism is our only recourse lest the American Ideal die with our generation.
Obamunism makes us look for the exit; where is it? What is the way out?
We need to find the way out of Obamunism, or America (and the free world) is cooked.
The Christ-centered life, the godless life, and the inevitable ungodly life.
When any Godly nation moves into godlessness, the inevitable end is an ungodly nation.
A minority tail furiously wags a majority dog unto death.
In bending over backwards to mollify and molly-codle minorities, the majority forgets it is the majority.
What is Dear Leader Comrade Obamahmadinejad up to?
Could Comrade President Barrack Hussein Obamahmadinejad be forming an American Dictatorship-In-Exile?
How little lies grow up to become treachery and treason.
Treachery and treason, and death, patiently waits at the end of the trail of all opposition to Truth.
The Case for Treason, against the Presidency, many in Congress and in the Court.
Presenting the Case for Treason, possible against some violators of their oaths of office.
What's new about the Benghazi story? We may never know it all.
There may be too many Marxists and Moslems imbedded in the FBI and CIA to know the truth.
America’s grounds for impeachment need to be expanded and extended.
Grounds for impeachment from office: Opposition to America as founded, covering all branches of government.
What are We The People to do with Roberts and his court? Impeach the bastards!
Roberts joined four other Justices in direct opposition to our Constitution, and we should impeach the bastards.
Regarding the 2010 Tax Deal Pledge Breaker: Pledge? What Pledge?
How can Republican deal makers even face us? We need to hang a Tea Party target on all professional politicians for 2012.
Casually Crashing America and Innocently Destabilizing the World.
Casually Crashing America and Fomenting Foreign Wars, all while appearing disinterested.
Two Party Treason: Marxist Democrats Vs. Big Government Republicans.
If both political Parties violate the Constitution in different ways, what we have is two Party treason.
Our American governmental criminal enterprise.
Our governmental criminal enterprise is run much like any crime family.
Truth versus Agenda addresses the simplest of problems greatly complexified.
Truth versus Agenda examines the contest between reality and its opposition.
What to do with our anti-American Americans? Can America live with them?
There are several variants of anti-American Americans who pose a serious threat from within.
Look at all the anti Constitutionalists - see how they run.
See the anti Constitutionalists gather for war against those who violate lesser laws.
Unrecognized Criminality, like habitual sin, morphs into the new norm.
De-emphasis of Constitutional Law led to unrecognized criminality in high places.
The Most Beautiful Lies are multifaceted, persuasive and long-lived.
Beautiful Lies have more than one purpose; at least two, often more than three.
The layers of lies that are destroying America; it’s like peeling an onion.
Our many layers of lies, deceptions, disinformation, treachery and destructive agendas, all aimed at Truth.
American Cultural Linkages, and the fatal Cultural Tipping Point.
Religion Plus Politics Makes A Nation. The Fatal Tipping Point is in That Vital Linkage.
Americas Last Stand; Cling to your Bible, Constitution and guns; you will be OK.
We The People will make America's Last Stand. Neither Party will defend the Constitution.
The process of becoming a Godless Nation is the sure path to National Insanity.
The Godless Nation: Can a totally secularized people even know right from wrong?
Is the Constitution now toast? Was this the election that did America in?
Is the Constitution now toast, and if not, why not?
Boehner's Folly: will it doom Constitutional America?
House Leadership and Boehner's Folly purposely fumbled and turned over the ball on the one yard line.
Kerry's Lies: The Old, Vietnam-Era Anti-War Chickens are Comming Home to Roost.
POW Lawsuit Could Force Kerry To Come Clean - by George "Bud" Day, Chairman, Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation.
Kerry lies again, and then lies about his lies, in concert with the SLIMC.
There he goes again! Kerry lies again and again about American servicemen and veterans; he just can't help himself.
Try to imagine a post-American world, and how it might treat mankind.
A post-American world would return to pre-liberty control and pre-Capitalism plunder.
The why of it: are our teachers, leaders and our journalists all just stupid?
Everything everyone in Washington does these days raises questions about the why of it all.
The facade of the Smiling Revolutionary hides his evil intentions toward voters.
The Moron-Vote is Mesmerized by Smiling Revolutionary, until it is too late.
Stupidified and Chickafied America: Creating a dumbed-down and sissified public.
The Chickafied American Moron Voters will always look for the easy way out.
The End Game; Marxism & Islam join hands beneath the smoke of world chaos.
This could be the end game, it could be the beginning of World War Three, or, just another global depression.
The Atheist Obsessions, with sexual obsessions chief among them.
On the seemingly universal projection of the atheist obsessions onto believers and the un-obsessed.
Imagining a No Party America, with political Parties outlawed.
When Political Parties oppose or do not defend the Constitution it is time for a No Party America.
On the Superficial Beauty of Evil.
The Superficial Beauty of the lie presents the allure and attraction of untruth and falsehood.
Faith alone is not enough; faith without works is dead.
The decisive moment is upon you. Get off your ass and fight; faith alone is just not enough.
On the Objective Reality of God
Objective Reality versus Subjective Empiricism, which holds that Reality is subject to Human Perception.
The Class Warfare Lies of "Social Justice" infecting theology and philosophy.
Most every time Social Justice is invoked, you are about to hear some Class Warfare Lies.
On Demonizing the Loyalty Oath: Marking the end of loyalty?
Outlawing all Loyalty Oaths is preparation for Revolution against the status quo and all order.
Multi-Culturalism: Suicidal Diversity.
How on earth could heterogeneity displace homogeneity without destroying culture?
The Republicrat Liars: Cooperating in the Destruction of America.
All Marxocrats always lie; therefore, Republicrat Liars are the most treacherous liars.
Politicized Courage: Marxocrat-Party sponsored opposition to nature.
Marxist reversal of Vice and Virtue using their new phony politicized courage.
History repeats itself, and then repeats itself, and then repeats itself ...
The Ukraine, once again, is being involuntarily flushed down the toilet of Communism.
The Three Sociological Divisions: The Faithful; The Disengaged; The Faithless.
Those who stand in Truth, those who oppose Truth, and those who are Lukewarm toward Truth comprise the Three Sociological Divisions.
There is a time appointed for everything; this is the time of winnowing.
We must politically winnow, to separate into good grain, useful straw, and useless flammable chaff.
Against political moderation: America was not founded by indecisive moral wimps.
Political Moderation provides neither leadership nor opposition, but merely a moral drag that historically prolongs moral debates and ends up hurting morality.
Blessed Polarization & Political Division: what America desperately needs today.
Lord, give us blessed polarization, a line drawn in the sand and a polarizing leader like Sarah Palin to lead us back to American sanity.
America’s return to faith in God is now a matter of American national survival.
If America does not return to faith in God, no return to “conservatism” will save her; it will only prolong her death agony.
Atheizing America - we sit, seemingly mesmerized, merely watching it happen.
Among all Leftist agendas, the atheizing America agenda is the one we seem to notice the least is this. Like deer in the headlights, we just stand there and watch.
On Evil and Nonsense: Look closely at Nonsense, and find Evil at its root.
Evil and Nonsense: deny evil and you deny right vs. wrong; which is to deny common sense, which is to invoke nonsense.
A fatal false premise is a deadly logical trap for the mal-educated person.
A Fatal false premise with broad general consensus will always trump reason, evidence and critical thinking.
The World says: Faith Versus Reason. The Spirit says: Faith And Reason. Choose.
Is it possible to be a man of faith and reason simultaneously? Or is true faith exclusively reserved for dumb hillbillies, bible-thumping zealots, and unthinking cradle traditionalists?
Behold the Masters of Hypocrisy who denigrate us and highlight their own shame.
Good Leadership, for the Masters of Hypocrisy, means Surrender to the World and Follow The Mob.
Of all the dumb-assed ideas in the world, the dumbest is The Equality Stupidity.
The Equality Stupidity takes the prize for the most imbecilic of all ideologies.
On Replacing America: Do detractors seek replacement, or destruction?
Replacing America or destroying America – what do Democrats and other Marxists really want to do to America?
Even the very best among us can be fooled into blessing abomination.
In blessing abomination we show how we have been mesmerized by the slyest of lies.
I told you so before the 2008 election; and here we are.
As much as I hate to say I told you so, here we are; and you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Financial Crisis, yes, but of who’s making?
American Free Market Capitalism may now be in crash and burn mode. Is it due to the inevitability proclaimed by Marxism, or due to government interference with the free market process?
2008 election forecast from a truly disgusting debate; doom for conservatism?
There is no good candidate here. It's so tiresome to have to choose the lesser of two evils. Our 2008 election forecast.
2008 Obama Election: Disaster, or Turning Point?
The 2008 Obama Election may spell doom for Conservatism, or, mark a turning point back to basics.
Regarding the perceptible depth of 2008 Marxist Infiltration in America.
2008 Marxist Infiltration: How do we measure it? Number of bureaucrats on government payroll, or, Freudian slips of office holders?
Measuring the 2008 Marxist Seeds of Disaster that were sown long ago.
2008 Marxist Seeds of Disaster are sprouting. Free Market garden growing a bitter harvest born of bitter seeds of Marxist Theory.
2008 Obama Ethos: Who is Barack Obama? What is his grounding, his ethos?
2008 Obama Ethos explores Obama's grounds of being; his religious, moral and political guiding principles.
2008 Political Crisis: Pseudo-Intellectual Elite Fad of Marxism looms in America
2008 Political Crisis of Socialism looms over America and all of Western Culture
Is the 2008 world economic condition as rosy as all the Obama fans think it is?
Here comes Change. The question is whether it might be beneficial or catastrophic for the 2008 world economic condition.
He's not stupid. He's not in over his head. Obama wants World War.
He's not inept; he's not lost; he's not mistaken; he's not naiive. Obama wants World War.
Obama the Moslem: Introducing Comrade Obama (peace be upon him.)
Obama the Moslem: anti-Catholic; anti-Christian; anti-Jew; anti-American.
Why this hatred of Palin? What galls modern women of the Left about Sarah Palin?
The blind hatred of Palin we’re seeing expressed is not merely because of hatred and intolerance of the pro-life religious moral standard.
A Palin Parker Ticket? My Dream Candidates for 2012.
Why a Palin Parker ticket is better than any professional politician Republican ticket you can come up with for 2012.
Elitism Vs Palinism: Why the Left and the Elites Loath and Fear Sarah Palin.
It isn’t just Marxism Vs Palinism; it’s also established intellectual elitism vs Palinism. The elite need someone to look down upon.
Refuting Free Love: the whole 60’s era of Make Love Not War & Sexual Revolution.
From Revolution, to Riots and Anarchy, to Sit-Ins, to Love-Ins, the horrible results demand a refuting of free love.
The Population Problem: A Real Problem, or a typical Scientistic Myth?
If England has a higher population density than China, and Hong Kong's is higher than Bangladesh, then maybe the real problems are not related to any over - population problem.
Artificial Contraception: Tool of Materialism with which to destroy Monotheism.
Acceptance of Artificial Contraception marked the single most destructive turning point in the history of Western Culture, marking the end of moral norms, foretelling tolerance of anything at all.
Abortion in America: Supreme Court takes charge of American Government
Through decisions regarding abortion, the Court arbitrarily and without opposition, systematically undid representative, legislated law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Being pro choice or pro woman's right to choose equals being pro abortion.
Saying you are pro choice, or pro right to choose, is saying you are pro abortion. Period. Pro choice equals pro abortion.
Welcome to America's Protected Billion Dollar Masturbation Industry
That the government simultaneously censors Christian expression and protects pornography, the product of the Masturbation Industry, is a pure national disgrace.
What does normalized, mainstreamed, open homosexuality say about us as a people?
Our argument against open homosexuality is an argument for the continuance of Western Civilization, and the Western Culture Ethos and the normative family.
So the Marxists get their wish again: an openly homosexual American military.
An openly homosexual American military has been the goal of Secularists, Marxists and other Democrats for decades.
The rise of the Femi Nazi Green Beret, and the decline of military victory.
The first Femi Nazi Green Beret will be awarded out of fairness, not excellence.
The Sexual Revolution: Sexual Freedom, or enslavement and degradation?
The Sexual Revolution was supposed to free us, rather than enslave us, and uplift us, rather than degrade us. It was a lie from the beginning; it degraded whole cultures and attacked human dignity.
Our argument opposing Libertarianism as an amoral conservative vote-splitter.
Opposing Libertarianism may seem counter-intuitive until you realize that it’s just another form of moral relativism.
The Chastity Vs Sophistication division: Wisdom Vs Elitist Celebritwittery.
'Naïve' Chastity Vs Sophistication of the Elite. Lechery, promiscuity, perversion are Sophisticated; chastity equates to naiveté. See?
Ascendent Heterophobia & Utter Moral Depravity - the new American Guiding Ethos.
The Fundamental Transformation of America, from a decent Christian nation into the grips of Heterophobia.
Absolute Moral Depravity and Our New Marxist Nobility
The American Revolution Eliminated Nobility; Marxist Moral Depravity brought it back.
Degenerate generations of mal-educated citizens beget even worse generations.
Multiple Degenerate Generations of Americans, raised up in iniquity, now displace the Old Way.
What is, and why, this linkage between Fox News and the Playboy Empire?
Should prominent men in the public eye work to strengthen our common Western moral ethos, or promote the new and more random, directionless, relativistic moral standard?
Boycott the airlines until they stop the groping and begin profiling.
Boycott the airlines; if you can’t go on a company plane or drive, don’t go at all.
The anti cafeteria Catholic forum is a thorn in the pew for Catholic wimps.
The anti cafeteria Catholic forum addresses weak-knee, wimpy, inclusive, "Spirit of Vatican II" heterodox Catholicism. Refute these contentions if you can.
The conservative Catholic forum promotes orthodoxy and attacks heterodoxy.
Actually, Conservative Catholic Forum (or Liberal) make no real sense here. A Catholic teaching is either correct, or it is incorrect, according to official Catholic Church authority.
The contemporary conservative American forum out-classes modern journalism.
Wading through the bloggosphere pays off when one finds a really good conservative American forum, blog or website.
The Necessity of War: Is there such a thing? Do we ever need war?
The Thinking Catholic looks at the seemingly perpetual argument over the very Necessity of War.
For God and Country – More Thoughts on America, and on National Existence.
For God and Country: Comparisons of martyrdom and heroism, Sovereign Nationhood Vs. Internationalism, distinct people-hood Vs. the Global Village, and Godliness Vs. godlessness.
America's Limited War Doctrine: A Fatal Flaw
Since Korea, top-level American war strategy has been terribly flawed. (Note well that the Korean "war" is not even over with, and we are still there, at this late date.)
The Bush War Doctrine Revisited: a fresh look at our horrible situation.
A reproduction of the "Bush War Doctrine Revisited" article and discussion points by David Yerushalmi; there is much food for thought here.
Pre 1776, the Brits vainly attempted Colonial gun control.
The British feared that, absent "gun control", the militias in the colonies could become as "regulated" and fearsome as the British "Regulars" themselves.
Military Assault Weapons Originally Intended in the 2nd Amendment
To miss the point of the 2nd Amendment is to miss the point of the whole Constitution.
CCW Entrapment discusses the legal dangers of legal carrying.
George Zimmerman is a victim of CCW Entrapment and Sponsored Racial Polarization.
Food Insurance: Is this stuff really any good?
All of us conspiracy-theorizing, global-calamity doomsday-preppers need their Food Insurance.
It's The Inquisition Myth, Vs. the various Catholic and Protestant Inquisitions.
On the history of the inquisitions (plural) that existed, and The Inquisition, which did not. The Inquisition Myth became a handy club with which to abuse Catholicism and Catholic history.
The Galileo Inquisition: Contemporary Enlightenment and Scientism Icon
The Galileo Inquisition was no small affair at the time, but over the centuries it has grown and become a club with which to beat the Church, and to promote the myth of the "Dark" ages.
The Christian Medieval Crusade, the preceding events, and the aftermath.
The Medieval Crusade describes what is popularly called The Crusades; Christendom's attempt at self defence, and the freeing of the Holy Land.
The Infamous Byzantine 4th Crusade: A Total Failure in Direction and Purpose.
In the Byzantine 4th Crusade we find classic results of intrigues, sub-plots and greed overpowering and taking over good intention.
The Godless Left leads the young and naive to their utopian Hell.
For an honest comparison of the effects on youth, we need to look to the history of the Godless Left versus the Religious Right.
The Rabbi Meir Kahane Open Letter to the World is a must read.
No decent world history course is complete without the Rabbi Meir Kahane Open Letter to the World.
Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn warns the American Worker and American organized labor.
Solzhenitsyn speaks to us as a worker from the “Worker’s Paradise” of Communism; words of warning for all who understand the meaning of the word Liberty.
Thomas Jefferson speaks to us from the Declaration of Independence
Jefferson Speaks to contemporary America; the primary author of the words most sacred to Americans cans still fan the embers of liberty in the breast of man.
The field of Journalism is infested with Professional Liars.
Professional Liars predominate in the loftier positions of mainstream media.
How Cronkite and the SLIMC lost the Vietnam War for America.
With the whole SLIMC overwhelmingly Marxist, the Reds couldn't possibly loose politically and publicly that which they couldn't possibly win militarily in the Vietnam war.
Regarding the SLIMC Vs. the Truth
Regarding the SLIMC (Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex) and its treatment of the Truth
A closer look at the "Bush lied people died" Leftie flagrant categorical lie.
If it is true that "Bush Lied people died" then how does it follow that the UN, and all those countries, and all those Democrats, all said what Bush said, long before he ever said it?
Mainstream Media Lies and Liars just keep foaming up and building pressure.
If you want to look at some really fascinating current socio-political phenomena, look at the current build-up of mainstream media lies and liars.
Tet Lie Redux? "Cloning" the massive media lie about Vietnam's Tet Offensive.
Tet Lie Redux: An epic, lopsided, monumental military victory was turned into a political defeat by our media's flagrant lies during the Vietnam War. Now, they're doing it again, this time in Iraq.
Old Traitors Never Die; They Don't Even Fade Away . . .
Cronkite returns, to compare the new Iraq situation to his personal greatest achievement: the loss of the Vietnam War. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on his part.
The greatest tool of the Leftist MSM is the tightly-controlled "opinion poll."
Leftist "Spin" is glaringly obvious in mainstream news reporting today. But that Spin is greatly magnified and enhanced through the use of the carefully crafted public opinion poll.
The Leftie-Liberal Beat Goes On: More anti-American lies reported as "News".
The Democratic Party's yellow-bellied cut-and-runners would have you believe that United States Marines are wanton murderers of civilians.
Definition of Islam: Ideology of Military Conquest Masquerading as a Religion.
The Definition of Islam describes the “Convert, Submit or Die” War Strategy of Mohammed.
The term Marxist defined: Marxism today has overtaken earlier terms.
Re the term Marxist defined in contemporary usage. The term Liberal doesn’t mean what it used to mean either.
Definition of Conservatism: "That government is best that governs the least."
A definition of conservatism must recognize that, politically speaking, the terms Liberal and Conservative have traded places.
Definition of Libertarian : A Pro-Constitutional Practical Atheist.
The definition of Libertarian describes a religiously-cleansed conservatism defending core American political values while denying moral absolutes.
Definition of Capitalism: Economic Organization based on Private Property.
Any true definition of Capitalism must state that it is purely an Economic system, not a Government system, and it works most efficiently and profitably under Representative Government.
Our argument supporting the Rule of Subsidiarity, practicality and common sense.
The moral and organizational Rule of Subsidiarity is crucial to the rights of man and essential for freedom.
Definition of Communism: Marx's theoretical classless utopian society.
The Marxian definition of Communism involves the theoretical, perfect, classless society with common ownership of all economic "means of production."
Definition of Anarchy: Opposition to State Authority in favor of - well - Gangs.
They said it couldn’t be done; but even the most cursory Definition of Anarchy shows it to be even more stupid than Communism.
Definition of Socialism: Intermediary phase between Marxism and Communism.
Definition of Socialism: 1) The older ideology with "collective" ownership of power and means of production; 2) Marx's "Dictatorship Of The Proletariat" evolving toward Communist Utopia.
Definition of Democracy: Ideology stressing electoral majority rule.
The definition of Democracy as a form of government involves policy and law determined by the actual, real majority of the people governed.
Definition of Republic: A state in which sovereignty rests with the people.
This definition of Republic stresses autonomy and rule-of-law, and places the root of sovereignty in the people or their electorate.
Liberal Democracy defines elected representative government under rule-of-law.
Liberal Democracy is differentiated from Social Democracy by not restricting the right to private property, which is to say, the means of production.
A pure Democracy that left the natural economy alone would be ideal.
Pure Democracy in the Jeffersonian model, with unfettered free market Capitalism, would out-perform any other system.
Description of pure Socialism - the ideal that all Socialism is driving toward.
A true, pure Socialism would be something considerably less than the Utopians dream of, since perfection is not of this world, or of this life, and will never be encountered in either.
Social Democracy: Attempt to force-fit Marxist ideas into a Democracy.
Social Democracy, neither fish nor foul, seeks, by devious means, by the gradual rather than revolutionary path, the ultimate victory of Communism, or, Communist Utopia.
GESGOEAEOT = Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time.
GESGOEAEOT represents the grossly over-used term describing evolution, used over and over and over again in Darwinian explanations for everything lacking any real evidence.
PEWAG: Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild Assed Guess, on Darwinian mass-mutations.
The fossil record disproves Darwinian Gradualism? Well then, try PEWAG, Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild Assed Guess mechanism for mass-mutations into a new species.
TTRSTF = Them There Real Scientifical Type Fellers
TTRSTF is the Catholic American Thinker abbreviation for Them There Real Scientifical Type Fellers.
TTRSPTF = Them There Real Smart Perfesser Type Fellers
TTRSPTF is the Catholic American Thinker abbreviation for Them There Real Smart Perfesser Type Fellers.
TTRSJTF = Them There Real Smart Journalistical Type Fellers
TTRSJTF is the Catholic American Thinker abbreviation for Them There Real Smart Journalistical Type Fellers.
SNRTACBT: Surely, No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today...
SNRTACBT begins yet another predictable ad hominem attack by the Left in response to any direct question on the verity of any Secularist dogma.
STNSEACPB: Surely, Today, No Serious, Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe...
STNSEACPB is always the challenge-response to any question regarding the verity of any dogmatic fact of Secularism.
WDN = "We Don't Know" - Universal explanation of mechanism for evolution.
The answer is, always, WDN to any question regarding the mechanism for changes in Darwinian evolutionary hypothesis.
SLIMC stands for the Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex.
The SLIMC (Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex) is the Catholic American Thinker name for the Main Stream Media.
BMDFP: Pseudoname: Ethos of Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, and Filthy Pigs.
I call on BMDFP when I feel the need to "name that ethos"; legion are they who claim an ethos superior to ours, but they just can't name it. Problem resolved.
HBAACOTE = Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
HBAACOTE is the inevitable resultant notion when materialistic atheism rules, and lays the groundwork for Marxist takeover.
Anti-Christian Litigation Union: a proactively Leftist-Secularist organization.
The ACLU acronym more appropriately and accurately applied: Anti-CHRISTian Litigation Union, MAINLY promoting legal suppression of Constitutionally guaranteed open Christian religious expression.
FLORMPORIF: a Flagrant Liar, or, a Mindless Parrot, or, an Innocent Fool.
The term FLORMPORIF describes the source of a false story as either a deceitful and treacherous liar, or, an unthinking, mindless gossip, or, a naive and gullible fool.
MEJTML = Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MEJTML applies to any Marxist. How do you know when a Marxist is lying? When his mouth is open and words are coming out.
IEJTML = Islamic Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML applies to any Moslem. How do you know when a Moslem is lying? When his mouth is open and words are coming out.
MPAV = Marxist Principles And Values
MAPV addresses the supposed “principles” and “values” by which Marxists order their lives, having abandoned ethos but not the appearance of being principled men.
WBESSWG = Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance.
WBESSWG presents “Global Governance” as Orwellian “Newspeak” for Marxist world dictatorship.
TRMITM stands for The Reason Man's In This Mess
TRMITM (The Reason Man's In This Mess) begins with turning from God and then imitating God.
The Arguments pro and con under girding the Catholic American Thinker.
Foundational arguments pro and con under girding Western culture and the Judeo-Christian ethos.
Toward a return to argumentation; the lost art of reasoned verbal combat.
A return to argumentation requires a return to critical thinking. Is it too late for Western man?
Our argument against Earmarks: the infamous Line Items of Pork Barrel Politics.
Legislative Earmarks feed corruption through skimming, lobbyist paybacks, hidden political agendas and more, by providing a huge political Pork Barrel feeding frenzy.
Opposing affirmative action / equal opportunity programs as racist.
Affirmative action (racial preference) requires racial exclusion, which is, definitively, racism.
Against diversity for the sake of diversity. Why do Marxists always seek more?
Our argument against diversity for the sake of diversity, which weakens and ultimately replaces ideology and ethos.
Our argument against fads, fashions, popular trends and herd instinct.
If speaking against fads makes me square, un-cool or un-hip, then so be it. All fads are, in microcosm, expressions of rebellion against tradition.
Our argument against public despair, hopelessness and pessimism re the future.
Despair is a mortal sin, the opposite of the virtue of hope; it is a sin unto the death of the soul, a repudiation and rejection of God’s grace.
The Death Penalty: are our courts too corrupt to be trusted with it?
The death penalty is too strong a sentence when serious questions exist re the truthfulness of police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and even forensic scientists.
We argue against income minimums and caps, and for a free and private market.
Income minimums and caps are Marxism’s “moral” bait to gain popular support for Socialism on the path to typical Marxist absolute dictatorship.
Argument Against the Anti-American UN: Why do we support such an antagonist?
The staunchly anti-American UN has a major goal involving world governance, and America is in the way of that effort.
Either limit the scope of government or limit citizen liberty.
Scope of government has broadened so much that there is now little of the living of life that is not subject to regulation.
Woodcarver George Mikalauskas produces unique, and custom, Lithuanian crosses.
A Dayton, Ohio native of Lithuanian heritage, George prayerfully produces crosses in the ancient Lithuanian style.
Thinking Catholic direction: threats to America, Church, Ethos, even History.
The Thinking Catholic Direction is multi-faceted, facing threats to American National Existence, Catholic Liturgy, our common Guiding Ethos - <i>emphasis</i> changes to meet the threat of the moment.
The website is going on hold for at least the next five weeks.
Business calls, and I must respond. Will be traveling, and not taking the laptop this time.
Current Website Status
Still too busy for individual responses to questions, comments & criticisms.
Our 2006 Ohio Voter Guide.
The choices are quite clear, and the 2006 Ohio Voter Guide was easy to produce.
It's The American Ideal and our Constitutional Government Vs the Global Village.
This election, alone, is unlikely to completely undo America, as a nation; but it may work in that direction. It is of vital importance to you as an American.
On carrying my Lord, Jesus Christ, in my pocket.
As a Eucharistic Minister, I am on occasion carrying the Lord Jesus in my pocket. It's a wondrous thing.
Chastity Vs. The Modern World: Signs of a Culture in Decline.
Looking more closely at what is REALLY at the heart of American political debate today.
A 2006 Christmas and Hanukkah wish.
May the Holy Days we celebrate remind us all of who we are, and how we are different from other peoples.
Current Democratic Party platform reveals anti-Semitic streak among Liberals.
In their voting, their speechifying, and in the slant of their controlled mainstream media reporting, the current Democratic Party Platform is made clear to all observers.
The "Left", and The DaVinci Code, The Passion, and Cartoons of Mohammed.
You can tell a lot about a movement by its public words. The Passion? "Unreservedly Bad." The DaVinci Code? "Unreservedly Good." Anything to do with Islam? "No Comment."
Well, is it Global Cooling, or is it Global Warming? Is there any consensus?
What is needed is some real Scientistic Consensus on whether we should all be screaming "Global Cooling!" or "Global Warming!" as we all run about, on queue, mindlessly waving our arms in terror.
Home For Christmas 2008
Website Getting Active Again
Hydrogen power could be, and should be, the wave of our automotive future.
Any move toward hydrogen power is a move toward a cleaner and more efficient fuel, and away from our dangerous dependency on oil.
Thoughts in remembrance of 09/11/2001, five years later.
The changing shape of the war, the changing shape of the enemy.
The Jewish Shabbat
Description of Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) from my Holy Land item supplier.
What's going on with Mel Gibson? Is he really an anti-Semite?
I am surprised that Mel Gibson is an alcolholic. But I am never surprised at any words that come out of the mouth of any drunk.
Still Worrying Over NuVo Consequences.
The Holidays have gone by, several days have passed, and the SANE NuVo Initiative still stands pat.
The Dem's October Surprise involves another flip-flop of their public "standard"
The clearly pro-sodomy Party that openly seeks the "Gay" vote goes Victorian for another pre-election October Surprise ploy.
Some Problems with NuVo: the so-called Null-Vote Initiative.
A "philosophical" movement aimed at keeping religious conservatives from voting? Seriously? Let me state my problems with NuVo.
New "race and racism" thread begun by Stephen from VT.
On race and racism: the ever changing definition and generic usage of the word "racism."
Regarding SANE works dropping NuVo: Nul Vote Initiative dies with a whimper.
If you can't really present a good argument, sit down. On SANE Works dropping the NuVo Initiative: a program that works hard to SOUND pro-American while ACTING to oppose American National Existence.
Questions raised re security at Sydney Airport, and SNP Security Australia.
Questions raised regarding security of Australian citizens at and around Sydney airport.
Thinking American, in a nutshell: When one has lots to say, but time is limited.
The older I get, the busier I get. Answering multiple questions as a thinking American, but in a hurry.
"We are an Easter People, and Hallelujah is our Song." (John Paul the Great)
Our absolutely unique and singular Easter story, and the incredible force with which it struck human history.
My poor old truck is again starting to look like a poor old truck.
After half-a-million miles, we're now approaching another decision time; another paint job, or a new truck.
First journal / blog entries when the thinking catolic blog first opened up.
Notes to readers about what I was doing.
On-going WebSite work and planned WebPages as of 09/07/2006
Adding items to book store.
True, the world oil supply is limited; but, so are the stars in the universe.
"The world oil supply is cruising toward depletion" is the Chicken-Little call from the Left. But it ain't necessarily so.
Vic's busted finger status - life goes on.
Another busted finger status report, since the original one rolled off of the 50-entry BLOG update records.
Evangelization enters the animal kingdom with the first bear prayer.
It is fitting that the first bear prayer would be a prayer of thanksgiving.
Website Status as of 02/05/2009
No more Bookstore; no more Contact Me; no more complexity.
Discussion Thread re the sin of Scandal.
Does a scandal have to cause someone else to actually sin, or just be a public sin?
Website Status 03-09-2009
Just a note to bring you up to date on website status 03-09-2009.
Website Status 04/06/2009
Busy driving daily now; most website work will be weekend and as available.
Farewell Smokey Biorseth; R.I.P.; Hello Coal Biorseth; Welcome Home.
As we were laying our beloved Smokey Biorseth to rest in his grave beside the lilies, a carbon-copy of Smokey, in younger form, emerged from the lilies.
The USCCB was for it before they were against it.
If health care is indeed a human right, then, who, precisely, is spiritually, morally and legally required to provide it? The Leviathan State?
An Open Letter to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.
There appears to be no other way to get through to-Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.
More Marxist infiltration of higher education.
Public school and the media are not the only places dominated by Marxist thought; even Catholic institutions are infected.
Website Status Update 11/09/10
Just a Website status update; where we are and where we’re going.
The Peace Treaty.
The story of the Peace Treaty, achieved after centuries of war.
Honky Biorseth really runs this house.
If you want to know what's in any cabinet in the house, just ask Honky Biorseth.
Communist Manifesto; Democrat Party Platform: What’s the difference?
The current American Democrat Party follows the Communist Manifesto almost exactly.
Old North Dayton is looking for a Few Good Men.
We Need A Few Good men, who are Catholic Priests, retired or about to retire.
The root source of anxiety is misplaced priority.
An inappropriate set of principles and an improper sense of priorities form the root source of anxiety.
Pray for peace in Jerusalem, and for deliverance of Israel from harm.
To pray for peace in Jerusalem is to pray for deliverance from Obama.
Welcome to Holy Cross (Lithuanian) Roman Catholic Church.
Holy Cross Church in Old North Dayton, maintaining the Lithuanian ethnic heritage.
Our Beautiful Love, by Rosemarie A. Stone.
Our Beautiful love, A poem by Rosemarie Stone.
On Losing You
On Losing You; a Poem, by Rosemarie A. Stone.
Why should I believe in God? by Eugene Rudder
Why should I believe in God? an article by Eugene Rudder.
Of Weeds and Wheat growing together, and the eventual separation.
Weeds and wheat in the field differs from in human kind, where either one can become the other.
God’s Perfect Unconditional Love meets man’s Free Will.
Perfect Unconditional Love can be rejected. Liberty and free choice may be a blessing or a curse.
The Shaharokh Sharifrazy page has been removed.
The Shahrokh Sharifrazy page has been removed to conform to SBI content requirements.
Shakrokh-Sharifrazy was miss-spelled - correct spelling is Shahrokh-Sharifrazy
I miss-typed it, and now need to re-direct previous link backs.
The Catholic call is universal; it goes out to everyone.
Although the Catholic call goes out to all, man’s free will means that all will not respond.
Love thy neighbor as thyself: the Law in One Sentence.
Can one simple sentence contain the whole of the moral Law of God?
Are Catholics Saved, by having been Born Again?
The theology of salvation: Catholic vs. Protestant.
The Room: Born of that still inner voice.
A story about a small church pastor who erects a small room to serve as a mediation room for his parishioners.
Freedom, yes – but from whom, and to do what?
Is freedom from God enslavement to the world? Is freedom from the world enslavement to God? Which is better?
More American Imperial Edicts Issuing Forth out of Obamunism.
Archbishop Schnurr joins Rick Santorum in identifying American Imperial Edicts from this administration.
The challenge describes Capitalism as illusory and Marxism as solid.
The mixture of religion just adds to the confusion of all good realists.
On the word Consubstantial, the Trinity and Infinity.
On the Consubstantial (Single Substance) of God, and the mathematically impossible number of Infinity.
Faith, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues.
The virtue of Faith; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Hope, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues.
The virtue of Hope; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Love, from the Easter series on the Three Theological Virtues.
The virtue of Love; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Prudence, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues.
The virtue of Prudence; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Justice, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues.
The virtue of Justice; One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Temperance and Fortitude, from the Lenten series on the Four Cardinal Virtues.
The virtues of Temperance and Fortitude; Two of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.
Vic has Iron Weights for sale; Mama says they have to go.
Lots of iron weights for sale; all have to go at once, in one sale.
Our Ohio voter Guide for the 2012 Election.
The 2l012 Ohio Voter Guide – The Choices Have Never Been Clearer, or more critical.
If you saw some profane, insulting comments from me – it wasn’t me.
Somebody commented on my wall as me, with my profile picture yet.
Resignation of Benedict XVI and the Immediate Media Firestorm
The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and my interview with the author that caused the international media frenzy.
Just Laws for a Godly Nation.
Many nations today still lack a core of just laws for a Godly nation.
Work at home jobs that have had me.
A long, costly and unsuccessful run at work from home jobs that didn't work for us.
Is the Internet down in Lithuania?
Sudden loss of Lithanian traffic suggests the internet is down in Lithuania.
What does the World Wildlife Fund have to do with World Youth Day?
An unholy alliance between the Leftist WWF and the Vatican?
False Flag: Serious-minded fiction creating a better understanding of 9/11.
Can serious-minded fiction play a role in creating a better understanding of critical contemporary social/political issues like 9/11?
Bringing the Liturgy Back to the Real Vatican II
Cardinal Burke Comments on Sacra Liturgia Conference
We had to try to do Robert Irvine's Plastic Wrapped Baby Back Ribs.
Put plastic wrapped baby back ribs in the oven? What? Are you nuts?
Layman letter to all bishops.
Letter to Bishops from Mariann / Mary's Child.
On Common Law and the Constitution.
What, exactly, is Common Law?
Thoughts on the first Eucharist, established by the Last Supper.
The first Eucharist was recognized by the Apostles for what it was on that holiest Holy Thursday.
Get behind these Tea Party Candidates.
The Constitution is not going to be restored to legal preeminence unless we replace leadership incumbents of BOTH PARTIES.
Ecce homo; Behold the man.
Ecce Homo. Behold the Innocent Lamb, who takes away the sins of the world.
Imperfect Cliven Bundy v. all the Perfect White Commentators.
Perfection is not of this world, but the next; unless you're a White Journalist, Pundit or Commentator.
What does income inequality, or any inequality, have to do with morality?
When did we become so stupid? Income inequality, wealth gaps, etc., are not moral issues.
Fetal-Microchimerism gives new meaning to the bonding of Motherhood.
How the unborn child blesses the mother and physically changes her, for the rest of her life.
The Catholic American. (Note that Catholic comes first, not last.)
On changing the name of this website to the Catholic American. What do you think?
"Catholic American Thinker" as a possible new domain name.
Catholic American Thinker may - I say may - become the domain name of this website.
Property = Wealth = A Penny Saved = A Fundamental Human Civil Right.
Wealth Redistribution = confiscating private property from those who earned it to benefit those who did not earn it.
The cultural road to Sodom: Wide, smooth, straight and downhill all the way.
Asking the questions, is America already the New Sodom, and is there any way back to simple decency?
American Faith: What it was in the beginning, what it is now, what it should be.
If Modern American Faith is not to be Christian, then, what exactly is it to be? Nothingness?
Farewell America?
No friendly nation will bid "Farewell America" as we go under, for all friendly nations will be too preoccupied with their own deadly emergencies.
Why Did Vatican II Ignore Communism?
The veil of mystery over the Council’s omitting any reference to Communism has gradually been lifted.
When your system slows down or hangs, it's time for a Total System Reboot.
America, the World, and even the Catholic Church may need a Total System Reboot.
The Grand Conspirators, gathering riches and power through treachery..
The Grand Conspirators behind collapsing currencies, environmental panic, social revolution and the end of nations.
On Glorious Adult Judgmentalism, and Our Disastrous Loss Of It.
The desire to "Find Common Ground" precipitates our slow, steady, sure decline into pure evil.
Coming Website Changes: All the things I have to do, one webpage at a time.
Listing page-by-page website changes that need to be done, and seeking your suggestions and opinions.
Death to the Church of Nice.
Long Live the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Multiple acts of high treason keep going by without even being challenged.
Another Presidential act of high treason? Ho hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.
Religion in Culture: the critical factor not recognized today.
Secularists oppose religion in culture. But then, secularists oppose both religion and culture.
Cardinal Dolan's Church of Sodomy: destroying New York Catho
Cardinal Dolan is doing to New York Catholicism exactly what Comrade President Obama (peace be upon him) is doing to Constitutional America.
The Culture of Death always wears a false but alluringly innocent smiley face.
The Culture of Death, where Madam Hillary loves Scripture and your Living Will won't necessarily kill you.
Get Ready for the upcoming Website Name Change.
WebSite Name Change: Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to Catholic American Thinker.
Ars celebrandi et adorandi - Pastoral Letter from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki.
With Ars celebrandi et adorandi, all Springfield IL Catholic Parishes move Jesus back to the center of life! YES!
Privacy Statement
WebSite Privacy Statement.
Copyright Page
Website copytight page.
Thinking of Bai MacFarlane and the upcoming Synod on the Family.
Whatever emanates from the Synod, the Bai MacFarlane family tragedy brings it all into proper focus.
To be, or not no be lukewarm; that is the question.
Whether tis nobler to fight the good fight, or just smile and be nice ...
Incremental Tyranny advances as we Tea Party-ers cheer our imagined victories.
How we always greet more Incremental Tyranny with a cheer, a whoop and a happy-dance.
Technology: a Two Edged Sword.
Technology can be used for good, or for evil.
Catholic American Treason: Bishops join Republcrats in Obamunist treason.
Bishops participate in the destruction of American sovereignty, in acts of Catholic American Treason.
On The Evil One's Mal-Formed Compassion and Malignant Mercy.
In malignant mercy we see that evil and untruth can infiltrate and commandeer even the virtues.
Promoting Moral Depravity: the popular sport of the intellectual elites.
Almost no one knows they are promoting moral depravity, but almost everyone is.
Undoing the damage and righting the wrongs, wherever possible.
Undoing the damage must follow national survival (assuming national survival.)
American Foreign Policy: what it was, what it is, what it should be.
Obamunists and Marxocrats turned American foreign policy into an absolute travesty.
Cliff Kincaid interviewed Vic on TV about Pope Francis and his Marxism.
Addressing Marxist and Islamic ideology creeping into Catholicism.
The Infiltration of Evil Pages highlight the hidden advance of destruction.
Mighty nations, invincible in battle, may be taken down by slow parasitic infiltration of evil.
A concerned Catholic spotlights Catholic funded Alinsky organizations.
The Alinskyite Gamaliel Foundation underpins multiple Catholic funded Alinsky organizations.
The White Racism Hoax, the Racist America Fraud, and Reverse Racism.
The White Racism Hoax, slandering Western Civilization in general and America in particular.
The Pathological Liars of the Left.
What do common criminals, Marxists and Moslems have most in common? They are all pathological liars.
From Shane Leslie Mattison, whose father was Elden Mattison Woolliams.
Annecdotes from Shane Leslie Mattison.
Treachery and Treason: where all the lies, deceit and deception are leading us.
Another anniversary of 9/11 approaches; what lies beyond? Treachery and Treason in America.
The Divide and Conquer Pages reveal Marxism's insidious master strategem.
Marxism's most successful deception is plumbed in the Divide and Conquer Pages.
The Islam Pages: Setting the record straight for the non-Islamic world
The Islam Pages describe the war declared upon us all by Mohammed after the Hijrah in 622 AD.
Refuting Marxism and sub-theories of Socialism and Communism, as Scientism.
If Marxism represents any sort of true Scientific Theory then there must be a preponderance of evidences supporting it. Show us any of it.
The Marxism Pages: The Destruction of Western Civilization From Within.
The Marxism Pages, on the Western Cultural transformation from Judeo-Christianity into Pure Materialism.
Progressive-America: From Constitutional Republic into Democratic Socialism.
Progressive America aims at ending the rule of subsidiarity and ending individual liberty.
The Scientism Pages highlight Democratic Group Think in Material Science.
The Scientism Pages identify Popular Ideas touted as Scientific by silly, sophmoric "Scientists".
Refuting the Repressed Memory Syndrome scientistic theory of Freudianism.
If Freudianism’s Repressed Memory Syndrome is a true Scientific Theory then there must be a preponderance of evidences supporting it. Show us any of it.
The Mainstream Media Pages: Soft Marxist Propaganda disguised as News.
The Mainstream Media Pages show the linkage between Journalism, Politics and Marxism.
Disinformation differs from miss-information by being deliberate and deceptive.
Deliberate Disinformation moves America and the World deeper and deeper into error.
Unavoidable existence of evil and the periodic Necessary War.
So long as evil exists, necessary war will be fought, lest the Church and "Good" be extinguished on earth.
The Ebola Setup: Another possible trigger for the final revolution?
The purposeful government infection of America, through the Ebola setup. Why?
Anathematizing anathema: the predictable result of the denial of evil.
In a world that denies the existence of evil, anathematizing anathema itself is the only anathema allowed.
The American Peoplehood Pages
A distinct human culture in the process of becoming an indistinguishable amorphous mass.
The 2014 Mid-Term Elections Cometh: Here we go again.
Next Tuesday, the 2014 Mid-Term Elections are upon us. What are we going to do about it?
On PC Stupidassery: Political Correctness Insanity.
PC Stupidassery; a Political Platform, supported by indoctrination, propaganda and a fooled population.
The "Top Down" Catholic Revolution by Bishops Against Established Doctrine.
The "Bottom Up" Catholic Revolution by Laymen For Established Doctrine.
A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ deepens faith and faith commitment.
A Personal Relationship with America deepens love of country and patriotic commitment.
Can we find actual Evil inside the Catholic Church? Well, why not?
The war between Satan's kingdom (the World) and the Kingdom of God, and Evil inside the Catholic Church.
On Theory Dominating Substance, in science, religion, morality, and culture.
Everywhere we look, we see the theoretical trumping the substantial, up and down the line.
Treacherous Cronyism is bringing Western Civilization down, from the inside.
America, Christianity, Judaism, ALL, are being laid low from within, via Treacherous Cronyism.
2008 Election Results: Disaster, or Turning Point?
The 2008 Election Results may spell doom for Conservatism, or, mark a turning point back to basics.
Agent Provocateurs: Manipulated manipulators inflaming Ferguson MO.
The agent provocateurs are defrauded fools defrauding and fooling a dumbed-down populace.
Political Parties: Redirecting allegiance away from the nation.
Political Parties demand first obedience to the Party, not to the Constitution, slowly poisoning the nation.
Argument: The Good, The Bad and The Pointless.
On the Reasoned Argument. (In the absence of reason, there is no valid argument.)
Explaining the word "Catholic" in Catholic American Thinker
How do does the Catholic American Thinker retain distinctly Catholic identity and free thinking within mostly Protestant American culture?
Explaining the word "American" in Catholic American Thinker.
Retaining our distinct American identity in an increasingly Marxist - Scientistic - Collectivist larger world.
Examining the "Thinker" aspect of the Catholic American Thinker.
On fiercely remaining a Free Thinker, resisting being made into a Directed Thinker.
Christmas 2014: Hope is Reborn; Salvation has come into the world.
The Christmas 2014 Turning Point: The Kingdom is upon us; our King is among us.
If Francis is a Communist Pope, how does that affect Faith and Morals?
Exploring the links between Comrade Obama (peace be upon him), Pope Francis and Communist Cuba.
The Judas Complex: How a traitor may not recognized his own treason.
The Judas Complex explains how Judas Iscariot - like many a modern day Bishop - compromised with the world.
On the "inevitability" of a Perfect Global Government in a "New World Order".
Is this "New World Order" idea divinely inspired, or is it the ongoing work of Satan?
The Required Radical American Re-Revolution. Or, Re-Constitution.
It took 100+ years to radicalize Constitutional America. It will take a radical re-revolution to bring it back to sanity.
On the Anti-Church metastasizing within the Roman Catholic hierarchy.
The anti-Church within the Church: the anti-Papal agenda advancing even in the Vatican itself.
What would War on Islam look like? Would victory even be possible?
With what successful overall strategy could we wage war on an ideology?
You're gonna hold their feet to the fire? What fire? They're laughing at you.
You can't hold Republicrat's feet to the fire. They are the fireproof new political nobility.
The French Islamophobia: Was it real? Or is Islam really something to be feared?
If the French Islamophobia turns out to have been warranted, what about ours?
All the Unintended Consequences: What makes us think they were unintended?
If every single thing done by someone has unintended consequences, the consequences were intended.
Letter to an American Warrior, from an old American Citizen, with Love.
An old man's advice to a young man, sent in a letter to an American Warrior.
The argument within Islam, and about Islam, regarding the true
The true nature of Islam: Ron Paul, King Saud, Ali Khamenei, Comrade Obama, all have their versions.
Undoing Evil: Unraveling the sly "Good Intentions" destroying the West
Undoing Evil means reversing Political Correctness and Amorality, and returning to Pure Meritocricy.
Definition of Fascism: System of Marxism resisting the Worker's Revolution.
A true definition of Fascism must recognize its deep roots in Marxism.
War Begets War: It's About Islam; It Always Was.
Undoing Islamic Lies of "Peaceful" Moslem Propagandizers.
Presenting the Renamed Reintroduction of Thinking-Catholic-Strategic-Center.
The conversion to the Catholic American Thinker name is now complete.
Disorder and Confusion from the White House. And from the Vatican, too?
The growing disorder in Obama's America, and in Pope Francis' Catholic Church.
The Truth about Islam, finally, in a homily at Mass.
You never hear the unvarnished truth about Islam, or other evils, from Catholic clerics. Maybe that's finally changing.
Why is our whole culture going to pot? It's our morality, stupid.
Every cultural thing - law, order, decency, indecency, salvation, damnation - hangs on a recognized cultural morality.
All the anti Capitalist lies in Marxist propaganda.
Most old Marxist anti-Capitalist lies are now common "academic truths" in formal education and news reporting.
Another Obama act of Treason? Well, ho-hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.
He lives for Treason. Bringing Constitutional America down is his whole purpose for being.
On the lost human virtue of Industry.
From Industry to Indolence: how the most industrious nation in history has slipped into almost pure sloth.
Obama Lies Again. So what else is new?
"My work is done here; Hi-Yo Silver, and Away!" Who was that masked Marxist?
Babbling Christianity: The Loss of Unity in the Christian Message.
Is some New Testament "Tower of Babble" moment behind babbling Christianity's ever increasing disunity?
World War III is beginning, and the Big News is the "News"?
The world is tumbling into global war, but Journalism is all atwitter about Brian Williams. Go figure.
The Three Big Ideas competing in global geopolitics today.
The Three Big Ideas, and a Fourth one: aggressive, militant atheism, or secularism.
Do we have an anti-American Pope?
A Pro-Obama, Anti-Capitalist, Redistributionist, Utopian, Pro-Illegal Alien, quite consistently Anti-American, Pope Francis?
Do we have an Anti-American President?
A Pro-Islam, Anti-Christian, Redistributionist, Utopian, Pro-Illegal Alien, quite consistently Anti-American, President Obama?
"We are not the World Police" say the Lefties. So, if not us, then who?
In the absence of Police, including World Police, what happens? The criminals come out to play.
Gay Marriage: What the hell is gay about it?
It isn't Gay Marriage, it's Homosexual Marriage. If you surrender the language you lose.
Reconciliation with God, through a good Confession with Absolution.
Repentance, resolve, confession, absolution, penance, and uplifting, EXHILARATING Reconciliation.
Rethinking War on Islam: War on "parts" of Islam, or, Unlimited War.
Rethinking War on Islam may mean a perpetual state of war, for Islam's evil cannot be separated out.
America's current Anti-Constitution Constitutional Government.
All three current branches knowingly violate the Constitution that created them, provided their rules and set their limits.
American Constitutional Absolutism: Replacing Outlawed Political Parties.
Only American Constitutional Absolutism. No Kings; no Cronies; no Parties; no Opposition to The Law.
Global Absolute Stupidassism: Opposing American Constitutional Absolutism.
Most Political Parties and most Federal Bureaucracies are based on Global Absolute Stupidassism.
Even our best Major Media Cultural Commentary, Talk Radio, is not perfect.
Conservative Talk Radio STILL often mistakes pure evil for simple naïveté.
There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.
Once you know Christ founded it, then you must enter it, or not leave it, for there is no salvation outside of it.
On the Coming Total Global Reset.
This Global Reset will touch every aspect of human life, and nothing will be the same again.
New Way American Politics: Restoring & Advancing Cultural Americanism.
A New Way of doing our Politics after anathematizing Political Parties, Marxism, Islam and Globalism.
God Denial = Nature Denial = Science Denial = Nonsense.
Falling into God Denial always leads into simple foolishness, and that path always ends in utter insanity.
The Seven Catholic Sacraments in Scripture.
Protestants always ask for Scriptural evidence for all of our Sacraments; so here it is.
The REAL Science Deniers almost always turn out to be in serious God Denial.
To ignore the absence of Scientific Evidence is to ignore Nature, and be a true Science Denier.
On the elimination of all sense of Scandal from any society.
Where there is no Scandal, and nothing at all is Scandalous, the whole Culture has gone Evil.
Is Discrimination prohibited to Government, or to Citizenry?
Our Constitution restrains government, not citizenry; it FREES the citizenry to discriminate.
The Indiana Boycotters Celebrate Sodomy and Anathematize Christianity.
Does your company celebrate Sodomy, or Christianity? They cannot celebrate both.
Boehner's Treason is a far Greater Treason than that of Obama.
Obama's Treason is now glaringly obvious, and Boehner still pretends to oppose it.
Jesus had Zeal for His House. Do we have Zeal for our American House?
Is there any evil, any sin at all, before which you would stand firm and say "Not in my house!"?
On organizing the truly stupidassed pages under their own heading.
The Stupidassed Pages now represent a category of their own in the Contents of this WebSite.
You Must Attack Anti-American Politics to Win American Political Wars.
Any public direct attack on anti-American positions will always win, hands down. So why does no one ever do it?
Are right and wrong always black and white, or are there shades of grey?
There is the Spirit (the Kingdom), the Flesh (the World), and You. Love unites (or divides) you to one of them, and Love is Black and White. Always.
On the developing Catholic theological "Mercy War".
Has Blessed Cardinal Newman's "Development of Christian Doctrine" been weaponized in the new Mercy War?
Our current stupid war policy is clearly aimed at military failure.
But the political opposition has their own stupid war policy cocked and ready to go.
Stupid Political Arguments: False Premises and Talking In Circles.
Presenting the stupid political arguments of our Marxist Democrats, always initiated and publicly argued for them by their News Media.
Recognizing the Bipartisan or Nonpartisan Treason Destroying Civilization.
The seductive desire for brotherly peaceful cooperation corrupts the world through nonpartisan treason.
Seeking balance in anti-Christian and anti-Constitution American culture.
Keeping spiritual and political balance when 1/3 of the culture is evil and 1/3 is not even paying attention.
How to incite class war in a classless society: First, Invent Faux Classes.
Marxist Revolution needs a Class War, but Constitutional America prohibits nobility. Ergo, the Faux Classes of Marxism.
Faux Classes 2: Defining Social Classes by Income or Wealth.
The Poor we will "NOT" always have with us? It just doesn't get any dumber than this. Faux Classes 2.
Treachery and Deceit: The Weapons of the Enemies Within.
How Freedom of Speech opens the door to Anti-Free-Speech-Treachery in High Constitutional Political Office.
Conquest by Delusion: Making us conquer ourselves.
Destructive Social Delusion, induced by disinformation, mal-education, indoctrination and propaganda.
Should you love your enemies until they kill us all and conquer good?
Did the Commandment to love your enemies mean that you should love Satan?
On the Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) Communization of Faith.
IWJ brings all faiths together to form a delusional New World Order of egalitarianism. By all appearances.
On the Origin and Destiny of the American Catholic Identity Crisis.
The ongoing 50+ year American Catholic identity crisis was born of a split between the Magisterium who protected it, and the academics who taught it.
Twisting the Cultural Assimilation versus Cultural Segregation question.
Natural cultural assimilation is for races and ethnicities; twisted cultural assimilation is for sin and evil.
Civilization versus Savagery: On Distinct Peoplehood.
Civilization makes an identifiable civil People; savage, barbaric trends remove the distinction.
The Treacherous Global Delusions of Marxism-Leninism.
Is Pope Francis a duped "Useful Idiot" of Marxism, is he Delusional, or is he actually In On It?
Musings on the deep treachery of the most trusted among us.
Deep Treachery: Were they all deceiving us from the beginning, or did they somehow "turn" after being raised to positions of trust?
Holy Evil defines Bishops who teach and preach Falsehood.
Water and Oil; Fire and Ice; Truth and Falsehood; Catholicism and Communism; Holy and Evil; They do not mix. Or do they?
Our Many Maliciously Fabricated and Purposely Induced Cultural Delusions.
Cultural-Marxism + Freudianism + Multiple Crises + Many Years Abuilding = Multiple Cultural Delusions.
Thou shalt not Discriminate, lest thou commit the Newest Mortal Sin of Man.
Let us unite all Humanity in Indiscriminate Behavior, knowing that all who still Discriminate delay the human development of Perfect Worldly Utopia. Let us make our own Heaven right here on earth.
Science opposes Racial Discrimination, favors Brotherhood of All Men
Racial Discrimination is an unnatural, immoral, irrational, culturally induced and learned behavior.
Fix the VA by switching all Government Coverage to VA Coverage.
Restricting Congress, the Presidency and the Court to Existing Military Coverage should fix the VA pretty quick.
Fix Military Pay by tieing it to Congressional Pay and Raises.
Tying Presidential, Congressional, Judicial and Military to One Pay Scale should Fix Military Pay.
Progressivism: The Evil Stratagem of Slow Global Conquest via Delusion.
Progressivism is Satan's "Reasoned", "Scientific", Kinder, Gentler path to the Destruction of Civilization, through Induced Delusion.
Cafeteria Sinners: Selecting Mortal Sins from the Catholic Smorgasbord.
Catholicism's Cafeteria Sinners pick and choose the mortal sins they will commit, and still participate in Eucharist.
Regarding off-duty military concealed-carry of firearms.
With Moslem potential Jihadists in our own military ranks, all American military should be armed at all times.
Sheriffs and Veterans and Citizens; Oh My!
County Sheriffs and Veterans should together form volunteer Minute-Man like County Militia units of the free citizenry.
The Confederate Flag is also the Democrat Party Flag. Surprise.
It's the Democrat Party Flag. "Democrat" is Synonymous with "Confederate", and should be used interchangeably.
Patience. Be not afraid. A Glorious Sunrise is coming.
The Son rose on a Sunday, following a Friday Crucifixion. Our Sunrise will come after much suffering; it will come with our reawakening to Truth.
Why all the homo marriage surprise? There is nothing new under the sun.
On the unconstitutional Court legislated homo marriage surprise. Ho hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.
Only clear, distinct political battle lines will save Constitutional America.
Fuzzy, indistinct political battle lines only encourage and feed the "bipartisan" progressive destruction of this last bastion of Human Liberty.
Political, Theological and Philosophical Pigeonholes.
No one exactly fits any Pigeonhole; you're not supposed to Pigeonhole anyone; but what about their own words, actions and behavior?
Unique, Distinct, Identifiable Human Culture = Religion + Politics.
The Formula [Culture = Religion + Politics] is what makes a distinct, identifiable People a distinct and identifiable People.
On the Vague Anti Authoritarianism of Pope Francis
And the Relationship between Vague Anti Authoritarianism in High Places and Moral Depravity in Culture
Absolute Truth, as The Winning Political Force to be Reckoned With.
The 2016 Candidate who stands in Truth rather than whatever various audiences want to hear will beat everyone, severely.
The Religion Politics Nexus: If Religion is not true Politics go evil
For Martin Luther, Politics drove Religion. For Pope Francis, Religion drives Politics. Or does it?
The Formula [Culture=Religion+Politics] is Inviolate.
Politics merely organize Human Culture around the predominant Religious beliefs of a distinct and identifiable People.
Evil is, definitively, Falsehood: the Opposite of Permanent Truth.
Evil convincingly argues Religion out of Politics in this temporary, passing world, where Satan reigns.
All the Smiling Degenerates, Looking Good while advancing Moral Depravity.
The Smiling Degenerates of American Government, Happily Bringing America Down.
On the Stupidity of Evil, and the Connection between Evil and Stupidity.
Evil is Opposition to God, and Opposition to God is just Glaring Stupidity.
Truth Denial: Über-elitist, high intellectual, super sophisticated Stupidity.
Evil = Falsehood; the opposite of Truth. It is not possible to oppose reality and not be stupid.
The Rise of Dominant Atheism, and with it, American and World Culture Rot.
Culture Rot ensues once Human Culture predominantly worships only itself.
Dr. Ben Carson, Champion of God, Family, Country and Decency.
Ben Carson can return America to being a Constitutional Republic once again.
America's Extra-Constitutional Self Destructive Politics: Civilization's Doom.
How all of our Presidential Candidates build up and support America's Self Destructive Politics.
[Culture = Religion + Politics] is the inviolate formula of Civilization itself.
Culture = Religion + Politics makes a unique, distinct, identifiable People. Take Religion (and religious morality) out of it, and the Culture disintegrates.
Whether the result means death or rebirth, the American Reset will be painful.
America was born in Revolution. If the reset means rebirth, it will only come through re-revolution.
The Pre-Ordained Club Candidates of Both Parties.
The Party Proposes; the Club Disposes; The Media Clears The Way.
The Washington DC economy of bureaucracy is booming amid national depression.
While the nation suffers economic depression, the local Washington-New York economy of bureaucracy roars on.
It ain't raining cats and dogs around here; it's raining stupidity.
You've heard of trickle-down economics? Well, this is pouring down stupidassery.
Culture=Religion+Politics: The Book.
Culture = Religion + Politics is now published and available.
Our Criminal Government and its totally dependent Moron Voter Base.
The hearings are a joke. Our Criminal Government is not going to indict anyone in government for anything.
A Lay Catholic American view of the Great American Decline.
How and why America is going down as Marxism and Islam rise.
Cultural Restoration, or Destruction, is upon America. One or the other.
If the American Nation is destroyed, an American Remnant will restore the American Idea, somewhere.
Defining "Difficulty", "Doubt" and "Dissent" in Catholicism.
Reactions to Doctrine(s) presenting difficulty, doubt and dissent among the faithful need examination.
Awakening to the possibility of taking down the media.
Have Republicrat Candidates begun the process of actually taking down the media, or are they just making temporary political points?
The Crudification of Catholicism, general Christianity, and American Culture.
"Crudification" is a Vic-ism denoting the process of becoming a crude and vulgar people.
How Truth Hurts, when it smacks us in the face.
But if Truth hurts, it also saves, and makes us free (John 8:23)
List of the Catholic Popes and the Historicity of the Catholic Church
Each of the Catholic Popes has a documented history, and these histories show the Apostolic Succession from Peter.
Simple common sense, in Catholicism and Americanism, is out the window.
You don't need degrees or books on theology or civil law in the living of daily life as much as you need Simple Common Sense.
On blurring the lines between right and wrong, and watering down reality.
Blending vocations, moral norms, belief, purpose for being, etc., into an amorphous, disgusting soup, by watering down reality.
Media & Academic hatred of Religion destroying Western Civilization.
The "Cultural Marxism" controlling education, journalism and politics attacks Christianity and feeds social depravity.
Condemned Freemasonry contributes to religious, political and cultural decline.
The Church long ago condemned Freemasonry, and we all should take time to carefully consider her reasons.
The Western World is now infected with educationally acquired social stupidity.
How all Western countries are committing cultural suicide, through the acquired social stupidity of our own Western intellectual elites.
The World is going "on lock-down". Just think about that phrase for a second.
It's a prison term. On-lock-down used to mean getting a prison back under control.
YHWH is Love, but Allah is Terror, and Islam is Terrorism.
Judaeo-Christianity is Civilization; Islam is the opposite. Islam is Terrorism.
Pope Francis just said WHAT? Excuse me?
Can anyone out there help me reconcile what Pope Francis just said with Catholic Revealed Truth?
Relationships: Spirit and Flesh; Love and Law; Religion and Politics.
Is Real Freedom a freedom from sin, or a freedom from legal or legitimate authority?
Obama's "fear of old lady and little orphan refugees" political trap.
Think only of the imaginary starving little old lady and orphan refugees; don't look at all the real well fed military age Moslem men he is importing.
Crony-Catholicism? Really? The USCCB is advancing Obamunism?
Say it ain't so, Joe! It's bad enough that we now have so many Marxified Bishops, but now they actually act against the faith?
On the natural social enculturation of children, for good or for evil.
Enculturation of American children into Judaeo-Christian civilized culture, or into Marxist and/or Islamic anti-civil cultures.
A submission from someone who would be Pope.
If all the last five or so Popes have been invalid Popes, then, where's the valid one? Why, Brother Michael, of course!
[Culture=Religion+Politics] Book, Reviewed by Accuracy In Media (AIM)
Cliff Kincaid reviews our latest book, and this site.
Legally Destroying America, through Defining Treason Down.
American Political Parties are swiftly dismantling Constitutional government, having first defined treason down to the point of non-existence.
On entering (or avoiding) the Catholic American Discomfort Zone.
Let's not talk about Religion or Politics today; it's confrontational and uncomfortable. Let's avoid the Discomfort Zone.
Americanism is a condemned Catholic heresy; so what, exactly, is it?
If the Church condemns Americanism, does that mean all Catholics need to leave America?
Are the real "Science Deniers" in the top rungs of society, or the bottom?
How is it that we who are called Science Deniers are the only ones who ever actually employ the Scientific Method?
Our New Wuss Generation, the Predictable Product of Moral Relativism.
Once one generation was raised in Moral Relativism, then next generation almost had to be a bunch of Wussies.
The common link between Paris, San Bernardino, 9/11, etc.: Islamic Jihad.
It was common, ordinary, every day Jihad. No one was radicalized; nothing was hijacked; no one went berserk.
The Left and other anti-Christians are always Blaming America, for Everything.
The Marxocrats, their Media, their Entertainment, their Academia, all play the Blaming America game.
"Surely I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
The Second Sunday of Advent, inspiring Hope, and Trust in the Alpha and the Omega.
American survival itself depends on getting Islam out of America.
Cult forms Culture; Islam forcibly attacks all non-Islamic cultures. American national existence depends upon getting Islam out.
Trump Confounds the Republicrats and Flummoxes the Marxocrat Party's Media.
Trump continues to confound the Left, including the "Bipartisan" Republicrat Party.
Is our Mercy to be unlimited? Should Mercy be applied even to Satan himself?
Mercy for your brother, your neighbor, your political enemy; the common criminal. But what about Mercy for the murderous, rapacious horde outside the city walls?
Feeding of Democratized Reality, inevitably ending in Loss of all Credibility.
Scientific Consensus = Democratized Reality = Propagandized "Truth" = Falsehood espoused by believing fools.
All of Comrade Obama's Exploited "Settled-Science" Stupid-Asses.
Obama's not stupid; he's evil. But his "Useful Idiot" Settled-Science Stupid-Asses all embrace Democratized Science. And that's just flat out stupid.
Has the USCCB morphed into the Catholicrat Party with it's own political agenda?
Our Democrat Party is now Maxocrat; our Republican Party is now Republicrat; has our USCCB gone Catholicrat?
Cruz and Trump Rise Again, and the Elites still don't get it.
The Candidate who actually recognizes the existing war and then properly prosecutes it will win all the marbles.
Anti-Discrimination Law is, in reality, Government Imposed Discrimination.
Imposed Discrimination against all Western Civilization Decency and Goodness, under the pretense of being anti-discrimination.
The Sharia Distraction that takes our eyes off of Jihad, the REAL danger.
Sharia only affects those in the Ummah. If you're NOT in the Ummah, Jihad will kill or enslave you. Worry about THAT.
Marxists running the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Social Science?
Died in the wool Marxists in the Vatican's P.A.S.S. No wonder Pope Francis favors the Socializing Frauds of "Sustainable Development", "Climate Change", etc.
On all the Anti-Christ Christians, and all the Anti-American Americans.
Christ Divides; Anti-Christ would bring us all together. Our Declaration and Constitution Defined us; Multiculturalism is now Redefining Us.
Recognizing, at last, the Islamic Declaration of War on Human Civilization.
Congress should Recognize the long existing Islamic Declaration of War, and Declare War against ISIS and all other active Islamic Jihad organizations.
On Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs Without Immigration.
"Americans won't do that work" is a purposely caused problem. If we can't create jobs without immigration, then how did we create all those jobs before 1965?
Fixing Health Care requires getting government out of it.
Get government out of it, require all health insurance to be owned by and benefits paid solely to patient-beneficiaries, and let the free market do the rest.
Does the Year Of Mercy mean the end of Moral and Spiritual Discernment?
Fr. Larry Richards says the one thing you are absolutely forbidden to ever apply to anyone else is Judgment. Is that true? And is Mercy absolutely Limitless?
Presenting America's new rulers: The Political Parties.
The Constitution is now dead. What we have in its place is government of the people by the Parties for the Parties.
On Obama's Gun Grabbing Lies, supporting his destruction of the Constitution.
Obama's Whoppers typify the Marxist rule for lies: Make the lie so big, shocking and unbelievable that it will actually be believed.
Test your Americanism: Is the original American Idea your cup of tea?
Test your Americanism to find out if you might be happier somewhere else.
Today, it's Triumphant Tradition v Indifferent Blending, in Catholicism.
Is Catholicism a distinct religion, or not? If all religions are the same, then, why be Catholic at all?
Fag Power: Owning and running more of the Church, and more of America.
On some of Marxism's earliest created and exploited splinter groups now becoming the dominant exploiters and owners and drivers of culture.
On the Minimum Wage Trick: Racist from birth, still racist to the core.
Walter Williams lays it out so even dim-bulb Marxocrats and Republicrats can understand it. (But then, they're in on the scam.)
Obamunist Assassins: Could pre-planned assassinations bring him back?
Does a President of a Capitalist Christian nation, who was raised by Communists and educated by Moslems, really intend to permanently leave office?
Government by Social Experiment or Constitutional Government: Choose.
All government, whether ecclesial or temporal, may be seen to be morphing into Government by Social Experiment.
How "Trumpism" trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism.
Trumpism: A turning away from the treacherous Republicrat Party's treason, toward the only imperfect alternative.
The Boehner Treason: Taking Impeachment off the table to kill America.
The Boehner Treason represents the foundation stone of all Republicrat Party treachery.
On very simple, nothing to it, Common Sense Culture.
There's nothing complicated about it. Culture=Religion+Politics. Eliminate religion, or eliminate politics, and you get anarchistic disorder and chaos: the opposite of culture.
Trump and Palin: Why are they considered to be the incompatible "Odd Couple"?
If there's an incompatible "Odd Couple" it is the Tea Party and the Republicrat Party, not Trump and Palin, both of whom fully intend to stop exactly what we the people want stopped.
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Examining the Religion component in Culture=Religion+Politics.
I submit that Religion is the most important factor in the making of Culture.
Examining the Politics component in Culture=Religion+Politics.
Politics: Establishing and Modifying Civil Law and Government for a Distinct Culture.
Culture: The Final Product of the formula Culture=Religion+Politics.
Comparing Major Contemporary Human Cultures: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Did Trump just Flip? He will now "deal" with Marxocratism and Obamunism?
The Donald has flipped before, but this may be the flip to end all flips. If HE won't stop the destruction, WHO WILL?
How Insidious Cultural Marxism Educates the World into Self Hatred.
Through Darwinian-Freudian-Marxist Self-Hatred, Citizens and Governments become their own mortal enemies.
Cultural Resurrection Followed Cultural Chastisement in Scripture, repeatedly.
Unerring steadfast faith in God brought Cultural Resurrection, after a Cultural Purging.
A call to return to the fold, before the global chastisement.
It is not to late to return to the fold in repentance, fasting and prayer, in full conversion, and receive the blessing of the Lord.
Is it a Living, Organic, Evolving Constitution, or a Fixed Legal Document?
The REAL American Political argument revolves round the Anti-American, Darwinistic belief in a Living, Organic, Evolving American Constitution.
The Unrecognized Evil of Social Evolution, including Modern Libertarianism.
How Social Evolution "evolves" away from belief in unchanging objective reality: From Judaeo-Christian Western Civilization into anything-goes Pop-Culture.
On the Obamunist Deception: Purposely Wrecking America from the Presidency.
Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is an Islamic Master of Taqiyya with a Black Belt in Marxist Disinformation.
Looking for the Candidate who might fix our Anti-American Court.
The next President might get to appoint four new Justices; that's all well and good, but why don't we even think about Impeachment for the majority of them right now?
How Spineless Acquiescence to the sins of friends and family destroys us.
Failure to oppose wrong gets harder and harder to do the longer it is not done. Spineless Acquiescence to Evil is smiling your way into hell.
Committing Ecumenicide.
Gathering the Political World into Marxism, while Scattering the Church through Ecumenicide.
Explaining Purgatory to a Protestant.
Being "Saved" is not enough to finally see the face of God; you also have to ascend to actual Holiness, first.
On the Murderous Charity of CRS (Catholic Relief Services)
Here come the annual Rice Bowls, to "charitably" supply the world with condoms and abortions.
On Coming Back to Ted Cruz.
If Trump will "deal" with the Marxocrats, I'm done with him, and coming back to Cruz.
The Limbaugh Theorem is now going on steroids.
In the Limbaugh Theorem, social destroyers successfully blame the carnage they cause on the ones who are trying to stop it, and they are believed by their ever growing voter-base.
May the soul of Justice Antonin Scalia, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
A true warrior for truth and justice has left us a better nation for his having been one of us.
All the secretly Capitalist Communists in America's Marxocrat Party.
The Corrupt Crony Capitalist Communists getting filthy rich while pushing Marxist-Socialism on rest of the nation.
The Crony Capitalists who enrich the Capitalist Communists in our government.
Crony Capitalists buy the Politicians who favor them with subsidies and favored tax breaks, and keep raising taxes to get richer and richer and richer.
Replacing Scalia calls us to Restore American Constitutionalism.
Replacing Scalia is not enough; his Spirit calls us to Restore the Constitution to its rightful place as the Supreme Law of the Land.
On Running Against Marx and Alinsky rather than against Hillary and Bernie.
Instead of running against his champions, Constitutionalists should be running against Marx, and Alinsky, and the anti-American ideology of the opposition.
Delusional Pope Francis, molding world culture into one undefina
Does the Pope want International Communism, or just a border-less, all inclusive, nonsensical, global non-culture?
Broken Communion with God ultimately causes the broken human community.
Man is a social being, in need of community with others. Broken Communion is an unnatural disorder for man.
Party Politics: Treachery and Betrayal of the Citizenry and the Constitution.
The Ruling Elites are so steeped in their sly Treachery and Betrayal, so into themselves, so Certain, so broken from actual reality that they still do not understand Trump's continuing rise to power.
Governing by Phony Crisis, and Doubling Down to Grow Government.
In the Governing by Phony Crisis scam, no crisis ever gets solved; they only grow, and multiply, and Grow Government.
There is nothing wrong and everything right with American Nationalism.
American Nationalism: fierce pride in America as Declared and Constituted; the exact opposite of Nationalism combined with Marxism-Socialism-Communism, Democracy, Monarchy, Theocracy or Dictatorship.
Pope Francis receives an Open Letter calling for his Papal Resignation.
"Year of Mercy" begins with an Open Letter: An Urgent Appeal to Pope Francis to Either Change Course or Renounce the Petrine Office.
How Cultural Marxism convinces a Culture of Liberty into Going Dependent.
In the 1960s Cultural Marxism grew absolute Anarchists; today it grows helpless thumb-sucking dependents.
Suggested Constitutional Political Proposals for Presidential Candidates.
What a candidate, any candidate, ought to be proposing. Proposals that can restore the Constitution back to being the Supreme Law of the Land.
"Secularized Reason" is Reason divorced from Faith, which is Amoral Nonsense.
Secularized Reason is not merely Amoral, or simply Morally Neutral; it always comes to oppose all sense of any fixed cultural morality.
A time to gather, or a time to scatter? This is a time of dividing.
On Dividing ourselves from Republicrat Stupidassism, and their program of big-tent Party "unity" with our own mortal enemies.
A Proposed Israeli National Doctrine that America should Learn From.
Reprinted Article identifies common ideological enemies of Israel, the USA, and all Nations: Marxism, and New World Order concepts.
Rush hit another home run describing all the "PC Vapors" after the last debate.
The whole Media, and even Glenn Beck, got the PC Vapors and nearly feinted, trying to shield the children's ears during the debate.
A Star Wars Mass? What? You've got to be kidding!
A Star Wars Mass in Brooklyn. Right. Priests with Light Sabers at the Altar. Hey, get with it, man! It's the Modern Church!
Praying for a smaller, stronger, moral nation under our Unifying Constitution.
After division and winnowing, a converted, committed American remnant may gather under our Unifying Constitution.
The Heresy of Chrislam.
Those claiming that the “Allah” of Islam’s Qu’ran and Yahweh or God of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are one and the same are missing one glaring point: GOD NEVER CONTRADICTS HIMSELF.
Billboard America v Real America, and Billboard Catholicism v Real Catholicism.
Advertising is Propaganda. Political Advertising is conquering America, and now, it's conquering the Church, too.
How to Vote in the Primary to Avoid Holding Your Nose in the General.
The Primary Election in Your State is your Only Opportunity to Vote Your Choice. Your Party would prefer that you vote THEIR Choice.
Millions are Converting to Scientism, the "IN" Religion of the 21st Century.
Converting to Scientism, because, well, just thinking about all them there Absolute Facts We Wouldn't Even Know, if it wasn't for Scientism, will make you downright dizzy.
The Palestinian Problem"is an Evil Mask; it's really an Islam Problem
There was no state or nation of Palestine when modern Israel was born. It was Islam, not Palestine, that attacked Israel in 1948.
The Ultimate Betrayal, against Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Wouldn't you just know it? It was all started by Cardinal Bernardin. No surprise there.
Authority never applied is assumed by others, as the Default Authority of Evil.
Legitimate Authority Unexercised becomes the Illegitimate Default Authority of those Legitimately Subject to it.
It's 2016 Primary Voting Day; when the polls open I'll be there.
I've made my picks and, for me, it's do-or-die day for the American Republic.
Domestic Enemies of the Judaeo-Christian Ethos and of Constitutional America.
Pure Politicians, Political Parties and Social Scientists: the Domestic Enemies working to bring down Constitutional America and Western Civilization.
Leftist Rioters need our empathy; law enforcement against them is a no-no.
Leftist rioters and anarchists are publicly sympathized with, even at the expense of civil order, public safety and property rights.
Rahner's "Anonymous Christian" as main line Catholic theology.
Coming back full circle?
The Political Party System that Runs America Despite the American Constitution.
Cruz's Pro-Constitution agenda, and Rush's Anti-Liberal/Democrat Party agenda, aren't going anywhere while the Political Party System Itself Still Exists.
Civil Jihad = War by Immigration; Cultural Marxism = Revolution by Education.
Civil Jihad is like Cultural Marxism: Civil Jihad is War waged by Immigration, and Cultural Marxism is Revolution waged by Education.
Cardinal Kasper's False Arguments.
Pope Benedict, Cardinal Kasper's false arguments for Synod Report: Vatican Council II agrees with the dogma extra ecclesiam nullas salus as it was interpreted by the 16th century missionaries.
How Evil and Godless Marxism promotes Universal Unification with Barbarity.
Obamunism and Marxocrat Partyism and One-Big-Religionism would "Bring Us All Together", in a Universal Unification, with Satan.
Conservatism is now so divided and splintered as to be a meaningless term.
When everyone in America who is not a Marxist is a Conservative, there is no such thing as Conservatism.
Was Archbishop Lefebvre Correct After All?
Archbishop Lefebvre was correct in rejecting Vatican Council II, interpreted with irrationality. May God bless him for that.
Suffering Computer Withdrawal is like withdrawal from any other addiction.
When you are suddenly stopped from computer access, terrible chemical reactions overwhelm your psyche.
On the importance of real authority in the world; does culture need authority?
It always turns out that those who are most publicly opposed to all authority secretly seek to become super-authoritarian themselves.
Islam Unleashed: The Evil Destroyer of Human Civilization, loosed on the world.
Even Saudi Arabia fears it, and builds a wall against it. When Islam is off the leash the whole world is again in great danger.
Agreeing with Mother Angelica, Rest In Peace, on no known exceptions to EENS.
Are all VCII and Post-VCII "exceptions" to No Salvation Outside The Church just imaginary?
On Democratization out of Common Sense and Liberty, and into Marxism.
Democratization out of the American Republic and into Marxism relies on the prerequisite educational assassination of simple common sense.
Here comes the Synod Exhortation, and more EENS denial.
Is this original simple mistake leading us into doctrinal and ecclesial revolution?
On Faith, Doubt, Skepticism, Cynicism and Evil.
On the Skeptic's problem with faith, the Cynic's problem with Truth, and the logical problem with Boundless, Unlimited Mercy.
The Rampant Unconstitutionism in Marxocrat Party Positions.
Chris Matthews' question of Trump re punishing women for getting abortions puts Leftist Unconstitutionism on open public display.
Unifying Hatred pulls the Political Parties together in Bipartisan Cooperation.
As time goes on our two main Parties have less that divides them, as they agree more and more on varying kinds of Unifying Hatred.
Loosey-Goosey Theology, Wishy-Washy Leadership, and Anything Goes Culture.
Pope Francis' Exhortation, Obamunist Cultural Diversity, LGBTQP+ "Sophisticated" Social Engineering, and "Whatever" Global Culture.
Unconstitutional Party Delegates Unconstitutionally Picking Party Nominees.
Unconstitutional Party Delegates of Unconstitutional Parties Unconstitutionally deciding who gets to run for President.
Unreason in the Church: Who Is Evangelizing Who?
On Unreasoned Gathering with Sinners: Who is Converting Who? Is the Church committing "Merciful" Suicide?
On the growing and feeding of Useful Idiocy to advance Marxism.
The evil, purposeful, planned, "unintended consequences" and opposite results, all made possible through the growing of Useful Idiocy.
How Infected Evangelism Itself Helps to Destroy Christian Faith.
When unrepentant active sinners and Protestants alike are welcomed into the Church, who is Evangelizing whom?
Bruce Springsteen can't help it; he really needs to use the lady's room.
With the periodic gender swings of the dreaded Springsteen Syndrome, comes the compulsion to just walk into women's restrooms and locker rooms.
Madam Hillary let the cat out of the bag on Extraterrestrial Contact.
You never see Madam Hillary and Mazlan Othman at the same time, do you? They may be the same shape-shifting alien being.
Damn the Delegates, and Damn the Party, but Not the Two Best Candidates.
It is the Delegate System, and the Party System, that Trick Us and Diabolically Divide Us.
The Fag Identity Crisis, or "Springsteen Syndrome", that now owns the USCCB.
The USCCB's Catholic Fag Identity Crisis highlights their linguistic abuse of "discrimination" as done with "Distribution".
Atheist Lunacy Opposes Science and Nature and leads to Social Suicide.
Lies are attracted to each other; big lies incorporate all smaller lies; master liars recruit armies of lesser liars, all increasingly committed to Social Suicide.
Absolutely Intolerant Indiscrimination destroying human civilization.
Intolerant Indiscrimination? Can we be Intolerant and Indiscriminate at the same time? You betcha.
The Blind Guides leading Western Civilization toward the pit of Human Barbarity.
"Establishment" Party Members and "Establishment" USCCB Bishops are not all Evil Traitors; most of them are Deceived Blind Guides.
Breaking the Parties: Ending unconstitutional, illegal control of government.
Political Parties were never Constitutional. Making American government more manageable, representative and Constitutional begins with breaking the Parties.
Breaking the Media: ending control and slanting of public political opinion.
A return to American Constitutionalism and recognizing truth requires breaking the media's controlling relationship to American politics.
Breaking-Taxation: Ending all taxes on all Private Property, including Income.
And if your income is not your private property, then, whose is it? Ending all unrepresentative, regulatory and unconstitutional taxes.
Breaking Regulation: Ending unconstitutional, unlegislated lawmaking.
Breaking Regulation means shutting down unrepresentative and unconstitutional bureaucracies that make regulations with full force of law behind them.
Breaking Obamacare: Eliminating Socialized Medicine once and for all.
Breaking Obamacare and showing that neither Health Care nor Health Care Insurance are the Constitutional business of the federal government.
Breaking Public Education: Killing Anti-American Indoctrination.
Breaking Public Education at the federal level may be the only way to kill Common Core under all its aliases.
Breaking Anti-Constitution Culture Rot: Making America Good Again.
America cannot be great again until she is good again, and becoming good again requires breaking anti-Constitution culture-rot.
Breaking Unions: Ending Marxism's intrusion into work place relationships.
Breaking Unions means breaking the very reason Organized Labor was originally Organized: to provide a path to violent revolution.
Breaking Islam: Getting Islam out of America, and making war on Jihad.
Constitutional survival demands breaking Islam and breaking Marxism in America, and opposing their progress elsewhere in the world.
So, Trump is The Man, and Cruz is out. Now what?
Trump's nomination to be the Republicrat Party Candidate appears to be sealed. So what's a Cruz supporter to do?
Repairing Defense: Undoing the Obamunist - Marxocrat Party's damage.
Repairing Defense is an absolute requirement for American military before any serious military action.
Breaking The UN: De-funding a Globalist, Dependent-Upon-Us Mortal Enemy.
The UN is now a Globalist, predominantly Marxist and Moslem, anti-American and anti-sovereignty, corrupt, criminal enterprise. It needs to be broken.
Breaking The FED: Repealing the 1913 Federal Reserve Act to Restore Treasury.
Getting America's Currency and Treasure back under America's government requires breaking the FED.
Breaking The Drug Lords: Ending the Drug War by Killing the Black Market.
If we are ever to return to being a Constitutional Republic, we must realize that drugs are not covered by the Constitution, and end the Business by killing the Market.
Breaking Globalism: The anti-sovereignty dream of borderless hodgepodge.
Globalism: the New Communism. Anti-nation chaos dressed up as Utopia. A phony ideology so stupid it makes my feet hurt.
Breaking The Club: Breaking the Big Money control of American Politics.
Our Politics are run by money, money, money. Breaking The Establishment Club requires breaking the big money requirement of Professional Politics.
PC Speech Control Versus the Sin of Detraction.
Calumny is harming someone via a lie. Detraction is harming someone via an unnecessarily spoken truth. PC Speech Control is the absolute elimination of free speech.
Catholic Resistance: Church Militant's Grass Roots Movement.
We've got to start somewhere. Join the Resistance, form your local units and lets get it on.
There is No Hell, because Pope Francis said so. Right?
"No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!" --Pope Francis
On the Mythical Conservative Movement of the Republicrat Party.
Conservative Movement? What Conservative Movement? There ain't no Conservative Movement.
Bible Christians: More Biblical than Catholics? No. Not by a long shot.
Bible Christians all think their "church" is Bible-based; but the Bible is Catholic-based. The Word produced the Church, and then the Church produced the Bible.
Popephobia: A Catholic Mental Disorder. (I think I have it.)
Popephobia is related to American Obamaphobia, and German Merkelphobia. They are all closely related social disorders. (Could they be a Social WMD?)
The Great Global Deception: "Death of a thousand cuts" applied to Civilization.
The Global Deception is Machiavellian-ism applied by inches, in which the "Revolution" never quite comes, because the Target Institution destroys itself.
Breaking Abortion: Rescuing American Civilization from Utter Barbarity.
Breaking Abortion is the first step in restoring the Constitution to its rightful place as the Supreme Law of the Land.
Breaking Homo Marriage: What the hell was the Court thinking?
Breaking Homo Marriage, as one step among many in getting our three co-equal branches of federal government back into their separate and strictly limited individual Constitutional corners.
Breaking Secularism: Our Unconstitutional "Separation of Church and State".
Restoring religious freedom requires breaking secularism, breaking Unconstitutional Political Parties and restoring our original Judaeo-Christian National Ethos.
Breaking Gun Control: Re-establishing Constitutional Citizen Security.
Breaking Gun Control means declaring related unconstitutional gun laws to be null and void, because they violate the Second Amendment.
Breaking Chaos: Restoring Order in the face of Evil Revolution.
Proactively breaking chaos means re-institutionalizing Truth, through proper fear of the Lord.
Breaking Faux Civil Rights: If it's not Constitutional it's not a Civil Right.
If they are not in the Natural Law and not in the Constitution, then they are not "Civil Rights" and they may not be addressed in Federal Law.
Breaking Marxism: Excising America's destructive social parasite.
Breaking Marxism will be a tougher job than Breaking Islam, because "Cultural Marxism" is now interwoven into our national cultural fabric.
Could a President Trump destroy the Establishment? You betcha.
He could unseat a majority on the Court, unseat much of Congress and virtually destroy the News Media.
Breaking Heterodoxy: Priests can either restore orthodoxy, or they cannot.
All the other "Breaking" pages have to do with the Constitution; this one has to do with the return to Roman Catholic Orthodoxy, which leads the way in restoring American cultural morality.
Stupid Intellectuals: The conservative political sophist circular firing squad.
The stupid "intellectuals" in the establishment who just keep shooting themselves.
Saint Joseph: The "Virgin Father" of the Lord.
Saint Joseph, our second-greatest Saint, after only the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the perfect model of manly self control.
The Anti-God Obsession: Making Reality self-grounded and & explanatory
The Anti-God Obsession describes the obsessive Need to believe that all systems are self-contained, self-explained and self-grounded.
Breaking Dissimilation: Cultural Evil masquerading as Assimilation.
Breaking Dissimilation means maintaining Who We Are, as a Distinct People, in the face of Forced, Purposeful Immigration of Evil.
Our Anti-American Government, defending our enemies, opposing us.
The Obamunist Regime and the Marxocrat Party act like Defense Attorneys for Islam, Marxism and Immorality, and like Prosecuting Attorneys of White Christian Heterosexual Men.
The Individual Human Dignity of Christianity versus the Collectivism of Marxism.
Is Individual Human Dignity justified? Is the Individual a God-Image, or just another utilitarian droplet in the Atheistic Marxist Revolutionary Wave?
Ruling Class Liars: Marxist ends-justify-the-means liars using Taqiyya.
Ruling Class Liars telling the world about the "Social Justice" of Marxism and the "Religion of Peace" of Islam.
Unforgivable Sin meets the Wideness of God's Mercy.
What happens when laxity in the clergy and the whole culture "accommodates" even blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?
Sustainable, Shlamaimable. "Sustainability" is an unsustainable argument.
We don't sustain the earth, or even ourselves. The only thing unsustainable is the sustainability premise itself.
Ecumenical America: Christian Ecumenism's Last Best Hope.
The Reformation split us apart; the Sons of Liberty and the Continental Congress sought to bring us back together.
Equality: The American versus the Marxist and Islamic Interpretations.
The Equality of our Declaration is not the same as Socialist Equality, and it stands opposed to Islamic Domination.
Life: The American versus the Marxist and Islamic Interpretations.
The "Life" in our Declaration is opposed to the pure utilitarianism of Socialism and the murderous domination of Islam.
Liberty: The American versus the Marxist and Islamic Interpretations.
The "Liberty" in our Declaration is opposed to the pure social-sameness of Socialism and the absolute domination of Islam.
Pursuit Of Happiness: Under Constitutional America vs. under Marxism or Islam.
The "Pursuit Of Happiness" in our Declaration as compared to the "Happiness" of the Socialist Collective, and the "Happy Sadistic Domination" of Islam.
Returning to American Ecumenism: the First Step in National Salvation.
American Ecumenism, among the citizenry, may be the last "Big" hope the world has for Christian Ecumenism.
Reform Islam? How, exactly? Can you rewrite the Koran?
Seeking out "Moderate Moslems" who will "Reform Islam" is a fool's errand. Islam is irreformable.
Reform Marxism? No way. No part of Marxism is useful to America.
Trying to Reform Marxism is a fool's errand. Marxist ideology of Revolution assumes a priori that whatever institution exists needs to be destroyed.
Creating Pre-Revolutionary Chaos: Disorder masked as a "New Order".
Revolutionaries must upset the existing order, while convincing the victim population that all the chaos they see is not of their doing.
Breaking Voter Fraud: Ending Alien, Unidentified and Domestic Enemy Voting.
The whole goal of open borders, amnesty, opposing voter-ID and early voting is to defraud the system, defeat the Constitution and take over America.
The Athanasian Creed: Setting the Record Straight on the Blessed Trinity.
The adoption of the Athanasian Creed settled the matter, in an explanation of the trinity of the persons of God and the twofold nature of the one divine Person of Jesus Christ.
God The Father: On the First Person of the Holy Trinity, and His Title: Father.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is our Father, the One and Only Lord of All That Is.
God The Son: Consubstantial with the Father, wholly man and wholly God.
Scripture is clear and repetitive about it: Jesus was both God, and Son of God; both man, and God, at the same time.
God The Holy Spirit: The Third Person of the Holy Trinity, guiding His Church.
The Holy Spirit is God active in the world, doing the will of the Father, fulfilling the promises of the Son.
On the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her unique relationship to God Almighty.
The Blessed Virgin Mary: Daughter of the Father, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of the Son.
Truth is the only thing we can Unite on. Yet Real Truth Divides.
Truth Divides, because Truth Hurts. Any "Truth" that indiscriminately Unites is a False Truth.
Religious Conversation in America, socially stifled and anathematized.
Other than bland platitudes, "Moments Of Silence" and "Thoughts and Prayers", politicians, journalists, celebrities and everyone in the public eye avoids religion.
Trafeze: Taking WebSite Business where Uber is taking the Taxi Business.
Trafeze is now up and running. It solves the "Product/Market Fit" business problem for on-line solo entrepreneurs. This is made for us.
Who's in Heaven? Catholics. How do we know? The Bible says so.
Scripture, Tradition and consistent Church teaching down through the ages confirms it: In Heaven, there are no non-Catholics.
Ad Orientum: Facing East, or, facing the New Altar? Liturgical battle lines.
Originally, to be Oriented meant to be facing the Orient; to the East, toward Jerusalem. Today, Mass said Ad Orientum means facing the Tabernacle.
The Marxocrat Party Media and Crazy Bernie, who was in on the scheme.
Why all the surprise? Parties ALWAYS rig elections. And I knew the Marxocrat Party Media favored Communism over America way back in 1959.
Progressive Evil: Bringing Spiritual and Cultural Death, inch by inch
All Progressives, whether Marxist Progressives or mere dupes and tools of Marxism, advance evil at the expense of good.
Our American National Identity Crisis: Who Are We?
First, You Must Address Your Personal Identity Crisis: Who Are You?
Islamic American Constitutionalists? Who love America and hate Jihad?
Really? Well, that's what they say. Maybe we should just wait and see if they kill any more of us.
Rigged Primaries, Rigged Election, Rigged Coverage, Rigged Political Parties.
What should we expect, with an elitist "Establishment Club" running the News, running the Parties and running all three branches of government completely outside the Constitution?
Creeping, incremental Institutional Stupidity, slowly advancing evil.
It is incrementally grown Institutional Stupidity that makes good men eventually accept and advance evil.
On the Year of Mercy, Obstinate Unrepentant Sinners, and Pure Evil.
In this Year of Mercy, are we to be merciful even to the evil barbarian hoard laying siege outside the city walls?
America's Deadly Dichotomy: Christian Virtue versus Political Corruption.
Culture=Religion+Politics, true enough. But self-government demands high virtue, and politics are naturally corrupting.
Mortal Treachery: any Difference between Politicians, Journalists and Bishops?
Absolutely not. Their Mortal Treachery has caused American citizens to die, and it will cause more citizens to die.
Making the Kill Shot, versus Hesitation: On winning or losing the battle.
Hesitation at pulling the trigger means failing to make the kill shot, and each time, it may have been your last chance.
Banishment: Could it rid America of her domestic mortal enemies?
On establishing Banishment as a penalty for working to destroy Constitutional America.
On the Managed Decline of Western Populations, and of the Church.
The Contraceptive Mentality also brings about the Managed Decline of World Economies, because, only Free People produce New Wealth.
Trump v Clinton = Ignorance & Indifference v Machiavellian Evil.
Choosing Trump v Clinton is easy; it's choosing amoral love of country v pure, deceitful, evil intending, flat out immorality.
Saying it in pictures: When words alone cannot get through.
We've been warning about anti-American politics for years in words; but there is now a rich library of internet graphics that may say it better, for some.
A prayer for President Trump, that through him we may return to justice.
That the huge responsibility may humble him to his knees, bless and inspire him to lead us in a return to True Justice.
Feeding Racial Paranoia and Social Chaos for Pure Political Profit.
Politically inflaming racial paranoia and blind hatred of whites and cops, solely for the political benefit of the REAL racist Party.
Is Practical Atheism leading us all into a New World Order?
Practical Atheists, who are nominal or non-practicing "believers" who live lives exactly as if they were atheists, belong to Practical Atheism.
Has George Soros now become a Pope Maker?
Elizabeth Yore (at Remnant) unveils very strong connections between top George Soros surrogates and Pope Francis.
Holy Hatred: Can we hate evil and still be Christian?
"Do you renounce Satan, and all his evil works?" That is a yes or no question.
The Insidious Hidden Evil behind Collective Bargaining.
The sly "Fairness" mask on Collective Bargaining hides the original, ongoing and continually exploited evil Marxist anti-institution stratagem.
Genetic Entropy: Pointing to Human Devolution, not Evolution.
Genetic Entropy shows that mutants have less genetic material for variation, never more, falsifying evolution via "favorable" mutation.
An American Diocese upholds a Marriage against Abandonment.
Which should be the norm. Abandonment of a Catholic Sacramental Marriage is assumed a priori to be a mortal sin.
America's Chief Mortal Enemy: ISIS? Iran? N. Korea? Russia? China?
No. America's Mortal Enemy Number 1 is Comrade Obama (peace be upon him) and his whole Marxocrat Party.
Join the Catholic Resistance, and wage Guerilla warfare against Evil.
Catholic Resistance to Evil means personal sacrifice. It means continually evangelizing, even when and where evangelization is not welcome.
Finding Geographical, Political and Religious True North.
It is Knowing True North that properly orients us, and enables us to find the Direction Home.
Worldly Nobility is temporary; Natural Nobility, or Holiness, is Permanent.
On the Natural Nobility of those who submerge themselves in the service of others, in self-sacrificial charity.
The Globalist Stupidity: Building a Global Government on Stupid Premises.
The Globalist Stupidity is an agenda aimed at eliminating borders and nations by frightening populations with fake environmental predictions.
Defining Rights Down, Reversing Constitutional Meaning and Wrecking America.
On Unconstitutional "Hate Speech" and "Hate Crime", established by Flag Burners, America Haters and Constitution Destroyers.
Consequences of Breaking the System and Restoring the Constitution.
Assessing the good, bad and ugly consequences of breaking the system of political corruption and returning America to Constitutional Rule.
Invincible Ignorance my ass. It's invincible lawlessness running amuck.
Government, academia, journalism and entertainment, all working together as one big criminal enterprise.
Evil Unmasked: Ryan and the boys openly side with America's enemies.
If they won't support their own candidate in a two-person race, which candidate does that leave unopposed?
Political Parties = Political Denominationalism = Diversity in Patriotism.
Denominationalism varies Revealed Truth; Political Parties vary Constitutional Meaning.
Another Marxist "Catholic Spring"? Yawn. So what else is new?
Breaking News: A Catholic Springtime of Revolution. Well, ho hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.
The Religion-Political Parallels in America's rise, and in her decline
Boldly speaking about the taboo subjects of religion and politics is what this DIVISIVE and INTERACTIVE website was born to do.
Abortion Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Abortion Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Homo Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Homo Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Health Care Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Health Care Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Anti-Church Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Anti-Church Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Anti-Gun Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Anti-Gun Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Socialist Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Socialist Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Islamic Rights: Criminal Malfeasance in the Federal Government.
"Islamic Rights" show the need to nullify unconstitutional law and impeach Supreme Court Justices and others who violated the Constitution.
Shared Divinity? Can man somehow "share" divinity with God?
This "Shared Divinity" concept might be way too big for my limited intellectual capacity, but my heart is trying it on for size.
We now clearly see all evil coalescing round Comrade Madam Hillary.
All the forms of evil coalescing in Madam Hillary and her Party are at long last visible, and therefore defeatable, all at once.
The "Pre-Existing Condition" Progressive Marxist Psychological Trick.
Insurance is protection against future misfortune, not past misfortune. How could anyone insure against past events?
PC Speech Control Vs. 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech: Place your bets.
Politically Correct Speech Control is ever increasingly taking charge of Constitutional America. Is everybody happy?
On the nature of Warfare, on the eve of 2016 Election Day.
In this world, you can wage Spiritual Warfare, Political Warfare or Military Warfare. But standing neutral will not save you or your children from evil in this wold.
Giving thanks for the Intercession of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth.
Storming Heaven with Prayer must not end now; pray for Heaven's Guidance of President Trump.
God, Nature and the USA.
The unique relationship between God, the Author of Nature, and the "Natural" political organization of the USA, as Declared and as Constituted.
Anti-God, Anti-Nature and Anti-USA.
Breaking America's relationship with God and perverting man's view of Nature, first, in the Anti-USA Agenda of the Left.
Restoring USA: The simple (but difficult) task before our new President.
Generations of unresisted Leftist damage and culture-rot cloud the simple task of restoring the original idea of the USA.
The Making of Emoticons: Highly "Educated" Emotional Cripples.
Our Universities are not merely cranking out anti-American Marxists, but also Emoticons. Trained Emoters, as opposed to trained Thinkers.
Emoticon Bigotry: the induced bigotry symptom within Emoticon Syndrome.
The Educationally Induced Emoticon Syndrome project introduces Emoticon Bigotry, making the student a hopeless bigot, just like his teachers.
A Pastor's Descant (Assumption Grotto News)
Fr. Perrone: How our corporate prayers after Mass have been modified following the election.
Pope Francis and the deepening and worsening Catholic Civil War.
Letter asking Pope Francis to step down: Can we really do that? Has it been done before? And is Pope Francis even Catholic?
Catholicism in America: Bringing Order to a Disordered Politics.
Is Catholicism in America to be increasingly relegated to discredited "Outsider" minority status, or might it actually restore Good Social Order?
Dubiosity (my word) in Francis' Papacy: The Five Dubia.
Pope Francis feeds Papal Dubiosity through indecisiveness, vague language and official pronouncements left open to wildly varying interpretation.
On the hidden Marxist Injustice in "Social Justice" and "Democracy".
And the Injustice in the sneaky, underhanded psychological blending of Communism with Christianity.
Failure to Anathematize anyone always leads to being Anathematized ourselves.
We ought to just say "Let us be Anathema" the minute we stop shutting out mortal enemies of the Church and mortal enemies of the Nation.
Trumping the Media, Trumping The Establishment, and Trumping Marxism.
President Elect Trump is Trumping the System that has been running us into the ground, and he is just Trumping it "naturally".
On the Inspired, Brilliant Republic of the Unique and Incomparable USA.
The inspired, ingenuous and seemingly miraculously conceived concept and design of the word's first anti-tyrannical-government government.
The Darkness and Depression that always accompany rejection of God.
"These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full."-John 15:11. Departing from Jesus always brings on darkness and depression.
Godel's Incompleteness Theorem: Mathematizing Faith in God?
Finding a rational and logical explanation for Natural Human Intuition. (Things we know but cannot prove.)
Refuting "Brothers Of The Lord", again, for poor Scripture scholars.
We have to go over the "Brothers Of The Lord" misinterpretation, over and over again, because newer generations of the misinformed just keep being maleducated.
On the Unrecognized War being waged against Human Civilization.
The Unrecognized War against Culture is not merely being waged against Nations, and not merely against Nature, but against God.
On the Question of Papal Deposability
Asking whether Bishops may actually Depose a Pope for Heresy. Is there even such a thing as Papal Deposability?
Vatican War: Are we witnessing a Papal Melt Down?
Pope Francis and the "Spirit Of Vatican II" Cardinals now openly attacking Orthodox Cardinals in the now open-to-public-view Vatican War.
Treason against Nation is bad, but Ultimate Treason is against Faith and Morals.
Don't just look at Washington as the source of all of our problems; look first at what's being taught from the Pulpit.
The Anti-Authoritarian Rage at Losing Their Authoritarian Power
On the Authoritarian Rage of the Global Ruling Class upon being Over-Ruled: Pure Insanity, Pure Evil, or Both?
IYI = Intellectual Yet Idiotic
IYI pertains to those highly intelligent and/or highly educated fools who hold to idiotic, nonsensical beliefs.
On Cultural Desensitization to Strategies of Cultural Destruction.
The systematic psychological desensitization of a nation's citizenry to the reality of mortal threats to nations.
On the incredible hubris of elite stupid-asses.
Hubris and elite stupidassism naturally go together. There are none so proud as those convinced of and swimming in idiotic falsehood.
The Latin Mass Readings for Midnight Mass
It is always good to meditate on the appropriate readings ahead of time, before praying the Mass.
Induced "Black Privilege" and Racist Anti-White Anti-Americanism.
How Marxist-induced "Multiculturalism" actually alienates and splits us all apart while pretending to unite us all together.
Induced "Islamic Privilege" and the false charge of Islamophobia.
Our future murderers are welcomed right in among us under the fraudulent peaceful banner of "Multiculturalism".
Obama Unleashed: Doing all the destabilization he can do.
Trump's win upset Obama's global plan; Obama Unleashed is laying mines and firing torpedos and missiles behind him on his way out the door.
Social Issue Neutrality: The Death Knell of Civilized Culture.
Can Christians embrace God Belief Neutrality? How about God's Law Neutrality? How, exactly, is Social Issue Neutrality any less damning?
You can't keep Islamic Assassins out if they're already in.
When suicidal Jihadists and Islamic assassins are already infiltrated into the ranks, the ranks are looking for terrorists in all the wrong places.
Is it Communist Islamism, or Islamic Communism?
As the two dominant globalist political movements active in the world today, Communism and Islam always unite at the top, despite the occasional bloody animosities in the ranks.
Red Pope Francis and the KGB's Liberation Theology.
The Russian KGB developed "Liberation Theology" as another path to Global Revolution. Pope Francis may be a victim of it, or, he may be a perpetrator of it.
Will Pope Francis become a Self Deposing Pope?
"The pope himself, if notoriously guilty of heresy, would cease to be pope because he would cease to be a member of the Church."--Catholic Encyclopedia
On the Cultural Menace of Massively Induced Stupidity.
When you hear Leftist Leaders say something truly stupid, don't laugh. They are enlivening all the induced stupidity of their followers, and enraging your "revolutionary" conquerors.
Killing Obamacare does not require canceling all existing policies.
Killing Obamacare means there is no mandate, there is no fine, so states, employers and beneficiaries are no longer forced to participate.
Determining how stupid it can get when it just keeps getting stupider.
Desperately trying to finally answer the question "How Stupid Can It Get?" in a limitless, growing, dynamic environment of exponentially multiplying, ever increasingly radical stupidities.
Is Barrack Obama Communism's "Planted President" of the USA?
Way back in 1992 a KGB agent let the cat out of the bag, identifying Comrade Obama as Communism's "cradled" and carefully groomed USA President. Can this be true?
American Grounding: Citizen Equality, Life, Liberty, Property.
Returning to our original American grounding means returning to the sure guidance of Natural Law and to our Judaeo-Christian social moral norms and civil law.
Proselytizing v Evangelizing: What's the difference? Is there a difference?
It's a very thin line between between Proselytizing and Evangelizing, so why is the one condemned and the other commended?
Real Truth Always Demands Division; Evil Always Demands Unity.
It's Truth v Anti-Truth; Right v Wrong; Virtue v Vice; Life v Death. Gimme that old time Division.
Wouldn't it drive Fake-News nuts if President Trump joined the March For Life?
The whole Marxocrat Party, their Fake News Media and All Hollywood Nobility would go ballistic.
Is Putin's Hack of our Election why Hillary Won the Popular Vote?
If the Russian Election Hack actually affected the election, maybe that's why the Popular Vote went to Hillary.
Cyber Security: A Globally Accessible Totally Secure system is an oxymoron.
A computer system may be globally accessible or totally secure, but not both at the same time.
Joe Biden keeps getting Medals from Evil Men for supporting Evil Deeds.
Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, awarded him the US Medal of Participation. Notre Dame awarded him the "Laetare" Medal of Moral Equivalency.
Promoting Evil by Doing Good: The Evil Fruit of the PC Do-Gooders.
How Political Correctness and Good Intentions have overpowered Human Reason and Critical Thinking, to promote Self Destructive Evils.
Should we treat Islam differently than other religions?
If not, why not? Doesn't Islam treat the whole non-Islamic world differently than it treats Islam?
The Marxified Racism of Rep. John Lewis is OK because it's anti-white.
Taking full advantage of racist Black Privilege, Rep. John Lewis exemplifies the new purely politically-based Marxist Racism of his beloved Marxocrat Party.
All the Congressmen boycotting Trump's inauguration are of one Marxist mindset.
How much ya wanna bet all the Congressmen boycotting the inauguration should have been impeached from office and charged with criminal malfeasance in office long ago?
"Blacklisting" McCarthyites was America's First National Poison Pill.
Now Cultural Marxists are "Blacklisting" every expression of love of America, and our own sitting government, almost in its majority, hates America.
On the Freeing of the Bradley/Chelsea Manning Creature.
Only in Obama's America could Bradley Manning commit treason, go to prison, get a sex-change operation at our expense and then be turned loose.
The Anti-Reality of Show Biz, exemplified by "The View".
Leftist opposition to Nature, Men, Christianity, Life, Human Babies, Marriage, etc., amounts to insane opposition to Reality itself, by nearly all of Hollywood.
Praying for President Trump on Inauguration Day.
Invoking the Protection of the Holy Spirit on our new President as all of American Cultural Marxism becomes more and more dangerously unhinged.
The Inaugural aftermath shows that the Establishment still doesn't get it.
Horror of horrors! Trump keeps saying what he always keeps saying! And the Marxocrats may be Marxified, but the Republicrats are just plain Stupidified.
The Dubia Aftermath shows that Pope Francis still doesn't get it.
Non-response to the Dubia means a Warning; non-response to that means a second Warning, and finally, a non-Pope Council to depose the Pope.
It's "Time To Unite" with anti-Americans and all forms of evil? My Ass!
We The People should reach out to them? As they are? Why? !!! Shouldn't they be trying very hard to convert themselves and reconcile with us? If not, why not?
American-defined Equality, Life, Liberty, Property: that, we can unite on.
In the American interpretation only - not the Marxist interpretation, and not the Islamic interpretation. We should unite with any who embrace these Four American Foundational Civil Rights
The "Hitlerian" Trump Slander: Communism's Oldest Deceptive Strategy.
Fake News Media, the Pope, the Marxocrat Party, and even Republicrat "Establishment" types raise the specter of Nazism associated with "Populist" President Trump, who isn't even an ideologue.
Can we, in our majority, even recognize the diabolical any more?
Are we all so busy and so hypnotized by the world that Satan and all his evil works are the absolute farthest things from our minds?
Cultural Marxist Indecency is always on public display.
It's so obvious even the lying media can't hide it any more.
Do we have a Diabolically Controlled Pope?
Every time he opens his mouth, he makes himself a fool.
On the new (to me) heresy of Popalitry.
False belief that a Pope can do no wrong leads to Pope Worship.
Potentially Wrong Decisiveness v Always Wrong Indecision.
President Trump's bold decisiveness contrasted with Pope Francis' Pronounced Indecision.
The Stupid (or Evil) Bishops Helping the Global Islamization Cause.
Leading Dioceses (and America) into social suicide.
The Marxist Cloward-Pivoning of Trump's Administration.
Overloading Government at every level of Marxist Organization.
The Minimum Wage Lie: Raising unemployment, uplifting no one.
You just can't fool the natural law that controls economics.
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Party-Breaking: Trump's Key to American Greatness
Trump's real key to Making American Great Again is to break allegiance to Party and return sole allegiance to Constitutional America.
Party Breaking: Catholicism's Key to Church Greatness.
Catholicism's real key to making the Church great again is to break clerical allegiance to Party and return sole allegiance to the Revealed Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Democracy Breaking: Returning America to a Constitutional Republic.
Repealing Wilson's 16th and 17th Amendments, and returning to America's brilliant original conceptual design.
On "Killer" Putin and the Indefensible Trump Remarks.
Putin's a Killer, but, like, we're not, so we should all just run and hide from Putin. Right?
Massive Public Outrage for Hire, to the Highest Bidder.
The Woman's March on Washington, the ongoing Airport Demonstrations, all, and more, all bought and paid for, in advance.
The George Soros Republicrats.
Is anyone surprised that Soros money backed McCain, Graham, Ryan, Rubio, etc.? I'm not.
The Pasquino Statue comes alive, with questions for Pope Francis.
Posters all over Rome revive the ancient "Pasquino Statue" tradition of lay people questioning the Pope.
Satanic Unreason in Modern Liberal Thought.
Satanic Unreason, Unreality and Insanity rule the Left, in philosophy, theology, material science, mathematics, politics, psychology, you name it.
Scripture, War and Peace.
Does Scripture ban war, forbid division, invite unlimited unity, and thereby deny the existence of evil?
President Trump, a Sign of Contradiction in the World.
President Trump, a Sign of Contradiction in the World. Am I the only one who sees Trump as what we are all called to be: a sign of contradiction in the world, opposed by many? Or am I nuts?
The still unrecognized evil goal of the Trump Opposition.
It isn't just Trump they are after, and it isn't just Constitutional America they seek to destroy. The unrecognized evil goal is Globalism, and the end of nations and liberty of man.
Were Mary of Magdela and Mary of Bethany the same woman?
Could an earlier freeing of demonic possession be the reason behind Mary of Bethany's radical faith, through true recognition of exactly Who Jesus Was?
Evil Globalist Desperation drives the Rush to Impeach Trump.
They are desperate to find a way to impeach Trump, now, while they still own the Chief Justice and an "Establishment" majority in Congress.
Watching President Trump Breaking the Fake News Media.
Wow. I mean, like, wow. Watching Trump Breaking the Fake News Media is the Best Show In Town. It's a beautiful thing.
Addressing Original Intent in Law, and Original Revelation's Intent in Doctrine.
"Original Intent" is the intention of the authors when any Bill was signed into law. "Revealed Truth" is God's Law.
President Trump and the Strong, Manly Leadership we were all looking for.
Strong, Manly Leadership has finally arrived in America. The Church still waits for it.
In this Information War, a Disinformation Program has established Unreality.
An Information War is unlike any war we have ever fought. Now, what Truth fights, is massive persistent belief in Unreality.
American Exceptionalism in a nutshell: Citizen Upward Mobility.
Unique American Exceptionalism is why everyone wants to come here. Here, citizens can "move up" and improve their own condition in life.
How Cultural Marxism induces the commission of National Suicide.
Ideological Marxism has almost totally abandoned armies and force of arms, switching to Subversion and getting us to commit National Suicide.
The Source of Radical Islamic Terrorism? Mohammed and the Koran.
Radical Marxist Terrorism comes out of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Similarly, Radical Islamic Terrorism comes right straight out of the Koran.
How obstinate and (stupid) Egalitarianism acts to destroy civilization.
Are we not all children of God, to be treated absolutely equally, and is that not Egalitarianism? Well, in a word, no.
Koran is a Cult and should be Outlawed.
Or, get ready for violence on our own soil.
Draining Swamps (Plural) through the Information Revolution.
Well, ya gotcher Global Swamp, ya gotcher National Swamps andja gotcher Catholic Clerical Swamp. And Information Technology is the Roto-Rooter in all of them.
Who is guaranteed Freedom of the Press? CNN, or you and me?
The First Amendment Rights were written to protect all Citizens, not to solely protect Partisan Propagandist Corporations to the exclusion of others.
How Sworn in Operators of the Law can actually Hate the Law.
The Marxocrat Party, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc., all solemnly sworn to uphold the Law, but who actually Hate The Law.
Amnesty Schmamnesty! Feelings are feelings and the law is the law.
"Feelings" and "Values" and "Who We Are" and other Freudian-Marxian tricks are not the law, and they do nothing for National Security other than to harm it.
The Looming Islamic War: Sunni, ISIS, Shia, Kurds, Russia, Israel, USA?
Sunni nations allying with Israel against ISIS? Excuse me? Shia nations allying with Russia? Who's on First here?
On Satan's Blind Rage against "The Woman".
Was the war between Satan and The Woman, or, between the Seed of Satan, and the Seed of the Woman? It depends upon whether you view it from Earth, or from Heaven.
How is Mary the Mediatrix of All Graces? Isn't Jesus the sole Mediator?
Again, it depends on whether you view it in Earth time, or Heaven time. In Eternity, past, present and future all exist in the same "moment".
"Offer it up?" What the hell is that? Where is the Grace in That?
When all is woe, you feel abandoned by God, and you say "God, where are you?", there He hangs, suffering on the Cross, abandoned and mocked, saying "People, where are you? Is it all for nothing?"
Trump Speak: What's new in Trump's speech to Congress? Nothing whatsoever.
Trump Speak is People Speak. He's been saying the exact same things from the very beginning. The Establishment, the Media and all other Cultural Marxists were never even listening, until now.
On the Establishment Rage aimed at President Trump.
Globalist, Marxist, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Law, Unbalanced Establishment Rage aimed at the Trump Presidency and Agenda, is Dedicated and Committed to Destroying his Presidency.
Return to Constitutionalism means a return to Original American Faith
Constitutional Originalism requires understanding the Faith of the Authors of the Constitution at the time of Ratification.
It's all about Marxist Revolution, not sexual license or saving the planet.
"Organizing is a euphemism for Revolution."--Saul Alinsky, who invented Grass-Roots Community Organizing for Eventual Marxist Revolution.
On the California Secession Movement: Hold the Yippees and Yahoos.
A California Secession should be put down as was the Democrat South after the Civil War. Per Amendment XIV, "Rebels" could never vote or hold elective office again.
Original Design preserves the Church, and preserves America.
The Original Design of the Church was of Divine Authorship. The Original Design of the USA was as "perfect" as any mere men could ever design.
Wiretapping Trump: Why is anyone surprised?
Wiretapping Trump may be among the least of all the Obamunist - Marxocrat Party crimes against the Constitution and the Citizenry of the USA.
Unconstitutional Obamacare, and Unconstitutional Replacementcare.
If federal control of private industry is illegal, then why would any sworn-in, honest and fully conscious Congress simply replace one blatant illegality with another?
On Good Globalism, Bad Globalism, and Nationalism.
The International "Good" Aims of Catholicism and larger Christianity versus the "Evil" Aims of Communism, Islam and Freemasonry, related to the Natural Civil Order of Sovereign Nations.
"Good Cop, Bad Cop" Political Parties versus We The People.
The Republicrat Party is the Good Cop, the Marxocrat Party is the Bad Cop, both are owned and operated by the same Establishment Club, and We The People are the "Suspect".
The greatest threat to Constitutional America? Immorality.
Insidious, growing Immorality poses a greater threat than the growing ideologies of Marxism, Islam, Globalism, or any of America's external enemies, combined.
Globalist Stupidassism in the Vatican.
Globalist Fraud after Hoax after Scam, all promoted in the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences "Workshop on Biological Extinction."
Trump Rising: "We'll fully fund Planned Parenthood if they stop Abortions."
Planned Parenthood's Answer: No! We're PROUD to be committing Abortions!
2nd Sunday of Lent, Transfigured of our Lord Cycle A
Hope, inner soul room, transfiguration
Marian Consecration ain't easy for us "Marthas".
It's the part about worrying about one thing only: fully returning the love that is given, and trusting that everything else will be taken care of.
The Great Melting Pot Lie: America is and always was a Distinct Culture.
The American "Melting Pot" of Immigration cooks an Assimilation Stew, in which Immigrants become Americans, rather than American Culture becoming Suicidally Diverse.
The Great Evil Nationalism Lie: Nationalism is not Evil; Globalism is Evil.
The Evil Nationalism Lie says that nations with borders are not needed, which is to say, there is no such thing as Evil that needs to be kept out. Don't worry your little head about it.
On Ending Quantitative Easing and Bursting the QE Bubble.
Does a stock market crash mean an economic crisis? Not necessarily. A burst of the QE Bubble could be a step toward Market Sanity.
Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire, Nose As Long As A Telephone Wire.
"Liar Liar" applies to the whole Washington Establishment, both of their Parties and their whole Fake News Media, in their obsessive-compulsive mission to destroy Trump.
Alinskyite Dolan: Anti-American American, Anti-Catholic Cardinal.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan may be the perfect Undercover Alinskyite Anti-Institution Subversive Radical Marxist Revolutionary.
Looking more closely at Pope Francis' chosen Papal Pals.
If a critter walks like a duck, talks like a duck and is constantly seen in the company of other ducks, the logical conclusion is that he most probably is a duck.
Questioning Truth: "There is no absolute truth", say the Enlightened Elite.
Questioning Truth itself has been the pop-culture wave since the 1960s. Loss of faith in man's ability to even identify reality is the real source of all the social chaos.
The Politics versus Truth dichotomy conundrum.
Even knowing how vehemently both Establishment Political Parties hate the Constitution, it's still shocking how openly they oppose that which they have all sworn to uphold.
Notable Quotable Judie Brown, on Trump, Life and Death.
American Life League's Quotable Judie Brown nailed the essence of the response to Trump's offer to Planned Parenthood.
The sole path to Islamic Heaven is to die a martyr in performance of Jihad.
That's it. Islam assures no one else of salvation. Male martyrs get a permanent erection; female martyrs get a permanently erect penis. No kidding.
Breaking Government "Sausage-Making" to Repeal Obamacare.
Political Government Sausage Making versus plain and simple Constitutional Government is the sole problem with repealing Obamacare.
The Islamic Connection between ISIS, Random Terrorism and Global Jihad.
It is the unseen Islamic Connection that is conquering Western Civilization: The Known Terrorist Groups, Native Born Convert Terrorists, Global Jihadists, etc. are all Moslems who read the same Koran.
Empty Confessionals, Popular Liturgy and the Communion Stampede.
Nobody notices or even thinks about all the empty confessionals, but everybody "participates" in Liturgy and everybody receives the Most Blessed Sacrament.
Hard, Cold Reality squeezes Leftist Lies, and Leftie Lunacy pops out.
Many people raised and bathed in lies all their lives simply cannot handle the shock of reality. The inevitable confrontation brings out real Leftie Lunacy.
The Elite, Effete, Upper-Class Science-Deniers of the New World Order.
Denial of God is denial of Truth, which leads to denial even of solid empirical facts that do not support the inevitable man-made alternative ideology.
Nationalizing Catholicism: Introducing the Democratholic Church of America.
While we have been off worrying about our own government suppressing our religion, Party Politics has been quietly infiltrating the Church and turning it into a Government Agency.
How Our Anti-American Political Parties Oppose Constitutional America.
Party Agenda is Everything; the Constitution is Nothing; Marxocrats Oppose Everything American; Republicrats are Weak or Sneaky Bipartisan Cooperators; All Favor a Globalist New World Order.
Trumping The Parties: President Trump is Changing American Politics.
President Trump's Deal Making is out manipulating the professional manipulators of the Washington Establishment Club, and picking apart their Political Parties.
Trump, the Freedom Caucus and the Bogus Health Care "Entitlement".
The Freedom Caucus was right; but Dead Right; the rest of the Party Opposed them. Trump is making them unite, as a Party, while fracturing a unified Marxocrat Party.
Repealing Obamacare means getting the federal government completely out of it.
The Political Parties will never repeal it. Repeal it Hell; Kill it, and the States and Private Sector will scramble for the business. Strike it down as flagrantly unconstitutional and illegal law.
Why does Flynn need Legal Immunity? Because the Legal Process is so Corrupt.
So long as the Senate, the House and Courts, Judges and Justices up and down the line are driven by Political Party Agenda and not by the Constitution or the Law as written, Truth does not matter.
Mitochondrial Eve & Y-Chromosomal Adam v Darwinism and the "Natural" Homo.
If all human DNA traces back to Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam, then the religion of Darwinism and the "Naturalness" of the homosexual condition are both refuted.
Planet of the Atheists: An Education-Induced New World Order.
Globalist Revolutionary Educators are systematically breaking down Human Civilization to replace it with a new Planet of the Atheists.
Benghazi Liars Susan Rice and Adam Schiff Aid and Abet Treason Again.
After all their public lies covering up Obama administration gun-running collusion with Al Qaeda closing with the Stevens assassination, they now lie again to Break a Presidency.
On Innies and Outies: No, not Belly Buttons, but Personal Philosophies.
Rights are Innies; Responsibilities are Outies. Feelings are Innies; Realities are Outies. Personal Comfort is an Innie; Guiding Principles are Outies. Sin is an Innie; Doctrine is an Outie.
Our Marxist Politics: A Political Revolution conquering the USA
No one seems to recognize the Progressive Marxist Politics that are displacing the Constitution, aimed at eventual establishment of another typical Communist Dictatorship in America.
Politics Defined: Nations are Political Entities
Religion orders human behavior. Politics control human behavior. Politics Defined is where Eternal Truth meets Temporary Worldly Ambitions and Rulers.
Trump Hitting Syrian Airbase was the Right Thing To Do.
"Do the Right Thing." Advice you should have gotten from your Father, Mother, Priest, Elders, Teachers. etc. A thing is either Right or Wrong. It's not Democratic; it's Right or Wrong.
Globalist Pope Francis' Marxist Program to End All Sovereign Nations.
Our Globalist Pope leads the attack on all National Sovereignty to bring an end to all national borders in favor of Total Global Disorder, ostensibly for the good of the Planet and the Poor.
A Trump Inspired Global Turning: A World Returning to Cultural Sanity.
Kiss the notions of a "Post-Christian World" and a "Post-American World" goodbye. We may be seeing a Massive Global Turning Away from Imminent Global Disaster.
On Disciples, Timid Believers and Traitors to the Faith, on Maundy Thursday.
Entering the Easter Triduum, all three groups will be spoken of in the Passion Readings. To which group do you belong?
Trump Flips: Are they Flips, or "Art Of The Deal" Deal-Making?
Note that in every so-called Trump Flip-Flop, Trump winds up in a much better relationship and/or a much stronger negotiating position with some former adversary.
Social Darwinism, Neo-Freudianism and Marxist Utopianism, all, Displace God.
Social Darwinsim applied Biological Evolution to Human Societies; Neo-Freudianism emphasized Human Culture over Individual Biology; Marxism emphasized the Collective over the Individual.
Civilized Moslems: Ataturk's Turkey and the Shah's Iran had them.
Once, Civilized Moslems, Educated Women and Peaceful, Attractive, Beautiful Cities predominated in lands where now we see little other than Typical Islamic Barbarity.
All the America Hating Americans, working hard to bring America down.
The American Citizenry has been infected with America hating Americans from her birth. But this national self-hatred really took off after the birth of Communism.
Truth Hating Catholics: See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil Clerics.
The three divisions in the Church Hierarchy: Those who champion the Truth, those who oppose Him, and those who avoid Him. The Opposers and the Avoiders are Truth Hating Catholics.
Unrecognized Revolutionaries, in Churches, Governments and Citizenries.
Determined detractors of existing Doctrine, Law and Order, who never leave the Institution they despise, are Unrecognized Revolutionaries, who intend to Take Over, or, Bring The Institution Down.
The Perps: All the upside-down Social Lies, and their Perpetrators.
False charges of racism by the real racists; of sexism by the real sexists; of whatever-phobia by the real whatever-phobics. Unmasking the Perps.
The Moslem-Marxist Barbaric Collusion against Human Civilization.
All the evidence points to a deep Moslem-Marxist Barbaric Collusion against religions, nations, and even civilization itself.
The Apolitical Lord Jesus, Who Split Religion and Politics.
Until Jesus, Religion and Politics were Combined. Jesus hit history with a force that split time itself, established the New Calendar and Split Worldly and Ecclesial Government Apart.
On the Managed Decline of Catholicism in America.
The Managed Decline of the Catholic Church in America, like the Managed Decline of American Constitutionalism, is being treacherously orchestrated FROM THE INSIDE.
All the Universally Believed Lies of the Left, feeding Cultural Devastation.
The universally believed lies pushed by evil men and their Useful Idiots and Agent Provocateurs, "Revolutionizing" human culture away from Simple Common Sense and Natural Law.
Indifference to Cult is the Most Destructive Lie of Human Culture.
How can an Identifiable Culture last if children are taught to "make up their own minds" about Cult? Indifference toward cult eventually destroys all culture.
The Rise of the Anti-Culture; the Anti-Church and the Anti-State.
While responsible "Leaders" look the other way, or pretend not to see, The World is taking all good institutions down from the inside. That is what the new Anti-Culture is all about.
Forced Return to Constitutionalism: The Only Realistic Swamp-Draining
The only realistic way to "Drain The Swamp" is to brutally club anti-Constitution Government Officials back under their own Constitution, or out of Government altogether.
Red Jihad: How Marxism uses Islam as just another Revolutionary Tool.
The Red Left consistently feeds the "Islam Is Peace" lie, blames the Right, Capitalism, white people or the USA for acts of Jihad, to help feed and grow Pre-Revolution Chaos and Disorder.
The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Rope-A-Dope Political Trick.
Getting the populace all exercised to grow the government over yet another political false premise involving yet another imaginary Constitutional "Right".
On the All-Out Assault on Truth, in the Church and in Politics.
Fake News, False Doctrine, the rise of Indifferentism through Diversity, and the ultimate Blessing Of Evil, all done in the Face of Unchanging and Unchangeable Truth.
Church Militant Resistance Movement: Will you join it?
For once, a "Resistance" Grass-Roots Movement that is for Culture and not against it; for Magisterial Teaching, and against Error. (And isn't that already Counter-Cultural?)
Spineless Leaders cause more cultural harm than Traitorous Leaders.
Spineless Leaders who push rather than pull, who lead from the rear of the column, and who are too weak or cowardly to actually confront any enemy.
Did the breakdown and loss of the Scientific-Method begin with Darwinism?
In the Evolutionary Trail of Modern Scientism, Marxism points back to Freudianism, and farther back to Darwinism. Was that where Modern Man initially took Science off the rails?
All the "Catholic" Ducks: If a Pope walks like a duck ...
If a critter walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and is constantly seen in the company of ducks, it may be proper to assume that the critter just might be a duck. Including Catholic critters.
On The Demonic Replacement of Distinction with Diversity.
Diversity, Plurality, Multi-Culturalism, etc., acting against distinct religions, distinct nations, distinct borders of every kind, even distinct individual being. Against Distinction Itself.
Media Lies, Corrupted Deep-State Agencies and Marxified America.
The Establishment-Owned Deep-State and their Media Leaks Versus President Trump and America As Constituted.
Purposeful Unbalance of Culture through Unnatural Forced Inclusiveness.
The ultimate aim of Marxism is not "fairness" or "justice", but increased unbalance, disorder and chaos.
On the Dividing Lines that make distinct religions, nations and cultures.
Globalism, the UN, the EU, Marxism and Islam all blur dividing lines to force the world into one impossible hodgepodge mixture of cultures, from the most civilized to the most barbaric.
On the necessity of using Barbarian Allies against the worst Barbarians.
Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Moslem nations so fear ISIS that they will ally with despised America and Israel against it. But never forget that Barbarian Allies are still Barbarians, at the core.
On our Judicial Traitors, using our Courts to bring America down.
Globalist, anti-American Judges and Justices who consistently oppose the very Constitution they falsely swore to uphold and are charged in office to obey, protect and work from within.
We Gotta Impeach Trump, for Being Elected, Among Other Crimes.
We were Nailing Down the Coffin Lid on American Capitalism, Building True Socialist Justice and Saving the Planet, and He Stopped the Whole Process!
Washington Swamp Critters: Deadlier than any Everglades Critters.
Draining the Washington Swamp unveils all the venomous Clintonistas and Obamunists of the Shadow Government, running the Deep-State Politics of graft, blackmail, take-down and rigged elections.
Extremist Faith: In Catholicism & Islamism, Marxism & Americanism.
True Catholicism is the most Extremist religion on earth. So is "true" Islam, the other way. And, Marxism and American Constitutionalism are extremist political opposites.
The Ungodly Never Trumpers who don't even know what they are.
If a Marxist Useful Idiot knew he was a Useful Idiot he wouldn't be a Useful Idiot. Similarly, Ungodly Never Trumpers don't even know how they promote Ungodliness.
"Civilized" Islamic Nations versus the True Islamic Religion.
When Politics drives Religion in Islamic Nations, the whole world is safer; when Religion drives Politics in Islamic Nations, the whole world is menaced.
Trying the Anathema Option for National Security. (Nothing else is working.)
The abandonment and non-use of the Anathema Option is at the root of our own Religious Suicide, National Suicide, Cultural Suicide and Western Civilization Suicide.
Providing National Security Without the Anathema Option.
If Anathematizing Islam is "not who we are", then, who are we? National Security devoid of any National Anathemas means Security Measures enforced only against ourselves and our liberty and freedom.
Who will drain the Catholic Swamp, and how, exactly?
Trump is draining the Washington Swamp; what about the Catholic Swamp? Our last perfectly capable Pope abdicated for apparent political reasons, certainly not health. Was he Swamped?
Truth Wins in the end, because Truth simply Is, and Truth does not change.
No matter how deep the swamps, no matter how deep the lies and deceptions, no matter how bad the politics, no matter now corrupt the one true religion, in the end, Truth Wins.
On-Line Resource for Learning the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.
From finding the Sunday and Daily Liturgical Calendar Propers and Readings, to Full Catechesis, to a Direct Comparison between the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Forms.
Political Arguments: Constructive, Destructive and Downright Stupid.
Political Arguments controlled by Political Parties morph into Agendas for Pure Party Power. Political Power that usurps or replaces legitimate Government Power is Treasonous Power.
President Trump calls for Memorial Day of Prayer.
You won't hear about President Trump's call for a day of prayer anywhere in the anti-American Fake News, so here it is.
The Relentless Evil of Satan Persists, so long at this world exists.
Post Memorial-Day signals of "Peace Rising" are undercut by the relentless evil that persists on earth, advancing the cause of evil through deceptive treachery.
Arm the Citizenry, for the best internal National Security.
Arm the Citizenry, for the best internal National Security. And how do we Arm the Citizenry? Very simple. Get the Government out of the way and the citizenry will arm themselves.
Is it Science as Idolatry, or Religion as Superstition?
Science was corrupted the moment it divorced Christianity; corrupted science then dropped the Scientific Method, adopted Science of Consensus, and became Science as Idolatry.
Are we the real Catholic Church, or the Church of All Nice People?
Does the real Catholic Church worship God, or itself? Is it a distinct religion, or is it a "Blend"? Is Truth Himself unchangeable, or malleable?
Treason and Stupidity: co-dependent cooperators against Civilization.
The Traitor needs to fool someone. Treason "recruits" cooperators. Really big treacherous deceptions demand really big frauds. Treason and Stupidity need and feed each other.
Complying with Jihad, with chin-up, stiff upper lip and all that.
Show no fear and keep your chin up. It makes it easier for them to cut your throat. Show them how you are not the least bit terrorized, by complying with Jihad. That'll teach 'em.
On Going-Catholic in this Anti-Catholic World.
Going Catholic, or going MORE Catholic, is the Only Real Antidote for the Spreading Global Social Poison of Untruth, Unreason and Evil.
The Coexistence Lunacy.
All the Coexistence Nuts, inviting, welcoming, protecting and blessing their own future murderers. (And ours.)
On the Green Foolery, in which Green became the new Red.
The Green Foolery fooled generations of students into joining "Green Revolutions" on phony emergency bases, all to benefit the more hidden but very real Marxist Revolution already under way.
Bedroom Laws: Making Abomination Legal by Violating Subsidiarity.
Under the mask of "getting government out of the bedroom" the champions of abomination put the federal government in charge of your bedroom.
A Globalist Comeuppance at the hands of Trump.
Fake News, Fake Science, Fake Education, New World Order, Secularism, Marxism, Islam, all Globalist Movements Piled-On to Get Trump, and Trump is handing them all a Globalist Comeuppance.
Globally Despised Trump Now Running Globally Despised America.
Marxism-Infected Western Thinking has been trending to Cultural Marxism for 100+ Years, and Along Comes Globally Despised Trump, to Upset the Global Apple Cart. (It’s All Anti-Capitalist Sentiment.)
The Suicidal Politics allowing Enemy Ideology Political Participation.
On the insane abandoning of simple common sense required to bless and welcome mortal enemy ideologies into full participation in the whole political process.
Southwest Ohio Resistance Group looking for a few good Catholics.
I can't believe I'm the only "Resistance Group" guy in the whole Dayton area ready to draw my Catholic sword and advance on the enemy. Are the only strong Catholics around here all way south of town?
What is the Purpose behind Purposeful Ambiguity?
The Cultural Movement out of Practicality, or Practical Reality, and into General Ambiguity, is Systematic. Looking for the Purpose behind the Purposeful Ambiguity Movement.
It's the Violent Revolutionary Ideology, Stupid.
The Political Ideology of James Hodgkinson was the Bloody Marxist Revolution now typical of the American Marxocrat Party and the Fake News Media. Why doesn't everyone just get that?
Promoting Hate and Loving the Hatred in the New American Politics.
The song writer was wrong; it is not love that is blind, but hate. See all the Leftists, who don't even know they are Marxists, who are loving the hatred driving their "Causes".
The Swamp Fights Back: Never Underestimate Deep Marxist Muck.
The Marxist-Globalist Deep-State Swamp Fights Back against President Trump, We The People and our Constitution.
Truth, Antitruth and Catholic American Man.
Antitruth creates convenient but false and temporary Comfort-Zones. Truth may be temporarily inconvenient and uncomfortable, but is the only Permanent Natural Happiness.
The Middle-Ages were not Dark; these are the real Dark Ages.
The stupid war between Science and Theology is being won by Theology, but you would never know it, because Scientism "owns" education, broadcasting and publication.
This Little Light of Mine on This Little Ark of Ours.
The lowest of the lay citizenry, armed with revealed Truth, bringing their light aboard this little ark, for a rebirth of the Church.
Conquest by Stealth, of the Church, America and the World.
Antonio Gramsci's stratagem of Conquest by Stealth uses a reversal of 1 Corinthians 5, applied against the Church, against Nations, and against all who would separate themselves from Evil.
Emotionalizing the Intellect as Preparation for Revolution.
Emotionalizing Religion, Emotionalizing Science and Emotionalizing Politics: Displacing Rational Thinking with Pure Raw Emotion, for the eventual Violent Overthrowing of Human Civilization.
American Constitutionalism versus Any Other Political Ideology.
American Constitutionalism is to Politics what Roman Catholicism is to Religion: The Only "Real" Way To Go.
Identifying the Enemy is the first requisite for victory in war.
If you let the enemy join your ranks, lead your forces, preach from your pulpits, hold political office, legislate, execute and adjudicate your laws, then, how have you not become your own enemy?
Is the Novus Ordo Mass already a mostly Protestant Mass?
A Protestant Mass? Excuse me? Was that really somebody's plan from the beginning?
The Institutional Church, Institutional Nations and Institutional Man.
The Institutional Church, like any instituted nation, is a solid, fixed, objective thing. You can point to it and say "there it is". Institutional Man is "Institutional" by Natural Law.
On going back to the Original Bible, after all these Revisions.
The Douay-Rheims is the English translation of the original Vulgate, the world's first one-book Bible, put together by St. Jerome around 400 A.D. From now on, this is my Bible of reference.
Attacking Catholic Darwinism, from the purely Catholic perspective.
This site has always challenged Darwinism from the purely scientific perspective. Now, we see another Catholic champion of Truth attacking Catholic Darwinism from Revealed Truth.
Tweet Trump Tweet! Drive the Fake News Nuts and Drain The Swamp!
Fake News & Marxocrats can enrage their base with flagrant malicious lies inducing the shooting of Republicrats but the President can't tweet a comical parody video against THEM? Tweet, Trump, Tweet!
Draining The Swamp must include Condemning The Stupid.
In the end, Social Division will be required to restore Constitutional America and American Greatness. And that means Anathematizing The Stupid.
The "White Man's Religion" lie Versus the "Racist Islam" truth.
Black Slavery, still active in Islam, invented by Islam, has a thousand year-plus history, against a mere three centuries of the European-American spin-off, and it never had an Abolition Movement.
Scriptural Judgment: for a Brother, a Samaritan, a Philistine.
In the discerned the will of God, is human judgment a one-size-fits-all universal thing, or is it to be applied differently for Christians, non-Christians and mortal enemies of Christianity?
"Evolving" Dogma, Vague Doctrine and Splintering Catholicism.
Not merely splitting, but splintering Catholicism, just like the splintering of America and of Western Civilization, is being accomplished from the inside.
On Self-Inflicted Western Barbarity and the End of Civil Order.
Insidious Cultural Marxism's Corrosive "Inside" Victory over Western Civilization: The Rise of Western Barbarity.
Deep State Traitors: Ideological Plants of the Shadow Government.
"Most" FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., agents are "Good" Americans? Sez who? Where's the evidence of that?
Deep Church Traitors: Homosexual Plants in the Shadow Church.
"Most" Deacons, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, etc., are "Good" Clerics? Sez who? Where's the evidence of that?
Catholic Simplicity Versus the the Super Complexified World.
Recognizing the glory of God and the sweet smell of incense is so simple it offends the ungodly mind. Most will always prefer accommodation with the world to Catholic Simplicity.
The Government Safety Net: The Barbed Hooks of Socialism.
"Everyone Agrees" on the need of a Government Safety Net for the Unfortunate. Why? Because it births and grows Socialism and replaces the Constitutional Republic with Marxism.
Random-Rebellion: The Making of Rebels Without a Cause.
The Educationally Formed "Revolutionary" is at the real root of every single family, religious, philosophical, ideological & sociopolitical problem in America today.
The Communist Bourgeoisie: Rich Capitalist Revolutionaries.
From Elon Musk to Dan Rather, from CNN to Google, from Solyndra to the Clinton Foundation, the Communist Bourgeoisie use Capital to destroy Capitalism.
Blessed Divisiveness: Breaking the Evil "Inclusiveness" Obsession.
What "Multicultural" Catholicism, American Politics and Western Civilization need is a proper sense of Blessed Divisiveness, to restore the religious social-civil roots of Moral Christian Society.
Live Interviews
All Live Interviews of Vic Biorseth
Confused Ecumenism in Catholic Education and Catholic Thought.
Confused Ecumenism was not born of Land-O-Lakes, or the "Contraception" Revolt at Catholic University, or the Enlightenment, or Modernism. It began with Judas Iscariot.
On Coming Around to Creationism.
Evolution Of Species is not scientifically verifiable and therefore fraudulent when presented as "scientifically factual". Revealed Truth needs no such verification. It is Revealed.
Denying the Miraculous while Pretending to Affirm God's Revelation.
All arguments denying the Miraculous attack Divine Revelation, opposing Objective Truth. Opposing Truth always ends in Nonsense.
Exploiting Global Warming as a Global Government Strategy.
Global Warming: A self-enriching scam for Al Gore; an entertaining toy for George Soros; a Political Stratagem for Evil Marxism; and now maybe a Doctrine of Catholicism?
The Popular Rabidly Anti-American American Politicians.
The very presence of the Anti-American American, like that of the Anti-Catholic Catholic, presents more of a threat to the larger body than any alien mortal enemy.
On the Serious Ramifications of Jeff Sessions' Recusal Screw-Up.
The Recusal Screw-Up ALONE allows the Deep State to illegitimately challenge the Presidency while Protecting their Washington Swamp.
America's Constitutional Redemption, through Presidential Action Alone.
Jeff Sessions could get out from under his Recusal, Congress could have "Repeal And Replace" taken out of their incompetent hands, and the Trump Agenda could actually take off. If.
Feminist and LGBTQ Lunacy Versus Nature, Normalcy and Civilization.
The Femi-Nazi and Homo-Nazi Lobby pushing LGBTQ Lunacy on Western Civilization forms a Third Front, joining Marxism and Islam, for the Destruction of Decent and Free Human Society.
Theoretically Incompetent Congress standing in the way.
This is feigned incompetence, masking sneaky Machiavellian politics. The sitting Congress and the sitting Court prove once and for all that the Political Parties are The Swamp.
On our Revealed Cause for Being, versus Theory divorced from Revelation.
When strictly faith-based Darwinism denies the Revealed Cause of everything, it must "evolve" increasingly nonsensical theories for Uncaused Matter.
America Hatred is not natural; it is learned, acquired and trained behavior.
Academia, the Marxocrat Party and the Fake News Media are all steeped in America Hatred. So much so that they actually promote and sponsor deadly violence against America.
The Tax Code is the Main Drain Plug for the Whole Damned Swamp.
Kill the Tax Code and you Break the Money Link of Treachery that feeds the Worst of the Deadly Swamp Creatures.
Comrade Obama Unmasked: Confirming what we strongly suspected.
New Book documents the Deep Communism and Global conspiratorial aspirations of Comrade President Obama, encompassing even the Catholic Church.
Catholic Leaven: Counteracting the the Satanic Leaven in the Church.
The evil trickery of innocent-sounding "Diversity", "Multiculturalism", "Inclusiveness", etc., brought Evil into the Church as an Aggressive, Persistent, Evil Leaven that must be counteracted.
American National Destruction: The Aim of America's Elites.
The "Washington Establishment" that owns and operates the Political Parties, predominantly Marxist, actually seeks and intends America's National Destruction.
Anti-Humanity: The Evil Sentiment that drives the World Elites.
Scratch an Anti-American American and you will find an Anti-Human Human. The real Diabolical Evil driving Communism and all Communist Sympathy is Rabid Anti-Humanity.
On Unrecognized Popular Traitors, Fooling and Betraying America.
John McCain Exemplifies the Marxocrat-Republicrat Double-Agent, enjoying undeserved Hero-Worship while he works to Undo America.
The Ghoulish Medicine Practiced by Modern Transplant Specialists.
Whatever you do, do not check that little box making yourself an organ donor when you die. The rules have changed in favor of Ghoulish Medicine, and you may be murdered for your organs.
Marxist Instigation, Racist Reaction, and Marxist Blame of Trump.
Marxists in Government Positions purposely brought on all the violence in Charlottesville in the first place, and then acted all innocent.
Hatred of Christianity and of America, Denied, and yet Displayed.
The blind hatred of the Marxocrat Party and their News Media for all civilized and civilizing cultural institutions is clear and obvious.
Is there a Moral Equivalence between Communism and Nazi-Fascism?
No, Communism murdered more millions than Nazism or Fascism in its subjugation of populations. But then, what does "Morality" have to do with either variant of Marxism?
Our Identity Crisis is, precisely, our Lost Sense of Separateness.
To be Holy is to be Set-Apart from all that is not holy. To be American is to be Set-Apart from all the rest of the physical world. In both cases, loss of that Separateness is loss of True Identity.
Poking and Prodding Peaceful Americans to Incite Violent Revolution.
Even as insidious Cultural Marxism advances anti-American sentiment in the population, Violent Revolutionaries continue their Poking and Prodding of the Citizenry to anger them into violent reaction.
On the Deadly Inclusiveness infecting the Catholic Church.
If Jesus was the most Divisive man in history, why is His Church now so unreservedly Inclusive? Catholic Inclusiveness perverts Mercy by applying it to unconverted, unrepentant sinners.
Marxist Victimization: The Phony "Classes" of Victims and Victimizers.
Cultural Marxism invents "Classes" and sets them against each other in Phony Class Wars between angry "Victims" and guilty "Victimizers".
The Vital Relationship between Authority, Leadership and Order.
Man needs Authoritative Rules. America needs her Constitution; Christians need their Revelation; Both need Leadership that Serves Only External Authority.
On Anti-Bigotry Bigotry, and Anti-Fascism Fascism, etc.
The worst form of Bigotry pretends to be Anti-Bigotry. Anti-Hate-Speech is, in reality, Anti-Free-Speech and Militant Anti-Racism always becomes another form of Racism.
Speaking of anti-bigotry bigots, what about anti-Catholic Catholics?
We addressed America's anti-Fascism Fascists and anti-racism racists, but we didn't address the fact that all of that hidden anti-Americanism is also hidden anti-Catholicism.
America's Trumpian Dilemma: To go Global, or go American.
Our Trumpian Dilemma is the decision point between getting us back under our own Constitution or going out of existence as a recognizable nation.
How the Marxocrat Party and Journalism are Loving and Growing Antifa.
Just as the old Democrat Party Created and Grew the KKK, the new Marxocrat Party and Journalism are now Creating and Growing Antifa USA.
Thomistic Evolution? Really? Aquinas Reasoning supports Darwinism?
Thomistic Evolution is an attempt at blending flawed material science with Genesis, so that Christians who had their faith shaken by faith in Darwinism can do a Christian-faith-restored happy-dance.
On the ongoing Marxification of America and Western Civilization.
Think of Marxification as a Cultural Cancer. If you want to know how Marxfied we are, compare what our supposedly Constitutional government is doing to the actual Constitution's wording.
The Evil Saint Galen Mafia Unmasked.
Identifying the Cardinals of the Saint Galen Mafia, who made Bergoglio Pope and are working to overpower Catholicism with Modernism.
Raw Emotion: Marxism's Weapon against Intellect and Reason.
Marxism feeds and grows Emotion in populations, to then "Emote" Representative Government out of existence through Emotion-Driven Advocacy.
The Predominant Anti-Americanism in America and Everywhere Else.
Anti-Americanism in American Government is just like the Anti-Catholicism in the Catholic Hierarchy, and the Anti-Nation-Globalism in the UN.
The Stupid Mask of Evil, by which Evil is no longer seen as Evil.
The Stupid Mask of Evil, worn by Clintons, Obamas and their Party, fooling the public into seeing them as Stupid, maybe, but not Evil.
On the hidden Destructive Intent of all the Alienated and Disaffected.
Evil Destructive Intentions are why all those Americans who hate America don't leave America, and why all those Catholics who hate Moral Doctrine don't leave the Church.
The Seven Days of Genesis, from a Scientific point of view.
In a "Faith and Reason" Workshop, common ground understanding was sought between the Genesis Seven Days, Cosmology and Evolution.
Direct Confrontation of our Enemies is what's missing in American Policy.
Marxism and Islam are using the Trojan Horse approach to getting in among us, promoting "Diversity", "Multiculturalism" and Moral Corruption, to prepare the way for our downfall.
Does President Trump know he succeeded a Red President?
Of course he knows. Black is the New Red. And Green is the New Red. Even Islam is the New Red. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is a Communist.
Cultural Marxism: Induced Sociopolitical Stupidity.
Cultural Marxism is, itself, an induced sociopolitical stupidity. Marxist ideology seeks to transform and conquer culture, and the first step is to put emotion in charge of intellect.
Our Evil Partisan Party System, Unconstitutionally Running our Government.
The Exact Republic-Dooming thing Washington warned about in his farewell address, which came to be in the next election, now threatens President Trump and the last vestiges of the American Republic.
The Trump UN Speech Transcript.
President Trump's UN speech, delivered September 19, 2017, to the United Nations.
Was Globalist Pope Francis listening to the Trump Speech to the UN?
As Globalist Pope Francis works to conform the Church to the World, President Trump draws the line between Nationhood, i.e., Distinct Human Cultures, and any dreamed-up Globalist Multi-Culture.
Bringing back McCarthyite Blacklisting to Restore Constitutional America.
The Resurrection of McCarthyite Blacklisting would be the best way to encourage all of our Rabid Anti-American Americans to Self-Deport.
Is Jeff Sessions one of the Deepest Swamp Creatures?
Why no prosecutions of Madam Hillary and other criminals among the Marxocrats? How about Trey Gowdy? Was his incriminating examination more toothless political bluster by the deepest swamp creatures?
On the Alinsky-Induced Suicide of the Now Anti-American NFL.
How a whole giant commercial industry was led to self destruction by a pitifully few organized "Useful Idiot" ignoramuses. Cultural Marxism-not Whites and not Cops-created the Anti American NFL.
If we now have a Divisive President, it's about damned time.
Actually, President Trump is Unifying, of Americans. It is all the Culturally Marxist Anti-Americans of Identity Politics who Divide and Destroy America while pretending to be calling for “Unity”.
Progressive Communism explains the Republicrat Senate Inaction.
Progressive Communism gave us our Democratically Elected Senate, our Redistributive Progressive Income Tax, the FED, Separation of Church and State, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage and Obamacare.
All Anti-American Sentiment is Marxist Anti-Private-Property at its Roots.
All the Anti-America NFL Stars were first tricked into opposing Private Property, and they just aren't smart enough to figure it out.
The Anti-Nationalism Dirty Trick: Anti-Nationalism is Anti-American.
The thing about Anti-Nationalism is that America happens to be a Nation. To be Anti-Nationalist is to be either Globalist or Anarchist, and thus, Anti-American.
Is America still a Christian Nation? And if not, then, what are we?
Normally I don't pass on "Honk If You Love Jesus" type emails, especially after being burnt by virus-containing pass-it-on emails. But this one struck a chord.
Filial Correction of Pope Francis for the Propagation of Heresies.
The Filial Correction was written July 21 and delivered August 11, 2017. It is the first step in the Canonical process of Deposing a Heretical Pope.
The Early Universe and the Human Embryo
On the Similarities of the Embryonic Human and the Embryonic Universe
Stephen Paddock and the Purposeless, Pointless, Undirected Life.
So, Stephen Paddock displayed no religious views and no political views and no "movement" or "cause" affiliations. Why is that, in and of itself, not seen as socially problematic?
Insatiable Leftist Hatred: a Form of Absolute Political Insanity.
Leftist Hatred doesn't merely defeat opposition, but seeks to harm them, even destroy them, and, yes, even murder them.
Generational Degradation + Deep State Spies = Deep Doo Doo.
Trump's America is in Deep Doo Doo. All the evil tentacles of Cultural Marxism are strangling truth, knowledge, morality, faith and reason, while Deep State Spies attack Trump Himself.
Trumpism: Pro-Capitalist, Populist-Nationalism.
Communism is anti-Capitalist Globalism; Fascism/Nazism is anti-Capitalist Nationalism; all have Marxist anti-Capitalist roots. Only Trump's Populist-Nationalism conforms to the US Constitution
Institutionalizing Social Instability
How the Left busily blesses evil, curses good, systematically breaks down all established institutions, and institutionalizes social instability.
With Truth Rising, the Lies scream louder, like desperate cornered rats.
Truth is Rising everywhere, despite the best efforts of Satan, Marx, Mohammed, Hollywood, Journalism, Heretical Cardinals and Bishops, the Deep State and the Washington Establishment Club.
Finally, the Natural Self Identifying Evil of the Left is Unrestrained.
In Leftist-Elite Circles, Evil is the popular and in-thing to be. Elite, Self Identifying Evil has always yearned to go public.
Deepest Treason: High-Placed Traitors Investigating Each Other.
Traitors at the level of Jeff Sessions commit the Deepest Treason against the USA. The deepest members of the Deep State "Investigate" and cover up each other's deep treason.
An American Resistance Counter-Revolutionary Movement.
America needs a Political Movement mirroring Michael Voris' Catholic Resistance! Movement. American Resistance would counter our Multiculture and return to identifiable American Culture.
Lord, help our return to Simple Common Sense.
Common Sense and Independence are Overwhelmed by Community Sense and Social Dependency; Churches close and "combine" as they work on LGBT Equality and Social Justice and we can't figure out why.
On the Social Affects of Roman Catholic Clerical Faggotry.
As Catholic Clerical Faggotry eats away at the Church from the inside Cultural Marxism works to destroy decency and cohesiveness in all of Western Civilization.
The Kumbaya Time Bomb: Inclusiveness building deadly Divisiveness.
Universal Inclusiveness - the Kumbaya Time Bomb - is a dirty trick that benefits only the Ruthless Conquerors who intend to capitalize on the resulting inevitable Chaos and Divisiveness.
Noblesse Oblige: To be recognized as Noble, one must trully be Noble.
The French "Noblesse Oblige" carries the obligation of Nobility into all aspects of the living of a life. If one would be seen as Noble, then one must put Nobility into action.
Restoring our American Identity.
With the election of President Trump, the Jig is Up, and we are recognizing and coming back to our own unique Christian American Identity. But do we recognize our enemies among us?
What, exactly, is Christian Civilization?
And is Western Civilization still Christian, and precisely what does that mean, to be Christian?
Simple Tax Facts blow the need for any income tax out of the water.
From the "How ya gonna pay for it?" idiocy to the "Tax cuts for the Rich!" lunacy, all Marxocrats will ever accept is more income tax, more spending, more government, more Socialism and Less Freedom.
Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity.
All of Marxist Economics is just stupid. Not just wrong, but stupidly wrong. Clearly, Marxists never learned simple arithmetic in grade school.
Redounding Evil: All the Chickens Coming Home to Roost.
All the Lies, all the Falsehoods, all the Trickery, all the opposition to Truth, in our Religion, in our Science, in our Politics, in our whole Culture, are redounding back on Now Identified Evil.
The Blessing of Age: It is good to not be young today.
I give thanks for the blessing of age every time I look at the young, and see their aimlessness, pointlessness, purposelessness, and unjustified general anger.
Unpunished Desecration of Flag, Anthem and Country is Not New.
Unpunished misbehavior feeds, breeds and multiplies more such misbehavior. Burning and Desecrating American flags is not new; it's old. That's why it's growing. There is nothing new under the sun.
I see it; I recognize it for what it is; but I don't understand the Why of it.
Hatred of Christianity by people raised in Christianity; hatred of the USA by people raised up in the USA; there it is, right in front of us. But, Why?
Machiavellian Word Games: Commandeering Language for Communism.
On the diabolically clever playing of Word Games, aimed at frightening, tricking and fooling the world's populations into joining the Globalist International Communist Movement.
Culture = Religion + Politics, yes; but Religion and Politics have Gone Nuts.
All Institutions have crumbled under the assault of the anti-institution sentiment, which is driven by the Globalist-funded, Alinsky-Organized, Cultural Marxism Movement.
The Anti-Christians
Part 1 Of 4
America is either a distinct Christian Nation, or she is not.
The American National Ethos is distinctly and uniquely Christian; The American Constitution and Laws are distinctly and uniquely American. Destroy either distinction, and America is no more.
Stupidity Rising: As the political pot boils, Elite Stupidity rises to the top.
As more Trumpian Truth enters the American political recipe, our "Elites" are increasingly exposed as Liars, Lechers, Abusers, Perverts, Common Criminals, Corrupt Profiteers and just plain stupid.
Thanksgiving Proclamation
Given by President George Washington in New York, October 3, 1789.
Anti-Capitalism is Anti-Christian and Anti-American.
Anti-Capitalism denies "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not covet", it denies American Constitutional Civil Rights, and it opposes Natural Law.
Anti-racism racism, anti-sexism sexism, anti-taxing taxes, etc., etc., etc.
We are now ruled by anti-discrimination discrimination, anti-spending spending, and, we may as well face it: anti-reality reality.
Phony "Alinsky Bucks" showing up in CCHD Collection Baskets.
Who'da thunk it? Catholics, paying the Grand Master Puppeteer George Soros and his Global Population Control Puppets (Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, Madame Hillary, the USCCB) with Alinsky Bucks.
Cat Fights over Leadership of Unconstitutional Bureaucracies.
If what a bureau does is not even listed in Article One Section Eight, and it is thus out-of-scope for the government to even address, then, why does it even exist?
Watching All the Ungodly Pop-Stars go into Crash and Burn mode.
"I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven." (Luke 10:18). The mighty come down hard when they fall. All the Ungodly Heroes of the Ungodly Left are now falling like lightning, one after another.
Colluding Deep State Liars of Congress, Federal Agencies and News Media.
On the lies and disinformation put forth as truth by all of our Organized Deep State Liars.
One More Deep State Lie to cover: the Greedy Capitalism Lie.
Capitalism is NOT a "System Of Greed", and Marxist Economics do NOT lead to Social Utopia, but to Political Domination, Misery, Poverty, Famine and Death.
The Unholy AUSCP (Association of U. S. Catholic Priests)
The Unholy AUSCP, leading Catholicism into Priest-less Parishes, Women's Ordination, Homosexual Priests, and the destruction of true Catholic Faith in America.
Pope Francis' Official Pro-Adultery Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
The Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS) is the official gazzette of the Holy See, established by Pius X for Decrees, Encyclicals, Decisions and Appointments.
Unconstitutional Authoritarian Impositional "Rights".
Impositional Rights are those that are Unconstitutional, Unlegislated, Unrepresentative of We The People, and Imposed upon us against our will by Pure Authoritarian Dictatorial Government.
On the Highly Educated Stupidity of the World Elites.
Educated Stupidity demands a Two-State Solution for Israel, Special Rights for Non-Existent Genders, Global Climate Controls, and Equal Wealth for Everyone On Earth.
Rush Limbaugh is right about Al Franken not really quitting the Senate.
He didn't resign. He said he would resign within the next few weeks. Like, maybe, after the Alabama special election. Then, maybe; unless he doesn't. My money is on Franken not quitting.
On Stupid, Stupid Globalism, and the Pure Authoritarians Pushing It.
You might think it couldn't get any dumber than Socialists who keep re-trying Failed Socialism again and again. But Globalism gets Two Stupids, as the all-time Champion of All Social-Stupidities.
Stupid, Stupid Globalsim (SSG) Version 2 (or SSG2).
Stupd, Stupid Globalism 2 asks what happens to the American Citizen's Constitutionally Guaranteed civil rights to Equality, Life, Liberty and Property under the proposed Global Government.
How Identity Politics Destroy Original Identity.
Unconstitutional "Identity" rights now trump actual Constitutional rights, to make Americans not challenge anti-Americans, and to make Christians not challenge anti-Christians.
Social-Justice "Progressives" are really Regressives.
Social Justice "Progress" is Cultural Regression; Cultural Degeneration. Social Justice Warriors champion Untruth and Human Depravity in every area of human life.
TTRSCBTF = Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
TTRSCBTF is Catholic American Thinker's acronym for Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers.
Few things are dumber than the Marxist Fixed-Wealth Principle.
Wealth = Profit = Expendable Income = Private Property. New wealth creation, by any citizenry free to do it, is unlimited. Marxism’s “Fixed Wealth” image is a government-growing freedom-limiting lie.
Farewell Billy Boone; may your life have pleased the Lord.
It's hard to part with an old friend, but parting comes, and time waits for no man.
The Anti-Christians
Part 2 of 4
All Four Marks of the Church are Under Attack from Within.
The Four Marks of the Church - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - are all seen to be in play, in our lifetime. Up for grabs. Under debate, within the Church.
Witnessing the Transformative Battle of Souls.
I don't know whether it's the Final Battle or not, but it is most certainly a Transformative Battle, of Minds and of Souls.
Disagreeing with Rush on motivation of New Republicrat Trumpists.
Establishment House and Senate Republicrats, including Leadership, did not originally resist Trump merely because they thought the “Collusion” lie was going to bring him down. Some, yes, but most, no.
It is unrecognized Deep Penetrated Falsehood that is degrading us all.
Socially accepted deep penetrated falsehoods, under the guise of "Social Progress", act to eliminate distinct human cultures.
On the Anti-American Partisanship of our American Political Parties.
George Washington warned us about the formation of Political Parties, and of Regional and Political Agenda Partisanship, which would destroy our Constitutional Republic. And here we are.
The Ultimately Fatal Moderate Position.
The deadly lure of "fair" sounding moderation always leads away from absolute Truth. Truth cannot be compromised. Anything that can be moderated cannot be true.
Loving Trump Tweetery and Watching the Left go Nuts over it.
If it wasn't for Trump Tweetery, the Twitterverse wouldn't be what it is today, and Twitter might even be struggling or even have failed by now.
Growing Dependency and Destroying Independence, for Marxism.
Growing Government necessarily means Growing a sense of Dependency on Government, while destroying the sense of Independence in the Citizenry.
On the softer LGBTQ title of the Pro-Faggotry Movement.
Pro-Faggotry: Promoting the normalization and enculturation of open homosexuality, as “LGBTQ Rights", imposed on world culture by the US Marxocrat Party, the UN, and by Pope Francis, of all people.
Sheer Panic in the Deep State with Trump Still President.
There is sheer panic in the Marxocrat Party, in the Mainstream Media, in the FBI, in Justice, the CIA, the NSA, even the Secret Service. Now they, and not he, are in legal jeopardy.
On the Utter Moral Depravity of the Left, led by the Hollywood Elite.
The Marxocrat Party, the News Media and the Hollywood Elite all play-act at public decency "on stage", but they all actually live and swim in the same cultural cesspool of Utter Moral Depravity.
President Trump: the Focal Point and Target of All Anti-God Rage.
All Anti-God Rage today is directed at Donald Trump, the most unlikely, unexpected, and SOLE champion of God on the World Stage Today.
American Fences
American Fences
The Anti-Christians
Part 3 Of 4
The Treacherous Lies of Marxism, Destroying all that is good.
Destructive Treacherous Lies of the News Media, the Marxocrat Party, the FBI, Academia and Hollywood Celebrity all aim at the End of Constitutional America. And ultimately, the end of Man.
Indissolubility of Marriage: The Linchpin of Christian Culture.
Take away the Indissolubility of Marriage and you destroy the Normative Family, which is the Primal Social Unit of Human Culture. Marriage is Despised by Marx, and - by Pope Francis, too?
On Civil War coming to Christian America. Are we already in it?
The Church is at war with herself over theological issues. America is at war with herself over Constitutional issues. Is actual Civil War possible?
The American Left: The New Center of International Communism?
The old Soviet Union is no more; is the new locus of evil Communist Revolution in the world now centered in the American Left?
The Ship is Off Course
Elana DiMaria, Saturday, January 20, 2018
Transparency in Government versus Hidden "Sausage-Making".
Real Legislation, we are told, is ugly, like Sausage Making. You don't really want to see it. Transparency in the legislative process is not recommended.
Missing the Main Point of the Living of Life within Human Culture.
Liberalism and Liberal Thought often miss the Main Point of Life, when they form Permanent Political Parties, which slowly destroy Human Cultures.
Only the Hard Truth of Catholicism will save souls.
We Americans can join with non-Catholics and Weak Believers in our Politics, but only the Hard Truths of the Catholic Church will deliver souls to Heaven.
Is the planned International Roman Conference a Pre-Conclave Meeting?
International conference of Bishops on divisions in the Church just may be a pre-Conclave meeting, to examine Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia.
Allegiance to the Flag and Allegiance to God are two different things.
National Allegiance is not Nation Worship. Only the Godless and the Ungodly "worship" a nation or a political ideology, such as any variant form of Marxism.
Our Alien Millennial Generation, Opposing All That We Stand For.
Just try to explain American History, or Freedom, or Equality, or Jesus Christ, to any Alien Millennial, and just watch him get all Offended.
Who Leads Culture, between Religion and Politics, and to Where?
The question of who's leading culture is of vital importance for man. Religion, we all know, should be leading, but it appears to be following, and accommodating, The World.
Do we have a Pro-Abortion Pope in Pope Francis?
Receiving an Abortion Activist into the Order of St. Gregory for her work in Funding Abortion would seem to indicate that we have a Pro-Abortion Pope. Right?
Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
IACMPVND = Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers. Another Marxocrat Party Stratagem to destroy Capitalism and National Sovereignty in favor of a Communist World.
The Immigrant-Nazi Movement.
The Immigrant-Nazis are yet another Soros-Funded, Alinsky-Organized, Marxocrat Party Protected, News Media Championed, Anti-American Revolutionary Front Group.
On the Visceral Marxist Hatred of the American Left.
They can't conceal it any more. The Marxocrat Media and the Marxocrat Party absolutely despise America and We The People, and that visceral Marxist hatred is out in the open.
Diuturnum: Leo XIII on the Origins of Civil Power
In Diuturnum Pope Leo XIII speaks of "Communism, Socialism, Nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men". It's time to remember and reinvigorate his words.
Quod Apostolici Muneris: Leo XIII on Socialism.
Pope Leo XIII warns the world of the insidious threat to all civil society posed by the ideological poison of Socialism. True to the ultimate goal in Marx's Manifesto, it menaces all existing social institutions.
The Obamunist Clintonista Marxocratic Shadow Government.
The Shadow Government sees itself as, well, the Government. That's why they're so bold. They think themselves immune from prosecution, because, after all, they're running the whole shebang.
Psychological Projection of Evil Intent by Political Parties.
Marxocrat Party false claims against President Trump are all Psychological Projections. Evil Marxist Ideology naturally assumes that everyone else is evil, too. Especially anyone in opposition to their own rigid evil ideology.
On the Ongoing Multiple-Faction War Within Catholicism.
If we can't get our own faith right, no other war matters, for civilization itself will be lost. The ongoing multifaceted war within Catholicism will determine the ultimate fate of the world.
Anti-Civilization Factions of Multiculturalism and Diversity.
All the Soros-Funded, Alinsky-Organized Factions of Street Demonstrators, Marching Themselves and Human Civilization into Hell. Under the false facade of Global Unity and Love, they divide, and splinter, and sow hatred.
American Unconstitutionalism in the Constitutional Government.
Rush Limbaugh is Mistaken about our 242 year history of Constitutional Rule-of-Law. Close, but no cigar. All three branches have violated the Constitution and their oaths of office with impunity, and they just keep doing it. American Unconstitutionalism now rules us.
Evil Globalism: Watching All the Marxists Denying the Obvious.
Marxists promote Evil Globalism as the path to Utopia, predicting only Dystopia and Ruin as the destiny of Sovereignty and Nationalism. They Lie. The Reverse is True.
The Anti-Christians.
By Nito Gnoci, Part 4 Of 4.
Circular Lies are those lies that clearly apply to the Liars.
Rest assured that whatever names the Left call President Trump better suit the speakers. Whatever slanders they issue about America or Christianity more properly apply to themselves. That is the nature of the Circular Lie.
The Constipated 'Bama and 'Bama Mama Portraits.
The Official Obama Portraits: Nothing Particularly Presidential about them, and that's quite appropriate.
The Ninety Nine Percent Lies.
99% of Dreamers are good candidates for citizenship? 99% of FBI agents are patriotic defenders of the Constitution? Based on what? These are just "Ninety Nine Percent" lies.
When the Masquerade Ends, Unmasked Evil Stands Open and Proud.
The whole reason for the Masquerade is to get us comfortable in the close company of Untruth. Then, when the Masquerade ends, we are not so shocked and repulsed by Evil Untruth.
For REAL Election Stealing Collusion, look at George Soros.
There was and is REAL Election Stealing Collusion between whole Marxocrat Party's Shadow Government and none other than George Soros.
Creation v. Scientism: Creation Science v Darwinist Scientism.
At this point in history, it is quite evident that Darwinism is scientifically disproved. Yet, the "Scientific" world embraces Darwinism and disclaims Biblical Creation. So, Creation v Scientism pits TWO faith-based belief systems against each other. ONE is right.
The Social Self-Destruction of Increasingly Godless Culture.
What do all the mass shooters have in common? Godlessness. What does the advance of Cultural Marxism and Leftist Ideology promote? Godless Culture.
Planned and Organized Ungodliness Aimed at National Suicides.
Building on the "Godless Culture" article, Planned and Organized Ungodliness shows the Diabolically Evil Orchestration and Choreography behind Western Nations Self-Destructing.
The Predictable Aftermath of Any Shooting: Quick Demonstration.
How shell-shocked students are manipulated, quick, while they're still all emotional, by Soros-Funded Alinsky-Organizers, to emotionally "Demonstrate" for Marxocrat-Party Causes.
To be Anti-Nature is to be Anti-God, Who is the Author of Nature.
All the Naturalists and "Pure" Materialists actually oppose Nature under the guise of redefining it in "Scientific" terms. In denying God they twist nature and reality.
Alinskyianism: Organizational Activism for Societal Destruction.
Alinskyianism is the "Religion" that pretends to be Organizing To Uplift Man, but in reality is Organizing to Corrupt and Destroy All Existing Human Social Institutions.
Criminal Control, not Gun Control, is what is needed.
Gun Control laws affect only the law-abiding citizenry, not the criminals. Criminals, by definition, disobey laws. "Control" laws transform self-reliant rugged individual American citizens into dependent docile herd animals while encouraging and enabling even more crime.
On Evil Rising, in the Church, in America and in the World.
Everywhere we look today, in the Catholic Church, in Protestantism, in Education, in Entertainment, in Literature, in Art, in Music, we see Evil Rising.
American Poop-Pile Cities: The more Leftist the more they Stink.
The more Left-Liberal the government of any American city is, the more numerous, wider and higher the Giant Public Poop Piles become.
A Catholic Embracing Islam; and Remaining Catholic?
How can any Pope, or any Catholic, embrace Islam, when Islam is irrevocably sworn to destroy and eliminate the Catholic Church? Yet, Pope Francis is Embracing Islam.
Eucharist Rising: Restoring Eucharist to the Center of Catholicism.
If we are not a Eucharistic People, are we still Catholic? Restoring Eucharist to the Central Place of Honor, and turning Priests to Ad Orientum, will inevitably lead to Eucharist Rising in the hearts and minds of the Faithful.
Church Militant Resistance Cincinnati/Covington, Call To Arms
Fr. James Martin S.J., who proudly advances the Rainbow Flag of Sodom, is coming to speak in our Archdiocese as if he represented true Catholic doctrine, which he opposes.
On Nitpicking Trump's words, his Tweets, and even Trump Himself.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick to death of people who call themselves "Conservatives" and "Constitutionalists" and "Pro-Americans" just Nitpicking Trump to Death.
On Catholic Americans Embracing Evil, in the name of "Progress".
It isn't Progress, it's Regress. In chasing our tails seeking public safety and security, we move ourselves into a Police State. Condemning crime, we restrict ourselves, and unleash Criminals and Criminality. In seeking Peace At All Costs, we will be conquered by War.
On Recognizing Diabolical Massive Geopolitical Lies
The Diabolical Lies destroying Religion, Politics, Science, Medicine, Nations, The Family, Decent Human Culture, and ultimately, Mankind.
Displacing God in Culture, for Fun, Profit, and Revolution.
For Marx and Engles, it was for Revolution; for the Lustful, it was for Fun; for the Entrepreneurs of Lust, it was for Profit. And they all worshiped Darwin.
Making Mass Shooters by Teaching Hatred
Teaching Children Hatred, Teaching Atheism, Teaching Revolution, and Making Mass Shooters.
Stealing Sovereignty, for Aliens, Criminals and Jihadists.
How the Left with Sanctuary Cities and Islam with Growing No-Go-Zones are Stealing Sovereignty from the USA.
A Catholic Embracing Communism; and Remaining Catholic?
How can any Pope, or any Catholic, embrace Communism, which is is irrevocably antithetical to the Catholic Church? Yet, Pope Francis is Embracing Communism.
On The Good Bishop, Bad Bishop Hierarchical Clergy War
The Good Bishop, Bad Bishop Delineations are perfectly clear: It is Grace versus Disgrace.
Vatican leads Truth Suppression on Islamic Crime.
How Official Truth Suppression by the Vatican and the Highest Levels of National Governments Feed, Aid and Abet the Globalist, Marxist, Islamic Conquest of Decent Human Civilization.
On God-given Rights of Man being turned against Man, by Man.
What are Human Rights? Where do they come from? Do they "Evolve"?
Beloved Quotations of Chairman Frankenpope
Chairman Mao's Little Red Book of Quotations is being amended and gradually built onto by Chairman Frankenpope.
Parallels between President Trump and Charlemagne
Charlemagne single-handedly rebuilt the Holy Roman Empire; Donald Trump is single-handedly rebuilding Western Civilization.
Unabashed, Open, Smiling Evil Everywhere You Look In Leadership.
The openness about it should be shocking, but it isn't. Not any more. Smiling Evil is now Mainstream.
On laymen manhandling Jesus in the Catholic Mass.
Should handling Jesus be a such commonplace, ordinary thing? How did we ever get to the point of daring to touch Him?
Witnessing Darwinian Deterioration in high places.
Unavoidable genome degeneration is wreaking havoc on theoretical Darwinism. "Scientism", and upper academia, already left in the dust, don't even see what's coming.
Community Organizing Catholicism
With the USCCB already Alinsky-Organized, the work of bottom-up grass-roots Community Organizing Catholicism commences.
Unmasked Rage describes the Desperate Anti-Trump Left.
At last the mask is off and the Left stands before us au naturel, and what we see is the insane unmasked rage of Satan himself.
Our Left-Leaning Purely Political Pope Francis.
It is Holy Week, and thoughts about our Political Pope should not displace that serious meditation. But they do; I can't help it. I am tortured by them.
Truth Divides. Truth is Reality, and Reality does not change.
Truth is Constant and Persistent; Error is ever growing and ever changing. Error is Falsehood, or Lies. Truth Divides between Reality and Unreality.
The Silly Errors: Beyond Stupid, into the Realm of Silliness.
Untruth and Falsehood is rarely subtle and never totally hidden. But some of it is so wrong, and so stupid as to be downright Silly.
Is Pope Francis Merely Confused, or Purposely Confusing?
We see the Cultural-Marxism Movement Purposely Confusing Science, Classical Education, Politics, Religion and Philosophy. Is Pope Francis In League with it, and Purposely Confusing Catholicism?
The Antipopes.
Will Francis eventually be Deposed, and recorded in history to have been another Antipope?
The Antifact Movement, seeking Dictatorial Control of Facts.
Antifact cannot and will not stand for the open profession of Actual Facts. Antifact suppresses all speech and all literature and all history that favors Truth. Only Falsehood is to be allowed in open public discourse.
On the Great Eucharistic Heresy of Pope Francis and Friends.
The gradual 50-year growing of the Great Eucharistic Heresy met its own climactic Champion in Pope Francis.
On Evil Suppressing Good, and Falsehood Suppressing Truth.
Washington Politics, writ large, are Suppressing Good and Favoring Evil. But the People elected Trump, and Trump will not be Suppressed. Is he, alone, turning the tide back to Good?
The Absolute Arrogance of the Anti-Trump Left
Absolute Arrogance and Certainty of Position is now the Hallmark of the Deep State Shadow Government, and the Deep Church Shadow Magisterium.
Knock-knock; shake-shake; Jeff Sessions, are you awake?
All of us ordinary American citizens can clearly see the DOJ and FBI Criminal Enterprise for what it has become. Jeff Sessions is either part of it, or he's asleep at the wheel.
The Principle of Self Defeating Falsehood.
Self Defeating Falsehood, which may be a Natural Law, is slowly winning the battle in American Politics. Is it quietly at work in the Church, too?
A Novus Ordo Journey, to the High Sanctity of an "Old" New Mass.
One Pastor's Journey, enhancing the "New" Mass Liturgy with the "Old" Traditional Sanctity of the Latin.
All the Nice Inclusive Catholics, Walking Toward their Doom.
The Marxocrat Party Voter Base consists of purposely alienated and enraged Victim-Groups filled with hate. The Nice Inclusive Catholic Movement is building the same kind of "Base", with purposely manipulated and agitated Sinners.
On our Super-Nice Enemies, in our Unrecognized Psychological War
As we are taught to "Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner" while the Sinner just keeps Sinning, are we becoming Anesthetized to the Evil of the Sin, and to the Reality of the Sinner?
The Case For Banishment.
When Evil "Inclusiveness" has brought our own conquerors, murderers and enslavers in among us, it is time to initiate a program of Forced Divisiveness and get them out.
On the need to increase your Vocabulary of Islam.
If the word "taharrush" is not in your vocabulary of Islam now, it will be in the near future, and you won't like it.
Trump, the Bull, Wrecking the Establishment China Shop.
If Draining The Swamp means Wrecking The Establishment, and it does, then Trump is just doing it, Single-Handedly.
On the Evil of Error.
How is Error Evil? Well, Error is Falsehood, the opposite of Truth. Whatever opposes Truth opposes God.
Dividing Our Church: Is That Satan's Plan?
Our Lord Jesus, the Separator, Divided His Followers out from the Jewish and Gentile Houses and nations. Is Satan now doing the same thing to the Church?
The Need for Reunification of the Divided Faithful.
Divided Catholicism, Divided American Politics and Divided Human Civilization Cry Out for Purging of Evil and Reunification.
Traitor John Kerry just keeps committing Treason against the USA
He just can't help himself. He always was a Traitor and that's what Traitors do. And that's why he's right at home in the Marxocrat Party.
Marxist and Islamic Privilege Coalesce in Marxocrat Privilege
White Privilege my ass. Male Privilege? Excuse me? How stupid do they think we are? It is Marxocrat Party Privilege that is acting to destroy Constitutional America and dominate world society, Unopposed, thanks to the Marxocrat Dominated Deep State.
On America's Hidden Criminal Government
Does President Trump recognize the breadth, depth and scope of the actual Criminal Enterprise now running America behind the scenes?
Conscience and the Catholic American Thinker
What does Conscience have to do with, first Faith, and second, Politics? What does it have to do with Science, or with Reality?
The Marxocrat Party, Standing In Untruth.
While the Marxocrats Stand In Untruth, the Republicrats Stand for Nothing In Particular, merely Blowing With the Political Wind.
The Marxocraticly Stupidified Population
When your neighbor abandons the Edison light bulb and buys an electric car, for the sake of the Planet, he has been Stupidified by Marxocrat Party Policy.
America's Marxocratic-Catholic Racketeer Bishops
Our Marxocratic Justice Department, if it ever gets cleaned up, may pursue RICO law violations against Marxocrat Party-Dependent Catholic Racketeer Bishops.
Elitist Globalism is Crashing, while Common Trump-ism is Rising
See the all the Elitists running around, as the Plots of Elite Globalism come tumbling down.
In Praise of
If you too suffer from the lost Catholic consistency and multiple moral theologies coming from our Bishops, you need to get into and get back to your true Catholic Roots.
Deepest Errors are "Residual" Errors born of Original Errors.
The Deepest Errors are those left behind after the Original Error is finally corrected. No long-lived uncontested Error is ever corrected without leaving Deeper Errors behind.
A Question.
Submitted through the "Submit an Article" form.
The Slow Domination of America by Islamic Sharia Law
If you don't believe that Dawah, Islamic Gangsterism and slow, steady Civil-Jihad are taking over the streets of America, watch this.
Lofty "Spirituality" cannot replace Living Catholic.
Over-emotional, trans-inducing, tongue-speaking Spirituality, or even a more quiet sense of spiritual self-satisfaction simply cannot displace the religious requirements of Catholicism.
Domestic Enemies of the Constitution Coming Out In The Open.
More Importantly, Internal Domestic Enemies of the Catholic Church Are Now Coming Out In The Open.
On Marxocrat Party Stupidassism
The anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-nation, anti-white race, anti-male, anti-human being, anti-human population, anti-carbon dioxide, pro-Marxist, pro-Islam, etc., pure Stupidassism of the Marxocrat Party.
Alinskyian American Government
Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, was twice elected to be our Soros Funded Alinsky Organizer-In-Chief. Is it any wonder that we now have an Alinskyian American Government?
Happy 50th Anniversary To Us
Marking 50 years of marriage, and ever growing love.
The Supersensitive, Fragile, Delicate "Feelings" of Marxocrats.
It's so easy to hurt the poor little feelings of Supersensitive Marxocrats that everyone else's speech must be legally restricted and controlled, but not theirs.
PEJTML = Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
PEJTML applies to any Palestinian. How do you know when a Palestinian is lying? When his mouth is open and words are coming out.
American Citizens should trust "rank and file" federal agents?
Sez Who?
How the Ununitable calls for Universal unification
Good and Evil are Ununitable. So long as evil exists in the world, the Good cannot unite with Everybody.
Making America Great Again means Making her Good Again.
President Trump's determined goal of Making America Great Again is ultimately going to force him to Make America Good Again, making him a better and better man in the process.
A Catholic Good-News Bad-News Day
Massive Recognition of Error Meets Vague, Subjectively Interpreted, Infinitely Variable Doctrine. Is this Good-News Bad-News Clash A Turning Point?
Witnessing Truth Rising and Lies Falling Everywhere
President Trump started a big ball rolling with great inertia, and now we are watching all the lies falling, all over the world.
On the Invincible Arrogance of Justice, FBI and even the IG.
An IG Report over-loaded with examples of bias, with a Summary that finds "No Bias", is Criminal-Level Supreme Arrogance.
Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston's Attack on America
The Truth About Separation of Families at our Southern Border
Evil Silence neither Admonishes Sin nor Challenges Falsehood.
Silence in the Face of Clear Evil is Evil Silence, Cooperating in the advance of Falsehood and Sin.
Worldly Republicrats Compromising America Out Of Existence
Our Cowardly Congressional Worldly Republicrats, in a Mad Rush to get Amnesty For Illegals, Quick, before more Pro-Trump Republicrats get elected in the Mid-Term Election.
The Corrupted Catholicism at the Root of World Culture Rot
Corrupted, Perverted, Falsified and Evil "Cultural Catholicism", actively participating in delivering all the World's Human Souls to Satan.
Two Big Lies Demonizing America and Christianity
Two Big Lies: 1: America was the original inventor and world center of black slavery; 2: Homosexuals are born to be homosexuals and the Church condemns them for being born.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Close All Immigration.
Shut it all down as it was until 1965. It doesn't get any more comprehensive than that.
Making America Constitutional Again
America is unique in that she has no human ruler or rulers. The Constitution - a fixed legal document - is the only real ruler, of the government and of the people. The real key to making America Great Again is to Make America Constitutional Again.
Who pre-planned the "Separated Families at the border" crisis?
Who induced them to come here? Who paid for foreign government ads telling them how to get here and what to say and do? Who induced the unaccompanied children flood among the illegals?
Self Feeding Self Eating Globalist Lies
Like a snake eating its own tail, the self-feeding and self-eating lies of Globalism are all encompassing, and all destroying.
The Dividing Begins in America and the World
Evil Globalism and Multiculturalism is undoing itself, as the Global Dividing Begins with Evil clearly identifying itself in public.
Scripture, properly read, opens up the Wisdom of the Ages
To unlock the wisdom of the ages, the Bible must be read with a prayerful mind, open to more than a purely literal interpretation of the words on the pages.
Our Toothless Congress versus the Deep State Shadow Government
Talk, talk, talk. Bluster, bluster, bluster. Bloviate, bloviate bloviate. It's all for the cameras. The reason they don't solve the problem is they are in on it.
Marxist-Globalist Values Versus Judaeo-Christian Morals
"Those are not our Values' and "That's not who we are" claim the Obamunists, dividing themselves out from America. Well, theirs are not our values and 'They" are certainly not who we are.
The Creeds, and Credal Faith, teach the Mystery of God Himself
Who could "scientifically" understand the Trinity, or the God-And-Man nature of Jesus? We can only embrace Divine Revelation through Catholic Credal Faith.
The AntiChrist AntiAmericans Pushing For an American Civil War
Notice how anti-Americans are always anti-Christians. America's AntiChrist AntiAmericans would "transform" Constitutional America into a godless dictatorship.
Blue Wave, or Red Wave?
Blue Wave my foot. The Left's angry "Revolution" may involve a Red Wave instead. Every day and in every way, The Left just keeps getting dumber and dumber and dumber.
In Praise of Trump's Patriotism, Nationalism and Populism
To oppose Nationalism is to oppose America. To oppose Populism is to oppose Representative Government. To oppose Patriotism in a nation worthy of Patriotism is Stupid.
Trump v. the Shadow Government: the Splitting of America Begins
Our new Civil War is already on. It's between all the Constitutionalists coalescing behind Trump, and all the Domestic Enemies of Constitutional America.
On Concupiscence, Time and Prayer
"Idle Time is the Devil's Playground" doesn't suggest all work and no rest or recreation. It suggests using Prayer to steal time from the Devil.
Global Truth Dawning causes Evil to Destroy Itself
As Truth slowly dawns on all the Soros-Funded Revolutionary Factions, they all begin to eat each other and to hate themselves
Leftist Political Hatred of the Constitution on Public Display
They despise the 2nd Amendment; they loathe the Constitutionally limited power, scope and size of government; they can't stand the three separated branches.
On Properly Defining Treason
Toward Re-Defining Treason as supporting America's mortal enemies. Is not a war of Political Ideologies, where one ideology seeks to destroy a nation, an actual war?
Left Promises Kavanaugh Approval Will unleash Marxocrat Muderers
Terry McAuliffe says millions will die. Yale students and faculty promise "people will die". We can only wonder who the Marxocrats hope to murder this time.
Millennial Marxist Mind Control Project of Zuckerberg and Friends
With Fake News Networks and Print Publications being obsoleted by the Internet, the Useful Idiot Owners of all the New Media work to keep Global Marxist Mind Control Operative.
The Disgusting Trump Bashers Condemning The Trump-Putin Summit
The mask comes off of all the "Conservative" Trump haters who rage at Trump for not joining them against himself and his Presidency, and publicly calling his own perfectly valid election win into question for them.
Is Brett Kavanaugh really Pro-Abortion?
Anyone who would let any unconstitutional law, order, regulation or precedent stand just because it is "established" or "settled" or "standing" law is no real Constitutionalist.
Are we looking at the emergence of a Trumpian New World Order?
Is President Trump Making America Great Again, and also Making the World Great, too?
Permanent Revolution?
Question: What is a "Permanent" Revolution? Answer: A "Legacy" of Permanent angry social disorder, where the unassaugeable anger itself becomes the permanent, culturally destructive "Revolution".
The Uncivilization of America and Western Civilization
The increasing loss of civil dialogue in politics is not an accident, but a planned, orchestrated evil agenda of Uncivilization.
The Katholic Spring: A Red Revolution in Church and State
Like the first 1848 Springtime of Revolution and the 2010 Arab Spring, this Katholic Spring is just another manipulated, faux "People's Revolution".
Trumpian Truth now lights up Evil Republicrats
Paul Ryan and other Republicrats now stand self-identified as Evil Conspirators in the bright light of Trumpian Truth.
Fake News Hubris Destroys Diplomatic Decorum
How Screaming Rude Questions at a Non-Press Conference White House "Press Release" Event Was Then Negatively Spun With Typical Fake News Hubris.
On The Disgusting Cardinal McCarrick Homo-Predation Business
The unveiling of the decades-long Cdl. McCarrick Homo-Predation history is small-potatoes news compared to the news that EVERYBODY KNEW ABOUT IT AND DID NOTHING!
The Catholic Shadow Government Running The Church
We are losing the evil PSYOPS war in America, in Western Civilization, and even in Catholicism. A twisted-psyche Catholic Shadow Government now runs the Church.
Understanding the Self Despising Phenomenon
Americans who despise their own country, Cardinals who despise the Catholic Church, white people who despise their own race, men who despise their own sex, and the Self Despising Phenomenon
Strength and Honor Catholic Men's Conference 2018
Church Militant/St. Michael's Media "Strength and Honor" Post Event Reflections.
The Violent Revolutionary Antifa Wing of the Marxocrat Party
The Marxocrat Party's Antifa Wing actually is what it falsely claims to be opposing: Antifa is Fascist to the bone.
Laying out a Long Game Strategy for America and Christianity
The American Constitution, in and of itself, is a Perfect Long Game Strategy. But Unconstitutional Political Parties took American Government way outside the Constitution, wrecking that Long Game Strategy.
A History of Anti-Christianity by Nito Gnoci
The True History of Anti-Christianity belies the false claim that Christianity is brutal; the opposite is true. Anti-Christians authored the world's worst wars, mass-murders, famines, enslavements and genocides
A Convergence of Unveiled Evil, and its Increasing Desperation.
The unveiled Corruption in American and World Governments; the unveiled Corrupted Global News Media; the unveiled Corrupted Catholic Hierarchy; is there One Evil Plan behind ALL OF IT?
A Literalist Interpretation of Genesis 1 through 3? Really?
Doesn't Material Science disprove the Genesis Six Day Creation Story? As a matter of fact, no. Actual Applied Science confirms it. Well, whaddaya know.
On the Brennen Security Clearance Brouhaha
What on earth does Freedom Of Speech have to do with access to sensitive government information?
The Disgusting Homo-Conquest of Decency in Culture
The Tricky Aha! (Active Homosexual/Homosexual Activist (AH/HA, or, Aha!) ) movement that is blindsiding all Christian culture, both in and out of the Catholic Clergy.
Ezechiel's Prophesy to the Evil Shepherds, so prescient today.
From the Wednesday Novus Ordo Mass readings; all Catholic Clerics should take note.
Infallibility Revisited, in a confused and confusing Pontificate
When Papal statements are vague, confusing or obviously wrong its time to step back and revisit Infallibility, in light of original Revealed Truth. Truth is never wrong, and never confusing.
Blacklisting Whites, Christians, Men, Trumpists, etc. in America
Today's not-so-undercover Communists in America now reverse McCarthyism to blacklist all nonconformists to their own narrow, anti-American and Communist Worldview.
Clintonism, Obamunism, and 18 U.S. Code § 1001 corrupted the FBI.
The Justice Department, the FBI and even the CIA are now so glaringly corrupt that it is going to take a major overhaul of both organization and law to get American Constitutional Equal Justice back on track.
Francis, McCarrick & Other Homo-Clerics Corrupted Catholicism
Francis is at the top of the evil homo network victimizing men and boys all over the world, while play acting at "Catholicism". Pope Francis is and always was in on the whole mess.
On the Criminal Clerics of the Secret Catholic Crime Family.
If anything in America cried out for a RICO investigation it would be the Criminal Clerics forming the Homosexual Cabal now running the Catholic Hierarchy.
Kavanaugh Comes Out as a Pro-Abortion Sleeper
Kavanaugh Comes Out under Questioning as an Anti-Constitution Legal Precedent Worshiper.
The Rudderless Church of Pope Francis, and the Great Awakening.
Someone wake up the Lord! The Faithful are now dangerously adrift in a Rudderless Church.
Identity-Politics: Attacking All Proper Sense Of Identity.
Culturally Destructive Identity Politics: The Evil Machiavellian Sword of Satan.
On the Unrecognized Civil War underway in Western Civilization.
Three Civil Wars: A Rising Up against a Discovered Silent Coup, (1) In the American Government, (2) In the Catholic Hierarchy, (3) In All of Western Civilization.
The Modern Catholic Heresy of Homoclericalism.
Uncovering the many Heretical Catholic Homoclerics and their well organized crime and heresy of Homoclericalism.
One God.
The One And Only One God Profundity.
On the Deep Loathing of America and American Police.
American citizens, hating America, white people, men, police, etc., and even themselves. Why?
The "Values" driving anti-Americanism and anti-Christianity.
The "Values" that drive the Clintonistas, the Obamunists, the Marxocrats, and all the Homo-Clerics like Wuerl and McCarrick.
Watching the Catholic Homo-Conspiracy Melt-Down.
The whole Catholic hierarchy is now shaking as homo time-bomb after homo land-mine go off, and Truth lights up the giant Catholic Homo-Conspiracy.
On the Genius of Trump: Where does it come from?
No one in Washington, or maybe in the world, could accomplish the things he has accomplished as President, the way he accomplished them, in the time he accomplished them, against all the opposition he faced. How does he do it?
Materialist Sleeper Cells Undermining the Christian World View.
Marxist Sleeper Cells undermine Trump and America; Darwinist Sleeper Cells undermine Real Science; but undermining both of Them are the Materialist Sleeper Cells.
The Marxocrat Party of Treason Running the Deep State.
Marxocrat (i.e. Democrat) Party "Values" are Immoral, "Politics" are Communist, "Agenda" is anti-Constitution and anti-Christian, "Science" is anti-Reality and "Motive" is Treason.
Objective Truth is Reality; Subjective Truth is Opinion.
The old fashioned Scientific Method is Empirical and Purely Objective. "Scientism" is Democratic, Statistical, Theoretical and Purely Subjective. Where Real Science seeks Reality, Scientism promotes Popular Theory.
Satan's Sleeper Cells going into Self Destruct Mode.
Marxist, Islamic and Homosexual Sleeper Cells, here, there and everywhere, being self-exposed for what they are, taking themselves and each other down.
The Good Guy Sleepers Taking America Down
The most effective traitor to Truth is the one perceived by most to be the Good Guy.
The Worst of Wilson's Evil Legacy: Our Corrupted Senate
Woodrow Wilson's Seventeenth Amendment Corrupted our Senate, wrecked our Republic and started us on the trail of becoming a Pure Democracy. Something America was neither designed nor intended to be.
One Party Warning
Beware of One Party Rule. All forms of Marxist Anti-Capitalist Tyranny - Communism, Fascism and Nazism - had one thing in common: One Party Rule. The Party became the Government and the Tyrant was the head of the Party.
"Normalizing" LGBT in Human Culture: They Think We're Stupid.
LGBT is already blessed and normalized throughout American Government; Pope Francis and all the Homo-Clerics still struggle to Normalize it in Catholicism through Corrupting Synods and Cover-Ups.
Uncovered Demons Lashing Out in Evil Desperation
The Rat Becomes Dangerous When Cornered. In Our Religion, Politics And Culture We Now See Ever Increasing Evil Desperation.
Hugh Owen Presentation - spread the word.
Darwinism Debunked; Scripture Validated; Score 1 for Truth.
The Conspiratorial Criminal Enterprise Hiding In the Church
How it came to be, how it secretly grew, how it took control, and how it is now coming apart.
Why Cultural-Marxists insist on an "Independent FED".
Why should America's Treasure be independent of America's government?
The Intersectionality Versus Equality Stupidity
Intersectionality: Endlessly Identifying Oppressors and Oppressed. A Hopeless Opposition to the Constitutional Right to Equality, Championed by the Highest Educated Academic Social Stupid-Asses.
Bloody Revolution, in America?
As the slower path of Cultural Marxism into Communism is being turned back by the persistent Trump Presidency, the Marxocrat Party quickly switches back to original, old time Marxist Violent Revolution.
The Marxocrat USCCB and the Culturally Marxist Vatican
All the homosexuality, homo-crimes and cover-ups are mere symptoms; the disease is Marxism, and all the criminality and political corruption it pushes. The USCCB and the Marxocrat Party are one and the same organic thing..
The Global Humanitarian Crisis of the Migrants
Another Giant Global Crisis, created, fed and nourished by the United Nations, the European Union, COMINTERN, The Moslem Brotherhood, the Marxocrat Party, the USCCB and the Pope Francis Vatican. A Global Humanitarian Crisis of their own making.
Shutting Down the Southern Border
Keeping Constitutional America in Existence as a Force for Good in an Increasingly Evil World requires Shutting Down the Southern Border.
Unlimited Unity? With Them? Hell No! Let them be Anathema!
The President should "Bring Us All Together", with Communists, Moslems, Sodomites and Satanists? Why? If Heaven has Borders and there are no Illegal Immigrants in Heaven, then we should do likewise on earth. There can be no Unlimited Unity.
Open Revolutionary Violence: the Marxocrat Party Unmasked.
Open incivility is the least of it. Marxist Tyrannical Power was Winning, and Trump stopped it cold. Now, America's Marxocrat Party turns to Actual Violent Revolution. (Or so they hope.)
More USCCB And CCHD Abomination
Your dollars in the (usually) "Third Sunday In November" annual CCHD collection are just going to support more USCCB and CCHD Abominations.
Who is the real "Enemy Of The People" here?
Trump called the Mainstream News Media the "Enemy of the People" and everybody, including FOX News, gets all upset about it. Why? Does the Truth Hurt?
Vote Your Morality. If everyone does that, Christianity Wins.
Christian Morality is the foundation and basis of all American Civil Law that is Constitutional and therefore Legitimate. Within any Christian Civilization, Christian Morality is the Fulfillment of the Civil Law.
Mid-Term results illustrate the depth of the Deadly Divide.
Either half of the voting population do not recognized that one Party is indeed Marxist, or, Marxism itself is no longer recognized as the mortal enemy of both America and Christianity. Is that Deadly Divide hardening?
The Pre-Existing Rope-A-Dope Trick.
How Marxist Progressivism Got 2018 Mid-Term Election Votes through the Pre-Existing Rope-A-Dope Trick. People with "Pre-Existing Conditions" were terrified of any possible lack of Health Insurance Coverage. By Plan.
Original "Honest Partisanship" Divided Truth From Falsehood.
Only when Partisans debate Truth versus Falsehood (Good versus Evil; Right from Wrong), do we see Original, Pure and Honest Partisanship.
Breaking our Anti-American Court System
Constitutional American National Survival, let alone Restoration of Former Greatness, depends upon Breaking our Anti-American Court System and Breaking the Anti-American Party that Corrupted it and Owns It.
E-Zine News Letter
The Catholic American Thinker E-Zine News Letter
On Absolute Literalism in Bible Interpretation
Can it be true that the only "True" Catholics are actually Flat-Earthers?
Recognizing Anti-Human Being Human Beings for what they are
Anti-Capitalism Capitalists; Anti-Catholic Clerics; Anti-Law Jurists; Anti-American Americans; Anti-Nature Naturalists; Anti-Racism Racists; Anti-Family Family Members; Anti-Institution Institutions; and Anti-Humanity Humans
Abolishing Political Parties
A Strategic Approach
The Globalist Hoaxes Attacking the Last Bastion of Freedom
The Climate-Change Hoax; the Sustainability Hoax; the Global Pollution Hoax; the Over-Population Hoax; the Innocent Migrant Hoax; all Globalist Hoaxes aim at the Destruction of America, the World's Last Bastion of Freedom.
Are you really Catholic? Then Stand and be Counted.
This is the time, this is the place, for All Real Catholics to Make Their Stand.
It's Time to End American Lame-Duck Government
All the "Lame-Duck" periods of government are good for is giving defeated politicians time to sabotage the offices, intentions and plans of the political winners before they take office
Has President Trump Triggered a World Scientific Awakening?
Before the Trump Presidency, the "Norm" had become pure faith in the Scientism of Cultural Marxism, and Real Actual Science was being attacked and made Anathema on the world stage
Are corrupting Vatican operatives corrupting the Cloisters, too?
Are there to be no more Superiors or Prioresses? No more strict Orders to live by? No more separation from the World? Cloisters must join some "Federation"? Does anyone smell Socialism and Alinsky Organizing yet?
On Traditional Catholicism, Constitutional America, and Synergy
There is a remarkable Natural Synergy between the original, as-founded USA, and the original, Traditional, uncorrupted and incorruptible Roman Catholic Church
The Beginning of the End of the Anti-Order Movement?
We could be witnessing the collapse of Disorder back into Order. A Social Wake-Up Call; a Natural Social Recognition of the "New World Order" and "Globalism" as being Satan's Evil Anti-Order Movement.
Political Projection: Politicized Psychological Projection
Political Projection is the Politically Commandeered psychological trick of the Left, weaponized, to attack morality, decency and good order in human society
The Deep Catholic Roots of Human Civilization
It isn't merely Western Civilization that has deep Catholic Roots. Catholicism, more than anything else, civilized a formerly barbaric world. And as Catholicism goes, so goes Human Civility and All Civil Culture.
At it's core, the Anti-Trump Movement is Anti-Democracy
It's not just Anti-Trump, and it's not just Anti-American; It is the refusal of a sitting government to accept the results of a Democratic Election.
All the Enlightened Fools and their Enlightened Follies.
Just how Enlightened are they who now deny glaringly obvious simple Reality right in front of their eyes?
Discerning the Enlightened Long-Term Trump War Strategy
Could it be that Trump's "Big Picture" is bigger than that of General Mattis?
The Ultimate Comeuppance, in the Church, the World and America.
On the Comeuppance of the anti-American Marxocrat Party, the Comeuppance of anti-nation Globalism, and the Comeuppance of the Anti-Catholic Criminal Leadership in the Catholic Church.
EENS: Catholic Distinction, Versus All Inclusive Diversity
Is the Blurring or Subverting of the Doctrine of EENS at the root of ending all Human Distinctions, including between Man and Animal, Man and Woman, American and Foreign, Civilized and Barbaric, Good and Evil?
American Politics as they are, and as they should be.
On the Corrupted American Politics opposing Trump, versus American Politics as they should be, uncorrupted and Constitution-Guided.
On the Self and Nationally-Destructive Ignorance of the Left
Blind, Ignorant "Leaders", Leading the Whole Nation into Deeper and Deeper Self Destructive Ignorance
Reversing the Marxocrat Party's Shutdown Rope-A-Dope Trick
Is Trump taking command of the old Government Shutdown Rope-A-Dope trick and using it against its inventors?
The Republicrats will be blamed for for the Trump Shutdown
Not only is that OK with us, but it is IT'S ABOUT DAMNED TIME, OK with us. None of the "Experts" in the Beltway get this, and that's the real problem.
Taking Out The Trash, in the Government and in the Church
Citizen President Trump is singlehandedly draining the Washington Swamp. While that is going on, Catholic Laity are now taking effective action against the Trash in the Church
Are Anti-Americanism and Anti-Catholicism Anti-God Subsets?
Whatever is Anti-Truth or Anti-Reality is Anti-God. Both Anti-Americanism inside America, and Anti-Catholicism inside Catholicism, are part of a larger Anti-God Movement.
Trump's National Emergency is Wrong, but Obama's were Not?
How was any problem in Burundi Africa an American National Emergency, but America's Southern Border being massively violated is somehow NOT an American National Emergency?
Our Anti Anti-Truth Stand, which is Pro-God, Who Is Truth Himself
Opposing such evil movements as Communism, Islam, Satanism, Wicca, Atheism, State Secularism, General Spirituality, etc., is going against the grain today. Against our Marxocrat Party, against our Marxocrat Courts and, it would appear, even against our Pope Francis.
Catholic Exceptionalism joins condemned American Exceptionalism
If the Marxocrat Party condemns American Exceptionalism, how do you think the Marxocratic USCCB feels about Catholic Exceptionalism?
"Expert" Warfare Policy Versus America's Long-Term Survival
Should Experienced Generals and Recognized Experts set America's Foreign Policy, including even American War Policy, Overriding the Orders of a Duly Elected President?
Are we now living in an LGBT World?
If Pro-LGBT and Anti-Christianity now dominates American Politics, American Culture, and even quietly predominates in the Catholic Clerical Hierarchy, are we already living in an LGBT-Dominated World?
Still Time To Get It Right
“Once you understand the role of energy in everything, you can begin to appreciate why there's simply nothing more important to get right. Energy is at the root of everything. If you have sufficient energy, anything is possible. But without it, everything grinds to ...
Marxocrat Party Hatred of America at a Fever Pitch
Marxocrat Party Hatred transcends controllable emotion and becomes Uncontrolled Outrage against the very Institution of America
The Absolute Intolerance of the "Tolerant" Marxist-Globalists
All the Leftist calls for Tolerance, all the false charges of "Intolerance" hurled against Real Christians and Pro-Americans, amid Leftist Absolute Intolerance of Real Christians, Pro-Americans, White People, Men, and Normalcy.
On the Meaning of Sovereignty
Sovereignty of Nations and Sovereignty of the Catholic Church are under attack by Global Evil wearing the mask of "Blessed" Diversity and "Beautiful" Multiculturalism
On Growing the Good Third of the American Polity
Recognizing the Good Thirds, the Evil Thirds and the Disgusting Lukewarm Thirds that Coexist in Christianity, in America, and in Every Distinct Human Culture
All the False Axioms Leading Man Astray
Whatever opposes Truth ultimately opposes God, and leads man away from Truth, which is away from God. Axiomatically holding a False Axiom, on Faith Alone, is Misdirected Faith.
On Agape, Philia and Intellect versus Lust, Passion and Emotion
Agape is God's love for man; Philia is Brotherly Love; Both are more Decisive than Emotional.
On American Individualism Versus Global Communism
The whole idea of America, as Declared into being and as Constituted, is based upon the Free American Individual.
The Stupid, Unnecessary, yet Demanded "Conversation".
"We should have that Conversation" demand the perpetually angry Useful Idiots of Cultural Marxism. The hell we should.
Homosexualism Versus Catholicism in the Vatican Sex Summit
Homosexualism is as irreconcilably antithetical to Catholicism as Communism is to Individualism.
Hate: The Opposite Of God.
How Evil Cultural Marxism induces Americans to Hate the Church, their own Nation, White People, Men, Nature & Normalcy.
Abomination in the Temple
Addressing the Communist and Homosexual Abomination Inside the Catholic Body of Christ on Earth
Marxist Super Tolerance Revealed to be Tyrannical Intolerance.
The Marxocrat Party's Mask Is Off: Political Insistence on Tolerance of Evil has become Tyrannical Intolerance of Good.
The Real Racists are those who call everyone else Racist.
The anti-discrimination warriors are the real discriminators. The ones who scream "Bigot!" are the actual Bigots.
Facebook, Twitter, etc., are Political Intelligence Traps
Owned and operated by anti-Americans who throttle and censor Good, and promote and magnify Evil
Communism Rising: On Man, not God, Redeeming Himself.
On Communism Rising in the Marxocrat Party and in the Catholic Church as a New Global Political Party.
In Praise of Bullies and Bullying
A Stress-Free "Nice" Nation Devoid of Bullying Becomes a Backward Nation of Super-Sensitive Self Defeating Whimps.
The Cockamamie Anti-Americans of the Marxocrat Party
The Marxocrats are not the only cockamamie anti-Americans; plenty of Republicrats have gone beyond stupid into evil.
In Praise of the VA
Offering testimony of the Excellent Medical Care received at the Dayton VA.
On the New Communism and the New Communists
The Unrecognized New Communism and the Unrecognized New Communists, some of whom do not even know what they are
Alinsky Organized USA
The Alinsky-Organized Marxocrat (formerly Democrat) Party had 24 years to Organize the US Government ahead of Trump
The Divisive Inclusiveness of Marxist Multiculturalism.
The "COEXIST" Nuts are actually Divisive, Classically Illustrating Marxian-Sorosian-Alinskyian Divisive Inclusiveness.
Praying to Catholicize Trump.
Praying for God to Catholicize our President, or at least move him ever deeper into his own natural Common Sense.
On the Anti-Competition Theme Underlying Communism.
The American definition of Liberty demands Open Competition; Communism Condemns and Eliminates Winners and Losers.
The Anti-Opposition aspect of the Communist Mindset.
The Anti-Competition & Forced Social-Sameness of the Left triggers Irrational Rage against Any Opposition At All.
Democrat Communists and Islamism
Democrat Communists also aligned with Islamists as their Hard Left Tool.
Bullying, Communizing & Homosexualizing Catholic Clerics
From the Vatican to the USCCB, Major Clerics Never Met a Communist or a Sodomite They Couldn't Force On Parishioners.
Catholic American Sanity vs Anti-Catholic Anti-American Insanity
Human Sanity begins with initial recognition of God; Human Sanity ends with full-on God-Denial.
Americanism, the Heresy, is American Individualism Run Amok.
Liberated Individualism, Untempered by a National Morality, is Cultural Marxism's Ultimate Aim: Heretical Americanism.
Shun or Be Shunned; Condemn or Be Condemned.
It is a time to Divide. It has already begun. Will we Shun Evil, or allow Evil to Own Our Culture and Shun Us?
On Cultural Marxism's Induced Psychosis of Hatred
Induced Cultural Hatred of The Rich, of Nations, of rule-of-law, of America, of White People, of Men, etc., etc., etc.
The Western Cultural Conquest: Death From Within.
Our own Cultural Conquest by us and our fellow self-conquerors, with Political Parties and Fake News (CNN) in the lead.
The Spectacular Fur Pike: Proof At Last of Darwinian Evolution.
The Legendary Fur Pike of Campfire Tales presents the world's best evidence for evolutionary theory.
Satan's Evil Mirror, Reflecting Reality in Reverse
Worldly Politics aims an Evil Mirror at Man, reflecting Falsehood back from Truth and Immorality back from Morality
Attack Reality to Dispose of God: Doing the Devil's Work.
Making Emotion rule Intellect, Feelings rule Reason, Consensus rule Reality, etc.; but the Creature cannot rule the Creator.
Leftism: Anti-Catholic, Anti-American, Pro-Communism.
Leftism is Marxism, pure and simple. It's time to recognize that fact and call it what it is.
Perceiving Leftist Fakery: The Evil Public Mask Begins to Slip.
Watch the Evil Leftist Rats of Fakery Scramble for Cover, in the Church, in the Government and in the Media.
Why do Catholics Pray With Patron Saints?
Do Catholics Worship Saints?
Communist, Globalist, Sorosian, Alinskyian, Evil Propaganda.
Noting the word-for-word agreement of the Media and the USCCB with the Anti-American Marxocrat Party Political Agenda.
Enlightened, Modern, Leftist Social Mythology
Enlightened Leftist "Knowledge" is a False-Front; a Phony Stage-Act, Establishing New Social Myths in Human Society.
Was it an Obama-Clinton Engineered Vatican Regime Change?
The Sorosian, Alinskyian, Obamunist, Clintonista, St. Galen Mafia Vatican Regime Change cries out for a Special Prosecutor.
Could the Senate bring about a Republicrat Impeachment of Trump?
With all the RINOs in the Senate and the "Silent Vote" option, actual impeachment of Trump is not out of the question.
Marxocrat Induced Leftist Lunacy now infecting Republicrats.
Induced Leftist Lunacy Owns the Marxocrat Party, and "Go-Along to Get-along" Republicrats Lend Support to Lunacy.
The Tyrannical Leftist Lunacy of the Marxocrat Party
Tyrannical Leftist Lunacy Insists on Enforcing Its Lunatic Rules On You Against Your Will.
On the glaringly obvious innocence of President Trump.
Mueller and his whole gaggle of lawyers should be disbarred for hiding the innocence of Trump.
On the Radical, Tyrannical Feminsanity Destroying Human Culture.
Feminsanity is Feminism gone off the rails.
Utopian Globalism is an Evil Diversion from Reality
Marxism, the UN, the EU, Pope Francis all create Diversion, from Nations, from Separation from Evil, and from Truth.
On Our Anti-American Politicians and our Anti-Catholic Clerics.
How Our New Traitors Practice Their Open Treachery and Their In-Your-Face Treason.
The Disgusting Morals of the Anti-Trump Politicos.
Examining the Absolutely Disgusting "Morals" of Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and Anti-Trumpers.
Praying for the Correction, or, the Deposing of Pope Francis
Required Progression: 1: Statement of Truths; 1: Correction of Errors, or: 3: Recognition and Declaration of Heresy.
Anti-Trump Liars of Both Parties and All Factions
Marxocrats are Liars; we all know that. But even Conservative Talk Radio Hosts help magnify Marxocrat Party lies.
Join us for the 22nd Rosary Crusade for Marriage
June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Not any more. Please join in the Rosary Crusade for Marriage.
On the Tyrannical Mindset of the Anti-American Left
Convinced, dedicated Marxocrat Voters, Never-Trumpers and other forms of Leftists, possess the same Tyrannical Mindset.
What is a "Limited" War? Is "Just War" doctrine wrong?
War, once begun, cannot be limited. Seeking Reconciliation with one area of Catholic Doctrine that is Unrealistic.
On the Evil Marxocratism of the Fake News Media
The Marocrat Party and their Fake News Media hold Anti-American Marxocratism in common
The Tyrannical Language Control of Marxocratism
Forget the First Amendment; we are all under the domination of Marxocrat Party Language Control.
Democrat Party Treason comes right out in the open
Marxocratism, the unique American species of Marxism driving the Democrat Party no longer hides its hatred of America
Anti-Church-Bishops and Satan's Billionaires
It is easier for Satan to destroy Decent Christian Culture from the Top Down than from the Bottom Up.
Global Civil War?
Is Satanic Hatred now so Implacable and Irrational in the Church and in Nations that only Civil War may expunge it?
American Independence Day, 2019
We Americans Celebrate America And What It Means To Be An American Once A Year On Independence Day
The Trump-Hatred Mask of Real America-Hatred
The Trump-Hatred Mask of the Left Slips, revealing the True America-Hatred of the Culturally Marxified Establishment
The Necessity of an American Crusade.
Constitutional American Survival Requires a Legal Crusade and/or an Actual Military Crusade.
The Faggot Bishops are out to Destroy Father Perrone
He exposed their homo-pornography Seminary scandal, he founded Call To Holiness, so this is the Faggot Bishop's Revenge
The Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census
Are the Marxocrats Right? Is there really such a thing as Death By Census?
About Criminal Cupich. (I mean Cardinal).
Criminal Cupich runs the Whole Homosexual / Marxist Secret "Underground Government" of the Catholic Church in America.
Leftist Anti-Law Law Makers and Anti-Law Judges
The Marxocrat Party and their Media Prove their Anti-Americanism Again with Actual Anti-Law Enforcement Action
The Catholic ReRevolution, and America's ReRevolution.
After Evil Revolution Becomes the Established Norm, does Natural ReRevolution just Naturally Take the Norm Back?
This is what a Global Identity War looks like.
The Internal and External, Individual and Communal, Personal, National & Global Identity War against the Enemy Inside.
On This Year's Strength and Honor Catholic Men's Conference
The Church is Collapsing before our eyes, due to the Systematic Destruction of Catholic Masculinity
On the Enemy Within us, our Church, Culture and Government
When Lawyers become Anti-American in Law School, and when Priests become Anti-Catholic in Seminary, the Enemy is Within
No one is above the law claim the lawless pointing at the lawful
"No one is above the law" may be the most frequently repeated sentence among all who hold themselves above the law.
It's not over. Every victory over Anti-Truth is Temporary.
This world is ruled by Satan and he's not going anywhere, yet. With Truth, we can only defeat him, but not vanquish him
American Constitutional Politics versus Political Party Politics
Constitutional Politics describes Fierce Adherence to Oaths Of Office with Impeachment and/or Banishment of Violators.
Roman Catholic Politics versus Traditionalist-Liberal Politics.
Roman Catholic Politics describes Obedience to Creed, Dogma and Doctrine with Excommunication for Violators.
The Racist Marxocrat Party's Diversity-Racism Switcheroo.
The old Democrat Party of Black Slavery is now the the Anti-Majority Party yelling "Our Diversity is our Strength".
The Anti-Trump Insanity of all the Anti-American Americans.
The race-obsessed, Identity-Group-Multiplying, Diversity-Is-Our-Strength Nuts Meet The Great Divider, and Go Anti-Trump
All of Us White Supremacists, White Nationalists and Trump
The White Inferiorist Marxocrat Party Lie that Every White American who is not a Marxocrat Is and Must Be a White Supremacist
On Superstitious Materialism and Pure Atheistic Nonsense.
"Scientific" Materialism and all of its Imaginary Realities, Weaponized by the American Marxocrat Party for Purely Political Purposes.
"Red Flag" Laws themselves should raise a Red Flag of Alarm.
Red Flag Laws might actually work in an America ruled by the Constitution; but America is actually ruled by Unconstitutional Political Parties.
The Marxocrat Party's Cause-And-Blame Anti-American Political Weapon.
Time after time they cause a problem and blame the Republicrats, or America, or White People, or Christians, or Jews, or Western Civilization.
You may call me a Divisive Divider if you wish; that is what I am.
Marxism and Marxocrat Partyism only pretend to be Unifying; Their real goal all along has been to Divide and Conquer.
Our Afghanistan Problem: Never Ending?
"Remain there so long as ISIS exists" insist the "experts", which is to say, forever.
The Secularization and Demonization of Donald Trump
By David Byrne
FSSP: The Priestly Order of St. Peter and the Traditional Latin Mass
Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri (FSSP): A Catholic Life-Boat, saving Roman Catholic Identity and Unvarnished Truth on Earth
Dayton Ohio "State Of Life" Luncheon Event
State of the Union? State of the State? State of the City? Don't overlook the State of Human Life On Earth.
How Shame is turned upside down by evil to destroy Proper Identity
Shame is both noun and verb; by sly use of the verb, evil condemns the natural use of the noun
We The Enemy
Addressing We the Enemy of the Church, We the Enemy of America, We the Enemy of Culture, We the Enemy of Nations, and We the Enemy of Ourselves
The Coup d'Etat and Forced Resignation of Benedict XVI
Benedict is still the True Pope, by Frank Albas
Religion-Hatred, National-Hatred, Self-Hatred stem from God-Hatred
Scratch an America-Hater, or a Church-Hater, or a Trump-Hater, or a Marxocrat-voter, and you will find a God-Hater
Wishing an Unhappy 100th Birthday to CPUSA (Communist Party USA)
CPUSA was going strong and growing, until it crashed into Trump, and a Great Again America.
The Constitution is the Key to a Great Again America.
It's very simple, really. Just put our Supreme Law of the Land back the way it originally was.
A Serious Swamp-Drain looks below top agency echelons (and way above)
It isn't just the top ranks of Justice, FBI, CIA, etc.; the Whole Disgusting Fetid Swamp must be drained.
On Proper and Improper Priorities: of the Spirit, and of the World.
Catholic Priorities and American Priorities versus Satan's Materialist Priorities, Marxist Priorities and Islamic Priorities.
On all of our Disgusting Lukewarm Catholic Bishops.
It appears that a clear majority of Catholic Bishops are truly disgusting, faithless worms who will not even defend the True Catholic faith from the rot within.
Stupid, stupid, stoooopiiiid Bishops, Presidential Candidates, etc.
I just doesn't get any dumber than championing new "rights" for genders that don't even exist.
Prescribing Antidotes to Social Stoooopiiiidity
What's the Antidote to Corrupted Education? Shut down Corrupted Education. An Antidote to Party Politics? Eliminate Political Parties.
The Steady Metamorphosis of Trump toward Becoming a Catholic American.
While President Trump is Restoring the Presidential Office, is the Presidential Office Transforming President Trump?
Is America's now Boiling and Roiling Cold Civil War about to turn Hot?
Rush is right; we are in a Cold Civil War. It is Constitutional America versus "Globalism": Marxism's New Super-Socialism.
The Catholic Church's Civil War Will Affect the Whole World.
The current American Cold Civil War and the current Global Civil War outcomes will ultimately be determined by the outcome of the Catholic-Marxist Civil War.
President Trump: The Supreme Deal Maker
Breaking China's Hundred-Year-Plan; Ending American National Melt-Down; Slowing European National Melt-Downs; Lessening Likelihood of wars, through Deal Making.
Catholic American Manifesto
What it means to be Catholic and what it means to be American in an anti-Catholic and anti-American World.
On Silly Science, or, Sillience.
Sillience is Pseudo-Science gone way beyond being stupid, entering the realm of the downright Silly.
The Abortion Abomination as a Political Agenda.
Dressing it up in "Right To Choose" and "Woman's Health" language is just putting lipstick on a pig. It's still the same abortion abomination.
The Super Secret Impeachment of the American Electoral Process.
The Secret Impeachment of Trump is so secret even Congress can't be in on it. Pelosi has to impeach him first so they can find out what he did.
The Hidden, Evil, Conniving, Anti-Catholic & Anti-American Swamp
How deep is the Evil Washington Political Swamp, and how wide is the Evil, Ideologically Deceptive, Cultural Swamp?
On Republicrat Complicity in the Criminal Activity of the Marxocrats
Republicrat Complicity explains why Republicrats take No Action to Oppose Marxocratism, Support Trump or even Defend Trump
It's the Unconstitutionality of the Whole Government versus Trump.
It isn't just the Washington Swamp against Trump and against America; it is also the Dominant Unconstitutionality in American Government.
It's the Uncatholicity of the Whole Catholic Hierarchy versus Jesus
It isn't just the Sodomites and Communists against the Church and against Jesus Christ; it is also the Dominant Uncatholicity in the Whole Clerical Order.
Going Hot, in gun range lingo, is putting your finger on the trigger.
Going hot, in culture-war lingo, is when ever growing sociopolitical contentious issues finally explode, and a continually building "Cold Civil War" goes hot.
Just what the Synod is going on in Vatican and American politics?
In Francis, we have an Anti-Catholic Pope, and in America, we have an Anti-American Government and News Media.
Is Liberation Theology actually Communized Catholicism?
Of course it is. It was condemned Communism's foot-in-the-door to infiltrate, convert and destroy the Church from within.
Political Lies advance Political Agendas, and Politics, not Nations
A man of Party is not a Patriot; allegiance to Party is not Patriotism, but a dangerous distraction from nationalism. Political Lies destroy nations.
On adding a Premium Membership option to this website.
Vic is considering the feasibility of a subscription fee for access to his content.
On Satan's Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.
Remember Madame Hillary's "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"? That was a Distraction from Satan's Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, and its Evil Disguise.
On the Progressive Generational Wimpification of the Population.
Cultural Marxism's greatest achievement is not merely in making newer generations Immoral, Dependent and Stupid, but Fragile, Wimpified, Emotional Cripples.
On Creeping Lies, and the Creepiness of Falsehood
Big lies, repeated enough, are slowly accepted by some; but parts and pieces of the big lies, false though they are, slowly creep into good thinking.
The Link between Falsehood and Depravity, and the Depravity of the Lie
At the foundational level, Truth is the opposite of Depravity, for Truth is Good, all that is False is bad, and the more you lie the more depraved you become.
Proper National Authority is Christian-Based and Politically Driven.
National Authority is Cultural Authority; national authority is proper only when the citizenry are predominantly moral and the government itself is also moral.
On the Honor of being fully Catholic, and the Honor of being American.
It is indeed an honor for any Catholic to be called a "Trad", and it is an honor for every American to be both liberated and protected by our Constitution.
On the Evil SLIMC: The Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex.
Still Lying After All These Years
The NSC Rats: The "Interagencies" Petty Bureaucrats and Useful Idiots.
The Rogue National Security Council Not So Secretly Undermining Presidential Foreign Policy, and all of their Obedient Permanent Government NSC Rats.
CINOs and RINOs and Globalists: Oh my!
CINOs (Catholic In Name Only) and RINOs join Marxists and Globalists in their dismantling project aimed at Church, America and Nations.
CINOs, RINOs and DINOs obsess on many things, but not the One Thing.
Evil Conspirators, Blind Guides and Misinformed dream worldly dreams and accomplish worldly accomplishments until they are shocked by the One Thing that is True
All the New Gospels, leading men to perdition.
The Gospel is inspired by God. There can be no later "Replacement" New Gospels inspired by mere men.
The Purposeful Promotion of Lawlessness Throughout the World.
The Aim of Lawlessness is Chaos: the Lawless State of being. Disorder, Disorganization, Confusion, Cultural Schizophrenia. The Setup for Dictatorial Takeover.
Progress Versus Reality
On the Progress of Progressiveism in teaching populations to "know" all that is not true.
On the Stinking, Global, Sorosian Swamp, versus God, Trump and US.
The purely worldly, disgusting, fetid, Sorosian Swamp is now deep, wide and fearsome; but, with God on our side, what have we to fear?
On the Long Easy Slide from Godliness Down Into Ungodliness.
It is precisely the same Easy Slide as the one from Reality into Falsehood, and the one from Citizen Independence into Total Dependence.
On Evil Absolute Falsehood Masquerading as "Good" Absolute Legalism.
The "Necessity" and the "Goodness" of Abortion is not an Absolute Truism, but an Evil Absolute Legalism.
Getting Back to Godliness.
Reversing the Orchestrated Trend Into Evil and the Social Dismissal of God. Lord, lead us back to Godliness.
Getting Back to Righteousness
How did we ever allow Righteousness to become an Epithet? On Revealing and Undoing the Tricky Reversal of Right and Wrong in the Mind of Man.
Only Separation from Evil will Restore Christian American Glory.
Indiscriminate Unity, Blind Inclusion, Encouraged Diversity and Wild Multiculturalism Destroyed Christian American Glory.
How Truth Elicits the Public Emotional Meltdown of False Witnesses
Every Time a False Witness is confronted by Truth, they go into Meltdown Mode. From the stunned shock of a Mueller to the finger-wagging tantrum of a Pelosi
On the Ultimate Goal of One Party Rule, in America and in the World.
All National Communist Parties are Soviets (Administrative Bureaucracies) under the International Communist Party; One Party Rules All.
Describing Spiritual & Worldly, individual & cultural, Death by PSYOPS
The attack is from within, not from without; applied PSYOPS turns us into our own mortal enemies.
On the Political Suicide of the Marxocrat Party and their News Media.
Doubling-down on Impeachment was their Bridge Too Far, but the Marxocrat Party is Too Stupid To Stop. They just can't help themselves.
On the Brutal Closing of Holy Cross (Lithuanian) Catholic Church.
First, our Churches were "clustered" due to a priest shortage. Now, with even fewer priests, the "clusters" will end, leaving one priest for one Church.
Catholic Clerical Faggotry's Last Stand?
Our Faggot Bishops frame their chief opponent with their own faggotry, just as Marxocrat Congressmen frame the President with their own anti-Americanism.
Swamp Hubris: The Unmitigated Gall of the Swamp Creatures.
How they can stand on a stage, in the spotlight, at a microphone, on camera, and just lie their asses off, and smile, and not be he least bit worried about it.
Breaking Corruption in the DOJ, the FBI and the "Interagencies".
Cleansing America of the Organized Evil At the Core of the "Permanent Government". (Breaking Corruption Always Begins At Home.)
A Serious Spiritual and Political Breaking Point may now be upon us.
Another name for Objective Truth is Reality; another name for Subjective Truth is Opinion; a Serious Breaking Point is where Reality collides with Opinion.
Opposing Absolutism: The New Social Intolerance of All Absolute Truths
How Satan, the god of this world, veils reality, promotes falsehoods, demonizes absolutism and blinds the minds of his fools.
On Globalist Sponsored Marxocrat Party Driven Growing Social Insanity.
Institutionalized, legalized, legitimized, Insanity, in education, in law, in government, and especially in religion. Growing Universal Insanity.
May you be blessed this Christmas with the Peace of Christ.
May the Infinite Peace of the Christ Child enter your soul and dwell there throughout the New Year.
The Pope's Progressive Process Theology versus Catholicism and Reality
The Difference between Process and Reality is that Reality Does Not Ever Change, and Process Never Stops Changing.
The ground-up, lay-driven, determined Catholic Restoration has begun.
The Restoration of the Catholic Church begins with a restoration of faith coming up from the laity, because the leaders of the Church have become faithless men.
On the Inescapable Symbiotic Linkage between Falsehood and Hatred.
Wherever you find Falsehood, there you will find Hatred. The Opposite of Truth, and the Opposite of Love, i.e., the Opposite of God.
Will the New Year be the Year of the Sword?
We are not the only nation threatened by internal division; the whole world is dividing between distinct nations and Globalism. And the Swords are coming out.
To be of the "Left" is to be Anti-Christian and to be Anti-American.
No bones about it. The Marxocrat Party is the Party of the Left, and there are no "Moderates" in it. Only degrees of anti-Christianity and anti-Americanism.
New Years Resolutions to Resolve Catholic American Problems.
Possible Resolutions to Gun Crime, Terrorism, Lawlessness, Drugs, Poop In The Streets, Homelessness and All Other Violations of Christian and Constitutional Law.
The rise of the religious and political stupid, stupider and stupidest
At the pinnacle of stupidity stand the stupidest, in the Vatican as well as among all Globalists.
Citizen Independence means Citizens Taking Care Of Themselves.
Constitutional Independence means American citizens have no need of any Leftist-elitists or any Leftist Mommy-State to protect, shelter, cloth and feed them.
Holy Name of Jesus Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Traditional Nationalism versus the "Progressive" charge into Globalism
The Leftist Global vision contracepts, aborts and euthanizes individuals, families and nations out of existence, as it forces man to bow before Mother Earth.
Which Moslem Terrorist is most likely to make himself the next Caliph?
There are a bunch of underground, wannabe Caliphates brewing in the world, in the unspoken Jihadist competition for the grand title of Caliph.
Omertà: Mafia-like Code of Silence of all the Faggot Catholic Bishops.
Priests will submit to sexual abuse and be rewarded with plum assignments, or refuse and be exiled or committed to an asylum, or worse, if they violate Omertà.
How the Anti-American Marxocrat Party is Committing Impeachicide.
Love of America's enemies and hatred of America, love of sin and hatred of God are driving Marxocratism into committing Impeachicide.
3 Ways to Make A Difference:
Changing The World With Political Awareness
All the Un-American and Anti-American "Patriotic" Americans.
And all the Un-Catholic and Anti-Catholic "Professed" Catholics.
Holy Family Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves
The Violent Mindset of Obamunists, Clintonistas & Marxocrats.
Bernie's raging Communists ready for actual bloody revolution, at least in their tiny little minds. Violent intolerance of opposition defines the Left.
Scientific Fundamentalism joins Christian Fundamentalism for Creation.
And American Fundamentalism, with one foot in each camp, supports Creationism.
Second Sunday After Epiphany Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
It's now the Old Time Pol and the Commie Pol versus American Politics.
And it's the same inside the Catholic Church, where the Commie-Pol has now taken over.
Of Life versus Death; of both Human Babies, and whole Human Cultures.
The Life versus Death issue is, in reality, the same old Love versus Hate dichotomy.
Third Sunday After Epiphany Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
On the Cultural Virtue of Industry that produces Capitalism and Wealth
Versus the Cultural Vice of Slothfulness that produces Socialism and Poverty.
TrumpWar: The Proper Waging of Economic rather than Military Warfare.
President Trump: the first to recognize and capitalize on the fact that modern international war is best fought economically rather than militarily.
Intolerant evil only preaches tolerance until it dominates as Tyrant
Evil is tyrannically intolerant, preaching inclusive tolerance is its trap, and in the end, evil always turns out to be a tyrant.
The brilliance of Trump is just beginning to dawn on the public.
Without any manifesto, Trump policy (TrumpWar) in action threatens to have a more profound effect on world politics than even Marx's Communist Manifesto.
Candlemass (Presentation of the Lord} Latin Mass Readings
We will let the Readings speak for themselves.
Devolving man, the Devolution of life and the Degradation of Existence
The unavoidable entropy facing us, all life forms, every existing object, every form of matter and existence itself.
Marxist And Pervert Birds Of A Feather Who Flock Together.
What's the difference between an anti-American Marxist or a twisted sexual pervert and a Marxocrat Politician, a Catholic Bishop, or Pope Francis? Nothing much.
The Mask Comes Off, Exposing the Raging Hatred of the Left.
What do all the politically invented "disenfranchised" so-called "victim-groups" have in common? Raging Hatred, of America, of Trump, and of Trump Voters.
Trump, the Non-Catholic Catholic Leader.
We call Trump a non-Catholic Catholic because, although he is not a cleric and not even Catholic, he is more Catholic in his leadership than Pope Francis.
Septuagesima Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will lit the readings speak for themselves.
Cultural Concupiscence and the Complimentary Politics of Satan.
Cultural Concupiscence leads nations to destruction, but the Politics of Grace will make nations great again, when and if they dominate.
Huge Leftist Political Projects to fix Problems that Don't Even Exist.
From Climate Change to Health Care to the AIDS Pandemic to LGBTQ+ Rights to Yankee Imperialism, they all grow Government, reduce Liberty and burn Treasure.
The President's AG is somehow independent of the Presidency? Says who?
The President, not the Attorney General, is the Commander-In-Chief of law enforcement in the USA. The DOJ is the President's tool. It is time for a new AG.
Sexagisima Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The America that Was versus the America we were Becoming, Pre-Trump.
America as Constituted was unique in all the world; Unconstitutional and Illegal Political Party Politics are working to make us the same as all the world.
Bloomberg's stupid, simplistic (and Communist) view of the Kulak.
From Karl Marx himself, to Lenin, to Mao, to Ho, and to Bloomberg, the Kulak (Farmer) was an expendable bourgeoisie exploiter of land, which anyone could farm.
On Repetitive Historical Repetition, and being Redundant in Redundancy
Everywhere you look today you see history threatening to repeat itself, amid boringly redundant and repetitive warnings against it. Is Liberty already lost?
Goodwill: The Solid Link Connecting non-Catholic Trump to Catholicism.
While I was struggling to describe the way Trump was leading America to toward ultimate Truth, Michael Voris just nailed it, with the word Goodwill.
It's time to take a good look at Badwill, the opposite of Goodwill.
Hatred of America among her Citizenry; hatred of Catholicism inside the Catholic Church; hatred of the Constitution from within the Constitutional Government.
Quinquagesima Sunday Latin Mass Readings.
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Eat your last paczki and remember your beginnings
Remember man that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a day of fast and abstinence, beginning the 40 days of Lent.
Ash Wednesday Latin Mass Readings.
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Catholitalism: The Natural Symbiosis of Catholicism and Capitalism
The most naturally prospering secular organization is Capitalism; the most supernaturally prospering theological organization is Catholicism. So, Catholitalism.
A Catholitalist proudly proclaims his Catholitalism.
A Catholitalist - a Capitalistic Rigid Catholic - proudly practicing the Politics of Division.
First Sunday of Lent Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Marxocrat Engineered Government Growing National & Global Emergencies.
Hair-On-Fire Run-For-Your-Life Leftist Emergencies that always grow the government and increase citizen dependency on government.
In our Catholic Resistance Movement, where are all the Bishops?
The Bishops should be attending our meetings, leading our prayers and inspiring us to action. Where are they? Are the Bishops themselves the Real Problem?
Donna Brazil: the Model for all Devious Marxocrat Party Liars.
If we look up the definition of a hate-filled anti-American Marxist liar, we should find a picture of Donna Brazile.
The Unconstitutional Constitutional Government, or the Swamp, V. Trump
The Swamp is the Whole Government, because the Whole "Constitutional" Government has gone Unconstitutional. And American greatness went with it.
Second Sunday of Lent Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The Crisis of Truth, fed by the Crisis Of Faith, fed by Progressivism.
On the Diabolical Sources of the Crisis of Truth we see in human culture everywhere we look today. We can thank historical demons like Machiavelli and Marx.
What gets your Bishop's immediate attention? Money, money, money.
If they won't act on critical matters of faith and morals, just cut off the money and/or sue them, and then watch them scramble.
The Political Weaponizing of the Coronavirus Pandemic
It's another variation of the Common Cold, for crying out loud. It's not as if it were the Bubonic Plague.
Third Sunday of Lent Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Coronavirus Pandemic: An Almost Purely Political Panic Attack.
It's a good thing our economy is in such good shape, or it would not have survived the "Pandemic Panic" political attempt to destroy it.
The Political Commandeering of a Virus to Herd the Terrorized Masses.
This Latest Corona Virus may be the First and Most Effective Politically Weaponized Pandemic to Attack the Church, America, Nations, and the Liberty Of Man.
How do you destroy Capitalism? Quarantine the Healthy Population.
Politically Commandeer an Epidemic, terrorize the masses with it, and then Quarantine the healthy population and shut down all uninfected businesses.
Most comfortable, effective and deepest-cover CCW: Breakaway Pockets.
When and where you can legally carry a concealed weapon, believe me, CCW-Breakaways are the way to go.
The General Practitioner (GP) Medical Doctor: Another Extinct Species?
In the age of specialization and narrow expertise, there is no GP to be found, nor is broad-based knowledge and common-sense to be found in any other field.
The Deadly Caronavirus Panic, Driven by the Marxist Fake News Media.
The deadliest virus going round today is the super-hyped viral panic pushed by the Marxocrat Party's Propaganda Wing, the Marxocrat News Media.
Fourth Sunday of Lent Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The Evil Agenda-Driven Catholicrats Wrecking Catholicism from Inside.
As the Marxocrat Party undermines America with the Bipartisan Cooperation of Globalist Republicrats, the Catholicrats join in to Wreck All National Sovereignty.
The Covid-19 Pandemic total economic shut-down, in proper perspective.
Take the politicized hysteria out of it and look at the numbers. We cannot impoverish whole populations and cause a global depression over a panicky perspective.
Why I do not get on FaceBook or any social media any more.
They provided no help or support whatsoever when my account was taken over, and they have proved to be both anti-American and anti-Christian. That is, anti-me.
Wrecking America and the Trump Presidency with the Coronavirus Panic.
The American Communist Wrecking Crew is Doing Their Best to Finally Bring America down, and Bring Trump Down With It.
All the Democratholic Clerics Betraying Their Sheep and Their Lord.
The Ordained Democratholic Cleric Pushes Marxist Politics Over Revealed Truth, Advancing the Rule of Worldly Politics Over the Rule of God.
Deaths and Death Rates, Politicized Versus Real
Why the panic over Coronavirus deaths? It's an Opportune Crisis of Political Value.
Passion Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
There ain't no such thing as an Economic Stimulus.
It may temporarily help the citizenry a little, but economically, it's a wash. Any "stimulus" had to be taken out of the economy before it could be put back in.
How Trump's Blessed "Regressivism" Is Wrecking Marxist Progressivism
Trump is just getting things done that benefit America and Americans. That means, quite necessarily, that he is systematically undoing Communist Progressivism.
Sneaky CommieHommo Catholic Bishops and their their evil dirty-work.
There is nothing lower or sneakier than a CommieHommo Catholic Bishop, and there are lots of them in the Church.
Turning the latest coronavirus into an almost purely Political Plague.
The Chi-Comm Virus first panicked the Chinese Communist Party into drastic action. That first panic went global; then, it began to be politically weaponized.
Coronavirus Crisis: A Do or Die Political Trick of Marxist Globalism
This phony global crisis will either make or break Marxist Globalism, which is the subversive kinder and gentler title of old fashioned International Communism.
Palm Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Where is the outrage, or even the recognition of the Coronovirus Hoax?
How did they succeed so well in terrorizing rather than outraging a vast majority of once-upon-a-time Sovereign American Citizens?
Globalist Commie-Hommos All Cashing In on the Opportune Wuhan Crisis.
The Wuhan Cold Virus Resuscitates and Reinvigorates the Globalist Cause, in the Marxocrat Party, the USCCB, the UN, the EU and the Pope Francis Church.
Is The Ultimate Globalism/New World Order Showdown Now Upon Us?
The Clash between Plutocratic-Oligarchic-Globalism, International Communism, Islam, and - would you believe it? - International Catholicism, hit Showdown Point.
Watch the "Experts" refigure, recount and remodel Chi-comm Virus Stats
Government-By-Model unravels before our eyes as actual numbers continue to undershoot the repeatedly refigured, recalculated and remodeled predictions of doom.
On the Potentially Deadly Good Intentions of Bureaucrats and Experts
Why do most of us listen to our bureaucrats with such reverence? Why do we now regularly defer to them over simple common sense and adult judgment?
Total Government Dependency has been achieved by the Marxocrat Party.
Under this "crisis", the only people left in America are those working for the government, and those totally dependent upon the government for everything.
Comrade Francis: More the Pope of Satan's World than of God's Church?
Pope Francis Champions the Scientistic fraud of Climate Change for the Globalist Cultural Marxism Movement.
Easter Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Which is more dangerous, between Switching Majorities, and Covid-19?
The Menace of Switching Cultural Majorities between Communists and Anti-Communists, in Catholicism, America and the World will kill more people than Covid-19.
Fauci and Birx: Typical Bureaucratic Medical Stupidasses
Our Trusted Expert Medical Stupidasses just keep taking more and more rope as they try to lead the world to the brink and over the edge of the pit of falsehood.
Demanding a Reckoning for this Crisis and a Reversal of Progressivism
Progressivism is Communist, the Coronavirus Crisis is a "Last Straw" Part of it, and it is High Time for a Great Reckoning.
Reidentifying and Rerecognizing Evil for the Sake of Cultural Sanity.
Reality, i.e. Truth, is centered on God. Unreality, i.e. Falsehood, is Evil. Reidentifying and rerecognizing evil for what it is, is our only political problem.
Low Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Our Diversity Is Our Destruction
'Our Diversity is our Strength', My Ass! 'Diversity' is Evil Marxist Progressivism's Most Decisive Weapon of Cultural Destruction.
CommieVirus-19 Panic: The CommieVirus will get you if you go outside!
Don't let a fatality rate between 0.1% and 0.01% (or lower) fool you. Fauci and Birx insist that you need to stay quarantined, wear your mask, shut up and obey.
How Marxocrats, Journalists, the Pope and USCCB hate the Rule Of Law.
And they keep proving it by their support, encouragement, protection, sanctuary and criminal aiding and abetting of Criminal International Illegal Migration.
Back to normalcy? What normalcy? There will be no return to normalcy.
There be a new normalcy; but only after the hated American, super-independent, petty-bourgeois shop-keeper middle-class has been destroyed.
The CommieVirus19 Super-Infectiusness Lie of the CDC
"Covid-19 is Super Infectious" say all of our unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable, authoritative bureaucratic "experts" currently making government policy.
Shepherd Sunday (Second Sunday After Easter) Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The CommieVirus Hoax, The Loss of Reason and Rise of Gullibility.
From Governors to TV Advertisers to Whole Populations, Everyone Who Has Not Joined In On The Hoax Has Joined the Gullible Herd. Gullibility Now Reigns Supreme.
On our downright silly doctors, scientists, bureaucrats and politicos.
When the people driving the cultural bus are just plain silly, its time to either get them out of the driver's seat, or get off the bus.
Trumping Coronavirus Lies to Politically Restore Constitutional Rule.
Evil Marxocratism Hijacked Coronavirus to Wreck Trump and Middle America, but Trump can Use It, Turn It Against Them and Restore the American Ideal.
On The Necessary Drastic Action for the Return to American Normalcy.
Too Many small businesses will fail if they are not allowed to operate as usual, irrational public fear of coronavirus is not crushed and its politics broken.
All Forms of Conspiratorial Evil in a Nutshell
Every Evil (i.e., Falsehood) Conspiracy is, at its root, an Individual Evil Conspiracy, Blended with a Larger Evil Conspiracy just to Conceal its Individuality.
Third Sunday After Easter Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
We The Bourgeois Refuse To Surrender Our Constitution.
We The "Bourgeois", Oppressed in Our Own Land by Elitist Marxists and Government Gone Tyrannical, will Stand on our Bill Of Rights.
Suspended Catholicism? Suspended Constitution? Suspended Citizenship?
Globally Suspended Worship over a statistically insignificant cold "pandemic" begins to smell of the smoke of Satan, the Evil Grand Master of Globalism.
On Recognizing the Catholic American Coalition of the Damned
The Catholic-Doctrine-Opposing, Human-Opposing, Morality-Opposing, Constitution-Opposing, Bourgeoisie-Opposing, Nation-Destroying Coalition of the Damned.
Pulling Catholic And American Identifiable Culture out of Multiculture
There is no such thing as a human multiculture. If a human culture is not distinct and identifiable, then it is not a human culture.
Fourth Sunday After Easter Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The Catholic American Resistance: Rallying Against Marxist Globalism
Taking Back Identifiable Culture, from our Governmental-Legal Multi-Culture, Religious Multi-Culture, Political Multi-Culture and Popular Moral Multi-Culture.
The Anti-Marxist, Anti-Islamic American Declaration and Constitution.
If you won't believe that Marxism and Islam are anti-American, look at the Anti-Marxism and Anti-Islamism in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
Looking at Fauci the Fraud and his Fraudulent Shut-Down
The Phony, Fraudulent "Expertise" of Fauci and Birx that actually shut this country down highlight the need to shut-down and scrap the whole federal bureaucracy
One thing only is important: There is one and only one God.
Your personal origination is your natural destination. Denial of God is denial of self and damning of your own nature. One God Reality is all you need to know.
Fifth Sunday After Easter Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Is there such a thing as Accountability of Obama for Crimes in Office?
No. Marxocrats are Immune to Accountability. Accountability? What Accountability? We don't need no stinking Accountability!
On The Success Of Marxism-Globalism's Great Global Quarantine Hoax
No psychological political hoax ever perpetrated by Marxism-Globalism was anywhere near as massively successful as this CommieVirus19 Quarantine Hoax.
Communism is Globalist. The New Globalism is the New Communism.
Old Communism failed to unite the "Workers Of The Word". The New Globalism seeks to unite the "Saviors Of The Planet" on a Hyper-Emergency Basis.
The New Compliant and Tyrannically Monitored American Citizenry
Remember Hall-Room Monitors from your school days? It's back; Monitored America has mask, distance, temperature, beach, sidewalk, restaurant and church monitors.
Worldly, Unholy, Avant-Garde, Social-Distancing and Abominable Bishops
Any Bishop that stops all public worship and denies Eucharist to his sheep is a disgrace to the Church and an abomination before God.
Sunday in the Octave of the Ascension Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Battlefield Earth in the Year 2020
Earth 2020 is the Ultimate Battlefield where Merciless War between Church Militant and Satanic Evil Rages Relentlessly On.
Mask on, mask off; stay home, go out: what's the difference?
The difference is you can breath easier mask off, infection is less likely outside, and after all, it's just a cold.
Herding Americans is Getting Progressively Easier than Herding Cats
Herding Americans into the Ever Growing Global Commune Means Progressively Transforming Can-Do Rugged Individuals into More Docile and Dominated Herd Animals.
The year 2020 strain of Marxist Revolutionaries, burning America down
All the Revolutionaries who don't even know what they are, destroying Minneapolis and trying hard to take it National with the help of the Marxocrat Party.
Pentecost Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
The Supreme Court, by Majority, is an Anti-Constitution Court
Justices on the Constitution-Established Supreme Court, Solemnly Sworn to Uphold the Constitution, Violate the Constitution along Strict Partisan Party Lines.
Supernatural Luciferian Hatred Of Humanity Loose in the Natural World
Perversion of Reality by Luciferian Hatred is at the root of anti-Catholic "Catholicism", anti-American "Americans" and anti-Human "Human Beings".
The Pointlessness of "American Racism Conversation" Participation.
Bottom Line, in the back of the minds of most BLM Aficionados, it always comes down to "When we don't get what we demand, let's just burn this Down!"
On Community Organizing the Citizenry to Defend the American Idea
Training and Organizing County Militias would be using Alinskyianism against the Alinskyians for the Benefit of our Constitution.
Black Lives Matter: Sorosian Funded Alinskyian Organized Racist Rage
Black Lives Mater is a Hate-focused, Racist, Both Progressive and Revolutionary Communist, Anti-American "Community Organization" of "Community Organizers".
It's very simple, really; it's Christ or Chaos.
One thing only is important; take care of that one thing, and everything else will begin to take care of itself.
Unify the Nation? I'm not going to unify with criminals. Why should I?
Why Unify? What makes Catholicism Holy is Separateness, not Indiscriminate Inclusion. What Made America Great was certainly not Indiscriminate Unification.
Black Panthers to Replace Local Police and Defend Rioters and Looters?
Marxocrat Party moves to abolish local police are accompanied by Black Panthers filling police shoes to protect black interests. Right.
Trinity Sunday Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Sedition in our Church, in our Government, in Academia and Journalism.
Islamic Religion practices Sedition against the USA, religiously. The Marxocrat Party practices Sedition against the USA, Politically.
A New CCW Caution for Cops
New methods of CCW need to be recognized and kept up with by all cops.
Trump is not the target; it's America, and it's Western Civilization.
Trump stands in the way; Trump loves America and Civilization, and is a stumbling block in the path of Chaos and Disorder leading to the Global Tyranny Target.
Recognizing all the Spies, Traitors and Saboteurs in Church and State.
It is the sneaky underhanded Domestic Enemies, not the foreign ones, who do the most damage because they are not recognized for what they are.
RINO DeWine's Contact-Tracing to Organize and Herd Ohio Into Globalism
Contact-Tracing is the seditious Marxocrat and RINO plan to, again, grow the government, increase spending and increase the herd mentality in the citizenry.
The Systemic Racism, Intolerance and Bigotry in Marxist Social Justice
The only "systemic" racism on earth is concentrated in those Marxist "Social Justice Warriors" who reliably hurl the false charge of Racism at everyone else.
Second Sunday After Pentecost Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Seditious Stupidassed Nincompoops running their BLM-COVID "Revolution"
They should all be enslaved by the Ashanti and sold on the open slave market as usual because they are not Ashanti, but also because they pretend that they are.
Rayshard Brooks Event Exponentially Grows Police Rules Of Engagement
Desk Jockey Legalists and Arm Chair Exerts Wax On And On Over The Precise Legal Decision To Be Made In A Split-Second High Adrenalin Event Totally Alien To Them.
On the Sorosian, Alinskyian, Marxist ever-growing Indiscriminate Herd.
Taming and Domesticating American Rugged Individualists, and turning formerly Self-Governing Americans into Indiscriminate Herd Animals in need of being Ruled.
Third Sunday After Pentecost Latin Mass Readings
We will let the readings speak for themselves.
Calling for the Reconstituting of the American Constitution.
The Marxocrat Party, their Anti-American Court and "Permanent Government" have been "De-Constituting" us for 100+ years. Time for a Presidential Reconstituting?
DeAlinskyizing America, from top down and bottom up.
DeAlinskyizing means undoing the seditious subversive Sorosian and Alinksyian Organizing in America, and Reorganizing around the good old Constitution.
On The Multiple Anti-American Herds of Domesticated American Citizens.
Unthinking "Domesticated" American Citizens are the seditious Marxist products of Seditious Marxist Academia. Git along little doggies.
Trump Walking the Political Tightrope, with No Net, and Winning.
In damned if he does, damned if he doesn't evil swamp politics, Trump keeps his balance on the tightrope above it all.
The Principle of the Sociological Thirds versus Systemic Racism Theory
No group of human beings is purely good, purely evil or purely anything at all; and neither is any individual human being. Humans unite; God divides.
How Often It Seems that Evil Circles Back to Devour Itself
History ignored repeats itself, repeatedly, with ever increasing vengeance. Predictably, unchallenged and unresisted Evil Circles back on itself.
When was the the Marxocrat Party ever right about anything?
When was HHS, or CDC, or NIH last right about anything? When was the "News" ever true? When were the "Polls" ever right? Why do we pay any attention to them?
What kind of Pope is this?
A Political Pope? A Red Pope? A Globalist Pope? A Liberation Theology Pope? A Syncretist Pope? A bought and paid for Pope? An AntiPope?
The New American AntiSelf-ism, versus Trump, the Rugged Individualist.
Multiple Generations of AntiSelf Citizens Hate Trump, Because He Epitomizes the Natural, Confident, Goal-Oriented, Self-Actuating Citizen, Who Knows Himself.
Can we Outlaw Political Parties in the USA and be Constitutional?
I say we can and should outlaw any unconstitutional entity that assumes unconstitutional government power unto itself to displace and replace our Constitution.
1776 Equality rises like Phoenix from the ashes of the 1619 Project.
America was founded in 1619? Racism is in American DNA? American Racism is "Systemic"? Marxist Lies. America was born of the 1776 Equality Idea opposing Slavery.
All The Destructive Learned Behaviors Based On Learned Falsehoods.
Our Culturally Marxist Department of Education's Learned Falsehoods, Learned Behaviors and the Politically Correct Generational Destruction of Church and State
Restoring the American Ethos to Make America Great Again, Again.
President Trump can do it, single-handedly. He has already set himself on that magnificent path, against all odds.
The Never Ending, Fraudulent, Globalist-Communist, Pandemic Tyranny.
A Super-Hegelian Crisis of Opportunity, seized on by Marxocrats, RINOs and Commie-Homo Bishops, our new Self-Made Legal Tyrants, Who Advance Pandemic Tyranny.
Ungodly Communist Science-Denial, calling the Godly Science Deniers.
Globalist-Communist purveyors of evil political frauds and hoaxes by which to fool and "herd" people, always slander opponents with the label Science Denial.
BLM Buffoons And Clowns Self-Identify as Decent Culture Destroyers.
Dividing Lines are more clearly drawn now. This could be culture's point of no return, or, the blessed turning point. BLM Buffoons Destroy their own argument.
The Communist Monster is not only Alive, but Off The Leash and Loose.
The Monster of Cultural Marxism Destroys Churches, Governments, Authority, Law, History, Normalcy, The Family, Property, Decency, Peace, Humanity, and - Itself.
Tyrannical One Man Rule Comes To America With the Phony Pandemic Panic
Mayors and Governors Assume Dictatorial Powers to Destroy the Bourgeois Middle Class Under the Cover of "Saving Us All" from a Another Cold Virus.
On the Politically Opportune Explosion of New Coronavirus Scientism.
Coronavirus Scientism meets the Commie-Homo "Black Lives Matter" Seditionists in a Perfect Storm of Revolutionary Anti-Americanism.
The Anti-Christian Anti-American Anti-Western Commie-Homo Culture War.
The Communists and the Sodomites have Joined Forces Against the Human Family and Against Free and Decent Human Civilization.
On Being in the Presence of the Lord.
When you enter a traditional Catholic Church with the Tabernacle in the proper place, you are on hallowed ground, for you are in the Divine Presence.
On Hated Patriarchy Rising Again to Save Mankind From Feminist Folly.
The Real Reason Behind Raging Trump Hatred: Hated Patriarchy. Manhood; Fatherhood; Authority; Family; Normalcy; Order; Culture; Human Life Itself.
The Making of an UnAmerican America and an UnCatholic Catholic Church.
On the Commie-Homo Birthing of UnAmerica and the New UnCatholic Church of Communism.
The Progression of the Damned: From Lukewarm, to Bad, to Evil.
Can the Natural Virtue of 'Goodwill' be enough to preserve Catholic Faith and to save the American Idea from their Unnatural and Evil Enemies?
The Dem State Attorney's General of America: The Dumbest Of The Dumb?
The Supposed "Legal Eagles", the Best and Brightest Legal Minds in America, Don't Know What a Person Is When They See One and Don't Know What Sex Is Or Is For.
The Culturally Suicidal Accommodation Of Cultural Evil.
Evil drives out good. Individuals who accommodate evil become evil. Persistent or chaotic evil accommodation destroys cultural norms and decent social order.
Abp Vigano: Trump's Key to the Destruction of the New World Order?
All the Forces Aligned Against Trump and America are the Same Forces Aligned Against True Catholicism. It's One Big Swamp. Vigano Lays It All Out For Trump.
Gramsci's Dream: Destroyed Institutions, Disordered Minds, Mass Lunacy
Is Gramsci Communism even more diabolically evil than that of Marx, or Lenin, or Stalin? Is the Marxist drive to destroy all institutions to be never-ending?
First and foremost: Know Thyself, before you go any farther.
Ancient Greek Wisdom: Know Thyself; Nothing To Excess; Surety Brings Ruin. The Civilization-building wisdom under assault by Globalist Identity Warriors.
Leave me out of your "We all agree that..." or "Everyone believes...".
I do not accommodate falsehood, acquiesce to falsehood or join the herd of those who do. You can leave me out whenever you accompany the unthinking lemmings.
Sexualism: Cultural Marxism's Psychiatric Social Bludgeon.
The Marxist Sexualism ideology takes sex out of God's ordained nature and urges man to reimagine, pervert, twist and try to ordain his own sexual nature.
It is what it is. And if it isn't what it is, then what exactly is it?
The Marxists are all kerflustergated because Trump said that it is what it is, and they all know that it isn't what it is, or it is what it isn't, or something.
Calling for the Conversion of the Go-Along-To-Get-Along Catholics.
All the Go-Along-To-Get-Along, Don't-Rock-The-Boat Catholic American Bishops, Priests and Laymen will be Judged for Feeding the Destruction of Church and State.
The Deep Roots of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Marxocrat Party, Etc.
The Deep Historical Roots of all the Raging Anti-Institutionalism in The Western World Today Trace Back to Stalin's Evil Soviet Disinformation Agents.
Political Foolery: The Loading of an American Ship of Fools.
Ecclesial Foolery: The Making of the Corrupt Virtual Sea upon which the American Ship of Fools Floats.
Breaking Marxist Journalism's Strangle-Hold on Political Debates
The News Media is Culturally Marxist and an Integral Part of the Marxocrat Party. Pro-American Candidates will be debating Debate Moderators, not Opponents.
The Satanic Psychological Role-Reversal Trick Wrecking World Culture.
Role Reversal: Where Sin and Sinfulness is Represented and Anti-Sin is Repressed; where Anti-Americanism is Represented and Americanism is Repressed.
On the Steady Catholicization of Our President Trump
The Catholicization of Trump may be a natural phenomenon, the work of our Catholic First Lady Melania, or Both.
It's Really Globalism-Communism versus Americanism and Trump.
America's Marxocrat Party is Globalist-Communist, and so are a whole lot of Republicrats. Trump, the Constitution and American Patriots, Alone, Oppose All That.
Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter: New Machiavellian Masks for Globalism
The Two Biggest Lies in Modern History - the Covid-19 Hoax and the Black Lives Matter Hoax - wear Machiavellian Masks to Conceal the True Evil Globalist Intent.
Crony Club Privilege: The "Club" Grants Special Rights and Privileges.
Homo-Privilege, Femi-Privilege, Black-Privilege, Moslem-Privilege, Alien-Privilege, etc., rolled up into Marxocrat Party Pro-Marxist Anti-American Anti-Equality
Coronavirus Mitigation Rules Become Permanent Citizen-Control Tyranny.
Now that the Mitigation Rule Precedent has been set, so long as Political Parties exist, Constitutional government and Constitutional protections are dead.
The Diabolical Destructiveness of Homosexuality in Church and State.
When you look at what blessing open homosexuality has done to the Boy Scouts of America you see what it is trying to do to the Catholic Church and to the World.
The War on Tradition: Replacing Tradition with Chaotic Behavior.
Evil Politicians and Evil Clerics Demonize Tradition to Destroy Families, Nations, Recognition of Truth, Belief in the One And Only One True God, and Souls.
American Marxocrat Party Ending Bourgeois Middle-Class Upward Mobility
Everything they do that isn't aimed at the Trump Presidency is aimed at crushing the American dream of upward mobility, and destroying the hated Bourgeoisie.
Changing American Political Demographics Due To Covid And BLM Hoaxes.
Marxocrat Party Dominated Territories Becoming Depopulated Economic Deserts As Mobile Bourgeois Families And Businesses Change Electoral College Demographics.
Planned, Prepared, Event-Triggered, Pop-Up Marxist Mini-Revolutions,
Anything Any Cop Does In The Performance Of His Duty Can And Will Be Used As An Event-Trigger For "Popular" Attacks On Police, Patriots, Peace And Normalcy.
Alinskyian Elites and Alinskyian Useful Idiots: What's the difference?
An Alinskyian of any variety, including fools and suckers, is a dedicated very tricky Marxist deceiver, and an accomplished ends-justify-the-means liar.
An Enemy of Middle-Class America is an Enemy of Constitutional America
The American "Bourgeois" Middle-Class is the enemy of all forms of Tyranny because the American Bourgeoisie enjoys the Constitutional Right to Liberty.
Trump: The Unlikely Savior Of America; and, the Unlikeliest of Saints?
Who could have predicted it? Ivanka was right. Washington tried in vain to change Trump, but, it was Trump who Changed Washington.
Politically Weaponized High-Minded "Social Construct" Stupidities.
Belief in Occultic Civid19 Pandemic Theory, Critical Race Theory and Cootieology Exemplify False Social Construct Stupidities.
D. J. Trump: the most Presidential President in Memory if not history.
President Trump and the office of President were made for each other. He comes across as Presidential because he actually is Presidential. The Left hates that.
The Politically Weaponized Falsehoods of the Marxocrat Party Agenda.
Communism lives by the lie and the Party is Communist. Party-Dominated Education and Journalism have Politically Weaponized all Culturally Destructive Falsehoods.
The New Red BLM Racism and Bigotry: Loving Sodomy and Hating America.
Not only opposing freedom of speech, but forcing speech from the citizenry, or else. Not only opposing rule of law, but wrecking it. Ending All Human Liberty.
From Modernism to Communism to Culturally Deadly Downright Silliness.
Would His Modernism, or His Communism, or even His Silliness be more appropriate titles for Pope Francis than His Holiness?
Father James Altman: A Lone Voice Crying Out In This Modern Wilderness
It is time for all to stand and be counted, whether among the sheep, or the goats.
Satanism under the Mask of Catholicism?
Is Newark's Cardinal Tobin really a Satanist in disguise? Judge for yourself.
Our Revolting New Revolutionaries Initiate The Latest Revolution
Yet Another Revolting and Disgusting Anti-Catholic and Anti-American "Bloody Revolution" is now upon us. Ho hum, heavy sigh and here we go again.
What Is A Modern Democrat? A Marxocratized Communist Sociopath.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Interview Clearly Identifies the "Democrat" Party as the New Marxocratized Seat of Anti-Catholic and Anti-American Sociopathy.
The Marxocrat Party is Revolutionary, against Constitutional America.
Upper Academia is all Revolutionary. Hollywood, Journalism writ large, Internet and Social-Media Muguls are Revolutionary. Satan's World Revolts against God.
What's wrong with Manliness? Ask the Effeminate Leftist Marxocrats.
What's Toxic about Masculinity? What's Unnatural about the Paternalistic Family Model? How were Emotion and Empathy ever Made Preferable to Manly Decisiveness?
Marxocrat Party & RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act)
The Crimes of the Marxocrat Party are Legion, and the Organization of the Party Itself is of Conspiratorial Criminal Intent Worthy of RICO Law Application.
A New Trumpian Phoenix America Rises From Marxocrat Party Ashes.
Trumpian Americanism Wins Again, and as she rises, the Globalist-Communist New World Order is consumed in its own evil flames.
The Machiavellian Marxocrats and their Desperate Machiavellian Plots.
The Pandemic and the BLM Movement are Twin Seditious Machiavellian Machinations of the Marxocrat Party Aimed At Overthrowing The American Government.
Religion and Journalism in American Politics
Why is Atheism, and not Catholicism, off limits in American Political Debates? And where did Journalism get any right to "monitor" American Political Debates?
The iVoteCatholic Cincinati Initiative to Form Faithful Catholics.
The Cincinnati Archdiocesan initiative to encourage the faithful to vote more "Modern" Catholic than "Traditional" Catholic in the 2020 Presidential Election.
Incredibly Stupid Premises Held By The "Sophisticated" Social Elites.
It doesn't get any dumber than the Super-Sophisticated Elites, the Marxocrats, the Never-Trumpers, Neocons and Deep-Staters. Just look at their stupid premises.
Mercy McCauley Girl's School: Is it Catholic, Islamic, or Marxist?
What are they teaching at Mercy McCauley, other than soft if not anti-Catholicism, the "peace" of Islam, and maybe Marxist black liberation theology?
Removing and Decitizenizing Constitutional Oath-of-Office-Violators.
Sworn in officials who thereafter violate the Constitution also violate their oaths of office thereby committing two crimes worthy of removal and decitizenizing.
The "Let's Pretend" PSYOPS Aspect of the Pandemic, and the Revolution.
This particular Communist Covid19 bio-weapon is proving more psychologically deadly than biologically deadly, due to all the "Let's Pretend" deadliness of it.
Trump Promise: Keeping Your Preexisting Condition Insurance Coverage.
It means, literally, keeping the insurance coverage you had when you were diagnosed with the insured condition, no matter what.
The Chief Commandment of Evil: Thou shalt not criticize any falsehood.
Under Marxocrat Party Rules, only Truth may be criticized; you may not ever speak one single word against any untruth.
Religious murderers of souls and political murderers of nations.
Satan's liars and murderers herd bodies and souls away from simple truth and into hyper-emotional, super-sensitive worldly oblivion.
American Constitutional Originalism, Correctly and Incorrectly Applied
Our Original Constitution is a carefully written legal document that says very specific legal things. Originalism keeps it that way.
Communist Parasites, in the Church, the Government and the citizenry.
Finally Recognizing Communist, Homosexualist and Islamic Parasites, Eating and Hollowing-Out Their Host-Victims From The Inside.
Political Party-Social Elitism: Crushing American Constitutional Rule
The Real Challenge to Making America Great Again is Reversing the Trend so that Constitutionalism Crushes Ruling Political Parties and all Ruling Social Elitism
Homosexualist Pope Francis Versus True Catholic Faith.
Homosexualism proves more successful than Communism and Islamism as a stratagem of global conquest. Pope Francis now dares the Church to depose him as Pope.
The Chinese Communist Party Now Owns CommieCatholic Pope Francis.
The CCP owns and operates the Biden Crime Family, the Silicon Valley and Social Media Moguls, the Marxocrat Party, and now, the CommieCatholic Francis Vatican.
Oh, No! The Bidens Let The Corrupt Government Cat Out Of The Bag!
And Trump is learning about the Homosexualism and Systemic-Racism Movements of Cultural Marxism, and about Cultural Marxism being Commandeered by the CCP!
Justice Barrett and the new political balance on the apolitical court.
The Barrett Confirmation Brouhaha raises an important question: If the Court is truly apolitical, then why is political balance on the Court even necessary?
Who Are We?
Are we still Catholic when we reject any part of the Depositum Fidei? Are we still American when we reject the Rule-Of-Law and replace it with the Rule-By-Man?
Induced Election Day Feelings of Hate & Rage versus Hard Cold Reality.
The Marxocrat Party's Planned and Orchestrated 2020 Election Day Violence: The "Feelings" Of The Seditionists Versus The Continuation Of Constitutional America.
Can Trump Save the World from the CCP's Planned Global RESET?
Are the Marxocrat Party, the News Media, the Social Media Giants, the Silicon Valley Muguls, the Deep State, and the Francis Vatican All In On This Evil RESET?
The Diversity-Reversal Goal: Returning to Christian American Identity.
May A Trump Reelection Spur a Reversal of the Evil "Diversity" Movement Destroying Religion, Culture, Sovereign Individuals and Sovereign Nations.
Get on the Trump Train, or Get Run Over By It.
Numbers Don't Lie, But Pollsters Do.
Here We Go Again with the Election Day Political Party Trickery.
Yeah, Trump won FL, GA, NC, PA, MI and WI, but, now we gotta count up and re-count all the unknown number of all the Marxocrat Party's mailed-out ballots. See?
Criminal Marxocrat Party's News Media Helps Wreck the 2020 Election
By what authority do they get to "call" any election? Who elected them to anything? What part of any Government are they? Who the hell do they think they are?
If you don't see Big Picture Communism, it will eventually crush you.
Communism is extreme hyper-elitism. That's the big picture. Most ordinary citizens and even most "social" elites don't see that until it is too late.
As Yogi berra once put it, it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings.
This Election Fraud will not stand. We will not see the Trump tax cuts repealed, voter-ID eliminated, police defunded, borders eliminated or global government.
The Anticonstitutionality of Political Parties and The Election Fraud.
Political Parties are extraconstitutional entities vying for political power over America, and over the Constitution itself. And that is Anticonstitutionality.
The Con Job
Post WWII Strategy
America's Moral Individuality Versus Communism's Immoral Communality
Original American Christian Individuality Was (Still Is?) The Sole Natural Political Force Opposing the Degenerative Elitism of Every Other Political Philosophy.
World Rulership: The Stakes in the 2020 Election Fraud Settlement.
The USA is the first modern nation dedicated to rule by law rather than rule by man, and the only nation ever constituted to have no human ruler or rulers.
The "Everyone Agrees" Family of Anti-American Constitution Lies.
Re Unconstitutional Federal Government Welfare: "Everyone agrees we need a government Safety Net" is a flagrant lie. They never even asked us.
The Chinese Communist Covid Hoax: Greatest Political Hoax in History?
The Covid Hoax has slowed or stopped liberty, business and markets in nearly all nations, and terrorized populations into compliance, over a simple cold virus.
American Election Do-Over: Canceling The Fraud and Fixing the Process.
The known Marxocrat Party fraud in the 2020 Election is now so wide-spread that only a tightly controlled and properly monitored do-over could ever clear the air.
Flattening the Covid-19 Curve by Stopping the Testing of the Healthy.
The real way to stop Covid numbers from going up is to stop increasing the testing of asymptomatic perfectly healthy people.
Organized Crime Families controlling the Roman Catholic Hierarchy
A Mafia-like web of crime families now owns the Catholic Church. At question is whether the Capo Di Tutti Capi is Bergoglio, or Xi Jinping.
Trumpian Nullification of Unconstitutional Elections (and Laws)
If The Courts fail To Do it, President Trump Must Nullify The Election. (And That Ain't All.)
The Potemkin Village of the Church, the Marxocrats and the News Media.
It could be that the final judgement is now upon us, or, it just could be that Trump, man-of-the-world, has tricked and trapped all the Evil World Powers.
You want to Mind Your Business and be left alone? They won't let you.
"Minding Your Business" only works when everybody does it. Marxists and other tyrants intend to mind your business for you, and make you like it.
Only Open Defiance of the Marxocrat Party Will Save Our Constitution.
Trump's Defiance of the Fraudulent Election Results will Win The Day, for the Simple Reason that Truth Is On His Side.
The Perfect Global Storm: Deep-State, Deep-Church, Covid and Red China
Abp. Vigano makes the links clear. McCarrick, Soros, et all made Bergoglio, Biden, et al what they are today. There is One New World Order Plan driving it all.
Advent in the Year of our Lord 2020: Preparing for our final Judgment.
In Advent 2020, we celebrate the Word becoming flesh; we re-present the Word in the Holy Mass; we prepare in both fear and joy for the Final Return of our Lord.
Blithering & Bumbling Biden, Papa Pachamama and the New World Order.
Asking the question, are Papa Pachamama and Bumbling Biden mere symptoms of a greater global infection, or are they really the global infection itself?
The Phony Covid-19 "Case Number" Dirty Trick
Pre-Covid-19 Pandemic Fraud, In Medical Terms, A Medical "Case" Was A Person Who Was Actually Sick; Not Someone Who Merely Tested Positive For Anything.
Is election fraud a crime? Then, why all the Trump team civil suits?
How many election frauds does it take to make a crime? How many election fraudsters have ever been prosecuted? Are the DOJ and FBI actually in on it?
Vaccines, Vaccinations, and Related Moral and Political Cans Of Worms.
The Trump Vaccine Against The Chinese Communist Virus PSYOPS Program Opens Multiple Ugly Cans Of Worms.
It's the Second Sunday of Advent; Are We Preparing For His Coming?
We are all called to be of One Mind, apart from those who are duplicitous (Super-Inclusive?). Prepare not for this world, but for the Next.
Fraudulent Officialdom in Church and State.
It isn't the Catholic Church that is scandalous, and it isn't America's electoral process that is fraudulent. It is Fraudulent Officialdom, in both cases.
Tyranny Rising: The End of Faith On Earth, and Constitutional America?
Globalism Necessarily Means Tyranny and the End of Individual Liberty. Welcome to the Great Global Commune. Welcome to the corralled herd, from which there is no escape
Hexameron: Greek roots hexa (six) and hemer (Day). Proof of Genesis?
Genesis created Hexameron; Hexameron proves Genesis and the beginning of time, measured by the 24 hour day, the 7 day week and both lunar and solar years.
Open Letter to President Trump Recommending Election Nullification.
Establishing By Precedent the Principle of Presidential Review of Constitutional Issues, such as Fraudulent Elections to Constitutional Offices.
Trump's Challenge: Truth v Falsehood; Reality v Error; Nation v World.
Trump may not be the perfect Christian, but he is the most perfect American in Washington DC, because he stands in Truth, and Truth is my favorite name for God.
Anti-Christian and Anti-American Incrementalism Conquering the World.
Incremental murder is the death of a thousand cuts. Incremental political murder has now demonstrated that it has murdered the Constitutional aspects of SCOTUS.
Upsetting the Global Reset and Resetting the American Constitution.
Only President Trump, the Cyrus The Great of Our Day, is Capable of Resetting our Christian Morality, our American Constitution and Freeing the American People.
Permanent Pandemic: Xi Jinping Orchestrated American Self Destruction.
When will the shut downs and mitigations end? Never. Every new cold virus will bring a wave of shutdowns, until the hated bourgeois middle class is no more.
Exceptions to American Protections for America's Enemy Movements.
Freedom of Speech should not protect sedition; freedom of religion should not protect anti-religion; our Constitution should not protect its own mortal enemies.
Marxist-Leninist Sleepers In the Catholic Church & the American State.
"Sleeper" Supreme Court Justices and "Sleeper" Catholic Cardinals Alike Serve Not God and Serve Not Country, but Serve Rather Chairman Xi and the CCP.
Papa Pachamama: Go with the flow, and don't fight the crisis.
Crisis is good; only conflict is bad. No, really. The Pope said so. Don't fight the crisis in the Church, and don't fight election fraud. Just go with the flow.
PSYOP = "Psychological Operation" aimed at conquest through subterfuge
A PSYOP is a psychological dirty trick aimed at fooling a population into convinced, strong and willing alignment with self-destructive political or military ideas.
CDC = Covid Developmentally Challenged
A CDC population is one that has been politically terrified into believing that Covid-19 is something other than just another cold virus.
Clean Shaven Christ in Church Imagery: a Sneak Attack by Freemasonry?
God, in incarnate form, was a Jew. In that day, a clean shaven Jew was immature, or, a pervert.
Examining the Nexus: When does Fraud become Treason?
Isn't Election Fraud actually High Treason against the Constitution? Isn't Freemasonry in the Vatican actually High Treason against the Church?
On the Second Amendment's Intended Citizen Weaponry.
We The People are supposed to be armed with People Stoppers first, and Game-Getters second.
Are we witnessing a Trumpian Ambush of the Whole Damned Swamp?
When you know where the enemy is going you can bushwhack 'em. Trump knows they're all obsessively after him, so, knowing where they are going, he can ambush 'em.
If Trump Loses and the Marxocrats Win, Say Goodbye to the Middle class
There is no Middle Class under Communism, Fascism, Nazism, "Pure" Socialism or any other form of Marxism. The Hated"Bourgeois" Middle Class is Marxism's Target.
Should Trump Start a New Party, or, Should Trump Nullify All Parties?
If, Constitutionally, Trump can Nullify a Fraudulent Election (And He can), then he can Nullify Unconstitutional Parties, as well as All Unconstitutional Laws.
Words have meaning. Today, what does the word Jesus mean to America?
We worry about the meaning of life when we should worry about the meaning of death. This world and all our vanities exist only in time; but what about eternity?
Identifying Beneficiaries and Losers in Xi Jinping's Pandemic Fraud.
All the Communist-Globalist Billionaires and the Politically Correct Corporations are the Beneficiaries, beating down the "Bourgeois" Middle-Class Businessman.
The Great 2020 Election Steal: The End of The American Constitution?
Even Fox News Supports The Steal, And Then Preventing Future Election Frauds. But how ya ever gonna do that, once the Fraudsters own the whole election process?
If Trump Leaves Office, Marxist Hatred Will Own American Politics.
The Stars of Fox News are Lying. There will be no "Backlash" in any election, because Marxist Hatred will Own all future ever increasingly fraudulent elections.
The Rise of the Mentally Infectious PoliticallyTyrannized Covidiacs.
The Convinced and Terrorized Covidiac avoids all human contact and uses words to spread his new form of sociopathology as broadly as possible.
On Freedom of Association Versus the Tyrannical Trend of Associations.
The Natural Law Right of Freedom of Association is Violated Whenever any Association Controls or Affects the Lives of Anyone Outside Of that Association.
The One And Only One God Principle and Constitutional America Linkage.
It's the permanent, "Fixed-Peg Principle", establishing One Fixed Morality upon which to base All Civil and Criminal Law.
A set-up coup d'état by Big Media, Deep-State and the Unipartycrats?
Are the faked Capital building riot, the second impeachment of Trump and the military lock-down of Washington DC all part of an orchestrated Marxist coup d'état?
The rise of Unicratism, and the End of Constitutional America.
The Old Marxocrat and Republicrat Parties have Merged to form the Unicrat Party, and One Party Rule has Come to the USA, ending Pure Constitutional Rule Forever.
Covid Fraud and Election Fraud install Global Communism over America.
It couldn't have been done without the conspiratorial collusion of high ranking Unicrat Party traitors in America and the Judas "Pachamama Pappa" Pope Francis.
The Globies (International Commies) Now Own American Government.
It's too late to shout "The Commies Are Coming!" For the Globies have snuck in unseen and taken over the American government. (And the Church government, too?)
Full Transcript of President Trump's Farewell Address
The Trump Farewell Address, Delivered Tuesday, January 19, 2021
On the Catholic Sensus Fidei and the Proper Sense of American Identity
Catholic Americans Know Wrong When They See It. The Properly formed Catholic Conscience forms the Sensus Fidei; Properly Raised Americans Identify As Americans.
United we stand, divided we fall; granted. But with whom may we unite?
All variants of believing Christians and Jews must unite, politically. But believing Christians and Jews cannot unite with anti-Christians and anti-Jews.
All the Angry Faces: Just Mention MAGA and Watch Their Faces Contort.
Why the hatred of America? Are they ALL Communists? The Faces tell the tale.
A Trump Comeback in the offing after a Server-Farm battle in Germany?
Did US Special Forces battle CIA operatives in Germany to seize a "Server Farm" with the fraudulent election software now pre-determining American elections?
Is Islam a Religion, or another Political Party of Conquest by War?
Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens and Greece was right the first time, identifying Islam as a Political Party, similar to the Communist Party in intent.
It may take a cataclysmic event to get Constitutional America back.
The Enemy has all the legal and political bases covered, they can flood any zone they need to flood, and we are disorganized. That's what I call cataclysmic.
AntiAMericanism inside America and AntiCatholicism inside Catholicism.
All the Antiamerican Americans and all the AntiCatholic Catholics, enjoying the blessings of American and/or Catholic Identity and committing treason against it.
Islamo-Commie-Homo: Rabidly Anti-Catholic and Anti-American.
To be Islamo-Commie-Homo is to be anti-liberty, anti-normalcy, anti-orderly society, anti-nature and even anti-humanity.
The Scientifical Technocrats Ruling By Proxy for Islamo-Commie-Homos
Cloth Masks Effectively Screen Out Viruses. No, really. It's Scientifical. No, seriously. ??? What? ??? Don't you guys believe me?
Is the whole "climate change" scare actually, truthfully, scientific?
Really? Where's the empirical evidence? How, exactly, is it NOT politically scientific, aimed at population control through fear, and greater political power over people?
The Fascistic Mindset: Know Your Enemy.
The Fascistic Mindset is what the Catholic Church, Constitutional America and Western Civilization are up against. Fascistic Thinking seeks to rule the world.
Potentially Irreversible Totalitarianism Begins to Dominate America.
If All Elections Are Totalitarian Controlled, and the DOJ and the Courts are Now Totalitarian Too, Just Exactly What Are We Ever Going To Do About It?
The Party Is Now Sovereign; Man Is No Longer Sovereign On Earth.
The Stolen Sovereignty of Man. The Parties Competed For Sovereignty Until One Party Won It All, At The Expense Of Forgotten Mankind.
It isn't just a Secret "Deep-State". It's a Deeply Depraved State.
On All The Traitors Who Comprise the Depraved State, in Both Houses of Congress, in All The Courts, in the Administration, Cabinet, Justice, Intelligence, etc.
Absolute Nothingness and Non-Self:
The Reigning Worldview of Global Power Elites and Western Ruling Classes
Antireality: The Anti-Reality of the World's Islamo-Commie-Homo Elites
Antireality is running the current Vatican, and it is running the current US government. But there is a Catholic and an American Sensus Fidei still prevalent.
Educational, Youthful, Cultural, and eventually Religious Godlessness.
A Godless Government Dominated Formal Education Started It, And Now Godlessness in Government Of Both Church And State Is Finishing It.
Obedient Resistance: Obedient to God, Resistant to Corrupted Authority
Obedient Resistance Keeps God Over Man and Resists Worldly Corruption of Proper Authority. All Sinful and Illegal Orders Must Be Disobeyed.
Crazy Men Walking: The Linkage between Communists and Sexual Perverts.
The Commies lie to conceal their goals and who they are. Perverts, pederasts and pedophiles lie even to themselves because they are so ashamed of what they are.
On The Pervasive Evil of Organized Lawlessness and Disorder in Culture
Criminally Induced Pervasive Evil in Human Culture: It Is the Product of a Massive Conspiratorial Organized Crime
Abortion is a Human Rights Issue
Morally, Biologically, Physically and Actually
On The Islamo-Commie-Homo (but mostly Commie) Takeover of the USA.
How Lenin did it, and how Hitler did it, is how they are doing it here. The Ultimate Takeover is now in progress.
The Stupid, Never Ending "Who's A Patriot" Argument Between Marxists.
At the Root Of It, American Communists (Wrongly) Equate Nazi-Fascism with American Patriotism, Which They Hate.
What is Evil?
Man-made alternative realities
He who lives by the lie, dies by the lie; the lie is having it's day.
The Roman Catholic Church today, and the USA today, are ruled by contemptible poseurs, liars, and those who hate the Church, hate America, and live by the lie.
On Truth and Falsehood: Defining Good, and Defining Evil.
Truth (i.e., God) is at the center of all creation (i.e., reality). Whatsoever opposes any part of existence (i.e., reality) thereby opposes Truth, and is evil.
Rule Of Law Versus Rule Of Man
The American Constitution - The Law - Is the Supreme Ruler Of America. Opponents Of The Constitution Are Changing That Back To Rule By The Whims Of Fallen Man.
Rule Of Man Displaces Rule Of Law In America
The Already Multiply-Violated American Constitution is now Sidelined and Ignored as Men and Parties Vie For Rule Over America.
Farewell to Walter Williams and to Rush Limbaugh
Two men whose lives left the world a better place; may they rest in peace.
Mitch McConnell, the Anti-American American Senator
Washington Swamp Creature and Chief Swamp Defender, Mitch "The Turtle" McConnell
On The Anti-Reality Elites Trying To Dominate The Realistic Hoi Polloi
They can't do it, because the hoi polloi live in Reality, they know stupid when they see it, and they know that there ain't no cure for stupid.
Fascist Elites Still Going After Trump, The Bourgeoisie, You, And Me.
Our Now Thoroughly Socialist Ruling Elites Have Gone Fascistic, In The Image Of The Current China-Ruling So-Called Chinese Communist Party.
Lord, How I miss Rush. Every Day, But Especially On Mondays.
That theme song and that voice brought, daily, an anticipated calming good-order, commentary, news, proper interpretation, and humor, to millions of troubled minds.
The Evil Eye Of Envy: Why Being ‘White’ Is Offensive To Some People
No Vice Worse Than Envy
What To Do About Our Closed Public Schools. (Psst: they ain't Public).
"Public" Schools are really state schools. They are all government property with all government employees and all under heavy government direction and control.
Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children
The Divine Androgyne
In The End, The Great Divider Wins Against the Great Unifier
SATAN seeks to 'bring us all together' while Jesus Christ, the Lord thy God, the Great Divider, judges us, as we divide ourselves into the Sheep and the Goats.
Anti-Constitution Citizen Criminals and Anti-Christ Catholic Criminals
Criminal Elitists are Running the Show, in the Church and in the State. Criminal Elites are Making War on the Constitutionalist Citizenry and Faithful Catholics
On The 'Scientific' Science Denial of the CDC
All That PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Can Protect You From A Virus, Says The CDC
A hoax is a hoax, of course, of course; can denying a hoax be a hoax?
The China Virus Hoax turns out to be a double-hoax: The Political Hoax is most effective due to the Pandemic-Panic Hoax of it, which is really not so deadly.
The Worst Aspect of the Commie-19 Virus Hoax: Death By Ventilator.
Among the survivors of intubation and ventilation are those who may never speak again.
Trotsky's Permanent Revolution From Hell In America.
The Soviet System in America
American Constitution Assassins, of Bi-Partisan & Social-Liberal Title
They are worse assassins of America than all the now self-declared swamp creatures coming out into the light of day, because of their deep treachery.
What does BLM have in common with the O'Biden Regime? Their Lies.
Presidency, Congress, Court, Academia, Journalism, Criminals, Antifa, BLM, Other Communists and Fascists are All In The Same Fetid Swamp, Covered In Lies.
The Marxist Trokhym Denysovych Lysenko, Scientism, and Cancel Culture.
How The Faux American President Biden Regime's Brutal Speech and Press Control Trace Back To The Politically Terrorized And Brutally Closed Minds Of Lysenkoism.
Living In the Big Lie: The Satanic Lies of Islam, Marxism, Immorality.
'Living' in and for any of the Big Lies, or Any Lie, is Temporary. Hell is Permanent.
The Rule of the Evil Elites and The Rise of Cultural Depravity
Our Ruling Evil Elites are Hell-Bent on Suppressing Truth and Crushing All That Is Good
Acts 17:18-19-modern pagan and pantheist antithesis of the Word of God
Ecclesiates 1:9 "What has been is what will be.."
Ruminations on Time, and God, and Creation.
Inevitable entropy of matter and inevitable devolution of life forms point to a major 'scientific' miscalculation (falsehood?) regarding Time.
The Still Unrecognized Highest Criminality in The Church and The State
How the Government of the Catholic Church Criminally Opposes the Catholic Depositum Fidei, and the Government of the USA Criminally Opposes the US Constitution.
Vagueries in Vatican II that got into the Catechism. And the New Mass?
There was nothing vague about Trent, or Vatican I. Nor was there a blank spot where the Condemnation of Communism used to be.
Progressive Utopian Cultural Marxism Poisoning Minds, Churches, Schools, Politics
On Brutally Imposed Compliance and Obedience in our New World Order.
You will comply, you will be obedient, or you will be Cancelled! You want to be part of our Brave New World, don't you?
The Annunciation of the Lord, then and now, and Reason for Hope.
In the year of the Annunciation, 1 AD, the Governments of the World were More Corrupt than they are in this Anniversary of the Annunciation in the year 2021 AD.
Abp. Vigano on SARS-CoV-2's Lab Origins and the Self-Defeating Reset.
Once again, it's Vigano to the Rescue of Hope, Common Sense and and Sanity in a World Gone Docile, from following a Stupid, Self-Defeating, Suicidal Evil Plan.
Another Marxist 'Convergence', this time involving the Green New Deal.
In the First Convergence, the Ruling Communist and Capitalist Elites Join Forces to 'Manage' the World. This Is What We Are Seeing Today.
Immorality Is The New Morality
Morality Is Now Immoral In the New Morality
The Satanic Evil Elites Ruling Churches, Nations and Mega-Businesses.
How Organized Militant Activism Promoting Satanic Evil, Falsehood, Disorder and Sin Is Now The Predominant Cultural Order Of The Day.
Increasingly Woke America and the Deep Communist Roots of Woke-iness.
There are fully consciously Communists, and there are unconsciously-Communists among the 'Woke' Americans. The pertinent question is, what's the difference?
Is Marxism's Long March Through The Institutions Finally Completed?
The Corrupted Institutions Now Running Church And State Appear To Be Marching whole Fooled And Mesmerized National Populations, Mostly Willingly, Into A New Global Gulag.
For The Enlightenment Of All Useful Idiot Manipulatees of the World.
If any Useful Idiot once learned how he was being manipulated, he might no longer be anyone's Useful Idiot, whether of Marxism, Islam or Unnatural Immorality.
On Losing the Ideological War by default, by not even recognizing it.
Fully prepared for physical war, Satan's more Spiritual Assault just rolls over our consciousness and preparations by waging Mind-And-Soul Ideological War.
Machiavellian Induced National Fratricide Through Suicidal Politics.
Unconstitutional Political Parties, and Not the Constitution, Now Rule America, and Political Parties Exist For Themselves, Not For Any Nation Or Any "Voters".
There Is No God-Given Natural Law Human Right To Do Wrong.
There is no right to do wrong. Not in the American Constitution, and not in Roman Catholic Doctrine.
The Bill-Of-Rights Constitutional Rights are Absolute Rights.
Sleepy Joe Biden says that Second Amendment and Other Constitutional Rights are 'Not Absolute Rights'. But, Joe Biden is a Liar.
It will be Political Party Politics that will destroy America.
All Party Politics aim at One Party Rule. No Political Party gives a damn about anything else, including Laws, Constitutions or the Citizenry.
Evolutionary Theism Implies That Christ is Wrong About Creation
"For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?" John 5:46-47
Falsehood's Weaponized Feelings Are Wrecking Our Grounding in Reality.
Police don't need any re-training or any less lethal weaponry. Criminality needs to be recognized as criminality and criminals need to be treated as criminals.
Is the Final Assault on Humanity, Liberty, Truth and Reality Upon Us?
Everything that is False is in Ascendancy; Everything that is Real is Being Driven Down.
Isaiah 57 revisited: America's progressive pagan elites
Staring into the Abyss
On the Derek Chauvin Conviction.
Even if George Floyd actually died from other causes, he might have still lived if not for "Depraved Indifference" of a police officer.
Induced Systemic Racism, or The Nazi Scapegoat: What's the difference?
The only 'systemic' racism in America is politically induced racism against the white race, in the mirror image of how Hitler politically scapegoated the Jews.
Insanity is a break with Reality; Evil is a Knowing Denial of Reality.
Political Promotion of Evil Therefore Politically Induces Social Insanity.
The Baphomet-Interspecies Connection
2 Corinthians 10:5
A Minivan? For me? Are you kidding?
The old Trailblazer, with over 631,000 miles on it was finally used up, and we needed another dual-purpose personal and contract-courier/delivery vehicle.
Awakening to 4GW, the Inside-Out War, as The War Within Us.
If we are Christians, we are supposed to act like it. If we are Americans, we are supposed to act like it. And Erase 4GW Evil Out Of Us.
It's Herd Obedience, Not Immunity, That Disinformation Is Aiming At.
Our Own Now Marxist Government Is Revolting Against Us, and Against Our Constitution, And We Have Been Too Dumbed-Down To Even See It.
Illegitimately Elected Biden And His Illegitimate Criminal Government
The 2020 Election Was Stolen, it was Fraudulently Executed With Illegitimate Results, and Everybody Knows It.
The Ultimate Dreamed Of Revenge of Evil and Vengeful America Haters.
Turning America into the World's Worst Third-World Nation with an Impoverished, Starving and Desperate Population.
Modernist Christians in a Man-Centered Universe
Scientific Neutrality and Biblical Deconstruction
There is a difference between Truth and Reality.
Truth is eternal and never changing, while Reality, created by Truth, is temporary.
Diversity, Shlimeristy! Race has nothing to do with their 'Diversity'.
It's Christ or Chaos. 'Diversity' masks their actual war against Christ and the rise of Chaos in His place. Just look at the world around you.
Global Unity; Unlimited Unity; 'Bring Us All Together' And Other Evils
On 'Bringing The World Back Together': When was it ever 'together'? Global Unity is quite impossible, because Good cannot unite with Evil. Global Unity is Evil.
Faggoty Language-Twisting for the Advancement of Open Public Faggotry.
"Gay" is a Faggoty term, meaning Homosexual. "Homophobe" is a Faggoty term, meaning, One Who Condemns Open Public Faggotry.
The Tangled Web of Islamo-Commie-Homo-ism's Increasingly Goofy Lies.
Islam, Marxism and Immorality - the Three Stooges of supposedly 'Enlightened' Thought - In Nervous Political Alliance, Push Hilarious (and Tragic) Social Lies.
Over-Explaining Conservatism and Under-Explaining the US Constitution.
Explaining 'Conservatism' and listing Political Party agenda items does not explain America, the Constitutional Republic. Only the Constitution explains America.
Get a warrant here, against anyone at all; just plunk your money down.
Step right up and gitcher Legal Warrants, right here; two for a nickle, three for a dime; if you don't have the money don't waste my time.
Cain, Marxism, Leftism and America's ruling class of 'superior' humans
The dragon they have in common
On the Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement's Lunification of Nations Program.
The whole world is being Lunified, through the making of a Lunatic Catholic Church, and the making of Whole Lunatic Nations.
The Christian American Individual Vs the Islamo-Commie-Homo Communes.
Constitutional Rights are for Individual Americans; Christian Salvation Is Offered to Individual Souls. Satan's Revolution Builds Evil Communities.
Breaking the Spell of the Mesmerized, docile, Catholic American Herd.
Like hypnotized zombies, we accommodate if not join in on what we all once knew was evil, thereby enslaving ourselves to new worldly masters.
Demonic Darkness: America's Invisible Wave of Evil
Staring into the abyss
The Global Call to Reimagine Man's Perfection of God's Created Reality
"Remagine" individual citizens out of existence in favor of the Commune of citizens; reimagine individual nations out of existence in favor of a New Word Order.
Non-Governmental Therapy for the Troubled Psyche (Greek: Soul)
We have long condemned all 'official', state-certified psychology and psychiatry as pseudo-science and Quackery. Guess what? We were right.
On Honorable Rules-Bound Super-Honorability's Suicide of Honor Itself
Where has honor gone, when the most honorable among us, honor-bound, will not defend honor itself, no-holds-barred, even unto the ultimate death of all honor?
Managed Family Entropy, Cultural Chaos and American National Collapse.
Everything the Marxocrat Party (i.e., International Communism) does is aimed at the dissolution of families and nations, calling Global Government to the rescue
The Fauci Pandemic.
Frauci's name is all over it. It was and is his best Marxist "crisis of opportunity".
Chaos, Breakdown, Demoralization, Destruction: America's New Normal.
How it came about and where we are going.
World War III: Is a New World War its Final Stages, and Defeating Us?
You may call it Communist Jihad or Islamic Revolution. By whatever name it is a new Axis Of Evil, formed by China, Russia, Iran and Much of "Originalist" Islam.
Process Versus Action: The Root of Marxist Versus Bourgeois Thinking.
Communism is All Process, or, Dictatorship Through 'Procedural' Bureaucracy. American and Western 'Bourgeoisie' are all about Action: Getting Real Things Done.
Purposely Induced Invincible Useful Idiocy
Exaggerated, Mutilated and Weaponized 'Invincible Ignorance' Doctrine Utilized By Evil In Mass-Producing 'Invincible Useful Idiocy'.
The Ongoing Evil Transformation of Catholicism, America and the World.
All Trump wanted to do was to make America great again. He didn't know that would be a re-transformation of the ongoing evil transformation long underway.
Wokeism, Wokenomics and Wokeology: The Ebonics Language of Revolution.
To be 'Woke' (in Ebonics) is to be 'Awakened' to something. Example usages: I be woke; he be woke; she be woke.
World War III, The First InfoWar, Is Conquering The World For Marxism.
This is the InfoWar (Information War), in which all information is under the militant control of the anti-Christian, anti-American Islamo-Commie-Homo Coalition.
Why Western God-haters Willfully Choose Magic, Nihilism, and Stupidity
"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." Karl Marx
Reparations Owed To White Christian Hetero Patriotic Men By Everyone.
Every Woman, Every 'Person Of Color', Every Twisted Pervert And Every Systemic Liar Owes Major Never-Ending Reparation Payments To White American Patriotic Men.
I am proud to be a Capitalist and not a lying or deceived Socialist.
Being proud to be a Capitalist is like being proud to be a Traditional Roman Catholic. Everyone else is against you, and everyone else is suicidally wrong.
Honest Versus Marxist 'Fixes' Of International and National Problems.
Marxist 'Fixes' of Marxism's Problems Always Grow Government, Grow Government Power, Grow Citizen Dependency and Harm the Independent Bourgeois Middle Class.
Satan’s New World Order Blueprint and Key Strategy
Christian Capitulation To the Serpent's Consensus Process
The Phony National Security Threats Imagined-Into-Being By Bozo Biden.
Comrade O'Biden and His Incompetent Crew Tilt at the Windmills of Climate Change and Patriotic Trump Supporters, But Not At His Own Islamo-Commie-Homo Globalism.
Islamo-Commie-Homo VP Kamala Harris Joins Pervert Pride Day Parade.
Second Family Celebrating Fag Pride Day By Committing To The Educational, Political and Legally Forced Perversion Of America.
Strongman Action Needed To Save Constitutional America From Globalism.
"Strongman" government is Dictatorial Government. Marxist, Islamic, Sodomic and Globalist Movements are all Strongman "Governments" Competing to Rule America.
It's the Education, stupid!
All these anti-institution sociopaths didn't just pop up in this latest generation. Corrupt 'Education' has been destabilizing culture for a hundred years.
Misleading "Settled" Political Stratagems Presented As Settled Science
The Surest Identifying Feature of Any Demonically Evil Lie Is When All Militant Islamo-Commie-Homo Activists and All Educated Elitists Call It Settled Science.
Eliminate Local Police, Corrupt Federal Police and Make a Police State
The Military hasn't been corrupted enough yet to declare Martial Law. Next best Marxocrat Party Strategy is to Take Over Policing In Marxocrat Controlled Cities
American Elections Cannot Be Stolen? Sez Who?
There is always some election fraud, the 'experts' tell us; but 'not enough'. Then, why are there never any election fraudsters convicted and the fraud stopped?
Iron Curtain Over American Minds
Progressive Marxisms’ Ideological Utopia
Anti-Gun Lies Of An American President And His Whole Political Party.
We all now know how deeply anti-gun President O'Biden and his whole political party loathe America. (And if they don't, they've got a funny way of showing it.)
Satanic Exploitation Strategy: Get Inside; Fool; Trick; Exploit; Damn.
Is that what the 'Global Reset' is really all about? Today, Cultural Marxism is the tool. What was it before the Flood? Or Pre-Nineveh? Or Sodom and Gomorrah?
On the Natural Symbiosis Between Catholicism and The American Idea.
The only antidote for a cultural cancer: remove the cancer from the culture, so that the culture may survive.
Shaking Up the American Melting-Pot and then Turning it Upside Down
The most rabidly anti-American people on earth are Americans who have been 'Educated' in the 20th and 21st century America.
RESET: Satanic Unification of All Conspiracies Under One Conspiracy.
The one common thread running through the diverse legion of all evil conspiracies is the sub-conspiracy aimed at eliminating man's belief and faith in God.
Your soul: Cost of admission to the Progressive Pagan City of Man.
New Egypt, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah
Perverting The Moral Rugged Individual Identity Into The God-Complex
Corrupt education is twisting the unique, self-ruling Christian-American citizen 'rugged individual' identity into sociopathic individual stand-alone "gods".
The Scientistic Unrealities Making And Then Breaking Covidiac Nations.
Unrealities such as supposedly anti-viral mask-wearing forced on whole populations will never entirely go away if any Communist has anything to say about it.
'Celebrating Diversity' Is Disuniting the United States of America.
Forcibly Imposing 'Coexistence' and 'Blessing The Sinner' is Dissolving Catholic Faith and Morals.
Oneness: The Wussification and Stupidification of Individual Man.
The Oneness Movement: The Slick New Name For Yet Another New Manifestation Of The Old Failed Communist World Revolutionary Movement.
False History Education Feeding the Social Histrionics of the Educated
History as taught today is a lie, and the main reason for all the histrionics on display by the Left and in the American streets today.
Freemasonry Circa 1776, versus Now: Is there a difference?
Did the "Illuminati" Corrupt Freemasonry, or was it always evil?
Is the World a Computer Simulation in the Minds of Robotic Overlords?
Magic Science, Transhumanists, Gnostic Physicists.
The Loose and Loony Conspiracy of the InOnIts (Those Who Are In-On-It)
Most all of the InOnIts don't even know what it's all about, but the're all InOnIt just the same.
The Induced Islamo-Commie-Homo Lunacy: Opposition To Christian America
How the Left has Reversed Our National Morality, Right-and-Wrong, Common-Sense and Nonsense, and made Millions Promote, Champion and Celebrate Evil.
Organizing, Training and Prepping a New Patriotic American Militia.
Face it: Another Civil War is brewing. We can either head it off early, or if need be win it, but only if we prepare for it by rebuilding that old time Militia.
Violence On A Hair Trigger: The Marxocrat Party's Emotional Cripples
Trained to be 'Triggered': Inside every Marxocrat is an adult tantrum just dying to be unleashed.
Uncovering Near Total Corruption, in Church and in State
Every Freemason is a potential Atheistic Communist; Every Atheistic Communist is a potential Flaming Faggot. But now Masonry, Communism and Faggotry are "In".
On Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis' Restriction of the Latin Mass.
Calm down; the Motu Proprio 'Traditions Custodes' does not abrogate the Latin Mass, but the previous Motu Proprios of John Paul the Great and Benedict XVI.
Catholic American Solutions for "What can we the people do about it?"
The problems all seem so complex and beyond our power to fix, but they are not. Each super-complex problem has a simple and easy solution.
Weaponizing Everything, Fomenting Many Diverse 'Unrelated' Revolutions
Satanic weaponizing of everything to destroy faith in God, the human family, sovereign nations, and, in fact all human distinctions (and thus all humans).
Darwinism: Idol of mind symbolizing hatred of Triune Creator God
And Logical End of America
Adding Top-Down Solutions to American Marxism's Bottom-Up Solutions.
Illegal American Marxism was imposed upon us from the top down. Top-down solutions get America back under American law.
State Ordered Jab: Obedience-Training Of The New Covid-Ruled Masses.
Trump's Emergency-Developed Vaccines Commandeered By American Marxists And Other Marxists To Herd All Individuals Into The Great Global Commune
The Creation Model Versus Modern Pagan Evolutionary Models
Why This Conflict Is So Important
Defining your own Soul: (If you don't know what it is you've lost it)
Nothing is more important to you than your own soul. It is your personal conduit or connection to the Holy Ghost, i.e., to the One Holy Triune God.
The Evil Revolutionary Splitting Apart Of Everything Once Holy.
The diabolical and demonic splitting and splitting and splitting, of the Church, of the nation and all nations, of families, of all distinctions, and of souls.
Republicrats Quibble Over Tactics While Marxocrat Strategy Owns Them.
Arguing and quibbling around the edges of all problems while the Globalists, Marxists, Jihadists, Cartels, etc., Cement their Existing Strongman Rule of America.
The One Man Insuwection Of Buffawo Man, as told by Elmer Fudd.
It was tewafying! His spear was vewy, vewy pointy, and it could have put someone's eye out!
Global Oligarchy, Forces of Darkness, and the Spirit of Antichrist.
Forces Darkness Within Church and State
Waging Total War on China, in Response to China's Total War on Us.
"Communist" China's Diabolically Evil Ruling Class, Which Owns the Biden Crime Family And The Current Vatican, Is In Turn Owned and Operated by Satan Himself.
The New American Commune and the Death of the American Constitution.
Dividing of the Once Free American Citizenry into the Herders and the Herded.
The Elitist Pro-Marxist Anti-American Information Messaging Monolith
While organized agitators enrage, activate and direct the dreggs of society, the messaging monolith keeps the truth of the plot from getting out.
The Wuhan Covid Superstitions of the Scientistic Marxocrat Party
Rule By Wuhan Covid Superstition Abrogates American Rule By Constitution
A Universe of Lies Universally Believed By a Growing Universe of Fools
As the Universe of Lies Grows, the Universe of Fools don't have time to catch their breath, and that is Satan's Plan
The Afghan ForeverWar Dream of the Neocon War Hawks
An American ForeverWar? We should never leave Afghanistan?
As Communalism conquers Indvidualism, it Destroys Trust in Individuals
How can any of us ever trust any doctor or nurse any more after they all joined the communal herd and fiercely enforced totally useless anti-viral mask-wearing?
CyberWarfare Redefined: A Kinder, Gentler Form Of CyberWar.
This Ain't the CyberWar That Attacks Or Takes Over Computers. This is the Slick CyberWarfare that Uses Cyber Information To Defraud, Fool and Manipulate Minds.
Creation's Rebellion Against Its Creator: The True Root Of All Wars.
A lie is a rebellion against the truth. To deny created reality is to declare war on yourself, for you are part of that created reality. And that's the truth.
UFOs, Secret Drones, Holograms and Politically Induced Public Panic.
"No, I don't believe in 'em, but they're out there, just the same", said the super-sophisticated Scientismist.
On the Moral Self-Rule of America Vs Savage Ungovernable Afghanistan.
It's a simple matter of a commonly held national morality, and one and only only one commonly held moral code can civilize any nation for self-rule.
Our Anti-American American Government's Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
The Fraudulently Elected Sitting Government of the USA is Anti-American, top to bottom.
Americas’ Spiritually Desolate, Parasitic, Ruling Class Nihilists
Satan and Powers and Principalities
A Day of Proper Thanksgiving To God For His Mercy and His Love.
The Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost (and the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary); Try To Spend One Whole Day Giving Thanks To Our One True Savior.
Do American Indians (and India-Indians) Practice Earth Idolatry?
There is but one and only one Creator God, and all creation owes its very existence to Him and to Him Alone.
Politically Induced Hatred as a Nationally Self-Destructive Strategy.
Evil Political Parties are the real Principalities and Powers (Rulers and Authorities) behind the Politically Induced Hatred of God and Everything Good.
Malice under the Facade of Innocence.
Malicious Anti-Americans are Solidly Ensconced in American High Office at Federal, State and Local Levels, under the Facade of American Political Integrity.
Arguing minor nonsensical points to end up supporting major nonsense.
Whether cloth masks screen out viruses, or whether vaccines are effective against Covid, etc., miss the major point that Covid is less dangerous than the flu.
Global humiliation of America was the American government's intention.
America's Afghanistan debacle was not due to bad planning, errors, stupidity or anything other than hidden evil intentions of the sitting American government.
The Peace Symbol: Occult Sign Meaning Death Against Christians.
Hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity
On The Gathering of Christians Who Choose To Be Separated From Evil.
The Decent of the Holy Ghost was an Opportunity for Gathering; an Opportunity Exactly Opposing the Past Human Scattering Of Nimrod's Tower.
Self-Rule - Liberty - Cannot Coexist with Marxism and/or Islam.
Good cannot coexist with evil. Life cannot coexist with death. Freedom cannot coexist with slavery. Christianity cannot coexist with anti-Christianity.
Once mortal enemies are among us, we must separate from them or die.
Because we failed to anathematize and blacklist evil, evil now anathematizes and blacklists us. In tolerating evil, we asked for it; now evil rules us.
The Induced Evil Lunacy of Nation-Hatred (Globalism; World-Government)
Anti-Nationalism, like Multiculturalism, is beyond reason, and beyond stupidity; Nation hatred is just flat out evil.
Turnabout Political Discrimination In Private Enterprise
If Marxist Politics can can recruit Private Business into imposing vaxing and masking on customers, then Constitutionalist Businesses can employ the same tactic
The Biden/Harris Regime's Caused Afghanistan Disaster
They couldn't predict the 11 day takeover by the Taliban? Excuse me? Predict it hell; they caused it!
The Clown Scientists, And All Of Their Purely Political Pseudo-Science
Clown Scientist: A Lettered Paid Buffoon Who Produces Politically Advantageous "Evidence" For His Pay And Calls It Science.
America's Modern Pagan Oligarchy, Aztec Gods, and Human Sacrifice.
Isaiah 57 Revisited
The Creation Idolatry of the God-Denying, Creation-Denying Idolaters.
The 15th Sunday After Pentecost Readings Reinforced These Notions.
The Ransom of the Lambs and Tribute Payment Secret Negotiations.
Ransom/Tribute Payment Negotiations are why Americans are held in Afghanistan and why surrounding nations are being closed to Afghan air traffic.
Raw Political Power and its Expendable Useful Idiots
What happens to all the Globalism-Promoting billionaires, Bishops, Marxocrat Party hacks, Media Moguls, Academics, Students, etc., once they succeed?
Recognizing The Evil Within Us Even As Evil Gathers Against Us Outside
The enemy inside the walls must be turned out, neutralized or destroyed before we can even think about properly engaging the armies outside the walls.
On Recognizing Satan As The World's Grand Master Puppeteer
All opposition to Truth: all Falsehoods, False Theories, Nonsense, Possession-Insanities - All the Evils of Mankind - Are Mere Manipulations Of Satan
I never thought I would ever say it: America Needs Political Cleansing
A program of Political Cleansing may be the only way to restore Constitutional rule to America and keep America Constitutional.
On The Evil, Satanic-Induced, Feelings-Based, Self-Loathing Nuttiness.
Of all the nuttiness in the world, there is nothing nuttier than induced self-hatred.
Marxocrats: Members of a seditious anti-American criminal enterprise
Marxocrats intend to bring America down. All Marxocrats are liars, whether they know it or not. (Any adult who stands on and supports a lie is a liar.)
The Plan to Kill the US Republic and Establish Tyrannical Government.
Unlimited Criminal "Immigration", Amnesty and Citizenship: It worked in California, so now the criminal Marxocrat party intends to use it to take over the whole USA.
Big Business and Big Government, Crushing the Bourgeois Between Them.
Big Business and Big Government Are Less Antagonists Than They Are Allies, and Members Of The Same Exclusive, Marxist, Anti-Bourgeois Club. (The Washington Swamp.)
The Divine Androgyne, Pandemonium, and the Battle for Our Souls
Satan's Rising New World Order
We Can Either Start Militarizing Ourselves, Or Go The Way Of Australia
Our American Forebearers never should have disbanded their original Nation-Wide Local Militias.
Evolutionary Catholicism?
Evolutionary Revelation? Evolutionary God? Evolutionary Creation? Evolutionary Biology? Evolutionary Reality?
On 4GW Politics, the Systematic Wrecking of Order and Feeding of Chaos
The Illegitimate Biden/Harris regime and the Marxocrat Party are purposely and blindly causing social disorder, without even knowing how to take advantage of it
Corrupted Science: The Inevitable End Result of Corrupted Christianity
Science, weaponized, owned and operated by Politics, has been made into the "Science" Of Politically Herding Human Populations Where They Do Not Want To Go.
Why Proclaiming Jesus Christ the Word Became Flesh is Offensive
The Technocratic Utopian World Order
Satan's Evil Aim for Mankind: The Loss of All Distinct Identity.
"Coexist" with Marxist Tyranny; "Tolerate" Islamic Jihad; Bless and Approve Sexual Perversion.
Islamo-Commie-Homo "Walkamilers" Crushing Christianity and America.
"Walk a mile in my shoes" sing all the Islamo-Commie-Homo Nazis, but none of them will ever take one single step in our shoes.
On Papal Definitions of Existing Doctrines thereafter known as Dogmas.
No Dogma was ever anything new. All Dogmas were Existing Doctrines before being Formally Defined for the Whole Church by the Magisterial Authority of a Pope.
Our Marxist, Anti-Christian, Anti-Family American Permanent Government
The American Citizenry Have Been Slyly And Slowly Schmoozed Out From Under Their Own Constitution And Into (And Under) Anti-American Marxism
The Demonic Possession of all Islamo-Commie-Homo-Scientistic Politics.
Satan and his demons are behind every false religion, every evil political ideology, every real (and would-be) tyrannical ruler and every globalist on earth.
Satan's Spreading Pandemic Infection of Possessed Demonic Freemasonry.
The secret "sign of the hidden hand", a la Napoleon Bonaparte, identifies each secret Freemason to all of the secret society of Demonic Freemasonry.
The Soul-Destroying Culturally Destructive OKness Of All Things False.
We've got to stop saying it's OK to believe and act-out lies. The "Educated and Sophisticated" OKness of homo-tranny-perversions and free any-way-sex is not OK.
Gnostic Chiliastic Evolution: Satan's Alternative Plan of Salvation
The Great Reset
The Immutability of Species and of an Un-Amended American Constitution
The Species are Immutable, Darwinists. Face it and deal with it. The Constitution is Immutable, Leftists. Face it and deal with it.
An American Constitutional Global Unset Of the Great Global Reset?
The Great Reset is aimed at wrecking Catholicism and American Constitutionalism; only an American Constitutional Global Unset can undo that Reset.
Buttigieg the Birthing Person Out On Paternity Leave
Presenting downright scientifical proof that male homos can get pregnant and give birth to babies.
One Party Dominated Bizarro America.
Marxocrat Party Dominated And Thoroughly Marxified Bizarro America Stands In Exact-Opposite Mirror-Image Of The Original Constitutional Republic of America.
The Ascension To Power Of Misogyny
Hatred of Women
The Leftist-Globalist Desperado Movement's Imminent Victory Or Defeat.
Desperado Politics Evangelize, Popularize and Shelter All "Revolutionary" Opposition to Reality and the Natural Social Status Quo.
The Human-Instituted Unconstitutional Elements of American Government.
Why Colin Powell was a Never-Trumper
Institutionalized Evil is born of lies so huge they cannot be undone.
Lies are Institutionalized as they become too big to be corrected and join other lies as a scientific, theological and sociopolitical force to be reckoned with.
There oughta be a law against anti-American politics in America.
And against selective enforcement of law...oh that's right! There is a law against it: it's the old "Equality Before The Law" principle and absolute Constitutional right.
Tyrannical Monolithism: The Real Goal of Marxism, Islam and Sodomites.
The Progressive Wing and the Revolutionary Wing of the Marxocrat Party Only Disagree on How Quickly To Achieve Global Tyrannical Monolithism.
The Weaponized Covid-19 Pandemic: A Purely Political Social Construct.
The Globally Weaponized Covid-19 Pandemic is Being Wielded as a Constitution-Wrecking Nation Destroyer.
Artificial Social Constructions.
Conquest by Politics, rather than Conquest by Force, is a Strategy of Convincing Many or Most of Enemy Populations of Things Not True.
The Devil, the Big Bang, Evolution, Extraterrestrials
and the Genesis Problem
Cultural Marxism
The Many Hidden Faces of Living Active Communism
Demonic Lies: Can a lie, in and of itself, actually be a Demon?
Can All The Liars Who Believe Their Own Lies Actually Be Be Demoncially Possessed?
Deaths from Covid-19 Versus Deaths from "Covid-19 Complications".
Virtually every time you hear of yet another passing of one who died from "Covid-19 Complications", you will be hearing yet another lie.
The Mask Is Off: The Communism of Pope Francis is Invisible No More.
Francis Encourages His "Invisible Army" of Seditious Communist Revolutionary Organizations.
The Bogeymen of the Culturally Destructive Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement
The "White Nationalist" Bogeyman leads the parade of invented anti-Christian, anti-nation, anti-decency Bogeymen.
Good Discrimination Versus Discrimination of the Evil Indiscriminates.
Indiscriminates, i.e., anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Family and anti-Human, may not be discriminated against; THEY now discriminate against all of US.
Government Dictated Personal Preferences
State-Commanded, Educationally Taught, Legally-Enforced "Personal" Preferences are not REALLY Personal; they are Dictated Communal Preferences.
Formerly Creeping Criminality Now Owns The American Government.
It's out in the open now. We the people are no longer Represented by our government; we are Regulated, pure and simple.
Immoral, Unjustified and Criminal Authority
In America, Unconstitutional Law Is No Law. In American Military, Illegal Orders Are No Orders. Any And All Criminally Assumed Authority Is No Authority.
The Treachery and Treason Behind The Woke Lies of the Marxocrat Party.
To be "Woke" is to be a Marxist liar, or, one of the dumber among the many of Marxism's truly stupid and convinced "Useful Idiots".
On Coming Around To Trump
It's a process. Learning that Trump is the Real Deal, that what you see is what you get, and he doesn't put on airs.
The RacialMarxist BurnItDowners of the Anti-American Marxocrat Party.
The BurnItDowners Shout "Burn This M*F*er Down!" as the rest of the RacialMarxists break out the marshmallows and sing "Burn, Baby, Burn!"
"Good" and "Responsible" Support of America's Political Destruction.
"We all agree that ..." or "No one wants to ..." begin the "Conservative" sentences that cooperate with any of many giant nationally-destructive political lies.
Why Secular Liberals Actively Promote Evil
Mentally Retarded Liberals
The Criminal Authoritarianism of America's Cultural Revolution
Criminal Maoist Bottom-Up Authoritarianism Has Already Mostly Conquered Constitutional America
American Black Supremacy sponsored by the Marxocrat Party
The old Democrat Party sponsored the KKK and White Supremacy, and now, after a politically opportune switch, the new Marxocrat Party sponsors Black Supremacy
Silly Twittery versus Responsible Adulthood in American Law & Politics
Many supposedly responsible adults in America are really silly twits, embracing, teaching, politicizing and legalizing silly twittery
Calling for a New, and Global, Christian Crusade
Only a Clearly Identified Christianity can defeat the Evil, Faceless, Unidetified and Unidentifiable 4GW ongoing global coup d’état that is conquering the world
Identifying the Globie Enemies of the Christian-American Crusade
The thoughtful question of John from Dunmore PA after the Global Christian Crusade page sparked this attempted enemy identification
They don't fear any "wave" election; they're counting on voter-fraud.
They're not doubling down on stupid; they're doubling down on voter fraud.
Giving Thanks to God for All That Is In Existence and All That Is Good
For Wife and Family, for the Latin Mass, for the Declaration and the Constitution, for Abp. Vigano and Cardinal Burke, for Rush Limbaugh and for Donald J. Trump
Satan's Globalist Lies Fueling Man's Great Progressive Social Lunacy
Induced Progressive Social Lunacy is aimed at the destruction of belief in God, all eternal truths, fixed reality, the human family, nations and - all mankind
Has Science Gone Evil?
Science, alone, now establishes moral norms and fixes moral absolutes? How? What ever happened to the simple scientific quest for truth?
Socialism always relentlessly and desperately pushes Forward!
What do real Socialists do? Push forward on all fronts, always forward, make the bourgeois desperate, never let the bourgeois rest or recuperate. Forward!
The Fall of Mankind, the Religion of Evolution, and the Antichrist
"Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18
God, very simply, Is; Antigod, in opposition to God, is what is not.
Antigod devotees corrupt universal knowledge with Antiscience, and corrupt politics and government with Antitruth
Moral Citizen Legal Authority Versus Immoral One Man Legal Authority
Moral Authority is Widely Dispersed; Immoral Authority Must Be Concentrated and Centralized
Black Lives Murder
The Waukesha BLM Terror Attack Proves It
Vaxchip Implants for Access to the Once Free Market and Work Places
Who said the Swedes were smart? Obedient, perhaps; domesticated and well trained, but certainly not smart.
The Evil One and the Impenitent Who Receive His Mark
“And the LORD God formed man (and) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7
Principalities, Powers, Thrones and Dominions, and Demonic Possessions
The Rankings of the Angels coincides with the Rankings of the Demons, and the Ruling Authorities of Earth, and We The People, are all guided by one or the other
The Battle For The American Soul
Comrade President JoBama O'Biden said it a blue million times: This is the battle for the American Soul
"E Pluribus Unum" Meaning Perverted by Evil Anti-American Globalists
The Real Meaning of E Pluribus Unum, our National Motto, is "Out Of Thirteen Colonies-Becoming-Sovereign-States, One United Nation"
The American Thinking Catholic
What does it mean to be an American Thinking Catholic?
Scientific Stupidassism
The Ever Growing Field of Scientific Stupidassism Includes American and Catholic Stupidasses Playacting At Science
The Phony Epithets used by Anti-God Anti-American Marxist Globalism
The Epithets of the Evil applied against the Good: Homophobe; Tranniephobe; Islamophobe; Climaphobe; Vaxaphobe; Maskaphobe; Racist; Sexist; Science Denier; etc.
Justice for Whom?
To whom is justice due? You? Me? All of us? Or our Creator: Jesus Christ
The Difference between Trump and the Rest of Washington? Practicality.
It's the patriotic, apolitical practical man versus the globalist-thinking, elitist, purely political and therefore phony "Establishment".
How, exactly, is Pre-School Any Business of the Federal Government?
And how many other out-of-scope "problems" are now illegally controlled by the Federal Government just to make that government bigger and more all encompassing?
Darwinism: An Abomination Aborting and Rotting the Church
The falling away and apostasy from the one true and personal Holy Triune Creator God has not ended
Replacing God's Authority With Ever Growing Human Authority
"Scientific" Politicians Redefine Right-And-Wrong, And Even Reality Itself, Becoming Gods In Their Own Eyes
Satan's End Game; Against America, Catholicism and All Of Christianity
The End Game is Removing All Distinctions, between America and the World, and between Christianity and every other religion, ideology or belief system
Hatred of Reality in High Places.
Biden Hates American National Sovereignty, and Francis Hates the Creed and All Other Catholic Dogma. And if they don't, they've got a funny way of showing it.
Only Christ Brings Peace Out Of Chaos
Only the Infinite Peace of Christ brings True Peace to Troubled Souls
Individual Rebels oblivious to being part of any larger rebellion
Each Rebel thinks himself a unique one-man rebellion, a stand-out from the crowd, leading the world in a new way
The Impracticality and Incompetence of Evil In American High Office
Impracticality to the point of utter stupidity on public display every day
On The Increasingly Desperate Ongoing Criminal Takeover of the USA
They are now just as desperate as Lenin was after he assassinated the Czar and his whole family, for to lose the contest now will mean that they will all hang
Blessed is the Man Who Does Not Listen to Falling Stars
Who Follow After Damnable Heresies
Blessing of Sodomy marks the Spiritual and Political Doom of a People
Sodomy is a Political Weapon of Marxism. Every human social organization that blesses and approves of sodomy and perversion will be totally destroyed by it.
On the Police Murder of Ashli Babbitt
There were police standing on both sides of that door, just watching, and doing nothing, as Ashli Babbitt was murdered.
On the Injustice of Modifier-Justice. (Real Justice Stands Alone.)
There is only Justice. If you have to put a modifier in front of it, is ceases to be Justice.
Google/Alphabet Search Censorship Now Blocking This Website's Keywords
Multinational, Globalist, Anti-Christian Anti-American Google "Throttled" Us Before; Now They Block Us Entirely
A Catholic Call to Anathematize Francis
Can The Catholic Church Anathematize Its Own Pope?
The Catholic American Counter Revolution Against The Globalist Tyranny
Both Francis and Biden have gone a bridge too far, and awakened the two sleeping giants of True Catholic Faith and American Citizen Rights
Is a Criminal Comeuppance in the offing for the Marxocrat Government?
Is the potential criminal comeuppance of America's local, state and federal governments (and a sudden return of Trump to power) keeping China and Russia at bay?
The Covid Testing Tyranny Trick Conquering the Globe for Communism
Formerly free people are blithely unaware how individual independence has been crushed out of them as they obediently shuffle along in the covid testing lines
Reconstitution of our Constitutional Republic by Constitutional Force
Using the Constitution Itself as the Club with which to Bludgeon the Whole Wayward American Government back under its own Constitution. Is Trump up to the task?
The January 6 Lies Of Communists in American Government and News Media
Nothing they said in their purely political 2021 January 6 "Memorial" of their own pre-planned and badly botched fake insurrection was true
On the Scope of the Election Steal, and of the Broken American Family
Only the Relationship Breaking Demons of Globalism, Marxism, Islam, Sodomy and Evil Could So Tear American Families And Reality Apart As To Make Biden President
Do the Trads Attack Francis, or does Francis Attack the Whole Church?
This isn't just about Catholic Liturgy. It's about Theology, and about Catholicism Itself.
Vax-Terrorism, Open Borders, Pope Francis and the Great Global Reset
Big Info, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Oligarchy, Big Plutocracy and Corrupted Catholicism All Partner Up For The Great Global Reset
Global and Ruling Class Criminal Elitists
Their Ring of Power and Pact with the Spirit of Death and Hell
A Suggested "Contract With America" As A Trumpian Political Agenda
A Contract to Bring America Back Under Her Own Original Constitution, to Make America Great Again, Again.
Evil Repetitious History bludgeons Mankind Into Submission-But Wait...
One man stands to defy the giant waves of repetitious history, and wouldn't you know, he's an FSSP Priest
The MLK, "I Have A Dream" speech: Was it a Communist Mass Disillusion?
The profundity of the speech moved strong men to tears. I remember considering King for President. Was all that just a purposeful disillusion of the masses?
To Celebrate MLK Day - (Or Not?)
I once did, but now, maybe no more.
It's All a Matter of Sovereignty, And Who Is Sovereign
It's Individual Sovereignty Versus Tyrannical Sovereignty. Only Sovereign Individuals Can Choose the Sovereignty of God, Justifying Their Own Sovereignty.
The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.
Insubstantial Magical Science Versus Substantial and Real Theology
Where's the Empirical Evidence Proving Evolution, or, the Billions-and-Billions-of-Years-of-Time Theory? The Solid Evidence for Christianity is All Around You.
Introducing Catholitics and all denomination inclusive Christianitics.
The best way to politically defeat godless Marxist-Globalist politics in America is to build and weaponize Christian Religiotics against them.
Communizing America After Communizing The American Government.
Communized Political-Party-Politics, Academia, Education And News Control Are Now Communizing The Rest Of America.
A False-Flag Election, False-Flag Presidency and False-Flag Government
America is now under the control of false-flag anti-Americans who are under the protection of false-flag "conservatives".
Abortion and Communism
If you ever wondered where all the popular abortion-contraception-sexuality-perversion nuttiness came from, look to Marx's Communist Manifesto.
Could an American Surrender be in the offing with Biden at the wheel?
Is this not the perfect time for Communism to strike, with Commies now governing America, China and Russia? What would Biden do?
Satan’s Kingdom and the Diabolical Darkness of Progressivism
Marxism, and Transhumanism
Entrenched Criminal Anti-Americanism In American Government
And Entrenched Criminal Anti-Catholicism In Catholic Government
The Soviet Union: Back From The Dead
The Return of the Evil Empire
Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden?
Can America? Can the Free World? Can Faith in God?
On Satanic-Demonic Politics, and Satan's Demons of Politics
Evil Political Programs Must Be Recognized As being Demonically Driven
The Slow American Surrender to the Seduction of Criminality Everywhere
The Linkage Between Church and State Criminality, and the Mesmerizing Influence of Demonic Leaders
Ending the Tyranny of the Bureaus and Turning Out the Bureaucrats
Most government bureaus are unconstitutional and therefore criminal to start with, so why do we put up with them?
No one can conquer Russia, or China? Says Who?
If no one can conquer Russia, then, how did Lenin do it? If no one can conquer China, then, how did Mao do it?
Satan's Minions, Dedicated to the Destruction of Mankind: Our Leaders
The Leaders of the Church and of the Free World have Switched Sides, and now Directly Attack the Church and the Free World
The Building of Putin and Merkel's EUSSR, Ending European Nations
Cliff Kincaid is right and Tucker Carlson is wrong. We are witnessing the end of independence, nations and borders in Europe.
The Need for Secure Borders
Have we so easily forgotten what borders are for? Have we forgotten that evil exists in the world? Have we forgotten how to keep apart from this evil?
Tucker Carlson Carlson Gets His Comeuppance
Tucker's View: It is not moral for us to intervene in support of any nation's (Ukraine's) democratic self-determination and against Soviet military expansion.
Betraying God and Country
Secular government has little to say about internal betrayal of any religion; but sedition and treason against a nation is punishable by secular government.
Failure to Anathematize Evil Eventually Allows Evil to Anathematize Us
Can anyone honestly say that the current governments of the Catholic Church and of the USA are "Good" governments?
Infernal Apocalyptic Atmosphere Over America
Disintegration into nothing
Establishing an American Constitutional Right To Discriminate
Congress Should Be Drawing Up a Constitutional Amendment For That Purpose And Sending It Out To The States For Ratification
Our Previous Anti-American American Presidents, And, Of Course, Biden
Infiltrated Seditious Sorosian-Alinskyian Traitors Taking American (And World) Freedom Down, From The Top
A Freedom Convoy Backfire?
Is the Freedom Convoy merely playing into the hands of the world's Marxist-Globalist Machiavellians?
Satan is the only real disease; Jesus Christ is the only real antidote
It really is just that simple. As it was in the beginning, so it is now, and so it will be at the end.
Stand With Ukraine Against Russia and China
By Cliff Kincaid
An Email from Michael J. Matt of The Remnant Newspaper
Once in a while we get an Email that is really worth repeating with praise and thanksgiving
On The Demonic Marxist PSYOPs of Magical Science and Scientific Magic
The Scientific Magic By Which Human Populations Are Fooled Into Satan's Godless Gulag Of Marxism
Calling For A Trumpian Scorched Earth Constitutionalism
To Crush The Ongoing Increasingly Desperate Brutal Seizing Of All National Political Power By International Globalist Marxism
The True Christian Church
Biblical Christianity and Roman Catholicism Contrasted
Fr. Eduare Perrone Vindicated, kind-of sort-of.
What's the difference between a half-assed vindication and a half-assed conviction of someone completely innocent of any wrongdoing?
World War Quietly Conquering A Distracted and Blithely Unaware World
Could it actually be Satan's world war on despised humanity?
Adding Religion and Morality into Trumpian Economic War Strategy
Trump proved he can win a global economic war quickly. But what about America's mortal enemy religious and immorality geopolitical movements?
Major Disappointment with Trump's Truth Social
I can only do social media on my computer, not my phone, so that means no TruthSocial for me
Every Argument And Every War Was Or Is Really All About Sovereignty
Individual Citizen Sovereignty, Religious Sovereignty, Moral Sovereignty and National Sovereignty
Why Ketanji Brown Jackson and not ME? TRANSPHOBIST RACISM?
I am an infinitely more qualified candidate for the Supreme Court than Ketanji Brown Jackson because I've got infinitely more social intersections covered.
Returning to the Moral Law means returning to a Christian America
Only a Highly Moral People are both Worthy and Capable of True Individual Autonomy Within True National Sovereignty
Conspiratorial Criminal Islamo-Commie-Homo "Social Justice" Gangsters
Natural Law Autonomy and Sovereignty of Citizen, Church and State are All Under Global Criminal Systematic Assault by Organized Gangsters
On the downright silly science of anti-sovereignty globalist politics
Turning citizens against their own nations requires the political promotion of silliness disguised as science
The Unconstitutional Green New Deal Program Aimed At Wrecking America
Constitutionally, American government is supposed to be very small. But then, who reads the Constitution any more?
A Message from Abp. Viganò, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S.
Systemic Nihilism: End of the Human Race
Eternal Damnation of Human Souls
The Errors of Russia, the Dupes of Putin, and Another Holocaust
Can The Increasingly Faithless Free World Be Saved From Russia?
Refutation of Abp. Vigano's Statement on the Russian/Ukranian Crisis:
As the Ukrainian soldiers - and civilians - die for God and country, their honor must not be stained by lies of any kind
Poor Tuckerd Out Vic
Getting through a bout of sickness, and it, and the treatment, is just wearing me out.
No one in this world is going anywhere worth going without Jesus
Not you, not me, not the Republicrat Party, not the Marxocrat Party, not America, not Ukraine, not Europe, etc. are going anywhere other than hell without Jesus
Can Any Christian Nation Long Survive Godless and Ungodly Politics?
If America is still a Christian nation, why do all of her politicians so strictly avoid invoking the holy name of Jesus in public at all costs?
The Primary Characteristic of Those Who Eternally Perish in Hell
2 Thessalonians 2:10
Recognizing the Anti-American and Criminal Biden/Harris Ruling Regime
Is there anything at all they have ever done that was good for the Constitutional Republic of America?
Is the Russian Colossus not so Colossal after all?
And how about the vaunted Chinese Colossus; is it, too, a mere painted picture of military ferocity?
The Evil of Induced Mass Delusional Psychosis, Politically Weaponized
Driving All Free-World Cultures Insane to Achieve the Goals of Cultural Marxism and the New World Order
The Toxic American Presidency Matches the Toxic Pontificate of Francis
Where is Truth to be found when World Governments Lead the World into Evil and Falsehood?
Addressing "Men, Women, and Them": A Toxic Cultural Delusion
The Social Acceptance of Homosexuality and Transsexualism is a Destructive, Politically Induced, Toxic Cultural Delusion
Georgia Republicrat protecting voter fraud: Et tu, Brutus?
Why would GA Republicrat Stan Gunter shut down open discussion on Election Crimes Bill?
Is a Too Political Archbishop Viganò Falling Into Schism?
Has Abp. Viganò, the almost last great hope of Traditional Catholicism for pointing the Church back to orthodoxy, drifted over the Religion/Political Line?
Traitorous Liars, Deceived Fools and Anti-Hurt-Feelings Politics
Orthodox (Violent Revolutionary) Marxism switched to Cultural (PSYOP) Marxism and its Fools then spawned the evil RESET Ideology of the New World Order
The "Legal" Crushing of Free Speech, Free Press and Bourgeois Thinking
Wanting to be your own boss, start your own business, do your own thing independently - that's Bourgeois Thinking! And bourgeois thinking cannot be allowed!
Agree with the "Don't Say Gay" demonstrators, and Just Say Faggot
The Pro-Public Faggotry Politicos are turning America (and the world) into the New Sodom and Gomorrah, legally, by force, against their will
Are the Wheels Falling Off of Communism, Permanently, or Temporarily?
It was incredibly stupid to begin with, but now it's so glaringly stupid that any and all rational people still left will have to knock it down.
Revelation 2:7
"...the closing of a steel door – a solemn, cataclysmic slamming of a door."
Beware of the Social Arsonist all dressed up like a Cultural Savior
The Social Arsonist is a Drama-Queen who enters a group, blows culturally destructive lies all out of proportion, and then leaves it for the group to sort out.
To Whom Did "Pachamama Papa" Francis Consecrate Russia?
It's a valid question, when you look at the Italian word for "Earth" wildly miss-translated into the English word for "Queen" in the consecration prayer
Teachings of Demons
The Aeon of Horus, Reign of God-Men, and End of the Christian God
Disgusting American Conservatism
Anti-American, Anti-Conservative, Disgusting American Conservatism
On The Disgusting Evil Accommodators Of The Rigged 2020 Election
The whole world is in turmoil because of that stolen election, and our "conservative" accommodators of evil still say Trump should just shut up about it
In GloBA'ALism's war against God, where is Pope Francis?
He isn't just missing in action; he is on the wrong side. And almost no one among the ordained will even stand up and say it, because they don't believe enough.
The Reawakening of Catholic and American Consciences: Is It Too Late?
A global change is coming for sure, but which way the coming "RESET" will go is still indeterminate.
Reestablishing the Forgotten Original American Citizen Soldier Concept
Following the original Swiss model, America needs to take a lesson from Ukraine: Restore, rebuild, train and prep our old time American Militia
A Catholic RESET Back To TRUTH Under-girding American Morality and Law
If we can turn the Evil New World Order's RESET around on itself and get back to standing in REALITY, then Secular Law and Morality will once again be Catholic
Why the surprise at children's hatred of the Christian-American Ideal?
This didn't happen overnight. You and your parents have been just as fooled out of Christianity and Americanism as your own children.
Satan's Antihuman Demons Driving The Posthuman Reset
God-denial, Creation-denial, Reality-denial, DNA-denial, Binary Sex-denial, Marriage-denial, Family-denial, Normalcy-Denial, Human-denial and a Posthuman World
A New Treason Amendment for the Preservation of Constitutional America
The ongoing Systematic "Political" Deconstructing of the American Constitution May Only Be Stopped By A Constitutional Redefinition of Treason Amendment
The Triune God, Supernatural Heaven, Souls, Hell, and Demons
Do They Exist?
Diversity-Inclusiveness, Coercive Collectivism, and Totalitarianism
Coercive Collectivism of Socialism, Communism, Nazi-Fascism, Islam, Militant-Homo-Activism, New Deal, Great Society, Hope And Change, Fundamental Transformation
Imbecilic collective thinking imposed on normal people by evil elites
Various "collective-thinking" collectives don't even know they have been made to think the way the do, or that they are being "herded" toward their own slavery
An Old Man's Easter Ruminations of Past, Present, Future
Which is most Important: Our Individual Souls, Family Souls, National Souls, or the Collective Human Soul?
To my Dear Subcribers to this Newsletter...
Someone you forwarded any Newsletter to in your email list may hit the "unsubscribe" link in it, thereby unsubscribing YOU, the subscribed Newsletter recipient
On the Absolute Intolerance of the Global Super Tolerance Movement
Any Intolerance of Anything At All will Not Be Tolerated!
Major Site Topics
In retrospective Look-Back Mode, it seems that whatever we want to say today, we have said before, one way or another.
Holy Mathematics
Laws of Mathematics Begin to Reveal the Holy Thought Processes of our Creator God
Message to All Wearied Truthtellers: Let Isaiah Be Your Inspiration
the Remnant
On the Vital Importance of Isaiah Today
Those among us who think things have never been worse for all mankind than today need to go back and read Isaiah, beginning to end, with new eyes
How Psychology, Psychiatry,Counselling & Atheism Destroy Mental Health
Turning from serving God to serving Self Breaks the Connection with Reality and Feeds the Mass Dehumanization of Mankind
A Sneaky Attempt At Grabbing World Rulership By The Who
No, not the Band; the World Health Organization
The Rise of Climate Communism, Boosted Along by Pandemic Terrorism
The whole goal of Climate Communism, like that of Pandemic Terrorism, is to fool the masses into participating in their own eventual subjugation and slavery
Black Lives Commie-Faggots, Black Lives Murderers and Antifa Fascists
BLM does not value black lives and Antifa is not anti-Fascist. They are the Marxocrat Party's Racist, Christaphobic, Ameriphobic, Heterophobic Street Thugs.
America's State Controlled Anti-Constitution American Education
Teacher's Unions are In On It, Yes. But It's Our Own Increasingly Anti-Constitution Government Imposing Psychotic Identity-Crises on America through Education
God's Creation Equals Reality; All Else Is False, Unreal and INSANE
Hell and Insanity have the same path: denial of Reality (i.e., Truth). Creation is Reality. Reality may be Reimagined, but not Recreated, by any mere Creature.
Elon Musk: Genius, Slick Welfare Queen, Nut Case, or all of the above?
Does he really believe all the "Green" lies of the Eco-Nazi Movement, or is he just riding the Phony Green Wave to make his billions at tax payer expense?
Roe, Roe The Pro-Aborts, Into Insanity;
Hear them shriek and scream and howl, from hell's finality
Satan is Burning the World Down, and Where Is The Pope?
Francis is on the wrong side.
Evil Party Politics and the Evil Nonpartisan Political Ploy
How Political Parties Make Government Independent Of Law And Citizens
Marxocrat Party Betrayal of Reality, God, America and Peace On Earth
Marxocrat Party intends to start a new war with the intention of causing America to lose that war
The Marxocrat Party's Criminal Fraudulence in the 2020 Election
Fraudulence? What fraudulence? All's fair in love, war and politics. Right?
What would a Partyless American Government look like?
How would a Partyless American Government operate?
America's Transformation Into A Mystical Pantheist God-State
What the Death of God Has Wrought
The Culturally Cancerous Establishment of the Citizen God-Mind
Turning Thought from God inward to Self was the Evil Contribution of Freudianism: the Building up of the Individual (and the Collective) God-Mind
All the LGBTQ+ Letters & Pronouns of the New Ruling Class of UnPeople
"UnPeople" Letters and Pronouns are today becoming the sole qualifying job requirements for any and all positions of authority in government and elsewhere
On The Marxocrat Party's Hegelian Phony Crisis Trickery
Every Hegelian phony "opportune crisis" presents yet another politically "opportune necessary transition" toward eventual Machiavellian Marxist conquest
Conservative Dehumanization of Fetuses to Bless Early Term Abortion
It is the "conservative" break with the reality of the humanity of the embryo/fetus that feeds the ever growing dehumanization of human babies
Division, Separateness and Distinction
Catholicism is a distinct religion and constitutional America is a distinct nation; distinction requires continuous and persistent division and separateness
The Main Expression of Modern Paganized Christianity
When the Church Fears Man, Not God
When Man Does Not Fear God Gnosis
Turning From Evil Means Turning Toward God, that is, Reality or Truth
Once any nation gets on its knees before what is, what isn't separates and shrinks back out of the light
Trumping the Breaking-America Agenda of the Marxocrat Party
From the Planters to Democrats, to Confederates, then Back to the Democrats, to today's Marxocrats: They have always been out to destroy Constitutional America.
God, Trump and Reality
Whether knowingly or not, by standing so firm on Reality and by so adamantly opposing Falsehood, Trump is leading Wayward Mankind back to God.
On Being, and Meaning, and the Meaning of Being
What are we here for, and why is there all this stuff that exists instead of nothing, and where did it all come from?
How much "education" does it take to form sociopathic anarchists?
How much blended, cafeteria theology and world-focused liturgy does it take to form anti-human demons?
Gnostic Progressive Leftism and Global Transhumanism
It's Eternal Equality in Hell
The 51 Treacherous Filthy Liars Who Lied About Hunter Biden's Laptop
Naming the 51 Flagrant Liars who Cooperated in the Treasonous Attempted Upset of an American Presidential Election
Total-War Versus Our Current Limited-War Mindsets and Strategeries
Our Current "Multi-Cultural" governments of both the Catholic Church and the United State actually mix and merge with Total War enemies of Church and State
On Marxist and Islamic Economics of Slavery Versus the Liberty Of Man
And the Self-Enslaving Suicidal Stupidity of the Fooled Disciples of Marx and Mohammed
The Worldview of Evil Spirits
Revolution, Evolution, Materialism, Nihilism, New World Order, and More
America's Unconstitutional Dictators Causing the Baby Formula Brouhaha
The Baby Formula Controlling Bureaucrats Are The Ones In Charge Here, Not the Constitutional Government, Not the States and Not the People
By what authority does Washington dictate control of energy and fuel?
The American Constitution most certainly does not authorize it.
The Making of Emotional Cripples to Mount Emotional Revolutions
Globalist/Communist "Washington Swamp" Politicians, Academics, Scientists, Teachers and Entertainers Making Emotional Cripples of the Marxocrat Party Voter Base
Killing American National Survivability
Everything the Marxocrat Party is Doing is Aimed at Killing our National Survivability
The Simplest Way to Harden All Targets of Mass Shooters
Declare all existing federal, state and local gun control laws to be illegal by dint of being unconstitutional, and therefore null and no law
The Seditious Marxocrat Party Running The Seditious US Government
It just doesn't get any more anti-American than our own current seditious Marxocrat party-driven governments at local, state and federal levels
A new clear-the-line-of-fire theory on the murder of Ashli Babbitt
The sudden, almost choreographed movement of both cops and the Marxocrat Party's planted FBI/Antifa imitation MAGA rioters may tell the real story
The Two Natural Political Sentiments Displacing The Importance Of God
The "Dependent" sentiment hopes to be taken care of by government; the "Independent" sentiment insists upon taking care of itself and being free of government
Destigmatizing Evils and Unrealities and the Marxifying of Fox News
Why were criminality, insanity, drunkenness, addiction, perversion destigmatized, accepted, approved and welcomed into "polite" Christian and American culture?
Judgment and Wrath
The Biblical Explanation for Madness and Evil
Corpus Christi
External Solemnity of Corpus Christi, offered even if the actual feast was celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday
Demonic Marxists Raged At Trump's Election As If It Were the Parousia
Howling With Rage Against The Parousia, Judgment And Being Vanquished Into Hell. They Will Howl, Murder And Rage Against Their Own Inevitable End.
American Simplicity Versus The Super Compexified World
Recognizing American citizen liberty born of Christian morality offends the worldly mind. Most will prefer accommodation with the World to American Simplicity.
All the Evil Seditious Masks of the Marxocrat Party are Now Coming Off
The top-down government masks of climate-change & covid-plandemic, and the legion of bottom-up muticultural masks are all coming off with canceled Roe v Wade
Religious Ideologies of Force Versus Judaeo-Christianity and America
Militant Islam, Militant Socialism, Militant Secularist Religious-Cleansing and Militant Sexual Perversion All Unite to End Faith, Decency and Liberty, by Force
On the Semiliteracy of Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion Public Speakers
Either they haven't even read the Constitution or they are sorely lacking in reading comprehension skills
Thanking God for His Honor, Justice Clarence Thomas
Even in the face of an evil firestorm and demonic howling for his blood, Clarence Thomas remains the calm, deliberate, potential savior of the Constitution
Evil Spirits, Death of God, Satanic Inversion
Pagan America’s Reality of Madness, Demonic Bondage, and Non-Self
Seeing Satan's Anti-God and Anti-Humanity Lies in Big Picture Form
We see Militant Marxism, Militant Islam and Militant Immorality well enough, but, what about plain old Militant Anti-Reality?
Trump's Political Dilemma: The Ugly Unavoidable Pro-American Decisions
You can Celebrate Gay Pride, or, you can Return America to Greatness; but you Cannot Do Both.
Unreality (Satan) may be having his day; but only God is real
Everything else, including Satan, is temporary
Where Is The Pope?
Where is moral clarity? Where is the protector of the faith? Where is the world's guiding spiritual and moral authority?
The Vatican Swamp, the Washington Swamp and the Greater Global Swamp
All the great political hoaxes, from AIDS to Covid, from Climate Change to Critical Race Theory and more are just different pathways to the same global conquest
How God-Denial Led To Over-Educated Gender-Pronoun Nincompoopery.
Go Ahead: Deny the Created Natural Order, Make Up Your Own Natural Order, and Just Go Bananas. This is the Real Root of all Stupidassism and Nincompoopery.
Take And Eat [Matt 26:26]
Ending The Bogus National "Right" To Abortion Could Be A National-Level Social Re-Baptism, Out Of Silly Earth-Worship and Into Reality's Creator
Pray for Deliverance from Unspeakable Evil
It runs the Church; it runs American Government; it runs the UN; it runs the EU; it runs all News Media, Education and Entertainment; it's name is FALSEHOOD
What Kind of God Do You Believe In?
2 Cor. 10:5 Destroying 'Scientific' Arguments for False Gods
Doubling Down On Stupid, or Relentlessly, Desperately Pushing Forward?
No Evil Movement Ever Admits that The Jig Is Up; They Never Acknowledge Being Discovered; They Relentlessly and Desperately Keep Pushing All Their Falsehoods.
Teilhard's Opus Magnum: Cosmic Pantheist Liturgy
“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10-5”
The Next Step: Marxocrat Party Politics Of Assassination?
Political Assassination may help the Marxocrats stave off a 2022 Republicrat Clean Sweep and/or a 2024 Return Of Trump
Marxism, Islam and Immorality are Ideological Organized Crime Centers
Marxism, Islam and Militant Immorality Are Seditious Revolutionary Organized Crime Centers In Every Western Civilization Nation And Religion
How Trump, American Hegemony and Constitutional America Will End.
They will indict and arrest him on a false charge, they will imprison him and he will then be the victim of yet another "prison murder".
The Disloyal Opposition to all Reality, Creation and Truth (i.e., God)
How can anyone oppose everything real? Marxism does it. Read Karl Marx's Lying Manifesto, which opposes everything that is.
I am old enough to remember Christian, free, pre-Socialist America
I remember when Hollywood and the News Media went totally Communist, and took the Democrat Party along with it
Church, National and International Government Objective Truth Denial
The Subjective Truths of Self-Diefied World Elites Begin to "Govern" Mankind into Insane Objective Truth Denial, i.e., Diabolical Unreality
The Creation Model Versus Modern Pagan Models
2 Corinthians 10:5
The "Property Is Theft", "No Justice, No Peace" Stupidity of Anarchy
Could any political goal be any dumber than the annihilation of all cultural rules and all social order?
Does the Church have an Anarchist Pope in Francis?
Just look at the anti-law, anti-tradition, anti-authority similarities between the Obama-Biden Presidencies and the Francis Papacy.
The Universal Fist Symbol of Social Anarchists and Anarcho-Socialism
You cannot name the anti-free human culture social-anarchy that the Marxocrat Party and current Biden government does not sponsor
The Serpent’s Gnostic Luciferian Elite Oligarchy and Global Powers
Demonic Darkness Over the West and America
Expunging God's Justice from the Breviary, and from Homeletics
Say thank you to Paul VI and Annibale Bugnini for the "softening" (feminizing?) of the Liturgy of the Hours
Free Bourgeois America! Power to the Bourgeoisie!
What criminal communism will never understand is the resiliance of bourgeois America. We are a bourgeois people, and Trump, our man, is a bourgeois billionaire.
The Bourgeois Strike Back
Revenge Of The Bourgeoisie
The Bourgeois Strike Back
Revenge Of The Bourgeoisie: Part II
The AUSCP is to Catholicism what the Marxocrat Party is to America
The Association of U.S. Catholic Priests is a seditious clerical movement who's aim is to destroy the Catholic Church from the inside
Who Are The Bourgeoisie?
The Bourgeoisie are seen as a menace to the assumed authority and social prominence of the elites, who despise and demonize them and rally the poor against them
Our Age of Malicious Perversion
How Truth, Meaning, and Reality Have Been Perverted
Moving Toward Gorbachev’s “World of Communism”
It's called the Monster Plot.
Stupid Bourgeois Compromise in the face of Deadly Socialist Revolution
The Truth of God and Reality Cannot Be Compromised; The Falsehood of Satan and Evil Never Ever Backs Down or Yields Any Ground
Godly Moral Order versus Satanic Power and Political Chaos on Earth
The Christian-moral way to grow political Power is to disperse it; the Evil-immoral way to grow political Power is to steal, consolidate and centralize it
On the American constitutional right to refuse the Coronavirus Jab
The federal government criminally violates the constitution by forcing the jab on anyone
Thanks to the VA, I now have New Ears to go along with my New Eyes
So now I see and hear better than ever before, as the rest of me continues to age and fall apart
Globalist Criminality Versus The Globalist-Created Criminal Factions
Once any poked, prodded, enraged and anti-institution vicious dog is off the leash, what's to keep it from attacking the Globalist institution?
Rush Limbaugh's List of the Undeniable Truths Of Life
The Undeniable Truths Of Life Will Set Confused Americans Free
Is the Proletarian Revolution going Bourgeois in China and Russia?
Are China's Coronavirus shut-downs of whole cities and provinces really all about crushing fledgling uprisings before they can get started?
9/11 Truth
This is the real 9/11 Truth: Our “intelligence” agencies are infiltrated.
Constitutional Ignoramuses (or Traitors?) Who Would "Codify" Abortion
Ignorance of the Constitution is no defense. All who swear an oath of office upholding the Constitution are supposed to have actually read the Constitution
The Maoist Cultural Revolution In America Is Almost Complete
The Clintonistas, the Obamunists and their JoBama O'Biden and Harris Sock-Puppets Unleash Communist Academics, Teachers and Street Revolutionaries
Marxocrat Party, Ivy-League, Insulated-Elite, American White Supremacy
The only real white supremacy in America is isolated in the Marxocrat Party government and various isolated elitist enclaves like the Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard
On the Department of Homeland Destruction (I mean Security)
Both the DHS and the TSA Soviets restrict American citizen liberty and bring alien enemies into America, by the millions
When Reality Meets Compromise Reality Remains Uncompromised
Reality Cannot Be Compromised; Reality Cannot Be Changed; Reality Simply Is
The Free World Is Giving Itself Over To The Rule Of The Effeminate
God Predicted It, in 1 Samuel 8, and again in Isaiah 3, when the people chose rule-of-man over rule-of-law
Gnosis: The Main Expression of Paganized Christianity in the New Age
Inner Knowing, Self-Salvation
The "Nobody Wants To Stop All Immigration" Flagrant Categorical Lie
The Hell We Don't
Doctrines of Demons and the Modern Pagan and Pantheist Antithesis
The West's Greatest Threat
America's Anti-Christian Morally Depraved Seditious Marxocrat Party
The Party Running America's Now Anti-Christian, Morally Depraved and Seditious US Government
The Davos Man and the WEF: The New Model of Marx's Communism?
World Economic Forum; Geopolitics; Global Markets; Global Governance: Just The Latest Names For Old Time International Communism
Our Duty To Resist Evil Leadership In The Church And In The State
Catholics have a Duty to Resist Pope Francis; Americans have a Duty to Resist President Biden
Americas’ Spiritually Dead, Deep State and Ruling Class Nihilists
Walking Dead Parasitic Idolaters
The Obvious Criminal Inclinations Of The Criminally Inclined
If a duck walks like a criminal, talks like a criminal, acts like a criminal and consistently associates with criminals, that duck may actually be a criminal
The CCP Now Policing America With China Joe Biden's Blessing
First (of many planned?) Chinese Communist Police Station Now Operating In New York City
Balderdash, Bullfeathers, Poppycock and Wokeschiff
"Wokeschiff" Joins The List Of Approved "Clean" Swearwords Because Whatever Adam Schiff Says Is A Load Of Horse-Hockey-Dooty-Poop, And Everybody Knows It
Catholic Synodality, American Inclusiveness and Identity Suicide
The Church of Christ Jesus and the America of the Founders Commit Identity Suicide as they Become the Globalist-Communist New World Order
The Great Christian American Moral Reversal
On The Humanity Dooming Christian American Moral Reversal
Devolving Genes Of Genetic Biology Support Genesis Over Evolution
Life for any unit of any species does not "begin" but continues; it is transmitted from living parent-sets to living offspring, in a continuously devolving way.
The Always Anti-American, Now Fully Marxist Marxocrat Political Party
From rich planter-class slave drivers, to the anti-abolition Democrat Party, to the anti-American Confederate Party, to the KKK, Jim Crow and Segregation Party
The Once Pro-American, Now "Bipartisan" Republicrat Political Party
How The Party Of The Abolition Of Slavery Dove Into The DC Swamp Of Corrupt Conspiratorial Political Cooperation To Share Unlimited Governing Power Over America
Libertaricrat Political Party: Amoral, Aimless, Pointless Individuals
Amoral Libertarianism Cannot Even Form A Definable Culture If Everyone Is Doing His Own Thing
Pagan Darwinian Materialism:
Redoubt of Miserable Self-Deceived Non-Self Nihilists
The Many Heresies Of Bergoglio Making A Wreckage Of The One True Faith
Where Does A Catholic American Thinker Go When His Pope Is A Heretical Anti-Catholic And His President Is A Criminal Anti-American?
1796 Farewell Address of George Washington
The Initial Launching of the American Election Process Without Political Parties
Marxism's Non-Partisan, Independent, Politically Neutral Dirty Trick
From the FED to the FBI to the IRS, The Evil Marxocrat Party's Fully Partisan DEEP STATE Is Actually Independent Of The USA, The Constitution And American Law
Law Enforcement Matters; "Black Lives Matter" is an Evil Trojan Horse
Because Law Enforcement Matters, Law Itself, Both Ecclesial And Secular, Is Targeted By Marxists In Church And State
Marxocrat Anti-MAGA Voter-Base Plus Cheating Killed The Red Tsunami
If Anti-MAGA Voting Robots, Convicts, BLM Rioters, Commie-Homos, Trannies, Pro-Aborts, Etc. Elected Fetterman They Would Elect A Cadaver Over Any MAGA Supporter
Never Was Any A US Government More Corrupt Than Under Biden/Harris
All Who Call the Ukrainian Government Corrupt Need To Turn Around And Look At The Far More Corrupted US Government
The Gigantic Lies Of Political Terrorism Aimed At Marxist Global Rule
Pope Francis, the UN, the EU, President Biden, Anthony Fauci, John Kerry, the Political Parties, the News Media, etc., All Lie For the New World Order
Political Party Driven American National Destruction: The Final Stage
Cruising us into hyperinflation, the end of all fuel, the destruction of the bourgeois middle-class and the economic collapse of the USA
President Trump And The Constitution
Whether he even knows it or not, in President Trump, we the people finally have a potential President more aligned with our Constitution than with any Party
Marxocrat Party Open Border Double Whammy Against Constitutional Rule
1: No ID Illegals Get To Vote; 2: Illegals Counted In Census Overloads House Of Representatives
Evil Destructive Divisions Masquerading As Global Ecumenical Unifiers
Pope Francis, Like President Biden, Is No Unifier; He Is A Sower Of Division In The Service Of This World
Taking Trump Down: The Criminal Marxocrat Party's Murderous Plan
If They Ever Get Him Into Any Prison They Will Do To Him What They Did To Jeffrey Epstein
The Necessary Christian American Cultural Restoration
Is it all just gone with the wind, or is a cultural restoration still possible, with or without President Trump's leadership?
Bury The Dead And Move On
The Doping Of America
And the Duping Of America (It's Always Easier To Dupe A Doper)
Taking the Thanksgiving Day Missal Readings to Heart
It's More than a Day of Thanksgiving; It's a Day of Reflection, Re-Dedication And Commitment to Eternal Truth
The Demonic Fables Of Religion And Politics, And Their Willing Victims
The "Victims" of Demonic Fables All Too Easily Abandon Truth And Right Ways For The Sake Of More Pleasure And Joy In This Temporary World
How Trump Saved the World
And How The Traitors, Dupes And Dopes Around Trump Are Burning Down His 2024 Presidential Bid
Are We Witnessing The Advent Of Hydrogen Powered Vehicles?
Replacing Electric Car Batteries With Fuel Cell Fed Hydrogen Generators, For No-Battery Electric Cars
It's All About Our Liberty Versus Illegally Assumed Elite Power
The Elites Intend To Force Us To Comply With Their Orders And Submit To Their Domination By All Means Necessary
The Real New World Order: A Conspiracy That Emerged From the Catacombs
New World Order Government, achieved in the Church through Novus Ordo (New Order) Liturgy, Achieved in the USA through Politically Orchestrated Plandemics
China's Mass Murder Experiment
Phase Two
Saving America by Saving Ukraine
Or, Losing America, and the Free World, by Losing Ukraine
The Collectivism Versus Individualism War In Judaeo-Christian Morality
How Collectivism Crushes Merit; How Moral Individualism Crushes Socialism
Collectivism Versus Meritocracy In American Political Thought
A Continuation Of "Collectivism Versus Individualism In Morality" Addressing The Economic And Realistic Superiority Of Meritocracy
The Silent Coup Taking Down The Catholic Church And The USA
The Church Now Has A Non-Catholic Pope, The USA Has Yet Another Anti-American President And Still No One Recognizes The Silent Coup Taking Down Church And State
Divided (From Evil) We Stand; United (With Evil) We Fall
Getting the Evil Out Of Christian America, Restoring Faith In God And Deserving His Blessing
Christmas Shopping For Loony Lefties Who Still Don't Know Who They Are
How do you shop for Transgendered Loony Lefties who Detransgendered and are now Retransgendering into a whole new list of Preferred Gender Pronouns?
A Top to Bottom Housecleaning of America
When we clean our house, my wife has a slogan, “Top to bottom,” meaning you have to target the whole house. The same advice applies to nations.
All The Healthy Loved Ones Who Died Suddenly After Covid Vaccinations
Diagnosed As Aneurysms, Strokes, Heart Attacks, etc., Funeral Home Embalmers Found Something That Could Cause Aneurysms, Strokes, Heart Attacks, etc.
Eroticism: The First Of The Three Pillars Of Communist Totalitarianism
And Yes, the Globalist, New Word Order "Reset" Really Is Just Another Path To Old Time International Communist Totalitarianism
LGBTQ+ = Each Letter Is A Serous Psychotic Sexual Identity Disorder
LGBTQ+ "Rights" = Rights To Be Psychotic, Untreated and Loose In Society
On the Abrupt Public Dismissal of Father Pavone from the Priesthood
The Francis Vatican Told The Whole World, But Not Father Pavone, About His Abrupt Total Dismissal From The Priesthood
The Deadly Silliness Of The Jan 6 Panel Criminal Referrals To The DOJ
It's Silliness, Yes, But Don't Laugh Too Hard Because It's Quite Deadly Silliness
Fighting Obvious Election Fraud While Handcuffed To The Constitution
What's Constitutional About Conquering And Taking Over Constitutional America Through Election Cheating?
Prepare The Way Of The Lord
He Is Coming!
THE WORLDVIEW OF EVIL SPIRITS - an article by Linda Kimball
Good Pervert, Bad Pervert
The "Just Let Me Be Gay" Versus The "Aggressive Homo-Trannie Social-Political-Legal Activism" Argument
Our Treasonous Woke Government, Wokie Generals and Military Wokieness
Add A Wokie "Catholic" Pope And Wokie Bishops Into The Mix To Move The World Population Into Wokieness, i.e., Wokie Lunacy
Pure Politics Where Politics Should Not Be: In The Senate Or the Court
Say Thank You To Woodrow Wilson And His 17th Amendment For Politicizing The Formerly Apolitical Senate
The Passing Of Benedict XVI And The Church Falling Into Syncretism
Seeing Linkage Between The Sidelining Of Benedict And The Sidelining Of Trump, And The Rise To Power Of Criminal Commie-Homos Everywhere
Constitution Violating American Government Imposed Speech Control
If you don't see how your federal government regularly violates not only the First Amendment but the whole Bill Of Rights, you haven't been looking.
Suspected Swamp Republicrats And RINOs Promising Political Justice
"We're Gonna Investigate'em, Impeach 'em And Indict 'em Now That We Hold The House, They Swear. But They Won't.
Were John Paul II & Benedict XVI Both Sucked Into Satan's World Swamp?
A Hard Cold Look At The Religious Face Of The New World Order, aka Satan's World Swamp.
Actual "Root Causes" Of World Problems: Heads Of States And Churches
The Root Causes Of All American Crises Occupy The White House, Congress, Court And Deep State. The Root Causes Of All Church Crises Occupy The Vatican.
The Simple Yet Politically Impossible Fixing of Constitutional America
All The Restoration Of Constitutional Rule Needs Is The Elimination Of All That Is Unconstitutional Or Extraconstitutional
On All Of The Criminal Catholic American Human Traffic
The Corrupt Catholic Government And The Corrupt American Government Bringing Slavery Back Into The Free World
A Republican Church Committee?
Do Pro-American Republicans Even Know Who Frank Church Really Was?
National Morality Begins With One-Man-At-A-Time Manly Morality
We All Get To Heaven (Or Hell) One Soul At A Time, But This Is America's Nineveh Moment; Where Is Our Jonah?
Death of the Christian God in Hearts of All Humans
Why America and W. Europe are Committing Suicide
The Ever Growing And Constantly Evolving Lies Of Evil Elite Cronyism
Satan's Hatred Of Humanity Is Behind All The "Scientific" Lies Of Evil Elite Cronyism
In The Name Of Truth, i.e. Jesus Christ, Attack Falsehood!
The Enemies Of Truth, i.e. Jesus Christ, Must Be Driven From His Ground
The Rising Anti-Bourgeois Sentiment Of The Most Successful Bourgeois
Becoming Bourgeois Is The Hope Of The Poor; Becoming Rich Is The Hope Of The Bourgeois; Crushing Bourgeois Competition Becomes The Hope Of The Rich
A Plot Full Of Liars
They're after your property, true enough; but to get it, they're after your proper sense of reality, your sanity and your soul.
How The Luciferian Global Cabal "Jumped The Shark" And lost Its Chance
The Bergoglio-Schwab-Soros-Gates Evil Global Cabal Of Davos Is Now In Decline, Rather Than All Human Civilization
Ultimate Absurdity: The Supercilious Totalitarian WEF's Silly Ideas
The super-rich silly-assed twits of Davos: a mutual admiration society of puffed-up self-important buffoons and clowns with the wildest of delusions of grandeur
Destructive Commandment, Natural Law and Constitution Violations
Getting America Back To Basics: Human Civilization Is Built On The Commandments Of God; Outside The Commandments Is Human Barbarity
On The Incremental Centralization Of The American Federal Government
"Incremental Centralization" is Cultural Marxism's psychological political weapon by which we are induced to incrementally enslave ourselves.
Who Is Intolerant Because Ashamed:
Creationists or Evolutionary Theists?
The Biden Doctrine of Demoralization and Defeat
By Cliff Kincaid
Avoiding A Trump Lame Duck Second Presidency
Lame Duck 47; Enemies of America in American Government; Chinese Communist Party Wing of University of Pennsylvania; Real Root Cause of Crime
The Big Bamboozle: The Stolen Election That No One Will Ever Recognize
All The Political "Experts" Are Either Bamboozled By It, Or In On It
The Hidden Political Boondoggles Of Criminally Corrupted Governments
What could save America from her own hidden political boondoggles may be corresponding political boondoggles in China, Russia and Iran
Like It Or Not, The Pope Is The Pope, For Better Or Worse
If the Pope is not the Pope, where is the Church? There is no Church if the Pope is not the Pope
Red China, The Marxocrat Party, The Deep State And The Francis Vatican
Red China, In League With It's Biden Administration, Is Winning Its Total War Against The Constitutional USA
I Hereby Declare Myself To Be A Highly Qualified Brain Surgeon
And That I Can Fix The Obvious Deficiencies In President JoBama O'Biden's Brain, Or Give Him A Brain Transplant
The Word Damned Is Not A Swearword
In Contemporary Parlance To Damn Something Is To Condemn It
The Woke Declaration Of North America (DNA): JoBama O'Biden's Treason
Our Faux President Just Signed Away Our Declaration, Our Constitution, Our Sovereignty And Our Very National Identitiy
On America's Desperate Need For An Armed And Moral Citizenry - Again
Almost Everything The Political Parties Do Intends (Or Politically Compromises) To Achieve Tyrannical Control Over An Ultimately Disarmed American Citizenry
Ungodliness: The Root Of Anxiety And The Making Of Emotional Cripples
Anxiety, Worry, Irrational Fear, Depression, etc., All Spring Forth As Replacements For Reality And Rationality After The Abandonment Of God
The Self-Aggrandizing Self-Emphasizing Inward-Turning Love Of Self
Where Is God, Where Is Family, Where Is Country In Seeking The Purely Selfish Successful Life?
Imagine There’s No Christian God…..Only Imaginary Evolution
The Big Lie
The Rise Of Feelings Based Politics And The Crushing Of Reality
The Powerful Lunacy Of Culturally Marxist Feelings Based Politics Versus MAGA Movement Hard Cold Reality
Is World War 3 Already Upon This World?
WW1: The War To End All Wars. WW2: The War To Recognize And Protect All National Sovereignty. WW3: The War To Establish A Global Tyranny; Or Not.
On All The Phony Baloney Racist Commie-Homo Anti-American Conspirators
The Filthy Lying Chickens Come Home To Roost Perhaps Too Late, Because The Filthy Liars Are Now Running Everything In America
Luciferian Humanists: Citing the Genesis Account is Evil
“Any country grounded in Judaeo-Christian values can’t be overthrown until those roots are cut … "
On The Illegally Ruling Criminal Political Parties Of The USA
Our Government Is No Longer Ruled By Her Constitution; Our Government And Our Nation Are Illegally Ruled By Our Unconstitutional And Criminal Political Parties
Self-Dooming Dump-Trump Republicrats And Dump-Trump Networks
How the Dump-Trump Republicrats And Dump-Trump Networks Desperately Need Trump, But Trump Most Certainly Does Not Need Them
Our Criminally Independent (Of The Constitution) Federal Government
Through Pretense Of Being Independent Of Politics And Parties, Criminal Officials Gain Actual Independence From Constitutional Law
The Brown Scapular Calls Passive Catholics to Proactive Catholicism
Enrollment In The Brown Scapular Of Mount Carmel Includes The Dedication Of The Enrollee To The Wholeness Of The Faith
All This Trouble, Riot, War, Contention; Is It All Just About Latin?
Marxism, Globalism, BLM-Racism, Antifa-Anarchy, Pervert-Pride, Abortion-Activism, Anti-Sovereignty, Anti-Humanity And War; In The End, It's All About Latin.
Malinterpreted And Weaponized Constitutional Rights Of Marxist Wokies
"Freedom Of Religion" does not grant freedom to destroy, displace, replace, condemn or dominate Christianity in America.
Eternal Paradise Or Hell?
How And Why Both Choices Are Freely Made
The Five Stooges on Capitol Hill
They Think We Need Even More Doped No-Hopers In The American Intelligence Community
Infectious-AIDS Hoax, The HIV-Causes-AIDS Hoax, And Here We Go Again
Covid Vaccine(s) May Be Weakening Human Immunity, But If They Are, They're Not Doing It With HIV
On The Nazi Movements Within The Ongoing Communist Cultural Revolution
First, the "Cultural Revolution" convinces much of the masses of a lie, then, it creates a convinced Nazi Movement to impose the lie on all of the masses
Criminal Political Party Financial Schemes Dooming Economic America
Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac, Bail-Out After Bail-Out and the Ponzi-Scheme of Social Security
Luke 21: 29-31: Some Signs Of America’s Abandonment
And Spiritual Bondage
America Gone Criminal And Christianity Gone Over To Sinfulness
A World Gone Mad, "Democratically" Blessing Evil And Condemning Good, In Fellowship With Satan
Anti-Human History Modernist Art And Architecture
At Its Deepest Root Modernist Art Is Anti-Human
2024 Election: Why We Choose Trump And Not DeSantis
Or Anyone Else
WWIII Is All But Lost Due To 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare) Success
The Leaderless World War Is In Its Final Stages Thanks To Chaos From A Thousand Directions
Ho hum, heavy sigh and here we go again: Another Revolutionary Spring
First, Marx's 1848 "Springtime of Revolution". Then, Obama's "Arab Spring". Now, we have Chris Wray's "Antifa Spring".
Guerrilla Warfare in the United States
Transgender Movement, Indigenous People, National Lawyers Guild, Association Of Democratic Lawyers, ANSWER Coalition, Uhuru Movement, Etc., Etc., Etc.
Conservative Hypocrisy Feeding Anti-Christian Anti-American Revolution
How Conservative Hypocrites Are Oblivious To Their Own Hypocrisy
You Don’t Need Artificial Intelligence to learn Why America is Dying
America has deteriorated significantly since the days when General George Washington court-martialed a soldier for homosexual conduct.
Need For A Catholic American White Heterosexual Male Masculinity Month
We have a Women's History Month, a Black History Month, an LGBTQ+ Month, a Trans Awareness Month, So Why Not A White Christian Hetero Masculinity Month?
Trump and His Communist Enemies
The Demonized Joe McCarthy Turned Out To Be Accurate In Everything He Claimed: Fox News Is Wrong About Him And About Much More
Conservative Hypocrisy Revisited
Will America Fall To Anti-American Frontal Assault, Or Will Conservative Hypocrites Back Her Into Failure with "Bipartisan" Accommodation?
Marxocratic Republicrats and More Conservative Hypocrisy
Even The "Conservative" Anti-Trumpers Living In Their Upper-Class Information Bubble Are Completely Out Of Touch With The Citizen Heart And Soul Of America
Marxian-Sorosian-Alinskyian-Criminal Fat Alvin Bragg, New York DA
Obsessed with framing Trump, he never met a crime he couldn't forgive or a cop he could not punish.
Vigil Saturday Meditations
Faith, Hope, Love; The Greatest Of These Is Love.
Fox Is the Leading "Trans" Channel
There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel.
America And Catholicism Need President Trump More Than They Know
President Trump Needs Catholicism More Than He Knows
The "No Justice, No Peace" Supposedly Peaceful End Of Peace And Safety
It Just Doesn't Get Any Dumber Than This
Supernatural Genesis 1-11 vs. Pagan Darwinism
God and Liberty or Fallen Mankind and Tyranny
The Hateful Intolerant Exclusivity Of Our New Commie-Homo Governments
"Inclusiveness" is a lie; "Diversity" is a lie; "Multiculturalism" is a lie; they are political stepping-stones into final Commie-Homo Intolerant Exclusivity
The Charge Of Judgementalism Destroying Human Decency And Civilization
It Is "Judge Not" Taken To The Extreme Of "Anything Goes"
We've Got To Get The Woke Crap Out Of Ecclesial And Secular Government
The Citizen Wokies Are Forging Their Own Chains Of Slavery And They Don't Even Know It
A Global Stratagem: Politically Inducing Sociopathy In Whole Societies
Can Whole Nations Be Made To Go Sociopathic And Self Destructive?
Good Shepherd Sunday 2023
Third Sunday After Easter
Our 7-2 Pro-Abort Court
With Thomas and Alito The Only Two Dissenters, The Supreme Court Once Again Protects Abortion Rights, Again Across All Formerly Sovereign States, And Again Unconstitutionally
The Surprising Tucker Carlson Revelations
He's Not The Person We Thought He Was?
Should MAGA Start Waging Political Lawfare Against Political Lawfare?
Is Political Lawfare Illegal, and If Not, Why Not? Do American Patriots Need To Legislate New Law Criminalizing It?
On The Developing Red-State Blue-State American Breakup
Political Party-Coordinated, Multiple State, Simultaneous Marxist Revolutionary Takeovers
The Nuts Are Not Just Running The Asylum
The Nuts Are Now Running The Vatican, The American Nation And Entire The Free World
On The Politically Induced Global Recycling Lunacy
And The Diabolically Misplaced Worship Of The Earth
Super-Diverse Wokeunism As One Path Into The New World Order
Wild, Scattershot, Death-Of-A-Thousand-Cuts Wokeunism Is The New Path Into The Old International Communism
Embattled Trump Versus Anti-MAGA Marxocratic Wokeunistic Lawfare
Trump And MAGA May Represent The Sole Island Of Sanity Left In A World Gone Nuts
Anti-Genesis: A Strictly Faith-Based (i.e., Religious) Belief System
Anti-Genesis Religion, Like Christian Pro-Genesis Religion, Is Devoid Of Empirical Evidences And Scientific Proofs
Speak No Evil Of Anyone, Including The Diabolically Evil Doers Of Evil
If You Don't Speak Ill Of Evil, Maybe It Will Go Away
Trumpianism Versus Wokeunism: The Battle For A Trumpianistic America
As Long As Trump Is Free, There Is Hope For The Still Sovereign Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America
Stop Hate? Who's Hate? Who Are The Real Haters Here?
Why is it that the mobs smashing windows, burning buildings and jumping up and down on police cars are the ones waving all the "Stop Hate" signs?
US Border Invasion Backfire: Giving Birth To A 1776 Re-Revolution?
A Potential Marxocrat Party Agenda Backfire: What if most of the now invading illegal aliens wind up voting for Trump?
George Soros, Self-Declared Traitor, Left Free To Work His Treason
Soros, With Dual Hungarian-US Citizenship, Publicly Identifies His Mission To Destroy The USA, And Our Marxocrat Party And Deep State Just Partner-Up With Him
Durham Report: Too Little And Too Late To Stop The Identity Revolution
In A Classic "No Schiff, Sherlock" Moment, Durham Tells Us The Clintons, The Obamas, Their Party, Their DOJ, FBI, CIA, Etc., Are Not Who Who They Claimed To Be
Criminally Anti-Constitution American News Media
How Solidly Anti-American "Journalism" Assumed Its Unconstitutional Role As An "Assumed Constitutional" Fourth Branch Of Our Federal Government.
Historic Moral Slippery Slopes That Disordered And Doomed America
Today's Over-The-Cliff "Adults" Only Question The "Age Appropriateness" of Such Self-Dooming Lunacies As Chemical And Surgical Gender Reversals
Hard Cold Reality Demands That We Separate Ourselves From Unreality
Stand In Truth; Separate From Unreality; All Who Stand In Untruth Doom Themselves And All Who Stand With Them. Depart From Them!
The Constitution Used As A Sledge Hammer To Wreck Political Parties
The American Constitution Itself Could Be President Trump's Sledge Hammer To Wreck The Cultural Revolution And Make America Constitutional Again
Four Current Religious-Socio-Political-Cultural Fire Lighters
Four Flaming But No-Longer Contentious Issues That Lit My Fire Yesterday
In Memoriam 2023
For All Who Went To War For Liberty's Sake, And Never Made It Back Home
I Believe More And More People Are Starting To Feel Like This
I Never Cared
Satanism, Communism: What's The Difference?
Look To The Roots Of Communism
Two Party Treason Revisited
Kevin McCarthy and the Republicrat Party, as a body, are just as treacherous and treasonous as are the Marxocrats
Islamo-Commie-Homo Liars Of Criminal Dialectics Conquering The World
What do Bergoglio, Cupich, Biden, Soros, Schwab, Gates, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Garland, Wray, McCarthy, McConnell all have in common? Marxist Dialectics.
Our Criminal Republicrats Are Worse Than The Criminal Marxocrats
Criminal Republicrats Only PLay-Act At Opposing Criminal Marxocrats And Their Whole Crooked Government
On The Holy Trinity Of God
The Most Important Fact In The Universe
The Victimless-Crime Scam Meets The Trained-To-Be-Triggered Scam
"Who does it hurt?" regarding blasphemy, perverted sex, or dope, etc., and don't you dare hurt my feelings with your answer, or you will TRIGGER me!
How Gorbunism (Gorbechev Communism) Induces Our Own Self Destruction
Every so-called "Social-Justice" criminal-revolutionary issue in the news today was born of Gorbunism
Half-Assed Judaeo-Christian Morality Dooming Church And State
Half-Assed Faith Means Half-Assed Decency Which Means Half-Assed Citizenship
Sovereignty Takedown Artists And Half-Assed Patriots Wrecking America
If You Want Evidence Of What Happens When Half-Assed Patriots Like Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Etc., Don't Do What's Necessary, Just Look Around!
Are The National Archives Now The Chief Executive Officers Of The USA?
Who Elected Them? Where Are They Mentioned In The Constitution?
On The Near Suicidal Weaponization Of Bureaucracies Against Trump
America's Marxist Revolutionary Leadership Has Unwittingly Painted Brilliant Targets On All Of Their Own Weaponized Deep State (Unconstitutional) Federal Bureaus
Joe Biden, Champion Of Abortion, Sodomy and Child Genital Mutilation
On America's Sleazy Criminal Degenerate President, Pro-Sodomy Joe, And His Whole Sleazy Criminal Degenerate Party
Trump, Truth, And America, Like Nineveh, Rising From The Ashes
Trump's Truth Social counters evil Social Media; note also that Truth is, first and foremost, another name of God.
Demonic Androgynous Hedonism Of The Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement
Note the hedonistic compulsion of even the "genderless" fake gender to seek perverted personal sexual gratification, as a personal legal "right", before anything else.
On The Not So Subtle Lies Of The Trump Detractors
From "He Brought It On Himself" to "MAGA Is A Cult", the lies of the Trump Detractors come from all points of the compass.
"Constitutional" Anti-Constitutionalism: The Mike Pence Argument
Obstinate Pedantic Argument To Remain Inside The Burning Constitution While Its Enemies On The Outside Burn It To The Ground
Decitisenize The Flaming Faggot "Nuns" And Deport Their Asses To Iran
What? The Flaming Faggots Can Mock And Insult God, And Me, But I Can't Mock And Insult Them? Sez Who?
Trump's Only Blind Spot: Not Seeing Homosexuality As America's Enemy
Homosexualism Is A Political Movement Within Communism And Cultural Marxism Aimed At Destroying Judaeo-Christian Morality And Belief In God
Exclusivity of Identity
How the Inclusivity, Diversity, Welcoming, etc., Movements are Insidiously Destructive of Religious, National, Corporate and Individual Identity
Science-Denial and Reality-Denial Should Be Disqualifiers For Office
Belief in, let alone promotion of and support for known unrealities such as transsexualism and climate change should be disqualifiers for any office
Noblesse Oblige: Nobility Obligates.
On The Demonized But True Historical Nobility and Obligations of White Christian Patriarchal Males
Points Of No Return Along The Slippery Slope To Hell
The Unmerited Grace Of God Enables The Faithful With The Will To Do It To Reverse Course At Or After Any Point Of No Return
Ohio Issue 1: Choosing Between Fixed Morals And Popularized Immorality
Right And Wrong Never Change; Popular Opinions Never Stop Changing, And They Can Be Politically Weaponized
The Parties Are The Swamp
If You Want To Drain The Swamp You Have To Take Down The Political Parties
The Great American "Discrimination" Culture-Flip
Even Former Navy Seal And MAGA Patriot Carl Higbie Is Already Half-Way Flipped And He Doesn't Even Know It
Citizen Morality And Independence As A Natural Law Human Right
The Original Bible And The Original US Constitution Protect Citizen Morality And Independence Against Democracy, Marxism And Cultural Revolutions
The Presence and Influence of Powers, Principalities, and Demons
in Our Age of Apostasy
What about MY RIGHTS, as a Catholic American Citizen?
Why does everyone else have any right to challenge all of my religious and citizen rights?
On The High Level Sponsors Of Evil, And How Evil Flows Downhill
Incompetent And Evil Management Always Results In Both Incompetent And Evil Organizations
Evil in the White House
In This War, The Enemy Is In The Ranks, Standing Right Next To You
Jan 6 "Insurrection" Filled With Deep State Federal Agents
In All Likelihood, Planned, orchestrated and choreographed by Nancy Pelosi.
On The MAGA Movement's Potential Return To Constitutionalism
The Constitution Should Be Both The Main Weapon And The Final Goal Of All Good American Citizens
What Would No Party Politics Look Like In A No Party America?
Would The Big Political Issue Still Be Moving America Under A Globalist-Socialist Government Versus Keeping America Under American Constitutional Government?
The Old And New (WOKE) Unmistakable Marks Of Fascism
This Ain't Your Daddy's Fascism. Well, Really, Yes It Is. Fascism Is Fascism; Only The Camouflage Has Changed.
What Is Most Important
We Sit Down To Eat And Drink, And Rise Up To Play, Every Day, Seeking Only Pleasure, Forgetting What (Who) Is Most Important
Making People Crazy: The Politics Of Politically Induced Mass Insanity
The Final Phase Of Cultural Marxism: Making Christians Into Anti-Christians; Making Americans Into Anti-Americans; Inducing Mass Intellectual Imbecility
The Suicidal Lunacy Of All The Agent-Provocateurs Of Machiavellianism
When The BLM-ers, Homos, Greenies, Trannies, Wokies, Antifas, Anarchists, shoplifters, Rioters And Never-Trumpers Are Ripe For The Final Crackdown And Slaughter
On all the "stop complaining about the 2020 election fraud" traitors
"It's a losing political issue", they claim. But what political issue could possibly be more important to America than the stealing of American elections?
Collapsing The Renewable Energy Lie On Itself
Energy Is Either Potential (Stored) Or Kinetic (Released); Expended Energy Cannot Be Renewed
Ruminations on DeChristianized American Populations
"As Ohio Goes, So Goes America", and Ohio Issue 1, Special Election 2023 just went down in flames
On The Deep State's New World Order Cover Up
Weiss And Garland Will Just Fake It And Help Run Out The Clock On The Statutes Of Limitations, Just Like Barr And DurHam
Alan Dershowitz: A Commie Who Doesn't Even Know What He Is?
"Upper Class" Useful Idiots Wear Suits And Ties; "Lower Class" Useful Idiots Sport Blue Hair, Visible Tattoos, Facial piercings And Punk-Rock Attire And Persona
Unicrat Party Racketeers Charging Trump Under RICO laws?
Deep State Party Criminal Racketeers Now Own Justice And Are Taking Over The Courts To Prosecute The Innocent
Going In For My cervical spine Surgery Today
Don't know how long I'll be in the hospital, how long I will wear a neck brace, how long I will be recuperating. Don't expect too much from here for awhile.
Weaponized "Discrimination": The Sword Of The Anti-American Revolution
Every Marxocrat Party Policy And "Social Justice" Cause Outlaws Discrimination Against Itself
Psychopathy and the Western and American Tyranny of Evil
Leftist Progressive Myths
The Next Phase of Obama’s “Permanent Revolution”
By Cliff Kincaid
First Things: One and only one God; one and only one America
Religion+Politics=Culture: Christianity is the only true religion; Only the US Constitution makes the human citizen and family politically sovereign..
In The End, Our Growing Marxocrat Nanny-State Becomes Our Slave Driver
The More American Citizens Come To Depend On Bureaucrats For Anything At All, The Closer They Come To Being Enslaved By Them
The Unimpeachable Kevin McCarthy; The Conservative's Conservative
He's "looking into" impeaching Biden, by golly. No, Really. He's serious, this time.
Climate Emergency To Produce a New World Order
By Cliff Kincaid
Super-Organized Local Politics Taking The American Nation Down
"All Politics Is Local" said Marxocrat Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill. Marxist Antonio Gramsci disciples George Soros and Saul Alinsky certainly agreed.
Coach Tuberville Cries Foul to Politics as Usual
By Cliff Kincaid
The Marxocrat Party's Current "Proletarian Dictatorship" Over America
Marx's temporary "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" always was a Marxist lie. It's really a permanent dictatorship of the Communist Party over the Proletariat.
Enlightened Freemasonry's Very First Genocide
The Forgotten Genocide: 500,000 Traditional Catholics Slaughtered in the Name of "Liberty".
The Criminal Deep State Cannot Be Fixed, So Let's Burn It All Down!
How many times has one anti-American splinter group or another tried to "burn this M-F-er down"? Let's all do that to our criminal shadow government!
The NSA and America’s Enemies
By Cliff Kincaid
Barry Soetoro: America's First Black Racist, Fag, Pothead President
The Real Behind-The-Scenes Leader Of the Islamo-Commie-Homo Marxocrat Party, And The Chief JoBama O'Biden Puppet-Master
On We The Disorganized Opposition To Organized Criminal Governments.
In war, organization matters more than numbers. If Christianity and Christian America are to survive, we had better start getting organized.
Raising the New Tower-- Occult Evolution: Antediluvian, Babylonian
and Modern Expressions
Reality Versus Unreality, i.e., God And Godliness Versus Ungodliness
God is the Author of All Reality; Satan is the Breaker of All Reality.
De-Nazification and De-Communization in Russia
The The mutual non-aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact, which started World War II, has been carefully “forgotten”
New Computer Woes, and Post-Op Healing and Therapy
Brand new super-duper computer, brand new operating system, and I can't do a damned thing with them.
The Narcissistic Elitist Top-Down-Bottom-Up Destroyers Of Nations
QUESTION: What's the difference between the Democrat Party, the WEF, DAVOS, the UN, the EU, the Saint Galen Mafia, the USCCB and COMINTERN? ANSWER: Nothing.
God to Mankind: NOW Do You See the Stupidity, Depravity,
and Evil in Your Hearts?
Demonic Technocratic Oligarchs and their 15 Minute Smart Cities
In their New World Order, you will eat bugs and be happy, and they will eat well and be richer
Making Russia Great Again
By Cliff Cinkaid
The National Identity-Dooming Politics Of "United-Front" Inclusiveness
How could mere tolerating, let alone living-with and negotiating and compromising with anti-American politics ever be good for America?
Ohio Issues 1 and 2: Making Murder A Right, And Making Dope A Right
Note the goofy language: How is killing babies in the womb in any way "reproductive"?
The Final Red Jihad?
Godless and Ungodly Marxism Manipulates the False Religion of Islam for Its Own Evil Ends
Murderous Hamas Once Again Demonstrates the Fiendish Nature Of Islam
"Palestinians", descendent from the Philistines, were made even more barbaric by their subjugation to Islam.
The World's Newest Nazis and their Re-Blooming Racist Antisemitism
If there's one thing all Islamos, Commies and Homos agree on, it is a fiendishly murderous level of purely racist antisemitism.
Russia’s Designs On The Middle East
And their invention of the Palestinian State
On The "Death To America" American Marxocrat Political Party
The "Death To America" Party that holds the White House, the Senate, every major city in America and at least three whole American states
All the Odd, Evil Social-Issues and Political Movements Are Related
From Climate-Change to Abortion Rights to Black Lives Matter to Asylum Migration to LGBTQ to the "Apartheid-State" of Israel, All Are Marxocrat Party Sponsored
The Nationally Fatal Palestinian Disease
Why do no Islamic nations allow Islamic Palestinians within their borders? Because they destroy existing human culture wherever they go and wherever they are.
Satan's Diversity Insanity: The Mortal Enemy Of Humanity
Diversify Your Religion, Your Politics, Your Race, Your Sex, Your Family, Your Nation, Your Identity, and in the End...Who or What Are You?
In days of old it was said of the outlaw that "He Hath A Devil".
And whenever such an outlaw was not cast out, he always bred more outlaws.
On The Many Lies of Satan's Evil Islamo-Commie-Homo Movement
Ohio Issue 1 Lies, and the Legions of Lies of Satan, Opposing God and Empowering Sodomy, Islam and Communism
The Marxocrat (Democrat) Party Wants Another World War
And They Want America and Western Civilization to Lose That War
On The Globalist Nation-Wrecking Treasonous Climate Liars
Bill Gates, Climate-Liar-Number-One, Just Let The Cat Out Of The Bag
Nazi Islam
Islam was Nazi Long Before Hitler was Born
Has Israel Already Lost the War?
If this Axios story about Biden’s “post-war” plan for the Middle East is true, Israel has already lost the war – and its very existence is now in jeopardy.
Stigmatizing the Nutty "Don't Stigmatize Anyone for Anything" Nuts
They empty the prisons and the asylums, they don't prosecute crimes, they don't institutionalize the dangerous, and they oppose all "stigmas".
The Individual and National Soul-Corroding Compounding Lies Of Satan
Just like Interest on Assets or Liabilities, Lies, Left Alone, Compound Over Time
The Criminal Presidency of the Criminal Bidens
The Criminal Biden Administration Outdoes Even the Clinton and the Obama Administrations in Anti-American Treachery, Treason and Criminality
On The Sorosian, Alinskyian, Marxocrat Party Legal Hack-Pack
Recognizing the Morally Bankrupt Anti-Trump, Anti-MAGA and Anti-American Political Party Hacks now Controlling the American Legal Justice System
The Moskow-Washington Axis of Evil
Loosely United Foreign Globalist-Marxist-Islamist Forces Now Join Hands with America's Marxists and Islamists
On the Tight Marxocrat Party Linkage to Marxism and Islam
All are Antisemitic, Anti-Christian and Anti-American
Is Francis the Ape of the Papacy?
Satan is called the Ape of God because he counterfeits the work of God.
Undoing the Obamunist Transformation and the Cultural Revolution
Attacking the Attackers, Punishing the Deep Treachery and Treason and Undoing the Damage
2023 and Yet Another Election Loss NOT Attributed to Election Cheating
Here we go again, with Election Cheating being One Party's Defining Characteristic, and the other Party Not Even Thinking About It
Living a Fundamental Life Versus Living a Technocratic Life
Which is Worse, between Fundamentalism Gone Wild and Technocracy Gone Wild?
Revisiting the Parable of the Weeds and the Wheat
An Enemy has Sown Evil Islamo-Commie-Homo Seeds in the Fertile Minds of Christians
Political Opposition to Constitutional Rule of USA Turns to Terrorism
Terrorism in America, Advancing the Marxocrat Party's Political Agenda of Taking America Down
The Potentially Enslaving Chains of Fear that Bind Men to Inaction
Those too afraid to act have no business being on the battlefield, and they know it.
The Sociopolitical "Woketrick" Wrecking Civilization
Recognizing the Woketrick as a Mass-Psychological Reversal of all Proper Sense of Justice
It Takes Big Money Today to Get Elected To High Office. Why Is That?
It takes all-powerful Political Party machinations, yes, but elections today - like legal justice today - takes big money.
Pope Francis Embraces Global Islam and Mother Earth
He Who Calls Trump a Freemason Just May Be a Freemason
Marxist, Islamic, Hedonistic, "Catholic" and "American" Eliminationism
Eliminationist Islam, Eliminationist Marxism, Eliminationist Hedonism, Eliminationist Current American Government and Eliminationist Current Catholic Government
America’s “Collective Responsibility”
By Cliff Kincaid
It's about time we had a little American Eliminationism around here.
If MAGA is to succeed, the mass deportations Cannot stop with the illegals.
The Problem with Pure Democracy, i.e., Mob Rule
Ohio's Issue 1 Proved the Point: Majorities Are Often Wrong
How Aquila the Abominable Eagle of Jupiter/Zeus Desecrated The Temple
Abomination Visits Again Wearing New Disguises
The Palestinian Removal Act
By Cliff Kincaid
All This Global Turmoil Is Connected; This Is a World Revolution.
President Trump Needs to Understand the Worldwide Nature of This Revolution.
We Will Divide and Separate from Evil or Join It on the Path to Hell
That means separating Marxism, Islam and Immorality from Education, News Media, Publishing, Entertainment and All Government or Private Information Control
The Passing of Henry Kissinger: America's Machiavelli
Secret Champion of Population Control, Contraception, Abortion, Sodomy, Euthanasia and the "Scientific" New World Order
On the Dependence of Liberty on Judeo-Christian Morality
And the Dependence of Anarchy and Lawlessness on Judeo-Christian Immorality
The Rise of Popular Antisemitic Totalitarianism in America
Antisemitism is the bait; Totalitarianism is the Hook
Has the World Now Had the Last Straw with Globalist Totalitarianism?
Was Francis' attack on Burke, Chumming-Up with a Hamas Champion and his latest Climate Hysteria the final Globalist "Bridge Too Far"?
In Now Islamo-Commie-Homo America, it's Open Season on Jews
In the New Minority Supremacy in America today, only Jews are hated here. (And white people. And American patriots. And men.)
Biden's AntiTruth Presidency Mirrors Francis' AntiTruth Papacy
America has an anti-American President; the Catholic Church has an anti-Catholic Pope. Face it.
The Many Multiplying Poisonous Snakes in the Christian-American Grass
Identifying Islamic, Marxist and Hedonistic Political Conspirators and Militant Activists as Beautiful but Venomous Snakes
It's A Totally Crooked Presidency versus a Mostly Crooked Congress
Biden spends tax dollars as if the Congress (and the Constitution) didn't even exist.
Deweaponizing the Darkness of Evil with the Light of Truth
If Religious, Political and Legal Organizations can be Weaponized by and for Evil, can they not be Deweaponized by and for Reality?
Recognizing, perhaps too late, the utter barbarity of Islam.
The barbaric so-called "religion" that cannot be allowed to remain within the borders of any still civilized nation.
How to Write Like a Propagandist
By Cliff Kincaid
America's Planned Future Under Obamunist Sharia Law
We can stop wondering who's pulling JoBama O'Biden's puppet strings: It's Comrade Obama, peace be upon him.
January 6 Insurrection? What Insurrection? There was no Insurrection!
If no one from the January 6 incident was even charged let alone convicted of any insurrection, then President Trump could not have been an insurrectionist.
Why the Suicidal Politics of the Islamo-Commie-Homo Marxocrat Party?
Don't they know these politics guarantee their massive political defeat in 2024?
Prepare! Make Straight the Path of the Lord! He Is Coming!
Preparing for Christ's Mass in 2023 Anno Domini [in The Year Of Our Lord 2023]
On Fiducia Supplicans, i.e., Supplicating Trust
Our Islamo-Commie-Homo Pope Francis is Asking Us to Trust Him On This
The Giant Fraudulent "Scientific" HIV-AIDS Pill Industrial Complex
How Big Pharma and Cultural Marxism Work to Fool and Corrupt the World for Fun and Profit
World War III Is On, and it is Up to Us, The Citizenry, to Fight It
Biden won't stop the antisemitic rioting and if any foreign power invades us, he will not order the military to stop them.
Is Zelenskyy, Too, an Immoral Globalist Anti-Christian?
How Could an LGBTQ and Abortion Champion Pushing the UN Sustainable Development Goals Not Be an Anti-Christian?
The Bergoglioism Versus Roman Catholicism Revolutionary War
And How It Supports the International Communism Versus American Constitutionalism Revolutionary War
Self-Governing Citizenry, Expendable-Income and American Economics
Only a Citizenry Imbued with High Judeo-Christian Morality can be Self-Governing
Righteous Anger of Christians v. Evil Rage at Reimagined "Realities"
There is nothing wrong and everything right with Righteous Anger
Diverse Cannibalistic Revolutionary Groups Eventually Eat Each Other
Each Revolutionary Group Spawns More Revolutionary Groups, and they All Eventually Revolt Against Each Other
Cannibalistic Revolutionary 2.0
Where Militant Radical Feminism Went Off the Tracks and Took Masculinity Down
The Counterfeit World of Modernist-Communist Progress
Is Bergoglio's Fake Church Government Aping a Fake Communist World Government? (Or is it the other way around?)
All Powerful Government Versus a Sovereign Self-Governing Citizenry
An Unrestrained Federal Government is America's Greatest National Security Threat
What Will Be Short-Term, and What We Hope For Long-Term
The Bidens Will Get Off Scot-Free for All of Their Crimes; Trump Will Win and Clean House In The End
Can We Eliminate Social Security Without Cutting Anyone's Benefits?
Of Course We Can! Just Stop Getting New Citizen Workers Covered By It.
Supremacy and Supremacists V. Moral American Constitutional Liberty
How many diverse brands of revolutionary supremacy can any nation bless without disintegrating?
How Unopposed Falsehoods Metastasize in Minds, Souls and Nations
Climate-Change, Woke, CRT and DEI Politically Induced Mass-Lunacies Were Not All Just Born Yesterday
Bergoglio: Pope of Davos, the Billionaire's New World Order
Bergoglio Blesses Klaus Schwab, Ringmaster of WEF Clown-Circus of Super-Silly Billionaire Effete Snobs
America's Criminal Attorney General and his Criminal DOJ
If Merick Garland Were an Honest Man He Would Indict Himself
Can President Trump Make America Christian Again?
We Will Never Be Great Again Unless And Until We Are Christian Again
Antisemitism: The Worst Marxocrat Party Sponsored American Depravity?
Could it get any more depraved than to attack anyone for the "crime" of existing?
Who's Most In Control of the Living Out of American Citizen Lives?
The Constitution says, it's (1) the Sovereign American Citizen, (2) the Sovereign State Government (3) the Sovereign US Government
Hidden Political Party Stratagems of Illegal Government Control 2.0
The Slow but Steady Enslavement of the American Citizenry Through Multiple Secret Controls
UNRWA: The Last Straw on the Back of the UN Camel?
"United Nations Relief and Works Agency" My Ass. It's a Typical "UN Death To The Jews" Agency
Our Call to Battle: Rise of the Spirit of Antichrist
Prayer Article: “And this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (1 John 4:3)
Jesus Christ Founded One And Only One Church
In All The World There Is Only One Christian Church
Tearing Out Evil Root and Branch
You don't try to "fix" evil; you tear it out and burn it
Are We Entering Yet Another "Wild, Wild West" Era of American History?
The Post-Revolution, Post-Civil-War and Indian-War Eras All Had Their Citizen-Justice, Wild-West Nature Yet Were Safer and More Civilized than America Today
Diversity Versus Identity
Diversity "Blends"; Distinct Identity Identifies, i.e., Divides Out and Separates from Whatever it is Not
All the Lies Unraveling as All the Liars start Fumbling and Mumbling
Truth is Breaking Out Everywhere as He Is Wont To Do, And Thus All Reality Is Dawning Anew
Rage Against Whitey, Rage Against Majorities, Rage Against Reality
The Transfornation of Music and Dance to Hip-Hop, Rip-Rap, Break-Dance Rage
Lying Mayorkas, the Boldest of All of the American Government Liars
He Outdid Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, the Clintons, the Bidens, and even Obama Himself
One God, One Nation, One Bible, One Constitution, One National Anthem
If you cannot stand, take your hat off, put your hand over your heart and sing the National Anthem, then don't call yourself American.
Whole States Have Been Taken Over by Anti-American One Party Rule
Washington DC and Whole Swaths of America Are Now Tyrannically Ruled By One Party Through It's Practice of Lawfare and Scientism
The Last Hour and the New World Order
Physical Therapy, Vertigo Therapy Started, Then, Fall & Relapse
In A Poor Imitation of JoBama O'Biden, I Just Stood Up and Fell Flat On My Face
Vulture Politics: Waiting on the Opponent to be Jailed or Assassinated
Who Needs Primaries? Who Even Needs votes? The Marxocrat Mobs are Incensed Against Trump and the Swamp is Determined to Imprison Him
The Lunacy of Materialism and Stupidity of the Materialistic Mindset
Materialistic Atheism: Unproven Unscientific Faith-Based Eventually Fanatical Anti-Religion "Religion"
"Diversity-Inclusiveness" Wrecking of Religious and National Identity
Satan's Atheist-Materialist-Narcisissists Who Would Have Us All Gather With Our Murderer and Robber Wannabes
The Catholic Cartel's Lucrative Human Trafficking Racket
The Lavender Mafia's Endless Supply of Uncomplaining Dsisposable Sexual Abuse Victims
HomoMarxism: The Ultimate Antisocial Anti-Human Anti-American Alliance
Accepted Into Decent Human Society, HomoMarxism Now Seeks Tyrannical Social Domination
Diversified and Transformed American Federal Government
Tyrannically Mandating a Diversified and Transformed American Citizenry
The American House Divided Against Itself: Which Half Will Prevail?
On The Diabolical Lie of the Bogus "White Christian Nationalist" Threat from the Anti-Christian Anti-American-Nation Globalists
On the "Days Of Rage" Planned For The 2024 Marxocrat Party Convention
Some of you just couldn't believe that the formerly Democrat (Confederate) Party had already gone totally Communist before the 1968 Party Convention
The enemies of God, reality, truth, western civilization and our souls
Linda Kimbal column
Unbridled Democracy Hypocrisy in the American Constitutional Republic
"Democracy Dies In Darkness" Is The Mission Statement Of The Public Information Controlling, Censoring, Politicizing, Lying Globalist Elites
Another Springtime of World Revolution Is Upon Us
Top-Down Bottom-Up Cultural Revolutions Led by World Youth Inflamed by Globalist World Leaders
Breaking All Induced Anti-Christian Anti-American Collective Mindsets
Making America Great Again Requires Breaking Cultural Marxism's Legion of Evil "Collective Mindsets"
Revisiting Nihilism: The Will Turned Toward Evil
and the Destruction of Western and American Civilization
"Underground" Michael Matt of Remnant TV on Giant Questions of the Day
FSSP Meeting with Francis; the Fall of Michael Voris; the Return of Donald Trump; is Francis the Pope; the Legitimacy of the SSPX
Mark George Wacker, Rest In Peace
May 4, 1964 - March 12, 2024
TikTok, SchmikTok! What About Silicon Valley Marxocrat Anti-Americans?
Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc., Collective Hidden AI Exploitation May Pose an Even Greater Threat to America than Communist China
Amending the Constitution to Make America Constitutionally American
Getting Constitution Violating Anti-Americans Out Of Office and Out Of America
Nihilism…All That Exists is Matter and Energy
The Worldview that Caused the Collapse of Christendom and Protestant America
Obamunist Transformation of America, City by City and State by State
Wheresoever Obamunism Owns Government, Courts, Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys, the Constitution No Longer Rules
Obama’s New Nazi-Communist Alliance
Moscow Terror Attack is Another KGB Operation to Fool the West
Of Traitors, Speakers, RINOs and "Compromisers" with Party Treachery
Year After Year, Speaker After Speaker, The House Never Ever Produces An Actual Complete Budget, Purposely Dooming Constitutional, Economic and Cultural America
Government by Subjective Opinion Poll, and Science by Court Settlement
Can any real objective truth be found through subjective and democratic surveys, poll-testing, focus-groups, popularity polls or even legal court-cases?
The Objective Realities of Christianity and the American Constitution
Viewing Christian Revelation and the Written Words of the Constitution as beinmg Objective Material Facts
Cardinal Dolan's Throng of Thongs in St. Patrick's Cathedral
If You Don't Think the Homo-Nazi Movement is both Conspiring and Competing with Marxism and Islam to Take Down Church and State, You've got another think coming Is Dead; Long Live Saint Michael's Media
A Catholic Treasure Is Lost to Scandal and Lawsuit, But The Roots Remain In The Soil
Terrorist Attack in Baltimore
By Cliff Kincaid
Vanquish or Die - Catholicism Versus Anti-Catholicism
1776 American Revolution's "Equality, Life, Liberty, Property" Versus 1790 French Revolution's "LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITÉ, FRATERNITÉ"
Exposed! Marxocrat Party Treason against Constitutional America
Desperate to Get a Good Revolution Going Before the 2024 Election, They Just Keep Shooting Themselves In The Foot
MAGA: Making America Great Again
Returning America to the Natural Law and Common Sense of her Original Constitutional Concept
The "Common-Sense" Mystery of the Holy Trinity of God
Seeing the Holy Ghost as the Common-Sense Link between Heaven and the Created World
The presence and influence of powers, principalities, and demons
in our age of apostasy into godlessness
Tyrannical One-Party Rule Through One-Party Bureaucracy In America
The Path To A Marxist America Runs Through Criminally Established All-Powerful And Yet Unconstitutional Federal And State Bureaucracies
Deep Cover Marxocrat Party Moles in the Republicrat Party
Oath-Breaking Anti-Constitution RINO and CRINO "Republicrats"
Marxism, Islam & Hedonism All Unite in the Marxocrat Party Against Us
In Their Demonic Intolerance, They Place Us Under Their Diabolical Ban, Mimicking God's Ban on Jericho (Joshua 6)
On the Bogus "Rights" of the Marxocrat Party
Note Well that Actual American Citizen Constitutional Rights Are, Precisely, Judaeo-Christian Natural Law Rights And Bogus Marxocrat Rights Are Not
The Latest (Greatest?) Anti-American American Political Party Treason
Get America into a War, quick, and into Internal Terrorism, to declare another Emergency, suspend the Election, SURRENDER, and then REALLY Transform America
The Latest (Greatest?) Anti-Catholic Catholic Political Party Treason
How the DC Swamp Joins the Francis Vatican in Turning the Church Upside Down and Inside Out for the Evil Globalist Cause
The Diabolical Marxist-Islamic Conspiracy
If There Is A Dividing Line Between Marxism And Islam, Where Is It?
The REAL American Insurrection
Sponsored by the Marxocrat Party with Bipartisan Support of the Republicrat Party
MAGA Through Simplification Of Government And Law
Gimme that old time religion, and gimme that original Constitutional Republic
Evil Inclusiveness and Non-Discrimination of the Global Racketeers
The Grand Conspiracy of the Clintonistas, Obamunists, Sorosians, Alinskyians, the WEF, the WHO, the UN, the EU, the Marxocrat Party, the Saint Galen Mafia and the USCCB
Seize And Sell All Rioting Universities For American National Security
Seize Titles of All University Hotbeds of Marxist, Islamic and Hedonistic Insurrection to be Sold By Auction with Current Owner Bidding Denied
Constitutionalist Path to MAGA
Resurrecting the Original American Constitution and Constitutional Rule will Make America Great Again
Marxist Popular Antisemitic Eliminationism Won't Stop With The Jews
Both Marxist And Islamic Totalitarianism Drive Brutal Eliminationism Of All Opposition And Even The Slightest Criticism
The Kingdom of the Lord, the Kingdom of Satan and Spiritual Warfare
President George Washington's Unheeded Warning About Political Parties
America's Political Parties Are Now Destroying the Constitutional Republic of America
On the Demonic Palestinian Bloodlust
Created and Fed by the Diabolical Islamic Bloodlust
On Recognizing Smart Phones as Dictators-In-Waiting
Breaking the Smart Phone Dictatorship
Dictatorship of the Elite Playacting at Democracy
What they mean by "Our Democracy" is Their Own Elitist One-Party One-Candidate "Democracy"
Can A Man Be Both Rich And Good At The Same Time?
The Evidence Grows that the Trump-Daniels Affair Never Even Happened, and that the Only Crime Uncovered Thus Far is Extortion/Blackmail by the Accusers
On Criminal Socialist Foreign Intrusion Into American Politics and Law
Criminal Political Agitation Notwithstanding, the UN's Socialistic Universal Declaration of Human Rights Has No Legal Force in Constitutional America
Diversified All Inclusive Pervert Scouts Of America
It all started with the seemingly innocent first blessing of sodomite Scoutmasters. What could go wrong?
Christendom and Protestant America’s Apostasy into Paganism
A Timeline
Super-Exclusive Global Elitists Driving Global Social Inclusiveness
And Super-Exclusive Local Elitists Driving Local Social Inclusiveness
The Gifts Of Pentecost
On the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost
On The Salvific Blessing of Eucharist
Exploring the Catholic Eucharist as the One Sure Path to Heaven
Happy 56th Anniversary To Us
56 Years, and the Bonds Grow Stronger Every Day
Independence is an Individual Thing; Social Dependency is Communal
It's a Matter of American Individual Independence Versus Imposed Globalist Communal Dependency
The Biden Presidency, the Francis Papacy and the Politics of Apostasy
Everywhere we look today we see "Official" acts of Treason and Apostasy
Trump Convicted? Of What? Does Anyone Know?
Trump now stands convicted of 34 counts of falsifying bookkeeping entries to affect an election that had already been accomplished. Right?
Advice to Trump: Take Off the Gloves; Put On the Brass Knuckles.
That the Unconstitutionally Existing and Unconstitutionally Ruling American Political Parties are Anti-American is Now Manifest
System of Lies: Ideological Paradise on Earth
and Why the Bloody, Violent Dream Will Not Die
Standing in Unchanging Reality
Against the Novus Ordo "Church", Francis Papacy, No Longer Mainstream Protestanism, Marxocrat Party, Antisemitism and All Other Islamo-Commie-Homo Movements
"The Marxocrats Have Gone Too Far and Can't Go Any Farther." Sez Who?
"They've sealed their electoral doom and now we'll trounce 'em in the next election." Sez Who?
Prayer Against Wicked Ideologues
Rescue us, O Lord!
Similarities and Linkages between Eastern and Western Meditation
The Similar Calming Effects of "Making the Mind Blank" and "Coming Into the Presence"
Regaining Our Identity
And Watching the Now Chaotic, Globalist, Smug, "Scientific", Know-It-All, "Multiculture" Go To War With Itself
Trump is a Marked Man
By Cliff Kincaid
American Citizen Dependency Displacing American Citizen Independence
Globalist Islamo-Commie-Homo Politics Cannot Tolerate Citizen Independence
The Marxocrat Party and Ringmaster Biden Freak Show
Replace Meritocracy and Quality in Job Qualification with D.E.I. and WOKE-unism What You Get Is This Washington Freak Show Starring Freaky Joe
The Armed Enemies Within Plot Trump’s Murder
By Cliff Kincaid
American & World Gestapos Arrest Patriots in Elite Globalist Takeover
National Populations Awaken to the Globalist Threat; Is It Too Late?
Antisemitism, Anti-Americanism and Anti-Christianity in High Office
The Politically Established New Global Norm: Treachery and Treason in High Office
HEJTML = Hedonist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
HEJTML applies to any Hedonist Political Activist. How do you know when such a Hedonist is lying? When his mouth is open and words are coming out.
SEJTML = Scientistic Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
HEJTML applies to any Scientistic Political Activist. How do you know when such a Pseudo-Scientist is lying? When his mouth is open and words are coming out.
All The Liars of the Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Anti-Nation Left
All the Liars: Marxists, Islamists, Hedonists, Pseudo-Scientists, Political Alarmists, Racial Antagonists, Environmental Doomists, Globalists and Other Hegelians and Machiavellians
Islamo-Commie-Homo Blurred Images and Masked Miscreants.
They blur images to hide the real horror of what they love to do, and they hide their evil faces from justice.
President Trump 47: Exterminate The IRS Forever
Eliminate All Taxes on Citizens, Put Another $661 Monthly In Their Pockets and Radically Increase Federal Revenue via the FairTax
The Party-Plan for the Obama-Stooge Biden: a Lyndon Johnson Pull-Out
Biden Drops Out of the Election, but Remains In the Presidency Until After the Election
Good, Evil; Love, Hate; Compassion, Cruelty: Finding the Christian Way
It all comes down to a matter of sanity, or recognizing reality; that which is true versus that which is not.
Saving America From Herself: Is It Too Late?
America's Enemies Within Are So Busy Dismantling The Republic They Hate That They Haven't Noticed The Alien Enemies Who Are Watching
Does Big Tech Own the Marxocrat Party, or does the Party own Big Tech?
Can the Evil Algorithms of Google Pick Our Next President For Us Against Our Will?
The Controlled One-Party "Democracy" that Trump and MAGA Threatens
We are a Constitutional Republic Federally, and an Increasingly Grassroots-Democracy at State and Local Levels
The Desperate Bidens Cannot Allow Joe to Step Aside and All Go To Jail
They made millions selling access to Joe, and then had the unmitigated gall to criminally frame Trump to save themselves. So, NOW what do they do?
Has Political-Novice Trump Already Been Morally Blind-Sided?
Even Addressing Homosexuality and/or Abortion At All at the Federal Level is Unconstitutional to Begin With
Mel Gibson's Letter to Archbishop Vigano
July 8, 2024 from Aldo Maria Valli by Mel Gibson
Defiant-Trump: Whatever Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger.
He looked more pissed off than hurt, and filled with a terrible resolve.
Biden's Evil Phony "Call For Unity" Rhetoric
He Means To Unify All of the Anti-Christian, Anti-American and Anti-White Race Marxocrat Party's Nazi Movements Against Another Trump Presidency
Supporting the Trump-Vance Ticket to Make America Roar Again
Don't even try to second-guess Trump's decisions; they always turn out to be right.
Marxocrat Party Creation, Care and Feeding of a Dependency-Democracy
Politically Made Dependents Will Always Vote For The Political Party They Depend On
Centralized Power Versus American (Trumpian) Decentralize Power
If you want to increase national governing authority, disperse it. If you want to increase national wealth, disperse it.

Copyrighted Material

Never be lukewarm.
Life itself demands passion.
He who is indifferent to God has already forfeited his soul.
He who is indifferent to politics has already forfeited his liberty.
In America, religion is not mere window dressing and citizenship is not a spectator sport. Do not allow our common destiny as a whole people to just happen without your input.

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life; please God, and live forever.

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Jesus Christ; Matthew 7:13–15

Linda Kimball

Prayer Against Wicked Ideologues Rescue us, O Lord!

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2 Corinthians 10:5

What Kind of God Do You Believe In?
2 Cor. 10:5 Destroying 'scientific' arguments for false Gods

Evil Spirits, Death of God, Satanic Inversion Pagan America's Reality of Madness, Demonic Bondage, and Non-Self

Judgment and Wrath The Biblical Explanation for Madness and Evil

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Gnosis The Main Expression of Modern Paganized Christianity

America's Transformation Into A Mystical Pantheist God-State What the Death of God Has Wrought

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Revelation 2:7" ...the closing of a steel door – a solemn, cataclysmic slamming of a door."

Systemic Nihilism: End of the Human Race Eternal Damnation of Human Souls

Infernal Apocalyptic Atmosphere Over America Disintegration into nothing

Global and Ruling Class Criminal Elitists Their Ring of Power and Pact with the Spirit of Death and Hell

Blessed is the Man Who Does Not Listen to Falling Stars Who Follow After Damnable Heresies

Darwinism: An Abomination Aborting and Rotting the Church. The falling away and apostasy from the one true and personal Holy Triune Creator God has not ended

The Evil One and the Impenitent Who Receive His Mark“. And the LORD God formed man (and) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

The Fall of Mankind, the Religion of Evolution, and the Antichrist. "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

Why Secular Liberals Actively Promote Evil. Mentally Retarded Liberals

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The Devil, the Big Bang, Evolution, Extraterrestrials and the Genesis Problem

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Gnostic Chiliastic Evolution: Satan's Alternative Plan of Salvation. The Great Reset

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America's Modern Pagan Oligarchy, Aztec Gods, and Human Sacrifice. Isaiah 57 Revisited

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Global Oligarchy, Forces of Darkness, and the Spirit of Antichrist. Forces Darkness Within Church and State

Darwinism: Idol of mind symbolizing hatred of Triune Creator God. And Logical End of America

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Your soul: Cost of admission to the Progressive Pagan City of Man. New Egypt, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah

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Satan’s New World Order Blueprint and Key Strategy. Christian Capitulation To the Serpent's Consensus Process

Chaos, Breakdown, Demoralization, Destruction: America's New Normal. How it came about and where we are going.

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Isaiah 57 revisited: America's progressive pagan elites. Staring into the Abyss

Evolutionary Theism Implies That Christ is Wrong About Creation"For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?" John 5:46-47

Utopianism. Progressive Utopian Cultural Marxism Poisoning Minds, Churches, Schools, Politics

Acts 17:18-19-modern pagan and pantheist antithesis of the Word of God Ecclesiates 1:9 "What has been is what will be.."

Trotsky's Permanent Revolution From Hell In America. The Soviet System in America

Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children. The Divine Androgyne

The Evil Eye Of Envy: Why Being ‘White’ Is Offensive To Some People. No Vice Worse Than Envy

Absolute Nothingness and Non-Self: The Reigning Worldview of Global Power Elites and Western Ruling Classes

What is Evil? Man-made alternative realities

Cliff Kincaid

Trump is a Marked Man By Cliff Kincaid

Terrorist Attack in Baltimore By Cliff Kincaid

Moscow Terror Attack is Another KGB Operation to Fool the West

Obama’s New Nazi-Communist Alliance

On the "Days Of Rage" Planned For The 2024 Marxocrat Party Convention Some of you just couldn't believe that the formerly Democrat (Confederate) Party had already gone totally Communist before the 1968 Party Convention

Making Russia Great Again By Cliff Cinkaid

De-Nazification and De-Communization in Russia The The mutual non-aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact, which started World War II, has been carefully “forgotten”

Climate Emergency To Produce a New World Order By Cliff Kincaid

The Next Phase of Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” By Cliff Kincaid

Evil in the White House In This War, The Enemy Is In The Ranks, Standing Right Next To You

Satanism, Communism: What's The Difference? Look To The Roots Of Communism

Fox Is the Leading "Trans" Channel There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel.

Trump and His Communist Enemies The Demonized Joe McCarthy Turned Out To Be Accurate In Everything He Claimed: Fox News Is Wrong About Him And About Much More

The Five Stooges on Capitol Hill They Think We Need Even More Doped No-Hopers In The American Intelligence Community

The Biden Doctrine of Demoralization and Defeat By Cliff Kincaid

A Republican Church Committee? Do Pro-American Republicans Even Know Who Frank Church Really Was?

A Top to Bottom Housecleaning of America When we clean our house, my wife has a slogan, “Top to bottom,” meaning you have to target the whole house. The same advice applies to nations.

China's Mass Murder Experiment Phase Two

Bury The Dead And Move On Fuggedaboutit!

9/11 Truth This is the real 9/11 Truth: Our “intelligence” agencies are infiltrated.

Moving Toward Gorbachev’s “World of Communism” It's called the Monster Plot.

The Errors of Russia, the Dupes of Putin, and Another Holocaust Can The Increasingly Faithless Free World Be Saved From Russia?

World War Quietly Conquering A Distracted and Blithely Unaware World. Could it actually be Satan's world war on despised humanity?

Stand With Ukraine Against Russia and China By Cliff Kincaid

Tucker Carlson Carlson Gets His Comeuppance. Tucker's View: It is not moral for us to intervene in support of any nation's (Ukraine's) democratic self-determination and against Soviet military expansion.

The Need for Secure Borders. Have we so easily forgotten what borders are for? Have we forgotten that evil exists in the world? Have we forgotten how to keep apart from this evil?

Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden? Can America? Can the Free World? Can Faith in God?

The Soviet Union: Back From The Dead The Return of the Evil Empire

Could an American Surrender be in the offing with Biden at the wheel? Is this not the perfect time for Communism to strike, with Commies now governing America, China and Russia? What would Biden do?

Abortion and Communism. If you ever wondered where all the popular abortion-contraception-sexuality-perversion nuttiness came from, look to Marx's Communist Manifesto.

The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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