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Vic Biorseth,

Finding a really good conservative American forum or frequently updated website can reward you with a more honest reflection of the Traditional American Ideal than you might ever get from mainstream print or broadcast journalism. It might require a little searching and a lot of patience, because the bloggosphere is huge and growing, and you must separate the wheat from the chaff. But with each one that you find, if you “bookmark” it, or save it among your Favorites, you will accumulate links to information sources that more accurately reflect the America of the Founders and of the unique American Experiment back at you.

While none may perfectly reflect your personal perceptions and opinions about what America should be, if you are patient in your internet search you will find enough links that, in aggregate, cover just about all the bases to your satisfaction. Of course, you could always create one of your own. In this essay I will try to lay out, in a broad-brush sort of way, my own not so humble opinion of what sort of issues a conservative American forum should cover, why, and how.

First: Where I’m coming from. To begin, I am a devout Roman Catholic. I am a third-generation American citizen, second-generation native born. My basic grounding and sense of purpose for being stem from my Catholic religion. My sense of social and moral norms comes out of the Western Culture Guiding Ethos, born of Western Civilization. In my formative years I was blessed with teachers and role models who stressed Critical Thinking. Although not perfectly, I strive always to be a good Thinking Catholic, in the best sense of that term. I have a deep abiding love the American nation, the American Republic, the principles of Jeffersonian Democracy and the whole American notion of Representative Government and the Sovereign Citizen.

Conservative American Forum Topic 1.

Citizen Representation: It would seem that, most particularly among Americans, being for or against Representative Government would be a no-brainer. It’s a black and white issue. On the one hand, you have variations of Democracy, which include the American Republic, in which free citizens elect those who will govern them. On the other hand, you have – well, non-Democracy, in which the citizens have no meaningful voice in who governs them or how they are governed. Very simple, right?

And yet almost any ranking academic, or any representative of the SLIMC1 , or nearly any ranking Democrat, or nearly any show-biz celebrity will publicly attack and demonize any attempt at “Democracy Building” beyond our own shores. In favor of what, exactly? Well, in favor of Anti-Representative Government. Obviously, they despise Representative Government. A good conservative American forum needs to address this apparent opposition to Democracy.

Now, many will bristle at that charge, and deny the truth of it, but the fact remains they oppose the spread of Democracy, which is just another way of saying that they oppose the notion of citizen representation, pure and simple. They insist that “we” have no right to impose “our” values on “them” when we try, in any way at all, to encourage self-government anywhere. The typical anti-American charge of “Yankee Imperialism” is raised on cue, and the specter of the “Ugly American” is ballyhooed, but no one ever looks at, let alone talks up, the alternative options to self government through some form of Democracy.

A worthwhile conservative American forum should point out speakers who pretend to love the very system they actually, openly and publicly demonize.

Today, Germans, not Americans, rule Germany. It is doubtful that contemporary Germans would prefer to go back to Nazism, and it is even more doubtful that the larger world would like to see a resurgence of Nazism. Note that the Germans haven’t attacked anyone lately.

Today, Japanese, not Americans, rule Japan. It is doubtful that contemporary Japanese would prefer to go back to the military expansion of the Japanese Empire, and it is even more doubtful that the larger world would like to see a resurgence of Japanese military expansionism. Note that the Japanese haven’t attacked anyone lately.

These examples, plus the fact that we hold no foreign territory anywhere other than enough ground to bury our own dead, who died for the freedom of the place, show the falsehood of the charge of Yankee Imperialism, and the shallowness of those who raise the charge. America holds no empire. The world is not a perfect place, and we are not a perfect nation, but history has amply demonstrated that America leaves lands and peoples better off than before the encounter.

And, that America makes the whole world safer.

Conservative American Forum Topic 2.

Considering Alternatives. Suppose that “we” had not imposed “our” values on “them” in the case of, say, Japan. Since the purpose of the war, from our point of view, was to:

  1. Defend ourselves.
  2. Stop Japanese military aggression.
  3. Role back Japanese military expansion.
  4. Restore international territorial integrity among affected nations.
  5. Punish Japanese atrocities.

it would seem that, we might only accomplish these goals by either killing all the Japanese, or enslaving them all, or permanently occupying and governing Japan, which would make us an “Imperial” force there. The only other alternative to Democracy-Building would be to build some non-Democracy form of government there, such as Marxism, in some variant form. I submit that, in any of the alternatives listed here, Japan, and the world, would not be better off.

What would your alternative be to self-government and citizen representative-government for Japan?

A conservative American forum should look at the real meaning behind someone always and consistently blaming America first for every problem that becomes visible. If a conservative American forum doesn’t point out the fact that this consistency is only explainable as a consistent anti-American mind-set, who will?

Today, the charge, regarding Iraq, is that “those people aren’t ready for Democracy.” Well, neither were the American Colonies ready for it. Nobody is ever ready for dramatic change in government. Democracy, like every other sudden new thing, kind of hits you between the eyes. They used to say, in the Army, when the balloon goes up, you go with what you got. Meaning, the situation is here now, so deal with it, and do your best with whatever you’ve got to work with. Which is a good reason to always keep your guns and equipment clean, operable and ready for action. Americans should be justly proud of how well and how quickly our founders came up with America under the extremely dangerous and trying conditions of the founding period.

Contrary to Leftist disinformation, it was not an evolutionary thing, but a quite violent and revolutionary event.

Note carefully what the good conservative American forum will point out, but what the mainstream media will never point out, regarding the alternative to what they oppose. You will hear from the MSM that they oppose Democracy building, but you will hear only hear about possible alternatives to Democracy mentioned in a good conservative American forum. Alternatives, of course, show what the detractors actually favor, but prefer to not speak about.

Since the current crop of American detractors oppose Democracy building in Iraq, we must assume that they prefer some form of Islamic Sharia law be established there. The only other options being, One, another sadistic dictator like Sadam, or, Two, some variation of Marxism. And that’s assuming that her “nation” neighbors, such as Syria and Iran, and her “non-nation” neighbors, such as Al Qaeda and similar groups, allow Iraqi citizens to live their own lives without interference. Pretty unlikely.

I’ve heard American politicians recommending that we impose upon the Iraqi citizenry the notion that they break their nation up into states, like ours – some say three, some say as many as 17 – each with their own state governments, and with a states-rights-recognizing federal government over the whole shebang. Which sounds good, but, a little late, since the Iraqi vote has spoken, multiple times now. At this point, our role should be (secondary to pursuing our enemies) to help defend them and help keep the peace while they sort out their own government for themselves. It’s their government, not ours; our original problem was not with them, but with Sadam and his cronies. We have no inherent right to dictate to the Iraqi people, except that only self-government involving citizen representation is acceptable.

A lot of people can’t figure out why academia, the Democrat Party, the SLIMC1 and the rest of show-biz are so adamantly opposed to Democracy building in Iraq. The reason is, of course, that they are, essentially, Leftist. Which is, philosophically speaking, synonymous with Communist. They just naturally hate real representative government. It’s that simple.

Conservative American Forum Topic 3.

Democracy is Antagonistic to Islam. Islam is a radical combination of church and state; Islamic law, or Sharia, is not like ecclesial law in other religions. Sharia is also civil law. Since Sharia rules Moslems and opposes all other forms of religion and all other forms of civil government, Democracy, among other things, is strictly against the religion of Islam. From what I’ve seen, only conservative American forums will point that out. The ultimate goal of orthodox Islam is to achieve a one-world state of Ummah, or a world dominated by Islam. The “other world” spoken of by Mohammed that is outside of Islam is to be destroyed, one way or another.

To whatever degree a people move themselves into Democracy, to that same degree to they violate the rules of and move away from the teaching of Islam. Which is a good thing. Being ruled by themselves, moving in the direction of becoming sovereign citizens, is imminently more peaceful and enriching than descending into Talliban-like Sharia. Conservative American forums hould point out the flaw in anti-American (or, if you will, blame America first) detractors who took issue with America’s good relations with the former Shah of Iran. These detractors actually preferred to have us encourage and help the descent of Iran into the ruthless and barbaric Sharia rule of the Grand Ayatollah. While demonizing those who opposed it. If conservative American forums don’t point these things out, they won’t be pointed out.

Conservative American Forum Topic 4.

Marxism is antagonistic to Democracy. In fact, the two things are mutually exclusive; they cannot even coexist in the same government system; see the Marxism link for why. Lefties (Marxists) insist that Karl Marx was a great Social Thinker and that many of his theories have value. I submit that he was a bloody revolutionary, and that none of his theories had any merit whatsoever. His social and economic theories were fatally flawed, even stupid. Any conservative American forum should point that out. Marxism has proved to be nothing more than a useful tool, a stepping stone, of value only to ruthless dictators in assuming power. The fact that Communist dictators have managed to rule vast lands with an iron fist tells us nothing whatsoever about the social and economic value of any of Marx’s silly theories. Stalin, Hitler and Mao were all bloody dictators and absolute rulers wearing Marxist masks, and surrounding themselves with ruthless criminals pretending to be good government servants.

Conservative American Forum Topic 5.

State Forced Secularization. No conservative American forum should fail to highlight the fact that the state is forcing Secularism on the American people, in direct opposition to their overwhelming Christian faith and identity, and in direct opposition to the very principle of representative government. Despite the First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression, American citizens are forced by law to be or appear to be atheist in the public square. Education in particular is ruthlessly secularized and cleansed of all Christian influence.

Conservative American Forum Topic 6.

State Education Systems. No conservative American forum should skirt this issue. The founders specifically opposed federal participation in American elementary and secondary education. They also even rejected George Washington’s proposition to establish a national university. What they feared was government encroachment on the private sector. Thomas Jefferson: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” Education was not seen as a proper function of federal or even state government. Education therefore was not addressed in the Constitution or any other founding documents. The only place state controlled education is addressed is in the Communist Manifesto. That’s where it got it’s beginnings. Ronald Reagan’s political campaign in the eighties included a proposal to close the Department of Education.

Any conservative American forum worth it’s salt should point out the state of “state” education in America today. They call themselves public schools, but what they are is state schools. The very minute tax dollars got involved in schools, government bureaucrats began dictating what was to be taught, and how. American state schools now crank out kids who don’t know their multiplication tables, but can demonstrate how to put a condom on a cucumber. Thanks to “our” government.

Remember, the title of Hilary’s best selling book was It takes a Leviathan State (I mean a Village) to Raise a Child.

Conservative American Forum Topic 7.

Progressive Income Taxes. The whole notion of graduated taxes or any sort of success-punishing or otherwise “equalizing” taxing scale is an un-American idea. Again, it will not be found in the Constitution or any other early American documents; again, it comes to us straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Go ahead and research it. Graduated and eventually confiscatory taxes are born of the collectivist, redistributionist policies contained in Socialist, i.e., Dictatorship Of The Proletariat phase of preparation for Communism.

So a conservative American forum needs to point out the fact that a flat tax is already “progressive”, in that the more one makes the more one pays, and the less one makes the less one pays. As I have written elsewhere herein, a flat sales tax is even better in that regard. Only those who spend money pay taxes. The more you spend, the more you pay. But we have experienced tax forms creeping (leaping?) into every single facet of our lives. There is nothing untaxed, including even our deaths. We really need to simplify.

Conservative American Forum Topic 8.

Anti Capitalism. This is usually represented as anti big business, but of course it’s really just an anti capitalist mindset. Currently, and frequently, the “Big Business” most in Leftist gun sights is Big Oil. Gas price fluctuations provide a good way for Liberals to get votes.

Note that, when the price goes up at the station in your neighborhood, that station already has gasoline in the tanks below ground, which is already paid for, at whatever the set price was. Then some news event happens, and, viola, the station raises the pump price on the gas it already has in its supply tanks. Now, does that look like a major oil company price gouge to you, or do you think the independent operator might have been doing a little gouging?

It doesn’t matter. Every single time – bar none – that a significant increase in pump price occurs, Leftist politicians will demand, and get, investigations, hearings, town-hall meetings, even new legislation, all aimed at Big Oil Price Gouging. Every time. This even means new law. Lots and lots of laws against Big Oil price gouging; huge numbers of legal investigations, and huge numbers of Leftist politicians projecting themselves as heroes of the downtrodden and getting more fame and votes.

But no convictions. With all these investigations, with all this legislation, with all this public hoopla, no Big Oil price gouging or price fixing has ever been shown to exist. Ever. You will only see the screaming side of this portrayed in the SLIMC1 reported news. The results of it all only appear on the conservative American forum scene.

In fact, Big Oil can’t win in the news media. Refining capacity is down, the industry is getting all sorts of economic disincentives to upgrade or build new ones, at the same time the media demonizes them for not investing more billions into a loosing proposition. Legislation, tax changes and political rhetoric all aim at replacing oil with other fuels, yet Big Oil and only Big Oil is expected to continue investing in oil refining while the rest of the world switches fuel technology. Big Oil might be becoming Big Corn.

Conservative American Forum Topic 9.

Pro Unionism. This position is touted to be the Pro Working Man position of the Democrat Party, but what the Party is “pro” to is Big Unions, which is a form of Big Business. And Big Political Contributions. The simple fact is that every single major union in America has its organizational roots deep in either organized crime, Communism, or both. That’s just the way it is. Big unions operate to make big money, just like any other business, and they often do it at the expense of their own membership. Only very grudgingly do I admit that American unions have contributed anything positive to the fabric of America, through the working conditions of some workers. For the most part, I see unions, at least the biggest ones, as corrupt and corrupting organizations who do not have their members best interests at heart.

Conservative American Forum Topic 10.

Pro Scientism. Scientism, as opposed to real Science, should always be a major point discussed in any conservative American forum. We have the testimony of all of TTRSTF4 providing us with “scientific facts” that are not true, such as the Human Population Problem, with no empirical evidence to back it up. The whole world, including the so-called intellectual community, has bought into Darwinism’s dogmas regarding macro evolution between species, despite the fact that no empirical evidence supporting the hypothesis has ever been produced, by anyone, ever. Practically the whole world believes that the harmless HIV retrovirus magically transforms into AIDS despite the absolute lack of any solid evidence supporting that superstitious notion. (See the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hoax page.) Nearly all modern psychologists speak highly of Freudianism as if any part of that silly religion had any evidence at all to back it up. And, of course, the most lettered among the Lefties will tout Marxism as being, somehow, scientific rather than a quite impossible silly utopian pipe dream. Conservative American Forum Topic 11.

Anti American Ethos. A conservative American forum should give heavy exposure to major departures from or opposition to the guiding ethos of America. Our Representatives either truly represent us, or they do not. Following on the heals of the secularization of American society efforts, we find movements such as the completely unrepresentative, U.S. Court established and completely unregulated multi-billion dollar American Abortion industry. Operating right alongside the legally protected American Masturbation Industry. These are issues dear to the hearts of big time Democrats, and championed by the Democratic Party. As are the Femi-Nazi movement, the Eco-Nazi movement, and the Homo-Nazi movement, all of which are not only defended, but sponsored and championed by leading members of the Democrat Party, and even represent major planks in the Democrat political Party Platform. I submit that these issues run counter to America’s guiding Western Culture Ethos and do not represent the moral standards of the citizenry. This is the ethos of BMDFP10 and the Democrat Party.

Conservative American Forum Topic 12.

Sovereign Border Integrity. On this topic, we see a fundamental problem with simple English exhibited by the Lefties and by President Bush. First, they don’t understand and do not accept the term illegal alien, which is a very simple term. The people are aliens, and they are here illegally. They violated our laws just to get here. They are not in any way immigrants, having filled out no immigration papers. They are not merely “undocumented workers” although, for all we know, some of them may actually work. They remain illegal aliens, in very simple English.

Lefties don’t want border security, because they oppose all borders and all sovereignty. The work toward a future borderless, nation-less, utopian Global Village. The end to sovereignty means, of course, the end of the USA. They don’t want to put it in those terms, but that’s exactly what they want and what they are working for.

Then there is the very simple English word Amnesty. It’s another simple word meaning an overlooking or a setting aside of a legal penalty for someone guilty of a legal offense. There’s nothing difficult about this. The law existed, and it had a penalty associated with it. Now the President offers another so-called penalty, retroactively, and says it’s a penalty for a crime committed years before this new retroactive penalty is to be passed. See?

It might make as much sense, in a conservative American forum, to retroactively assign a penalty of life in prison for someone who failed to perform his official and legal requirement to enforce the law after this is all said and done, and then just pretend that we’re not all playing fast and loose with the established, and supposedly representative laws of this land. If a crime was committed, and the punishment for that crime as established in the law at the time the crime was committed is purposely not going to be applied, then what we're talking about here is amnesty, pure and simple. That will remain the case until they burn the dictionary.

Conservative American Forum Topic 13.

Increased Complexity and Obfuscation. A contentious issue is a political issue. If there were no contentious issues there would be no reason for politics. But there is another type or order of man, which is distinguished by being totally, professionally, political man. All the issues raised here, and a lot more, are in truth very simple black and white issues. Your problem, as a discerning and discriminating critical thinker, is to keep your eye on the ball. Using border security as an example, America either has a right to her borders and to her own laws regarding her borders, the same as every other civilized nation on Earth, or she does not. It really is just that simple. I submit that American citizens have a right to be secure within their own borders. When that fails to be the case, there will be no reason for the United States of America to remain in existence.

Anyone who says it is not a black-and-white issue, that it is not that simple, that it is a more complex issue, should cause you to become wary, and remind you to keep your eye on the ball. The objective of the speaker is to lay a smokescreen, to obfuscate, to blur distinctions, to make exceptions, to distract your eyes with a shell game and to get you to take your eye off the ball. Pay attention to your rights. All of them.

The goal of the Lefties is the Global village, the end to all international borders, which means to take America out of existence. Not so much by any grand scheme or any great diabolical plot, as through conditioned ignorance. Left-ism gains ground everywhere through the concerted do-gooder efforts of “intellectuals” who are convinced, in their invincible ignorance, of the valuable truth they firmly believe is contained in the stupid and silly-assed utopian pipe dreams of Karl Marx. A conservative American forum needs to point this out.

Note well that there are more liberal American forums out there than conservative American forums. There are even more radical, foreign and domestic, anti-American blogs out there than conservative American forums. Issue after issue is publicly painted white when it’s true color is black.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture of what a good conservative American forum should touch on. Look around at the blogs; look at what the media says. Research things for yourself. Maybe you might contribute something to the conversation. Get yourself a blog.

If they ever shut us up here, everything will be lost.

Fight the good fight!


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Date: Sat Jan 16 06:58:01 2010
From: Pasquale

The law says that America is not a Christian nation. You call it ethos but what you mean is religion. When you politically promote a religion you are going against the law that says America is not a Christian nation. Yes?

Date: Sat Jan 16 08:26:16 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


No. There is no such law in America. America is a Christian nation.

Each of the original 13 colonies had a legally established Christian religion codified into its original charter or constitution as the official religion of the colony. See the Separation of Church and State page for the details. Christianity forms the basis for American civil law, and it forms the basis for the American Constitution itself. The ethos I speak of comes directly out of the Judeo-Christian religion. It is the guiding ethos of America.

America is and has been from birth a Christian nation.



From: Vic Biorseth

Date: Monday, September 03, 2012

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Toward a definition of a distinct American People: American National Existence. What makes us a distinct American People? The way we look? Or is it someing inside us, that defines American national existence?

Argument against National Health Care, which is, in fact, Socialized Medicine. National Heath Care equals Socialized Medicine, pure and simple. Medical Practice is beyond the scope of government and not what our government is constituted to do.

It's The American Ideal and our Constitutional Government Vs the Global Village. This election, alone, is unlikely to completely undo America, as a nation; but it may work in that direction. It is of vital importance to you as an American.

Anti-American Politics, pure and simple, describe Democrat Party strategy. Anti-American Politics are practiced by all Leftists. Marxism, at any level, is antithetical to the very idea of America. To be Marxist is to be an anti-American.

Argument Against the Anti-American UN: Why do we support such an antagonist? The staunchly anti-American UN has a major goal involving world governance, and America is in the way of that effort.

My anti anti-American arguments are attacks on falsehoods, in support of truth. American Communists hide their true identity and disguise themselves as anti anti-Communists. Using their playbook, I hereby identify myself as an anti anti-American.

The anti intellectual sentiment: Where does it come from? Marxist Academia and the Anti-Intellectual Sentiment.

Boehner’s Folly: will it doom Constitutional America? House Leadership and Boehner’s Folly purposely fumbled and turned over the ball on the one yard line.

Boycott the airlines until they stop the groping and begin profiling. Boycott the airlines; if you can’t go on a company plane or drive, don’t go at all.

Catastrophic Spending: Change You Can Believe In. The most dangerous Change in all of Obamunism is Catastrophic Spending.

The Global Village concept seeks to replace National Sovereignty by default. Marxian "Global Village-ism" makes major inroads among outlaws, and among elitist intellectuals.

We argue against income minimums and caps, and for a free and private market. Income minimums and caps are Marxism’s “moral” bait to gain popular support for Socialism on the path to typical Marxist absolute dictatorship.

True, the world oil supply is limited; but, so are the stars in the universe. "The world oil supply is cruising toward depletion" is the Chicken-Little call from the Left. But it ain't necessarily so.

Marxists and Moslems: The Last Barbarians. The last barbarians not yet converted or conquered by Western civilization are Marxists and Moslems.

Our argument against fads, fashions, popular trends and herd instinct. If speaking against fads makes me square, un-cool or un-hip, then so be it. All fads are, in microcosm, expressions of rebellion against tradition.

If an American Redirection is underway; we all need to look at it. Reviewing some implications of the newly coined Science / Democracy Obversion theory underlying the new American Redirection.

Refuting Separation of Church and State as a Constitutional Principle. If Separation of Church and State cannot be found in our Constitution, what makes it a Constitutional Principle? Nothing. It is NOT a Constitutional Principle.

Of the four Republican candidates left standing, only Santorum gets it. Romney? No. Gingrich? No. Paul? No. Only Santorum gets it.

Definition of Capitalism: Economic Organization based on Private Property. Any true definition of Capitalism must state that it is purely an Economic system, not a Government system, and it works most efficiently and profitably under Representative Government.

God and Nature: on the Nature of Things, established by the Creator of Things. on man’s Perversion of the Nature of Things, even with the best of intentions.

Going whole-Hog on American Constitutional Restoration. It's all or nothing, now. If we don't go whole-hog on Constitutional Restoration, the USA is history.

Introducing Glenn Beck Progressivism, and the depth of the hidden movement.  Glenn Beck Progressivism: the unseen and unrecognized advance of Marxism. 

If we have an inherent right to something, then, who must supply it?  Rights and Responsibilities exist in paired sets; a right does not exist in the absence of a related responsibility.  If indeed we have a right to our job, then, someone must provide it. Who?

The Three Big Ideas competing in global geopolitics today. The Three Big Ideas, and a Fourth one: aggressive, militant atheism, or secularism. 

Only clear, distinct political battle lines will save Constitutional America.  Fuzzy, indistinct political battle lines only encourage and feed the "bipartisan" progressive destruction of this last bastion of Human Liberty.

Political, Theological and Philosophical Pigeonholes.  No one exactly fits any Pigeonhole; you're not supposed to Pigeonhole anyone; but what about their own words, actions and behavior?

Absolute Truth, as The  Winning Political Force to be Reckoned With.  The 2016 Candidate who stands in Truth rather than whatever various audiences want to hear will beat everyone, severely.

The Social Formula [Culture=Religion+Politics] is Inviolate.  Politics merely organize Human Culture around the predominant Religious beliefs of a distinct and identifiable People.

Whether the result means death or rebirth, the American Reset will be painful.  America was born in Revolution. If the reset means rebirth, it will only come through re-revolution.

Linda Kimball

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The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

Find a Latin Mass

Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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