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Of simple liars, flagrant liars, and damned liars

Vic Biorseth,

As I begin this Homo Nazi WebPage, national news is revolving round the Senate debate on the Marriage Amendment. And so we get to see some heavy-duty high-level lying, on camera, for all the world to see.

This is the second of three "Nazi" movement Catholic American Thinker WebPages to be added before returning to Church subjects: Eco-Nazism, Homo-Nazism and Femi-Nazism. Current events are convenient to the timing of this webpage.

The Homo Nazi movement already owns the SLIMC1 , but most people are probably not yet aware of the inroads it has made into government. I have previously alluded to the discernable hidden agenda of the Left in this country, most recently in the MSM Controlled Poll blog of June 2. When high-level politicians use mealy-mouthed weasel-words to explain their position, how they're really for something that they are voting against, you should see their winning, warm, friendly, political smiles as sinister. It is about as benign as the smile of the crocodile. I've said it before, many times, and it always bears repeating: you show me a Marxist and I'll show you an ends-justify-the-means liar. These predominantly Homo Nazi Senators do not love America so much as they love the notion of Utopia, or Communism. They don't use those actual words anymore; they've been replaced with terms like Global Governance, the Borderless Community, and the Global Village. The goal is the same. They seek to grow the government, migrate power from the people to the state, and centralize all power. The problem, for them, is that, within any culture, the normative family is the primal social unit, and a citizen cannot be trained to a point of total subservience to the god-state while he still owes any allegiance at all to his family. Marx and Engles knew this early on and said that the family had to go.

In the next days you will see and hear Homo Nazi Republican and Homo Nazi Democratic Senators - a majority of them - take the podium, one at a time, and declare, with a straight face, that they are going to oppose the amendment, even though they really, really support it, and wish it would pass, see? They probably could all use the same talking notes; indeed, maybe they are. Having already heard a couple, let me predict what they will all say.

They will start out with a personal statement to the effect that they, personally, believe that a legal marriage should consist of a sacrament or civil union between one man and one woman. (A flagrant categorical lie.) Once that's done, they will launch into a Homo Nazi tirade about how this purely political thing couldn't possibly pass, because such a clear majority of them have all publicly decided to personally oppose it, even though they all publicly declared that they personally support it. They really aren't smart enough, individually or collectively, to see the shear stupidity of that position.

I personally favor the amendment, but I have to go along with all those other Senators, the overwhelming majority of whom also personally favor the amendment, with few exceptions, but we all decided to vote against it. It's worse than a flagrant lie; it's a stupid flagrant lie. Senators are not supposed to be that stupid, but, what can I say? There it is, in the record.

There will then follow a long Homo Nazi litany of agenda items deemed more worthy and more important than the foundation of the American family that should be up for debate instead of wasting time on this item that everyone knows cannot pass a two-thirds vote, because they've all said so, although they also all said that they personally favor it, see?

Then there will be a Homo Nazi declaration that the nature of Marriage is a state issue and/or something to be legislated, perhaps at the national level, but certainly not worthy of a Constitutional Amendment. Note well that these very same Senators who falsely claim to favor yet vote against the amendment and want it to be handled at non-Constitutional levels are the exact same Senators who openly oppose conservative judges and push for Leftist-activist judges who will, from the bench, undermine and undo State legislation, State Constitutions, Federal legislation and even the Federal Constitution. The objective appears to be to thwart majority rule and to thwart representative legislated law, through the use of a Leftist-dominated court system. They will even use the "filibuster" to defeat a majority vote on a conservative judge for that purpose - in other words, they will not allow the majority to rule even in the houses of Congress. They seek to eliminate all checks and balances, and the balance of power between the three branches of government, and to ever increasingly centralize power in the un-elected, unrepresentative, and (hopefully) ever increasingly Leftist and Homo Nazi Supreme Court.

They oppose majority rule. Their records prove it. The major American idea that they oppose here is the notion that our government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. Our government is supposed to promote domestic tranquility, which is to say, civility; they are expected to act to make us more civil, not less. Yet they publicly force us all into public situations in which our overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian morality is expected to modify itself to be something less than it is, which is extremely upsetting to large masses of people. This is not tranquility, nor is it improved civility. It is divisive, and corrosive of culture. Leftie-Lib Senators and Congressmen who act (or stand aside) to promote the normalization, legalization and social acceptability of sodomy and perversion are the same ones who point a finger at Believers and call them divisive and The Religious Right Wing. In the absence of rigid status-classes in America, these fundamental Marxists cannot successfully promote class warfare here. The next best thing they can do is promote civil disharmony and sow the seeds of discontentment, on many topics, including Homo Nazism, preparing the ground for some future opportunity.

It's a clear and obvious bait-and-switch political move. The same Leftie Homo Nazi politicians who load the courts with Lefties and Homo Nazis during Democratic administrations and effectively block all conservative nominees during Republican administrations squeal that this Marriage matter should be a state issue. And the states legislate for it and even amend Constitutions for it, and then the predominantly Leftist-Marxist, Homo Nazi courts just throw all that right back in the face of the people. And, perhaps worst of all, they don't think we're smart enough to figure out what they're doing to us.

Where's this "goodness" and "normalcy" and "acceptability" of homosexuality coming from?

Natural law, ecclesial law and simple common sense tell us that homosexuality is disordered, wrong and not normal. It could only be normal if heterosexuality was abnormal.

But, we are told, they can’t help themselves, poor dears. We are to believe that they are born that way, and we are to believe it solely on their say-so, even as we watch them go back and forth between periods of homosexual and heterosexual activity, and get “cured” of their “condition” in huge numbers. We now have thousands of years of history of people who practiced chastity, and even whole orders who practiced complete celibacy, to compare with the history of the licentious. In all of recorded history, not one single person ever died or even got sick as a result of chastity or celibacy. The reverse cannot be said. Anyone who says that homosexuals – or anyone, really – any non-psychopathic, non-sociopath, non-criminal, sane person who is and should be free among us and not locked up somewhere – absolutely must, by his nature, accomplish sexual gratification in some manner, is lacking in that quality that was once universally recognized as simple common sense.

In the natural order,

the clear and obvious procreative purpose sex itself, as well as that of both sets of sex organs, is defeated, and so is the physical, emotional and temperamental natural complementarity of the two sexes. The parts don't fit. This is not exactly rocket science. I don't know why Leftie-Libs, who always portray themselves as nature-lovers, always seem to hate nature so much.

The Homo Nazi argument says that a committed homosexual couple has high fidelity and form a good family foundation; not true. A homosexual union can never be a good foundation for any family, whether through adoption, invitro-fertilization or whatever. And that's just assuming the homosexual union stays together long enough to completely raise any children, which, statistics show, would be an exceedingly rare occurrence. Homosexual infidelity is notoriously and very dramatically greater than heterosexual infidelity. The overwhelming majority of homosexuals are quite promiscuous, even dangerously so.

The Homo Nazi argument is that homosexual couples make excellent parents; not true. Children in a natural, normal home with one biological father and one biological mother do better in life in every category that can be measured than do those raised in any other kind of home. That's the way it is. Children who are raised in a homosexual household, under the specter of sodomy, are raised pre-imbued with a malformed conscience and a counter-cultural sense of right and wrong. They are likely to start out their young adulthood with guiding values and mores that are at odds with those of the overwhelming majority of the whole world.

There is, of course, the natural disgust factor to consider. Homo Nazism doesn't even talk about this. When a young man smokes his first cigarette, or takes his first drink of hard liquor, he experiences a natural choking or gagging reflex. There's a reason for that; smoking isn't good for you, and neither is hard liquor. Your body tries to reject it, and let you know that it is not a good thing that you are trying to ingest. In a similar manner, the very thought of homosexuality or of any homosexual relationship induces in mature men strong feelings of revulsion and disgust. It's why homosexuality and homosexual recruitment so often preys on the extremely young, often too young to even be thinking of sexual things. And, It's why one needs to be conditioned to it, just as one needs to be conditioned to smoking, and to drinking hard liquor. There is nothing about homosexuality that comes about naturally. The open Homo Nazi program to educate the world on the "naturalness" of homosexuality is nothing but a homosexual recruitment drive.

What we are talking about here is the use of the mouth and the lower bowel as alternative and even alternating sex organs. Now, it doesn't get any more disgusting than this. Any time any doctor or other person, no matter how lettered, no matter how recognized, tells you that this is in any way a healthy activity or a normal activity, you will be listening to a flagrant categorical liar. Here is the hard truth Homo Nazism seeks to hide. Homosexuals, more than any other group, suffer from various infections and maladies relating to the ingestion of fecal matter, maladies so rare in the rest of the population as to be non-existent. Male homosexuals in due time suffer from a wide and wild variety of lower bowel symptoms that have come to be collectively known as the "Gay Bowel Syndrome", the partial resolution of which involves the need to wear diapers for the rest of their natural lives. Life expectancy of a homosexual male is only 45 compared to 67 for normal men. They have dramatically higher suicide rates, and much heavier association with alcohol and drug abuse, and drug-related medical problems ranging from overdose to virulent hepatitis.

Statistical rates of suicide and clinical depression are so much higher among homosexual men than heterosexual men as to clearly indicate a serious psychopathology. Rampant and unrestrained obsessive-compulsive urges to self-announce their homosexuality in hostile environments and before large audiences similarly indicates psychopathology. No matter what any Homo Nazi says about it, this is a very odd behavior; promiscuous fornicators and adulterers do not as a rule self-confess their affairs in public to wide audiences in the same way, or even in the same or similar venues in which homosexuals regularly do it. Except for the occasional odd-ball weirdo like Geraldo Rivera, this behavior is absolutely unique to homosexuals, and they receive very special social protections to allow them to continue to do it. If an adulterer or a fornicator made the same broad public announcement of his "condition," in the work place, for instance, he would most likely be fired for it, and elsewhere he would suffer the consequences typical to scandal. Most normal people quite simply do not care whether someone is a homosexual or not; but the homosexual feels compelled to dramatically bring his condition to the forefront of everyone's attention anyway. Homosexuality is a sickness, and Homo Nazism is more of a public menace than Typhoid Mary ever was.

Surely the Church would never put up with this. Right?

In the ecclesial order,

we can turn to Scripture. In Genesis God sees that it is not good that the man should be alone, He decides to make a helper fit for him, and He made a woman out of one of Adam's rib bones. And Adam named her Woman, because she was flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh." [Gen 2:24] And God told them to be fruitful and multiply [Gen 1:28].

Note well that God didn't make, for Adam, just a buddy or a friend or someone to just satisfy some personal need of Adam's. God made for Adam a complete and perfectly complementary soul-mate, in every addressable category, including physical, sexual, parental, temperamental, psychological and intellectual. Together, and only together, they formed the very foundation for the Human family.

Go to Gen. 38:8-10 and read about the famous sin of Onan. Then go to the Contraception WebPage to see the consistent train of Church teaching on the matter, which began, in Judaism, in pre-Apostolic times and continues to this very day unchanged. And it was absolutely consistent even with secular norms, and identical with the teaching of all of Protestantism, right up until 1930. The very simple teaching, in a nutshell, is this:

Sex is reserved exclusively for the married state; any sex outside the normal bounds of marriage is gravely sinful. Any act that accomplishes sexual gratification while prohibiting the procreation of children is gravely sinful.

Very simple; nothing to it. Go the link above and you will see that all of Western Civilization followed this very simple and natural rule, until 1930. See what Luther, and Freud, and Gandhi said about it. Today, only the Church (and the various Eastern Orthodox Churches) still applies the same rule. The historical record of this unchanging teaching is so heavy and redundant as to be incontrovertible. But, of course, today's Leftie Homo Nazi will be able to deny it, out of his self-perceived, vastly superior modern wisdom. In the Homo Nazi view, the sexual revolution made us smart. The typical Homo Nazi actually thinks that contraception, for instance, is something new; but there is nothing new under the sun.

Read Michael S. Rose's Goodbye! Good Men, and some of the investigative reports in Catholic periodicals such as the Catholic World Report to learn about the infamous Lavender Mafia controlling many religious orders in America, such as the Jesuits, and to keep tabs on what I call the Pro Sodomy branch of the Catholic Church in America. The chief spokesmen of this branch are, of course, Father Robert Nugent and Sister Jeannine Gramick, who are, depending on what day and time it is, either under interdiction or excommunication, but still quite active nonetheless. Homo Naziism recognizes no authority other than its own. They founded New Ways Ministry, which is their term for Pro Sodomy. Many American Bishops, such as Retired Bishop Leroy Matthiesen of Amarillo Texas, and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Auxiliary of Detroit Michigan, enjoy giving Catholic Communion to open sodomites. Isn't that nice?

Of course, if you look hard enough, you can always find worse examples, in just about anything. We have the record of one Bishop Reginald Cawcutt of South Africa, who preached the goodness of condoms, trolled the internet for new homosexual partners, and regularly used the filthy language and the particular vernacular common to bathhouse culture, tattooed Butches, screaming queens, and general, open, public faggotry. And he virtually dared Rome to do anything about any of it, because he knew where all the skeletons were and so forth, and he was going to scream, and that would teach them a lesson. Well, guess what, he's out, and we no longer seem to hear any of his Homo Nazi blather any more.

Closer to home, we have Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee who paid $450,000 in archdiocesan funds to keep one of his little boyfriends quiet. But, his boyfriend, Paul Macoux, didn't keep quiet after all. Even Weakland's slobbering, tear-jerking last letter to Macoux was ultimately published. He closed it with: "I Love you - Rembert." Now, (sniff), isn't that just the sweetest thing, (sob), you ever heard? (Pardon me while I, (sniff), blow my nose.)

As you can see in the various Cafeteria Catholic pages in this site, particularly in the Cafeteria Catholic 3 page, the Homo Nazi movement has made inroads into the Catholic Church in America. I can personally testify to the Homo Nazi leaning of official teaching done in the name of Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk in the Particular Church of Cincinnati. Homo Nazi teachers in official Catholic teaching capacities re-interpret Scripture not only to feminize language, but to modify, gloss-over or even ignore Scripture passages pertaining to disordered sexual activity. In many, perhaps most American dioceses, the official (and heterodox) American Catholic Homo Nazi teaching is that the OT sin of Sodom was not any sort of perverse sexual thing, but was really a case of idolatry, see? In a similar fashion, Catholic Homo Nazi interpretation of NT passages such as 1 Cor 6:9-10, and 1 Tim 1:10, and Jude 1:7 involve, not sodomy or homosexuality, but praying to false gods. Nevertheless, and regardless of whatever other heterodoxy might be taught officially in your diocesan or archdiocesan bishop's name, this Homo Nazi teaching is not correct Catholic teaching. Rely on the Catechism. It will never let you down.

If you will permit me to quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

Chastity and homosexuality

2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,140 tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered."141 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

I submit that paragraph 2359 makes no demands on homosexuals that it doesn’t make on all the rest of us. We are all called to chastity. Single people, consecrated religious and homosexual people are all called to a life of celibacy, unless and until their life-status changes to married. Married people are called to absolute sexual fidelity to their spouses. Throughout all of history, untold millions have lived long, happy, productive lives of celibacy, and, despite any Freudian rumors to the contrary, no one ever died of celibacy, and no one ever got sick from chastity. Chastity never hurt anyone.

As far as I'm concerned, a man with homosexual desires who is exercising self control and resisting those desires is little different than a single man resisting temptation with a young woman, or a married man resisting temptation with a woman other than his wife. We're all in the same boat. The particular problem of the homosexual in this situation is that open licentiousness is so visible in culture today. From the escapades of the Clintons to other high ranking scandals, to the seeming promotion of sexual licentiousness in entertainment, including so-called "family" sit-coms, and even advertising, the homosexual might feel that he is being singled out and told to be chaste. As far as Church teaching is concerned, that is not the case. We are all called to chastity in accordance with our state of life. The fact that someone else is sinning does not give me the right to sin. And, the so-called "family" airwaves today get considerably more than their share of homosexual licentiousness, too.

A homosexual is what a homosexual does. If you have homosexual tendencies or temptations, and you take charge of yourself and resist them, then you are not a homosexual, and you are not any different from me or from anyone else. We all have temptations, we are all called to self-control. A homosexual cross may have a different shape or size or weight than other ones, but we each have our own unique crosses, and we are all called to pick them up, every day, and follow Him. He didn't say it would be easy; He just said to do it.

So, simple common sense, the Natural Order and the Ecclesial Order all seem to agree, and all oppose the Homo Nazi notion of the goodness, normalcy and acceptability of active homosexuality. Yet that is the clear and obvious position of our courts, most of our government, Hollywood, educational institutions, the SLIMC1 , the UN, the Left Coast and much of the East Coast. If you seek to be a good Catholic, then you need to know that to walk the Catholic walk means to oppose the Homo Nazi movement, whenever, wherever and however you can, always keeping charity, and CCC paragraph 2358 (above) in mind.

However, for me, the gloves come off when addressing active homosexuals who have adopted the open homosexual lifestyle. I don't use tippy-toe language when talking to or about committed, obstinate unrepentant sinners, particularly when they publicly promote or "roll model" homosexuality in a positive way to others. I am a Roman Catholic; therefore, I am the open, avowed enemy of the Homo Nazi.

Surely the Public would never put up with this. Right?

In the Godless Worldly order,

sexuality, and normalcy, are turned upside down. Where did this new moral standard come from? It's certainly not natural, it's certainly not Christian, and it's certainly not Jewish. Its champions prefer to call themselves gay and lesbian activists; I prefer to call them the Homo Nazi movement, whose moral standard comes out of the random and purely impulsive ethos of BMDFP10 , and a plethora of major celebrities. I don't see anything gay about active homosexuality, so I don't even use the term; I always use the real homosexual term. I'm a grunt, not a diplomat, and I despise the use of mealy-mouthed weasel-words and the whole political correctness movement.

Let's look at what all of TTRSTF4 from the field of psychology have to say about it. Sigmund Freud described homosexuality as a perversion, a deviant behavior, a psychosis in need of treatment, and yet secular Homo Nazis and later-day Freudian gurus will today invoke his name even as they promote as heroic the same behaviors that he once condemned as perverted. (You can see Freud's actual quote at the Contraception link.) The seeming sexual-disorientation of Psychology, as a field, has its roots deep in politics, not science. Indeed, there is little if anything scientific about any of it.

It is of enough interest to note here that Leftie-Libs and Homo Nazis alike will rise up in arms to prevent anyone, anyone from interfering in any way in the private decision of a pregnant woman and her abortionist regarding extraction and killing of her baby. Yet these exact same Leftie-Libs and Homo Nazis will be the instigators and perpetrators of outside interference between a homosexual patient and a doctor discussing a therapeutic change in sexual orientation toward heterosexuality. It is the political goal - already partially achieved - of Homo Nazism to achieve, for homosexuality, definitive public, legal, clinical, and eventually, spiritual, recognition as normalcy. Homo Nazism will not be satisfied until even dictionary definitions of homosexuality are changed.

Homo Nazism has already won the Scientistic battle

Notice, I didn't say Scientific. There was no real science ever applied here; it was all Homo Nazi politics. The American Psychiatric Association's (APA) formal system of diagnosis is recorded and periodically published in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In the 1952 DSM, homosexuality was listed as a psychiatric disorder. More specifically, it was a sociopathic personality disturbance. In the 1968 DSM, it was still listed the same way, but with added detail and description under the sexual deviations among other disorders such as fetishism and pedophilia. Then, Homo Nazi politics began to kick into gear.

It appears that the Homo Nazi movement was able to very quickly make inroads into the APA, because of an unusually high percentage of homosexual APA members, many of whom quickly and easily went completely Homo Nazi.

The militant gay liberation movement, as Homo Nazism was known then, adopted the major goal of the normalization of homosexuality as a quite legitimate "lifestyle," and they began a rather furious public attack on the APA because their DSM referred to homosexuality as a disease in need of treatment. Which, of course, did not fit the new Homo Nazi model of a lifestyle. There were major demonstrations, disruptions and confrontations at APA professional conventions, and the Homo Nazi - Scientistic negotiations began. Even as the outside Homo Nazi negotiations went on, Homo Nazism was working diligently inside to take control of the APA.

In 1973, the Board of Trustees passed a proposal to remove homosexuality from DSMII, which began a major heated debate within psychiatry. The outcome of all that was a compromise; Homosexuality would be listed in the DSM as a "sexual orientation disturbance" and allowing it to be dropped from the "Disorders", which would seem to give the Homo Nazis what they wanted. But it unleashed another storm of protest within psychiatry, ultimately resulting a Homo Nazi - forced referendum. So, like, they took a vote on it, see? (That's the way they do science in the APA.) It passed by 58%, and, poof, homosexuality stopped being a Disorder.

Homo Nazism continued to push the notion that homosexuality is a socio-cultural problem and not a scientific one, and that it was not a psychopathology at all. Therefore, in the Homo Nazi view, psychiatry had no business even addressing homosexuality in the DSM. Further, the Homo Nazi view was, and is, that homosexuality is less a problem of the homosexual than it is of the larger society. The socio-cultural problem of homosexuality involves the need to re-educate the larger culture, not to change the homosexual in any way. Are you still with me? It's the culture, not the perverts, that have a problem in need of correction, see?

DSMII was replaced with DSMIII; In DSMIII, "sexual orientation disturbance" was replaced with "ego-dystonic homosexuality" as a term to diagnose clients distressed by wishing to have heterosexual relationships. This change clarified that it pertained only to those homosexuals who emphasized the impairment in heterosexual functioning. The new stated causes of this disorder consisted of the negative attitudes of client's heterosexual family, children and the larger society toward homosexuality; see? It's a social thing; we have a sick society; it's the sodomites and other twisted perverts who are normal. But Homo Nazism wasn't done yet. In DSMIII-revised, ego-dystonic homosexuality was omitted. Clients with a "persistent and marked distress about sexual orientation" would now be diagnosed with "sexual disorder not otherwise specified." The term homosexuality was dropped.

The current version is DSMIV published in 1994; the word Homosexual is not in it. Also, in that release, you will find the almost but not quite dropped disorder of pedophilia. It was done through similar lobbying and negotiating between the APA and the North American Man-Boy Love Association, or NAMIMBA, an organization much like Homo Nazism, but dedicated to the legitimization of sexual predation upon children. Pedophilia is now a disorder only in certain limited circumstances, all pertaining to the view, not of the victims, not of the parents of victims, and not of the larger society, but of the perpetrator. If the pedophile is functioning in society and not impaired in his every day functioning, and he personally doesn't feel he has a problem, then, he doesn't have a problem. Isn't that nice? Most pedophiles are also homosexuals, and so the allegiance between the Homo Nazi and the typical member of NAMIMBA may be seen as a "natural." Birds of a feather, you know.

It might be safe today to say that Homo Nazism owns the APA. It contains at least one Homo Nazi group involved in the weird APA practices of Scientism, rationalizing, negotiating, decision making and voting. Groups like the Gay and Lesbian Caucus of the American Psychiatric Association, (which considers homosexual conversion therapy to be unethical), which is opposed to the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH) (which was formed to protect homosexual conversion therapy.) It is certainly safe today to say that real science is being done some place else.

To me, the worst of it all is the language they use in dismissing disorders. Homosexuals don't have a serious "problem" out there coping with the world, and so they are not "disordered," see? Rocketing rates of suicide and depression are not seen as "problems." I suppose they can be dealt with through therapy or something. Outrageous and unparalleled rates of substance abuse are not seen as a "problem," because, one supposes, they can always go through a drying-out process. Even wearing diapers everywhere is not seen as a "problem." Possibly there are now so many APA members regularly wearing diapers that they no longer see that so much as a problem as a way of life, or just something you get used to and just do. Which might just present a good marketing possibility targeting members of the APA. An enterprising entrepreneur might try marketing, to them, a fashionable and chick new over-the-shoulder personal diaper bag, in formal models for the office, and casual models for around town. (Nobody likes to haul those typical, big ugly di-dee bags around everywhere.)

On the bright side, the APA has cured homosexuality, and almost cured pedophilia. I wonder if they congratulated each other, ordered drinks all around and drank a toast to themselves. Give 'em a few more years, and the DSM will be down to just a couple of pages.

Even the real doctors have gone Homo Nazi

The American Medical Association (AMA) is now publishing Teen Sex Guides that could bring serious infection, disease and other health problems into your house. You might expect licensed medical doctors to promote healthy activities, but we have already discussed the clear, obvious and life-destroying health risks associated with homosexuality, which the AMA recommends as normal, and, by mere dint of being published by the AMA, healthy.

Stand aside, Dad; the AMA wants to talk to your son. In the Boy's Guide To Becoming A Teen (and the Girl's Guide To Becoming A Teen) the AMA wants to tell them about the healthiness and acceptability of masturbation, and the absolute normalcy of homosexuality. And they don't particularly give a damn what you, your wife, your pastor, your tradition, or even health statistics and mortality and morbidity tables might have to say about any of it.

After all, it takes a village, you know . . . and this new village specifically excludes the actual family, the Church, and all previous tradition from the social conversation. It's a relentlessly growing Godless village that has big, big agendas, one of which is Homo Nazism's homosexual recruitment drive.

Professional medical advice regarding sex change surgery also seems to be increasingly schizophrenic. Homo Nazism presents us with the shaky notion that people are born homosexual, in the wrong sexed body for their different-sexed psyche, see? The thing that most clearly refutes this notion is the huge numbers of people who are regularly "cured" of homosexuality, and the numbers of people who go back and forth between periods of homosexuality and heterosexuality. It appears that personal choice is much more involved than any accident of birth.

Patients seriously considered for sex change surgery always present as persons suffering from an Identity Crisis. Now that there have been large numbers of these operations and large numbers of follow-up sessions, the medical profession now recognizes that just about all of these patients, long after sex change surgery, suffer from, guess what, an Identity Crisis. The surgery accomplished nothing whatsoever regarding the original psychological problem. Now that this information is available, many surgeons will no longer perform sex change surgery. But, of course, many others will; after all, there's a lot of bucks to made out there, and somebody is going to profit from it.

At any rate, most homosexuals who start out on the long trail of counseling, hormone treatment, gradual life-style changes, dressing and acting as the other sex, and final surgery, have no real intention of going the whole nine yards anyway. Most only go for the hormone treatments, and the more "minor" surgeries, such as breast implants, or breast reduction surgery. Most males don't really want the sex change surgery; they just want big breasts, and to look more feminine. And, most women don't really want the sex change surgery; they just want to grow a mustache, build up their muscles and look more masculine.

There is now a whole branch of surgery that has nothing to do with resolving any actual medical problem, and everything to do with satisfying (or taking advantage of) a patient's warped sense of self-image. Just take a good look at Michael Jackson, who was once a very cute kid.

Homo Nazi Celebrity, Media and Business Sponsors

Another tentacle of the Homo Nazi movement involves the secular agenda to “mainstream” homosexuals into every aspect of public life, corporate life, political life, military life, even Church life. This agenda seeks to get the Christian majority to change, for the worse, in it’s attitude toward deviant illicit sex. We’re talking about the “normalization” of sodomy and perverse sexual acts, and the promotion of the public’s acceptance of “life styles” involving this very specific activity. But, of course, they will not describe it in such truthful, straight-forward language. What they call it is gay and lesbian lifestyles, and different sexual orientations, and cutsie little terms like that. But what they are promoting is a new “morality” of sodomy and perverse illicit sex, pure and simple.

As Commander-In-Chief, Bill "I loathe the military" Clinton did his damnedest to homosexualize the military, and ultimately was forced to settle for his stupid don't ask, don't tell rule. Any veteran will tell you that there is nothing - nothing - that will do more harm to unit cohesiveness than homosexuals in the unit. In plain English, ex-President Clinton was and is pro-sodomy. Pro-sodomy, you will note, is a position that is irreconcilable with Western culture, and with the Christian morality it is founded upon. And so again we see automatically raised in our minds questions regarding viewpoints on the value of truth. For instance, did Hillary and Billary recommend to Chelsea that she ought to consider getting herself involved in illicit homosexual sex acts, and if not why not, and if not then how does that jibe with the fact that Hillary and Billary publicly promoted the acceptability of open lifestyles involving active illicit homosexual sex? How many faces do they have, and which one, if any, is real?

This particular secular agenda is victoriously marching all across the nation. Why? How? We see major corporations like AT&T, IBM, Disney and others doing things like supporting and sponsoring the Gay Games, and Gay Pride events, and requiring employees to attend sensitivity seminars in which they are taught to accept and welcome illicit perverts and sodomites into their ranks, and, not only to not renounce sin as sin, but to be tolerant and to not be judgmental, and—in a word—to put their religion aside. Even when it is against their religion to put their religion aside.

Once the "gay rights" activist-Homo Nazis entered the picture, the trend began in which many businesses think that the business of their business is something other than what it was yesterday. Disney promotes Gay Day at their theme parks, and AT&T supports the Gay Games, IBM, and many others, extend company paid medical benefits to employees living lifestyles involving sodomy who are living as homosexual “couples.” This is quite a change. Think about it. Disney now thinks that the sight of men holding hands and kissing in public is a good, healthy and wholesome roll-model image for other people's children to see at Disney's children-oriented theme parks. AT&T now officially uses its business name and logo to publicly help the effort to normalize and popularize perverted illicit sex. The next IBM representative your company sees may be in drag, trolling on the side for a new homosexual couple-mate. And so now, the business of the business is - what, exactly?

Here we must ask the same honesty questions that we ask of Hillary and Billary, but we must ask them of the board members or executives or managers at these sponsoring and supporting organizations. Do they promote illicit perverted sex acts among their children at home; how do they treat the subject with their parents and other relatives, friends and neighbors; how do they treat it with their pastors; how do they treat it with the guys they go hunting or fishing with; the poker club; the golfing buddies; and how do all of these positions compare to their public pronouncements and corporate actions? How many faces do they have, and which one, if any, is real? They are putting their morality aside.

It is considerably worse with the media. The media views and projects “truth” sympathetically, and puts spin on it in accordance with media sympathy. During the great equal rights demonstrations of the 60s the media quite obviously sympathized with the demonstrators, and therefore the heavy concentration of camera shots, reporting slant and editorializing upon the very worst incidents of police and others attacking predominantly peaceful demonstrators with everything from clubs to fire hoses and dogs, and with great effect, and I'm glad they did.

But media sympathy was with homosexual perversion during the homosexual march on Washington, and therefore the cameras, reporting slant and editorializing strictly avoided all of the open acts of masturbation and sodomy right in front of the Lincoln and Washington memorials, the park police who were present and were obviously under government orders to ignore these acts, the public nudity and indecency, and the mob of lesbians chanting “we want Chelsea” right in front of the White House; the media concentrated instead upon the need for the rest of America to learn tolerance, and the wonderful new freedom of expression for homosexuals, and the need for recognition of homosexuality as a normal alternative life style, little different from preferring Chinese food to Italian, or soccer to basketball.

The sympathy of the media is with abortion, and therefore you will never see an aborted baby, or any pile of them, in any newspaper or on TV; neither will you see or hear mobs of anti anti-abortion demonstrators screaming obscenities at people silently kneeling in prayer. It doesn’t play well, from the media’s point of view. The cameras, reporting slant, censorship and editorializing concentrate instead upon the relatively few anti-abortion acts of violence or arson, and on painting all anti-abortionists as intolerant, dangerous, Right-wing religious zealots. And, of course, as a small minority, when it is quite clear that they are and have always been a majority.

Our media keeps proving that it is largely incapable of objectivity. They simply follow the herd mentality of typical liberal intelligentsia, and their “probing” social questions and overly sensitive social conscience repeatedly show it. They are always asking or discussing or rationalizing or agonizing over such questions as, are men and women really the same; are various forms of sexual perversion simply “alternatives” to what has always been seen as normal; is normalcy really learned deviate behavior; were previous generations screwed up because they were spanked as children; shouldn’t we all be encouraged to modify ourselves via silicone, liposuction, plastic surgery, etc. to improve our self-image; shouldn’t we extend the length of elementary school days or semesters in order to increase the intensity and quantity of sex education classes; shouldn’t our Churches become more secular; and on, and on. It may be very difficult for many of us to believe that so many of those who are among the most highly educated and highly placed among us could be so stupid; but then, there it is, right in front of our faces.

Like all other forms of illicit sex, sodomy and perversion is wrong; if you do not believe that sodomy is wrong, then I invite you to play the Name That Morality game, because you are operating under some foreign morality that no one here ever heard of, or you operate under complete immorality. I call it the morality of BMDFP10 and Democrats; what do you call it?

In the Godless Legal Order,

Lefto-Marxism and Homo Nazism now own our Courts. Anti-abortion protesters in Crown Point Indiana learned that, when they were charged with trespassing (while demonstrating) and sentenced by Superior Court Justice Bernard Carter to attend classes given by Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion profiteers in this country if not the entire world. Which should be seen by all as precisely the same thing as a sentencing into a Maoist reeducation camp. If you don’t agree with the morality of Big Brother, we’ll send you off to forced sensitivity training to learn the goodness of state sponsored, state protected, tax paid human butchery, as a first step in your state forced moral reeducation.

And so we see serious proposals for global recognition of five “genders” instead of two, the legal establishment of homosexual marriage, and homosexual adoption. This is where hypocrisy reaches the freak level. Many of these people who want to get “married” have been living in an active homosexual relationship for years, clearly exhibiting a lack of belief in the sanctity of marriage and the value of any other monotheistic tradition, and so, one might ask, why do they want to get “married?” What will the difference be? Most of these people are, of course, directly and flatly opposed to all monotheism.

However, some few of them actually, unabashedly seek - get this - homosexual marriage in a Church or Synagogue, with full ritual and blessing of the cleric and the faith. Obviously they have not followed the faith up until now, and they do not plan to follow the faith after the “marriage,” so why the blatant hypocrisy of seeking a blessed and sacramental marriage in a faith that condemns active homosexuality?

The general reasons usually given for bureaucratic, or state, or lukewarm or heretical religious marriage of homosexuals involve monetary or economic concerns, such as filing income taxes differently, obtaining property leases differently, mortgage loans, health insurance, etc., all of which may apply differently to the married than to the unmarried. All are purely capitalistic, for-profit reasons.

The depth of the effects of homo-Nazi activism in American society in general and our courts in particular is not yet fully recognized by most of us. You can have a private or public conversation regarding your opinion on homosexuality, not injuring anyone at all, and be fired for it, or be kicked out of school, or be sued, and be denied any opportunity for legal redress. Because the courts are now largely Homo Nazi. And they prove it. Anything said about homosexuality must be positive, never negative, or you might be in real trouble, financial and legal. That’s the way it is.

Rev. Eugene Lumpkin was an employee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. He made a statement in an interview, which he later refused to retract. The statement: “It’s sad that people have AIDS and what have you, but it says right here in Scripture that the homosexual lifestyle is an abomination against God.” A very simple statement, contained in an interview. He was fired for that. Believing that the right to free and open religious expression, like free speech itself, and a free press, was guaranteed by the First Amendment, he sued to get his job back. Guess what. He lost.

The Homo Nazi Circuit Court completely disagreed with him about his rights under the First Amendment, and said that the First Amendment does not “assure him job security when he preached homophobia while serving as a city official.” Although he wasn’t preaching; he was making a statement in an interview. It sounds to me as though the court was preaching, and preaching a new heterophobic gospel. Rev. Lumpkin, to my knowledge, never mentioned the Homo Nazi invented rhetorical term homophobia; the court did. Nor did Rev. Lumpkin indicate that he had any particular fear of homosexuals or homosexuality, nor did he promote any such fear. What he did was to make a simple statement that is true, verifiable, and incontrovertible.

By the very use of the word homophobia the court showed that it is thinking, deciding, and talking right down the homo-Nazi Party line. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opposed his civil right to speak, and so did the Supreme Court, which let stand the ruling. No surprise there. By this decision the court has shown that it opposes Holy Scripture, favors homosexuality, and opposes all negative comments about homosexuality. The court is Homo Nazi, and so the people must legally conform to the new Homo Nazi standard. Any Christian or Jew who does not conform to this new gospel established by the courts puts himself at risk. Judeo-Christian opinions on the subject of homosexuality are now being quite officially excluded from the public domain. Legally. In America.

When I first read about this, I went and re-read the First Amendment, and then the rest of the Bill of Rights, and the whole Constitution, looking for anything excepting or circumventing the Constitutional rights we are all supposed to have; and I didn’t find any such thing. Found no reference to homosexuality, either. But I did find, in Article VI, where Senators, Congressmen, Executives and Judicial Officers were required to be bound by oath or affirmation to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Which is an item that was, once upon a time, of more than passing interest. But, of course, that was then, and this is now. Note that the Constitution they all swore to defend includes the Bill of Rights, which includes the right to free speech. But, today, the sworn word of Senators, Congressmen, Executives and Judicial Officers is, collectively and on average, demonstrably worthless.

When neither the Legislative nor the Executive branches see any need to directly reign in the over-arching dictatorship of the Leftist, Homo Nazi and pagan oriented courts over all of America, then the appearance, at least, is that they might be just as Leftist and just as Homo Nazi and just as pagan as are the courts. Or, that they are just a bunch of pitiful, useless, thumb-sucking occupiers of space.

So the question arises, who does the obviously Homo Nazi court protect, and why? Who’s interest is being safeguarded? Another way to phrase the same question is, what is the ethos, the foundational basis, for the moral judgment of “our” courts? We, the people, know what we are. We are Christian, overwhelmingly, and have been from the birth of the nation. But the “goodness” of homosexuality is not an idea that springs forth from Christianity. The need to establish and protect special rights for open, public sodomites and twisted perverts is not Christian, and it is not Jewish, it is Homo Nazi; it is pagan. And if the court is not Homo Nazi, then why does the court choose sodomy as something in need of special legal protection? Why not any of the heterosexual varieties of sexual license, such as adultery, or bigamy, or simple fornication? Or are all of these things next? On the face of it, it would seem that, once we have publicly and nationally accepted sodomy, well then, anything goes. If we the people are Christian, and if the court is pagan or may be always expected to judge in favor of pagan interests or Homo Nazi interests and against Christian interests, then the court has got to go.

The exact same court that single-handedly knocked down legislated, representative law all across the land in order to invent and impose upon us the so-called Constitutional principle of a pregnant woman's right to kill her own baby (which cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution) cannot honestly deny being Homo Nazi - driven in its decisions regarding its promotion and clear public defense of sodomy, perversion and homosexual licentiousness.

But I’m sure the court would deny being pagan. The court would claim to be “aloof” from all religious influence, and to have some other, supposedly higher, as yet unnamed ethos guiding it. But if the court is aloof from pagan and/or just plain evil influence, then it has a damned funny way of showing it. I would like to see the court “name that ethos” which prohibits free speech to Christian citizens and simultaneously promotes public homosexual acceptance, as on a game show. It should be clear to any objective observer that the court is heavily biased and has hidden agendas, unless it has simply, somehow, lost the very simple ability to tell right from wrong. Adult judgment, in other words, which all the rest of us use in varying degrees every single day of our lives. The bottom line is that the court has legally established the “correct” view of homosexuality, and you can be fired from you job for voicing the “incorrect” view of it. Period.

The Homo Nazi Ninth Circuit Court in particular and Homo Nazi American courts in general do not publicly advertise, and might not even recognize that they, particularly, promote and defend sodomy, perversion, and sexual license, or that they oppose and attack Christian teaching on chastity and decency, or that they are in any way intolerant of the nation’s overwhelming majority religious and moral view. However, in the stark light of real world consequences, that simply does not make any difference. The courts might even act from the best of intentions, but the real world is driven by consequences, not by good intentions. When we consider the “wisdom” of the courts, this is what we must remember first: They have no creed, or their creed is weak, they have hidden agendas, and they believe that the ends justify the means. Their word is worthless. Their testimony should always be received under suspicion and subjected to very careful scrutiny. Judges and justices who flagrantly oppose our foundational national ethos and/or who flagrantly violate their oaths of office must somehow be impeached from office.

Surely Educators would never put up with this. Right?

In the Godless Public (State) Formal Education order,

we have a pro-active Homo Nazi education system, controlled and driven from above, by the state and not by the parents, that insists upon twelve solid years of sex education, distributes copies of Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s New Roommate in order to teach the normalcy and acceptability of active homosexuality, teaches children the mechanics of safe fornication, responsible promiscuity, and protected sodomy, gives condoms to other people’s children, and even goes so far as to smuggle other people’s children into and out of abortion mills without the parent's knowledge. All at taxpayer expense.

If you know a professional public school teacher, ask him what need a school child has of such words as cunnilingus, analingus and felatio in his vocabulary. Will they help him to get ahead in the world? Should he therefore work them into his resume? Might they come up in a job interview? Isn’t it fairly obvious that modern sex education involves the teaching and promotion of various sexual techniques?


The biggest question in my mind is just how in Hell any let alone all of this ever even become a subject worthy of being part of any child's formal education. No wonder Johnny can't read. Too much of his time and too much of our tax dollars are spent on promoting flat out sexual immorality at the direct expense of classical education. Our national educational world rank is a disgraceful thing; there are some twenty seven other nations with provably better educated graduates. We have graduates who do not know their multiplication tables, cannot point out their own home state on a map of the USA, but who have and can demonstrate the ability to put a condom on a cucumber.

Public school children in many areas cannot get away from these Homo Nazi messages; they are required and mandatory. An example to illustrate the point is the Hot, Sexy, Safer Productions produced sex-education program that is forced upon students against their will in mandatory school general assemblies. Suzy Landolphi, Hot, Sexy, Safer program performer, tells her captive audience of other people’s children that they are about to have a group sexual experience with audience participation, uses lewd language, simulates sexual acts, and has male students lick condoms.

In a Chelmsford, Mass. high school she created a sexually harassing and offensive environment for those students who were religious and chaste. Sexual harassment began at the mandatory assembly, continued and escalated long afterward; singled out moral students were openly harassed by other students who were induced by the program into previously unobserved offensive behavior, which subjected its victims to humiliation, teasing and jesting, sexual innuendo and overtly sexual behavior.

This type of program is brought to us and to our children by precisely the same Leftist Homo Nazi Liberal fools who so strongly recommend that women sue men for sexual harassment over casual remarks or jokes or looks or leers. Guess who pays for “educational” programs like this?

We might think, if we haven’t yet learned Orwellian “newspeak,” that we at least might take comfort in programs like OBE, or Outcome Based Education. At first glance we would think that we finally were getting back to English, mathematics and science, and ultimately, the observed demonstration of discreet knowledge. But we’d be wrong. The goal of OBE is to be the agent of social change, and to cause the total restructuring of society; English, mathematics, science and other classical educational subjects have nothing whatsoever to do with OBE.

Its purpose is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students; to that end, it seeks to create a new kind of teacher who functions less as teachers have historically functioned, and more as our most important and responsible agent of social change. Because that’s what we need, you see, social change. We’re just awful as we are. The Homo Nazi influence on the basically Marxist OBE program is quite obvious. OBE calls for first graders to be able to identify “different types of family structures” and demonstrate that they do not consider any particular type to be the only possible one, or a superior one.

Are you paying attention?

OBE is Homo Nazi. OBE teaches other people’s children that a family structure involving a mother, a father and children is only one of many “equal” possibilities, is not superior to any others, and is not even necessarily desired. How’s that for scholastics? This progresses to grades 9 through 12, where children will be expected to demonstrate being able to talk to actual or potential sex partners (???) about sexual behavior and maybe having illicit sex. Cooperative learning is stressed, individual excellence is discouraged, all learning is in group activities, and only the entire group advances, as a unit. (Are you still paying attention? We're talking cooperative sexual education here.) Even normal time frames for learning basic lessons are disregarded. It makes no difference how long it takes so long as the material is learned; so what if we wind up with 17 year old fifth graders?

Scholastics, as we all have historically understood them, do not exist any more under OBE. Miss-spelled words, almost correct answers to math problems, poor grammar, and a missing sense of history are all acceptable under OBE, which has much more important agendas to push, Homo Nazism being just one of them. Enthusiastic young new Leftist Homo Nazi teachers, fully imbued with the new teaching methodology, will gush about how young students today are actually maintaining personal journals, right from the first grade or so.

Whoopee. Nothing is spelled right in them, and the language is largely incomprehensible because the students have never learned to properly formulate an English sentence, but, hey, they’re actually keeping a journal, and if you look through one, you’ll find lots of happy faces, stars, well done’s and good job’s all over it. Modern Homo Nazi Teachers, many of whom don't even know what they are, just love student journals for some reason. Individuality, competition and personal striving are discouraged; group-think is stressed. Critical thinking? None of these teachers ever even heard of it.

Under OBE, parents are required to take “effective parenting” classes, and “community service” activities are required of both children and parents, with the stated purpose being the goals of “global citizenship” training. The implication is that they have a plan to “globalize” government for us. How nice. How do they “require” parents to participate in these classes, and their own further “education?” By law. In most states in which OBE has taken over (which is to say, in most states) the curricula, it has done so by state law, and it has become the law of the land. Government knows best. Shut up and get yourself back into the class room, pal. What do we get to say about it? Not much. We aren’t even truthfully told about it. We just get to pay for it, and suffer the results and live with the consequences of it.

The real purpose of all education, including Homo Nazi education

At the root of it all, I believe, is a schizophrenic national self-image. The early USA was a deeply religious nation overwhelmingly populated by religious people, and everybody knew it, and there was never any question about it. Today, the USA pretends to be and projects itself to be irreligious or not religious, while still being populated by an overwhelming majority of religious citizens. That's the problem. Our courts are not only irreligious, they legally oppose our religion. Our houses of Congress and our Executive branch most often give signals of not being religious, opposing our religion, or at least of being able to put their religion aside, which is something that is strictly against the religion of Christians (and Jews) to do. Homo Nazism contributes mightily to this national schizophrenia. This problem will not go away until a great majority of ranking public office holders and candidates for high office, individually, meditate upon and answer two basic, fundamental questions, which are, what kind of person am I, and, what kind of nation is this, and then begin to act accordingly.

To educate someone is to change their behavior; if education has the true interest of the subject in mind, it strives to prepare the subject for a successful and productive future. Nevertheless, education is still the modification of the subject’s behavior, and, in another light, may be called brain-washing. Everyone involved in education has an agenda and a purpose, which may be good, or may be evil.

The problem originated from the Left, and Homo Nazism is only a part of the problem. Once, American schools taught religion and religion-associated high morality along with the classical subjects of education. Then, the schools began to eliminate religion and religion based morality in favor of secularism and humanism, which morphed into the quasi-religion of Secular Humanism. Then in 1964, the court, in effect, replaced prayer in public schools with situational ethics. We now have a public (state) system that refuses to teach religion or religion-based morality, but insists on teaching the degradation of humanism and socialist ideals, and teaching them as being somehow moral and/or ethical, and, ever increasingly, on teaching them at the expense of the classical educational subjects.

The more morality slides, the more educational time and money are devoted to perceived moral problems, and the more morality slides.

This is not a problem that can be solved by throwing money on it.

Homo Nazism only throws gasoline on the fire. The problem of childhood pregnancy and venereal infection cannot ever be completely solved, it can only be ameliorated; it has been with us since the dawn of history, and will always be with us, until the end of time. Only the percentages will ever change. The effort to reduce the percentage should be aimed at the affected minority with the purpose of bringing them up, or as many of them as can be brought up, to the higher standards of the rest of the population. As usual, the effect of the massive liberal approach in our public schools is to bring the entire population down closer to the level of the minority.

But the Leftist bulb is too dim and the Homo Nazi intellect is too limited for them to be able to see and understand this very simple truth. Homo Nazism seeks to reduce teen pregnancy and venereal disease by teaching and promoting the causative activities. Originally American schools taught Christian faith and its inseparable morality along with the classical educational subjects, and morality, in the most common and recognized form existing on the entire planet, was quite high. Half of those who went on to higher education aimed at a career involving religion, and half entered other fields. Today religion is openly opposed in all public schools, is watered down in parochial schools, and American levels of the same morality that is still the most common and recognized form in the entire world, is quite low. Homo Nazism now reigns; so does immorality, semi-literacy and illiteracy.

Recognizing the absolute elimination of the Ten Commandments effectively eliminated the ancient basis for morality, secular education sought to replace it with something, because of the obvious tendency of completely immoral children to regress into absolute savagery and barbarism. And so new secular “gods” were invented to build new “moralities” around. Social Responsibility, and Economic Responsibility, and Ecological Responsibility, and Earth Responsibility, and Situational Ethics, and Tolerance, and Homo Nazism, and Sexual Diversity, and Non-Judgmental-ism, and so forth. All of them had to do with how children ought to behave, which educators could recognize, but not why, or a good enough “why.”

Once the Leftist, humanist, Homo Nazi idea of selfism had been promoted and accepted, along with the idea of there being no such thing as sin or evil, only outcomes, any new rule introduced to the child automatically triggered, in the child, the unspoken, secret mental question, “what’s in it for me?” Previously, in pre-Homo Nazi days, the ranking of things most important in society began with God first, then mankind, then self. Then the ranking began and ended with self. Then they tried to make it mankind, then self. Then it was the Earth, then mankind, then self. But in the absence of God, and the Ten Commandments of God, ultimately, self always wins out over everything else. Today’s children and young adults feel perfectly free, completely justified, and even compelled, in completely satisfying themselves, so long as they do it, or at least publicly appear to do it, with sensitivity, and with a sense of social awareness, and in a non-ozone depleting and a non-acid rain producing and non-consuming way, while wearing a shirt that says “Save the Whales” or something.

Thus have American children learned to completely satisfy all of their selfish wants and needs and lusts while simultaneously acquiring a smug sense of social superiority over their own parents and grandparents and great-grandparents. They have not yet learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same; many of them will never learn it. Homo Nazism has done its work.

Classical scholarship, or self esteem - which is most important?

The trashy talk shows illustrate the effect of public education and Leftist conventional wisdom every day, regarding the artificial emphasis on self esteem coinciding with opposition to being judgmental. On a Jenny show my channel surfing stopped on once, the stage was loaded with “gangsta” types who took turns saying ever increasingly stupid things. They were openly testifying to having committed murder. On TV. Drive-by shootings, “walk-by” shootings, revenge killings, premeditated, organized “hits,” and on and on. Why? Well, usually, because somebody had been “dissed.” Which means, someone didn’t show the assumed appropriate respect due to a gangsta, see? Clearly, all of these people, collectively, were about as smart as a box of rocks. But that’s not how the host or the audience saw them.

The host and those who spoke into the mike took turns stroking the sense of self esteem of these demented, obvious, clear, stupidos, adulating them and saying things like “you sound like someone with some intelligence” or “you look like someone with some smarts,” followed by “why don’t you use some of that obvious intelligence you possess to do something positive instead of gang-banging?” Which always resulted in cheers, whoops, whistles and applause of agreement from the rest of the audience. The belligerent, murderous jerks on the stage were said to “sound as though” they had “some” education, and they ought to use it to do good instead of continuing to do murder. How nice. How positive. How non-judgmental.

But there is this problem with it: there was nothing at all in anything any of these gangsta - Bozo types said that indicated that they had one thousandth of an ounce of brains collectively between them all, including even the furniture they were sitting on. Which calls into question the cognitive abilities and the judgment of the host and the audience, who were convinced by the sound and the appearance of the absolute idiots on the stage that they were all potential little Einsteins just needing a little nudge in the right direction. What can I say?

Perhaps the host and the audience were just a tad bit brighter than a box of rocks; after all, they weren’t in favor of doing murder, although they didn’t really condemn it either. Maybe they were, collectively, about as smart as a box of shiny, brand new brass doorknobs. A doorknob, you see, is absolutely brilliant when compared to a dumb assed rock.

We have lots and lots of people in this country who have advanced degrees in the social sciences who promote this same kind of crap on a regular basis, feeding and stroking and inflating an artificial and unwarranted sense of self worth and personal superiority in people whose very obvious personal, even criminal problems already involve too much self esteem and a grossly exaggerated sense of self importance. Pride that becomes arrogance that becomes an indomitable will; the precise opposite of humility. Low self esteem seldom hurts anybody; it is unquestionably preferable to a society of proud murderers. But highly educated shiny brass doorknobs don’t know that.

Traditional, world-recognized morality, or moral relativism: Which?

American schools are teaching rudimentary, fundamental immorality. You can easily prove it yourself, and here is how to do it. Make a list of the names of as many young people as you know or have contact with - your own children, nephews and nieces, in-laws, neighborhood kids, whatever - then, one at a time, ask each of them one very simple yes-or-no question and carefully record the answer, and end the conversation on the topic. The question is this:

Do you believe that what is right or wrong for one person may not be the same as what is right or wrong for another person?

It is my contention that a huge percentage, at least half, will answer yes. In some places the yes percentage will approach 100%.

This very simple, innocent sounding belief is the beginning point of philosophical and moral relativism and the ability to rationalize and excuse any act, and is the beginning of the end of norms and normalcy, and it is also the beginning point of direct opposition to Judeo-Christian morality.

Relativism is a philosophy that is morally bankrupt; proponents easily and casually spout sayings that run the gamut from “let your conscience be your guide” to “if it feels good do it” and thereby regularly illustrate their “values” for all the world to see. Call it no-fault morality, with conveniently variable rules. Children who spend their formative years being steeped in variable rules and vague morality often become proud, arrogant, selfist and very willful adults, who learned early that any behavior can be rationalized and justified. And the human will is quite capable of doing any act that the human intellect is capable of justifying. Relativism is being taught in our schools, and we are paying for it.

What is worse is that it doesn’t end there; more than one generation have already been through this demoralizing process, and thus the relativistic view of right and wrong is reinforced for many children at home, too. So it becomes complete: the students, the teachers, and the parents, too, don’t know right from wrong. Emphasis is placed on the fact that people feel whether a thing is right or wrong; the idea that a thing is in reality right or wrong is discredited. Hitler felt that the final solution was right, therefore it was right; only what one feels is wrong is truly wrong. Thus is the way paved for the care and feeding of the unbounded, unchecked, individual will. Hitler boasted of beginning his “battle” with nothing but the clothes on his back, one suitcase, and his indomitable will. It was the indomitable will, not the suitcase, that caused all the grief to come. America remains today, overwhelmingly by population, a monotheistic nation, and monotheists live by permanent rules that do not vary. The distinction between monotheistic morality and relativistic “values” is clear, distinct, and quite easy to illustrate.

As an example consider the following statement: Adultery is against God’s law. Now, you may attempt to qualify or modify or edit that statement by restating it as “adultery is against God’s law in my opinion.” But my opinion, and your opinion, have nothing to do with it; how I feel about it and how you feel about it do not matter; it was against God’s law before either of us were here, and it will be against God’s law after both of us are gone. There are no mitigating circumstances, precedents in civil law do not matter, and there exist no possible conditions under which adultery is not against God’s law. If we disagree on this one simple point, then one of us is a monotheist, and the other is not, and one of us knows right from wrong, and the other does not. Do you see the difference?

Again, the original purpose of public schools was education, not social problems or new forms of morality, and certainly not the goodness of homosexuality. Once again, the wrong people are using the wrong resources to attack the wrong problems in the wrong way. State paid public school educators are much better at classically educating than at re-moralizing, which they keep proving they can’t succeed at. Neither the Godless state nor the Church-separated state nor the secular state nor the humanist state has any right or duty to modify, undermine or replace the moral teachings of parents, families and Churches. So we have here what may very well be the most tragic set of consequences to yet another grand liberal social plan; not just another typical liberal flying leap at another wrong conclusion over yet another cliff, because as they take this leap over this precipice, in one hand they grip tightly the hand of America’s youth, and in the other they grip tightly the hand of the taxpayer. We are all going over the cliff together, despite the fact that we choose not to go, and never even got a chance to say so or to vote on any of it. May God protect us from our expert public servants, who have usurped our power, taken over, and are driving the national school bus. Off a cliff.

Surely we would never be subjected to this stuff right out in the public square. Right?

In the Homo Nazi, in-your-face, open public faggotry order,

we see the popularization, primarily through entertainment, of "acting out," as it's called, in putting active homosexuality in the public spotlight. Behavior, dress, affectation, language and nuance common to homosexual bars, impersonator clubs and the so-called bathhouse culture, in normal venues or on the public street. Of course, Homo Nazi culture does not use the word normal; it uses the term straight, and usually pejoratively.

This current period might be recorded by Western Civilization history as homosexuality's Golden Era, which got its huge, monumental popular boost from the invented, fraudulent and completely bogus HIV=AIDS=DEATH myth. There is no empirical evidence whatsoever linking HIV to AIDS, and the only evidence that does exist for it, which is solely statistical evidence, is exceptionally weak. As it was from the very beginning. Go to the link to see the specifics of what I'm talking about here.

In a nutshell, HIV is a perfectly harmless "hitchhiker" retrovirus that is picked up by illicit sexual activity and by needle-sharing. Homosexuals live high risk lives in high risk environments, and one of the high risk activities homosexuals overwhelmingly participate in is drug abuse. Drugs (such as AZT) cause AIDS. Not HIV. Drugs. Homosexuals get harmless HIV infections from each other, they get AIDS from drugs, and the two things are otherwise un-related. All of TTRSTF4 at the CDC and elsewhere don't really want to talk about this. They've given each other too many awards, written too many papers, testified too much and caused too much legislation and regulation to back out now. They're still boosting the "scientific" causative relationship, which never could and cannot now be shown to exist, between HIV and AIDS.

If you believe these CDC clowns, then you have to believe that all of Africa is about to die of AIDS, because so many of them have HIV. Early HIV tests in Africa were high, but not due to any unusual sexual activity; it was due to the simple fact that, all across Africa, there is and always has been a shortage of needles, something we here can't even fathom. Clinics and health care facilities all over Africa repeatedly use the same needles over and over again, until they eventually break or wear out. That's how HIV spreads in Africa, but, again, HIV has nothing to do with AIDS. In fact, Africans, by population, have no more homosexuals and no more illicitly sexually active people than do any other people in any other lands. They do have lots of cases of various forms of dysentery, including cholera, and other tropical and local maladies and diseases that bring about dehydration. The CDC, not by actual testing, not by anything concrete, but by extrapolation and wild assed guesswork, lump all dehydration symptoms into their invented and gussied-up AIDS statistics for Africa. What can I say? That's how they do epidemiology at the CDC.

But, the AIDS myth provided a magical springboard from which the sodomite could launch himself into being a hero. Anyone who died from AIDS was projected to be an absolute martyr. Anyone diagnosed with AIDS, or even with harmless HIV infection, was socially elevated straight into hero status. "Outing" suddenly became the thing to do. Homosexuals could at last submit to their deep felt compulsion to bring their sexual perversion to the full attention of everyone around, and simultaneously garner a bunch of sympathy, and sometimes adulation bordering on hero-worship. It became as popular among homosexuals to out someone else as to out oneself. People were outed who didn't want to be outed; sometimes people who were not even homosexuals were outed as homosexuals just to embarrass them, or test them, or for fun.

The AIDS myth, boosted by the Homo Nazi movement, helped make homosexuality popular. When Gianni Versace was murdered on his own doorstep, allegedly by Andrew Cunanan, we got an overdose of the media’s treatment of sodomy during the period. Cunanan was some sort of homosexual “call boy” and a suspected serial-killer of his male clients. While the police searched for Cunanan, the “gay community” was thrown into a tizzy, because, after all, what’s a typically promiscuous sodomite to do? They couldn’t have perverted sex with random partners any more without fearing that one of the partners might be Cunanan, who just might kill them. And if you can’t have perverted sex with random partners any more, well, then there is no more value in life, and you might as well just put in a call to Kevorkian.

Versace was a very famous man, a designer of women’s clothes; but his treatment by the media and other show-biz types was due only partly to his outrageous designs, and mostly to his open homosexuality. His designs, popular among the liberal rich, of course, involved making women look as much as possible like cheap street-walking whores. As other big designers were moving into heroin-addict-chic, Versace invented cheap-hooker-chic, and rich American women actually spend big money to buy this kind of crap and wear it.

Regarding Versace’s homosexuality, one of his fans, Richard Martin, wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Versace was the first post-Freudian fashion designer unencumbered by any reticence or guilt about sexuality.” Which reminded me mightily of all those quotes from secularized Catholic jackasses that I still hear and see on occasion involving something that is “Post-Vatican II” or “in the spirit of Vatican II” and which, of course, have nothing whatsoever to do with Vatican II. Sigmund Freud described homosexuality as a perversion, a deviant behavior, a psychosis in need of treatment, and yet secular jackasses and later day Freudian gurus will today invoke his name even as they promote as heroic the same behaviors that he condemned as twisted and perverted.

Some thought that it was a scandal that someone arranged a memorial Mass for Versace at a Catholic cathedral, and lots of secular media and show-biz greats and celebrities showed up, to actually be seen in or near a Church, and on camera; but there is a major difference between a memorial Mass and a funeral. There was no scandal; if I’m not mistaken, one could have requested a memorial Mass for Adolph Hitler, and the request might have been granted; the Church, as I understand it, will pray for anyone. But that is not to say that the Church condones or blesses atrocity, or sodomy.

Elton John used the opportunity to make a heap more money off of a new song dedicated to Versace, since being a dead homosexual now seemed to equate to being a dead popular hero. It had gotten to the point where you didn't have to have HIV or AIDS, all you had to be was outed, and, poof, you were a hero, and your name was worthy of being capitalized on by the likes of Elton John. Anyone who is outed and who dies is subject to be capitalized on. Elton probably has multiple Ode to (fill-in-the-blank) tunes ready and waiting. Because, it is now cool to be an open homosexual, and there are lots of potential bucks to be made out of homosexual hero-worship. The AIDS myth has been very, very good to sodomites.

What we’re looking at here is a movement with an agenda aimed at the modification of our culture. Take a good, hard look at it.

The absolute filthiness promoted by Homo Nazism

might cause a filthy pig to recoil in horror. These people are filthy; and I'm not just talking about the obvious filthy-mindedness, or being spiritually filthy. I'm talking about physical, hygienic filthiness. You do not want to shake hands with these people, or have any physical contact with them at all. And that goes for the organizations that openly recommend and teach these absolutely filthy practices. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, for instance. They claim to know whereof they speak, and we should all assume that they practice what they preach. They should therefore be kept apart, away from food preparation, and kept at a distance as being unclean people, and that term is intended in the actual, physical sense as well as any possible liturgical sense.

The normal, expected and common practices of homosexuals includes not only oral and anal sex, but rimming (mouth-to-anus contact,) fisting (insertion of the hand and arm into the rectum,) golden showers (urinating into each others faces and open mouths,) insertion of all sorts of foreign objects into the rectum, beatings with whips or chains, and on, and on, and on. Any practice that facilitates direct or indirect oral-rectal contact - again, normal behavior among homosexuals - allows entry to pathogens such as Giardia, Entamoeba histolytica, Hepatitis A and all the usual venereal organisms such as herpes simplex, gonorrhea and all the rest. None of these practices - not one of them - can be done without leading to serious and life-threatening health consequences. The whole range of viral and bacterial infections that can result from these actions can result in sterility, anal and oral cancer and death.

No wonder they don't live as long as heterosexuals; they are filthy people with filthy practices. They are typically infected with parasites and diseases unheard of among chaste populations. Among the typical conditions brought on by these filthy homosexual practices:

  1. Severe anal trauma
  2. Amebiasis, a parasitic colon disease which causes dysentery and liver abscesses
  3. Giardiasis, a parasite that causes diarrhea
  4. Shigellosis, a bowel disease that causes dysentery
  5. Hepatitis A, a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination
  6. Anal Cancer, with abnormal or precancerous anal cells present in over half of homosexual males
  7. Hepatitis B is over five times as common among homosexuals as heterosexuals
  8. Gonorrhea of the throat and rectal gonorrhea infect over 25% of homosexuals
  9. Human Papiloma Virus infects 25% of homosexuals
  10. Syphilis infects 51% of homosexuals
  11. Even Tuberculosis, almost dead in the normal population, is making a come back among homosexuals through homosexual prostitutes

Planned Parenthood literature recommends these filthy practices. In the Planned Parenthood brochure titled "I think I might be a Lesbian...Now what do I do?" the advice goes into the details involving oral-vaginal and oral-anal stimulation, and "sticking your fingers into your partner's vagina or ass, and all the other wonderful things that lesbians do together."

What can I say? Obviously, these people are real pigs. If you know anyone associated with Planned Parenthood, you might ask her if she's licked anyone's ass or stuck her fist up anyone's ass yet today, just as a conversation opener. If the answer is no, then you'll know that her day is not yet complete.

State education starts out, early, pushing pleasure, and once the notion of pleasure for its own sake is established, the filthiness can be just glossed over until later. If its done right, filthiness won't even need to be discussed. Public education starts them young.

The only thing that is declining more rapidly in public schools than academics is, of course, morality. Once, major problems in our schools involved truancy, and talking in class, and running in the halls, and so forth. Today it involves drugs, abortion, pregnancy, rape, and threats of murder. The consequences of liberal secular humanist education are as clear and obvious as they are odious. Liberal government education experts, at all levels, who claim that children are not being taught immorality in public schools are, of course, flagrantly Lying.

Wherever you live in America, you are paying taxes into the New York City school system, because it is not only spending far more than it is making in its own tax base, but far more than the entire state of New York is providing; thus federally provided funds increase dramatically each year to feed the ever increasing NYC deficit. The city’s budget is larger than that of any state, and many countries; the school system is a major part of that budget. You therefore have a personal interest in what they’re doing with your tax dollars in New York’s public schools, even if you live in Iowa. The New York City school system is reshaping children’s attitudes and behavior, as its number one priority. They are promoting both homosexuality and hedonism.

Example: “If teachers do not discuss lesbian/gay issues, they are not likely to come up” - Children Of The Rainbow - First Grade, teacher’s manual, page 372. It’s quite right, of course; five and six year olds very seldom bring up such topics on their own. Children Of The Rainbow is a multi-cultural curriculum designed in part to teach children the normalcy and the positive aspects of homosexual “family” life. It goes on to say that at least ten percent of each class will grow up to be homosexual (?), and that their insensitive parents are likely to throw them out on the street when they find out about it (??). (More on the sources of these false statistics later.) Teachers are further advised that references to homosexual people should be included in all curricular areas. Obviously, homosexuality has become far more important than any other school subject. Teachers are instructed to begin challenging “sexual myths” (???) on the first day of the first grade, by suggesting that boys play with dolls and girls play with toy trucks.

Recommended reading includes Daddy’s New Roommate, in which a little boy is surprised and delighted that his divorced father is so happy with his brand new boy friend; and Heather Has Two Mommies, in which the product of an artificial insemination, a little girl, finds that her mommy and her mommy’s girl friend are at least as good or better than a mommy and a daddy. This stuff isn’t aimed only at children of one or more homosexual parents who may have a problem coping with the situation; it’s aimed at the entire population of public school children, and represents what appears to me to be a homosexual recruitment drive.

Then there’s the AIDS prevention curriculum, which has sickened even some liberal teachers. It’s comment on masturbation: “Do it, it’s fun.” What on Earth does masturbation have to do with AIDS? The media treatment of this subject matter, quite predictably, was to cover the true nature of it up, favor it and slant it. The universal strategy of the press: do not quote, or quote as little as possible from the curricula and recommended reading material; repeat over and over again that people oppose it because it teaches tolerance (you may not have known that the we, the people, were intolerant;) make program proponents like the Homo Nazi activist lobbyist and Chancellor Joseph Fernandez look like embattled heroes; make its opponents look like intolerant religious right-wing homophobes.

In spite of attempts to hide the material from public view some parents got hold of some of it, and some teachers and board members were upset by it, and in short order the cat was of the bag. And so there the state and the media stand, caught, with jam on their faces. The state of New Jersey uses a sex primer for grades kindergarten through 3, which recommends, among other things, masturbation. It tells children that they can give themselves pleasure, too, and that’s OK. And that, when they get older, they can decide if they want to have sex. It tells them that most people do have sex, because they like it, and it’s an important way to show that you love someone. In middle school New Jersey children are taught how to explore their sexuality with each other without actually having intercourse. What used to be called foreplay is recommended by these idiots to kids who are then not expected to move on to the sexual activity that foreplay is a foreplay of.

As the children get older, these so called "educators" kick it up a notch and the filthiness begins.

The serious homosexual filthiness education begins in high school. Half a million dollars of your money went to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, for running “Youth Enrichment Services.” The Gay Men’s Health Crises (GMHC), and the Hetrick Martin Institute for Gay and Lesbian Youth, both designated as official resources of the New York City school system, supply volunteers to staff condom distribution rooms in city high schools and to counsel school children on “sexuality.” Right. The GMHC’s illustrated color brochure outlines safe sex practices; one of the guidelines: wear a latex surgical glove when you insert your fist into your partner’s rectum. Another: if you have sex with a woman, these guidelines still apply. The Hetrick Martin Institute’s sex education curriculum contains a detailed instruction on anal intercourse, with the recommendation, “Do it. Have fun!”

We have to wait and see if the government will next mandate tax paid distribution of latex surgical gloves in public high schools. The New York State Board of Regents issued an AIDS curriculum to be used at all local schools, and its January 1992 training manual indicated some interesting answers to questions raised by New York City schools; 1) although parents have a right to withdraw their children from the lessons, the school is not required to inform them of that right; and 2) even if a parent has explicitly stated that their child is not to be given a condom, the school will still give it to the child, if the child asks for it. Public schools have the right to ignore the explicit instructions of parents. The schools are distributing a City Board of Health pamphlet called Teens Have the Right, which teaches children that they have the right to decided to have sex and who to have it with, regardless of what their parents say.

Does the state own the children? How did the theoretically representative state get so filthy, and simultaneously become so insensitive to and intolerant of family authority and religious values?

In a word: the Village. It now takes a village to raise a child, see? And, apparently, it takes a particularly filthy village. This rather rediculous notion came from a foreign source, the CDF, or Children's Defense Fund, which enjoys the support of the UN and various international globacratic Socialist political parties, such as our own Democratic Party. While those who push this CDF agenda mouth words indicating support for the family and family values, they quite clearly and unmistakably attack the family at its roots, and they are supported in this attack by the media and academia. The CDF is the spearhead organization for this type of “government knows best” anti-family activism, which insists that it takes a whole village to properly raise a child.

Asked to explain what the hell that meant, Dr. Chu Chu Saunders, Philadelphia’s deputy health commissioner, once explained it thus: “How dare you believe you have the right to raise your children by yourself.” Ask for an explanation, you get a dare; how do you like that? How dare we indeed. I personally know many American parents who would take that dare. But raising children, we are instructed by the wise Dr. Chu Chu, is far too complex and difficult of a responsibility for mere parents; it requires the coordinated effort of the entire community. Collective communes, perhaps.

CDF “attacks” teen pregnancy and venereal infection by peddling abortion advice, birth control and condoms to other people’s children. Perhaps peddling isn’t the right word; they give it away, having gotten you and me to pay for it through our taxes. Thus they promote “responsible” fornication and “safe” promiscuity and “protected” sodomy, and filthy habits, to children who have been taught at home and in Church to be chaste, and clean. Lip service aside, CDF promotes an agenda of “consequence-less sex” training for the children it pretends to protect, and it thereby reveals that it is subservient to, and is training the children of Jews and Christians in, some foreign, alien morality which is other than American, other than Judeo-Christian, other than monotheistic. What is it? Where does it come from? Why is it here?

Jews and Christians do not teach or allow their children to go out and copulate like animals, whether safely, responsibly, heterosexually or otherwise; neither do they provide their children with birth control or condoms or abortions, or in any other way empower them to be sexually active. CDF, the UN, academia, public education, the media and the rest of show-biz, and much of our own government, including even past Presidencies and past Surgeons General, directly and flatly oppose this typical American and ancient monotheistic family standard. But what poses more of a threat to our civil liberty is the clear, open, casual, rampant disregard for our “non-enumerated” but legally retained rights under the ninth amendment, and also all of the undelegated powers reserved to the states and to the people under the tenth amendment. The UN, the CDF, Hillery, Billery, Chu Chu and friends actually dare to ask us how we dare assume we have any right not directly granted to us by them; and, what is far worse, we either stand for it, or we don’t even notice. The social anesthesia might not even wear off when we finally hear the famous command that every petty bureaucrat dreams of one day being able to say: shut up and get on the cattle car.

Figures don't lie, but figurers do

is the line that applies when you try to understand where the purported ten percent-plus percentage of the homosexual population that is casually thrown around without quoting references by all the Homo Nazis. The actual percentage always remains below three percent; the highest it ever got was two and a fraction percent. The bogus ten percent comes from one and only one source: the completely phony "research" done by "Dr." Kinsey and all of TTRSTF4 working with him at the University of Indiana. You can read about this in the Freudianism page.

The link begins with the hopeless doper, sexual predator and phony doctor Sigmund Freud and his sad story, this "father" of modern psychology. It then continues with the Gnostic, alchemist, mystic, psychic, astrologist, cross-channeling sexual predator and phony doctor, Carl Gustav Jung and his sad contribution to psychology. Finally, it talks about the flat out sexual predator, pedophile, twisted pervert and phony scientist, the disgusting Kinsey, of Kinsey Report and University of Indiana "research" infamy. Kinsey, you will remember, is the one that did himself in by his own demented masturbation. It might be said of him without being too far off the mark, that he jacked off to death. It is Kinsey's report and published statistics alone that the Homo Nazi movement and the government and educators always quote whenever they recommend masturbation to other people's children, and whenever they claim that any percentage over three represents the number of homosexuals in any population. The number in his population, all the twisted perverts and fellow pedophiles "researching" with him at the University of Indiana, probably did number more than ten percent; Kinsey drew filthy perverts to himself just as crap draws flies and hatches maggots.

Do whatever it takes to get and keep your kids the hell out of the public school system. The advice these filthy pigs give your children can make them dead.

Anyone who says homosexuality is normal needs a course in remedial math. Anyone who says it’s natural needs a course in remedial biology. Anyone who says it's healthy activity needs remedial schooling in basic, fundamental personal hygiene. Any typical American, i.e., any practicing Christian or Jew who says it's spiritually good or virtuous needs a course in remedial religion. Anyone who does not recognize homosexuality as sinful most likely doesn't recognize even the very notion of sin, and is operating from or guided by some alien ethos, that is opposed to the foundational and persisting guiding ethos of America.

Pray for America’s children.

I received an email from our dear friend Vivian Skovgard with the following, and I thought it appropriate to put it into this page. It shows the homosexual agenda aimed at our young, funded by us through our tax dollars, yet done under the cover of darkness so we don’t know about it. As you watch these short videos, note the beatific, pious facial expressions and attitudes of the filthy pigs who you will see actually appearing to moralize about the acceptability, goodness and normalcy of homosexual perversion and degeneracy. And ask yourself, what is this new moral norm, and what, exactly, is it based on? What are these “educators” consciously and purposely doing to the souls of little children and to the future soul of America? By what authority do they do this?

This is the nature of the increasingly authoritative bureaucratic mindset. The state knows best. Once you put your kids into a state school, the state takes ownership of them. We have seen that school teachers, officials and other bureaucrats associated with state education, who can’t give your kids an aspirin without your prior consent, can and do give your kids condoms and even smuggle them out to abortuaries and back, without saying a word to you. Even across state lines. Now, take a look at what they quite officially teach your kids, not only without your informed consent, but without even so much as your knowledge.

Following is the email attachment from Vivian.


Dear Friends,

Some of you have indicated your frustration in no longer being able to access those shocking videos which show innocent, captive children in public schools being cruelly subjected to indoctrination in homosexuality... now, when you click on the link that was provided to you, it now says the following:

Looks like this video has been pulled, no doubt due to the enormous bad publicity generated against the machinations of these pernicious people who would lure our innocent children into an unhealthy, destructive lifestyle.

But do not despair!

We have been able to find the same videos at the following website:
(Note 2012-6-13: This link, too, is no longer working.)

(Note: Read coach Dave's latest commentary
Where are The Shepherds?

Passing the Salt,
Coach Dave Daubenmire



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Date: Sat Feb 19 12:09:42 2011
From: Richard (Alias Jerry; alias Liberal Loony)

I do not have as much a problem with gays as I have with North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). It takes real guts to start an association like that, tell you the truth. I would rather be tied to a post and whipped within an inch of my life than be associated with such a thing. America loves its freedoms and liberty to form organizations, but I think that sometimes we go way too far. We should probably be a lot more intolerant.

Friday, December 28, 2012
Converted Page to SBI! Release 3.0 BB 2.0. 

Date: Fri Dec 28 06:02:00 2012 
From:   Bruno
Location:   Augusta,  ME. USA

I haven't as of yet read the whole page, but i do agree with the basic view. I am a gay male btw. I have attended gay groups held at liberal churches,  and the spectacle makes me thank my family for my religious background....there's something within me that would hold me back from going as far as the vast majority of gay men. When i showed up at one gay meeting at a church they were playing a  sordid sexual game on " entertainment" night called Gay Price is Right. The winner would be the one who guessed the correct price of condoms and sex toys which by the way were displayed on the church altar. It gets worse....after that it was movie over 50 crowd watching a Swedish movie about two gay men who adopt a boy. The film is full of sexual innuendo, and btw, every movie they watch just so happens to have a boy theme. It was a circus of the absurd. During intermission, it was announced that Ghandi...anti-violence indian leader...was in fact gay. It was clear that if you showed this group a photo of the last supper, they would interpret it as a orgy. I caused a scene by getting up and walking out.... in the interest of truth and decency, but naturally denial prevailed. Later , one guy developed hatred for me which he felt a need to display when i would see him in public. Truth will make others feel uncomfortable in your presence.....I’ve always noticed that i don't have to say presence ignites the flame.

Date: Fri Dec 28 19:01:01 2012 
From: Vic Biorseth 


While I’m glad that something holds you back from “going as far as the vast majority of gay men” it is still very sad that you have chosen this life style.  You speak positively about your family and your religious background, but, why is your religion – the most important thing in your life – merely background, and not foreground? 

When we put God aside for a moment, or for an activity, or in certain company, or for convenience, something will take His place, and that something will not be good.  Abandoning God, even for a brief moment, is abandoning truth, and abandoning truth is the path to eventual insanity.  Returning to God is returning to truth and sanity, where there is good order and things make sense. 

You were not born that way, Bruno.  If you believe that you were born gay and have no choice in this matter, then you have been very effectively lied to and guided into a path of lies that leads to a life of pure falsehood including direct opposition to nature itself. 

The fact that you, like so many others, are today quite comfortable making a public statement such as “I am a gay male btw” is the whole problem.  Our whole public society has been so mal-educated, twisted and malformed that the opposite is seen as sinful.  Declaring that the homosexual variety of un-chastity is sinful or wrong or disordered or unnatural is, itself, now considered to be sinful, or wrong, or disordered, or unnatural, or even a symptom of the purposely invented new mental illness of homophobia

Education and the media and entertainment and the “Movement” I speak of in this article have turned the subject upside down and inside out.  But I ask you to do a little quiet thinking about it, remembering your religious background.  The Scriptures have not changed during the night while you were sleeping.  What was displeasing to God thousands of years ago is still displeasing to God today. 

You are no different from me in that we are both called to resist temptation and avoid any form of sexual impurity or un-chastity.  There is nothing special about you simply because you choose the title gay.  Homosexuality, like fornication, adultery, etc., came out of the gutter, and the gutter is where it belongs.  The fact that lots of Hollywood stars and celebrities have made open homosexuality an important part of their public persona, or even an important part of their “act” or their claim to fame, does not make homosexuality OK. 

They are trying hard to turn America into the new Sodom and Gomorrah, and they don’t give a damn about your immortal soul. 

Don’t go along for the ride, Bruno.  It has a bad end. 



Date:   Sun Sep 07 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

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Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
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Date:  Wed Jan 14 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth

ChurchMilitant.TV just cranked out a couple of videos that I find appropriate to this topic.  It's about time the homos in the Church were called out in public.  The Church is what is supposed to be pulling us away from this crap, not encouraging it and blessing it.  Click the images to see the videos. 



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"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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