Deliverance From Evil

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deliverance From Evil is not the first title chosen for this article; it is the third. When it started, the title was Deliverance From Obama; but then as I got into it, there came the realization that the problem did not begin and end with Obama. 

So it was changed to be Deliverance From Marxism; but then there came the realization that the problem did not begin and end with Marxism. 

So then it was changed to be Deliverance From Evil, because what is ultimately at stake here is our American national soul and the very nature of our nation.  And with it, the immortal souls of millions who are being mislead, in opposing God, His Law, truth, science, nature, any fixed moral standard, and all that is good and decent in man, as created by the Father, redeemed by the Son and animated by the Spirit. 

We are talking about direct opposition to Truth. 

What is being contested here is more than the very American Constitution Obama swore, falsely, to defend, and which Obama has repeatedly dismissed, ignored and violated. In the Constitutional America page we argued for the impeachment of Obama and gave our reasons. Since then, the situation has rapidly grown worse. In the arguments and following dialogues at “The Marxism of Obama”, against National Health Care and elsewhere we have shown the unprecedented trampling of the American Constitution by an American President.

We are mesmerized into thinking this is merely another political debate; a contention between Left and Right, between the conservative and the liberal political positions; even merely a contention between the two major American political Parties. All of that is true enough, of course, but it represents to our limited vision only the tip of a hidden gigantic iceberg. The problem is not merely Marxist opposition to free enterprise and liberty; the American political arena is loaded down with Marxists; Marxists predominate in the American classroom, the American newsroom and in American show business. There is more to this than mere Marxism.

The Clintons, the Carters, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Pelosis, the Reeds and many, many others in high office are just as Marxist as the Obamas and the Gores; the only difference is that none of them have the guts and ruthlessness to push for tyranny in America as fast and as hard as an Obama or a Gore. The difference between, say, a Clinton and an Obama is that a Clinton would push gently and incrementally to eventually wind up in the same place. There is nothing gradual or incremental about what Obama is doing; he intends to get to absolute tyranny just as soon as possible. He will make it happen.

Look back at the fearsome threesome that confronted human liberty and free commerce before and during World War II: Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All were Marxists; all “developed” different forms of Socialism, all of which were in fact sham organizations of gangsters, common criminals and ideologue-dupes supporting absolute dictatorships, and all of which sought empire, and empire expansion through military conquest. All were, in truth, imperialists. The only question in any of their minds during that era was which one of them would ultimately wind up on top; utter ruthlessness mandated that only one of them would rule, and the others would die. Nothing has changed. Obama sees all political opponents as mortal enemies who must be dealt with sooner or later. The goal has not changed since World War II, and the goal is world conquest. I see little difference between Obama’s union thugs and his ACORN and other Communist organizers and Hitler’s brown shirts, SA and SS.

We are looking at parallel historical events.

Many of America’s kinder and gentler Marxists are mere ideologues, what Stalin referred to as his useful idiots, who are convinced of the “truth” of the never proven and historically falsified theories of Karl Marx. They really, actually believe that Capitalism is a mere stepping-stone, or an evolutionary way-point in the inevitable and supposedly “natural” social evolutionary path to World Wide Communist Utopia. Since they believe it, and they believe that it is naturally inevitable, they see no problem with proactively helping it along a little.

That is a very serious and dangerous problem.

They firmly hold and believe an utter falsehood, which they see as good, and as the inevitable future, to which they want to contribute, and they actually feel patriotic about it. They want to do their part. Therefore, they will not only take advantage of any crisis to promote Marxism and attack Capitalism, but they will go so far as to encourage, create or induce social crisis for that purpose. Economic calamity is good. Health care elimination is good. Industrial collapse is good. All of these things help the cause of Marxism. Rampant unemployment is good. Social unrest is good. More unemployed and therefore more uninsured is good for the greater cause, for you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and the noble ends justify the regrettable but necessary means. They have completely bought into the Great Communist Lie.

They fancy themselves as forward-looking historians, who love history. But they only look forward, never back, which is the wrong way to look at history. Real history repeatedly disproves Marxist theory, and proves that Marxism lowers societies into degenerate barbarity. But today’s American Marxist only looks forward; past history is seen by them only through lenses clouded by the purposeful disinformation of legions of teachers and professors and newsmen and authors and publishers and filmmakers who are all, or predominantly, Marxist. I ask you, therefore, to take a hard, cold look at the barbarism of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Mao, from the viewpoint of the ordinary citizens who suffered under them. A true Marxist makes a very poor historian.

I have said before that Communism = Fascism = Nazism = Marxism, and I said it with good cause. Any differences are noted only by the most pedantic useful-idiot “historians” who are convinced of the truth of Marxist theory; they can go into great detail when describing the differences between the terms. But the resulting tyrants of yesterday, and the would-be tyrants of today, don’t particularly give a damn what you call the movement that gets them to the top of the heap. They’ll pay lip service to whatever variant predominates to keep their useful idiots in the fold while they are still useful, but the real goal is dictatorship, pure and simple.

It’s all Marxism, which is to say, it’s all dictatorship. It is the purest form of authoritarianism, a term which is demonized by all convinced Marxist useful idiots. Nevertheless, pure authoritarianism is the true unspoken goal of Marxism.

As stated above and elsewhere, there is not one iota of practical, real-world difference between Communism, Fascism and Nazism (German National Socialist Worker’s Party), as the terms are understood in contemporary English today. Later, I will include the terms Leftist, Liberal, Progressive and Moderate in this list, for reasons I will then explain. My reason for the first statement is that all of these terms pretend to be unique variants or interpretations of Marxist organization, while all of them are, in actuality, pure dictatorships. Those who call themselves or their political position moderate seek to compromise our Constitutional restraints in order to accommodate well-meaning Marxists, but our Constitution cannot be compromised by any foreign philosophy. Marxism is alien to and incompatible with the American ideal. In practical, real-world Marxism, by whatever name, Dictatorship is the first goal. Solidification of total power will follow, after which may come expansion, and empire. I still say it is all the same thing.

The German writer Peter Drucker once described Communism and Fascism as not being essentially the same thing, but that “Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion, and it has proved as much an illusion in Stalinist Russia as in pre-Hitler Germany.” [The End of Economic Man (1939), Page 230.] The difference is of importance only to the dim-bulb ideologues, or Communism’s Useful Idiots, who often become horribly disillusioned upon the discovery of the impossibility of the Communist Utopian dream, which most usually dawns upon them after it is too late to turn back. But, to the would-be Tyrant, such as Obama, there is no real surprise here. The goal for the would-be Tyrant is very simple: centralize all political power so that it may be seized, and then seize it. His whole, sole goal is to become dictator of a country. Expansion, opponents and Empire will be worried about later.

As noted elsewhere, the most typical philosophical Communist does not even know what he is. Many are they who have been educated (indoctrinated) by formal education and slanted news, history and even entertainment into believing that some part, any part, of Marxism is of some worth or value to man. And yet, Marxism is only successful as a tool of use to tyrants to enable them to more easily get on top of populations. Marxism’s success is as much due to popularity as a fad among elitist pseudo-sophisticates as it is to history’s great Marxist rulers. Marxism, on its own, is shear, unmitigated, indefensible stupidity. It is truly amazing that it has had such a long and successful run among supposedly advanced peoples.

And yet, as indicated at the beginning, Marxism itself is nurtured, nursed and fed by an underlying, foundational monster, which I shall call untruth, or, if you wish, evil. The two names are interchangeable. Marxism could not be accepted by any moral man, for Marxism is, obviously, immoral. The very notion that the ends justify the means is immoral. Before a man may accept Marxism, he must first accept basic, fundamental immorality. The immoral ground has been being prepared to that end for many, many decades now.

The Ascent of Evil in America.

This nation began life animated, motivated and guided by the Judeo-Chrisitan Ethos, which represented the common social sense of right and wrong. This Western religion-based morality served as the foundation of our Constitution and our civil law. Ethos is a commonly held sense of morality; a recognized, fixed, standard set of moral values. Ethos has its base in religion. It is ethos – not race, and not ethnicity – it is a common ethos that makes a unique people. And it is a people with a common ethos that makes a nation.

It is religion that provides ethos. For an individual, we call it a conscience. For a group of people of similar conscience, or a common sense of right and wrong – which is to say, a culture, or a people – it is an ethos.

Using the common sense of right versus wrong that they all held and were raised with in their various Judeo-Christian families, our Founding Fathers, acting in a hurried crisis-mode, put together, and then eventually Constituted this American Republic, which has been passed on to us. (There was at least one Jew, a couple of Catholics and all the rest of the Founders were Protestants.) Our first Congress, in fact, our whole sitting government, and every sitting government since, was and is overwhelmingly Christian. The same may be said for our first and all following voting populations. America remains Christian by population, and the largest single non-Christian minority is Jewish.

Much is made by some of the fact that many of the Founding Fathers were infected with or dabbled in a popular intellectual fad of the day called Deism; the belief that God just sort of created everything and then stood back and watched to see what it might become. Which would be blasphemous, I suppose, but it never took hold of any of them with enough force to get them to reject the common ethos of Judeo-Christianity. That was the ethos they were all raised in, it was how their individual consciences were formed and strengthened in their families and in their Churches, and that was what they all lived their public lives by, whatever other transgressions or imperfections they might have experienced. They were, after all, mere humans, like us. The elitist / intellectual fad of Popular Deism seems to have died out with their generation.

So our national ethos – at least on paper – has not changed. But we all know that, as a practical matter, meaning how we live it, it has indeed changed, and the change has been dramatic.

Today we see many if not most of our supposedly representative elected officials directly opposing our national ethos in their campaign speeches, their policies, their legislation and their lives. Yet they continue to play-act at being devout worshipers of God, for the cameras, and for purely political reasons. Our judges and justices overturn representative, legislated law in order to adjudicate in favor of evil, and the two representative and Constitutionally co-equal branches of our government seem to cheer them on rather than overturn their clearly unconstitutional judicial actions. The Court now overturns representative law and makes new unrepresentative law, while the Legislative and the Executive branches just sit and watch.

Our notions of Right and Wrong have changed places with each other. Examples abound showing how our contemporary civil laws and regulations now show vice as virtue, and virtue as vice. The good is outlawed, and the bad is protected by law. The Founding Fathers may be rolling over in their graves.

Homosexuality may be the best example, because, as Satan knows, if you can get a man to accept homosexuality as a good, then you can get him to accept anything. Today, sodomy is celebrated, and sodomites have become celebrities, frequently even treated as some sort of heroes thanks to universal uncritical acceptance of the HIV=AIDS Myth. In fact, calling sodomy what it is, by its name, may even be a misdemeanor or a crime. Saying the word sodomy or the word sodomite is now a Hate Crime in some American jurisdictions. You are supposed to call it gay and not refer to it in any negative way. Our supposedly representative civil law has changed and is still changing for the worse.

Note well that our ethos has not changed on this matter, or on any other. Scripture has not changed. All versions of the Bible, including the most popular King James Version, treat sodomy as a sin so horrific as to be an abomination before God. Which means that, in the same jurisdictions in which publicly renouncing sodomy by name as sinful has been outlawed, the Holy Bible is, officially, Hate Speech, and is against the law.

Right is wrong, wrong is right; white is black, black is white; virtue is vice, vice is virtue. This is the New World Order as seen through the eyes of Marxist driven worldliness and elitist pseudo-sophistication. Meanwhile our most Marxist political leaders, who proactively feed this new way of thinking, continue to play-act and pretend at being devout men before the public and the cameras. They are, after all, indeed first and foremost, politicians.

They are also actors.

Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and others among the Founders, and perhaps most eloquently, the Frenchman Tocqueville, elaborated on the undeniable dependence of the American Republic upon a highly moral citizenry for proper function and sustenance. The American Republic, as constituted, cannot survive with an immoral citizenry.

Marxism despises and always seeks to destroy the two completely co-dependent twin elements of, first, free and open commerce, and second, individual liberty, which together represent a nutshell definition of Free Market Capitalism. But men may only enjoy the blessing of liberty when they are self-constrained in such a way as to predominantly act in favor of what is right, and in opposition to what is wrong. That means that they need to know right from wrong in the first place. And, it means that they need some proper motivation other than civil law to keep them moral.

Up until now, meaning contemporary times, that motivation has involved purposeful alignment with Divine Will, a constant seeking to know that Will, and a felt need and desire to please God. Up until now, those who acted otherwise were widely recognized as instruments of evil.

But now many of them have learned to act, and they take on the camouflage of the chameleon. They play-act at public piety while they live like pigs. They make patriotic-sounding speeches while they act to destroy the very foundations of the American Republic. They champion and sponsor abortion and sodomy and dare to come to the Communion rail.

Permit me to quote from Scripture:

[23] For I received from the Lord what I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread,
[24] and when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said, "This is my body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me."
[25] In the same way also the cup, after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me."
[26] For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.
[27] Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord.
[28] Let a man examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.
[29] For any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself.

1 Cor 11:23-29

They have therefore eaten their own judgment. 

Nothing has changed here. No matter what any man says, no matter what the world says, nothing has changed here.

Our American culture has declined; we are becoming a coarse and vulgar people. The Marxist driven secularism movement has done it’s evil work.

But our ethos has not changed; it is still here, in the background, unchanged, and ready to be taken up again and revitalized.

Why Civil Law must be Representative Law and
Must reflect the Common Ethos of the people.

Judeo-Christian driven ethos, or, Marxist driven secularism?

As we said above, Founders such as Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, etc. have all warned us that the proper functioning of our American Republic depends upon a basically moral citizenry. To summarize Tocqueville, the greatness of our nation is entirely dependent upon the goodness of her people.

So how are we to judge “goodness?”

In Western Civilization, we judge goodness by adherence to the immutable Word of God, and by how well we obey His laws and precepts. The Marxists among us, who today represent a clear majority in our sitting federal government, would prefer that we remove God entirely from the discussion. Political play-acting aside, they do not believe in God, and they would prefer that we not believe in Him either. They would have us turn to The World for guidance, and to look to worldly government to provide our worldly utopia, and to not think about any afterlife, because this life is all there is. So do your part for worldly utopia while you’re here.

If we listen to them, we should turn our lonely, helpless eyes to scientism and naturalism, recognize the need for a wise and benign ruler, see the beauty of the earth and nature, and recognize the scientistic fact that HBAACOTE11 . Once we’ve finally internalized that little bit of “wisdom” we will be ready to join in one or more of the Leftist programs moving us all toward worldly utopia.

We have the Marxist driven Femi-Nazi movement; the Marxist driven Homo-Nazi movement, and the Marxist driven Eco-Nazi movement, among others. Pick your favorite. We have been “saved” by the great sexual revolution that opened our unsophisticated eyes to the wonders of fun for the sake of fun. We have been “educated” in the “truth” of our population problem and thus the need for artificial contraception methods including abortion. Because we still need to have fun, for fun is a requirement for a good quality-of-life. And always remember, a good quality-of-life eventually may be a requirement for continuation of life when you get older. That explains the ever growing need for ongoing development of male enhancement drugs and morning-after pills.

Any devout Jew and any practicing Christian, of whatever denomination, should see all of this as nothing but absolute crap. It is utter nonsense. Sophisticated? Anyone who pushes or embraces secularism and would use it to displace our Judeo-Christian Ethos has got to be so stupid as to make us wonder how they still manage to live. Any brain that small must raise questions regarding the function and purpose for it’s surrounding skull.

But, you see, once you are properly secularized – once you put your faith and morals aside – anything and everything becomes acceptable, and everything that involves any sort of worldly pleasure works its way to the forefront in your attention.

Today, grown and educated men and women, keeping a straight face, will argue with you about how homosexuality is an involuntary orientation rather than a chosen lifestyle, with nothing whatsoever to back up their nonsensical argument. No genetic proof, no evidence of any kind, just idiotic, head-bobbing general consensus thinking. Ignoring the huge and continuing history of those “cured” and turned to heterosexuality, and the huge and continuing history of those “converted” or seduced into homosexuality, and the huge and continuing history of those who are episodically heterosexual and then homosexual. To say that someone is somehow born homosexual is pretty much equivalent to saying someone is somehow born to commit serial murder, or to abuse children, or to rob banks, or to do anything at all. They have absolutely no choice in the matter.

They will insist that someone who decided to have his (hers/its) sexual genitalia surgically reversed, somehow, by that incredibly stupid decision, needs to enjoy more legal rights than the rest of us, and special protections under the law. We actually have gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual special rights coded into civil law in some American jurisdictions, because, after all, they have no choice in the matter. Freud and Jung and Kinsey said so.


I know many of you are probably tired of my harping on Darwin, Freud and Marx, but that’s who started it all, and theirs are the foundational “truths” that have been socially accepted in spite of the fact that they are all falsehoods. While these universally accepted “false truths” are not the only ones or even the earliest ones, they are the biggest ones, and the ones most responsible for turning American faces away from God, and for the resulting decline of Constitutional America.

So what does that term even mean?

Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land, it describes the organization of the United States, and it alone provides, describes, empowers and limits the legal authority of the three co-equal branches of our federal government to govern here. If it is not in the Constitution, then the government may not do it. Very simple. We are a nation of laws and not just of men, even elected men. Elected or appointed government officers and officials are not free to do whatever they damn well please; they are constrained by the limitations of the United States Constitution.

American Marxists like to use the so-called Elastic Clause in Article I Section 8, which says

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

because they claim, falsely, that the term “general welfare” is open to such broad interpretation that Congress may levy any tax for virtually any purpose whatever, so long as it may be claimed to provide for the general welfare of the people. Note that the quote above finished with a semi-colon, indicating that the statement was not yet complete. Go to the actual Article I Section 8 and you will find a long list of the specific things to be included in the “pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States;” If it isn’t in that list, Congress is not authorized to do it. Period. Taxing for anything not specifically in the list is unconstitutional. The list presents the very specific details of exactly how our government may pay debts, provide for common defense and general welfare.

The only other place in the Constitution that the term general welfare may be found is in the Preamble, which serves as an introduction to the Constitution, and is not Constitutional Law.

Our Founding Fathers clearly intended to limit the reach of government, and government restriction and limitation is clearly the intent of our Constitution as written. Today’s American Marxists, with Obama in the lead, intend to grow the government and expand it’s governing power far, far beyond the legal constraints of our Constitution. They’ve already done it. They ignore it, and they violate it.

But they are not the first; the ground has been prepared by others.

Why is the Court driving the American bus?

And how long must we endure the domination of all legislative and executive actions by the court? It is easy to see what Marxist driven Supreme Court and lower court bench-loading has done to us as a people.

We have the wild-assed Chief Justice Black gross miss-interpretation of a private letter by Jefferson as somehow pertaining to the intent of the religion clause of the First Amendment, which is just nuts. This Black Court establishment of new law ruled that no state, nor the federal government

“can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another.”

He further ruled that

“No tax in any amount, large or small, can be levied to support any religious activities or institutions, whatever they may be called, or whatever form they may adopt to teach or practice religion. Neither a state nor the Federal Government can, openly or secretly, participate in the affairs of any religions organizations or groups and vice versa. In the words of Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by laws was intended to erect a “wall of separation between Church and State””.

He just made all that up out of thin air.

Jefferson, and others among the founders, actually did all of the very things Black said they could not legally do. He lied about Jefferson’s wall, and about Jefferson’s intent, and about the intent of the framers. And a majority backed him up, Congress and the Executive branches did nothing, and we had ourselves a “Constitutional Principle” that to this day may not be found anywhere in the Constitution. You can read the disgusting details in the Refuting Separation of Church and State argument.

We have the wild-assed Justice Douglas penumbras formed by emanations so-called precedent that allowed a new Constitutional Right to be interpreted into being, on the whim of an evil man supported by a majority of justices. A Constitutional Right, mind you, that may not be found in the Bill of Rights, or anywhere else in the Constitution. And upon this flimsy, foundationless, thin-air legal precedent, another Constitutional right was interpreted into being: the Constitutional Right to abort someone. Again, another “Constitutional Right” not to be found in the Bill of Rights or elsewhere in the Constitution. Worldly men made it all up out of thin air.

These court decisions (Roe v Wade; Doe v Bolton) overturned existing, legislated, representative law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and made new law, at the national level, overriding all existing state laws. It was un-legislated, un-representative, un-constitutional new law. And Congress just sat there like a bunch of dumb-asses and did nothing. Legislation was supposed to be their job, but they weren’t smart enough to know that. Or, perhaps, they were evil enough to want this to happen. You can go to the Abortion In America page to read the disgusting details.

All of this is a matter of undeniable historical fact. We are supposed to be – or, rather, we were intended by the Founders to be – a nation of laws and not just of men. What this trend is turning us into is a nation of popular whim, fad and fancy, saying to hell with any fixed set of rules. To hell with fixed notions of right and wrong. To hell with the Constitution.

You don’t have to be an attorney to know that these actions were clearly unconstitutional. All you need to be able to do is read.

The many disguises of evil.

From John 8:44:

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

The two names our Lord gave to Satan are murderer and liar. The two names go together. Untruth leads to death, and leads others to death, in more ways than one.

Our sole problem in contemporary America involves truth vs. untruth.

Of course, the biggest, most dangerous and most successful (in America) opposition to truth factor involves the varying levels of acceptance of Marxist ideology. And there are lots of levels. My contention is that there is nothing in Marxism that is of any value to man. But many Americans consider some part of Marxist theory to be of some value. Only one of these positions can be correct.

Beginning, I think, some time in the thirties, when the world began to be aware of the government brutalities imposed on people in Russia and in Germany, American Leftists – both of the German and Russian variants – began to refer to themselves as progressives, to disassociate themselves and their movements from Marxism. At some point, the new word for Communist became progressive. The term Leftist has always applied to Marxists. For a number of decades, the term Liberal was favored.

Today, few American Marxists refer to themselves as Marxists. Even Leftist is too strong for most of them. Even the softer Liberal is too strong for some of them. Moderate seems about right for most of them; but note well that they all remain Marxist.

We are mesmerized into thinking that one can be a little bit Liberal, or take some of Marx’s theory to heart, and still be a good Constitutional American. This is false. It is untrue. There is nothing at all in Marxism that is in any way compatible with Constitutional America. Seeking any sort of compromise position between Marxist theory and Constitutional American can only result in a weakened Constitutional America.

Some things cannot be compromised. The difference between good and evil is one. Government by Marxism, in any variant or form whatsoever, and government by the American Constitution is another. They are incompatible, to the point of being mutually exclusive. You can either have free markets and a liberated citizenry, or you can have some variant of Socialism, one or the other. You cannot have both.

I therefore regard Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Liberalism, Leftism, Liberalism, Progressive-ism, Moderate-ism and Marxism to all be one and the same thing. For simplification, I refer to them all as Marxism, which is what they all are.

Again, our problem in contemporary America involves truth vs. untruth.

Marxist Driven Public Education.

So where is all the untruth coming from? Little American children are not learning how to put condoms on cucumbers, and the mechanics of safe fornication, protected sodomy and responsible promiscuity in home schools, private schools, parochial schools, in their homes or in their Churches, Temples or Synagogues. Little American children are being taught these things, solely and exclusively, in the Marxist driven public school system.

Hillary has taught us that it takes a village to raise a child.    See?

Little American girls are not smuggled in and out of abortion mills without their parent’s knowledge from any home schools, private schools, parochial schools, from their homes or from their Churches, Temples or Synagogues. That sort of thing is done, solely and exclusively, in the Marxist driven public school system.

Judeo-Christian religion, scripture, tradition, morality, religious expression, religious exercise and so forth are not strictly and, you might say, religiously censored, prohibited and even opposed in teaching in any home schools, private schools, parochial schools, in their homes or in any Churches, Temples or Synagogues. That sort of thing is done, solely and exclusively, in the Marxist driven public school system.

Pro-Marxist and anti-Capitalist bias is not taught American children in any home schools, private schools, parochial schools, from their homes or from their Churches, Temples or Synagogues. That sort of thing is done, solely and exclusively, in the Marxist driven public school system. That is where American history is taught in the most negative light possible, and Socialism is shown in the most positive light possible.

Our so-called public schools are the only places in America where children are exposed to the false rantings of the Femi-Nazi movement, the Homo-Nazi movement and the Eco-Nazi movement. Well, actually, they might see quite a bit of that on TV today, too, and in the public media. Black children are taught to feel victimized, and white children are taught to feel perpetually guilty, in a false and biased racist America slant of American history.

All of this captive audience Marxist indoctrination happens only in American public schools.

Marxist Driven College Education.

The ‘60s and ‘70s revolutionary, anti-war, hippy-freak, Woodstock generation, which was the first of several truly anti-American American generations, is now in charge of the American college campus. Yesterday’s hippy is today’s dean. They who led and participated in the sit-ins, love-ins, pot parties, orgies, bra burnings, draft card burnings, campus riots, ROTC building burnings, bombings and street-warfare are today’s Ivey League professors and talk-show celebrities.

Whatever else may be learned in the typical American university today, American and world history will be dripping with anti-American bias, and Socialism will be taught in the most positive light possible.

On the American college campus, flat out Communist disinformation has gone main-stream. It is the norm.

Even those graduates who are not infected with Marxism are often infected with what the late Jeane Kirkpatrick referred to as the Blame America First Syndrome in which America is always somehow seen to be the cause of whatever is bad in the world. The fact that we consume more than anyone else is grossly over-emphasized; the fact that we produce more than anyone else is forgotten. As is the fact that we export more than anyone else. If we have more than someone else, why, somehow that is unfair, and we owe it to someone else. When Marxism isn’t sinister, it is just silly, but always at the expense of America.

Marxist Driven Mainstream Media.

These days I’m working as a local delivery driver, and I get to listen to talk radio quite a bit out on the road. I love to listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Both of them seem to seek the truth and find it, quite regularly, and they always seem to hit the nail on the head, on whatever controversial topic they are discussing. Rush gets the preferred nod, as the most entertaining of the two, because of his wit. He is funny; he is always good for at least one good belly laugh every day, and sometimes he keeps me laughing through most of his show. This is good for me, these days, with who is running both houses of Congress and the White House, because sometimes I think if I didn’t laugh, I just might cry.

But both Sean and Rush have got something wrong, and it is their view of the mainstream media, which I have labeled the SLIMC1 . They feel that mainstream media journalists have missed the boat, are making themselves irrelevant, have failed in their duty, are going to be sorry, and so forth. But that is wrong. They know exactly what they are doing.

The SLIMC1 is every bit as Marxist as Obama is. I’ve been saying that ever since the Vietnam War. If any American profession today is more anti-American, on average, than the American teaching profession, it is American journalism, by an order of magnitude.

As described in several other pages on this site, Walter Cronkite may be the worst example of them all. Cronkite could have been and should have been investigated, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed for treason. The same could be said of John (did you know he served in Vietnam) Kerry, Hannoi-Jane Fonda and others, but Cronkite takes the highest “honor” because he was so trusted, and so believed, by so many. Cronkite, more than anyone else, is responsible for producing the first of several anti-American American generations. Cronkite, more than anyone else, as we said in the Vietnam War page, is responsible for the loss of the Vietnam War itself. He was always very proud of that.

Other American journalists idolize Cronkite; he is the one they most seek to emulate; he is their hero. They hope one day, following his lead, to somehow destroy Capitalism, and Constitutional America along with it.

What is to be done about all of this.

First of all, beware of third Party candidates. The reason Obama and the SLIMC1 keep on telling the same old lies over and over again is that they know they can get away with it, with a large segment, always at least one third, of the voting population. Sometimes it is possible for that fraction to be considerably larger.

First, always in the Marxist corner, are all the confirmed Marxists, whether useful idiot types or higher-ups. Next, there are all of the committed unthinking Democrats, who always vote Democrat because Dad did, or because the Dem position is pro-union, or it is deemed that the Dem position is pro-worker, or pro-little guy, or pro-minority, or pro-black, or pro-illegal alien, or pro-abortion, or pro-sodomy. Last, there are those who, one, are on the dole or hope to get on the dole, and two, those subject to voter fraud by illegal groups like ACORN. I submit that this block, never less than a third of the total, is confirmed, and cannot be persuaded to change their vote. Only votes outside this block are up for grabs. Obama, and Marxism, owns this voting block. That’s just the way it is.

We think that “the word is getting out” because of the Town Halls and the Tea Parties and the major demonstrations showing a conservative awakening to the Marxist threat. And it looks like that is true enough; the only question is how many, and how long will the enthusiasm last. Right now, it looks like some Democrat butt is going to get kicked in the year 2010, if the anger holds that long. But, I’m telling you, everybody is not getting the word.

First of all, I can testify that probably most of my generation and older generations not only do not ever get on the internet, but they don’t even own a computer. Second, no matter how popular Sean and Rush might be, most Americans don’t listen to the radio. Of those few who do, something less than 20% listen to talk radio. Third, although Fox News may be the most popular cable network news going, most viewers are not watching it. There are all those other channels to watch. Of those who watch cable news, there are more that watch all other news combined than watch the most popular Fox news.

I have previously registered my complaint against Fox, in that their “fair and balanced” reporting is lukewarm and disgusting. True American conservatism must support Constitutional America. Right? The only way to supply “balance” against Constitutional America is to put an anti-Constitutional American point of view up against it. The American Constitution cannot be compromised by any foreign philosophy. Our Constitution cannot compromise with Marxism. We cannot settle on some half-way position between our Constitution as written and the Marxist point of view. You can call it Liberal, or Leftist, or whatever, but what you are talking about is something that opposes the Constitution as written. We are either a nation of laws, or we are a nation of men. Marxists always seek to grow the reach of government beyond the constraints of the Constitution. That is, in a word, unconstitutional.

My anger at this situation is less with Fox News than with the simple fact that there is no true conservative voice anywhere on TV today. There is only the Marxist view, and the view of weaklings who seek peaceful compromise with Marxism.

The Libertarian position poses more of a threat to Constitutional America than anything else in view. I promise you, if we split our vote with a third Party, Obama will win another term. That is how the Presidents Clinton got themselves elected, twice, in elections in which more people voted against them than voted for them. They still won, because of third Party candidates splitting the conservative vote. It will happen again if there are more than two candidates.

No third Party is going anywhere in America. That’s just the way it is. Get behind whichever of the major Party’s you choose, and then work within it to change it for the better.

Another problem with the Libertarian position is that it is amoral; I use that word because it is beyond immorality. There is no moral standard. Libertarianism is therefore opposed to the Judeo-Christian Ethos that forms the foundation of the Constitution and our civil law. Libertarianism has no moral norms whatsoever. Whatever floats your boat, so long as you don’t interfere with any other citizen. If it feels good, do it. This is a “morality” of pure self-ism and selfishness. The adherent says, if those people over there want to legalize or legitimize homosexual marriage, it’s no skin off my nose, so let them do it. You are to consider yourself only, not the larger culture, other people’s children, examples, role models or anything else. And the other guy is not to consider you or your morality. It’s every man for himself.

That’s not the basis of our Constitution. We need our underlying ethos.

There is also the threat of the sneakier forms of Islam seeking the same thing – dictatorship – that Marxism seeks, but by a different fake ideology, using another form of useful idiot dupes to achieve its ends. Islam is, in truth, a sham religion. Like Marxism, it is a tool of use to the would-be dictator for recruitment and conquest. Look at the shocking similarities in the histories and the images of Sadam and Stalin. They even looked alike. I wonder if Sadam groomed his mustache to make himself look like Stalin. Look at what they both did to their own people. Look at the many images of each of them in giant public portraits, in children’s text books, in giant bronze figures. It’s hard to tell them apart.

Obama, like Stalin, and like Sadam, is capable of switching color or camouflage in an instant, like the chameleon, to take advantage of any crisis or situation that presents itself, to enable him to get in control, or more in control.

In President Obama we have our first truly anti-American President, who clearly holds America in contempt. He will not sing her anthem or salute her flag, and it probably galls him to publicly honor her heroes. He can be judged by his written and spoken words, by his actions and by his close associates. They show him to be opposed to our Constitution and to our true history. His background is in community organizing, which is a softer title for revolutionary rabble rousing. He surrounds himself with Marxists, common criminals, anarchists, terrorists, racists, anti-Semites, tax evaders, frauds, femi-Nazis, homo-Nazis, eco-Nazis and other assorted Democrats.

If you wear the uniform of any of our American armed forces, beware. Be aware. You have sworn the same oath Obama swore, to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The difference is, you meant it. In some immediate declared crisis, if Obama is true to form, martial law will be declared, and the upper ranks will begin to be purged. That is the most likely pattern that will be followed. Don’t let him get away with it. You swore to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We are depending on you.

  1. We all need to spend some time in prayer and fasting.
  2. The Republican Party needs to formulate a plan similar to the Gingrich Contract With America, redefine itself, put aside internecine squabbles and get behind a good leader, such as Sarah Palin, and back her 100%.
  3. We need to take back both houses of Congress in 2010. That means voting Republican, as repugnant as that may be for many of us. If our vote is split with third Party candidates, we lose, and the Marxocrats win.
  4. We need to roll back as much of the legislative damage that has been done as is possible to roll back.
  5. We need to pass the Fair Tax.
  6. We need to take back the White House in 2012.
  7. We need to repeal Amendment XVI, the Income Tax amendment, in order to allow the Fair Tax to operate unhindered.
  8. We need to repeal Amendment XVII, and go back to having US Senators appointed by each State, to represent, not the people, but the individual State.
  9. We need to use legislative and/or executive action to abrogate previously established unconstitutional Supreme Court law-by-precedent.
  10. We need to eliminate the Department of Education and privatize the public school system.
  11. We need to eliminate any existing legal requirement of employers to provide any kind of benefit other than pay for their employees.
  12. We need to establish in law that the ownership of health insurance policies rests with the insured and not with employers, government entities, unions or any other entity. When employment ends, the employee still owns his policy.
  13. We need to allow purchase of health insurance policies across state lines.
  14. We need tort reform to limit damages in medical liability suits.
Things are not looking good. We have a President with the scruples of a Chicago racketeer, the wiles of an Illinois politico and the hubris of a Sadam. He seeks and gets the support of the worlds most cruel and corrupt dictators, and he snubs and avoids all of our traditional allies. He follows the morality of BMDFP10 and Marxocrats. He is determined, not to represent us, but to rule us.

It’s time for a change we can believe in.


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SLIMC1 Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex
GESGOEAEOT2 Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time
PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild-Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical-Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser-Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical-Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
PEJTML22 Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
PSYOP23 "Psychological Operation" Mind Trick
CDC24 Covid Developmentally Challenged
LGBTQ+25 Every Letter Represents A Serious Psychotic sexual Identity Disorder

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Date: Wed Sep 30 22:17:13 2009
From: DetailDevil


This is wrong on so many levels. Just to address a few of the many,

  1. Hitler sought to create a “Super Race” and believed in the genetic superiority of one race over others, and that made him a racist. President Obama has never expressed any such belief. By some of his statements, you may ascribe to him such lesser evils as discrimination or prejudice or bigotry, but not racism. There is a lot of that in America and you know it.
  2. Your broad-brush charge of Marxism applied to everyone and every institution you think is opposed to your way of thinking is ludicrous. People are not anti-American just because they are other than conservative in their politics. Marxism has not penetrated every nook and cranny in America.
  3. Your comparison of Sadam and Stalin cannot be serious. How can you compare the governance of the Soviet Union to that of Iraq?
  4. You act as though President Obama had personally authored every bill and every government action since he took office, but we all know that Congress writes bills and experts work out details. All the President can do is promote the larger programs. He cannot be guilty of flaws created by others, nor can he be honestly accused of some kind of hidden plot.
  5. Everybody, including you, knows some friend or associate who is corrupt in some way, but that does not make everyone, or you, guilty by association. Yet you tar the President with guilt by association.
You begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist when you pick one man out of the whole government and demonize him and his actions, comparing him to negative historical figures. You are making people think there is a larger conspiratorial force at work rather than someone with a political position opposed to yours being on the winning side.


Date: Thu Oct 01 18:59:48 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


Let me try to respond point by point.

  1. Racism: 1. belief in the superiority of a particular race; prejudice based on this. 2. antagonism toward other races. We are not talking about the kind of discrimination used when selecting tomatoes at the market; we are talking about racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is an expression of racism. Racial prejudice is an expression of racism. Racial bigotry is an expression of racism. There are indeed a lot of racists in America today, and most of them are black. There are a lot of anti-Semites in America today, and most of them are black. And there are a lot of reverse racists, meaning racist against their own race, and most of them are Democrats. The largest and most prominent group obsessed with race consists of Liberal whites filled with guilt, tearful apologies and self-loathing, and who are over-anxious to find ways to publicly prove that they are not racist. They project their own inner dark theories regarding race onto the rest of us.
  2. My use of the term anti-American pertains to the way the person or institution supports or opposes our Constitution. If you support it and seek to keep government within its constraints, then you are pro-American. Conversely, if you oppose it, ignore it or somehow seek to expand government power beyond the legal constraints of the Constitution, then you are an anti-American. That is what the Democrat Party is doing right now, at warp speed, with Obama leading the way. Since Marxist theorists took over education in America, Marxism has indeed penetrated every nook and cranny in America.
  3. You need to look at Sadam and Stalin without any rose-colored glasses or through any false-history filter. Stalin pretended before the whole world that he was a Communist, and that the Soviet Union was a Communist Worker’s Paradise. What can’t be taken seriously is the view that Joseph Stalin actually believed in any part of the great Communist lie. Sadam pretended to be a Moslem, even occasionally praying in public in the Moslem manner, with his butt up in the air. What can’t be taken seriously is the view that Sadam Hussein was any kind of devout and prayerful man of God. Both Sadam and Stalin were brutal, sadistic, mass-murdering absolute dictators. Their personal characteristics were nearly identical. They were birds of a feather.
  4. Wrong. Congress does not write bills. These days, Congress does not even read bills. Here’s the typical scenario: Obama declares the shocking imminence of an impending calamity and disaster of epic proportions if his idea is not implemented right now; a bill (maybe a bail-out, maybe a TARP, maybe a stimulus, maybe a Cap-and-Tax, maybe a Socialized Medicine, etc.); Congress dutifully waves a magic wand, and Poof, a bill nobody has read pops into being to solve the impending calamity, and they pass it. It’s getting boring. In the Catholic Liturgical Reform page we talked about the major mistake of the Bishops in Vatican II granting free-reign to the periti (experts), who were not Bishops, to “work out the details” of what was being decreed by the Council. This mistake very nearly cost the Catholic Church her Latin Liturgy, and went further, using feminized language to infect the Catechism. The Catechism was caught and corrected before publication, but the Catholic liturgy of the Mass was injured, and nearly destroyed. Now we see the American Congress doing the exact same thing to American civil law. Congressmen and Senators are not legislating. Unelected experts are. Lobbyists, ACORN workers, Union workers and all sorts of people with their own agenda are writing the bills in such a way as to obfuscate and confuse readers, while scratching each other’s backs. Obama merely sets the tone, and the overall tone is, exactly, Marxist. Whatever the purpose of the bill-of-the-moment, the overall goal is to grow the government, increase government power at the expense of power of the people, and centralize all political power into the Presidency.
  5. It may be true that someone among my friends and associates may be corrupt, but that is not the same as the situation with Obama. All of his friends and associates are corrupt. There are very few people you can truthfully say that about. Show me some close friend or associate of Barack Hussein Obama who is not in some way corrupt.

Finally, maybe I am becoming a conspiracy theorist in my old age, and maybe I’m even getting a little bit paranoid. But note well that if they’re really out to get you, then you’re not a paranoid. And if there really is a conspiracy, then you are not just a conspiracy theorist.

As I keep pointing out over and over again, in this particular conspiracy, most of the perpetrators don’t even know what they are and don’t fully understand where this bus is going.

The real enemy is untruth.



Date: Sun Oct 04 23:11:57 2009
From: Brenda


Your use of the word moderate as formerly used by Communists to describe themselves – did you really mean to use the word progressive?

Also, your rigid definition of the limitations on government imposed by the Constitution leaves little room for already established major departments of the federal government, such as education, HUD, and others. Are you saying all of them are unconstitutional?


Date: Mon Oct 05 06:31:13 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


Yes, I did mean to say progressive. Moderate is also in use these days, perhaps more commonly than progressive. Good catch; thank you. Communists hit on a good one with progressive, because it’s so much more positive sounding than Communist. Later when I have more time I’ll go through the article and put in the word progressive wherever appropriate.

And yes, I did intend to say that such things as education, housing, urban development and a host of other activities are local problems needing local solutions. Such problems are completely outside the domain of the federal government and the federal government has no business whatsoever getting involved in strictly local issues.



Date: Wed Oct 07 09:33:44 2009
From: Jason

I would like to make two points, if I may.

First point, you might have a good argument showing more similarities than differences between Stalin and Hitler, but including Sadam in that comparison is quite a stretch. There is a world of difference between Islam, however deformed under any particular ruler, and any form of Marxism.

Second point, your portrayal of the Libertarian position as amoral is not accurate. You cannot say that libertarians are amoral or immoral, only that they will not seek to impose their own morality on others, and will not allow any other morality to be imposed on them. Most Libertarians are highly moral individuals. I find Libertarianism to be preferable to Conservatism or Liberalism, and the Libertarian Party is certainly preferable to the Republican or Democratic Parties.

Date: Wed Oct 07 19:22:43 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


All you have to do is look at history. Stalin, Hitler and Sadam were all ruthless, brutal, barbaric, sadistic, mass-murdering tyrants; all sought Empire and expansion by military force, and all were recognized as dangerous threats to their neighbors as well as to the larger world. Stalin harbored a personal hatred of Ukrainians; Hitler harbored a personal hatred of Jews; Sadam harbored a personal hatred of Kurds.

All stood under a particular false banner; Stalin’s banner was Communism, Hitler’s banner was Nazism, Sadam’s banner was Islam. Communism and Nazism were sham socio-ideologies, and Islam was a sham religio-ideology. None of the three of them gave two whoops in hell for the banner they stood under or for the ideology it represented. Each ideological banner was merely a tool, of use to each tyrant, with which to keep a huge segment of the masses stupidly singing praises to the glorious leader and marching beneath his banner.

I will go farther and say that the famous Saladin was no different than Stalin, Hitler or Sadam. He conquered not with any voluntary conversion, as we all understand that term, but by force, with the use of the sword. His only weapon other than military force was a false ideology. Millions followed him on blind faith in falsehood, the same as with Stalin, Hitler and Sadam.

They all bear a strong resemblance to Obama, in whom there is no truth.

To address your second point, while a given Libertarian may not be an amoral or an immoral person, the Libertarian position itself is amoral, and it is therefore un-American.

This whole website, on webpage after webpage, contains heavy evidence and articulation of the absolute need and requirement of a fixed morality and a moral citizenry for our Constitutional Republic to continue to properly function. All of the Founding Fathers agreed that high morality was a requirement of ongoing Liberty.

Libertarianism says that no moral norm is to be preferred over any other, and no one is to impose any particular morality on anyone else. This opposes the notion of any fixed sense of right and wrong, and promotes the rather stupid “ideal” of every-man-for-himself moral norms. That’s just as bad as any other form of moral relativism. As a people, as a distinct nation, we need a common sense of what’s right what’s wrong, and to base our representative civil law accordingly. What we use today (except for the Democrat Party) is the Judeo-Christian Ethos to guide our individual lives and to provide a basis for our law. Marxists hate that.

In the arguments pro and con section, we offered arguments against the notion that you cannot legislate morality, and against the religion as a private matter argument, and against the un-Constitutional principle of separation of Church and state, and several others. See also the Church and State in Art page for a pictorial review of America’s dependence upon God’s Law.

Bottom line here, if we are not to use the ethos the nation was born with and the majority of the population is imbued with, then, what exactly are we to use? Are we to believe that if there is no commonly held sense of right versus wrong to be represented in civil law, that society will not degenerate even farther than it has under the infection of Secularism and Marxism? Are we to move to the “morality” of BMDFP10 and Marxocrats?

The Republican Party today, as bad as it has slipped, is still far better than either the Democrat position or the Libertarian position. No Republican would have created this health care fiasco, or commandeered the auto industry. If the Republican Party returns to its roots and re-finds its basic morality, which is Conservatism, America will be saved. Particularly if they get behind a good strong candidate who already scares the living hell out of all the Marxist opposition, such as Sarah Palin.

Does the Republican Party, and America, need Sarah Palin?




Date: Mon Oct 26 23:39:38 2008
From: Martha


Might make a good bumper sticker.

Date: Tue Nov 03 23:24:01 2009
From: Jason

What is so great about Sarah Palin?

Date: Wed Nov 04 06:02:52 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


Nothing. That’s what’s so great about her.

She is one of us.

She is no elitist; she has no need to put on any airs or adopt any stage persona. She speaks our language; she understands us and we understand her. She is middle America personified. She is petty bourgeois, like the rest of us.

Rush Limbaugh said, if you listen to the mainstream media and to the Democrats, they will tell you who they fear the most. He’s right. They have tried and they continue to try to destroy her. They openly, publicly despise her, and they attack her personally, they attack her family, and everything about her, at every opportunity to do so. They never miss an opportunity to demonize her.

They are terrified of her. The Left despises her, because they know who she is and what she stands for. And – get this – the more they attack her, the stronger she gets.

And that’s what’s so great about Sarah Youbetcha Palin.



Date: Mon Nov 16 22:00:32 2009
From: DetailDevil

Vic -

You recommended impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Here’s what the constitution says about impeachment :
“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.“
What treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors did he commit?


Date: Tue Nov 17 06:02:29 2009
From: Vic Biorseth


The many violations of the Constitution he swore to protect, as enumerated in other pages linked to from this page, and others. Each violation of the United States Constitution constituted a direct violation of his oath of office. If a violation of the oath of office is no crime or misdemeanor, then the oath of office has no point, no purpose for being, and it should no longer be administered.

Look closely at what has been done and at what is being done under this administration. Obama is not the only one openly and repeatedly violating his oath of office.



Date: Sat Jan 16 00:59:03 2010
From: Ingrid
Location: Cincinnati, OH


When you attack Libertarians you attack possibly the most sensible ally conservatism has. If Libertarians do not proactively and demonstrably oppose abortion and other moral issues, neither do they proactively and demonstrably promote or support abortion and other moral issues. The current problem is encroaching Socialism, and the destruction of our economy to that end. Do we not need every available ally to stop this?

Date: Sat Jan 16 06:57:03 210
From: Vic Biorseth


The Libertarian position has nothing of value for the American ideal. It is nothing but an election-losing vote splitter, which stands on an amoral base; although that puts it a level higher than pure evil, it remains nevertheless a middle-ground, weak, lukewarm and disgusting position.

Libertarians don’t know right from wrong. They deny the need for any corporate sense of right and wrong, which is to say, they deny the uniquely American Judeo-Christian Ethos and morality that defines us as a people and makes of us a nation distinct from other nations.

Libertarians are thus anti-American, as defined in the Definition of Anti-American. This Website is pro-American, as defined in the Definition of Pro-Amerian. Libertarians promote and demonstrate pure moral relativism as some sort of guideline for the further development of our people and our nation. Once the most common morality of the people predominantly becomes “whatever floats your boat,” decent society, as we know it, will be doomed.

Again, politically speaking, all the Libertrian position can do is split the conservative vote and lose elections. Promote good Republican candidates, influence the Republican Party any way you can, and vote Republican.



Date: Fri Jan 22 23:52:40 2010
From: Calm Voice


Barrack Obama is an academic with little or no real world experience in working an ordinary job let alone a business. Add to that a strong idealism and you what you get is a man who is naïve and impractical. These are traits that many experienced practical working people and business people might call dumb or stupid. But it is a long stretch from dumb to evil. Even the fact that his formative education involved Marxism or that he leans Left, or that his friends and associates may be Marxists, does not in and of itself make Obama evil. I think he is in way over his head, and doesn’t know what he is doing.

Date: Sat Jan 23 06:19:08 2010
From: Vic Biorseth

Calm Voice:

That premise is just too incredible for me to accept; Obama is a slick enough liar to get himself elected President of the United States, with a lot of help from a lot of lying fellow Marxists. I’m not saying that there is not a grain of truth in what you propose, but that it simply defies credulity that he could be so stupid. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, every step of the way. He wants America to fail, on many levels. For him crisis is good, so, he initiates crisis, again and again. And when the crisis he causes isn’t large enough, he doubles down and does the same again, only bigger.

Just look at what he has done and is doing to private American finance and business, which he hates, and has called “the enemy.” Just look at how he is treating foreign enemy POWs who have committed themselves to killing us all. Look at how he hamstrings our own forces overseas with Miranda Rights requirements on the field of battle.

Try to imagine a United States Marine under fire, calling out, “Excuse me, could you hold your fire long enough for me to read you your American citizen legal rights? I can’t return fire until you have been properly Mirandized.” Is the Infantry School to now include Miranda Cards in various languages among the gear a grunt is to carry into battle?

Obama wants to contribute to an American military defeat, for his Party. It is no different than when Cronkite, Fonda and Kerry contributed to an American military defeat in Vietnam for their Viet Cong Party. I mean Democrat.

Obama intends to rule us. He has already used the word. Again, it defies credulity that he, or anyone, could be that blindly stupid.

He is evil personified.



Date: Mon Jan 25 21:59:17 2010
From: Cheryl


I think you give Obama’s intelligence too much credit. Both arguments are correct; he is an impractical academic, and he is a Marxist. But I don’t think he was elected merely or mostly by Marxist cooperation to get him elected, because I don’t believe the American electorate is so uneducated as to not see that and allow it to happen. The press and the people were fooled by his idealism and the hope he projected, and now they are awakening to the “empty suit” they have elected. He just doesn’t know what he is doing. He is evil, but he is more stupid than evil.


Date: Tue Jan 26 06:14:08 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


Marxist dominated American academia has been working overtime for multiple generations now to “educate” and prepare the electorate for this moment. Socialized education has been and is doing it in the American public schools system, and professors just like Obama have been and are doing it in the American university. The American electorate is indeed so uneducated as to allow this abomination to happen. The proof is that they proactively caused it to happen while the result was so iminently predictable.

You have been fooled by “the press” and you are not alone.

I refer to them as the SLIMC1 , and that term, and it’s Webpage, were among the first things ever written on this Website. For good reason. The SLIMC1 , more than anything else, got Obama elected. The SLIMC1 is Marxist to the core. The SLIMC1 has mastered the Journalistic Lie, which is of the form:

Tell a big lie; tell it often; get others to repeat it; stick to it, and it will be believed.

The SLIMC1 has lied about Obama by commission, by omission, by exaggeration and by spin. They who successfully broke the will of the American people to resist Communist aggression in Southeast Asia are now working to break the will of the American people to defend Capitalism, the free market and liberty. And our ethos, and our religion, and our simple ability to tell right from wrong.

That is their mission. Obama is their leader. The question is not whether Obama is evil or stupid; he is both, but he is mostly evil. No Marxist is brilliant. The real question is how many of the SLIMC1 are evil Marxist perpetrators, and how many are Marxist useful idiots.



Date: Mon Feb 01 04:21:31 2010
From: Cheryl


I’ve read most of your site and agree with almost all of it. But I detect too much anger over rationality. You can’t damn the whole of the media as Marxist ideologues and not recognize that you, too, are an ideologue. You are so overbearing in your opinions that you condemn half or more of your own church, and probably over half of your own country.

There has to be some middle way.

Date: Mon Feb 01 05:55:43 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


I hope that my anger is justified and does not rule over rationality, but once the anger pot is boiling, it may boil over. Even righteous anger may be overdone.

I do indeed damn the entire SLIMC1 as a pack of Marxist, anti-American Obama worshipers. The only bright spot in big-time official news is the FOX network, who, in the face of the enemy, seeks to be “fair and balanced” and give equal time to the enemies of the very idea of America. That I also condemn. They have all the rest of the media to promote Marxism and anti-Americanism, and FOX still gives them equal time on the only non-Marxist major news outlet in America.

We have no conservative voice in the American media.

I am indeed an ideologue; the question is whether the ideas and ideals I am an ideologue about are worthy or not. I condemn opposing ideas and ideals. Anyone who is committed to an idea or an ideal is an ideologue to the degree that he stands up for it. Ideas and ideals are divisive, and not inclusive. That is why we have such a thing as politics and political Parties, which are, definitively, divisive along ideological lines. Ideas are what make us what we are.

As to my church, I love and defend it; it is unorthodox and erroneous teaching within it that I condemn, along with those who teach it.

As for the numbers in contemporary America – well, count the voters and the states that aligned themselves with Obama against the very idea of America. You’re damned right I condemn them. Where the hell are their brains?

There is and can be no middle way for me. It is liberty or death.



Date: Thu Feb 25 23:22:04 2010
From: Curmudgeon
Location: NY, NY


In an earlier response you mentioned the “journalistic lie” which was of the form “Tell a big lie; tell it often; get others to repeat it; stick to it, and it will be believed.” That was the great idea of Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, by which the German population was fooled about the true nature of Hitler and his goals.

Just wanted to point that out. Enjoy your site very much; keep it up.



Date: Fre Feb 26 05:51:23 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


Quite right; thank you very much.

Goebbels probably got the big lie out of Hitler’s own Mein Kamph where Hitler himself described the ruse in great detail. The idea was (and remains) to tell a lie so big, so preposterous, that the hearer will be stunned into thinking that no one could ever tell such a monstrous lie, and therefore it just may be true. After all, who in his right mind would have the sheer hubris to tell such a flagrant lie in public? Then, hammer it, repeat it, get others to back it up, keep hitting it, and it will be believed. Some segment of the population will internalize it as an absolute truism, and even a very bad idea will have gained some committed ideologues.

The SLIMC1 is just as Marxist as Hitler, Goebbels and Obama. Like them, the SLIMC1 is nothing more than a MEJTML14 . Look at the Vietnam War page. Look at the absolutely preposterous, yet generally accepted notions described in the Global Consensual Fraud page, the Eco-Nazi page, and so many others on this site. None of these complete fabrications would ever have gained any ground whatsoever in the minds of thinking men if it were not for the driving force of the great media lie. It is purposeful disinformation.

The SLIMC1 is just as Marxist and just as anti-constitution and just as anti-American as Obama and the current Marxocrat Party leadership. The real purpose for all of these little sub-lies is to religiously cleanse us, weaken our sense of morality, demonize the free market and promote the lie of Marxism.

Just ask yourself how much America-wide and world-wide support the truly stupid notion of anthropomorphic global warming has, and then look into the question of why all that support exists, for such an open, obvious fraud.

Thank you again.



Sunday, February 10, 2013
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Date:  Sat Feb 08 07:04:53 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

To:  Lefty Troll:

At first glance, my immediate impression is that you may not be smart enough to be embarrassed by the shear stupidity of your argument.  Perhaps that impression is mistaken.  I didn't publish it, saving you some public embarrassment, and giving you a chance to rethink, regroup and maybe resubmit with a little more forethought, and with some evidence or references supporting your argument. 



Date:   Thu Sep 25 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

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"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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