The Class Warfare lies infecting Social Justice, in theology and in secular philosophy.

Most every time Social Justice is invoked, you are about to hear some Class Warfare Lies.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Sunday, January 19, 2014

Many took great exception to what we said in the Social Justice page, and to what we said about the obvious Marxist Redistribution-ism of Pope Francis in Evangelizing for World Communism.  Most of these exception-taking comments were not published, due to the filthy language, insulting tone and crass vulgarity.  But it is always interesting to note how many opponents of what we say here are obviously not Catholic, not even Christian, either not American or anti-American, disagree with everything this site stands for, and yet - they seem to keep coming back.  I publish other negative comments, but I ignore all the really nasty ones.  I just delete them, but they just keep coming back.  The same people

I think the truth stings them so badly that they can't let it go. 

But we're going to keep on cranking out truth to power and truth to open hostility and let the chips fall where they may. 

This webpage is about the lies that support the whole Marxist lie of "fairness".  In the Marxist revolutionary ideology, "fairness" is all tied up in equal distribution of - well, everything.  And, under the Marxist ideology, this redistribution is and must be of a global nature, not just national.  It is and always has been an international movement.  Marx's Communist Manifesto was written to incite and support the international Communist revolution, which is global in scope.  Any time you hear "global" attached to any cause, program or plan, your radar should pick up at least a hint of Marxism, because Marxism has, and has always had, global plans and global solutions for all local problems.  Marxism even invents problems needing global solutions.  That is the nature of Marxism. 

The major, underlying lie of Class Warfare is all wrapped up in the false facade of military pacifism, which is usually all dressed up in phony religious affectations. 

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. --Karl Marx.

In this lie, opposition to Socialism is always the cause of violence, and is the sole cause of violence, in all the world.  If you eliminate opposition to Socialism (even by violence) you thereby eliminate all possibility of violence. 

Crazy?  Yes.  Stupid?  Yes.  Believed by millions?  Also yes. 

Consider the supposedly Catholic pacifism of the Communist anti-Vietnam war activist Dorothy Day, as quoted from the Catholic Communizer Dorothy Day webpage:

Pacifism, as publicly preached by Dorothy Day, is the doctrine that says that violence or war are never, ever justified under any condition whatsoever. It insists on complete disarmament and permanent renunciation of the use of military force for any reason. But it is apparent that this level of pacifism was only applied to the United Sates of America, and not to any revolution against Capitalism. During the Cold War she wrote that “it is better that the United States be liquidated than that she survive by war.”

Like the subject of dissent, pacifism at some point becomes treason against one’s nation. I think that point is reached when someone would deny their own nation the right to defend itself against naked aggression. And I think dissent becomes disloyalty when someone publicly defecates on the American flag, as was done at anti-Vietnam war rallies supported by Dorothy Day and the CWM.

The no-violence-no-matter-what pacifism preached by Dorothy Day did not apply to any anti-Capitalist activity, demonstration or even open revolution. In Day’s opinion Capitalism “asked for it” by being bourgeois. The whole goal of the CWM was to make the rich poor, and thereby end bourgeois oppression and exploitation. See?

Capitalist countries, like the USA, cause violent revolutions, by being Capitalist, and therefore oppressive and exploitive of the worker “class.” So, Dorothy Day was against violence, but she insisted that all violence and war were caused by Capitalism, and therefore the reactive violence of revolution against Capitalism was justified and forgiven. See?

Same thing with the Catholic Church. The Church is bourgeois, the Church supports Capitalism, therefore the Church periodically incites violence against itself, and that violence is justified violence, because the Church asked for it. All of the periodic persecutions of the Church throughout all of history were caused by the Capitalistic bourgeois nature of the Church.

All wars, throughout all of history, were caused by the existence of Capitalism and an exploitive bourgeois class. See?

So, in a nutshell, extreme pacifism applies only on the Capitalist side of the street; violence, revolution and war are justified when applied against Capitalism, because Capitalism causes a violent reaction in those who don’t like Capitalism.

That is the common strain of thought that you will find in every Marxist revolutionary movement you examine, including the Occupy
Wall Street movement.  If you can find a participant lucid and sober enough to converse intelligently, they will tell you how unfair it is that America has national defense forces, and in the same breath, tell you how violence is justified against America.  Thereby revealing that they do not see themselves as Americans.  At least not as pro-American Americans.  They clearly hate America and everything she stands for. 

It has even had its effect on the Church.  In his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis revealed his own personal victimization by the Marxist propaganda regarding the sole cause of violence in the world.  This vision has the poor of the world, rather than representing a people less free to prosper by the work of their own hands, instead representing a sort of growing inflammable pile of potential spontaneous combustion.  But there's nobody pouring any gasoline on it, and nobody tossing any matches. 

Quoting from the Evangelizing for World Communism page: 

His Holiness then says "No to the inequality which spawns violence," saying, and probably actually believing, that it is the poor, not the Marxist Revolutionaries, not the Moslem Zealots, and not anyone else with any ulterior motive, who are just naturally aroused to violence, and they are aroused to violence solely by social "exclusion" and "inequality" in possessions, and in lacking "equal opportunity" to accumulate possessions. 

Conjuring Fixed Social Classes into being, where classes do not exist, is necessary for Marxism to incite class warfare.  (How can you have a class war in the absence of classes?)  Many recognized economists, Hayek and Mises among them, have pointed out the fact that the permanent, fixed "Classes" and rigid class division Marx railed against in his phony Manifesto had already disappeared with the end of the era of Feudalism.  Europe and Britain still have their royalty and their nobility, to be sure; but the noble classes have been reduced to a sort of beloved figurehead status, perhaps aloof and adulated by the citizenry, but no longer ordering everyone else about. 

What the old fixed classes of the nobles and the serfs have been replaced by is a looser, less rigid Government Class, and everyone not in and not employed by the government.  The Government Class is, to be sure, generally of a higher financial status than the Non-government Class.  Of course, Marx's Manifesto promises an end to governments, with the establishment of his quite impossible government-less state of Communism.  We talked about this particular branch of Marxist stupidity in the Great Communist Lie webpage.  Marxism attacks governments, too, in its drive toward the impractical and unachievable ultimate government-less, global - and completely false - utopian Communist ideal

The exploitable Employer-Worker "Classes".  In Marx's lingo, these are the fixed, rigid, permanent and inescapable classes of the Bourgeois and the Proletariat.  In this blatantly stupid and yet outrageously successful lie, all workers are doomed forever to remain workers, no worker can ever become an employer, and the whole mission of the employer is to keep the worker in his place.  This is the foundational exploitation of the proletarians by the bourgeoisie Marxist lie.  Marxist agitators and educators have been building on this lie through all the generations since at least 1848. 

When European and American governments became infected with increasing numbers of Marxist Progressives and even Marxist Revolutionaries among their own elected representatives, this lie really took off, with two major avenues of growth:

  1. Public Education
  2. Organized Labor

Once private education began to be supplanted by public education (i.e., government education), the whole purpose of education began to change.  The older purpose was to prepare the student for life as an adult.  It was therefore well rounded, all encompassing and intended to prepare the student to make his own way out in the world.  The newer government purpose of formative education became, ever increasingly, to prepare the student to be a good worker, and to teach him that the only way to get ahead was to "get a good job". 

Well, getting a good job is not equivalent to making your own way. 

All this education (indoctrination?) was doing was instilling in minds the notion of the existence of a worker class, actually creating a worker class, thereby seeding the ground for future revolutions. 

It was the beginning of the institutionalization of envy.  It fed the twin myths of the "right" to a job and the "right" to a good education, which, in a world of unequal human beings, fed the twin myths of the right to a higher education and the right to a better job.  

So long as anyone's job was seen as better than any other, and so long as anyone's education was seen as better than any other, the unfairness of the inequality of it could be and would be further exploited by Marxism.  Social pressure increased to get a better education in order to get a better job, regardless of student inclination, scholarship or qualification.  Everyone has a right to a higher degree, and everyone has a right to a better working career, regardless of intelligence, aptitude, inclination or interest. 

What all this ignores is the fact that few if any of the American Founding Fathers or the Framers of the Constitution were educated anywhere other than in the home.  They were all self-made men.  They were home schooled up to a point, and self educated beyond that, as their interests led them. 

Workers of the World, Unite! were the closing lines of Marx's Manifesto.  With those words, the hugely revolutionary and hugely profitable gigantic business of the International Organized Labor Movement was born.  International Labor Unions quickly became the crown jewels of the International Communist Movement.  National labor unions sprang up everywhere, all over the world, always with international linkages to other unions.  The most exploitable workers were exploited first; the most miserable workers, miserable for whatever reason, were heroically "championed" by Marxist union organizers. 

Elsewhere we have criticized the sheer stupidity of Marxist ideas and ideals, and the truly transparent actual Marxist goal of achieving dictatorship, pure and simple.  And we have criticized many of the seemingly intelligent "Useful Idiot" followers of Marxism for failing to see the influences of Machiavelli and Hegel on Marx himself, or his adoption of their stratagems for fooling the masses until he achieved total dictatorship.  (See the Refuting Marxism pages.) 

But the absolute brilliance of the revolutionary idea of an international organization of workers cannot be denied.  It had multiple facets. 

  1. It placed a huge social wedge between the employee and his own employer, creating animosity between them, displacing cooperation toward a common goal of success with alienation and animosity bordering on hatred.
  2. It offered (at first, and for many decades) an outrageously successful recruiting and organizing tool, capable of getting millions of willing followers into the organization. 
  3. It was incredibly profitable, because workers paid regular dues, deducted ahead of time from their paychecks, so the less astute among them didn't even notice the reduction in their pay.  

History has shown that the unions have been able to not only call strikes on individual work places, but on whole industries; not only on specific types of work, but on whole regions and areas; not only on whole regions, but even on whole nations.  France, Britain and other nations have experienced industrial or farm worker or transport worker strikes aimed at shutting down the whole nation.  Often unions of seemingly unrelated types of workers will join in solidarity to strike for some political purpose. 

Organizing is a euphemism for revolution. -Saul Alinsky

Organized labor contributed greatly to changing the motivation of the worker.  Where it used to be willingness and ability to contribute to profitability of the enterprise for a fair market wage, the job became rightfully the property of the worker.  The worker had a right to his job, regardless of how well or how poorly he did the job.  The corollary to that falsehood was the one that said that the worker did all the work, so he deserved more than the employer, regardless of the employer's investment in the enterprise.  It was unfair that the employer should make more from the business enterprise than the employee. 

You didn't build that. -Comrade Obama (Peace be upon him)

Follow the money, and follow closely who organized labor supports with direct money, with political adds, with political activism and with "volunteer" ground-game political action.  Big labor provides both money and action to support their Marxist political agenda.  When you see who they support, you will be looking at the political Parties, political candidates and sitting political officials who are actually directing and controlling the ongoing transformation of America, from a Constitutional Republic into a Marxist dictatorship, from the inside

Acting in solidarity with other Marxist-Alinskyite organizations such as ACORN, Big Labor provides the Marxocrat Party with an outstanding local political ground game.  Whether it might be for voter registration, voter fraud, transporting criminal aliens to polling places, intimidation of the opposition or providing more propaganda, American Constitutionalists have nothing to compare with the scope and reach of the grass-roots political organization of the big unions. 

In lands ruled by Marxist Dictatorship, of whatever Marxist variety, labor unions are outlawed, for it is against the law to strike against the government, just as it is against the law to speak out on any particular topic if you disagree with the dictator.  The famous Solidarity movement in still Communist 1980 Poland, led by Lech Walesa, was the sole exception to that rule, and it proved to be a stepping stone to the fall of the Soviet Union.  Soviet gulag survivor, champion of liberty and famous author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, R.I.P., would testify, if he were here, that it was the only time any Communist government did not employ its favorite labor negotiation tool, which would be the machine gun, to settle a labor dispute. 

Having failed, most of the time, in achieving dictatorship through violent revolution, Marxism has turned to politics, political action and "organizing" for future takeovers in multiple lands.  It has had its long march through our institutions, taking over virtually all of education and academy, journalism and virtually all of our news media, and even most of our own American government.  Just to reveal the tip of a huge iceberg of Marxist infiltration into American politics, anyone who studies Political Science at the university level these days is going to be taught that Machiavelli - who's murderous lies, deep deceit and carefully orchestrated treachery provided the chief inspiration for original Marxism - is revered today as the father of political science.  Political science majors learn that Machiavellian tricks are the way to succeed in politics. 

Many are they who fail to recognize the devious Machiavellian threat that has been interwoven into national, international and global politics.  Permit me to quote Pope Francis, from his Evangelii Gaudium:

205. I ask God to give us more politicians capable of sincere and effective dialogue aimed at healing the deepest roots – and not simply the appearances – of the evils in our world! Politics, though often denigrated, remains a lofty vocation and one of the highest forms of charity, inasmuch as it seeks the common good.[174] We need to be convinced that charity “is the principle not only of micro-relationships (with friends, with family members or within small groups) but also of macro-relationships (social, economic and political ones)”.[175] I beg the Lord to grant us more politicians who are genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the people, the lives of the poor! It is vital that government leaders and financial leaders take heed and broaden their horizons, working to ensure that all citizens have dignified work, education and healthcare. Why not turn to God and ask him to inspire their plans? I am firmly convinced that openness to the transcendent can bring about a new political and economic mindset which would help to break down the wall of separation between the economy and the common good of society.

First, His Holiness puts entirely too much trust politicians and/or governments to truly seek the good of the people. 

Second, while it may be a lofty vocation, and there may be good politicians in the mix, charity is quite impossible for any politician and/or government.  Government, legitimately, can only govern.  Government creates nothing, produces nothing, and has nothing to give to anyone.  Before government can give anything to anyone, it must first take it from someone else.  Whatever that is, it is not charity. 

Third, taking care of family members is not charity; it is merely the natural thing to do.  True charity goes beyond support of family members and those one is responsible for.  True charity means giving to someone not because he deserves it, but out of love, as our Lord gave Himself for us, undeserving though we were. 

Fourth, neither government, politicians nor financial leaders are in possession of "dignified work, education and healthcare" nor are they qualified or able to bring them into being and pass them out in equal shares to the whole of the world's population, let alone to any very small local population. 

His Holiness goes on:

206. Economy, as the very word indicates, should be the art of achieving a fitting management of our common home, which is the world as a whole. Each meaningful economic decision made in one part of the world has repercussions everywhere else; consequently, no government can act without regard for shared responsibility. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find local solutions for enormous global problems which overwhelm local politics with difficulties to resolve. If we really want to achieve a healthy world economy, what is needed at this juncture of history is a more efficient way of interacting which, with due regard for the sovereignty of each nation, ensures the economic well-being of all countries, not just of a few.

The more you "manage" a free market, the more you kill it.  A free market cannot be managed or controlled or guided by political action.  To whatever degree you control it, to that same degree do you interfere with the original creation of wealth, at the citizen level, and the more you contribute to and cause the exact opposite of what His Holiness is aiming at, ultimately achieving only global economic depression and global poverty.  Pope Francis' good intentions may be hopelessly trapped in false Marxian utopian idealism.  All Marxian economics are false

How wealthy did the Soviet model of a Marxist controlled economy make the average Russian citizen?  How about China?  How about Cuba?  How about North Korea?  We have seen the disastrous economic results of Marxism on the national scale, over and over and over again.  It never, ever succeeded.  It never raised up the poor man.  It only impoverished the rich man, or moved him into the richer government class.  The very last thing the world needs is to replicate this sort of thing on a global scale. 

Unique Constitutional America hit the rest of the world like a thunderbolt.  Once the original Revolution was won, and once the Constitution was ratified, the absolutely unique nature of America was made manifest to all observers; America was absolutely unique, as a nation, on many levels

  1. America was the first "classless" nation, with nobility and title strictly prohibited in her Constitution. 
  2. America was the first nation who's citizens were the sovereigns.  The Preamble of the Constitution began with "We the People of the United States ... " clearly identifying who established the union and the Constitution itself.  
  3. While the rest of the world's citizens enjoyed "rights" given only by their government, American citizens recognized "inalienable" rights, endowed by God, which government could never take away.  
  4. Legal rights (to free worship, speech, assembly, to bear arms, etc.) were established in the Constitution itself, and government power was fixed; authorized areas of government authority were limited, listed and not to be exceeded.  
  5. When government exceeded its Constitutional authority, the citizens had the right and duty to take it down and re-establish legitimate Constitutional government. 
  6. Most importantly, to all economists, American citizens were free to prosper by the work of their own hands, which means, they had the right to earn, accumulate and keep private property.  

America very quickly - almost overnight - became a world economic powerhouse.  Multiple citizens creating new wealth had the effect of raising everyone around them to higher economic levels.  Just as the impoverished person drags others around him down, prospering people drag other people up, without even intending or realizing it. 

The very idea that someone somewhere becoming more wealthy somehow causes someone somewhere else to become more impoverished is just plain stupid.  The static, "fixed pie" vision of global wealth is a Marxist lie.  Wealth is not something that can be divided up.  It is not static, but dynamic, and ever changing. 

Only free citizens create wealth = a penny saved. 

Governments can only consume wealth; they cannot create it. 

If government takes wealth from those who created it, that would kill the future creation of wealth, because those who created it would stop creating it.  No one will save a penny, i.e., create new wealth, when they know that someone will take it just as soon as they earn it. 

Equal redistribution of wealth can never be done successfully. 


Taxing or otherwise confiscating wealth in order to "spread it around" can only lead to eventual impoverishment of whole nations.  And, incidentally, total loss of citizen liberty.  Government officials "in the know" are really driving at self enrichment, accumulation of political power, and eventual Marxist dictatorship.  (Shhh!  Not supposed to say that out loud!)

Private enterprise operating competitively in a free market, and even the Church herself, are eminently more qualified to provide education and health care to the masses than any national or international government.  Once upon a time, the Church did.   But today, in the aftermath of Vatican II, the once prominent Active Orders of the Church, having abandoned the habit, community living and living by any discernible order, are now all shrinking, aging and cruising into extinction. 

When they abandoned their distinction, they began their extinction. 

Why should any devout Catholic young lady become a nun?   What would be the difference? 

When any devout Catholic young man sees a priest who doesn't wear the collar and who says "just call me Larry", why should that young man become a priest?  What would be the difference?

The only valid "controls" for Capitalism are very high citizen morality.  As we said in Unfettered Capitalism, Capitalism is nothing more than a free market.  If you "fetter" or otherwise restrict or control it, it is no longer Capitalism, which is to say, it is no longer a free market.  A free market cannot be restricted by artificial rules.  In a free market, the natural rules of supply and demand cannot be interfered with.  A highly moral people, as those guided by the Judeo-Christian Ethos of Western Civilization, would be the very best example of a mixture of moral participants participating in a free market economy. 

Such a moral people following that ethos would practice, however imperfectly, the Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude, and the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.  

Pretty much the exact opposite of godless and ungodly Marxism. 

American citizens, like all citizens, are sinners; but generally speaking the goodness of the American citizenry always shined through, overpowering their sinfulness.  And, America, like every other nation, has always had unrepentant sinners and reprobates among the citizenry.  In spite of these facts, it has been historically very well documented that, overall, early America was populated by a remarkably "good" people, who made America a "good" nation, as judged by the highest standards of Western Civilization.  

The sudden emergence of the new nation of America and her rise to become a world economic powerhouse drew a lot of international attention.  In a very short period of history, nations who's trade America depended upon for survival, became trade competitors with America, and then became dependent upon America for her trade.  It came to pass that, even as other national economies were increasingly dependent upon trade with America, other nation's citizenry were emigrating to America for the opportunity to start a new life and prosper by their own industry.  Of course, all of that was before the Democrats invented the income tax. 

In the mid 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville came to America from France to study this American economic phenomenon and find out how it came to be.  At the end of his exhaustive studies, he published his work, and it came to be one of the best analyses of America during the period: 

Democracy in America (Signet Classics), Alexis de Tocqueville

Tocqueville determined that what made America economically and militarily great was the Christian goodness of her people.  He found the greatness and the goodness to be two interdependent things.  He predicted that when America stopped being good, she would stop being great. 

Let me repeat my earlier stated opinion that the only proper constraints or controls that could be placed on the free Market - meaning, laissez-faire Capitalism -  would be constraints placed on the participants, by the participants, voluntarily: that they (mostly) live their lives in accordance with high Judeo-Christian moral standards.  That the social norm, or social standard, be based on high morality, despite violators of the norm. 

Now, this can never be perfectly done, because nothing can be perfectly done, by any large body of people.  Perfection is not of this world. 

We have pointed out elsewhere that most populations are fairly easily divided into three groups on any particular issue, be it political, theological, or whatever.  Two of the three groups are most always the most passionate in their opposing views, and the last third is most always lukewarm.  It is less the majority vote of the whole than the most passionate third that generally wins the day. 

(See the Winnowing Pages.)  An example of this might be Moses, coming down from the Holy Mountain with the Ten Commandments, only to find his rebellious third worshiping a golden calf they had made.  Now, today, we cannot (and God did not) condemn the whole of the Jewish people because of this great sin committed by many of their people.  They were still, overall, a good people, better than any others around them. 

In a similar manner, America's first great moral test involved the inevitable elimination of slavery, which was first imposed on the early Colonies from without, which was resisted from the onset, and which ended in the Civil War.  That many Americans supported and defended slavery, even unto death, does not mean that "America" as a whole nation, ever supported slavery or was racist.  If that were true the Civil War never would have been fought, brother against brother, at the cost of over 500,000 human lives.  No other nation ever fought such a Civil War with itself for such a cause. 

It was a moral issue, and a moral issue that won the day in America. 

As was the great Civil Rights struggle led and exemplified by Martin Luther King Jr., which sought to awaken and stir the moral consciousness of America's moral third against the Democrat Party's un-Constitutional denial of Constitutional civil rights to black Americans.  Again, it was a moral issue, and again, it won the day. 

Marxism had been firming up its grip on the Democrat Party since the Wilson administration, and, ultimately, in the 1960s,  it saw the political advantage of provoking another branch of Class Warfare along racial lines.  The Marxocrats, who had defended slavery throughout the Civil War, who had authored the Jim Crow laws, who gave birth to the Klan, who manned the fire hoses and the police dogs at Selma, switched sides and became the champions of "equality" and "fairness" on racial issues. 

Overnight, the image of Democrat Simon Legree was transformed into the image of Democrat White Sugar-Daddy, and the whole Republican Party was falsely and unfairly tarred with brush of anti-black racism. 

For reasons unknown, the Republicans never defended themselves against this blatant, utter falsehood.  Perhaps they were already "closet" Marxists of the milder Progressive variety; they certainly cooperated in increased spending, growing the government and increasing bureaucracy.  At any rate, what they became was the Republicrat Party, whose main purpose for existence became to reach across the aisle in non-partisan cooperation with the Marxocrats, and to be nice, and to smile for the cameras. 

With the aid of the already thoroughly Marxist SLIMC1 , which made up the whole of the mainstream print and broadcast news media, and with the aid of the already thoroughly Marxist Public Education system, the Marxocrats launched a masterful disinformation program, which demonized the Republcrats as the Party of Racism, and built up the Marxocrats as the true Party championing minority rights.

All is fair in class warfare.

Marxist race whores like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright created  lucrative career paths out of keeping blacks alienated from whites, particularly Republicrat whites.  In Churches, in schools and in the streets.  With Marxocrat Party support, with news media support and with organized teacher-student support, they mastered the art of intimidating banks and businesses into "donating" to their causes.  The mere threat of a racial rally or demonstration got banks and businesses to grant favors along racial lines, and to "donate" to the cause.  Of course, if Republicrats did anything like that, they would be charged with extortion - but Marxocrats were immune from any such charges, because, why, they were championing an underdog minority.  Why, it was heroic, what they were doing.   The newspapers all said so. 

And, what was the Republicrat defense against the false charge of Republican racism? 

Guilty as charged, but now repentant, deeply sorrowful and forever in a penitential state of deep remorse.  Go figure.  They actually fed and strengthened the false myth that America was deeply racist to the bone, but now, they, the enlightened ones, have seen the light, repented of it and changed their ways, and now work hard to elevate blacks to unearned heights in all areas of life. 

Republicrat political campaigns are all designed around standing for this, that or the other thing, but also, equality in everything, and please don't call me racist and hurt my little feelings.  And furthermore, please don't call me anti-feminist, and please don't call me anti-abortion, and please don't call me anti-sodomy, because I really love all those things and hate religion, but can't say so out loud because of my stupid voter base. 

It's an uphill political image struggle against the Marxocrat Party, the Marxocrat owned news media, and the Marxocrat dominated world of celebrity and entertainment.  So where the Marxocrats are ultiimately out to supplant the Constitution with raw dictatorial power, the Republicrats are, some of them, cooperating in that effort, and the rest of them, just plain stupid

The Marxocrats are Machiavellian, and the Republicrats are dumb

And that is why we recommended moving to a No Party America.  We need State, or Region, or State-Cluster conventions to pick our national candidates for high office, and do away with Political Party conventions.  If it takes more than one primary election to narrow it down to two candidates for federal office, then so be it. 

How do you destroy a moral national ethos?  That is what the Marxocrats struggled with, knowing that, as Tocqueville pointed out, American greatness - i.e., strong, vibrant economy and an independent citizenry - was entirely dependent upon a highly moral citizenry.  You've probably heard the old saying that if you can get a man to accept sodomy, you can get him to accept anything.  But, what about abortion?  Isn't that even worse? 

Every single major moral issue was seized on by the Marxocrats and exploited as another Class War issue.  Divide and Conquer.  The Marxocrats infiltrated and took control of the Femi-Nazi Movement, the Homo-Nazi Movement and the Racial-Nazi Movement, to their great political benefit. 

All of these were different areas in which to wage class warfare. 

They Own the Pro-Abortion movement, and they succeeded in renaming it the Pro-Choice movement, with virtually no resistance.  In point of fact, there is only one choice involved in the "Woman's Right To Choose" debate, that single choice being, the woman's right to choose to abort someone else. 

And here we stand, some 55,000,000 dead babies later, and all sorts of Senators, Congressmen, Justices, Presidents and Vice Presidents championing abortion.  The supposedly smartest people among us "struggle" with the issue of when life begins, and "struggle" with the question of when the baby becomes an actual legal human being. 

Just to set the record straight, using nothing but solid empirical evidence and pure material science,

  1. "Life" is proved beyond any scientific doubt by active biological metabolism, cell division and growth, from the moment of conception.  
  2. "Humanity" is proved beyond any scientific doubt by the presence of the active DNA of an absolutely unique human being, formed at the moment of conception.  That DNA, like yours and mine, is traceable back to one and only one original parent set of the whole species of homo sapiens.  

Nevertheless, Supreme Court Justices, legal eagles, Senators, etc., continue to "struggle" with when life begins for a unit of a species. (Hint:  It doesn't begin; it continues.  It is transmitted.) 

None of these men are that stupid.  They are evil. 

Libertarians have unwittingly given aid to the Marxocrat cause of destroying the American national ethos.  That's why we oppose libertarianism.  To say that what's right or wrong for you is not necessarily right or wrong form me, or vice versa, is nothing short of an exercise in moral relativism.   A thing is either right or wrong, for everyone, everywhere.  Some things are just intrinsically evil, no matter whether they affect you personally or not.  They remain wrong, and decent men should never hesitate to say so. The minute decent men do not call evil evil, they, and their society with them, begin the moral decline. 

If you say that you personally disapprove of sodomy, but you knowingly welcome a public sodomite into your friendship, that action

  1. sets a horrible moral example for children and all other observers;
  2. gathers with obstinate unrepentant sinners rather than with the Lord, indangering your own immortal soul. 

Libertarians necessarily deny moral absolutes, which means that they endorse moral relativism.  To deny moral absolutes is to deny the existence of absolute truth, which, knowingly or otherwise, is a denial of the existence of God.  It is a denial of the existence of objective reality

He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. --Jesus Christ
(Matt 12:30; Luke 11:23)

American Catholic Bishops are, predominantly, helping the Marxocrat cause.  We have complained all over this website, mostly in the many webpages refuting perverted Catholicism, about Bishops going soft on "controversial" issues like contraception.  But, you see, there's nothing controversial about it.  It is evil, pure and simple, and we have far too damned few Bishops who will stand up and say so.  America has over 230 Parishes involved in New Way Ministries, in which active homosexuals are welcomed into Churches and participating in Liturgy.  Why?  To teach the goodness and acceptability, high morality and dignity of active homosexuality.  Right.  An unknown but high number of other Parishes, perhaps a larger number, have active "outreach" LGBT Ministry programs that seek to welcome active homos. 

That's a lot of Parishes.  Where the hell are their Bishops? 

Could they be members of the infamous Lavender Mafia? 

This betrayal of the Church by so many Bishops may be the worst thing involved in the whole struggle to maintain our American national fixed moral standard.  Among all believing American Christians and Jews, we Catholics are supposed to be the vanguard; we should be moral version of the Airborne Rangers, or the Force Recon Marines, who lead the way to high morality, and set the moral standard for others. 

Not with this crop of leaders. 

But those aren't the only areas exploitable by the Marxocrats to foment class warfare where classes do not exist.  We have the whole Eco-Nazi Front, where the Marxocrats are winning battle after battle.  Supported everywhere by the new religion of Scientism, and supported by the lies of the Mainstream News Media, they push fraud after fraud after fraud.  Chief among them is the extremely monetarily lucrative and profitable Man-Made Global Warming criminal fraud.  It not only allows the Marxocrats to grow the government, strangle honest private enterprise through bureaucratic regulation, build up phony "Crony-Capitalist" so-called Green Energy false-front businesses, but it also enables certain Marxocrats to become filthy rich in the process, by selling "Carbon Credits" to industries forced by law to buy them. 

That's why you have been denied the right to buy whatever the hell kind of light bulb you want to buy, and industry is denied the right to produce any kind of light bulb the free market demands.  That's why drivers of SUVs are looked down upon by drivers of little electric cars that mostly don't work.  That's why smart meters are being installed all over the country, so that eventually the government can control your thermostat, and your water usage. 

All of this is moving us from the original unique American model of liberty back to the pre-American model.  In all the rest of the world, citizens get their rights from their government.  In America, we declared that our civil rights came from God, and we restricted government, to keep government from taking them away. 

Outside of America, when a citizen wants to do something - start a business, build a house, produce a new product, whatever - he first goes to the government to get permission.  Citizens expect government to control every aspect of life. 

In America, when a citizen wanted to do something like that, he just did it.  When and if the government decided to stop him, he could and would would contest the issue in open court. 

But, thanks to all of our extra-Constitutional federal bureaus, departments and agencies, every aspect of our lives is now being regulated, just like all the other countries of the world.  Not by representative legislation, but by unrepresentative and unaccountable bureaucratic regulation, with full force of law.  We let it happen, right under our noses.  We weren't paying attention. 

It's time to wake up. 


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GESGOEAEOT2 Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time
PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild-Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical-Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser-Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical-Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
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TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
PEJTML22 Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
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Date:  Fri Jan 24 09:36:41 2014
From:  carol

Wow Vic....great column!  I enjoy them all, but this one was really good.  I believe Marxism is a religion to a lot of people, hence they will defend it to the bitter end.  Christianity is a religion that is based on every persons ability to exercise his/her free will.  There is no free will in Marxism.  It seems as if the majority of leaders in the Catholic church, are increasing putting their faith in man/government instead of God. Somehow, I guess only money corrupts man and not power.  If everyone just had the same amount of possessions then sin would just disappear.

Date:  Fri Jan 24 19:00:41 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


Apparently that's what many of them think.  But sin isn't going anywhere, and if everyone actually had the same amount of possessions, someone would start stealing, and the process would start all over again. 

As our deteriorating socio-political situation approaches critical mass, I can't help but wonder how long it will take for the powers that be, both ecclesial and temporal, to see that it is now more of a time for dividing rather than a time for gathering together. 



Date:  Fri May 02 21:29:51 2014
From:  Telisha

You say the Democratic (and it is Democratic, not Democrat) Party is the racist Party and right there you show your ignorance.  The Democratic Party is the Party of Civil Rights and the Republican Party is the Party of racism. 

Date:  Sat May 03 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


I prefer to say Democrat Party because, for reasons I cannot explain, it drives Democrats nuts, and I like that.  These days I prefer to say Marxocrat, because Marxism, in its many ideological variants, is what drives the Marxocrat Party, always in direct opposition to the American Constitution. 

You've got your civil rights history all wrong, dear.  It was the Abolition versus Slavery moral issue that brought the two American political Parties into existence in the first place. 

The Democrat Party was the Party of the Planters, of Slavery, then of Secession, then of the KKK (the Klan was a sub-branch of the Democrat Party), of Racial Segregation, of Jim Crow laws, and of the fire hoses, police dogs, clubs, lynchings, bombings and burnings of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. 

Today's Marxocrat Party's blatant racism has morphed into a sort of white sugar-daddy Santa Clause Party falsely promising ever increasing and eventually impossible benefits as "entitlements" to blacks stupid enough to not see through all that, while falsely charging the Republicrats with opposing all these "entitlements" on strictly racial grounds. 

The Republican Party was the Party of Abolition, of Abraham Lincoln and of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Today, it has morphed into what I call the Republicrat Party, which may be described as "Democrat-Lite".  It's a big-government, tax-and-spend Party just like the Marxocrats, and only slightly less un-constitutional. 

Black Americans have allowed themselves to be ruled by a new kind of master, and for the most part, they don't even see it.  They are on a new kind of plantation partially of their own making. 

Entertainment, education and News Media are all solidly Marxocrat, and they help this process all they can. 



Date:   Mon Aug 18 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

Changes pursuant to changing the website URL and name from 
Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
Catholic American Thinker.

Pulled the trigger on the 301 MOVE IT option June 1, 2014. Working my way through all the webpages.  . 



Date:  Sat Jul 16 17:06:27 2016
From:  Darrian

Yeah it's like when Jesus said "whatever you did for the least of my brothers you did for me" one of countless examples that Jesus hated charity and equality ;-(

Date:  Sat Jul 16 2016
From:  Vic Biorseth


Really?  I've yet to see any such examples; perhaps you can educate me. 

First question:  Who is you brother?  (Hint:  Matt 12:50.  It is he who does the will of the Father.  And it ain't any bomb-tossing Peacnik or cop-killing "Demonstrator".) 

Second question:  Who is you neighbor?  (Hint:  Luke 10:37-38.  It wasn't the Priest, or the Levite, or the Robber.  And it ain't any Marxist bloody Revolutionary.)

Peace, man. 



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"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

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