Catholic American Manifesto

What it means to be Catholic and what it means to be American in an anti-Catholic and anti-American World.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, October 12, 2019

To be a Catholic American is to recognize Boundaries in all areas of the living of life, but most especially in proper recognition of one universally and inescapably true sense of right versus wrong. Christian Morality was the original basis for the American Declaration of Independence, and it was the basis for the ratification of the American Constitution. Christian Morality was originally, should always have been and should always be the foundation upon which all American civil law is legislated, executed and adjudicated, in strict accordance with the Constitution. 

The Declaration and the Constitution intended to liberate the entire citizenry from tyrannical government, establish in law the God-given natural law rights of Equality, Life, Liberty and Private Property of every Individual American Citizen, and to protect those individual citizen rights from any Government infringement. 

The fly in the ointment is Liberty. For an individual citizen to properly enjoy Liberty the citizen must be moral; he must know right from wrong. The moral boundaries for Liberty are found only in Christian Morality. 

Catholic Religious Boundaries.

If it is true that there is one and only one God then it follows that He founded one and only one Church and there is no other that is valid. 

It is only in the Catholic Church that Sanctifying Grace may be obtained in the Seven Sacraments. To be Catholic is to be dedicated in Credal Faith. Every statement in every Catholic Creed is Dogma. To deny any element of the Creeds is to depart from Catholicism. When Catholics recite and profess the Athanasian Creed, the Nicene Creed or the Apostles Creed, they affirm who they are, what they believe and their individual relationship to God. This is the core of Catholic faith. 

The Roman Catholic Church, instituted by Jesus Christ Himself, is the sole guardian of the Sacred Deposit of Faith; the entire Revelation of God to man in its completeness. The Bible itself came out of this Deposit of Faith. It is the bound duty of the Catholic Church to keep this entire Revelation unchanged, in it's entirety.

The Catholic Church is thus the unchanging and everlasting fixed peg upon which the entire Christian world can depend for ultimate Truth pertaining to God

And it is the unchanging and everlasting fixed peg upon which the larger world can depend for ultimate Truth pertaining to Morality

Truth does not change. 

Truth is reality; reality does not change. 

American Moral Boundaries.

Roman Catholics, Coptics, Orthodox, Protestants and Jews all hold to the same Ten Commandments issued by the same God. The Commandments were established on two Tablets; the first Tablet contained the Love Of God Commandments, which formed the root of Theological Law. The second Tablet contained the Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self Commandments, which formed the root of Moral Law

Coptics, Orthodox, Protestants and Jews break with Roman Catholics in their newer interpretations of Theological Law. Theological Law, again, is rooted in the first three (four in the Protestant counting) original Commandments.

But they all unite with Catholics in proper interpretation of Moral Law. Moral Law, again, is rooted in the last seven (six in the Protestant counting) original Commandments. 

On this, the Moral Law, also known as the Law Of Neighbors, we all unite. This is the proper cultural sense of right versus wrong. Believing and practicing Catholics, Protestants and Jews can live together in the same culture and be good neighbors, because they share the same proper cultural sense of right versus wrong. 

This may not necessarily be said of non-Christians and non-Jews. At least not automatically

Note well that everyone on earth is not your neighbor. (Luke 10:36-37)

Many, indeed, are your enemies. The opposite of good neighbors. 

What is the moral basis or foundation for the atheist? Is there one? Perhaps having been brought up in a Christian or Jewish household, or perhaps in being raised in a highly moral culture, the normal rules of morality may have just been absorbed through cultural osmosis. 

As a general rule, atheists are immoral. They may obey the law, but more out of fear of punishment under the law, rather than any inner sense of honor, for honor itself is dependent upon a commonly held cultural sense of morality

And commonly held morality is dependent upon commonly held religion

American Religious Boundaries.

The original Pilgrims and all who followed them to form the original American Colonies came here specifically to get out from under the religious oppression of Protestant Kings. The Protestant Revolt had established a radical Combination of Church and State all across Europe, after which Kings dictated religions - particular Protestant denominations - to their subjects, by brutally imposed force of law. 

[Cuius religio, eius religio; 'Who's realm, his religion'; the religion of the ruler dictated the religion of the ruled. Legal principle of collective religion of the ruled under the religious freedom of the rulers, established in the 1555 Peace Of Augsburg.]

That was what inspired the Pilgrims to leave Europe altogether.

The individual Colonies were formed religiously; each proclaimed an official religion of the Colony, so that each could finally be free to worship in the "Christian" religion of their founding preference. 

Rhode Island
North Carolina
New Hampshire
South Carolina

West Indies
New York
New Jersey

Roman Catholic
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Church of England
Catholic (Spanish era) Church of England (British era)
Church of England
Church of England
Undifferentiated Christian
Undifferentiated Protestant

The whole reason for the Religion Clause in the First Amendment of the Bill Of Rights, which had to be included before the Constitution could be ratified, was so that the new Federal Government could not establish any federal religion in law, over the top of the Colonial religions already established in law. 

Note well that the Religion Clause is the first clause in the First Amendment, indicating it's importance in the minds of the ratifiers. 

Over time each Colony-become-sovereign-state disestablished its own legal religion requirement and adopted the "Freedom Of Religion" wisdom they recognized in the Constitution. 

These historic facts remain:

  1. America was a Christian nation at birth. 
  2. The Declaration and the Constitution formalized and institutionalized Christian Morality into Secular Law.
  3. The Supreme Law of the Land established specific rights of individual citizens and protected those rights from infringement by the government itself. 
  4. The whole legal arrangement of America depended entirely upon a highly moral citizenry, in the Christian sense of the word Moral.

American Political Boundaries.

As described in excruciating detail in the USA treatment, Constitutional America is the first and only Nation Of Laws to ever exist on earth.  There, in detail, we addressed the eventually fatal problems with 

  1. Sovereignty of One Man, or, Monarchy;
  2. Sovereignty of the Citizenry, or, Democracy;
  3. Sovereignty of Government, of any form,

in the legislating, executing and adjudicating of law. And how the American Founding Fathers settled on 

  1. Sovereignty of Law Alone

as the best form of government for the new nation of America

America would have no human ruler. America would be ruled by law. The Constitution itself would be the Supreme Law of the Land, and the very government would be instituted under, subject to, constrained and limited by, instructed by and ruled by the Constitution and nothing else

This is unique in all the world. 

The President and the lowest citizen are equal before the law. 

Americans have no human ruler or rulers. We swear allegiance to the Constitution only. Military oaths and government oaths of office are sworn to support the Constitution; not the land, not the citizenry, not anything other than the Law

The Constitution reigns supreme. The Constitution, as written, rules

American governments come and go, but the Constitution remains; the Constitution is America's fixed peg

Domestic Enemies of American Morality and Law.

The Domestic Enemy of the American Constitution who did the most harm to America thus far was President Woodrow Wilson. It remains for a future elected government to undo his damage to the Constitution itself and to the American Constitutional concept of government. 

Wilson moved the rule of America away from the original "nation of laws" concept and toward the communal, collective, rule of government, which is to say, toward Marxism and Marxist concepts. Wilson was able to get two harmful Constitutional Amendments passed and he created the FED, giving control of federal treasure, minting and coining over to an "independent", non-government cabal of bankers. This was Wilson's Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 

Why should America's treasure be independently controlled by anyone outside of America's Constitutional Government? 

Wilson's Amendment VII turned the Senate into an elected body of politicians, no different than the House of Representatives, except that the Senators would run for office depending on the votes of their whole State, rather than Districts. 

Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution designed the Senate to be a counter-acting body to the Democratically elected House of Representatives. Thus, the Senate was a counter-acting body to pure Democracy. Senators were appointed by their State Legislatures for a period of six years; they were to represent, not the voters, but the duly elected governments of their States. Senators, previous to Amendment VII, were Statesmen, not Politicians. They represented their Sovereign State Governments. As such, they were supposed to be above politics, and not run for elected office. They held appointed office. 

If the individual States of the United States were indeed Sovereign States, then their Governments needed an authoritative voice in the United States Government. The Senators provided that voice. 

The last clause in Article 5 states that "... no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate". 

Just as Ambassadors to foreign nations are not logically elected by voters, but appointed by Presidents, to represent the current sitting federal government of America. 

Each State Government is supposed to have two votes in the Senate. 

How, exactly, is any sovereign State of the United States not deprived of its suffrage in the Senate if it's Senators serve the voters of the State, and not the duly elected State government? 

Why should the State governments even continue to exist? 

Wilson's Amendment VI established the Income Tax, something the Founders never would have accepted. This is a tax on private property, and it began the long train of invented taxes on all forms of property. (Your income is your private property). This opened the door for what the Founders knew ahead of time, what Tocqueville would warn about, and what we are seeing happening today in America:

  1. Politicians have learned how to bribe the voters with the voter's own money by promising them "benefits" and "welfare" out of the government treasury, to get them to vote for the politician that promises the most largess to the voters.
  2. Voters learn to vote for and depend on politicians who earn their votes by giving them more and more "benefits" and "welfare" to the point that they are less self-sufficient, less independent, more and more dependent, and they eventually stop working and earning money altogether.
  3. The government falls into fiscal irresponsibility and corruption, and the whole economy eventually collapses because when nobody is working any more, there are no more income taxes being collected and redistributed.

Prior to the Income Tax, American government was primarily funded by Tariff taxes on imported foreign goods. This was new money coming into America. The better the American economy was, the more available cash the citizenry had, the more merchandise foreign merchants wanted to sell in America. 

All of Wilson's agenda was aimed at gradually transforming our American Constitutional Republic into a pure Democracy. Why? 

Democracy is the road to socialism. --Karl Marx.

To restore America back to the original design, the fixed peg of being a Nation Of Laws, we need to 

Since the Wilson administration, America has seen Wilson's staunchly racist Democrat Party morph into the staunchly Marxist Marxocrat Party we see today. And American law has been corrupted by its influence, as we see in the unconstitutionally and illegally instituted Separation of Church and State, and the following government-driven Secularization, or forced Religious-Cleansing, of, first, the government itself, then, the public square, and finally, all of American culture. 

I submit that legally imposed secularism in any area of life at all is a return of Cuius religio, eius religio; 'Who's realm, his religion'. Legally imposed secularism, or divorce from religion, is a form of government imposed religious belief, or unbelief. It is a "ruler" imposed interference with religious belief and practice in the citizenry.

It is a direct violation of the very first Right listed in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.--Amendment I

I submit that saying "Merry Christmas" or "God bless you" or displaying Christian monuments or symbols represents "the free exercise thereof". 

Secularization was followed by glaringly unconstitutional and illegal yet legalized anyway abominations of such things as Abortion and Homosexual "Marriage". Both houses of Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court, in their majorities, cooperated in making Obamacare into law, in direct violation of all of their oaths of office, and in direct violation of the Constitution they all falsely swore to uphold. An impeachable offense. 

This is what the "Progressive" advance of Marxism has done to America.

Contemporary America suffers under the political trickery, open fraud and criminal activity of the Clintonistas and the Obamunists and their devious Deep-State Shadow-Government that has usurped nearly all governing power from the actual official sitting government. Dominated by corrupt Political Parties, by Cultural Marxism and the Washington Club, today's seated Congressmen, Senators and Justices are either in cahoots with the Shadow-Government or are cowed into silence by it. 

President Trump stands alone in this regard. They are all against him. 

And yet, he keeps winning and getting things done in spite of them all. 

The whole Marxocrat Party is driving an illegal "Shadow Government" that includes a thoroughly corrupted "intelligence community" effort to run an anti-Constitutional silent coup to get President Trump out of office. The News Media is in on it and participating in it, and so are many foreign intelligence agencies. 

Foreign Enemies of American Morality and Law.

With few exceptions, the foreign religions of the world are benign enough to fit the Christian description of neighborliness. Christianity has been around long enough to positively affect the whole world. Most non-Christian religions have adopted Christian morals or adapted to them to the degree that such things as murder, lying, stealing, adultery, etc., are just about universally prohibited in civilized lands, whatever the predominant religion might be. 

There is also the fact that the Judaeo-Christian Moral Law is also the Natural Law, written on the hearts of men. It is normal human nature; people have to be tempted or trained or educated out of it. 

If the non-Christian in America can abide by American law and not oppose it or violate it, he can be a good neighbor in America.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything. 

Marxism and Islam are the two main enemies of Constitutional America. 

In different ways, they both oppose Equality, Life, Liberty and Property, the four basic foundational civil rights of Constitutional America. 

Marxism, in all variant forms, is atheistic and immoral. 

The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion. --Karl Marx.

Religion is the opium of the masses. --Karl Marx.

Nothing can have value without being an object of utility. --Karl Marx.

The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. --Karl Marx.

The ends justify the means. --Niccolo Machiavelli.

That is the sum of all Marxist "Morality". It is, in the Christian sense, amorality, and amorality always allows and eventually sinks into immorality. There is no right or wrong in atheistic Marxism; there is only utility, and ends to means. 

Every form of Marxism in history has been anti-religion and anti-religious. Communism, Socialism, Nazism (National Socialism), Fascism, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, all have suppressed religion and religious belief to one degree or another, especially Christianity and Judaism. In most cases that suppression has been brutal, even murderous. 

The anti-American Constitution aspects of Marxism are just as bad. 

  • The Constitution is Individualist; Marxism is Collectivist. 
  • The Constitution is Capitalist; Marxism is Socialist. (See also Definition of Socialism and Marxism-Socialism-Communism).
  • The Constitution protects individual Rights; Marxism pretends to protect Communal Rights. 
  • The Constitution protects Private Property; Marxism insists on Redistribution. 
  • The Constitution encourages open fair competition and the rise of excellence; Marxism insists upon and legally enforces rigid social-sameness

No man can be a true Christian and a true Marxist at the same time. 

No man can be a Constitutionalist and a Marxist at the same time. 

There is no way that any true Marxist can take an American oath of office in which he swears to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep that oath

Marxism and the Constitution are absolutely antithetical to each other. 

A true Marxist cannot even be a good American citizen, because in being a true Marxist, he is a declared mortal enemy of the Constitution. 

Islam, in all variant forms, is anti-Christian and anti-Constitution. 

In Islam, the meaning of peace is the absence of resistance to Islam. 

The word Islam does not mean peace; it means submission

As non-Moslems, we are, to them, infidels

  • Moslems are instructed to kill us everywhere they find us (2:191).
  • We are not to be trusted, bargained with or befriended (2:254) and (3:28) and (4:144) and (5:51).
  • Moslems are instructed to lay in wait for us, seize us, beleaguer us, ambush us, slay us, enslave us, but if we repent and pay special taxes, we will be spared (9:5).
  • Moslems take women prisoners of war as slaves (33:50).
  • Moslems are instructed to crucify us or cut off our hands and feet (5:33).
  • Moslems are to strike off our heads and our fingers (8:12).
  • Moslems are instructed to strike off our heads and make a wide slaughter among us, and to carefully tie up the survivors as captives (47:4).
  • Moslems are to prepare for us garments of fire, to pour over our heads boiling water whereby whatever is in our skin or in our bowels will be disolved by it, and we are to be punished by hooked iron rods (22:19-21).
  • Moslems are to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (2:193; 8:39; 9:29).

All variations of Islam, including Sunni and Shia, read the same Koran. In that Koran, Jihad is an integral part, and the most important part, of Islam itself. It cannot be separated out. Jihad is a religious requirement in Islam. All Moslems will support it, at least, if not actually practice it. No true Moslem will ever oppose it or speak against it, unless he is practicing the tactic of Taqiyya, the Islamic imperative to lie to infidels about ultimate Islamic intentions toward them, within the larger strategic practice of Civilization Jihad

Islam is war; perpetual war, until all the world is dominated by Islam. 

Claims that Islam is "peaceful" based on peaceful Koranic verses overlook Islam's interpretive rule of abrogation in the proper reading of the Koran. The rule of abrogation says that whatever Mohammed said last, when in conflict with anything he had said prior, abrogated and overruled whatever he had said prior. 

All of the "peaceful" verses, including all the positive things he had said about Jews and Christians, were said in Mecca. After his wife died, the source of his wealth, and after his uncle died, the source of his protection, and after being largely rejected by the Jews and the Christians, Mohamed completed his Hegira (flight from Mecca to Medina) on September 24, 622 A.D. This marked the formal birth of Islam as a religion. 

From that date on, every former "peaceful" verse was eventually abrogated and nullified by furiously anti-Jewish and anti-Christian hate-filled verses of vengeance. In Islamic theology and jurisprudence, these later verses are the only related verses that stand. 

The existence of the Islamic tactic of Taqiyya and the world-wide program of Civilization Jihad prove that Islam has adopted the evil Machiavellian-Marxist belief that "the ends justify the means". 

Islam, like Marxism, stands in direct opposition to the American foundational human rights of Equality, Life, Liberty and Property. Islam, like Marxism, opposes freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, and virtually every Constitutional right of the American citizenry. 

No man can be a true Christian and support Islam at the same time. 

No man can be a Constitutionalist and a true Moslem at the same time. 

There is no way that any true Moslem can take an American oath of office in which he swears to uphold the Constitution and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and keep that oath

Islam and the Constitution are absolutely antithetical to each other. 

A true Moslem cannot even be a good American citizen, because in being a true Moslem, he is a declared mortal enemy of the Constitution. 

American Foreign Relations during the attempted coup d'état

It is by now abundantly clear to all objective observers that:

  • The Marxocrat Party has gone Marxist and Anti-American.
  • The Marxocrat Party runs the House of Representatives.
  • The Marxocrat Party secretly owns and operates the "Intelligence Community", and runs thousands of secreted deep-state operatives in the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and virtually all existing federal agencies and bureaucracies, including in the White House. 
  • The Marxocrat Party and the Mainstream News Media are one integrated entity. 
  • The Marxocrat Party is driving the ongoing illegal coup d'état against President Trump that began before he was elected. 
  • The Marxocrat Party is continually trying to invent evidences of crimes the President didn't commit to keep their sham Impeachment proceedings going, while working feverishly to get the bipartisan votes necessary to just politically impeach him. 
  • With pitifully few exceptions, the Republicrats who are not in on the criminal coup d'état are not doing anything to stop it. 

What this highlights is the anti-Americanism of one Party, and the ineffectiveness and uselessness of it's supposed opposition Party. So one of the two main American Political Parties is anti-American, and its opposition is ineffectual if not quietly in league with its opposition. 

Is it any wonder that, along with recommending that we Outlaw Marxism and Outlaw Islam in America, that we also recommend that we Outlaw Political Parties

Or that we recommend Breaking The Media

America is a Constitutional Republic. The Constitution - the Supreme Law of the Land - lays out the three coequal branches of government and provides their full operating instructions. Those three branches comprise the only Constitutional and legal government of the USA. There is no mention of Political Parties anywhere in the Constitution. Political Parties have absolutely no Constitutional authority even to exist, let alone run any part of the Constitutional government or have anything whatsoever to do with American government, or with the extra-constitutional governing of America. 

Dominant Marxocratism in Washington won't even allow President Trump to do his job, let alone defend himself. They accuse him of - get this - using his foreign policy to push his own political agenda. ??? What else is he supposed to do? Push the opposition's political agenda? He was elected to pursue the political agenda he said he wold pursue if he were elected. He is doing precisely what he said he would do, in both foreign and domestic policy. 

Maybe that's just too unique for modern American mainstream politics. 

Note well that the President is the chief law enforcement officer for America. He is Constitutionally required to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed" (Constitution; Article II Section 3). When he sees that a crime has been committed it is his bound Constitutional duty to investigate it and punish it appropriately. 

The Marxocrat Party doesn't see it that way. 

  1. They accuse Trump of using the head of the DOJ as his personal lawyer in pursuing a deep investigation into Marxocrat Party corruption of the 2016 election, involving the American Shadow Government's involvement with foreign government intelligence agencies. They act as if the DOJ is somehow independent of the Presidency, and perhaps the servant of the Congress or something. 

    The Director of the DOJ is the lawyer of the Presidency; he is the chief lawyer of the Office of the President. The DOJ serves and represents the Executive Branch, and no one else. All DOJ lawyers serve at the pleasure of the sitting President. The evil Marxocrat Party doesn't want you to know that. 
  2. They accuse the President's actual personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, of involving himself in American foreign policy by traveling abroad, particularly to the Ukraine, investigating political corruption. 

    The President's personal lawyer has every right to go wherever he has to go to investigate the true source of all the criminal charges brought against his client, President Trump, in pursing the legal defense of his client. Marxocrats have falsely accused Trump of everything from collusion with Vladimir Putin to Treason, and they don't want his own lawyer to ever get at the truth of who collaborated with whom in an actual American foreign "collusion" to corrupt an American election. 
  3. They place Sleepy Joe Biden above the law because he has a chance of winning the Marxocrat nomination for President and thus has a chance of actually being Trump's political opponent in the 2020 election. But Biden, who is not above the law, committed a crime and bragged about it in public on video, and whether anyone likes it or not, it is the bound duty of the Presidency to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed" according to Article Two of the Constitution. That's his job

Meanwhile, while all the usual suspects among the mainstream politicians and journalists work the whole deep state, and all of their shadow government operatives to undercut the President if not take him down, he just keeps on making progress on his own, making America great again, and keeping the gains he has made. 

On his own. 

Proving that Political Parties are not even necessary. 

What President Trump has going for him in this political contest of wills is, more than anything else, his innocence.

He hasn't done anything wrong.

That's something no real Marxocrat can even understand, let alone believe. Their own whole careers and whole lives are constructed around political lies. For them, the ends justify the means, and they really believe that everyone else thinks the same way they think. They are so lost in their own deep lies that they cannot see or recognize Truth. Reality is lost on them; they now live in an alternative universe. 

American Foreign Policy in the world of Islam.

We see this deep-state mindset on display even in the Pentagon, and among our highest ranking generals and admirals. Even if they are not Marxocrat traitors to the Constitution, they still lean toward not fulfilling the military policies of the Constitutionally elected and seated President, who is, Constitutionally, the Commander In Chief of all the armed forces. 

How does this deep-state Mindset work? 

It holds an "expert" assumed superior authority over politicians in military matters. Not an actual authority, but an "expert" one. It says that, these politicians promise many things regarding war fighting, but once they get into office, they must be shown the "expert" realities that they and they alone possess, and convince the politicians to leave not only the military tactics but the overall strategy to them and them alone. They know how to do it; they know all the traps and pitfalls; they went to West Point or to Annapolis and the Politicians did not. 

Well, that just ain't the way it works, Constitutionally. 

He is the Commander In Chief, and they serve him, not the other way round. All of the "problems" between Trump and the generals and admirals stems from them not paying attention to, first, his campaign promises, and second, his orders to fulfill those promises after he was elected. It is their business - it is their job - to find and implement ways to help him do that. It is their responsibility to carry out the mission of the Commander In Chief. 

They dragged their feet and opposed pulling troops out as he ordered. There were multiple resignations over it, because they just could not obey their Commander In Chief. Some of them had hissy-fits over it. 

Their own sense of self-importance overrode their own sworn obedience to their Commander In Chief. Their own misplaced sense of "certainty" overrode the will of the American people and the Constitution. 

Trump had to actually go to the war theater to find a military leader who could and would prosecute the war against ISIS ferociously enough to finish it, because of all the caution, conventional thinking and foot-dragging among all the top generals. 

More generals were all upset when the Trump administration negotiated with the Afghan government, including with Taliban Party officials who were a minority part of the Afghan government, and started pulling our troops out of Afghanistan. 

And, more generals were all upset when he "suddenly" pulled out of northern Syria and let the Turkish Moslems and the Kurdish Moslems and the Assad-supporting Moslems and the Iranian Moslems all go back to killing each other. 

The only reason any of the Trump administration decisions in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria were seen to be "sudden" and "unexpected" was that the generals were not paying attention to what their Commander In Chief was saying. They "knew better" than him; after all, they were the generals. 

They "knew" they needed to stay there until Islamic Jihad was no more. And that means, they needed to stay there forever and ever and ever. Because Jihad is an integral part of Islam, and so long as Islam exists, Jihad will keep rising up against the "infidel" world. The elimination of the infidel world and the eventual domination of the world is the very purpose for being of the "religion" of Islam, and that purpose for being is what drives Islamic Jihad. 

Jihad - holy war against infidels - will exist as long as Islam exists. Islam and Jihad are one and the same thing. 

But, if there is a fatal flaw in Islam, it is this: Islam is at war with itself even more than it is at war with the "infidel" (non-Islamic) world. 

Except for historic episodes of Moslem genocide against Christians and Jews, as a general rule, Islamic Jihad kills more Moslems than Infidels. 

  • ISIS is, as President Trump says, essentially, dead. If the Caliph is dead, there is no Caliphate, and if there is no Caliphate, there is no Islamic State. The territorial "State" of ISIS is no more; it has been taken and the ISIS warriors killed, captured or scattered. 
  • ISIS was (and maybe still is) a deadly enemy of every single existing Islamic faction of any kind or any Islamic government in existence that had not joined the Caliphate. When a "Caliph" exists, the entire Islamic Ummah is centered on him; all outside of it are "Infidels", and subject to slaughter. There can be one and only one Caliphate, if it is a "true" Caliphate. So Iranians, Turks, Kurds, Syrians, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Arabians, Egyptians, etc., etc., etc., who did not recognize the Caliph and submit to his authority were at war with it. 
  • If indeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed himself to be the Caliph of the world, is somehow not dead, as multiple reports have declared him to be, and if he ever shows his face in public, most all of the Islamic leaders in the world will do everything in their power to remove his head, before he removes theirs. 
  • ISIS, having no Caliph and holding no territory, has just become another Jihadist group among the many, no different than the many others. It may call itself an Islamic State if it wants to, but it has no state. 

The generals and other middle-eastern "experts" have it exactly backwards when they hold that Islamic terrorism and war against the non-Islamic world is "radical" or "hijacked" or "corrupted" Islam. That holding is ass-backwards. It is peaceful Islam, divorced from Jihad, that is "radical". It is non-terrorist Islam and non-dominating Islam that is radical, within the Islamic "religion". 

  • Ataturk was a radical. 
  • The Shah of Iran was a radical. 
  • The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman is a radical. 

Anyone who seeks peace with the Western world, from within Islam, is a radical. True Islam does not seek peace with the Western world. 

  • Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was a proper practitioner of Islam.
  • Osama Bin Ladin was a proper practitioner of Islam. 
  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was (is?) a proper practitioner of Islam. 

Bottom line, we cannot root-out and kill every Taliban, or every ISIS, or every Al Qaeda, etc., and we shouldn't waste time trying. Let them go back to killing each other. 

Who are the Kurds? First of all, before they are anything else, they are Sunni Moslems. They are or have been our allies, yes, but they are still Moslems. Different factions of Kurds have been our close allies in Iraq and in Syria. Why did they, Moslems, ally with us, Infidels, against other Moslems? 

Because of the old stratagem that says, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We helped them destroy their enemy; they helped us destroy our enemy; but it was only because we had a common enemy. Kurds are still Moslems, and sooner or later, Moslems turn on Infidels. That's the way it is. 

That's the way politics works in the middle east. Alliances form and alliances go away, in a never ending set of changing circumstances. 

The President is right when he says that the Kurds and the Turks have been fighting for hundreds of years, and there is no end to that deadly animosity in sight. We cannot involve ourselves in that or any other essentially Islamic war forever. It is hard for many individual American veterans to just walk away from their Kurdish brothers-in-arms and leave them to their fate, but the President has to look after the larger interest of the whole American nation. There is no visible end to this particular Islamic fight. Again, the generals disobeyed their Commander In Chief, and he finally had to just shut it down himself, to their great "surprise". 

As if Trump was just impulsive, and they were not disobedient

ISIS warriors and any other Jihadists who get loose may form up again under their old name, or join other Jihadist groups, or come up with a new name, like Shaboom-Shaboom, or maybe Rama Rama Ding Dong, and they will compete, with bloodshed, for control within some Islamic region, and they will try to murder and terrorize us Infidels. And we will deal with them as they occur. And there will be other such groups springing up out of Islam from time to time, so long as Islam exists. 

That's just the way it is. 

American Foreign Policy in the world of Marxism.

Under the impetus of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul the Great, the mighty USSR experienced the mother of all economic collapses. It was an economic catastrophe so great as to break apart the whole Soviet Union, into separate on-their-own national entities, scrambling to figure out how to rule themselves after some 70 years of subservience and servitude to Moscow. All they knew was Communism and Socialism, and it had failed, as an economic system. 

But it lived on as a political system. Communism, the ideology, is alive and well. It just doesn't work economically, and so the economic part of it had to be modified. Russia today is ruled by a still mostly Communist almost dictatorship, and we say almost because it allows political competition, so long as that competition doesn't compete too much. No political candidate ever really ever threatens Putin. 

Economically, the dictatorship is now in bed with Oligarchs in a combination of business and government that looks and acts a whole lot like the Crony-Capitalism of Mussolini's Fascist Italy and Hitler's Nazi Germany. Under National Socialism, the captains of industry kept their industry and their riches, but, they produced what Hitler ordered them to produce, in the quantities and quality he demanded, and he supplied the slave labor for them to produce it. Rather than the state owning all capital, the state owned the owners of capital, and let them control it for the benefit of the state. 

Russia is a little different from that in that Putin doesn't appear to hold the leash of the Oligarchs quite so tightly, nevertheless, the Oligarchs and the Government depend heavily on each other. It is not a free market by any means, although it has all the trappings of capitalism

Red China is a horse of another color. Watching the collapse of the USSR and seeing the writing on the wall, China started going Fascist-Crony-Capitalist-National-Socialist all on its own. Chinese "companies" are so heavily subsidized by the government as to be nearly wholly owned and run by the government. There are now millionaires and billionaires in China, but they are not "free" millionaires and billionaires; they are faithful servants of the State. Or else. 

Chinese corporatists, CEOs, company officers and employees at all levels are, essentially, agents of the Chinese Communist government before they are anything else. 

The Red Chinese capitalize on the two things they have the most of: cheap labor, and a huge population that needs to buy things. The cheap labor draws in foreign investors to build factories, and the huge population attracts imported goods, mostly food, from outside. 

But, before any company can form in China to do business there, they must sell a controlling interest in their stock to the Red Chinese government. They thereby become a Communist-controlled company. 

In Trump the Deal Maker, we addressed how Trump had brilliantly upset the hundred-year plan of Red China to become the greatest economic and military power on earth at America's expense. Go there for the details. 

In the same time period of the Trump Presidency that he undid much of the horrible the damage to America done by Obamunism, he reversed the economic tide running between America and China in America's favor, and made two important points immediately apparent: 

  1. China (and every other major nation) absolutely needs to do business in the American market. 
  2. America does not necessarily need the Chinese market. We can get by and do well without even doing business in China. 

Since the Trump election, America is once again the driving economy of the whole world. It is the most attractive and the most vigorous economic engine in the world. Manufacturers want to come here; investors want to invest here; merchants want to sell here. While China is still, and always will be, a very big marketplace that is attractive to capitalists everywhere, Trump has made two big changes in the Red Chinese future:

  1. They are not going to get away with making so much money off of America in trade as they have been making, and,
  2. They are going to have to radically modify, reduce and perhaps even scrap their hundred-year plan to overtake America and become the world's greatest super-power. 

American Policy on American Religious Faith.

Every time Trump mentions God at any of his rallies, the crowd goes wild, and all Christians think, It's About Time.  It's long overdue. 

When you look at all the Marxocrat Party's dog-whistle, flash-mob, anti-Trump hate-groups, you are looking at pure, demonic, blind hatred. The Antifa rioters who throw bricks and bottles at police. The women's marchers with the stupid vagina hats on their heads. The Black Lives Matter nuts calling for dead cops, now. The rainbow fag-flag waving homo-activists looking for a fight. 

And that's not all, not by a long shot. The NFL, and now the NBA. The whole SLIMC1 . The whole Marxocrat party voter-base, the whole Mainstream Media and the whole Marxocrat Party itself just gets more and more enraged at every Trump success, and at every MAGA hat in view, and at every big Trump rally. The more enraged they get, the more they display the disgusting morals of BMDFP10 and lying Marxocrat politicians.

Satan is never more enraged than when any Godly man stands up. 

The Marxocrats have gone so evil that they are actually running a sodomite who is "married" to another sodomite for President, and they think that will be a really good image for American children to look up to, and perhaps emulate. 

What have they allowed themselves to become? 

Supporting, sponsoring and championing homosexuality. Abortion. Euthanasia. Eugenics. Men going into lady's rooms. People continually picking new and different gender-pronouns for themselves. "Rights" for people with severe identity disorders that supersede and overpower actual, legal Constitutional rights of the citizenry. 

Forcing these abominations on the American citizenry against their will.

On Christians. On Churches. On employers. On employees. On children. 

We have spoken of the visible metamorphosis of Trump into a more and more Godly man. The direction he is going, sooner or later he is going to recognize the fact that American can only get better by being more aligned with God than with the ungodliness of the Marxocrat Party, the Mainstream Media, major entertainment, academia and the whole disgusting education system. 

If he is really going to make America great again, he is going to have to work to make America faithfully Christian again. It can be done, and he can do it. Look at everything else he's done that looked impossible. 

America cannot be great if America is not moral. 

We have noted elsewhere that President Trump, who is not even a Catholic, is more Catholic than Pope (anti-Pope?) Francis. 

All Catholic Americans need to look at and understand what's going on in the current Catholic Church's Civil War. At a time when America's non-Catholic President is leading America toward God, we have a Pope who is leading Catholics away from God. This, of course, cannot stand, and it will not stand for long. We have it on the best authority that the very gates of hell will not prevail against the Church Christ founded. 

It has survived many anti-Popes, it has survived many crises, it has survived many persecutions, and it will survive even Francis. 

Have faith. Pray for the Church, pray for America and pray for Trump. 

New MAGA Shirt Front
New MAGA Shirt Back

The only thing Truth has going for Him in this world is us

The restoration of Truth = Reality in the hearts and minds of men is now totally dependent upon you and me; if we don't do it, it won't get done.

Join Cardinal Burke's Storm Heaven Rosary Campaign.

Get behind a President Trump and a Vice President Donald Trump Jr, and make America Constitutional again. 

Pray for the strategic alliance of Abp. Vigano and President Trump.


EENS:  Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
(Outside the Church there is no salvation)

With fear and trembling, work out your salvation--Phil 2:12

Seek the Truth; Find the Way; Live the Life.
Please God, and Live Forever.


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STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
PEJTML22 Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
PSYOP23 "Psychological Operation" Mind Trick
CDC24 Covid Developmentally Challenged
LGBTQ+25 Every Letter Represents A Serious Psychotic sexual Identity Disorder

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Date:  Wed Oct 16 2016
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It never fails to surprise me how many anti-Catholics and anti-Americans read this website and feel compelled to comment from time to time. But what never surprises me about it is the filthy language and absolute venom that is so typical of Marxocrats whenever they do comment. 

This is in response to a few unprintable and therefore unpublished comments from that quarter, pertaining to the Trump pullout from Syria.

Turkey had been threatening to invade the Kurdish border areas of Syria for a long time, held back only by Trump's statement that if they did, Erdogan would own the fight against ISIS, which even Erdogan feared. 

Now, thanks to Trump, ISIS is essentially no more, with no Caliph and no state. What's left is just another bunch of disorganized terrorists. 

Erdogan doesn't fear them, and so he was coming in with great force, and Trump just got our valuable people out of the way before they could be overrun. Now, Erdogan's Turky, supposedly a NATO ally, but also an ally of Putin's Russia, is re-aligned against Putin's Russia, us, Assad's Syria and Iran. Which makes for an interesting fight. 

Note well the new alliance Trump was able to arrange with the Saudis, the Egyptians, Jordan and others, with Israel, against Iran, the key player in the whole theater. 

If and when this alliance takes out the Iranian government, the whole complexion of the Middle East will be radically changed. With Syria kind of stranded, at war with Turkey, and Russia unable to afford the war effort it might take to pursue - what, exactly? 

They'll be lucky to keep their Mediterranean access. 



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"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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