Refutation of Abp. Vigano's Statement on the Russian/Ukranian Crisis:

As the Ukrainian soldiers - and civilians - die for God and country, their honor must not be stained by lies of any kind

Sviatoslav Pidlubniak Ihorovych, Wednesday, March 09, 2022

[Referring to Archbhisop Carlo Maria Viganò's On the Russia-Ukraine Crisis]

Dear Mr. Vigano,

I fear that you are colossally misinformed on the nature of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis. Therefore, I, Sviatoslav Pidlubniak Ihorovych - citizen and patriot of Ukraine, Graeco-Catholic believer in Our Lord and in the ideals of Western civilization, someone who has lived through many Ukrainian events and someone cognizant and educated on matters of Ukrainian and Russian history and national mentality in particular - have to speak up and refute the colossal heap of slander that you have leveled - inadvertedly or not - at the very Ukrainian nation, army, people, honour and on the truth itself. Even through pride is the sin from which all others spring, the sin of deception is the sin with which all other sins spread. Therefore, we are called to not bear false witness and shine the light of truth wherever we can. Which I fully intend to do here. I write here with two sources - my memories of the events that I've either seen for myself or was told about by close friends, and, of course, Ukrainian media news that are easily searchable and available on the Internet.

It is often said that the Western mainstream media lies - particularly when it says otherwise. Like all cliches and proven chains of events, it has a very high degree of truth to it. However, espousing Russian state-controlled media talking points - or, better yet, not even reading or knowing what Ukrainian media writes about it, given that it's located right in the heart of the conflict - solely because they are somewhat contrary to Western media talking points is, quite simply, ignorant. Let us demonstrate this. "Provoking the Russian Federation into conflict" - the Russian Federation has sealed it's anti-Western direction under Putin's leadership all the way in 2005. People who study Russian politics know with certainty that, once upon a time, Putin has actually entertained joining NATO and EU. However, it was nixed in the bud by a historic event in Ukraine - the Orange Revolution. The simplified summary of the Orange Revolution was that it was a protest against the rigged Ukrainian presidential election of 2004. There, the party of Viktor Yanukovich - a name that figures a lot in Ukrainian politics, especially in it's pro-Russian parts - was rightly indicted by the people for things like voter intimidation and even allegiation of poisoning the opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko with dioxin for his anti-oligarchic views. "Anti-oligarchic views", in this case, designate opposition to a cadre of oligarchs that arose in Ukraine due to Leonid Kuchma's (second president of Ukraine) series of botched banking reforms - which permitted ex-gangsters like Rinat Akhmetov to collect absolutely huge amounts of past Soviet property and lobby themselves through whole political parties and disgusting amounts of bribes to high government officials. Seeing that this cabal of oligarchs was no different from the rest of post-Soviet countries (with the exception of the Baltic countries - which, thanks to their lightning-fast economic reforms, managed to avoid Ukrainian and Russian pitfalls with the oligarchic clique formation) and would oppose the European economic model - which, compared to the Ukrainian one, would offer greater accountability and transparency of officials to the people, Viktor Yushschenko openly declared that he would try and bring Ukraine closer to the prosperous West. However, Ukrainian oligarchs would not stand to lose their influence without a battle - which is why Yushchenko got the honor of being poisoned by dioxin and why the voting was rigged in the favor of Yanukovich. Due to Ukrainian nationwide protests, the Ukrainian Supreme Court ordered a more proper revote - thanks to this, Yushchenko was finally elected. Meanwhile, in Russia, the formation of the oligarch ruling class went through a similar process - by then, Putin and his "Kooperativ Ozero" group of friends and associates (which include such people as Roman Abramovich, Evgeniy Prigozhin, Sergei Shoigu, etc.) consolidated absolute power. Unlike the oligarchs of Ukraine - who were not ruled by anyone and de-facto divided the country into their spheres of influence - Putin managed to rule over his oligarchs and the rest of Russia like a tzar. Seeing that Ukrainians overthrew Yanukovich's planned victory - throwing some of Russian influence there into disarray, too - Vladimir Putin became scared that the Russian people would want to go to the West and overthrow the oligarchy while they were at it. This period also marked such things as "suicides" (suspected to be assassinations) of Heorhiy Kirpa (minister of transportation) and Yuriy Lyah (the head of Ukrainian Credit Bank) in order to cover up significant financial misdeeds. However, among the people of Ukraine, the protests were peaceful and bloodless. Then, the Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO in 2004 to prevent themselves from being subject to Russian aggression, feeding Putin's dissatisfaction with the West.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is indeed the consequence of Russian imperialism, given that Ukraine is not the first nation to have tried to break away from Russian sphere of influence and was faced with Russian aggression as a result. The whole reason why Russia - who was easily the dominant "republic" in the Soviet Union - was forced to acknowledge Ukraine and Belarus was that Ukraine held a lot of Soviet nukes. Seeing that the world's third-largest nuclear stockpile was aimed at America and the West (as per Soviet old doctrine and design), the leaders of the West saw Ukrainian nukes as an unacceptable risk to themselves, given that even while Russia held the operational codes, it could not fully preclude the possibility of Ukrainians accessing the nukes. So, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan - areas where Russia long since held significant political and cultural influence - were promised by the Western nuclear powers (UK, US - and even Russia!) that, in exchange for liquidation of nukes, Ukranian, Belarussian and Kazakh economic and territorial sovereignty would be respected - nay, protected! - by the Western powers and Russia. However, we can see how it went. Later, Ukraine signed a couple of deals with Russia regarding the utilisation of decommissioned nukes and the residence of Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for exchange for reduction in the prices of Russian gas. It would be of some note that Francois Mitterrand - the President of France from 1991 to 1995 - explicitly WARNED the Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma that "you will be tricked" and that Ukraine should not sign the document. It was than signed anyway.

On the promises of NATO... NATO is a defensive treaty that has countries apply to join it by themselves. NATO could not really promise "not to expand" unless it would somehow forcibly keep countries from wanting to join it. And thus we come to Georgia. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, Georgia got full independence - however, it had a problematic South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast and Abkhazia, which were - and are still - full of pro-Russian separatists. And, then, in 2003, Georgians had the Revolution of Roses - yet another revolution which planned to displace Soviet-era leadership from Georgia. It succeeded, with Mikheil Saakashvili winning the resulting election in a landslide. Saakashvili's reforms to the penal and police systems of Georgia earned a lot of international praise for cleaning of corruption - he improved business, curtailed the power of oligarchs, fired corrupt officials... With this, it was obvious that Georgia turned to the Western model and away from Russian one. And Saakashvili - like any honest anti-oligarchic politician in post-Soviet countries - got ultimate proof of the effectiveness of his reforms by way of attempted assassination, which he, thankfully, survived. Alas, Georgia joining NATO was not to be. Since Georgia was rich in oil, had access to the Black Sea and was a buffer between the Middle East and Russia... It had to be "dissuaded" from leaving Russian sphere of influence - no matter how many would die in the process. South Ossetia and Abkhazia were given Russian passports and significant military aid in preparation to war with Georgians. Soon after, Russia invaded, defeating the Georgian army after using the South Ossetian/Abkhazian separatists as a pretext for invasion, with Russia becoming renowned for bombardment of civilian buildings in cities like Gori. There, we also saw Russian cyber- and info-warfare for the first time, with Russian state-controlled journalists spreading lies like "persecution of ethnic Russian minorities" and hackers attacking Georgian sites. Seeing that the West did a grand deal of nothing over Russia violating the borders of a sovereign state, Putin understood that if he could get away with this, maybe he could get away with more - especially since Georgian planned NATO membership was impossible now. And what of some ethnic cleansing of Georgians in South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Georgia was a small country, after all, and we all know that small countries have no sovereignty as far as Russia is concerned - and Western peaceniks all unofficially said "Georgia may suffer, but this is a sacrifice we are willing to make for continued trade with Russia". Ukraine reacted to this with suspicion - that's why Yushchenko proposed to NOT extend the stay of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea after 2017. Sweden rightly condemned this approach as Hitlerian tactics in Moravia and Sudetenland against Czechoslovakia.

And now we come to the Revolution of Dignity. Before he was overthrown, Viktor Yanukovich - finally elected President in 2010 - imprisoned Yulia Tymoshenko, an opposition candidate. Under Yanukovich's pro-Russian, cronyist and corrupt government, corruption and criminality soared. Dissatisfied with this, the people of Ukraine begun resenting Yanukovich's Russia-like methods like strong-arming officials into going along with his plans, with the widespread corruption in judicial organs being the worst of it. As Ukrainians wanted integration into the EU, the Yanukovich pivoted between Russia and the EU - with the Euromaidan protests beginning as an attempt to make sure that Yanukovich hears what people want, integrates into the EU and, of course, releases jailed political prisoners like Tymoshenko. But Viktor Yanukovich would not surrender power that easily - signing the Bondarenko-Oliynyk Anti-Protester Laws, Yanukovich and his government gave the "Berkut" and the other special police forces free reign in "dispersing"/beating and jailing protestors. While 9 of the 12 of these laws were repealed by Verhovna Rada, Yanukovich sought to pacify the opposition by bribing them with lucrative government posts - that was nixed in the bud by the opposition leaders who wanted to oust Yanukovich's cronies entirely. Then, after some time, hostilities escalated as Yanukovich's government wanted to "clear the streets" - around a hundred protesters ("Nebesnaya Sotnya" - "Heavenly Hundred") have died due to the brutality of Berkut officers. While this was discovered much later, there existed orders from Yuriy Illyn (Chief of General Staff of Ukranian Armed Forces) to "clear the Maidan" - bloodily, if need be. Thankfully, while this never came to fruition, deaths from police snipers and even Russian MVD operatives - a patch torn from the uniform of one of them was used as proof of Russian involvement - were very well documented. Nationalistic organizations like "Pravyi Sektor" ("Right Sector") fought on the side of the protesters - while there was absolutely no evidence of them ever being "neo-Nazi", it has no stopped the state-controlled Russian media from labeling them as such due to old Marxist trick of conflating patriotism/Christian-right conservatism (especially in "fake countries" - as Putin referred to Ukraine in 2006 - like Ukraine) with Nazism. Meanwhile, Yanukovich ran from his post - leaving behind stolen billions in property and things like golden toilets in one of his many opulent mansions.

Then, seeing that Ukraine was slipping from the Russian sphere of influence, the Russian Duma motioned to deploy it's troops and to engage the separatist elements in Crimea and Donbass in subversive warfare against Ukraine. Putin's adviser Sergey Glazyev openly stated that Russia has financed the separatists - just like in Georgia. In a hybrid blitzkrieg, the Russian forces seized Crimea in 2014 February/March. In Donbass, Igor Girkin/Strelkov - a Russian FSB separatist organizer and war criminal - became the de-facto leader of pro-Russian separatists. He openly begged Russia to reinforce him as the Ukrainian Army - raised by volunteers and European aid - would crush his native separatists in 2 weeks. With that, the "little green men"/Russian soldiers masquerading as native separatists were put under Girkin's command. That Malaysian Flight shot down by Russians was but a preview of their utterly indiscriminate bombardment of both military and civilian targets. But, despite these atrocities, the West continued to flounder, weakly pelting Russia with inconsequential sanctions. And thanks to Sputnik and Russia Today (which are state-sponsored and controlled Russian media outlets - all the others are branded "foreign agents"), Westerners "know" such things like "Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity was a coup", that "Crimea always belonged to Russia", that "Ukrainians are neo-Nazis" (and the fact that they have a democratically-elected Jewish president does not register in the minds of fooled Westerners and Russians) and that "native poor Donbass separatists somehow use Russian cutting-edge military technology despite Russia not being involved in there". The fact that Putin's hordes openly brag about marauding and massacring civilian targets, as well as hundreds of thousands of refugee testimonies - Telegram is useful for something, at least - puts the rest on the failed thesis of this being just a "Western media fraud".

The fact that the United States has increased it's influence in post-Soviet states is a fact lamented by the Communists and anti-Americans of all stripes everywhere - chief among them the ex-KGB tzar of Russia known as Vladimir Putin. All post-Soviet countries influenced by the USA have increased their standards of living - all who did not remained poor. Is it any wonder why those countries want to leave the Russian sphere of influence? "The Russian Federation is under a military threat" - one almost has to wonder that, maybe, the imperialistic dictatorships who make a mockery of smaller countries' sovereignty is what NATO was created to fight in the first place. And if bearing false witness is prohibited by God. Regarding the Russian gas... Since the West all too often does not even know where Ukraine is on the map, I highly suspect that it does not know or even care about the Ukrainian-Russian gas disputes - and I find it deeply dishonest to mention "Kyiv's revenues" without mentioning unacceptable and unjustified (by anything within the free market) Russian gas price increases for Ukraine (as punishment for pro-Western direction of Ukrainian government). And when Russia set gas prices for Ukraine far too high, Ukraine had to resort to buying the Russian gas from European Union (!) second-hand because the Europeans sold it back to us cheaper! It was during Yushchenko's government - with it's pro-Western positions - that Russia begun first begun seriously using it's gas pipes as tools of economic coercion. Of course, that violated the Budapest memorandum, but we already know that any treaties signed with Russia are worth less than the paper they're written on, as Otto von Bismarck once said. Due to that, Ukraine was forced to use it's status as a transit country as a counterweight to Russian economic extortion and usage of gas supply as a tool of coercion of both Ukraine AND Europe - which is why construction of alternate pipelines would be a danger to Ukraine and would deprive Ukraine from necessary tools of defending itself from Russian coercion. I know that the West considers Ukraine expendable in the long run - but this letter is so conspicuously silent on Sweden and Finland (who also already have received threats of "denazification" of Russia if they, horrors of horrors, try to join NATO) that I cannot help but wonder if Evgeniy Prigozhin's Olgino troll factory is at work here (Prigozhin - "Putin's Chef" - is the person responsible for invention and proliferation of Kremlin trolls and their cyber attacks. He is also the de-facto owner of the Wagner Group - a Russian GRU force that moonlights as a private mercenary company and whose killers are seen at almost every fount of warfare/instability in the world, in Libya, Eritrea, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan). The greatest ally of the conquering imperialist/Communist is the naive/fooled Western peacenik, as proven by Vietnam and Kosovo. The Western peacenik will never, ever fail to demonize and write off the occupied country - and the fact that Ukrainian or Georgian people die to Russian aggression bothers them not at all. Dirt-cheap "ecological gas" from Russia obviously matters more than fate of Ukraine and the rest of the non-European people everywhere.

I vehemently disagree on Biden giving any "protection" to Ukrainian nationalists (this implies that Ukrainian nationalism is bad - as spoken by every Communist and Russian chauvinist) - on the account that he extorted them into firing Viktor Shokin for, unsurprisingly, investigating Burisma (and a lot of other oligarchic clans tied up in the entire affair). The only ones fueling disorder in Ukraine are the Russians. I know that it's far from the West and so, it doesn't matter to them, but over here, trading with America (which would be LESS corrupt than with Russia) is infinitely preferable to our men constantly dying to regain the territory that was unjustly taken from us. Finally, we see the issue of Ukrainian nukes - and we see the "tried-and-true" Western peacenik liberal sentiment of "let's disarm and be nice". Sure, we did that - only to get a big bunch of empty promises from Europe and NATO in return AND we also got invaded (by one of the "guarantors" of the "agreement", no less). Zelensky's exasperation is entirely understandable and I happen to share it - didn't that American President, Teddy Roosevelt, said that you need to speak softly but carry a big stick? "Demands Kyiv's adherence to the non-proliferation pact" - Russia has a right to demand absolutely nothing, given that it violated the terms under which we gave up our nukes in the first place. And if we need to threaten Russia into complying with our sovereignty? So be it. Economic coercion from US and Europe is NEGLIGIBLE to the amount of damage Russia does to Ukraine both militarily and economically. And if toothless, defanged UK could throw off the European Union borderless hodgepodge - so can Ukrainians with their second-biggest (and judging just how badly the Russian asses are kicked in the conflict, de-facto the strongest) army in Europe.

Regarding the "massacre in Odessa" - Prigozhin's Olgino troll factory shows it's work in the West, so let's set the record straight. There was no "massacre", for one thing - only clashes that saw Ukrainian nationalists preventing an uprising insigated by pro-Russian forces and Russian nationals. Given that the Russian stooges came off worse, it was decided to name this as "massacre by the Ukrainian Nazis", all per Russian propaganda. "Documented their brutality" - I'd like to see where it was "documented" except in imagination of Prigozhin's paid trolls. There was a Ukrainian investigation (with assistance of foreign experts, in fact) - 176 people or so had been arrested and everyone knew that Russian nationals poured the proverbial gasoline into the fire. Minsk Protocol - yes, the part where Russian illegal mercenaries were supposed to stop hitting civilians was the required round of Western empty noise into the air and, of course, Russians cheerfully disobeyed it for the physically inconsequential noise it was. And don't these Ukrainians know that only they must follow the treaties which aren't even decided by them (by "authorities" who are unelected and unaccountable to Ukrainians) to the letter and Russia is permitted to violate everything every single time with not even a slap of the wrist? "Neo-Nazi paramilitary groups" - where are the neo-Nazis, except in imagination of Kremlin trolls? All those groups are Christian conservatives at best, in American terms. "When NATO carried all those interventions" - for one thing, only the debacle with Yugoslavia/Kosovo was clearly wrong. Libya was a Sorosian effort - a damn shame, since the country's left in the control of the warlords. But in Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria? Maybe we should've left the Taliban there. Surely, them women and dissidents getting their heads cut off on video is a small price to pay - better to sit on our laurels and let the Taliban and ISIS keep right on using chemical weapons, exporting heroin and trained terrorists! Maybe have their terrorists fly into another set of Western infidel buildings to remind the "righteous" peaceniks.

"Persecution of Russian speakers" - Prigozhin's troll hydra has infected many in the West. Just as criminals are "persecuted" in civilized societies for breaking the laws, so are Russian separatists - who openly declare their wish for Ukraine's destruction - openly "persecuted" in Ukraine for breaking Ukrainian laws. I know that the West doesn't know this, but there was this little thing called Holodomor - which saw some Ukrainians starved in the millions in what is now Donbass... And Russian lumpenproletariat imported in turn to replace them. Of course, we Ukrainians, being merciful idiots like the peaceniks of the West, thought to let bygones be bygones and didn't even codify the Ukrainian language as the main one (in 2015, we did that). Just like European Union borderless hodgepodge sees Turks and Syriacs settle and thrive in Germany despite not knowing a single German word, forming enclaves and then, raping and killing German citizens as if it was their right, should we, in the minds of the Prigozhin's trolls and useful idiots, cheerfully follow this model with unassimilated "Russian world" types so that "successes" like Donbass and Crimea would be the gifts that keep on giving? We fed those Russians all these years with no complaints from anyone. All we demanded in turn is to respect our sovereignty. They actually live better here than in Russia - yet the viper always bites the farmer, no matter how he feeds it and the wolf always goes back to the forest and the dog returns to it's vomit. This is evidenced by the Donbass "refugees" going to Rostov-na-Donu - and then going back, due to them being unaccustomed to more proper Russian living, which sees you discarding your waste in a bucket through the window instead of a proper Western plumbed toilet. "Discrimination against the unvaxed" has nothing to do with it, given that our protections of freedom of expression are better than in the West. "Zelensky's government persecutes Russian speakers" - wow, now I've heard everything. The same government that meant to roll back Poroshenko's language law somehow "persecutes Russians"? The same government which was elected by the very pro-Russian Eastern block that once elected Yanukovich? The same government which slashed the army spending when it could and never met a Russian demand it could not cave in to is somehow "perecuting Russian speakers"? "Fly flags and display the effigy of Adolf Hitler" - when it happened? Hm? I actually lived here all my life and I have NEVER seen a single stinking effigy of the mustached Austrian being displayed among anyone. Or does the whole commandment to not bear false witness does not apply here? Live and learn, I guess. If you'd salute with a Roman salute here, the people would punch your block off. Everybody lost some members of their family to the Nazis - especially the OUN-UPA nationalists who fought against Hitler and Stalin both and whose leader, Stepan Bandera, spent the entire WW2 in the concentration camp. Stepan Bandera's the inspiration towards our modern nationalist organizations, after all. You'd have more luck accusing Jews of being Nazis. "Usage of civilians as human shields by Ukrainian army" - I'd like to see some proof of that. People who live here all know that the moment hostilities started, we sent away all possible civilians that we could evacuate. But, of course, it's the word of a single Westerner that has never been to Ukraine versus the words of 1.5 million (and counting) of Ukrainian refugees. "Careful not to show images of Russians helping" - aw, the video's even with a little music. Perfect for propaganda purposes. Did they show the airport of that city being bombed first? Did they show the Russian soldiers shooting at a church or an ambulance? Or the civilians begging the Russian hordes to NOT shoot at the atomic (!) plant in Energodar? I've got a particular laugh out of the "Maria Rosa" Twitter vid - to someone who knows the Russian language, the accent is so horribly foreign and fake that it's definitely not a native Russian speaker. "Prolet" is not a word for bombardment, it's a word for "fly-by". Bet people who don't know the Russian language didn't catch that. I suppose you, Mr. Vigano, don't have a problem with believing the above-demonized Western media (bet you didn't think I'd actually WATCH what you're trying to sell here?) if they speak against Ukraine. "Civilians to whom Zelensky has given weapons" - and you "know" about "marauding and massacres" from the same place as you "know" Russian and Ukrainian language, Mr. Vigano? Cute, but even when Kadyrov (search this name on Google) praised our people for NOT falling prey to maraudering (unlike the Russian hordes - whom I have PERSONALLY seen marauding the Nova Poshta terminal in Kharkiv), you know your position is not credible here and you are, inadvertedly or not, bearing false witness. "Convicts" - that's just false, since only convicts on administrative (NOT criminal) offences were temporarily released. In Ukrainian law, there are criminal and "administrative" offences (community service, fines - offences such as minor hooliganism are also outligned). I'd strongly suggest for you to read the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. It's searchable and is translated into English. "Fanatics without rules or training" - Mr. Vigano, did you miss that we live in a world that has to be defended by men with guns? Who's gonna do it? You? Western peaceniks who can't even fight for themselves? These foreign men are sacrificing everything they have to do what's right - with that, I heavily recommend you to either take the log out of the eye - and not speak of things you clearly know nothing of. Also, to avoid embarassing yourself and inadvertedly doing Prigozhin's work for him, you ought to learn Ukrainian language and read some Ukrainian reporting if you want to get a definite take on the local situation here and not follow some backwards Hollywood-level Russian/Italian mangled translations. Or, better yet, actually VISIT Ukraine - I hope that you do not lack the funds.

"Great Reset carried out in Ukraine" - cute theory, but we aren't Westerners who mostly lack the spine to stand up for themselves. We already booted the corrupt administrations of Kuchma and Yanukovich - we fought against corrupt and autocratic governments for centuries and this time is no different. If he doesn't toe the line, Zelensky will also be booted - why you'd think he's singing Ukraine's praises now? He knows that, just maybe, he will die if Russians manage to eliminate him ("peace" through 3 Russian assassination plots already - as always, the West missed it entirely). But this is not as huge of a risk - he knows that he and his party will DEFINITELY die if he betrays Ukraine when he's still located on it. Who would know that a fully-patriotic army (that's willing to die and kill for Ukraine) is a mighty motivator for even an oligarchic candidate to defend the Ukrainian interests somewhat. Political power flows from the barrel of a gun, as Mao Zhedong said. I agree on Zelensky's image being a sham - for God's sake, the man rides on a car registered to the speaker of Kolomoyskiy. "He arrested and accused for treason Viktor Medvedchuk" - a.k.a. one of Putin's main helpers in Ukraine, a man convicted of beating a minor while he was a Soviet militsiyant/policeman and aiding the Russian separatists. A tried-and-true Soviet product that was responsible for sentencing - and subsequent repression - of Ukrainian dissident poets Yuriy Lytvyn, Vasyl Stus and Mykola Kuntsevich. When Medvedchuk got a taste of political power in Kuchma's administration, he literally ordered "темники"/"temnyky"/"topic lists" for Ukrainian press and television - telling them what topics they could or could not talk. Some free speech defender he is - but Western ignorance defends the likes of him as "opposition". He is the "opposition" to Ukrainian national existence and a stain that should be wiped off. I know, it's shocking - nobody in the West convicts anyone for anything. Here, we still have that antiquated concept of treason and, horrors of horrors, we convict people for aiding the enemies of Ukraine! The rest of "opposition channels" are either owned or controlled by pro-Russian forces. "No real reason" - just because your cut-and-paste comfy and un-invaded Western country of residence, Russian infowarfare is clearly irrelevant, that does not hold true for us Ukrainians, Mr. Vigano. "What Putin is accused of" - I'd like for you, Mr. Vigano, to search such names in Google as "Boris Nemtsov" and "Alexei Navalny". Look well at how these folks ended up - then, please don't bear false witness anymore about "Ukrainian violations of freedoms of press". You should know that, in Russia, ALL non-government-controlled media outlets are branded "foreign agents". Those are still made to toe the line - if they don't, their leading figures get either an OMON squad or a Novichok (signature FSB poison) dose.

"Neo-Nazi movements in Ukraine" - interesting choice of words regarding the OUN, Mr. Vigano. But I fear that you'd have better luck of accusing Israel of being Nazi supporters, as Stepan Bandera spent the WW2 in a German concentration camp and was murdered by a KGB agent in the end. "Racist" - sorry, Mr. Vigano, racism's a hat of the Anglo-Saxon Westerners. It was never a Slavic sin. We have tons of Arabs, Hindus and negroes here and no one complains or treats them wrong. "Active in Chechnya" - the whole reason about "Chechnya" even being mentioned with OUN these days is mostly the old Russian slander against Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a Ukrainian politician - given that his pro-Ukrainian views really irked them, they made up a libel that he somehow fought in Chechnya against Russia in 1991-1995. That little untruth got popped when Yatsenyuk was found to be studying in the iniversity at that time and so he couldn't have been there physically. Even Ramzan Kadyrov told that "whatever he may be, he doesn't look like a fighter and more like a geek". There was some very minor UNA-UNSO presence there - but no more than that of other post-Soviet countries whose volunteers wanted to help Dudaev to break Chechnya free from Russian occupation and it would've stayed obscure. But, alas, the making of an elephant from a fly is the specialty of Russian propaganda - especially when the task from the Tzar is to invent new "sins" for which to "punish neo-Nazi Ukraine". The "Brotherhood" of Korchinsky was EXCLUDED from UNA-UNSO in 1997 - and if you weren't busy with half-truths, Mr Vigano, you'd mention that. "Misanthropic Division" - who? I've searched down and low about this "network" and all I found is zip. Nada. Nothing. Must've been some Western media lies, again, like snipers/commandos in Saigon. "Financed by the Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoyskiy" - and you go on to write that they are Nazis. You don't see the contradiction here? Let me point it all out for you, Mr. Vigano. Kolomoyskiy - as part of his first effort to both cosy up to Poroshenko's government and avert the real Russian threat to Ukraine AND his interests in it - financed all volunteer and army battalions for defence of Ukraine. Since our prior "glorious", peacenik, good-for-nothing, corrupt governments embezzled our army into nothingness, we had to make do with what we had when Russia came knocking. I'm sure you'd like for us all to die a defenceless martyr's death, but thank you, we've already had enough Ukrainians dying for ten of our country's lifetimes. You don't read the links that you posted, do you? You really think I - or whatever Ukrainian that happened onto them - would not know?! 

“I appreciate this decision. It must be clearly understood: there is no kind of ‘neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia’ now. Azov is a regular military unit subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is not irregular division neither a political group. Its commanders and fighters might have personal political views as individuals, but as an armed police unit Azov is a part of the system of the Ukrainian defense forces,” said anti-Semitism researcher Vyacheslav A. Likhachev, speaking on behalf of the Vaad. - this is an excerpt from the article on that you have cited in your letter!

So, we scroll down to yet another two falsehoods that you've cited - first is the Twitter screenshot of Ukrainian children. It came from an article of Ethel Bonet, a Spanish journalist who works for El Confidential and the article is titled "Children of steel: a journey to the camp where they are militarized". When Ivan Hranatkin (the chief of the camp in question) was contacted to verify the claims (we do have Ukrainian diaspora in Spain) - lo and behold, "the Spanish journalist was with us for an hour, focused too much on my tattoos, misrepresented our children's camp, lied about us shooting guns when we only have Soviet air guns for entertainment and even got my height wrong, writing a bunch of crap". Then, the other link - since you are entirely unfamilar with Russian language, you and all the Westerners who don't know it - completely MISSED the constant references to "forbidden IN RUSSIA", "ALLEGED". Which means that this is "not a single proof of anything" and just a typical BBC fluff piece describing completely innocuous visits of Azov Battalion fighters to their relatives in the camp and boot camp exercises for kids. Returning to the Azov Battalion... According to Vyacheslav Likhachov - one of the most respected scholars of the Russian/Ukrainian right organizations - claimed that Azov Battalion had left-wing, anti-fascist recruits! How could they be Nazis? "Kholodny Yar" - one of the tank detachments in Azov Battalion - is named for Kholodny Yar, site of the significant and successful raids of Soviet partisans against (!) Nazi Germany! Even Arsen Avakov also openly told everyone that there are no "Nazism or swastika in Azov". And we don't recruit children to fight wars either, which is evidenced by our stream of refugees - which consist of women and children, unlike the Syrian "refugees" the 80% of which were young men. "Ukrainian war in plans of a New World Order" - you cannot even see beyond Prigozhin's employees' scripted propaganda (which has fallen far from the Soviet standard that mesmerised the world into International Communism), Mr. Vigano, then how can you claim what Ukraine is and isn't included in if you clearly don't know anything about Ukraine?

"Does not appear to have any legitimacy" - it isn't about "legitimacy" (there's no such thing as "international law" bar minimal respect of territorial sovereignty - in which EU has never transgressed against us and Russia did), it's about the West finally getting off it's peacenik, cowardly and fat collective behinds and helping SOLVE the mess it has created by supplying the empire of evil (which became NO LESS EVIL just because it lost 15 former satrapies) with unlimited petrodollars - which, to no surprise of people who actually know what Russia was and is like - were proudly used for offshore accounts of Russian oligarchs, for Prigozhin's Olgino troll factory, for Putin's palaces and for Gerasimov's hybrid warfare. "Putin gave 15 billion in loans to Ukraine" - and here the manipulative Western half-truths continue, Mr. Vigano. Why don't you mention the fact that Yanukovich's cronies POCKETED that entire loan and neither Ukrainian government NOR it's people ever saw a cent of it? When Yanukovich fled from his post like an Italian fascist, he left only 100,000 Hryvnias in the national budget (equivalent to 12,500 US dollars according to the old currency exchange rate of roughly 8 Hryvnia to 1 US dollar). Where's the "15 Billion loan"? "Exposing Europeans to the possibility of Russian retaliation" - thinking like Neville Chamberlain is not going to win you points, Mr. Vigano. So Ukrainians can keep right on dying in thousands so Westerners won't have to face a Potemkin village army that got kicked in it's proverbial nuts by Djohar Dudaiev in tiny Chechnya? Oh, I'm sorry that I keep forgetting that the West - the powerless Europe that ran outta bombs in Libya after mere 3 weeks - has a historical attention span of a hummingbird on meth. Somehow, we Ukrainians can fight the "second-strongest army in the world" using volunteer money and combined military budget less than that of a given big European city. So... Let's give you some more lessons in history, Mr. Vigano. Before America straightened out Hussein, civilian armchair experts - kinda of like you and most peacenik Westerners - all quaked in their frilly dresses, roughly saying that "you should prepare 250,000 coffins for American troops and be ready for huge casualties. It's the Iraq Elite Republican Guard." And when the fighting starts? Week one, week two pass. Oh, then you see these starving harmless soldiers surrendering to British reporters on week three after Americans totally clean their clock with minimum casualties. That kind of faulty analysis - and cowardice before you even engage the enemy - is what you get when your "experts" never served in the army or even fought on the school yard. Yet they get to decide your country's war strategy - oh, sorry, surrender strategy since most of the West isn't even capable of real warfare anymore. Thucidides - an ancient Greek philosopher - said that in a society that separates it's thinkers from it's warriors, the thinking is done by cowards and the fighting's done by fools. If you've ever studied the corrupt regimes like that of Iraq or that of Russia, you'd know that the first thing that HAS to happen is the "neutering" (through widespread corruption) of the generals and of the army - so that not a single patriotic army officer would get onto a tank, speak about the thieves stealing the country from the people and march on the capital. I am proud to present to you, Mr. Vigano, the consequences of such a "strategy" in Russia. The Russian Minister of Defence - Sergei Shoigu - is a "wedding general", a reindeer herder/wannabe Siberian shaman who has never served in the army and whose sole trait is loyalty to Putin. The real power behind Russian warfare is Valery Gerasimov - a.k.a. the guy who invented the current hybrid warfare playbook for Russia (known as the Gerasimov doctrine) and Chief of General Staff. But he is but one man. He can't stop the slew of Russian generals and other officials who each stole from the half-a-trillion dollars allocated to Russian army modernisation in the last 30 years by skimming enough money for lifetime of Western luxury for each of the officials and about four generations of their progeny and mistresses. Thus, you get wonderful stuff like personnel carriers that break down before they've reached Ukraine (as Russian military POW's complained to us), tanks without fuel (and tanks that get hauled away by Ukrainian tractor with Russian 18-year-old conscripts futilely running after the tractor on foot) and other such things. Westerners already forgot about the "liberation" march of the Red Army already, didn't they? Warsaw Pact not ringing a bell? The concept of the European Union itself - and all the harm it has done to your country - is a direct consequence of Communist idealogical warfare. Which, in a modified form (just as Mussolini and Deng Xiaoping modified those to suit their respective bids for power but left the whole "conquer the world" bit in there still), Putin's Russia still embodies. The Empire of Evil now learned to use Western petrodollars to finance itself in exchange for losing 15 satrapies. And "the war" was "declared" on the entire world as soon as Lenin came to power in Russia. Do you know why Italians enlist to help our country? Because they are sick of EU's inaction. Anyone with a brain saw that if the West stood up to Russia earlier, than this mess would've been avoided entirely - didn't that American, Thomas Jefferson, write about the fact that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance? And that if you won't fight when you can easily win without bloodshed, you may retreat until you'll have to fight even with no chance of winning because it's better to die than live as a slave? There's ton of evil in the world and it never compromises or loses it's zeal unless it's kicked in the teeth. Once, Crusaders knew and embodied that. "Violation in transfering Ukrainian children to Italy" - not really sure about this particular thing, but if you think that it's better not to "violate" anything and, instead, simply let Ukrainian children die in a warzone from a Russian rocket or shell (Russians don't spare their own soldiers and civilians, much less enemy ones), than maybe some remedial lessons in God's Commandments would not hurt. "Safety of Italian citizens" - yeah, and the world can just burn in the meantime, right? So long as you are safe, nothing matters? That doesn't sound like any Christianity I know, Mr. Vigano.

"2014 white coup" - it was a valid overthrow of a government that has imprisoned dissidents, allowed a bunch of outright criminal oligarch clans to extort businesses en masse and give one man (Yanukovich) the powers that no present European political system can ever allow one man to collect. I've already refuted the whole "neo-Nazi" angle - I'm not a man who is a fan of repeating the obvious, especially for the uneducated on the matter, Mr. Vigano. "Where the population is aware of the corruption of the political class in power as well as of its remoteness from the real problems of the Ukrainian nation" - got it in one, Mr. Vigano. Maybe the only right thing you've said here... But we Ukrainians are at least standing up for ourselves - yet the obedient European sheep call our standing up for ourselves "coups". Don't you see the message? "Don't overthrow the government no matter how corrupt it is - it's against "the law" (which they write - and let's not pretend that it applies to them or that it's somehow "decided by the people" and not by political party programs/financial interests), wouldn't want a "coup", after all". "How would they be able to justify soaring gas prices" - um... Why'd they NEED justification, Mr. Vigano? So long as the people don't physically fight, what they think is irrelevant - a happy serf or a reluctant one is still a serf as long as he does not fight. Most of Western nations are brainwashed - they are "happy and free" and sitting on a mix of consumerism and Communist borderless hodgepodge and "your duty". They haven't been "justifying" anything for a long time - they've been simply TELLING you all to obey the new normal. And the "law-abiding", gutless Westerners who won't even fight for themselves, much less for what's right, will obey. When was the last time someone was prosecuted for treason in the West? When was the last time you've seen a Western government overthrown by the people for it's transgressions? Westerners want "democracy"? Good, but with that comes the need to fight for themselves. Proverbially "...kill an admiral from time to time, to encourage the others", as Voltaire said. "Privatization of waterways" - full privatization of those should be impossible, given the mile-wide Communist streak in European political thinking. "Crimea was deprived of water" - why didn't you mention that the Ukrainian officials were DRIVEN AWAY from the Dnipro canal end in Crimea, Mr. Vigano? The Russian separatists refused to pay for water, too - perhaps you think we ought to work for them like slaves so that they could simply throw their hands behind their head and lean into their hammocks? He who doesn't work, does not eat. He who doesn't pay, does not receive the service. He who spits on a country and all it stands for does not have a slightest right to demand it's hospitality (desecrate a Church and you will be thrown out of it - break societal law and get punished. Why such logic is not applied to nations and treachery is excused?). 'Tis only a great Communist lie of the "free lunch" that says otherwise. Westerners who think otherwise? Well, they can go and provide water for these traitors on their own dime, Mr. Vigano. Because we are neither stupid nor rich enough to do so.

"Common heritage with the invader" - Abel and Cain also had "common heritage", Mr. Vigano, and no points to guessing who's the Cain in here. Roman Empire and the Germanic barbarian tribes also had a common Indo-European heritage - and, yet, the Germanic tribes sacked Rome with no moral hangups about it... So let's do a quick recap of some points of Russian history. Ukraine has very little in common with the nation the Knyaz of which - Alexander Nevsky - was the adopted son of Batu Khan and cut off hands and gouged the eyes of his own people as he collected taxes for the Golden Horde from them, burning whole towns. Which were filled with his own people. Ukraine (which actually invented the separation of government powers long before that French amateur) has nothing in common with the nation that still practices Mongolo-Tatar autocracy. Ukraine has nothing in common with the nation that decided to "collect the lands of Rus" by CRUSHING the rival (yet still of Rus) Novgorod and Tver principalities by treacherously setting against them the full might of the Tatar horde. Ukraine has nothing in common with a "fellow Slavic country" that BETRAYED the Pereyaslav Accords and enslaved, killed and oppressed more Ukrainians than Ottomans and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth taken together. The historically-new ethnonym of Muscovy - "Russia" - was stolen from Ukrainians (who were once known as Ruthenians) by Peter the Great, a Russian Czar who saw nothing wrong in building Saint Petersburg on bones of Ukrainian/Russian Cossack slaves and who wanted to use this historical fraud to claim a more "European" history of Russia (just like those pretentious Germans who called themselves the "Holy Roman Empire" when Byzantium still existed). How about the circulars and diktats that the "brotherly nation" tried to kill the Ukrainian culture with? No recollection? But that was just a preview. Because this oppression - sufficient to crush many lesser nations, as evidenced by all those poor Siberian ethnicities who were conquered and pillaged by Russians led by Ermak (the local conquistador equivalent) - was nothing to what happened to Ukraine when that syphilitic pseudo-intellectual Marxist by the name of Vladimir Ulyanov/Lenin and, after him, Josef "Koba" Jughashvili/Stalin came to power in Russia. Millions of "brotherly peoples" were killed and, than, sent to the camps - more millions were sacrificed to rust the German blade by spilling blood on it. Entire generations of men of culture, intelligence and science - all killed or driven out of the country. Millions of Ukrainian peasants? Starved through Holodomor. But, even then, the fearless Banderites - Ukrainian nationalists - fought on. Bandera was no Hitler. He was to us like what Garibaldi was to Italy... They fought until the 1960's - the longest of any nation under Soviet domination with the exception of the Baltic nations (who, to be fair, experienced the tender joys of Soviet "brotherhood of nations" somewhat later than Ukraine). So don't worry for us - since we survived that, we'll survive the pathetic inheritors of Soviet world domination drive. All these Soroses and the rest... They're all products of Soviet ideological warfare on the world - perhaps it's only real export that wasn't fear and physical warfare. But there will come a time when they - and their little Communist ideology conceived by a German deadbeat who raped his maid - will have to go to the weeds just like feudalism. Also, Mr. Vigano, you seem to think that the Russian Orthodox Church has anything in common with proper Christianity solely because it's churches are built in the same architectural style. Nothing could be more further from the truth; Russian Orthodox Church is the sole Slavic equivalent of militant, theocratic Protestantism personified by the English "Church of Easy Divorce of Henry VIII". Russian Orthodox Church - discounting what it had been (and it had always been a tzar-controlled enterprise) - was destroyed by Lenin and, then, fully gutted by Stalin. The current Russian Orthodox Church is the "KGB in robes", a product of Stalin lazily waving his hand to "restore" it so as to motivate the serfs to fight the German advance in WW2. Russian Orthodox priests in Ukraine, even today, are hiding food in their churches and await "liberation" by Russian horde, cheerfully committing treason against Ukraine. Some "brotherhood", this is. "Common heritage". All because the Russian Orthodox Church is under the control of the Russian state and it's Patriarch Kirill is, quite simply, a Russian oligarch no different from the rest of them. "Baptism with Vladimir the Great" - Muscovy has about as much in common with Volodymyr the Great as modern Germans do with ancient Romans. "Pride and courage to leave NATO" - "pride and courage" to leave themselves at the complete and utter mercy of aggressors like Russia, Iran and China? If small nations don't band together, good luck resisting the big ones. "Accept the social credit" - and why, Mr. Vigano, would Russians need to implement that if FSB is already doing it with old-school methods and the Russian people were housebroken and desensitized to autocratic tyranny of all shapes and ideologies centuries ago? The Russian people have been once ruled by a Tsarist German ruling class that spoke only French and imposed a culture alien to them at the point of the bayonet - and they didn't revolt, preferring to simply keep on suffering. Just as they are doing now under Putin. For years, intelligent Russians like Nemtsov and Navalny told them that Putin's party of crooks and thieves are good for nothing except war and financial crises. What did they get? Scorn from ordinary Russians, who called them "liberal traitors" - and kept voting for and loving Putin even after he "amended" the Constitution of Russia and granted himself lifelong presidency. "Protection of Russian-speaking Ukrainians" - the mustached Austrian also used that kind of excuse to annex Sudetenland, Mr. Vigano, and then go on a warpath that broke Europe. And, Moscow is the Third Rome? Oh, God... Please read about the Caesaropapism of Peter the Great, Mr. Vigano - if you think that Russian theocracy is some sort of theological salvation, then you need a remedial education in Russian history. And in theology, too - particularly if you remember the little ugly fact that this concept was formed with explicit OPPOSITION to the Roman Papal tradition. The "Third Rome" says that the Italian Rome is nothing more than a vestige of the past and that Catholics are all heretics - in direct defiance of the fact that the Roman Pope is the Vicar of Christ on Earth and the Church isn't supposed to obey some earthly Eastern autocrat but our Lord and, by extension, the Vicar of Christ on Earth. "Not marginalize Russia" - sure, let's not marginalize China or Iran either. Let's proudly sell the Communists the very proverbial rope they'll inevitably hang us all with, in the name of undefined niceness and misplaced mercy, Mr. Vigano. "Why would Ukraine be different" - because most of the European nations know nothing of spending centuries fighting for independence, much less doing something like overthrowing their governments. We do not harbor such pretty, recent delusions as "rule of law" - we know that the state is not here to feed us or nanny us and that it has to be checked and to be compelled to bow to our will. We go to the European Union for what we can get from it - higher wages at work, mostly, protection from Russia... But if they think they can march here with their toothless politicians and their pederast parades and dare to order us about - as if we were their subjects - they'll get the same kind of rude awakening as Russia's currently getting.

As such, Mr. Vigano... I pray that you do the right thing and recant this - inadvertent or not - slander against the Ukrainian nation, army, people, honour and truth itself. There are more than enough of devil's hobgoblins in the world - certainly, no one needs good Christians do the devil's work for him. I pray for the end to unjust wars - and for the destruction of the works of evil, of humbling of the unrepentant sinners by the power, grace and mercy of the God Almighty.

+Sviatoslav Pidlubniak Ihorovych, Concerned Citizen & Ukrainian Patriot.

The only thing Truth has going for Him in this world is us

The restoration of Truth = Reality in the hearts and minds of men is now totally dependent upon you and me; if we don't do it, it won't get done.

Join Cardinal Burke's Storm Heaven Rosary Campaign.

Get behind a President Trump, Vice President Donald Trump Jr. and Secretary of State Eric Trump, and make America Constitutional again. 

Pray for the strategic alliance of Abp. Vigano and President Trump.


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Date:  Sat Mar 19 2022
From:  Vic Biorseth


Read Linda Kimball's Cultural Marxism

A corrupt 'ruling class' has been in quasi-control of American politics, government, wealth, resources, military, and through them, the finances and means of initiating regime changes all around the world. A Godless global order was and is their goal. 

The US, and the free world, have been being 'educated' out of truth and into misconceptions since the Frankfurt School took command of academia and all formal education.

Read the letter from the late Ramsey Clark, R.I.P., to Obama and others regarding Ukraine, sent back in April of 2021. 



Date:  Sat Mar 19 10:22:36 2022
From:  Linda

Vic, Pidlubniak,

The Patriot PostVol. 09 No. 13 30 March 2009 

INSIGHT "The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves. A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn't the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn't flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." --author Dresden Jam

Date:  Sat Mar 19 11:23:02 2022
From:  Pidlubniak
Location:  Ukraine


Well, I've read the "US founded Fascists" letter and I'm not impressed. Immediately searching the name of "Ramsey Clark" yields the result - Democrat. The poor little Communist comrade just hurries to reveal his anti-Americanism by immediately implying that absolutely all the US wars and interventions were unjustified (and, implicitly, "organized" by "military corporations" at the expense of "working people", all per Commie script - guess he missed the fact that US spends far more on useless social welfare than on wars and defence). But, truth matters to a comrade not at all - it's far more important to faithfully echo each of the bog-standard Marxist talking points in order to assist International Communism either through useful idiocy or deliberate misinformation. And to do so with the surface appearance of "conservatism" - in order to better fool the potential useful idiots who read this crap. We should know better  - that when Democrats scream and point "Russia, Russia, Russia!" at Trump and GOP, they are faithfully repeating an old Marxist trick by the name of "accuse your opposition of what you are doing yourself".

Then, staying true to specifically Russian Ostankino script, the pro-Russian shill of a writer unsurprisingly calls Poroshenko's government a "junta". Idiots (either useful or paid - I'm not sure which kind he is) like him are not even aware that "junta" means a MILITARY dictatorship - we didn't even have a military back then, so how could we have a military dictatorship/junta? And what of the people (the majority) who CHOSE Poroshenko? What, are they not "democratic" - do their voices not count? I weep for America - if idiotic comrades (you'd think that a past General Attorney would know what a junta is or isn't - or that he would not lie) like Clark drive politics in America, it is doomed and so is the free world.

Then, he writes that "people declared "People's Republic of Donetsk"(which is neither "people's" nor "republic" and would not last beyond 2 weeks without Russian assistance and troops) - it wasn't declared by some mythical "people", but by Russian FSB organizers like Strelkov. Like any true Communist who is burned by the very sight of Christian conservatism, the author immediately, reflexively equates the Christian conservatism of organizations like Svoboda and Pravyi Sector with Fascism (which never existed in Ukraine), Nazism (which we fought), racism (which never existed in Ukraine) and anti-Semitism (while it exists in the dregs of society, it never had a large political following - we are pretty accepting to all peoples).

Also, the author immediately motions to end the sanctions against Russia - writing against "Ukrainian junta", he conveniently misses the Russian human rights abuses over the years. Do the names of Boris Nemtsov, Alexei Navalny, Alexander Litvinenko mean nothing to the author, hm? That's right. The author proudly abandons any leftover notions of American integrity - like any "comrade", he openly writes that it would be better to ally with Russian kleptocratic regime and that "NATO's "expansions" should end" (as it is a roadblock to Communist conquest - and the ruling class of the US knows that it's far better to "do business" with corrupt oligarchies where the pesky concept of accountability doesn't exist - didn't Biden tell the entire world about how his sonny dearest liked to earn money with Burisma? I guess the ideals of transparency extolled by Poroshenko put quite a wrench into the profitable feast of oligarchic corruption). So let us all say a big fat thank you to Comrade Ramsey Clark - "you keep working for Russia and Communist world conquest, Ramsey dear." And the fate of Ukraine, Georgia and all them other countries that suffered from Russian aggression? They don't matter - and so, they should abandon any Western ideals of democracy and representative governments solely because they aren't a stone's throw from America or Europe (and even that doesn't save them, these days) and prepare for a long, dark future as parts of Russia - so very aptly termed as the "prison of the peoples". I sincerely wish for Ramsey Clark to abandon his Western riches, his American entitlements and his Communist stupidity - and go to and live in Russia he apparently likes so much. I recommend the cities of Nizhny Tagil and Novokuznetsk as the most proper form of Russian proletarian living - let Comrade Clark work his behind off in a local EVRAZ Group factory (owned by Russian oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov and headquartered in Britain) for a few years before inevitably and agonizingly dying from lung oncology (guess what, Russia doesn't have a proper medical system for serfs - oligarchs survive because of their access to decadent Western hospitals) - all because Abramov's mansion in New Zealand (50 million dollars - by Russian oligarch standards, this is chump change, but it's the most expensive building project in the entirety of New Zealand) is worth more than the city budget of Novokuznetsk and, so, Alexander Abramov cannot possibly afford to pay a proper wage to his serfs and institute some basic ecological safety at his factories. It's cheaper to let the serfs die - after all, there will always be no shortage of them. And with Comrades like Clark all over the world singing the praises of their mafia state, Russian oligarchy can never fall. This is the country that Comrade Clark praises so much and wishes to avoid war with - and that is the way of living Comrade Clark implicitly wants the East European and all Post-Soviet nations to "proudly" return to. And, if Marxists like Clark have their way, the entirety of the world will be living like residents of Nizhny Tagil - dying in backbreaking jobs on wages less than a burger flipper's wage in America while nomenklatura like Clark live in Rublevka palaces and beachfront mansions. I believe that such defence of and friendliness for Russia from the Democrats comes because of the fact that Russian oligarchic way of living is a wet dream of every Democrat and of every Comrade. Just imagine, Vic - no more of this business acumen, stupid investment work or any other bothersome things, like proper wages or safety standards! You can just abandon the entirety of the serfs to their unfortunate fate and go on extracting trillions of dollars from them without lifting a finger - and they'll never revolt, either, no matter how much you abuse them! Truly, the ultimate resource - and, thus, the ultimate country.

Date:  Sat Mar 19 13:29:31 2022
From:  Linda


"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times. Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years.  It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.  But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in centuries."   David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderburger Meeting

Date:  Sun Mar 20 2022
From:  Vic Biorseth


After looking into Ramsey Clark, I have to agree with your assessment of him. The title Communist applies just as well as Marxocrat. 

What is your opinion of Biden's Bay Of Pigs? Here's the last paragraph as a pull-quote:

In this context, it is worth noting that Satanist Aleister Crowley, who visited Russia twice (in 1898 and in 1913), helped the Communists in Russia and his philosophy played a role in the subsequent rise of the Nazis in Germany. His associates included Walter Duranty, the correspondent for The New York Times who achieved notoriety -- and a Pulitzer Prize -- for helping cover up the crimes of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, such as his murder of millions of Ukrainians, known as the Holodomor. (Another campaign to revoke Duranty's Pulitzer is underway.)



Date:  Mon Mar 21 05:48:11 2022
From:  Linda

In discussions about Clark's Marxism, please don't lose sight of the important thing: his unveiling of certain dark players involved in deliberately egging the Bear to attack Ukraine.   

What was revealed by Clark is but a snapshot of a Plan for worldwide take-over that reaches back to the Renaissance.  JB Shurk's article (link below) very ably pulls the dark veil aside to reveal the amoral string-pullers behind the Ukraine-Russia war and much, much more.   

Today's string-pullers are carrying on with The Plan.  In its beginning phase during the Renaissance, The Plan called for 'the reformation of the whole wide world.'  

The concept of a NWO later emerged among occult secret societies such as the Freemason Illuminati. Some of them were outwardly diabolical.   The societies planned and instigated the French Revolution.  Many years later came the Bolshevik Revolution.  Soviet Russia was considered to be the Mother Country, the beginning of the worldwide revolutionary take-over.   It was followed by financial support for Hitler, sharing of secrets and weaponry with Communist China, and the planned overthrow of the USA after plundering it of its wealth, resources, and use of its military for regime changes around the world.    

It is no mere coincidence that Russia is attacking the Ukraine even as America is under withering attack from within and may not survive.   All of it is part of The Plan.

The Cult of Isis (All Seeing Eye) was established in the UN Meditation Room during the 60's.   There is much more to this story, and you can read about it in certain of my writings published here.  For example, "Chaos, Breakdown..."

JB Shurks American Thinker article:

Date:  Tue Mar 22 08:18:40 2022
From:  Pidlubniak
Location:  Ukraine


The letter is interesting. But Cliff's wrong about Ukraine somehow "losing" to Russia. We don't have air power, but our infantry's top-notch - and, what do you know, the Western weaponry kills Russian tanks like racking up score in a video game... Like every Westerner, Cliff seemingly forgot about the two wars in Chechnya when he declared that "Russian victory is inevitable". Chechnya is currently a "republic" within the Russian Federation - and over the course of two wars. It KICKED. RUSSIA'S. ASS! Despite all the bombarding of civilians, the still-Soviet army lost people at about the rate of Afghanistan... Putin had to spin the utterly emasculating "peace deal" with "federal money grants"/de-facto reparations to Chechnya as a "victory" and "ending of the war" to a tiny republic that had absolutely no Western support and had less territory and people than a given Ukrainian oblast. If Russia lost there militarily... What will happen with Ukraine? Bribing a godless bandit like Ramzan Kadyrov to get rid of his own father and become Putin's satrap is not an option here. We have more population, even greater will to fight than Chechnya AND Western support! How exactly are we "losing" when we are inflicting utterly disproportionate casualties on Russia? Syria was "stabilized" by Putin because, frankly, those camel jockeys are no good in actual fighting. Their "rapefugees" were 80% able young men. Ours are women and children - and the men (including me) almost ALL went into territorial defence and in the army. That means a military force - armed men dedicated to fight for Ukraine - effectively numbering in the MILLIONS. The very same Wagner Group mercenaries that support regimes in Syria and Eritrea are frying like barbecues by way of our Western weapons - and so do other "elite" formations like Kadyrov's Chechen thugs. Russia lost more men in Ukraine in 2 days (!) then in all those famed years in Syria - because we have a motivated, huge and experienced military force thanks to all the fighting in Donbass (where we constantly kicked the asses of Russian army (even if it wasn't there "officially") for 8 years - who's to say that we can't kick their ass now? They didn't "level up" and they hadn't kept up with all Western advances in warfare and weapons). We have actual Russian telephone conversations - some Russian soldiers speak of being SOLE SURVIVORS of their entire divisions and Ukraine being "WORSE than Afghanistan". Cliff, however, is then right that "Israel is next" in case of Russia winning here - and the fact that Putin considers Ukraine a "fake country".

Regarding Russia and it's Jew hatred... It goes back to Soviet times and even before them. The modern incarnation of that hatred came about because of a crapload of influential Jews (some of those were in the KGB) fled to the emerging state of Israel - creating (at the time) the only Russian minority NOT under complete control of Russian leadership. And, of course, the fact that the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" - that KGB sponsored, trained and supplied Middle Eastern Islamic terrorism for decades, knowing that if the invention of nuclear bombs makes conventional conquest fail, terrorism could be a new weapon. Regarding Alistair Crowley and the rest of "friends"... Satanic birds of a feather flock together. This is not a coincidence. Don't forget that our unfavorite German deadbeat who sired a bastard on his unpaid housemaid wrote Satanic poetry while in university. That Stalin/Dzhugashvili was the Russian Al Capone - and, not coincidentally... A reject from a Georgian Orthodox seminary. Adolf Hitler was a reject from a Benedictine monastery (shame, as a Benedictine monk who smoked would be INFINITELY more preferable to a mass murderer). Walter Duranty was your garden-variety crypto-Communist - it's little known nowadays, but the famous writer George Orwell once composed a list of British/American famous personalities considered too Communist for the British Information Research Department. Such names as Walter Duranty, Norman MacKenzie, Ted Carr, Peter Smolett (the Soviet spy - a guy who stopped British publication of Orwell's "Animal Farm"), Charlie Chaplin, Katherine Hepburn, Bernard Shaw, Orson Welles and Paul Robeson figure prominently there... I'm sure that most of the world recognizes those famous names. I think that George Orwell would definitely know who is a Communist and who is not. Same with Tailgunner Joe... Shame that he never completed his work. Maybe we'd not be in this mess right now if Joe McCarthy was successful.

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