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Social Darwinism, Neo-Freudianism and Marxist Utopianism, all, Displace God.

Social Darwinsim applied Biological Evolution to Human Societies; Neo-Freudianism emphasized Human Culture over Individual Biology; Marxism emphasized the Collective over the Individual.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, April 17, 2017

The problem with all of these so-called scientific "Enlightenments" is that their own original foundational "Enlightenments" were and remain unproven and unprovable, and never properly subjected to the Scientific Method or to serious scientific testing.  All of them remain as they were from their beginnings unproven imaginings, smooth sounding hypotheticals and uncritically accepted theories. 

  1. Darwinism is itself a never proven hypothesis that has never been subjected to the Scientific Method, as we see in Refuting Origin of Species
  2. Freudianism is itself a never proven hypothesis that has never been subjected to the Scientific Method, as we see in Refuting Repressed Memory
  3. Marxism itself has been discredited as an honest political system, and Marxian Economic Theory, or Collectivism-Redistributionism is nothing but a doomed Ponzi-Scheme.  Sooner or later it runs out of other people's money after it has trained (and/or forced) a governed population into government dependency and out of citizen independence. 

It all sounds good, but that's it.  There just ain't no Worldly Utopia.  This world, like us, is imperfect.  Heaven - His Kingdom - is not of this world. 

The single common thread that runs through all of this supposedly "Enlightened" crap is the desire of men to abandon God, to discredit religion and to "take over" creation, as the only wise, responsible, purely scientific caretakers and stewards of the physical universe.  To move man's thoughts away from God and toward The Scientists.  To get human populations look to science and scientists alone for salvation

To become more worldly is to become less Godly. 

Social Darwinism is the extension of "Natural Selection" and "Survival Of The Fittest" to human societies and cultures and peoples.  Not only that plants and animals continually "improve" themselves by these supposed "laws" of nature, but that whole nations are subject to the same "laws". 

Early authors of Social Darwinism likened human societies to individual living organisms, with a nervous system (a government), an alimentary system (agriculture and industry) and a cardio-vascular system (distribution infrastructure and retail business).  They called this "Social Science", and they applied Darwinian Evolutionary Theory to it. 

Social Science gave birth to such horrors as racism and eugenics. 

The "Social Scientists" saw that Natural Selection wasn't working to their racist satisfaction, so they had to take matters into their own hands. 

Neo-Freudianism is the extension of Freud's "Subconscious Mind" from individual human biology into human societies and cultures and peoples.  From Jung's Collective Subconscious Mind to a sort of Collective Human Memory, Neo-Freudianism divorced itself from the individual and from biology, and joined Social Science as a new branch.

Thus, a new sort of quasi-spiritualism entered Social Science telling the lesser educated, who were incapable of proving or disproving any of it, that they needed to listen to the new "Scientists" to properly understand the collective mind of the nation, and the collective mind of the world. 

Marxist Utopianism took all this stupid "Social Science" to a whole new level, promising a heaven on earth, an absolute end to all hunger, want and poverty, and a "Worker's Paradise", right here on earth.  All false promises, of course.  But phony Social Science had so prepared the ground for it that it was swallowed, hook line and sinker, by millions, and to this very day many millions in new generations all over the word are still fooled by it. 

A careful reading of Marx's Manifesto will show that it is a devious political polemic against the status-quo and all existing human institutions, demonizing existing organized government, of whatever form.  It is, in the end, an incitement to violent revolution.  Everything else in it, all that it claims and all that it promises, is false. 

Marx was inspired by the writings of Machiavelli and Hegel to find ways, stratagems and tactics by which to move someone who is not in supreme power, into supreme power, by unseating the ruler.  That's the whole, sole purpose of Marxism.  Marx's negative description of the existing state of affairs was nothing more than a polemic to convince and recruit simple minded hordes of angered citizens ready to revolt against their own current government, whatever form of government it may be. 

But all of this Social Science is not Science at all.  It is a house of straw built on a foundation of sand, below the high tide mark, and the tide is rolling in.  Darwinism, Freudianism and Marxism, all, are not only unscientific, they are false.  As they are promoted today, they are frauds.  And so is all of Social Science

Your local public school Social Studies Teacher would be more appropriately titled a Social Stupidity Teacher.

It's all aimed at convincing people that HBAACOTE11 and that the world's survival from the human infection is dependent upon the establishment of WBESSWG17 , and even perhaps the eventual colonization of the Moon, or of Mars, for some reason or other.

Perhaps to save the "Enlightened" Scientists, but not the rest of us.  Hey, it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  Theoretically, we're the infection, and they're the cure.  See? 

And that's the way it is. 



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SLIMC1 Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex
GESGOEAEOT2 Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time
PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild-Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical-Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser-Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical-Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers

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Is the planned International Roman Conference a Pre-Conclave Meeting? International conference of Bishops on divisions in the Church just may be a pre-Conclave meeting, to examine Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia.

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Missing the Main Point of the Living of Life within Human Culture. Liberalism and Liberal Thought often miss the Main Point of Life, when they form Permanent Political Parties, which slowly destroy Human Cultures.

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The Treacherous Lies of Marxism, Destroying all that is good. Destructive Treacherous Lies of the News Media, the Marxocrat Party, the FBI, Academia and Hollywood Celebrity all aim at the End of Constitutional America. And ultimately, the end of Man.

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Sheer Panic in the Deep State with Trump Still President. There is sheer panic in the Marxocrat Party, in the Mainstream Media, in the FBI, in Justice, the CIA, the NSA, even the Secret Service. Now they, and not he, are in legal jeopardy.

On the softer LGBTQ title of the Pro-Faggotry Movement. Pro-Faggotry: Promoting the normalization and enculturation of open homosexuality, as “LGBTQ Rights", imposed on world culture by the US Marxocrat Party, the UN, and by Pope Francis, of all people.

Growing Dependency and Destroying Independence, for Marxism. Growing Government necessarily means Growing a sense of Dependency on Government, while destroying the sense of Independence in the Citizenry. 

Loving Trump Tweetery and Watching the Left go Nuts over it. If it wasn't for Trump Tweetery, the Twitterverse wouldn't be what it is today, and Twitter might even be struggling or even have failed by now.

The Ultimately Fatal Moderate Position. The deadly lure of "fair" sounding moderation always leads away from absolute Truth. Truth cannot be compromised. Anything that can be moderated cannot be true.

On the Anti-American Partisanship of our American Political Parties. George Washington warned us about the formation of Political Parties, and of Regional and Political Agenda Partisanship, which would destroy our Constitutional Republic. And here we are.

It is unrecognized Deep Penetrated Falsehood that is degrading us all. Socially accepted deep penetrated falsehoods, under the guise of "Social Progress", act to eliminate distinct human cultures.

Disagreeing with Rush on motivation of New Republicrat Trumpists. Establishment House and Senate Republicrats, including Leadership, did not originally resist Trump merely because they thought the “Collusion” lie was going to bring him down. Some, yes, but most, no.

Witnessing the Transformative Battle of Souls. I don't know whether it's the Final Battle or not, but it is most certainly a Transformative Battle, of Minds and of Souls.

All Four Pillars of the Church are Under Attack from Within. The Four Pillars of the Church - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - are all seen to be in play, in our lifetime. Up for grabs. Under debate, within the Church.

The Anti-Christians. By Nito Gnoci, Part 2 of 4.

Farewell Billy Boone; may your life have pleased the Lord. It's hard to part with an old friend, but parting comes, and time waits for no man.

Few things are dumber than the Marxist Fixed-Wealth Principle. Wealth = Profit = Expendable Income = Private Property. New wealth creation, by any citizenry free to do it, is unlimited. Marxism’s “Fixed Wealth” image is a government-growing freedom-limiting lie. 

Social-Justice "Progressives" are really Regressives. Social Justice "Progress" is Cultural Regression; Cultural Degeneration. Social Justice Warriors champion Untruth and Human Depravity in every area of human life.

How Identity Politics Destroy Original Identity. Unconstitutional "Identity" rights now trump actual Constitutional rights, to make Americans not challenge anti-Americans, and to make Christians not challenge anti-Christians.

Stupid, Stupid Globalsim (SSG) Version 2 (or SSG2). Stupd, Stupid Globalism 2 asks what happens to the American Citizen's Constitutionally Guaranteed civil rights to Equality, Life, Liberty and Property under the proposed Global Government.

On Stupid, Stupid Globalism, and the Pure Authoritarians Pushing It. You might think it couldn't get any dumber than Socialists who keep re-trying Failed Socialism again and again. But Globalism gets Two Stupids, as the all-time Champion of All Social-Stupidities.

Rush Limbaugh is right about Al Franken not really quitting the Senate. He didn't resign. He said he would resign within the next few weeks. Like, maybe, after the Alabama special election. Then, maybe; unless he doesn't. My money is on Franken not quitting.

On the Highly Educated Stupidity of the World Elites. Educated Stupidity demands a Two-State Solution for Israel, Special Rights for Non-Existent Genders, Global Climate Controls, and Equal Wealth for Everyone On Earth.

Unconstitutional Authoritarian Impositional "Rights". Impositional Rights are those that are Unconstitutional, Unlegislated, Unrepresentative of We The People, and Imposed upon us against our will by Pure Authoritarian Dictatorial Government.

Pope Francis' Official Pro-Adultery Acta Apostolicae Sedis. The Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS) is the official gazzette of the Holy See, established by Pius X for Decrees, Encyclicals, Decisions and Appointments.  

The Unholy AUSCP (Association of U. S. Catholic Priests). The Unholy AUSCP, leading Catholicism into Priest-less Parishes, Women's Ordination, Homosexual Priests, and the end of true Catholic Faith and Practice in America.

One More Deep State Lie to cover: the Greedy Capitalism Lie. Capitalism is NOT a "System Of Greed", and Marxist Economics do NOT lead to Social Utopia, but to Political Domination, Misery, Poverty, Famine and Death.

Colluding Deep State Liars of Congress, Federal Agencies and News Media. On the lies and disinformation put forth as truth by all of our Organized Deep State Liars. 

Watching All the Ungodly Pop-Stars go into Crash and Burn mode. "I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven." (Luke 10:18). The mighty come down hard when they fall. All the Ungodly Heroes of the Ungodly Left are now falling like lightning, one after another.

Cat Fights over Leadership of Unconstitutional Bureaucracies. If what a bureau does is not even listed in Article One Section Eight, and it is thus out-of-scope for the government to even address, then, why does it even exist?

Phony "Alinsky Bucks" showing up in CCHD Collection Baskets. Who'da thunk it? Catholics, paying the Grand Master Puppeteer George Soros and his Global Population Control Puppets (Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, Madame Hillary, the USCCB) with Alinsky Bucks.

Anti-Capitalism is Anti-Christian and Anti-American. Anti-Capitalism denies "Thou shalt not steal" and "Thou shalt not covet", it denies American Constitutional Civil Rights, and it opposes Natural Law.

Anti-racism racism, anti-sexism sexism, anti-taxing taxes, etc., etc., etc. We are now ruled by anti-discrimination discrimination, anti-spending spending, and, we may as well face it: anti-reality reality.

Stupidity Rising: As the political pot boils, Elite Stupidity rises to the top. As more Trumpian Truth enters the American political recipe, our "Elites" are increasingly exposed as Liars, Lechers, Abusers, Perverts, Common Criminals, Corrupt Profiteers and just plain stupid.

America is either a distinct Christian Nation, or she is not. The American National Ethos is distinctly and uniquely Christian; The American Constitution and Laws are distinctly and uniquely American. Destroy either distinction, and America is no more.

The Anti-Christians. By Nito Gnoci, Part 1 Of 4

Culture = Religion + Politics, yes; but Religion and Politics have Gone Nuts. All Institutions have crumbled under the assault of the anti-institution sentiment, which is driven by the Globalist-funded, Alinsky-Organized, Cultural Marxism Movement.

Machiavellian Word Games: Commandeering Language for Communism. On the diabolically clever playing of Word Games, aimed at frightening, tricking and fooling the world's populations into joining the Globalist International Communist Movement.

I see it; I recognize it for what it is; but I don't understand the Why of it. Hatred of Christianity by people raised in Christianity; hatred of the USA by people raised up in the USA; there it is, right in front of us. But, Why?

Unpunished Desecration of Flag, Anthem and Country is Not New. Unpunished misbehavior feeds, breeds and multiplies more such misbehavior. Burning and Desecrating American flags is not new; it's old. That's why it's growing. There is nothing new under the sun. 

The Blessing of Age: It is good to not be young today. I give thanks for the blessing of age every time I look at the young, and see their aimlessness, pointlessness, purposelessness, and unjustified general anger.

Redounding Evil: All the Chickens Coming Home to Roost. All the Lies, all the Falsehoods, all the Trickery, all the opposition to Truth, in our Religion, in our Science, in our Politics, in our whole Culture, are redounding back on Now Identified Evil.

Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity. All of Marxist Economics is just stupid. Not just wrong, but stupidly wrong. Clearly, Marxists never learned simple arithmetic in grade school.

Simple Tax Facts blow the need for any income tax out of the water. From the "How ya gonna pay for it?" idiocy to the "Tax cuts for the Rich!" lunacy, all Marxocrats will ever accept is more income tax, more spending, more government, more Socialism and Less Freedom.

What, exactly, is Christian Civilization? And is Western Civilization still Christian, and precisely what does that mean, to be Christian?

Restoring our American Identity. With the election of President Trump, the Jig is Up, and we are recognizing and coming back to our own unique Christian American Identity. But do we recognize our enemies among us?

Noblis Oblige: To be recognized as Noble, one must actually be Noble. The French "Noblis Oblige" carries the obligation of Nobility into all aspects of the living of a life. If one would be seen as Noble, then one must put Nobility into action.

The Kumbaya Time Bomb: Inclusiveness building deadly Divisiveness. Universal Inclusiveness - the Kumbaya Time Bomb - is a dirty trick that benefits only the Ruthless Conquerors who intend to capitalize on the resulting inevitable Chaos and Divisiveness.

On the Social Affects of Roman Catholic Clerical Faggotry. As Catholic Clerical Faggotry eats away at the Church from the inside, "Cultural Marxism" works to destroy decency and cohesiveness in all of Western Civilization, from the inside

Lord, help our return to Simple Common Sense. Common Sense and Independence are Overwhelmed by Community Sense and Social Dependency; Churches close and "combine" as they work on LGBT Equality and Social Justice and we can't figure out why.

An American Resistance Counter-Revolutionary Movement. America needs a Political Movement mirroring Michael Voris' Catholic Resistance! Movement. American Resistance would counter our Multiculture and return to identifiable American Culture.

Deepest Treason: High-Placed Traitors Investigating Each Other. Traitors at the level of Jeff Sessions commit the Deepest Treason against the USA. The deepest members of the Deep State "Investigate" and cover up each other's deep treason.

Finally, the Natural Self Identifying Evil of the Left is Unrestrained. In Leftist-Elite Circles, Evil is the popular and in-thing to be. Elite, Self Identifying Evil has always yearned to go public.

With Truth Rising, the Lies scream louder, like desperate cornered rats. Truth is Rising everywhere, despite the best efforts of Satan, Marx, Mohammed, Hollywood, Journalism, Heretical Cardinals and Bishops, the Deep State and the Washington Establishment Club.

Institutionalizing Social Instability. How the Left busily blesses evil, curses good, systematically breaks down all established institutions, and institutionalizes social instability.

Trumpism: Pro-Capitalist, Populist-Nationalism. Communism is anti-Capitalist Globalism; Fascism/Nazism is anti-Capitalist Nationalism; all have Marxist anti-Capitalist roots. Only Trump's Populist-Nationalism conforms to the US Constitution

Generational Degradation + Deep State Spies = Deep Doo Doo. Trump's America is in Deep Doo Doo. All the evil tentacles of Cultural Marxism are strangling truth, knowledge, morality, faith and reason, while Deep State Spies attack Trump Himself.

Insatiable Leftist Hatred: a Form of Absolute Political Insanity. Leftist Hatred doesn't merely defeat opposition, but seeks to harm them, even destroy them, and, yes, even murder them.

Stephen Paddock and the Purposeless, Pointless, Undirected Life. So, Stephen Paddock displayed no religious views and no political views and no "movement" or "cause" affiliations. Why is that, in and of itself, not seen as socially problematic?

The Early Universe and the Human Embryo. On the Similarities of the Embryonic Human and the Embryonic Universe.

Filial Correction of Pope Francis for the Propagation of Heresies. The Filial Correction was written July 21 and delivered August 11, 2017. It is the first step in the Canonical process of Deposing a Heretical Pope.

Is America still a Christian Nation? And if not, then, what are we? Normally I don't pass on "Honk If You Love Jesus" type emails, especially after being burnt by virus-containing pass-it-on emails. But this one struck a chord.

The Anti-Nationalism Dirty Trick: Anti-Nationalism is Anti-American. The thing about Anti-Nationalism is that America happens to be a Nation. To be Anti-Nationalist is to be either Globalist or Anarchist, and thus, Anti-American.

All Anti-American Sentiment is Marxist Anti-Private-Property at its Roots. All the Anti-America NFL Stars were first tricked into opposing Private Property, and they just aren't smart enough to figure it out.

Progressive Communism explains the Republicrat Senate Inaction. Progressive Communism gave us our Democratically Elected Senate, our Redistributive Progressive Income Tax, the FED, Separation of Church and State, Abortion, Homosexual Marriage and Obamacare. And that ain't all. 

On the Alinsky-Induced Suicide of the Now Anti-American NFL. How a whole giant commercial industry was led to self destruction by a pitifully few organized "Useful Idiot" ignoramuses. Cultural Marxism-not Whites and not Cops-created the Anti American NFL.

Is Jeff Sessions one of the Deepest Swamp Creatures? Why no prosecutions of Madam Hillary and other criminals among the Marxocrats? How about Trey Gowdy? Was his incriminating examination more toothless political bluster by the deepest swamp creatures?

Bringing back McCarthyite Blacklisting to Restore Constitutional America. The Resurrection of McCarthyite Blacklisting would be the best way to encourage all of our Rabid Anti-American Americans to Self-Deport.

Was Globalist Pope Francis listening to the Trump Speech to the UN? As Globalist Pope Francis works to conform the Church to the World, President Trump draws the line between Nationhood, i.e., Distinct Human Cultures, and any dreamed-up Globalist Multi-Culture

The Trump UN Speech Transcript. President Trump's UN speech, delivered September 19, 2017, to the United Nations. 

Our Evil Partisan Party System, Unconstitutionally Running our Government. The Exact Republic-Dooming thing Washington warned about in his farewell address, which came to be in the next election, now threatens President Trump and the last vestiges of the American Republic.

Cultural Marxism: Induced Sociopolitical Stupidity. Cultural Marxism is, itself, an induced sociopolitical stupidity. Marxist ideology seeks to transform and conquer culture, and the first step is to put emotion in charge of intellect.

Does President Trump know he succeeded a Red President? Of course he knows. Black is the New Red. And Green is the New Red. Even Islam is the New Red. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is a Communist.

Direct Confrontation of our Enemies is what's missing in American Policy. Marxism and Islam are using the Trojan Horse approach to getting in among us, promoting "Diversity", "Multiculturalism" and Moral Corruption, to prepare the way for our downfall.

The Seven Days of Genesis, from a Scientific point of view. In a "Faith and Reason" Workshop, common ground, accommodation and peace were sought between Genesis' Seven Days, Cosmology and Evolution.

On the hidden Destructive Intent of all the Alienated and Disaffected. Evil Destructive Intentions are why all those Americans who hate America don't leave America, and why all those Catholics who hate Moral Doctrine don't leave the Church.

The Stupid Mask of Evil, by which Evil is no longer seen as Evil. The Stupid Mask of Evil, worn by Clintons, Obamas and their Party, fooling the public into seeing them as Stupid, maybe, but not Evil.

The Predominant Anti-Americanism in America and Everywhere Else. Anti-Americanism in American Government is just like the Anti-Catholicism in the Catholic Hierarchy, and the Anti-Nation-Globalism in the UN.

Raw Emotion: Marxism's Weapon against Intellect and Reason. Marxism feeds and grows Emotion in populations, to then "Emote" Representative Government out of existence through Emotion-Driven Advocacy.

The Evil Saint Galen Mafia Unmasked. Identifying the Cardinals of the Saint Galen Mafia, who made Bergoglio Pope and are working to overpower Catholicism with Modernism.

On the ongoing Marxification of America and Western Civilization. Think of Marxification as a Cultural Cancer. If you want to know how Marxfied we are, compare what our supposedly Constitutional government is doing to the actual Constitution's wording.

Thomistic Evolution? Really? Aquinas Reasoning supports Darwinism? Thomistic Evolution is an attempt at blending flawed material science with Genesis, so that Christians who had their faith shaken by faith in Darwinism can do a Christian-faith-restored happy-dance.

How the Marxocrat Party and Journalism are Loving and Growing Antifa. Just as the old Democrat Party Created and Grew the KKK, the new Marxocrat Party and Journalism are now Creating and Growing Antifa USA.

America's Trumpian Dilemma: To go Global, or go American. Our Trumpian Dilemma is the decision point between getting us back under our own Constitution or going out of existence as a recognizable nation.

Speaking of anti-bigotry bigots, what about anti-Catholic Catholics? We addressed America's anti-Fascism Fascists and anti-racism racists, but we didn't address the fact that all of that hidden anti-Americanism is also hidden anti-Catholicism.

On Anti-Bigotry Bigotry, and Anti-Fascism Fascism, etc. The worst form of Bigotry pretends to be Anti-Bigotry. Anti-Hate-Speech is, in reality, Anti-Free-Speech and Militant Anti-Racism always becomes another form of Racism.

The Vital Relationship between Authority, Leadership and Order. Man needs Authoritative Rules. America needs her Constitution; Christians need their Revelation; Both need Leadership that Serves Only External Authority.

Marxist Victimization: The Phony "Classes" of Victims and Victimizers. Cultural Marxism invents "Classes" and sets them against each other in Phony Class Wars between angry "Victims" and guilty "Victimizers". 

On the Deadly Inclusiveness infecting the Catholic Church. If Jesus was the most Divisive man in history, why is His Church now so unreservedly Inclusive? Catholic Inclusiveness perverts Mercy by applying it to unconverted, unrepentant sinners.

Poking and Prodding Peaceful Americans to Incite Violent Revolution. Even as insidious Cultural Marxism advances anti-American sentiment in the population, Violent Revolutionaries continue their Poking and Prodding of the Citizenry to anger them into violent reaction.

Our Identity Crisis is, precisely, our Lost Sense of Separateness. To be Holy is to be Set-Apart from all that is not holy. To be American is to be Set-Apart from all the rest of the physical world. In both cases, loss of that Separateness is loss of True Identity.

Is there a Moral Equivalence between Communism and Nazi-Fascism? No, Communism murdered more millions than Nazism or Fascism in its subjugation of populations. But then, what does "Morality" have to do with either variant of Marxism?

Hatred of Christianity and of America, Denied, and yet Displayed. The blind hatred of the Marxocrat Party and their News Media for all civilized and civilizing cultural institutions is clear and obvious. So why doesn’t the whole population see it for what it is?

Marxist Instigation, Racist Reaction, and Marxist Blame of Trump. Marxists in Government Positions purposely brought on all the violence in Charlottesville in the first place, and then acted all innocent.

The Ghoulish Medicine Practiced by Modern Transplant Specialists. Whatever you do, do not check that little box making yourself an organ donor when you die. The rules have changed in favor of Ghoulish Medicine, and you may be murdered for your organs.

On Unrecognized Popular Traitors, Fooling and Betraying America. John McCain Exemplifies the Marxocrat-Republicrat Double-Agent, enjoying undeserved Hero-Worship while he works to Undo America.

Anti-Humanity: The Evil Sentiment that drives the World Elites. Scratch an Anti-American American and you will find an Anti-Human Human. The real Diabolical Evil driving Communism and all Communist Sympathy is Rabid Anti-Humanity.

American National Destruction: The Aim of America's Elites. The "Washington Establishment" that owns and operates the Political Parties, predominantly Marxist, actually seeks and intends America's National Destruction.

Catholic Leaven: Counteracting the the Satanic Leaven in the Church. The evil trickery of innocent-sounding "Diversity", "Multiculturalism", "Inclusiveness", etc., brought Evil into the Church as an Aggressive, Persistent, Evil Leaven that must be counteracted.

Comrade Obama Unmasked: Confirming what we strongly suspected. New Book documents the Deep Communism and Global conspiratorial aspirations of Comrade President Obama, encompassing even the Catholic Church.

The Tax Code is the Main Drain Plug for the Whole Damned Swamp. Kill the Tax Code and you Break the Money Link of Treachery that feeds the Worst of the Deadly Swamp Creatures.

America Hatred is not natural; it is learned, acquired and trained behavior. Academia, the Marxocrat Party and the Fake News Media are all steeped in America Hatred. So much so that they actually promote and sponsor deadly violence against America.

On our Revealed Cause for Being, versus Theory divorced from Revelation. When strictly faith-based Darwinism denies the Revealed Cause of everything, it must "evolve" increasingly nonsensical theories for Uncaused Matter.

Theoretically Incompetent Congress standing in the way. This is feigned incompetence, masking sneaky Machiavellian politics. The sitting Congress and the sitting Court prove once and for all that the Political Parties are The Swamp.

Feminist and LGBTQ Lunacy Versus Nature, Normalcy and Civilization. The Femi-Nazi and Homo-Nazi Lobby pushing LGBTQ Lunacy on Western Civilization forms a Third Front, joining Marxism and Islam, for the Destruction of Decent and Free Human Society.

America's Constitutional Redemption, through Presidential Action Alone. Jeff Sessions could get out from under his Recusal, Congress could have "Repeal And Replace" taken out of their incompetent hands, and the Trump Agenda could actually take off.  If.

On the Serious Ramifications of Jeff Sessions' Recusal Screw-Up. The Recusal Screw-Up ALONE allows the Deep State to illegitimately challenge the Presidency while Protecting their Washington Swamp.

The Popular Rabidly Anti-American American Politicians. The very presence of the Anti-American American, like that of the Anti-Catholic Catholic, presents more of a threat to the larger body than any alien mortal enemy.

Exploiting Global Warming as a Global Government Strategy. Global Warming: A self-enriching scam for Al Gore; an entertaining toy for George Soros; a Political Stratagem for Evil Marxism; and now maybe a doctrine of Catholicism?

Denying the Miraculous while Pretending to Affirm God's Revelation. All arguments denying the Miraculous attack Divine Revelation, opposing Objective Truth. Opposing Truth always ends in Nonsense.

On Coming Around to Creationism. Evolution Of Species is not scientifically verifiable and therefore fraudulent when presented as "Scientifically Factual". Revealed Truth needs no such verification. It is Revealed.

Confused Ecumenism in Catholic Education and Catholic Thought. Confused Ecumenism was not born of Land-O-Lakes, or the "Contraception" Revolt at Catholic University, or the Enlightenment, or Modernism. It began with Judas Iscariot.

Live Interviews.  All Live Interviews of Vic Biorseth

Blessed Divisiveness: Breaking the Evil "Inclusiveness" Obsession. What "Multicultural" Catholicism, American Politics and Western Civilization need is a proper sense of Blessed Divisiveness, to restore the religious social-civil roots of Moral Christian Society.

The Communist Bourgeoisie: Rich Capitalist Revolutionaries. From Elon Musk to Dan Rather, from CNN to Google, from Solyndra to the Clinton Foundation, the Communist Bourgeoisie use Capital to destroy Capitalism.

Random-Rebellion: The Making of Rebels Without a Cause. The Educationally Formed "Revolutionary" is at the real root of every single family, religious, philosophical, ideological & sociopolitical problem in America today.

The Government Safety Net: The Barbed Hooks of Socialism. "Everyone Agrees" on the need of a Government Safety Net for the Unfortunate. Why? Because it births and grows Socialism and replaces the Constitutional Republic with Marxism.

Catholic Simplicity Versus the the Super Complexified World.  Recognizing the glory of God and the sweet smell of incense is so simple it offends the ungodly mind. Most will always prefer accommodation with the world to Catholic Simplicity.

Deep Church Traitors: Homosexual Plants in the Shadow Church. "Most" Deacons, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, etc., are "Good" Clerics? Sez who? Where's the evidence of that? 

Deep State Traitors: Ideological Plants of the Shadow Government. "Most" FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., agents are"Good" Americans? Sez who? Where's the evidence of that?

On Self-Inflicted Western Barbarity and the End of Civil Order. Insidious Cultural Marxism's Corrosive "Inside" Victory over Western Civilization: The Rise of Western Barbarity.

"Evolving" Dogma, Vague Doctrine and Splintering Catholicism. Not merely splitting, but splintering Catholicism, just like the splintering of America and of Western Civilization, is being accomplished from the inside.

Scriptural Judgment: for a Brother, a Samaritan, a Philistine. In the discerned the will of God, is human judgment a one-size-fits-all universal thing, or is it to be applied differently for Christians, non-Christians and mortal enemies of Christianity?

The "White Man's Religion" lie Versus the "Racist Islam" truth. Black Slavery, still active in Islam, invented by Islam, has a thousand year-plus history, against a mere three centuries of the European-American spin-off, and it never had an Abolition Movement.

Draining The Swamp must include Condemning The Stupid. In the end, Social Division will be required to restore Constitutional America and American Greatness. And that means Anathematizing The Stupid.

Tweet Trump Tweet! Drive the Fake News Nuts and Drain The Swamp! Fake News & Marxocrats can enrage their base with flagrant malicious lies inducing the shooting of Republicrats but the President can't tweet a comical parody video against THEM? Tweet, Trump, Tweet!

Attacking Catholic Darwinism, from the purely Catholic perspective. This site has always challenged Darwinism from the purely scientific perspective.  Now, we see another Catholic champion of Truth attacking Catholic Darwinism from Revealed Truth.

On going back to the Original Bible, after all these Revisions.  The Douay-Rheims is the English translation of the original Vulgate, the world's first one-book Bible, put together by St. Jerome around 400 A.D. From now on, this is my Bible of reference.

The Institutional Church, Institutional Nations and Institutional Man. The Institutional Church, like any instituted nation, is a solid, fixed, objective thing. You can point to it and say "there it is". Institutional Man is "Institutional" by Natural Law.

Is the Novus Ordo Mass already a mostly Protestant Mass?  A Protestant Mass?  Excuse me?  Was that really somebody's plan from the beginning?

Identifying the Enemy is the first requisite for victory in war.  If you let the enemy join your ranks, lead your forces, preach from your pulpits, hold political office, legislate, execute and adjudicate your laws, then, how have you not become your own enemy?

American Constitutionalism versus Any Other Political Ideology.  American Constitutionalism is to Politics what Roman Catholicism is to Religion:  The Only "Real" Way To Go.

Emotionalizing the Intellect as Preparation for Revolution. Emotionalizing Religion, Emotionalizing Science and Emotionalizing Politics: Displacing Rational Thinking with Pure Raw Emotion, for the eventual Violent Overthrowing of Human Civilization.

Conquest by Stealth, of the Church, America and the World.  Antonio Gramsci's stratagem of Conquest by Stealth uses a reversal of 1 Corinthians 5, applied against the Church, against Nations, and against all who would separate themselves from Evil.

This Little Light of Mine on This Little Ark of Ours.  The lowest of the lay citizenry, armed with revealed Truth, bringing their light aboard this little ark, for a rebirth of the Church.

The Middle-Ages were not Dark; these are the real Dark Ages.  The stupid war between Science and Theology is being won by Theology, but you would never know it, because Scientism "owns" education, broadcasting and publication.

Truth, Antitruth and Catholic American Man.  Antitruth creates convenient but false and temporary Comfort-Zones.  Truth may be temporarily inconvenient and uncomfortable, but is the only Permanent Natural Happiness.

The Swamp Fights Back: Never Underestimate Deep Marxist Muck.  The Marxist-Globalist Deep-State Swamp Fights Back against President Trump, We The People and our Constitution.

It's the Violent Revolutionary Ideology, Stupid.  The Political Ideology of James Hodgkinson was the Bloody Marxist Revolution now typical of the American Marxocrat Party and the Fake News Media.  Why doesn't everyone just get that?

What is the Purpose behind Purposeful Ambiguity?  The Cultural Movement out of Practicality, or Practical Reality, and into General Ambiguity, is Systematic.  Looking for the Purpose behind the Purposeful Ambiguity Movement.

Southwest Ohio Resistance Group looking for a few good Catholics.  I can't believe I'm the only "Resistance Group" guy in the whole Dayton area ready to draw my Catholic sword and advance on the enemy.  Are the only strong Catholics around here all way south of town?

The Suicidal Politics allowing Enemy Ideology Political Participation.  On the insane abandoning of simple common sense required to bless and welcome mortal enemy ideologies into full participation in the whole political process.

Globally Despised Trump Now Running Globally Despised America.  Marxism-Infected Western Thinking has been trending to Cultural Marxism for 100+ Years, and Along Comes Globally Despised Trump, to Upset the Global Apple Cart.  (It’s All Anti-Capitalist Sentiment.)

A Globalist Comeuppance at the hands of Trump.  Fake News, Fake Science, Fake Education, New World Order, Secularism, Marxism, Islam, all Globalist Movements Piled-On to Get Trump, and Trump is handing them all a Globalist Comeuppance.

Bedroom Laws:  Making Abomination Legal by Violating Subsidiarity.  Under the mask of "getting government out of the bedroom" the champions of abomination put the federal government in charge of your bedroom.

On the Green Foolery, in which Green became the new Red.  The Green Foolery fooled generations of students into joining "Green Revolutions" on phony emergency bases, all to benefit the more hidden but very real Marxist Revolution already under way.

The Coexistence Lunacy.  All the Coexistence Nuts, inviting, welcoming, protecting and blessing their own future murderers.  (And ours.)

On Going-Catholic in this Anti-Catholic World.  Going Catholic, or going MORE Catholic, is the Only Real Antidote for the Spreading Global Social Poison of Untruth, Unreason and Evil.

Complying with Jihad, with chin-up, stiff upper lip and all that.  Show no fear and keep your chin up.  It makes it easier for them to cut your throat.  Show them how you are not the least bit terrorized, by complying with Jihad.  That'll teach 'em. 

Treason and Stupidity:  co-dependent cooperators against Civilization.  The Traitor needs to fool someone.  Treason "recruits" cooperators.  Really big treacherous deceptions demand really big frauds.  Treason and Stupidity need and feed each other.

Are we the real Catholic Church, or the Church of All Nice People?  Does the real Catholic Church worship God, or itself?  Is it a distinct religion, or is it a "Blend"?  Is Truth Himself unchangeable, or malleable?

Is it Science as Idolatry, or Religion as Superstition?  Science was corrupted the moment it divorced Christianity; corrupted science then dropped the Scientific Method, adopted Science of Consensus, and became Science as Idolatry.

Arm the Citizenry, for the best internal National Security.  And how do we Arm the Citizenry?  Very simple.  Get the Government out of the way and the citizenry will arm themselves.

The Relentless Evil of Satan Persists, so long at this world exists.  Post Memorial-Day signals of "Peace Rising" are undercut by the relentless evil that persists on earth, advancing the cause of evil through deceptive treachery.

President Trump calls for Memorial Day of Prayer.  You won't hear about President Trump's call for a day of prayer anywhere in the anti-American Fake News, so here it is.

Political Arguments: Constructive, Destructive and Downright Stupid.  Political Arguments controlled by Political Parties morph into Agendas for Pure Party Power.  Political Power that usurps or replaces legitimate Government Power is Treasonous Power.

On-Line Resource for Learning the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  From finding the Sunday and Daily Liturgical Calendar Propers and Readings, to Full Catechesis, to a Direct Comparison between the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Forms.

Truth Wins in the end, because Truth simply Is, and Truth does not change.  No matter how deep the swamps, no matter how deep the lies and deceptions, no matter how bad the politics, no matter now corrupt the one true religion, in the end, Truth Wins.

Who will drain the Catholic Swamp, and how, exactly?  Trump is draining the Washington Swamp; what about the Catholic Swamp?  Our last perfectly capable Pope abdicated for apparent political reasons, certainly not health.  Was he Swamped?

Providing National Security Without the Anathema Option.  If Anathematizing Islam is "not who we are", then, who are we?  National Security devoid of any National Anathemas means Security Measures enforced only against ourselves and our liberty and freedom.

Trying the Anathema Option for National Security.  (Nothing else is working.)  The abandonment and non-use of the Anathema Option is at the root of our own Religious Suicide, National Suicide, Cultural Suicide and Western Civilization Suicide.

"Civilized" Islamic Nations versus the True Islamic Religion.  When Politics drives Religion in Islamic Nations, the whole world is safer; when Religion drives Politics in Islamic Nations, the whole world is menaced.

The Ungodly Never-Trumpers who don't even know what they are.  If a Marxist Useful Idiot knew he was a Useful Idiot he wouldn't be a Useful Idiot.  Similarly, Ungodly Never Trumpers don't even know how they promote Ungodliness.

Extremist Faith:  In Catholicism & Islamism, Marxism & Americanism.  True Catholicism is the most Extremist religion on earth.  So is "true" Islam, the other way.  And, Marxism and American Constitutionalism are extremist political opposites.

Washington Swamp Critters: Deadlier than any Everglades Critters.  Draining the Washington Swamp unveils all the venomous Clintonistas and Obamunists of the Shadow Government, running the Deep-State Politics of graft, blackmail, take-down and rigged elections.

We Gotta Impeach Trump, for Being Elected, Among Other Crimes.  We were Nailing Down the Coffin Lid on American Capitalism, Building True Socialist Justice and Saving the Planet, and He Stopped the Whole Process!

On our Judicial Traitors, using our Courts to bring America down.  Globalist, anti-American Judges and Justices who consistently oppose the very Constitution they falsely swore to uphold and are charged in office to obey, protect and work from within.

On the necessity of using Barbarian Allies against the worst Barbarians.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Moslem nations so fear ISIS that they will ally with despised America and Israel against it.  But never forget that Barbarian Allies are still Barbarians, at the core.

On the Dividing Lines that make distinct religions, nations and cultures.  Globalism, the UN, the EU, Marxism and Islam all blur dividing lines to force the world into one impossible hodgepodge mixture of cultures, from the most civilized to the most barbaric.

Purposeful Unbalance of Culture through Unnatural Forced Inclusiveness.  The ultimate aim of Marxism is not "fairness" or "justice", but increased unbalance, disorder and chaos.

Media Lies, Corrupted Deep-State Agencies and Marxified America.  The Establishment-Owned Deep-State and their Media Leaks Versus President Trump and America As Constituted.

On The Demonic Replacement of Distinction with Diversity.  Diversity, Plurality, Multi-Culturalism, etc., acting against distinct religions, distinct nations, distinct borders of every kind, even distinct individual being.  Against Distinction Itself.

All the "Catholic" Ducks:  If a Pope walks like a duck ...   If a critter walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and is constantly seen in the company of ducks, it may be proper to assume that the critter just might be a duck.  Including Catholic critters.

Did the breakdown and loss of the Scientific-Method begin with Darwinism?  In the Evolutionary Trail of Modern Scientism, Marxism points back to Freudianism, and farther back to Darwinism.  Was that where Modern Man initially took Science off the rails?

Spineless Leaders cause more cultural harm than Traitorous Leaders.  Spineless Leaders who push rather than pull, who lead from the rear of the column, and who are too weak or cowardly to actually confront any enemy.

Church Militant Resistance Movement:  Will you join it?  For once, a "Resistance" Grass-Roots Movement that is for Culture and not against it; for Magisterial Teaching, and against Error.  (Is that already Counter-Cultural?)

On the All-Out Assault on Truth, in the Church and in Politics.  Fake News, False Doctrine, the rise of Indifferentism through Diversity, and the ultimate Blessing Of Evil, all done in the Face of Unchanging and Unchangeable Truth.

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Rope-A-Dope Political Trick.  Getting the populace all exercised to grow the government over yet another political false premise involving yet another imaginary Constitutional "Right".

Red Jihad:  How Marxism uses Islam as just another Revolutionary Tool.  The Red Left consistently  feeds the "Islam Is Peace" lie, blames the Right, Capitalism, white people or the USA for acts of Jihad, to help  feed and grow Pre-Revolution Chaos and Disorder.

Forced Return to Constitutionalism:  The Only Realistic Swamp-Draining.  The only realistic way to "Drain The Swamp" is to brutally club anti-Constitution Government Officials back under their own Constitution, or out of Government altogether.

The Rise of the Anti-Culture; the Anti-Church and the Anti-State.  While responsible "Leaders" look the other way, or pretend not to see, The World is taking all good institutions down from the inside.  That is what the new Anti-Culture is all about.

Indifference to Cult is the Most Destructive Lie of Human Culture.  How can an Identifiable Culture last if children are taught to "make up their own minds" about Cult?  Indifference toward cult eventually destroys all culture.

All the Universally Believed Lies of the Left, feeding Cultural Devastation.  The universally believed lies pushed by evil men and their Useful Idiots and Agent Provocateurs, "Revolutionizing" human culture away from Simple Common Sense and Natural Law.

On the Managed Decline of Catholicism in America.  The Managed Decline of the Catholic Church in America, like the Managed Decline of American Constitutionalism, is being treacherously orchestrated FROM THE INSIDE.

The Apolitical Lord Jesus, Who Split Religion and Politics.  Until Jesus, Religion and Politics were Combined.  Jesus hit history with a force that split time itself, established the New Calendar and Split Worldly and Ecclesial Government Apart.

The Moslem-Marxist Barbaric Collusion against Human Civilization.  All the evidence points to a deep Moslem-Marxist Barbaric Collusion against religions, nations, and even civilization itself.

The Perps:  All the upside-down Social Lies, and their Perpetrators.  Unmasking the Perps.

Unrecognized Revolutionaries, in Churches, Governments and Citizenries.  Determined detractors of existing Doctrine, Law and Order, who never leave the Institution they despise, are Unrecognized Revolutionaries, who intend to Take Over, or, Bring The Institution Down.

Truth Hating Catholics:  See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil Clerics.  The three divisions in the Church Hierarchy:  Those who champion the Truth, those who oppose Him, and those who avoid Him.  The Opposers and the Avoiders are Truth Hating Catholics.

All the America Hating Americans, working hard to bring America down.  The American Citizenry has been infected with America hating Americans from her birth.  But this national self-hatred really took off after the birth of Communism.

Civilized Moslems:  Ataturk's Turkey and the Shah's Iran had them.  Once, Civilized Moslems, Educated Women and Peaceful, Attractive, Beautiful Cities predominated in lands where now we see little other than Typical Islamic Barbarity.

Social Darwinism, Neo-Freudianism and Marxist Utopianism, all, Displace God.  Social Darwinsim applied Biological Evolution to Human Societies; Neo-Freudianism emphasized Human Culture over Individual Biology; Marxism emphasized the Collective over the Individual.

Trump Flips:  Are they Flips, or "Art Of The Deal" Deal-Making?  Note that in every so-called Trump Flip-Flop, Trump winds up in a much better relationship and/or a much stronger negotiating position with some former adversary.

On Disciples, Timid Believers and Traitors to the Faith, on Maundy Thursday.  Entering the Easter Triduum, all three groups will be spoken of in the Passion Readings.  To which group do you belong?

A Trump Inspired Global Turning:  A World Returning to Cultural Sanity.  Kiss the notions of a "Post-Christian World" and a "Post-American World" goodbye.  We may be seeing a Massive Global Turning Away from Imminent Global Disaster.

Globalist Pope Francis' Marxist Program to End All Sovereign Nations.  Our Globalist Pope leads the attack on all National Sovereignty to bring an end to all national borders in favor of Total Global Disorder, ostensibly for the good of the Planet and the Poor.

Trump Hitting Syrian Airbase was the Right Thing To Do.  "Do the Right Thing."  Advice you should have gotten from your Father, Mother, Priest, Elders, Teachers. etc.  A thing is either Right or Wrong.  It's not Democratic; it's Right or Wrong.

Politics Defined:  Nations are Political Entities; War and Peace are Political.  Religion orders human behavior.  Politics control human behavior.  Politics, Defined, is where Eternal Truth meets Temporary Worldly Ambitions and Rulers.

Marxist Politics in America:  The Political Revolution that is conquering USA.  No one seems to recognize the Progressive Marxist Politics that are displacing the Constitution, aimed at eventual establishment of another typical Communist Dictatorship in America.

On Innies and Outies:  No, not Belly Buttons, but Personal Philosophies.  Rights are Innies; Responsibilities are Outies.  Feelings are Innies; Realities are Outies.  Personal Comforts are Innies; Guiding Principles are Outies.  Sins are Innies; Doctrines are Outies.

Benghazi Liars Susan Rice and Adam Schiff Aid and Abet Treason Again.  After all their public lies covering up Obama administration gun-running collusion with Al Qaeda closing with the Stevens assassination, they now lie again to break a Presidency.

Planet of the Atheists:  An Education-Induced New World Order.  Globalist Revolutionary Educators are systematically breaking down Human Civilization to replace it with a new Planet of the Atheists.

Mitochondrial Eve & Y-Chromosomal Adam v Darwinism and the "Natural" Homo.  If all human DNA traces back to Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam, then the religion of Darwinism and the "Naturalness" of the homosexual condition are both refuted.

Why does Flynn need Legal Immunity?  Because the Legal Process is so Corrupt.  So long as the Senate, the House and Courts, Judges and Justices up and down the line are driven by Political Party Agenda and not by the Constitution or the Law as written, Truth does not matter.

Repealing Obamacare means getting the federal government completely out of it.  The Political Parties will never repeal it.  Repeal it Hell; Kill it, and the States and Private Sector will scramble for the business.  Strike it down as flagrantly unconstitutional and illegal law.

Trump, the Freedom Caucus and the Bogus Health Care "Entitlement".  The Freedom Caucus was right; but Dead Right; the rest of the Party Opposed them.  Trump is making them unite, as a Party, while fracturing a unified Marxocrat Party.

Trumping The Parties:  President Trump is Changing American Politics.  President Trump's Deal Making is out manipulating the professional manipulators of the Washington Establishment Club, and picking apart their Political Parties.

How Our Anti-American Political Parties Oppose Constitutional America.  Party Agenda is Everything; the Constitution is Nothing; Marxocrats Oppose Everything American; Republicrats are Weak or Sneaky Bipartisan Cooperators; All Favor a Globalist New World Order.

Nationalizing Catholicism:  Introducing the Democratholic Church of America.  While we have been off worrying about our own government suppressing our religion, Party Politics has been quietly infiltrating the Church and turning it into a Government Agency.

The Elite, Effete, Upper-Class Science-Deniers of the New World Order.  Denial of God is denial of Truth, which leads to denial even of solid empirical facts that do not support the inevitable man-made alternative ideology.

Hard, Cold Reality squeezes Leftist Lies, and Leftie Lunacy pops out.  Many people raised and bathed in lies all their lives simply cannot handle the shock of reality.  The inevitable confrontation brings out real Leftie Lunacy.

Empty Confessionals, Popular Liturgy and the Communion Stampede.  Nobody notices or even thinks about all the empty confessionals, but everybody "participates" in Liturgy and everybody receives the Most Blessed Sacrament.

The Islamic Connection between ISIS, Random Terrorism and Global Jihad.  It is the unseen Islamic Connection that is conquering Western Civilization: The Known Terrorist Groups, Native Born Convert Terrorists, Global Jihadists, etc. are all Moslems who read the same Koran.

Breaking Government "Sausage-Making" to Repeal Obamacare.  Political Government Sausage Making versus plain and simple Constitutional Government is the sole problem with repealing Obamacare.

The sole path to Islamic Heaven is to die a martyr in performance of Jihad.  That's it.  Islam assures no one else of salvation.  Male martyrs get a permanent erection; female martyrs get a permanently erect penis.  No kidding.

Notable Quotable Judie Brown, on Trump, Life and Death.  American Life League's Quotable Judie Brown nailed the essence of the response to Trump's offer to Planned Parenthood.

The Politics versus Truth dichotomy conundrum.  Even knowing how vehemently both Establishment Political Parties hate the Constitution, it's still shocking how openly they oppose that which they have all sworn to uphold.

Looking more closely at Pope Francis' chosen Papal Pals.  If a critter walks like a duck, talks like a duck and is constantly seen in the company of other ducks, the logical conclusion is that he most probably is a duck.

Alinskyite Dolan:  Anti-American American, Anti-Catholic Cardinal.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan may be the perfect Undercover Alinskyite Anti-Institution Subversive Radical Marxist Revolutionary.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire, Nose As Long As A Telephone Wire.  "Liar Liar" applies to the whole Washington Establishment, both of their Parties and their whole Fake News Media, in their obsessive-compulsive mission to destroy Trump.

On Ending Quantitative Easing and Bursting the QE Bubble.  Does a stock market crash mean an economic crisis?  Not necessarily.  A burst of the QE Bubble could be a step toward Market Sanity.

The Great Evil Nationalism Lie:  Nationalism is not Evil; Globalism is Evil.  The Evil Nationalism Lie says that nations with borders are not needed, which is to say, there is no such thing as Evil that needs to be kept out.  Don't worry your little head about it.

The Great Melting Pot Lie:  America is and always was a Distinct Culture.  The American "Melting Pot" of Immigration cooks an Assimilation Stew, in which Immigrants become Americans, rather than American Culture becoming Suicidally Diverse.

Marian Consecration ain't easy for us "Marthas".  It's the part about worrying about one thing only: fully returning the love that is given, and trusting that everything else will be taken care of.

2nd Sunday of Lent, Transfigured of our Lord Cycle A  Hope, inner soul room, transfiguration

Trump Rising:  "We'll fully fund Planned Parenthood if they stop Abortions."  Planned Parenthood's Answer:  No!  We're PROUD to be committing Abortions!

Globalist Stupidassism in the Vatican.  Globalist Fraud after Hoax after Scam, all promoted in the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences "Workshop on Biological Extinction."

The greatest threat to Constitutional America?  Immorality.  Insidious, growing Immorality poses a greater threat than the growing ideologies of Marxism, Islam, Globalism, or any of America's external enemies, combined.

"Good Cop, Bad Cop" Political Parties versus We The People.  The Republicrat Party is the Good Cop, the Marxocrat Party is the Bad Cop, both are owned and operated by the same Establishment Club, and We The People are the "Suspect".

On Good Globalism, Bad Globalism, and Nationalism.  The International "Good" Aims of Catholicism and larger Christianity versus the "Evil" Aims of Communism, Islam and Freemasonry, related to the Natural Civil Order of Sovereign Nations.

Unconstitutional Obamacare, and Unconstitutional Replacementcare.  If federal control of private industry is illegal, then why would any sworn-in, honest and fully conscious Congress simply replace one blatant illegality with another?

Wiretapping Trump:  Why is anyone surprised?  Wiretapping Trump may be among the least of all the Obamunist - Marxocrat Party crimes against the Constitution and the Citizenry of the USA.

Original Design preserves the Church, and preserves America.  The Original Design of the Church was of Divine Authorship.  The Original Design of the USA was as "perfect" as any mere men could ever design.

On the California Secession Movement:  Hold the Yippees and Yahoos.  A California Secession should be put down as was the Democrat South after the Civil War.  Per Amendment XIV, "Rebels" could never vote or hold elective office again.

It's all about Marxist Revolution, not sexual license or saving the planet.  "Organizing is a euphemism for Revolution."--Saul Alinsky, who invented Grass-Roots Community Organizing for Eventual Marxist Revolution.

Return to Constitutionalism means a return to Original American Faith.  Constitutional Originalism requires understanding the Faith of the Authors of the Constitution at the time of Ratification.

On the Establishment Rage aimed at President Trump.  Globalist, Marxist, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Law, Unbalanced Establishment Rage aimed at the Trump Presidency and Agenda, is Dedicated and Committed to Destroying his Presidency.

Trump Speak:  What's new in Trump's speech to Congress?  Nothing whatsoever.  Trump Speak is People Speak.  He's been saying the exact same things from the very beginning.  The Establishment, the Media and all other Globalists and Cultural Marxists were never even listening, until now.

"Offer it up?"  What the hell is that?  Where is the Grace in That?  When all is woe, you feel abandoned by God, and you say "God, where are you?", there He hangs, suffering on the Cross, abandoned and mocked, saying "People, where are you?  Is it all for nothing?"

How is Mary the Mediatrix of All Graces?  Isn't Jesus the sole Mediator?  Again, it depends on whether you view it in Earth time, or Heaven time.  In Eternity, past, present and future all exist in the same "moment".

On Satan's Blind Rage against "The Woman".  Was the war between Satan and The Woman, or, between the Seed of Satan, and the Seed of the Woman?  It depends upon whether you view it from Earth, or from Heaven.

The Looming Islamic War:  Sunni, ISIS, Shia, Kurds, Russia, Israel, USA?  Sunni nations allying with Israel against ISIS?  Excuse me?  Shia nations allying with Russia?  Who's on First here?

Amnesty Schmamnesty!  Feelings are feelings and the law is the law.  "Feelings" and "Values" and "Who We Are" and other Freudian-Marxian tricks are not the law, and they do nothing for National Security other than to harm it.

How Sworn in Operators of the Law can actually Hate the Law.  The Marxocrat Party, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc., all solemnly sworn to uphold the Law, but who actually Hate The Law.

Who is guaranteed Freedom of the Press?  CNN, or you and me?  The First Amendment Rights were written to protect all Citizens, not to solely protect Partisan Propagandist Corporations to the exclusion of others. 

Draining Swamps (Plural) through the Information Revolution.  Well, ya gotcher Global Swamp, ya gotcher National Swamps andja gotcher Catholic Clerical Swamp.  And Information Technology is the Roto-Rooter in all of them.

Koran is a Cult and should be Outlawed.  Or, get ready for violence on our own soil.

How obstinate and (stupid) Egalitarianism acts to destroy civilization.  Are we not all children of God, to be treated absolutely equally, and is that not Egalitarianism?  Well, in a word, no.

The Source of Radical Islamic Terrorism?  Mohammed and the Koran.  Radical Marxist Terrorism comes out of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  Similarly, Radical Islamic Terrorism comes right straight out of the Koran.

How Cultural Marxism induces the commission of National Suicide.  Ideological Marxism has almost totally abandoned armies and force of arms, switching to Subversion and getting us to commit National Suicide.

American Exceptionalism in a nutshell:  Citizen Upward Mobility.  Unique American Exceptionalism is why everyone wants to come here.  Here, citizens can "move up" and improve their own condition in life.

In this Information War, a Disinformation Program has established Unreality.  An Information War is unlike any war we have ever fought.  Now, what Truth fights, is massive persistent belief in Unreality.

President Trump and the Strong, Manly Leadership we were all looking for.  Strong, Manly Leadership has finally arrived in America.  The Church still waits for it.

Watching President Trump Breaking the Fake News Media.  Wow.  I mean, like, wow.  Watching Trump Breaking the Fake News Media is the Best Show In Town.  It's a beautiful thing.

Evil Globalist Desperation drives the Rush to Impeach Trump.  They are desperate to find a way to impeach Trump, now, while they still own the Chief Justice and an "Establishment" majority in Congress.

Were Mary of Magdela and Mary of Bethany the same woman?  Could an earlier freeing of demonic possession be the reason behind Mary of Bethany's radical faith, through true recognition of exactly Who Jesus Was?

The still unrecognized evil goal of the Trump Opposition.  It isn't just Trump they are after, and it isn't just Constitutional America they seek to destroy.  The unrecognized evil goal is Globalism, and the end of nations and liberty of man.

President Trump, a Sign of Contradiction in the World.  Am I the only one who sees Trump as what we are all called to be but are not; a sign of contradiction in the world, opposed by many?  Or am I nuts? 

Scripture, War and Peace.  Does Scripture ban war, forbid division, invite unlimited unity, and thereby deny the existence of evil?

The Pasquino Statue comes alive, with questions for Pope Francis.  Posters all over Rome revive the ancient "Pasquino Statue" tradition of lay people questioning the Pope.

The George Soros Republicrats.  Is anyone surprised that Soros money backed McCain, Graham, Ryan, Rubio, etc.?  I'm not. 

Massive Public Outrage for Hire, to the Highest Bidder.  The Woman's March on Washington, the ongoing Airport Demonstrations, all, and more, all bought and paid for, in advance.

On "Killer" Putin and the Indefensible Trump Remarks.  Putin's a Killer, but, like, we're not, so we should all just run and hide from Putin.  Right?

Democracy Breaking:  Returning America to a Constitutional Republic.  Repealing Wilson's 16th and 17th Amendments, and returning to America's brilliant original conceptual design.

Party Breaking:  Catholicism's Key to Church Greatness.  Catholicism's real key to making the Church great again is to break clerical allegiance to Party and return sole allegiance to the Revealed Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Party-Breaking:  Trump's Key to American Greatness.  Trump's real key to Making American Great Again is to break allegiance to Party and return sole allegiance to Constitutional America.

The Minimum Wage Lie: Raising unemployment, uplifting no one.  You just can't fool the natural law that controls economics.

The Stupid (or Evil) Bishops Helping the Global Islamization Cause.  Leading Dioceses (and America) into social suicide. 

Potentially Wrong Decisiveness v Always Wrong Indecision.  President Trump's bold decisiveness contrasted with Pope Francis' Pronounced Indecision.

On the new (to me) heresy of Popalitry.  False belief that a Pope can do no wrong leads to Pope Worship.

Do we have a Diabolically Controlled Pope?  Every time he opens his mouth, he makes himself a fool. 

Cultural Marxist Indecency is always on public display.  It's so obvious even the lying media can't hide it any more.

The "Hitlerian" Trump Slander: Communism's Oldest Deceptive Strategy.  Fake News Media, the Pope, the Marxocrat Party, and even Republicrat "Establishment" types raise the specter of Nazism associated with "Populist" President Trump, who isn't even an ideologue.

American-defined Equality, Life, Liberty, Property: that, we can unite on.  In the American interpretation only - not the Marxist interpretation, and not the Islamic interpretation.  We should unite with any who embrace these Four American Foundational Civil Rights

It's "Time To Unite" with anti-Americans and all forms of evil?  My Ass!  We The People should reach out to them?  As they are?  Why? !!!  Shouldn't they be trying very hard to convert themselves and reconcile with us?  If not, why not?

The Dubia Aftermath shows that Pope Francis still doesn't get it.  Non-response to the Dubia means a Warning; non-response to that means a second Warning, and finally, a non-Pope Council to depose the Pope.

The Inaugural aftermath shows that the Establishment still doesn't get it.  Horror of horrors!  Trump keeps saying what he always keeps saying!  And the Marxocrats may be Marxified, but the Republicrats are just plain Stupidified.

Praying for President Trump on Inauguration Day.  Invoking the Protection of the Holy Spirit on our new President as all of American and world Cultural Marxism becomes more and more dangerously unhinged.

The Anti-Reality of Show Biz, exemplified by "The View".  Leftist opposition to Nature, Men, Christianity, Life, Human Babies, Marriage, etc., amounts to insane opposition to Reality itself, by nearly all of Hollywood.

On the Freeing of the Bradley/Chelsea Manning Creature.  Only in Obama's America could Bradley Manning commit treason, go to prison, get a sex-change operation at our expense and then be turned loose.

"Blacklisting" McCarthyites was America's First National Poison Pill.  Now, Cultural Marxists are "Blacklisting" every expression of love of America, and our own sitting government, almost in its majority, hates America.

All the Congressmen boycotting Trump's inauguration are of one Marxist mindset.  How much ya wanna bet all the Congressmen boycotting the inauguration should have been impeached from office and charged with criminal malfeasance in office long ago?

The Marxified Racism of Rep. John Lewis is OK because it's anti-white.  Taking full advantage of racist Black Privilege, Rep. John Lewis exemplifies the new purely politically-based Marxist Racism of his beloved Marxocrat Party.

Should we treat Islam differently than other religions?  If not, why not?  Doesn't Islam treat the whole non-Islamic world differently than it treats Islam?

Promoting Evil by Doing Good: The Evil Fruit of the PC Do-Gooders.  How Political Correctness and Good Intentions have overpowered Human Reason and Critical Thinking, to promote Self Destructive Evils.

Joe Biden keeps getting Medals from Evil Men for supporting Evil Deeds.  Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, awarded him the US Medal of Participation.  Notre Dame awarded him the "Laetare" Medal of Moral Equivalency.

Wouldn't it drive Fake-News nuts if President Trump joined the March For Life?  The whole Marxocrat Party, their Fake News Media and All Hollywood Nobility would go ballistic.

Is Putin's Hack of our Election why Hillary Won the Popular Vote?  If the Russian Election Hack actually affected the election, maybe that's why the Popular Vote went to Hillary.

Cyber Security:  A Globally Accessible Totally Secure system is an oxymoron.  A computer system may be globally accessible or totally secure, but not both at the same time.

Determining how stupid it can get when it just keeps getting stupider.  Desperately trying to finally answer the question "How Stupid Can It Get?" in a limitless, growing, dynamic environment of exponentially multiplying, ever increasingly radical stupidities.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator’s supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights.”--Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor.  It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others."--St. Francis of Assisi

Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass, offered at Assumption Grotto Church in  Detroit, Michigan.  Our deepest prayer, our highest form of worship, and the way God should be treated.

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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