America's Moral Individuality Versus Communism's Immoral Communality

Original American Christian Individuality Was (Still Is?) The Sole Natural Political Force Opposing the Degenerative Elitism of Every Other Political Philosophy.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, November 13, 2020

Elitism flies in the face of Equality. We are not all equal if some of us are elite. Every form of government or politics other than Constitutionalism, and especially, American Constitutionalism, promotes ever growing, degenerative and eventually destructive elitism. Rule by elites. Rule by man rather than rule by law. 

The USA is the first modern nation dedicated to rule by law rather than rule by man, and the only nation ever constituted to have no human ruler or rulers.

Dedicated to citizen Equality, the USA is the antithesis of Elitism


It doesn't get any more elitist than Monarchy. No one opposes a King in his own domain. No one opposes Nobility other than other Nobles. Where did man get his Kings? 

In 1 Samuel 8, we see Israel (the people) ask Samuel to make them a King, like the other peoples round about, and that would solve all of their problems, being ruled by a King. Displeased, Samuel took this request to God in prayer. 

And God told Samuel to hearken to their request, "for they have not rejected thee, but me." No longer ruled by God's law, they would be ruled by a mere man. And this man would have all rights, having no one to control him once all rulership was in his hand. 

Satan was separating individuals from God's law since the Garden. What led to the request for a king was the corruption of Judges within the theocracy of Israel. It requires individual self discipline to avoid such corruption; but Satan will always have his victims.

Throughout the history of Western Civilization, Kings have warred against each other, and faced intrigues and treachery within their own noble houses. There were "good" Kings and "bad" Kings", but no matter how "good" any king might be, and even if he were never corrupted, sooner or later, one way or another, there would be a successor, who might not be so good. That is the nature of fallen and fallible man. 

"Noblesse Oblige" sounds good when spoken and looks good on paper, but cannot be depended upon by the ruled citizenry for true justice.


Democracy was born of opposition to the elitism of the kings and nobles, and arose through violence and revolution. Pure democracy is quite impossible; it is mob rule, leaderless, and whatever original cause the mob had to rise up, it can change in a flash, and the mob can even turn on itself. 

Thus history recorded the Great Terror of the French Revolution, in which thousands of the elite were indiscriminately fed to the guillotine to the roaring cheers of the howling mob. Until even "Citizen" Robespierre himself was beheaded, and then, the "democratic" mob itself began to realize that a leaderless and moral-less democratic movement was pointless

And, also, horrific

And that there simply had to be some form of social rules of order. Pure democracy is simply every-man-for-himself, until the mob rules, and the unruled mob is just as inconsistent and just as unpredictable as is any immoral individual. 

The rise of the democratic sentiment in the European kingdoms led to a "blending" of noble elitism with citizen representation in governments. England came to be a "Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy", both at the same time.  All of Europe settled into similar semi-democratic governments, most still recognizing and respecting, if not kowtowing to, noble houses, with royalty mostly moving into the still respected yet somewhat less functioning symbolic sphere. 

The real problem with European democracies is the fact that they are Political Party Driven, and political parties are always suspect in their motives, because their motives are subject to easy change.

The prime motive of every political party is to win elections and hold power; that motive does not put national interest first, nor does it put the interest of the citizenry first. The Party comes first, the nation comes second, and the citizenry comes last. 

Political Parties are purely political, and that is not a good thing, either for nations or for peoples. 


Pure democracy has always proved to be quite impossible. Democracy always degenerates into some form of Socialism or Communalism. And if Democracy fails in the short run, Communalism (Communism) also fails in the long run. The reason is that the of sole source of wealth is the individual; The "Commune" cannot produce wealth. The state cannot make new wealth; the state may only take it from individuals who create it, in the form of taxes. 

(See Colonial Communism.)

The creation of wealth to be taxed for the support of any nation's common needs is dependent upon The Big Four Inalienable Rights that form the foundation for the United States of America. And they are Equality, Life, Libery and Property. These four citizen rights are absolutely necessary for a Free Market to even exist, let alone to prosper. 

Yet, the notion of communal property opposes private property, and it opposes the citizen liberty necessary to improve one's condition in life by trying "save up" and to "get ahead". 

No one is be allowed to improve himself if all must be equal in condition.

This is the fatal flaw in Communalism:

  • It interprets equality to be legally enforced purely material equality, and maybe social equality, rather than
  • America's unique legally enforced equality in rights and equality before the law.

In this trying time of the rise of communal thinking, ends-justify-the-means Marxism and election fraud aimed at undoing America, we all need to look with new eyes at the differences between Communalism and Individualism, because that is what is at the heart of our current crisis. 

Original Constitutional America was a return to Moral Individualism.

We don't need a human ruler.  Read the Bible


Individuality is the quality or character of a particular person distinqushed from others, especially when some characteristic is strongly marked. 


Communality is the shared qualities or characters of all members of the commune, who share equally all communal property and facilities. 

Incompatibility of Indivduality and Communality

Salvation is an individual matter, not a collective one. There is no such thing as collective salvation. You come to the Lord individually, of your own free will, indeed of your own free determination, or not at all. 

What has been lost in much of America is the One Most Important Thing, and only when we get that back will we, the USA, be back on the right path. When we willingly obey God's law we will automatically be obeying moral American law, and thus, not under the law, meaning that we do not live lawfully merely to avoid legal punishment.

And if we return to being a moral people the trend will be for our law to return to being moral law, out of representation of us, a moral people. 

  • Karl Marx and all "Elitist" rulers who followed Marxism in one form or another were all Commualists, whether they called themselves Communists or not. 
  • Adolph "Basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same" Hitler was a Marxist and an Elitist.
  • Benito Mussolini, before he was Il Duce, was the editor of a Socialist newspaper. In Fascist Italy, it didn't get any more Elitist than Il Duce.
  • Lenin, Stalin and all who would follow them in the Soviet Union were Elitists extraordinaire.
  • Mao and all who followed him, including Xi Jinping, were super-elitists. 
  • The Castros are elitists. 

Marxist dictators, whether they call themselves Socialist, Communist, Fascist or Nazi, all bore or bear more resemblance to the Monarchs of old, in elitism and in supreme authority. What they lack that the Kings of old had was Noblesse Oblige, which they neither recognized nor practiced.

This puts the lie to Communism itself. It is not possible to create and maintain total social communality. It cannot even be made to happen. The closest any of them ever came was to impose communality upon the masses with brute force, using an elite class of better-than-thou bureaucratic "administrators" to ruthlessly enforce communality down on the rest of the population. 

So much for the material and social "equality" of Marxism. 

Marxism is unnatural; the Free Market springs forth from Natural Law. 

  • Elitism is necessary to impose Marxism on people.
  • Elitism is counter to America's foundational principle of Equality.

The Marxocrat Party and the rest of the Swamp are Elitists

The Never-Trumpers are Elitists. The Sorosians and the Alinskyians are Elitists. The USCCB is Elitist. The Mainstream Media is Elitist. All of America's unconstitutionally established regulating bureaucracies are Elitist. Material Science, in so much as it is infected with Scientism, is Elitist. American academia is overwhelmingly Elitist. Silicon Valley, the Internet and Social-Media moguls are Elitists. Hollywood Nobility and the world of Celebrity is Elitist. 

Condescending doesn't even describe their attitude toward the rest of us, and toward President Trump. Contempt and scorn, or even hate, are closer to the mark. 

Look at the way Jack Patrick Dorsey presented himself before Congress to answer questions relating to his censoring what other Americans could say, or repeat, or think, or opine over.  He had a pierced-nose booger-catcher hanging out of his face, in public, demonstrating to all that he is one of the cool kids of his generation. 

And they, of course, hold themselves to be the elite. Superior to the rest of us. Ya gotta be one of the cool kids to get all pierced-up, tattooed-up, rainbow-haired and wild-looking. So the other cool kids might look at you and say, like, wow.  I mean, like, wow

Whatever elese he may be, President Trump is no Elitist

If there is one thing President Trump is not, it is Elitist. He is one of us. It is a fairly safe bet that he gives the same respect to his lowest paid and lowest ranking employee that he gives to Vice President Pence. His wealth, his high office and his accomplishments have nothing to do with it; his natural inner sense of Equality has everything to do with it. 

That is as it should be. If he is not perfect, well, neither are we. 

The difference is, we know it; the Elitists do not. 

One of the interesting quotes from Jimmy Houston, fishing channel TV personality, is, "You know the difference between me and God?" and the answer is, "God doesn't think He's me." 

The Elitists have abandoned God; they think themselves to be gods. 

They make themselves the arbiters of right and wrong, and they feel compelled to impose their superior will upon the rest of us, for our own good, they firmly believe. 

Christian Moral Law Versus Elitist Immoral Law

America was founded as a Christian nation. The whole reason the Pilgrims came here was to get out from under the brutally imposed Protestant European law, Cujus region, ejus rligio (whoever’s reign, his religion.) A citizen’s religion became a matter of civil law all across Protestant Europe. Established at the Diet of Augsburg in 1555, cujus rgion, ejus rligio came to be an established, brutally enforced, radical, yet legal,

  • Combination of Church and State.

“He who owns the country owns the Church, and he that makes your laws for you has the right to make your religion for you.” It doesn't get any more elitist than that. 

As Protestantism fractured into more and more "denominations", the newer denominations chaffed under the religious persecution of the Protestant ruling royals and the nobles of Europe. It was to get out from under this state-imposed religion and religious persecution that the Pilgrims first colonized America. 

While America's founders were diverse in their denominations, faithfulness and even perhaps faithlessness, all, to a man, were raised in Christian households and imbued with Christian morality. Among them all, non-believers included, the most quoted book was the Bible. It may be argued that the worst among them may have been better than the best among us today. At least they knew right from wrong. 

Here it may be necessary to explain America's Christianity. The following is copied from the argument refuting separation of Church and state

The intention of the Founders was similarly crystal clear. Most of the Colonies-becoming-States already had legally established official State Religions in their pre-existing formational Constitutions or Charters, and they (at first) fully intended to keep them. The Delegates from the individual Colonies were seeking to prohibit the larger Federal Government form legally establishing some official National religion right over the top of their own existing, legally established, official State religions.

That was the whole purpose for the Establishment Clause being put into the First Amendment of the National Constitution. The Framers sought two things: First, to prohibit any Federal legal requirement for citizens to join any religion other than the Colonial one to which they already belonged. Second, to have religious toleration established in Federal law for open practice or “Exercise” of their existing official and legal Colonial religions. Here are our founding era official State religions:

Rhode Island
North Carolina
New Hampshire
South Carolina

West Indies
New York
New Jersey

Roman Catholic
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Catholic (Spanish era) Church of England (British era)
Church of England
Church of England
Undifferentiated Christian
Undifferentiated Protestant

See the actual Argument Refuting Separation of Church and State page for the gross miss-interpretation of Jefferson’s Wall and for Justice Black’s dumb-assed and unconstitutional interpretation of the establishment and exercise clause.

Separation of Church and State had the same effect as Cujus region, ejus rligio, Protestantism's radical combination of Church and state, in that the state began dictating religion, who could practice it, how, when and why. It is unconstitutional and should be declared so, and nullified by simple declaration, whether by a court, a legislature or an executive. 

The state has no business addressing religion, one way or any other. 

The only exception to that might regard religions such as Islam that have as their aim the destruction of all other religions and subjugation of all people and all other forms of government and law. 

Being of diverse Protestant denomination, and some Catholics among them, the authors of the Constitution avoided theological distinctions and referred to "Natural Law", which they all understood to be of Christian origination. Thus, we see in the Declaration references to a Creator of men and of the Laws Of Nature

Morally, even if not religiously, they were all Christians.

American morality, and the basis for American law, is Christian

Elitist Immoral Law Versus Moral Trumpian America

Just to save time and conserve words, hereafter we will refer to Conservative America, or, Moral America, as, Trumpian America. I think all good men know by now what we mean by Trumpian America. President Trump is, of necessity, a Republican; but he represents us, or Trumpian America, more than he represents his Party, even as his Party, for the most part, opposes him and opposes Trumpian America. Both American Political Parties form the deepest and most important part of the Swamp Trump is draining. They are disgusting. 

By every Christian standard, the Marxocrat Party is immoral

It is also elitist, and it is perhaps more elitist even than ancient royalty. Marxocratism accuses Trumpian America of attempting to legally impose "our" morality on all of America. A Marxist lie. We impose no such thing. It is the opposite. Marxocratism imposes Immoral Law on Trumpian America, illegally, unconstitutionally, against our will, and without our legal representation. 

Just look at all the blatant immoralities unconstitutionally and illegally imposed on America against her will, by evil Marxocrat Party activism.

Abortion; Homo-Marriage; LGBTQ "rights"; Health Care Control; Food Control; Education Control; Housing Control; etc., etc., etc. (See the Unconstitutional Bureaucracy Pages and the Restoring Constitutional America Pages.)

None of these things may even be addressed in federal law, one way or the other. They are all out of Constitutional scope for the federal government. None of them may be found among the limited and enumerated powers of government in Article One Section Eight

They are all state matters, or private sector matters, not federal. 

Any Congressman and any Senator who legislated any of it; any President who signed any of it; any Supreme Court Justice who adjudicated any of it; any nameless, faceless bureaucrat who regulated any of it, violated the Constitution and the Oath Of Office to do it. 

That is to say, they committed a crime, and an impeachable offense. 

And yet, these abominations stand, protected by unconstitutionally and illegally established American "law". 

All of these past violations of the Constitution, in and of themselves, prove that the Marxocrat Party is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. 

The Constitution, as framed and ratified, was intended to constitute a small and limited government and a free and independent citizenry. 

So why is our government now so huge, and why is our citizenry so heavily regulated and legally restricted in their own private activities? 

A Trumpian American citizen today can be "doxed", fired, fined, or put out of business, for criticizing abortion, or for not closely associating with a sodomite, or even for just supporting Trump. 

And we, are accused of imposing our morality, on them

Christian Morality, as the gradually and slowly boiled frog

Once upon a time everyone knew what a drunk was. But then, slowly, everyone was schmoozed into believing that drunkenness was a disease, which you could "catch". You didn't have to do anything to catch it; it was just in the air; some people caught it, and some people didn't. And so everyone became sympathetic and empathetic toward the drunk, believing it wasn't his fault that he was a drunk. 

The same thing happened regarding dope, and addicts. 

The same thing happened with sexual licentiousness, and then even with sexual perversions of all sorts. 

"progress", they called it. Now, we knew more than we used to know. 


Drunks, doped-up no-hopers, fornicators and cohabiters, sodomites and lesbians were all now expected to be accepted in society as members in good standing, but in need of special treatment by all, as victims of whatever malady Progressive Elitism had assigned to them. 

It wasn't their fault; we were all called to empathize; it was our new responsibility to make them feel better about themselves, and it was our responsibility to not ostracize or criticize them in any way, lest they feel bad. 

These became recognized rights; rights of the immoral, to be immoral. 

"God made them that way, and God doesn't make junk", is the blasphemous claim of the unbelieving anti-Christian Marxocrat Party. 

Now, today, being a homo is a resume enhancement. In much of show biz it's a job requirement. Among the cool kids, the glitterati and the world of celebrity, the drunken, drug-abusing homo is the most popular and sought after among all of the cool kids. In fact, the more immoral anyone is the higher the esteem shown by all the elites, especially the elites of the Marxocrat Party, the Party that politically sponsors immorality. 

Homosexualism and Communalism Attack Moral Individuality

Homosexuality is a psychiatric identity disorder, but Homosexualism is a political movement, aimed at,

  1. Increasing social acceptance of homosexuality.
  2. Converting more and more normal people to homosexuality. 

The Marxocrat Party, like the Pope (Antipope?) Francis Vatican, is Homosexualist as well as Communalist. Aiming at eventual Globalism, i.e., the ascent of International Communism to global rule. 

It just doesn't get any more anti-American than that. 

And, it doesn't get any more elitist and anti-individuality than that.

Homosexualism is an individually and socially destructive sub-program of Cultural Marxism aimed at the rapid break-down of any sense of good order and morality, and the degeneration of a culture from within. It presents homosexuality as persecuted victim-group rather than a psychiatric disorder, and agitates "disenfranchised" homosexuals into political activist groups. The target is good order; the goal is chaos. 

As it is with so many other "victim groups" under Marxocratism. Races; ethnicities; religions; anti-religions (Satanism, Wika, Islam, etc.); Feminism; Transsexualism; etc.

The efficacy of the program has been proven by the roaring success of the Commie-Homo corruption of the Catholic ruling hierarchy by the efforts of the late Bella Dodd, testified to by Alice von Hildebrand

What it did t the Boy Scouts Of America, rather quickly, it is still doing to the Roman Catholic ruling hierarchy. I still remember back when it was first announced that the Boy Scouts would allow active homosexuals to become Scoutmasters. 

Right.  Like, what could go wrong?  

Yeah, that's what Boy Scouting needed: Homosexual Scoutmasters.  Yeah, that would be good for scouting. 

It wasn't that long ago, and look at it now. The Boy Scouts are bankrupt, over all the lawsuits over predatory sexual abuse of boy scouts by Homosexual Scoutmasters

I'm telling you, the same process is now

  1. Destroying America
  2. Destroying Western Civilization.
  3. Trying hard to destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

Homosexualism is a destructive political movement. We've got to face it. 

It is one of many "disenfranchised victim groups" created, grown and activated in America by the evil Marxocrat Party. And it may prove to be the worst of them all, by far, especially where it is not even recognized as an evil, purposeful, culturally destructive political movement.  

Satan knows that once he can get any man to accept sodomy, he can then get that man to accept anything at all.  And he does

How Elitist Political Terror Frauds Promote Communality

Elitist Marxocrat Party sponsored frauds such as Climate Change have greatly succeeded in eliciting a pseudo "patriotic community action" sentiment among the weak minded and/or the mal-educated, politically indoctrinated and propagandized citizenry. The fraud is supported by the Marxist education establishment and the Marxist mainstream media, as well as the Marxocrat Party, so, predictably, untold millions are fooled by it. 

And they rally to the political calls to exhale less, kill all the cattle, eliminate fossil fuels, junk all cars, trucks, planes, trains, ships and shut down and replace all fossil-fueled and nuclear-fueled power plants with wind and solar plants. And/or, get ready to colonize Mars, because it's already too late, and earth is doomed. 

They cannot be made to believe that the problem does not even exist. They see themselves and act as a saving community of global scope heroically acting to save all of humanity from a what they have been made to believe is a real threat. 

They act as a domesticated and well trained herd. And they do not see what they have been made to become. 

If anything is worse than that particularly successful Marxist political fraud it must be the Chinese Communist COVID19 PSYOPS program fraud. It was immediately more successful than any other fraud in history. The scope, of course, is global. All of Western Civilization is adversely affected by it. National economies of all nations have been slowed or shut down, with the sole exception of the Chinese national economy, which is just rolling along as if nothing happened. 

Because nothing did. 

For the first time in world history, the most advanced nations in the world quarantined healthy populations. Not the infected; the healthy. 

To this day, "emergency" rules, avoiding the need for legislation, representation, accountability, etc., are imposed on populations all over the free world. And we see perfectly healthy people wearing masks in the presence of other perfectly healthy people who are wearing masks, and keeping a mandated distance between each other, and not touching except for maybe a weird sort of elbow-bumping in place of hand-shaking or hugging. Relatives, even. 

And they all go along with it.  There is no outrage

Again, to repeat what we said above about the Climate Change hoax, just look at how a sense of "Global Communality" took over what used to be known as American "rugged Individuality":

They cannot be made to believe that the problem does not even exist. They see themselves and act as a saving community of global scope heroically acting to save all of humanity from a what they have been made to believe is a real threat. 

They act as a domesticated and well trained herd. And they do not see what they have been made to become. 

Do you begin to see a pattern here? 

Covid-19 is a cold.  Nothing more and nothing less. 

Governors, who have become monarchs overnight and are loath to ever let go of all that new dictatorial authority, are playing the CCP-Virus hoax for all it's worth. Shouting "The positive tests are going up! The positive tests are going up!" they establish or re-establish behavior rules on state populations and especially on the hated bourgeois middle class businessmen to stifle if not stop all social activity, and to begin to gain total control over the entire sphere of all private citizen activity. 

They attribute the "new wave" or any rise in positive CCP-Virus test results to gatherings, rallies, funerals, Masses, parties, etc., etc., etc.; to this, that or the other thing, but not to the rising numbers of tests everywhere. Or to the fact that the more you test, the more you find. 

They also shout "The hopitalizations are going up! The hospitalizations are going up!" but what they don't  emphasize is how this particular terrorism makes people so fearful that

  • They seek hospitalization when they don't need to seek hospitalization.
  • When a positive is found they are recommended, panicked or even ordered into a hospital.
  • Hospitals make money on CCP-Virus patients.  Thar's gold in them thar positives

And, of course, they shout "The deaths are going up! The deaths are going up!" but what they don't emphasize is the presence of so called comorbidities in these CCP-Virus attributed deaths. What are they?

  • Emphysema
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stage four cancers
  • Being run over by a train
  • Rabbies
  • Etc.

As long as the deceased either tested positive for CCP-Virus, or was thought to be positive, or had been exposed to someone who was positive, or had been out of the country recently, or had a temperature or a cough, then, he would be certified to have died from CCP-Virus, and the hospital would get their CCP-Virus death certification payment from the thoroughly complicit CDC. 

Marxocrat Party Political Hoaxes Feed The Election Fraud 

The fraudulent Chinese Communist Coronavirus terrorism was the excuse used by the Marxocrats to promote the more easily manipulated and corrupted "mail-in ballot" voting everywhere in America that it had any chance of being implemented. And we have seen the results. 

Marxocrat sponsored and controlled vote counting software has now been shown to "flip" votes from Trump to Biden. There is clear evidence of this. 

There are now so many instances of fraud in this election in so many states and so many cities that this election cannot be allowed to stand. The whole American election process is now called into question, because the multiple forms of fraud and the far reaching effects of some of them throw doubt into the whole process. 

Sooner or later, it has to be redone.  There has to be a do-over. 

Whether it is to be a completely new election nation wide, or in select states is the question. I would opt for the whole enchilada. It's all corrupted. 

I don't care if elections are certified at the state level or not, or even if the electors meet and elect a President. Whether it's before or after, this election cannot be allowed to stand, or America is lost

It has to go before the Supreme Court and it has to be invalidated as a national election. Whether it's before or after, who cares? It cannot be allowed to proceed any farther, but even if it proceeds to a conclusion, that conclusion would be in doubt. It needs to be legally invalidated. 

If not, we will have become no different than Russia, where Putin is pretty much guaranteed a 103% or 110%, or even 200% of the vote every election. Through controlled vote counting. 

We need to go back to those olden days when you pulled a lever and a curtain closed behind you. You made your selections, and you went home, and that night, you knew who won, and it was on the up and up. 

The political statement that we have the most sophisticated and fraud-proof election process in the world is a lie. 

The fraud is rampant, in many, many forms, and we all know it, and we all see it with our own eyes. 

Pray for Constitutional America, and the world. 

The only thing Truth has going for Him in this world is us

The restoration of Truth = Reality in the hearts and minds of men is now totally dependent upon you and me; if we don't do it, it won't get done.

Join Cardinal Burke's Storm Heaven Rosary Campaign.

Get behind a President Trump and a Vice President Donald Trump Jr, and make America Constitutional again. 

Pray for the strategic alliance of Abp. Vigano and President Trump.


EENS:  Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
(Outside the Church there is no salvation)

With fear and trembling, work out your salvation--Phil 2:12

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.
Please God, and Live Forever.


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Jesus Christ; Matthew 7:13–15

Linda Kimball

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The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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