Reconciliation with God, through a good Confession with Absolution.

Repentance, resolve, confession, absolution, penance, and uplifting, EXHILARATING Reconciliation.

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seriously.  If it's been years since your last confession, or if you've never made a good confession, you might experience an adrenalin rush like never before.  At least I think that's what it is, as a purely physical rather than spiritual explanation.  It's a high.  Really uplifting, and unloading, and releasing of something or other.  Sin, maybe; your old sinful self. 

There are guys out there who jump out of perfectly good airplanes, with no fear.  There are some who happily jump at only hundreds of feet, with 200 pound of gear strapped on, who feel extreme exhilaration from it, thoroughly enjoy the experience, and look forward to doing it again. 

But they're scared to death to step into that confessional. 

The very idea of it stops them dead in their tracks.  Being decisive types to begin with, they know that the decision to seek reconciliation with God involves a commitment as strong or stronger than any they have made in this life thus far.  Perhaps they don't know that the feeling of exhilaration that awaits them through reconciliation with God may be so great as to be a life turning and life changing event. 

We talked about the nuts and bolts of Catholic reconciliation in the Deep Reconciliation page; you can get more information there.  The important thing is to make the decision to do it, because it is the most important thing you will ever purposely and consciously do in this life. 

Here is a refresher on how to examine your conscience ahead of time, becoming painfully aware of how you may have drifted from the faith, so that you can honestly repent ahead of time. 

  • Did you pray to God and give thanks for His gifts to you, every day?
  • Did you engage in any superstitious practices or participate in any sort of worship outside the faith?
  • Did you invoke God's name in a joking, mocking or unworthy manner, as any sort of curse, or did you make any false oath?
  • Did you miss Mass on any Sunday or Holy Day through your own fault, or, were you inattentive and not prayerful at Mass?  Did you keep all prescribed fasts and abstinence requirements?
  • Did you disobey or disrespect parental or other legitimate authority?
  • Did you hate anyone, unnecessarily quarrel, seek or desire revenge, refuse to forgive, show disrespect, or gossip about anyone?
  • Did you make yourself drunk through alcohol or other drugs or substances? 
  • Did you recommend, participate in or actively take part in an abortion of a baby?
  • Did you willfully engage in impure conversations or actions, seek pornography or not avoid pornography when presented, or in any way seek sexual gratification outside of the marital act?  Did you in any way use artificial contraception? 
  • Were you unfaithful to your spouse, or to anyone else's spouse, or engage in any sexual activity outside of your own marriage? 
  • Were you completely honest in all business activities?  Did you steal or damage the property of anyone else?  
  • Were you responsive to the needs and the dignity of the poor? 
  • Did you share your wealth?
  • Did you lie, did you contribute to detraction or character assassination of anyone, or did you rashly or unfairly judge anyone, thereby stealing their honor and community respect?
  • Did you envy anyone or their possessions?

Just going through that list ought to make you feel guilty, if you're a normal human being.  You can get rid of all of that.  It is necessary to do it.  Eternal life requires it.  Receiving Eucharist, among other Sacraments, requires it.  This is what you absolutely must know, before we go any farther:

If you die in a state of mortal sin, you go to hell. 

If you die in a state of grace, you go to heaven. 

Very simple; nothing to it.  That's the real bottom line. 

If you are too embarrassed because of shameful conduct, you need to get over that.  Probably the sins that keep men away from the confessional the most are those surrounding pornography and masturbation, among other sexual sins.  If that's what's holding you back, you need to rise above it and get over it, or things will never change for you.  If you can't bring yourself to say it, just say "Father, I was impure with myself."  He'll know what you're talking about.  He's heard it all before, and a whole lot worse. 

Prepare yourself, and do it, at the first opportunity.  If it's been a long time, you ain't gonna believe the relief you will feel.  You may levitate out of that confessional, and float out to the parking lot. 

Before you receive absolution, you will be assigned a penance to do in partial reparation for your sins, and you will be asked to make a good act of contrition.  You need to be prepared to do this, and mean it.  It is more than a apology; it is a commitment, to be made with firm resolve.  Don't say it if you don't mean it.  You can find the latest version easily enough; here's the one that I use, for what it's worth to you. 

Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you,
through all my past sins, for choosing wrongly,
and for failing to do good.
I detest all my sins, because of Thy just punishment,
but even more, because my sins offend You,
Who art all good, and deserving of all my love. 
I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to do my penance,
to sin no more, and to avoid the near occasion of sin.

Say what you mean; mean what you say. 

Once you have repented, converted and reconciled with God, you will feel as though you have discovered some deep secret.  You may feel that you have discovered some fabled fountain of youth, some secret to immortality.  And you will actually have achieved immortality, if you remain true to your conversion and your act of contrition. 

Get right with God.  Nothing else matters. 

Seek the Truth; find the Way; live the Life.

May you please God, and may you live forever. 


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Date:  Mon Feb 23 09:49:00 2015
From:  Mariann

Excellent Vic!  Clear and concise -- I pray all will accept the nudge.

In January, 1990, I made a "general confession" which lasted an hour.  For a little more than a dozen years I had put my Catholic Faith in my back pocket and pulled it out whenever I wanted...mostly, I didn't get it.  From that general confession, I left the confessional so relieved of the weight of sin, I was certain I was walking about 3 feet in the air.  Additionally, from that time on when stepping out of the confessional, I've not felt quite so high, but am grateful for the lilt in my step knowing the weight of sin is gone...the spiritual strength gained does affect the physical and emotional well being of the absolved sinner.

May God bless you and your wife.

Date:  Mon Feb 23 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth


Thank you; for us, the most wonderful thing about reconciliation is how it leads to that sweetest of all addictions:  to Jesus in the Eucharist.  That sweet addiction demands grace, which itself demands throwing off all other addictions, and opposing even venial sins.  When you get to where you're confessing only venial sins, seeking spiritual direction and working on virtues, you're that much closer to everlasting life.  Some day maybe I'll get there.  Just as sin begets sin, grace multiplies itself in the warm environment of the accepting and cooperating human soul, and drives sin out.  The more sacramental grace you receive, the more the grace in you multiplies itself. 

May your blessing rebound unto you and yours; we will pray for you, please pray for us. 



Date:  Mon Feb 23 19:26:12 2015
From:  alberta
Location:  north port fl usa

Wouldn't it be lovely if confession where possible with a truly ordained priest who has jurisdiction- hardly possible today.

You can confess to God at home.

Date:  Mon Feb 23 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth


I'm having a hard time believing there are no Catholic Priests anywhere in the environs of North Port Florida. 

And, I'm sorry to tell you, it just doesn't work that way.  Jesus gave the power to absolve sin to His chosen Apostles and their successors, not to everyone.  You cannot give yourself absolution for sin; it is not yours to give. The Priest stands "in persona Christi", in the person of Christ, in the confessional when he grants or denies absolution, and again at the Altar, when he consecrates the Eucharist. 

See John 20:22-23. 



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