Can we, in our majority, even recognize the diabolical any more?

Are we all so busy and so hypnotized by the world that Satan and all his evil works are the absolute farthest things from our minds?

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, January 22, 2017

These thoughts were triggered by a conversation with a friend in Florida, in which we agreed that diabolical influences now seem to be driving current strong movements inside the Church, inside our own American government, and all over the outside larger world.

How many among the very best of us cannot see the work of Satan anywhere because they are too busy fighting evil? 

We look at the Roman Catholic Church, and among the hierarchy of Bishops and Cardinals, we see a Lavender Mafia, and a "blessing" of Abominations.  We still see Card. Bernardin's "Seamless Garment" theology, the intellectual equating and lumping together of all sin into new forms of Moral Relativism and of Moral Indifference, and being preached as "non-judgmentalism" by clerics who should know better.

We look at powerful political movements in America, and we see formal promotion and championing of Absolute Moral Depravity by successful, popular, professional politicians. 

We look out at the larger world and we see the advance of murderous and enslaving Islam, with the encouragement and tacit support of non-Islamic clerics who are supposed to be protecting their flocks, and with the support of non-Islamic politicians who are supposed to be protecting their own citizens. 

This is clearly Diabolic.  And yet,

  1. Nobody seems to recognize it for what it is.
  2. Nobody points at it and highlights it wherever it is seen.
  3. Nobody even discusses it.
  4. Perhaps, nobody even believes it.

Knowing that Satan exists, and that he rules this world, no one should be the least surprised that his first and foremost target for destruction would be the hierarchy of the Church, and especially the Pope.  Always

His ultimate goal is to create a seemingly "perfect" world religion, with which to displace, overpower and replace all existing national religions

His second best target of opportunity would be governments of nations, beginning with, especially, the American government, with an ultimate goal of creating a "perfect" global world government with which to displace, overpower and replace all existing national governments

You don't have to look too far into the Catholic hierarchy to find Cardinals and Bishops who have publicly gone off the rails on various doctrinal topics.  There are now cabals of them; for all practical purposes, Political Parties of them, pushing forward "Social Justice" agendas that reek of Communism, softened doctrinal teaching on the reception of sacraments, states of grace and states of sin.  

Factions of Cardinals aligned along antagonistic and increasingly angry political lines are now, for all practical purposes, at near open war with each other, or, terrified into silence.  (See the Vatican Wars.)

We used to think that the Liturgical Wars were our biggest worry inside the Church, with all the ridiculous abuses heaped up "In The Spirit Of Vatican II", and all done outside of and in conflict with actual Vatican II documents, and in conflict with Pope John XXIII's 1962 Missal, and in conflict with Pope Paul VI's Novus Ordo Missal.  None of that gigantic liturgical abuse was authorized by the Church; it was all done by Priests and Bishops, on their own.  They just made it up as they went along, and it was all wrong.  It was off the rails.  

But they were allowed to get away with it

And whole dioceses and archdioceses were just steeped in it.  These unauthorized Liturgical changes, which had every appearance of being fully authorized, were originally what brought about the SSPX Split, which today, to many Catholics, appears to be more "Catholic" than the actual Catholic Church, because they have retained the old Liturgy of the Mass in its original beauty and majesty. 

I'm telling you, any time you hear any Catholic cleric or supposed Catholic "expert" praising any Liturgical or Doctrinal change, or newer "interpretation", for being done "In The Spirit Of Vatican II", you will be listening to an actual agent of Satan, whether knowing or duped.  Look through the Perverted Catholicism Pages, and especially the Cafeteria Catholic Pages; nearly all of that abomination was actually done or is still being done "In The Spirit Of Vatican II". 

It's enough to make you sick.  It's Demonic

And what is worse:  nobody seems to see the hand of Satan in this

What's been going on inside American politics and the sitting American government is just as bad.  Since the advent of American Political Parties and their usurpation of all governing authority from the actual American Constitution, we now see the same kind of "heresy" and "heretical rule" in the American government that we see in the Catholic Church. 

Completely unconstitutional, imagined-into-being, morally depraved "rights" now, and supposedly legally, override and overpower actual existing Constitutional rights.  Natural Law rights of Equality, Life, Liberty and Property, all of which are also concrete Constitutional Rights of all American citizens, are ignored and overridden by new conjured-into-being "rights" that actually oppose the Constitution

Thanks to the wild political advances of the Marxocrat Party agenda, depraved moral degenerates now have better legal standing in America than decent citizens have to freedom of religion, speech, press, association, equality, life, liberty, private property, etc., etc., etc. 

Homosexual activity is not only allowed in modern American culture, it is celebrated, and encouraged, going far beyond merely being normalized.  It is imposed upon us.  It is forced into our close company, against our will.  We are forced to cooperate with it and even to appear to publicly bless it, all against our will, against our religion and against our Constitutional rights.  Homosexual "normalcy" is now a legal imposition on the American citizenry, forced upon us from above.  As is Abortion.  As is Pornography.  As is fornication and cohabitation.  All at the expense of actual concrete Constitutional rights. 

And everybody just goes along with it

Because, heavens, everybody wants always to be Politically Correct

(See PC Speech Control, PC-Stupidassery and PC-Vapors.

What everybody misses here is that all of this is quite illegal.  If it is unconstitutional, then it is illegal.  And it's all unconstitutional.  It's out of Constitutional scope, at the very least.  The Constitutionally authorized powers of the federal government are quite limited, and they are all listed in concrete terms.  What is not listed among the powers is left to State, County, Township and Citizen control, per Amendments IX and X. 

Read the Constitution

  1. If it isn't in Article One Section Eight, then Congress may not legislate law regarding it; it's a State or lower jurisdiction issue. 
  2. If it is not Constitutionally legislated federal law, then the President may not enforce it as if it were a federal law. 
  3. If it is not a Constitutionally legislated law, then the Supreme Court may not adjudicate it as if it were a federal law. 
  4. The Federal Government is not the State Government or any Local Government.  The Federal Government addresses Federal issues only.  The only exception is that it protects citizen Federal Constitutional Rights from all levels of government, including itself. 

Very simple; nothing to it. 

And the Constitution nowhere grants the Congress the right or ability to "delegate" any of its sole legislative authority (see Article One Section One) to any bureaucratic entity that may be brought into being to circumvent the Constitution itself. 

Which is to say, "regulations" issuing from any federal agency or bureaucracy cannot have force of federal law behind them, unless and until they are Constitutionally legislated into being by the Congress, and signed into law by the President.  (Although they indeed do have full force of law behind them, and unconstitutionally so.) 

There's nothing tough about this. 

Not that anyone pays any attention to the Constitution any more.  The Constitution, and Sworn Oaths of Office, are violated by members of all three branches of federal government on a regular, almost daily basis.  (See the Impeachable Offenses Pages.) 

Now, it would seem to any reasonable observer that a sitting Constitutional government, fully sworn to uphold, defend and operate in strict accordance with its Constitution, but who regularly and with seeming impunity upholds non-Constitutional "rights" to be superior to actual Constitutional rights, is, of its very nature, Evil

If government, or civil law, can be manipulated to force citizens to participate in evil, despite citizen's Constitutional right to religious freedom, then the government is going under the control of Satan. 

Note well that many champions of these legitimized and legalized evils (abortion, homosexual marriage, etc.) claim disbelief in God or in Satan, and yet belief in Bigfoot, Alien Visitors, Cross-Channeling to the dead, etc., etc., etc.  There is no reason.  There is no critical thinking.  There is no Truth. 

This is Diabolical.  But no one is saying it. 

Just look at the limited and enumerated powers of the federal government in Article One Section Eight, and find the evils this government has either illegally legislated, illegally regulated, illegally Executive-Ordered or illegally adjudicated into new standing law. 

You mean homosexual and other perverted acts are not in there? 

You mean even marriage itself is not in there? 

You mean aborting people is not in there? 

You mean health care is not in there?

You mean insurance is not in there? 

You mean contraception is not in there? 

You mean LGBTQTALPHABET rights are not in there? 

You mean all of these are state and local issues, and not even addressable by the federal government, one way or the other? 

Well, gosharooties, who'da thunk it? 

When we look at the Catholic Church in America, we see much of the same sort of thing.  We see Cardinals leading "Gay" parades, blessing openly homosexual Parishes in their archdioceses while closing the more orthodox Catholic Parishes.  We see others welcoming active, open and proud homosexuals, and married-divorced-remarried adulterous couples to all the Sacraments.  We see others supporting, blessing, promoting and encouraging massive illegal foreign intrusion into our nation, and thus participating in the active violation of civil law to the mortal endangerment of the citizenry. 

Just look at the New Testament Scriptures, and find the evils many of these Bishops and Cardinals have "normalized" in their Particular Churches right here in America. 

You mean Matt 5:32, Matt 9:19, Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18, all still say the same things they always said?

You mean 1 Cor 6:9, 1 Tim 1:9-10, still say the same things they always said? 

You mean Rom 13:1-3 still says the same thing it always said? 


Well, gosharooties, who'da thunk it? 

If you are a Catholic and you cannot see the hand of Satan in this, then there is something seriously wrong with your Catholicism.  And if there is any sin as bad or worse than the sins of the worst of these Bishops and Cardinals, it is the sin of those other Bishops and Cardinals who are all holding their tongues and hiding in their cowardly silence. 

But it gets worse; this nonsense - this falsehood - percolates down through all of society from the top.  Through the pernicious intrusion of Cultural Marxism, all sorts of evil falsehoods have infected formal education, journalism, entertainment, and even science, of all things.  Material Science has been, perhaps predominantly, perverted into the quasi-religion of Scientism.  The "Green" Movement exemplifies this.  Green is the new Red, politically speaking.  Environmentalism is the new best hiding place and launching pad of International Communism.  (See the Eco-Nazi Movement.) 

Blatant frauds and hoaxes have been re-engineered and built-up by Communist and other Globalist money power and organizing power into huge international money-making, national-economy destroying scams, supported by the thoroughly corrupted UN and by multiple corrupted national governments. 

And by corrupted elements within the Catholic Church

Just look at the actual empirical science, where it exists at all, proving or disproving all the generally accepted theories deemed important enough and potentially catastrophic enough to subordinate all national governments to an "emergency" international cause, lest the world, or all life on earth, come to an end. 

You mean there's no such thing as a human population problem?

You mean there's no real science behind Climate Change

You mean we're not running out of global resources

You mean the birdies are not all dying

You mean Darwinism is absolutely wrong? 

You mean Freudianism is abolutely wrong? 

You mean the News Media is not telling us the truth? 

You mean to say that none of these items, either, are listed in Article One Section Eight, and so none of them are even authorized topics to be addressed by any branch of the federal government in law? 

You mean to say they're not only all untrue, but they're all being addressed in federal law illegally, and unconstitutionally?

Well, gosharooties, who'da thunk it?

But these evil frauds have done inestimable damage to the psyches of multiple generations of "well educated" Americans and foreign citizens.  Today, to be educated is to be indoctrinated, and to be "up on the news" is to be propagandized.  Since the simultaneous victory of Stalin's Popular Front mission and the crushing of the McCarthy Hearings, the Frankfurt School, which still operates, has successfully turned untold millions of Americans into anti-Americans, and untold millions of Christians into anti-Christians.  And children against parents.  And even people against themselves. 

The first goal of all of this Cultural Marxism in education was to inculcate into the student animosity toward authority, animosity toward institution and animosity toward tradition, beginning at as early in the age of the student as possible.  Authority, institution and tradition were always to be demonized in the minds of students.  To that end, the unspoken goal of corrupting young minds and producing Communism's vaunted "Revolutionary" was solidly fixed in ever increasingly corrupted formal education, all the way up to university level.  All authority was to be demonized. 

“The revolutionary is the man who has emancipated himself from ties of blood and soil, from his mother and his father, from special loyalties to state, class, race, party, or religion.” --Eric Fromm & Abraham Maslow

That's why so many students and faculty burn and otherwise desecrate American flags at every opportunity to do so.  That's why so many "adults" approve of that kind of behavior among the citizenry, as "freedom of speech".  That's why so many Americans have a problem pledging their allegiance to the flag, and so many cannot or will not sing the national anthem. 

However they got that way, whatever the reason, any American who cannot pledge allegiance to the flag or sing the national anthem cannot  and should not be trusted to take an oath of office swearing to uphold the Constitution, whether to hold office in government or to join the military.  Because if and when they do, they do not believe what they are saying.  They are not true to their own words.  It may reasonably be argued that they should not be allowed to vote.  Unless and until they might be "awakened" to their corrupted formation, they will never be happy in America; unfortunately for them, and for us, they would never be happy anywhere else, either. 

"Nationalism" has been falsely connected to Nazism in the minds of men ever since the original secret non-aggression pact between Stalin and Hitler.  Stalin demonized National Socialism in Russia as the enemy of Bolshevism; Hitler demonized Communism in Germany as the enemy of National Socialism.  In public they were enemies, while in private they conspired with each other and supplied each other with political ammunition so that each could solidify their own dictatorial power. 

When Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Russia, the Communist false charge that demonized Nationalism became real, at least in the minds of all Globalists.  All of "official" Marxism - meaning all of International Communism - began slandering all forms of opposition to Communism as being a form of Fascism, Nazism, and, always Nationalism.  Nationalism, in and of itself, was and is falsely slandered to be inherently linked to Fascism or Nazism.  In the Communist mind, Internationalism (Globalism) is good; Nationalism is Evil.  Always evil.  Even a "good" nation, like the USA, has no right to continue being an evil nation, in the face of the "inevitable" march of International Communism into One Globalist Government

Cultural Marxism, which, for all practical purposes, now owns and operates all formal education, and also owns and operates virtually all Mainstream News Media, continually and consistently equates Nationalism with Nazi-Fascism, and shows favor to notions of Global Government.  Many are the Useful Idiot teachers, professors, journalists and editors who don't even know that they are tools of evil.  And, many are they who do indeed know what they are about, and who work to advance Marxism, they think, for the "betterment" of world society. 

But most of this remains unseen and unrecognized by the public.  It explains why so many good Americans, and good Protestant preachers, and good Catholics, express alarm over President Trump's announcement that he intends to always "Put America First" in everything, from trade, to international relations, to defense, to border security, etc., etc., etc.  They fear that "America First" smacks of Nationalism, which is irrationally demonized in their minds as "Nationalism", which they have been taught is evil, in and of itself. 

But the Nationalism of Hitler was Nationalism linked with Marxism.  Whatever else he is, President Trump is no Marxist.  He simply loves America, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Nations, with borders, brought with them Civilization.  Destroy nations and borders, and you will destroy Civilization.  Just perform a thought experiment, regarding the President of any nation putting his nation first.  Where else should he put it?  Second?  Last?  Why?  Why was he elected by his voters?  Does it not make most sense for an elected President of any nation to always seek the better interest of his own nation, first and foremost, in every area of his responsibility? 

There is only one alternative to Nationalism, and that is Globalism

Globalism demands perfection of all mankind in this world; an utter impossibility.  Perfection is not of this world, but the next. 

This is the hidden work of Satan, who is perfectly happy to remain unrecognized, unseen, unattributed to and not even believed in.  He remains hidden in the wings, allowing his many diverse demons to do his evil work for him.  Too few see it for what it is.  That's the problem

The Church is supposed to be leading the war against Satan, but much of Catholic education, too, has been successfully infiltrated where not taken over by evil Marxism.  There are probably just as many Bishops, per capita, as there are American Patriots, who are "alarmed" at President Trump's America First theme.  And there are many Bishops whose Catholic sense of Social Justice has been corrupted or even overpowered by Marxist Social Justice, even to the point of, wittingly or unwittingly, promoting Class Warfare

How does Marxist and American "Social Justice" differ? 

Marxism emphasizes pure economic equality while American Constitutionalism emphasizes equality before the seats of justice.  That is a huge difference.  Pure material equality is impossible to achieve.  That does not mean that society should not strive to lift up the lowly, but that, no matter what we do, in the practical world, there will always be poor people.  Their lot in life can be enhanced by strong families, strong Churches and a strong social sense of charity.  All things opposed by Marxism. 

Here's how the Catechism addresses economic factors in Social Justice:

2424 A theory that makes profit the exclusive norm and ultimate end of economic activity is morally unacceptable. the disordered desire for money cannot but produce perverse effects. It is one of the causes of the many conflicts which disturb the social order.203
A system that "subordinates the basic rights of individuals and of groups to the collective organization of production" is contrary to human dignity.204 Every practice that reduces persons to nothing more than a means of profit enslaves man, leads to idolizing money, and contributes to the spread of atheism. "You cannot serve God and mammon."205

2425 The Church has rejected the totalitarian and atheistic ideologies associated in modem times with "communism" or "socialism." She has likewise refused to accept, in the practice of "capitalism," individualism and the absolute primacy of the law of the marketplace over human labor.206 Regulating the economy solely by centralized planning perverts the basis of social bonds; regulating it solely by the law of the marketplace fails social justice, for "there are many human needs which cannot be satisfied by the market."207 Reasonable regulation of the marketplace and economic initiatives, in keeping with a just hierarchy of values and a view to the common good, is to be commended.

I submit that the "human needs which cannot be satisfied by the market" can be satisfied,

  1. by strong families,
  2. by a strong sense of neighborliness,
  3. by strong Churches,
  4. by Charitable institutions,
  5. in the last case, by non-federal, state and local governments.

Marxist central planning opposes and even prohibits all of that. 

Original Constitutional America promoted all of that. 

In the worst imaginable cases, the federal government should find ways to subsidize, with no strings attached, Churches, Charities and state and local governments.  A hard thing to do, and a tempting opportunity for the usurpation and centralization of all government power from the lower levels.  Federal money, sooner or later, becomes conditional.  First, comes the addiction to it, then comes the blackmail

Federal money is always corrupting. 

America prospered as no other nation had ever prospered when Families and Churches were strong.  Militant Secularism is the enemy of strong families and strong Churches.  Atheistic and militantly secularist Marxism displaces the father and even the family with the Collective, and in suppressing religion, it suppresses the charitable motive.  It makes all citizens dependent upon the state. 

It was the Supreme Court, not the Congress, and not the President, that violated the Constitution to establish the evil "Principle" of Separation of Church and State in America.  In the 1947 Everson case, which arguably never even should have been heard by the Supreme Court, the decision rendered twisted the First Amendment Religion Clause meaning from prohibiting establishing a state religion to mean prohibiting aiding any religion

This was not stupid.  It was evil

The effect was to introduce increasingly militant secularism into the formerly Christian government process of America.  To change us from a clearly Christian nation to a militantly secularist nation, like France.  The decision had the effect of unconstitutionally establishing New Law, which the Constitution declares to be the exclusive domain of the Congress, not the Court.  See Article One Section One.  

In first, unconstitutionally hearing Everson, and second, in adjudicating it the way they did, they made completely new federal law that did not exist before, by way of establishing a Case Law Precedent.  From the date of that unconstitutional Precedent, Militant Secularism has been driving Christianity out of the public square, out of government, out of education and even out of public expression, and out of the open marketplace and retail stores. 

The Court's unconstitutional establishment of Separation of Church and State marked the worst turning point in America's history, the single historical point at which we began to turn from a virtuous nation to a nation first accepting, then promoting, vice.  Doing the devil's work. 

Everson cleared the path for the following abominations of Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton, Obergefell Et Al v Hodges, and more.  All cases out of Constitutional scope, per Article One Section Eight, and all unconstitutionally establishing unlegislated, unsigned, unrepresentative and, worst of all - unaccountable - New Law.  "Legislating" from the bench.  Usurping the authorized legislative powers of the Congress and the President. 

And unresisted.  Unchallenged.  And they just keep doing it

Note well that a Supreme Court Justice (or a Senator, or a Congressman, or a President) who violates the Constitution in the performance of his office thereby violates his sworn oath of office, and commits an impeachable and indictable high crime against the nation. 

To date, that hasn't mattered to any President, Senator, Congressman or Supreme Court Justice.  Perhaps none of them took their oaths of office seriously.  (See the Impeachable Offenses Pages.)  Or perhaps they never even read the Constitution. 

America was founded and Constituted as a Christian NationEverson changed that, but not irreversibly so. 

Everson can be struck down and nullified as being unconstitutional and therefore illegal.  The Court itself established that precedent, in Maybury v Madison, striking down an unconstitutional law.  Any law that violates the Constitution is no law, and should be declared null and no law from that date forward, by any President, Congress or Court. 

The Constitution nowhere grants any of the three co-equal branches of government any special interpretive authority over the Constitution above that of any other.  The Congress Legislates Law; the President Executes Law; the Court Adjudicates Law.  All are sworn to uphold, and therefore to properly interpret, the Constitution.  They are also sworn to protect it, even from each other. 

Back when we operated under Christian American Politics, guided by American Christian Morality, and when We The People were predominantly steeped in the Christian Virtues, America was a great, mighty, prosperous and happy nation that did good in the world

America was never perfect, but America was about as good as it gets

Of course, that was then and this is now. 

Today, the Church, the Protestant Denominations, the world, most world governments, America, the American government and the American people have all been so deeply convinced in the truth of gigantic falsehoods that it is going to take a monumental program of "Reeducation" back into Truth again.  With an actual potential for violent resistance to Truth.  Whole generations now are steeped in frightening global falsehood, to the point of near hysteria. 

Climate Change.  Unsustainable Earth.  Population Problem.  Pollution.

And on, and on.  All problems too big for any one government to solve, or even any small group of nations.  It will take a Global Government effort to save the world; nothing less will do.  Why, just look at all the gigantic, life-threatening, ever growing problems out there. 

All held to be absolutely catastrophic problems, all leading to the end of life, unless we all vote the straight Marxocrat Party Ticket, and even then, the final catastrophe will only be held at bay a little longer.  The Republicrat Party, if allowed, will bring about the end of life within the next few days or weeks.  Only the UN can save the world! 


No, really. 

Lots and lots of so-called Millennials are actually convinced that life on earth will either end, or become too horrible to contemplate, before they reach retirement age.  They have been educated in these lies all their young lives, and the lies are daily supplemented by the propaganda disguised as News

But that ain't all.  They have also been educated in impracticality.  Taught to not compete.  Taught to not excel.  In classes where everyone gets a passing grade, there are no valedictorians and there are no failures.  Everyone gets a participation trophy, and no one keeps score. 

But that ain't all.  They have been trained to look only inward, not outward.  They can't see that they have been turned against themselves.  When teachers and professors and Freudian "experts" grossly exaggerate the horrible, horrible psychological damage done by "bullying", they mount a program to have everyone - not the bullies - everyone carefully examine themselves to expunge every ounce of any tendency toward bulliness, if that's a word, from themselves, to be more perfect people.  To be only super-nice to everyone.  And to watch and continually correct each other in the interest of social perfection and super ultra-niceness. 

Every incident of bullying results in more rules on the population, and more introspection on the part of everyone, to root-out the sources of bullying in each of us.  It's all - everyone - who are deemed guilty. 

Granted, we're seeing ridiculous "bullying" cases where some kid is unduly punish for practically nothing; but the real damage being done here is the emphasis on the whole student body to navel-gaze in the unnatural seeking of a population perfection.  Which actually harms the population

Kids are being trained to never experience adversity, never have to deal with bullying, never have to excel at anything, never compete, never be challenged, and to - get this - accept the purely authoritarian teaching of the teachers.  Remember Maslow and Fromm's vaunted Revolutionary, who was supposed to oppose all Authority?  Well, this authority is good, because it comes from the Left, and it seeks to improve and perfect mankind.  See? 

With education like this the only thing kids are qualified to do out in the real practical world is sit in the corner and suck their thumbs.  And vote the Marxocrat Party Ticket. 

If you think older generations are immune to this thinking, you haven't been paying attention to what going on around you. 

We experience mass-murder aimed at terrorism committed by Islamic Jihadists, and what is the result?  Everyone - the whole population, except for Moslems - is required to take off their shoes, their belts, be patted down and felt up, X-rayed, photographed nude, perhaps strip-searched, have our luggage gone through, before we can be allowed get on an airplane. 

We, and not the Moslems, are suspect, in every case of Islamic Jihad. 

And We The People put up with it

Are we any more practical than the Millennials?  How so?

President Eisenhower warned of the potential rise of a Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address to the nation.   He actually left out a word; he wanted to call it a Military Industrial Congressional Complex.  He was advised by his advisors to take out the word Congressional because it would upset the Congress, and it was not Politically Correct.  And he complied. 

Cultural Marxism pounced on the term, and never let go

Beginning with Korea, and all through the Vietnam War, the Marxocrat Party and their News Media, and practically the whole Political Commentariat, were all seeing a Military Industrial Complex under every bed in America, demonizing American motives and working to weaken American resolve against the advance of Communism in the world. 

Today, that tactic has gone on steroids.  What the new Left is seeing under every bed in America are Bullies, Cyber-Bullies, Micro-Bullies, and Islamophobes, and Homophobes, and Misogynists, and Nationalists, and Gun Nuts, and Populists, and Teapartiers, and Deplorables, and Xenophobes, and Republicrats, and Trump Supporters, and, horror of horrors, Christians

All things officially taught to be evil today.  All the hideous monsters today's terrified Millennials imagine might be hiding under their beds. 

President Trump's election put them all in melt-down mode.  They can[t handle it, because they never learned to handle any adversity whatsoever, and to them, this is a big one. 

So we see shrieking, hyperventilating Snowflakes, throwing screaming hissy-fits, in need of "Grief Counseling", even in actual need of medical attention, over nothing more than an election.  That's what comes of wrapping them in bubble-wrap in their campus "safe zones" and sensitizing them to invented, imaginary "micro aggressions", let alone any real opposition to anything they have been made to believe, let alone any adversity whatsoever, in any form at all, in any area of their super-protected, bubble-wrapped lives. 

Like, reality, for instance.  They can't handle the real world. 

Too stressful for them.  They have been made into emotional cripples

And we see older generations not much more practical.  They, too, believe most of the nonsensical global threats.  Including those in high government office.  And with these nonsensical threats, they "herd" the whole of the American population and all of American industry to do the will of the Left, for the good of the planet or something.  And We The People, for the most part, just allow ourselves to be herded. 

You mean water capacity of toilet tanks is not in the Constitution? 

You mean approved types of light bulbs are not in the Constitution? 

You mean fossil fuels are not in the Constitution?

You mean alternative gender rights are not in the Constitution? 

You mean live human beings being forced to share highways with self-driven cars and trucks is not in the Constitution? 

You mean, eventual loss of all human driving privileges to self-driven vehicles is not in the Constitution? 

Well, gosharooties, who'da thunk it? 

Not long ago somewhere among these webpages we asked the question, "The first time one of these self-driven vehicles kills someone, who gets the ticket?"  Well, it's happened since then.  A self-driven vehicle killed two people, and nobody got any ticket.  A white semi truck turned into the path of the self-driven car with two passengers in it, plenty far enough ahead to safely slow down.  But the robot car never slowed down; it ran slap into the side of that truck, full speed, killing both human passengers. 

The finding, as I understand it, was that the robot camera failed to pick out the white truck against the white sky background, and didn't recognize it as a truck, and didn't slow down to let it complete its turn.  No real concern shown for the two dead people.  The problem will be fixed, and it will never, never happen again.  Nothing to worry about.  Two human lives is a small price to pay for progress.  We all know that nothing mechanical ever fails, and robotics are more safe on the roads than all of us stupid human beings. 

After all, we've already surrendered our Constitutional freedom of speech and freedom of press to unconstitutional Politically Correct Speech Codes; why not surrender the right to drive our own cars wherever we want to drive them, too?  It would be safer for everybody, and nobody ever wants to feel unsafe or take any risk on their own.  So, abandon risk, responsibility and freedom.  It will be good for the collective. 

Right?  Just ask your Congressman.  Ask any Obamunist.  Ask any highly educated Millennial.  You better ask quick, before your government-imposed self-driven car runs you off some bridge instead of to the supermarket. 

Many worry, with good cause, about the rapidly accelerating advance of technology, with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics taking charge of various aspects of our lives, by edict of government, for our own good.  Which means that far too few of us still read our own original Constitution.  Constitutionally, material technology may only be allowed to take over any aspect of our lives if, and to the extent, that we allow it to do so, so long as we still maintain our American Constitutional right to Liberty

In a nation protecting Liberty, people and corporations will participate in this "merging" of technology and humanity only by choice, and many will choose not to participate.  My guess is, most.  But the proponents of it, like the proponents of every other evil thing, will insist that all must participate, in order to make it work.  They will willingly sacrifice Liberty for themselves, and suppress Liberty for everyone else, in the interest of the "betterment" of life for the Global Collective

What does Satan have to do with all of this?  Everything.  Satan is the father of falsehood, nonsense, error, misdirection, and everything to do with and flowing from any original Lie.  And all of this nonsense is based on lies.  Untruth.  Scientism, all dressed up like real Science. 

As bad as all of this may appear to be, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  We have yet to address the absolute moral depravity of the Left. 

The post-election Woman's March, in opposition to the election of President Trump, highlights the unmistakable depravity of the Marxocrat Party, the Media, the Clinton Campaign and many among the "Never Trumpers", who actually supported, with money and/or public encouragement, and who lauded it and applauded it.  And the participants.  Lets look at the ones who predominated in all the marches, in cities all over America, and in Washington DC.  And note that these, who predominated, were carefully not covered in the Media's air-brushed and totally positive reporting of the events. 

Little children participated in these parades, holding disgusting signs.  The newly popular knitted pink pussy hats may be the mildest of the moral depravity. 

And where is the evidence that President Trump is anything more than a normal man, or that he is some kind of incorrigible misogynist, racist or bigot of some kind?  It doesn't really exist.  These people don't want him to be normal; they want him to be weak, submissive, emasculated, and promoting of evil, like them.  And bigoted against Christians, and against white people, and against straight people, and against normalcy, like them.  Against nature, like them. 

And against God.  Like them. 

And the culturally Marxist mainstream news media is in on it.  In bed with it.  Participating in the advance of it.  They showed none of these signs, recorded none of the absolute obscenity that came out of all the screeching mouths, none of the vulgar language and middle fingers, none of the obscene costumes and signs. 

The coifed, blow-dried and dignified news anchors lauded all of this.  Heaped praise on it and congratulated it, without honestly reporting it as it actually was.  "This is what Democracy looks like", they said.  Which should at least make us happy that we are not a Democracy.  It was a "massive, peaceful demonstration" showing displeasure withe the election of Trump, they said.  Showing that a majority of American women oppose Trump. 

They couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. 

And the numbers; according to the press, why, there must have been millions of them. 

Just watch their coverage of the annual March For Life coming up.  Every year, hundreds of thousands march in Washington, and every year, the press gives equal or greater coverage to the ten or so pro-abortion demonstrators who show up to protest the march, and never, ever, reporting on that actual size of the event. 

It was delayed one week this year because of the inauguration. 

Watch and see how the media fails to cover it, or covers it falsely. 

Bottom line, so much of all of this on the Left is demonic, and Satanic, not seen for what it is, not reported for what it is, and highlighting of the absolute danger to whole cultures of not anathematizing evil early on.  Now, having not anathematized and shunned it, we are faced with the problem of separating from it, because many if not most of these people will never convert back from it.  Evil has destroyed their souls.  They cannot even discern that they have gone evil.  Many do not even believe in evil. 

Evil cannot be lived with.  Evil must be defeated.  Hopefully, politically

Evil must be driven back to the fringes of culture, if not out of it. 

The real problem in this battle:  The Church is not leading the way

Who is leading the way, at the moment, is the one who, to many, appears to be the least likely champion of Truth and opponent of Falsehood:  President Donald J. Trump. 

Gosharooteies, who'da thunk it? 

We supported Ted Cruz until he was defeated by Trump.  We then began to support Trump, with some misgivings, because all we knew about Trump at that point was pretty negative.  Mostly relating to some seemingly purposeful bankruptcies, from which he benefited. 

Closer examination of Trump history when he became the only viable alternative to a Clintonian continuation of the march out from under our Constitution and into Marxist Global Tyranny, showed that all this negative Trump history came out of the News Media.  And we have known that the News Media was an evil, deceptive, Marxist liar ever since the Cuban Revolution.  And suddenly Trump didn't look so bad. 

Trump is not perfect.  So what?  You don't have to be perfect to be a Christian.  You don't have to be perfect to be a citizen.  Hell, look at me.  It is the evil "Seamless Garment" view of the world that says that all sin is the same sin, and all virtue is the same virtue.  Missing Mass on Sunday is equally sinful to the sin of Abortion. 

Therefore, no one who sins in any way whatsoever should be voted for, and Trumps "with exceptions" opposition to abortion is absolutely equal to Madam Hillary's championing of abortion up to and during delivery, and after.  So, in the "Seamless Garment" view, the good Catholic should not vote for either candidate. 

Thereby advancing evil again. 

Seamless Garment is just another form of Moral Relativism.  An excuse

We got behind Trump because he is a Realist before he is anything else. 

Again and again, through the lying media, the minority is made to look like the majority, and the civilized and decent are made to feel like they are the ones who are out-of-step with the larger culture. 

Look at the Marxocrat Party, who sponsors, encourages, feeds and nourishes all of this moral depravity, exemplified by the nation-wide Women's March.  Look at the Republicrat Party office holders who are right in there with them.  McCain, and his current "Gang Of (Number-Of-The-Moment)" Mavericks, always intent on "Bi-Partisan Cooperation" to "Get Things Done", driving toward the final destruction of America. 

Look at all the Hollywood stars, the actors, the singers, the comedians, the entertainers of every kind, who defend it, and spur it all on, with all the crude and vulgar language indicative of their "class".  They can't help themselves.  They learned all of this in their homes; it is the language and the moral code of their families, their mentors, their whole industry, their colleagues, their fans, and everyone they associate with

Look at all the well-dressed and civil-looking, and civilized-acting, News Anchors, print and broadcast journalists, editors, commentators, editorialists and pundits, and public documentary producers, who lie about all of this, with lies of omission and commission, dressing it up to make it look socially acceptable, while loving it, behind the scenes. 

Here's the thing:  they, altogether, are still a minority. 

Most of the women in the Women's March are, in all likelihood, duped Useful Idiots, invincibly ignorant of the evil they are involved in, and blithely unaware of how they are being politically manipulated.  They are just another branch or subset of the Moron Vote, not entirely unlike OWS, or Hands-Up-Don't-Shoot, or BLM, or the Hippies and Yippies of yesteryear. 

The Maxocrats, the Moron Vote, the Media, Hollywood, etc., still, are a minority among us.  Madam Hillary might have still gotten the majority of votes in places like New York, California and Illinois, but she never would nave gotten as large a majority in those places without the aid of the massive voter fraud typical of Marxocrat Party ruled areas with their Marxocrat Party controlled elections.  Everybody knows they cheat.

And everybody knows they lie.

The real questions any realist, like President Trump, must ultimately face and deal with involve,

  • whether those in opposition to Truth are stupid of evil;
  • to what degree stupidity or evil dominates their thinking;
  • the level incorrigibility or openness to Truth in them;
  • whether they can be lived with or need to be separated from.

One senses that President Trump is not a time-waster or incessant worrier.  He is a decisive man if ever there was one.  These people who are so bitter, angry, hateful and vengeful, who have been made to hate America and hate Trump and hate us, are still American citizens, for the most part.  That's the problem.  They have rights. 

Yet, they must be separated from us, from whatever remains of decent American culture, if decent American culture is to survive.  They, many of whom already occupy some of the highest and most respected or revered positions in culture, must be driven, by the larger culture, out to the "unpopular" and more or less shunned fringes of America society. 

We The People have to do this, perhaps with prompting and "Tweeting" from the President and others like him.  It is society that must change, and return to normalcy, naturalness and Truth.  Somehow, most of those "Red Carpet" and Limousine, "in the limelight" people, with their immodest dress, vulgar language and hateful attacks on Truth must be displaced, in the public view, and in their current celebrity popularity

Because, bottom line, it doesn't matter whether the opponents of Truth are stupid or evil.  They still oppose Truth; they still must be separated from.  Their ability to affect younger generations must be radically reduced, if the larger American culture is to return to high Christian morality as a normal way of life. 

For We The People cannot enjoy Liberty without living virtuous lives.  Liberty and Virtue go together.  Uncontrollable people require the heavy hand of government. 

President Trump is already showing us how to do it, in his first week in office.  You make a decision, and you just do it.  Very simple; nothing to it. 

All the Never Trumpers, and even all the pseudo-conservative, Obama-owned commentators, like Krauthammer, Will, Krystal, Brooks, etc., quite literally, don't know whether to sh*t or go blind.  Every prediction they have made has been wrong.  And that can be said of the whole media

Every single poll has been proven false, probably a lie.  Including popularity polls.  Every single thing Trump, the candidate, did, brought out a prediction of failure from them, which was wrong.  On winning the Presidency, they were all flabbergasted

And they all, to a man, said that he then needed to "reach out" to the opposition and "unite us all" and do "Bipartisan Cooperation", a la phony conservatives like McCain. 

President Trump didn't do that, and they were flummoxed again. 

All of them, Republicrats especially, are almost literally crapping their pants.  President Trump is doing every single thing that all of them have been telling the population was impossible to do, for every generation probably since Wodrow Wilson.  Proving themselves to be liars.  Again, whether stupid or evil makes no difference.  They still stand in opposition to Truth. 

What is most delicious of all to watch now, is how some of the most infamous Republicrat traitors to their own voters, like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, are now practically falling all over themselves trying to look like exuberant, dedicated Trump Supporters, jumping on the Trump Train and trying to look like leaders of the movement, hoping most of us might forget their past treason.  I don't know about you, but I'm not forgetting. 

It was President Trump, and not Pope Francis, who brought all this to a very serious potential world turning point.  And all the world is watching. 

The battle, as always, is between Truth and Falsehood, in virtually every area of human knowledge. 

Men of science, men of philosophy, men of scholarship, men of Christian and Jewish theology, clerics of all ranks, including the Pope, politicians of all ranks, including Presidents and other rulers, down to the lowest of all third-world nation citizens, all need to do a critical self-examination regarding our own standing in Truth or Falsehood. 

  • Anyone who holds that evil does not exist in the world and therefore there is no need for armies and navies, is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that nations do not need secure borders in order to remain identifiable nations is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that the normative family, consisting of one Father, one Mother and their biological Children, is somehow not normal or should not be the norm in human society, is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that the homosexual condition is natural, or that it is somehow genetic or a condition people are born with, is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that a human being is not scientifically and empirically identifiable as a living human being even at the very moment of conception is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that there are human sexual identity possibilities other than the two identified by the XX and XY chromosomes is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that the climate of the world is something man can control or that man is inadvertently or willfully destroying is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that the earth is running out of any vital resource needed by man is either stupid or evil. 
  • Anyone who holds that any form of pollution is other than local and that it is not subject to dilution into eventual non-pollution, is either stupid or evil. 

These things were once obvious to most everyone at first glance.  That was before Cultural Marxism owned education, news and entertainment.  Cultural Marxists are either stupid or evil. 

Because of demonic Cultural Marxism most of President Trump's real opposition has no real ideology other than pure hedonism and the "freedom" to be enslaved by various forms of sensual and sexual gratification.  If you ask these opponents, exemplified by the Women's March, and by Hollywood Celebrity, what their ideological goals were, they couldn't answer in a rational way.  They are less for anything, other than unlimited sexual gratification, than they are against everything, and filled with hate and vengeance and a need to "get even" or to somehow punish their opposition. 

They have reduced themselves to a Party of hatred and vengeance. 

But, you say, all of their very popular, unconstitutionally passed and heavily politically protected laws protecting all of their evil behaviors are now solidly established as valid law, and so there's nothing President Trump can do about them, without "Bipartisan Cooperation" with all of Congress, and without the approval of the Supreme Court.  After all, it's now The Law Of The Land, and even our super-decisive President Trump cannot just undo that

They hell he can't. 

If it's unconstitutional, he can simply declare it null.  Look at his Oath Of Office: 

"I, Donald J. Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Unlike nearly everyone in Washington today, he meant it.  It is his bound duty to execute the office in accordance with the Constitution, and it is his bound duty to preserve, protect and defend it.  What does "preserve" mean?  It means, if it has been weakened or violated, it must be restored to its original state, and preserved that way. 

See the Fixing America Pages, and especially the Cut The Spending Pages.  There is not one single thing in American Law that is clearly unconstitutional on its face that President Trump cannot break, with or without the cooperation of Congress or the Court. 

He can break Secularism.  He can break Abortion.  He can break Homo-Marriage.  You name it.  If it's unconstitutional, he can break it, by simply declaring it null.  Very simple; nothing to it. 

Pray for President Trump. 

In all his human imperfections, he's the only decisive leader on the world stage who is championing Truth over Falsehood, and consistently winning the battleDecisivelyConsistently

Go, Trump, Go. 


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The Marxist Cloward-Pivoning of Trump's Administration.  Overloading Government at every level of Marxist Organization.

Can we, in our majority, even recognize the diabolical any more?  Are we all so busy and so hypnotized by the world that Satan and all his evil works are the absolute farthest things from our minds?

Trumping the Media, Trumping The Establishment, and Trumping Marxism.  President Elect Trump is Trumping the System that has been running us into the ground, and he is just Trumping it "naturally".

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Emoticon Bigotry:  the induced bigotry symptom within Emoticon Syndrome.  The Educationally Induced Emoticon Syndrome project introduces Emoticon Bigotry, making the student a hopeless bigot, just like his teachers.

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Giving thanks for the Intercession of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Storming Heaven with Prayer must not end now; pray for Heaven's Guidance of President Trump.

On the nature of Warfare, on the eve of 2016 Election Day.  In this world, you can wage Spiritual Warfare, Political Warfare or Military Warfare.  But standing neutral will not save you or your children from evil in this wold.

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Leftist Rioters need our empathy; law enforcement against them is a no-no.  Leftist rioters and anarchists are publicly sympathized with, even at the expense of civil order, public safety and property rights.

Rush hit another home run describing all the "PC Vapors" after the last debate.  The whole Media, and even Glenn Beck, got the PC Vapors and nearly feinted, trying to shield the children's ears during the debate.

Did Trump just Flip? He will now "deal" with Marxocratism and Obamunism?  The Donald has flipped before, but this may be the flip to end all flips. If HE won't stop the destruction, WHO WILL?

Trump and Palin: Why are they considered to be the incompatible "Odd Couple"?  If there's an incompatible "Odd Couple" it is the Tea Party and the Republicrat Party, not Trump and Palin, both of whom fully intend to stop exactly what we the people want stopped. 

How "Trumpism" trumps pseudo-conservatism, and is not Obamunism.   Trumpism:  A turning away from the treacherous Republicrat Party's treason, toward the only imperfect alternative.

Cruz and Trump Rise Again, and the Elites still don't get it.  The Candidate who actually recognizes the existing war and then properly prosecutes it will win all the marbles.

Trump Confounds the Republicrats and Flummoxes the Marxocrat Party's Media.  Trump continues to confound the Left, including the "Bipartisan" Republicrat Party.

A prayer for President Trump, that through him we may return to justice.  That the huge responsibility may humble him to his knees, bless and inspire him to lead us in a return to True Justice.

Trump v Clinton = Ignorance & Indifference v Machiavellian Evil.  Choosing Trump v Clinton is easy; it's choosing amoral love of country v pure, deceitful, evil intending, flat out immorality.

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Rope-A-Dope Political Trick.  Getting the populace all exercised to grow the government over yet another political false premise involving yet another imaginary Constitutional "Right".

Forced Return to Constitutionalism:  The Only Realistic Swamp-Draining.  The only realistic way to "Drain The Swamp" is to brutally club anti-Constitution Government Officials back under their own Constitution, or out of Government altogether.

The Apolitical Lord Jesus, Who Split Religion and Politics.  Until Jesus, Religion and Politics were Combined.  Jesus hit history with a force that split time itself, established the New Calendar and Split Worldly and Ecclesial Government Apart.

Trump Flips:  Are they Flips, or "Art Of The Deal" Deal-Making?  Note that in every so-called Trump Flip-Flop, Trump winds up in a much better relationship and/or a much stronger negotiating position with some former adversary.

A Trump Inspired Global Turning:  A World Returning to Cultural Sanity.  Kiss the notions of a "Post-Christian World" and a "Post-American World" goodbye.  We may be seeing a Massive Global Turning Away from Imminent Global Disaster.

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Why does Flynn need Legal Immunity?  Because the Legal Process is so Corrupt.  So long as the Senate, the House and Courts, Judges and Justices up and down the line are driven by Political Party Agenda and not by the Constitution or the Law as written, Truth does not matter.

Repealing Obamacare means getting the federal government completely out of it.  The Political Parties will never repeal it.  Repeal it Hell; Kill it, and the States and Private Sector will scramble for the business.  Strike it down as flagrantly unconstitutional and illegal law.

Trump, the Freedom Caucus and the Bogus Health Care "Entitlement".  The Freedom Caucus was right; but Dead Right; the rest of the Party Opposed them.  Trump is making them unite, as a Party, while fracturing a unified Marxocrat Party.

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Breaking Government "Sausage-Making" to Repeal Obamacare.  Political Government Sausage Making versus plain and simple Constitutional Government is the sole problem with repealing Obamacare.

Notable Quotable Judie Brown, on Trump, Life and Death.  American Life League's Quotable Judie Brown nailed the essence of the response to Trump's offer to Planned Parenthood.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire, Nose As Long As A Telephone Wire.  "Liar Liar" applies to the whole Washington Establishment, both of their Parties and their whole Fake News Media, in their obsessive-compulsive mission to destroy Trump.

Trump Rising:  "We'll fully fund Planned Parenthood if they stop Abortions."  Planned Parenthood's Answer:  No!  We're PROUD to be committing Abortions!

Unconstitutional Obamacare, and Unconstitutional Replacementcare.  If federal control of private industry is illegal, then why would any sworn-in, honest and fully conscious Congress simply replace one blatant illegality with another?

Wiretapping Trump:  Why is anyone surprised?  Wiretapping Trump may be among the least of all the Obamunist - Marxocrat Party crimes against the Constitution and the Citizenry of the USA.

Original Design preserves the Church, and preserves America.  The Original Design of the Church was of Divine Authorship.  The Original Design of the USA was as "perfect" as any mere men could ever design.

On the Establishment Rage aimed at President Trump.  Globalist, Marxist, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Law, Unbalanced Establishment Rage aimed at the Trump Presidency and Agenda, is Dedicated and Committed to Destroying his Presidency.

Trump Speak:  What's new in Trump's speech to Congress?  Nothing whatsoever.  Trump Speak is People Speak.  He's been saying the exact same things from the very beginning.  The Establishment, the Media and all other Globalists and Cultural Marxists were never even listening, until now.

Amnesty Schmamnesty!  Feelings are feelings and the law is the law.  "Feelings" and "Values" and "Who We Are" and other Freudian-Marxian tricks are not the law, and they do nothing for National Security other than to harm it.

How Sworn in Operators of the Law can actually Hate the Law.  The Marxocrat Party, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc., all solemnly sworn to uphold the Law, but who actually Hate The Law.

Who is guaranteed Freedom of the Press?  CNN, or you and me?  The First Amendment Rights were written to protect all Citizens, not to solely protect Partisan Propagandist Corporations to the exclusion of others. 

Draining Swamps (Plural) through the Information Revolution.  Well, ya gotcher Global Swamp, ya gotcher National Swamps andja gotcher Catholic Clerical Swamp.  And Information Technology is the Roto-Rooter in all of them.

President Trump and the Strong, Manly Leadership we were all looking for.  Strong, Manly Leadership has finally arrived in America.  The Church still waits for it.

Watching President Trump Breaking the Fake News Media.  Wow.  I mean, like, wow.  Watching Trump Breaking the Fake News Media is the Best Show In Town.  It's a beautiful thing.

Evil Globalist Desperation drives the Rush to Impeach Trump.  They are desperate to find a way to impeach Trump, now, while they still own the Chief Justice and an "Establishment" majority in Congress.

The still unrecognized evil goal of the Trump Opposition.  It isn't just Trump they are after, and it isn't just Constitutional America they seek to destroy.  The unrecognized evil goal is Globalism, and the end of nations and liberty of man.

President Trump, a Sign of Contradiction in the World.  Am I the only one who sees Trump as what we are all called to be but are not; a sign of contradiction in the world, opposed by many?  Or am I nuts? 

The George Soros Republicrats.  Is anyone surprised that Soros money backed McCain, Graham, Ryan, Rubio, etc.?  I'm not. 

Massive Public Outrage for Hire, to the Highest Bidder.  The Woman's March on Washington, the ongoing Airport Demonstrations, all, and more, all bought and paid for, in advance.

On "Killer" Putin and the Indefensible Trump Remarks.  Putin's a Killer, but, like, we're not, so we should all just run and hide from Putin.  Right?

Party-Breaking:  Trump's Key to American Greatness.  Trump's real key to Making American Great Again is to break allegiance to Party and return sole allegiance to Constitutional America.

Potentially Wrong Decisiveness v Always Wrong Indecision.  President Trump's bold decisiveness contrasted with Pope Francis' Pronounced Indecision.

The "Hitlerian" Trump Slander: Communism's Oldest Deceptive Strategy.  Fake News Media, the Pope, the Marxocrat Party, and even Republicrat "Establishment" types raise the specter of Nazism associated with "Populist" President Trump, who isn't even an ideologue.

The Inaugural aftermath shows that the Establishment still doesn't get it.  Horror of horrors!  Trump keeps saying what he always keeps saying!  And the Marxocrats may be Marxified, but the Republicrats are just plain Stupidified.

Praying for President Trump on Inauguration Day.  Invoking the Protection of the Holy Spirit on our new President as all of American and world Cultural Marxism becomes more and more dangerously unhinged.

The Anti-Reality of Show Biz, exemplified by "The View".  Leftist opposition to Nature, Men, Christianity, Life, Human Babies, Marriage, etc., amounts to insane opposition to Reality itself, by nearly all of Hollywood.

All the Congressmen boycotting Trump's inauguration are of one Marxist mindset.  How much ya wanna bet all the Congressmen boycotting the inauguration should have been impeached from office and charged with criminal malfeasance in office long ago?

Wouldn't it drive Fake-News nuts if President Trump joined the March For Life?  The whole Marxocrat Party, their Fake News Media and All Hollywood Nobility would go ballistic.

Is Putin's Hack of our Election why Hillary Won the Popular Vote?  If the Russian Election Hack actually affected the election, maybe that's why the Popular Vote went to Hillary.

Cyber Security:  A Globally Accessible Totally Secure system is an oxymoron.  A computer system may be globally accessible or totally secure, but not both at the same time.

Linda Kimball

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"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

Find a Latin Mass

Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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