A return to the American Ideal means a severe reduction in Government.

To return to positive growth and progress means, necessarily, purging our nation from all Marxist-Socialist philosophical influence and a return to the American Ideal.

Vic Biorseth,

The American Ideal, in its original form, involved a free people with a representative government, in which the people were unhindered by the government from doing whatever legitimate business or activity they cared to engage in. The representative government was to restrict the activities of the people, through legislated representative law, only in so far as to maintain peace and domestic tranquility. The American government was first instituted and brought into existence by a people who governed their individual and collective lives by the Judeo-Christian ethos as developed throughout the history of Western Civilization, with the clear intention of aligning all civil law and future governing direction with that, specific, well known and well established Western Culture Ethos, and no other.

Amid the trials of daily life, the core values of Americanism and the need for America to continue to exist a bit longer tend to fall into the taken for granted bin of things not worried about. Well, we had better start worrying about them.

Current Leftist-Marxist thinking, which now dominates in America's Democrat Party and is not totally absent from the Republican Party, has morphed into something that actually threatens the continued national existence of America itself. Miss-begotten partially from a misplaced sense of revulsion for Nationalism mistaken for Nazi-Fascism, today's Leftie-Liberals dream of and work toward an end to national borders, nations and sovereignty, and the achievement of a Utopian, perfect, Global Village, or World-State. This would mean, of course, an end to Democracy, our Republic, our Constitution and all that goes with it. This is the new International Communism, by another name, but still directly descended from Marxism.

Yes, the Leftie-Liberals really are that dumb. We now have a major political Party quietly dedicated to our national end. No more United States Of America, as a long-term American political goal.

The partially-causative misplaced sense of revulsion for nationalism is a direct descendent of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolph Hitler’s secret pre-war collusion in which they publicly demonized each other’s systems, in purposeful disinformation and propaganda programs, as excuses for their brutal political activities within their respective national borders. Stalin was acting to destroy Nationalism; Hitler was acting to destroy Bolshevism (Communism); neither was judicially murdering political opposition and consolidating dictatorial political power by the cruelest of means. That was the public story line. They would later betray each other and go to war with each other; but Stalin never abandoned his public condemnation of nationalism, and today’s philosophical Communists all despise nationalism as a direct result of that old Communist disinformation program.

However, Hitler, too, was a self-professed Marxist, and the only difference between him and Stalin was that he formed a Nationalist-Socialist (Nazi) Party while Stalin stuck with the Internationalist Party story line. Both were frauds; Marxism was, for both of them, and all other Marxist dictators, a good cover story and a good way to recruit a lot of unthinking, ideologue-zealots and head-bobbing idiot assistants, to serve beneath the closest, most trusted, ruling inner-circle of ruthless murderers, common criminals and misfits they surrounded themselves with.

And so, to this day, all philosophical Communists, many of whom do not even know what they are, despise and demonize Nationalism and equate love-of-nation to Nazism/Fascism, because that’s what Joseph Stalin said it was. And they simply don’t know any better. Ask a Leftie-Liberal what they would like to replace the Nationalism, and all the Sovereign Nations that they so despise with, and the answer will be some form of International Communism, but by some other name. Perhaps yet another New World Order, or a Borderless Society, or a Global Village, or perhaps a One World State, to be ruled by the United Nations and/or the World Court, or some other idealized super-national entity on one of their theoretically perfect, silly, pipe-dream pedestals.

The lower-rung philosophical Communists are, therefore, impractical idealistic simpletons, while the upper-rung ones who know full well what they are about are evil, pure and simple.

The Leftie-Liberals are always working hard and doing their best to convince the rest of us of the wisdom of taking some foreign, unrepresentative entity, not accountable to us, not subject to our Constitution, over us, and even over our own Constitution - for our own good, which they think they know better than the rest of us. The two favored foreign entities of the moment are the corruption-ridden UN, and the more or less self-proclaimed World Court. UN officials have already speechified and pontificated on the need for it to involve itself in World Governance, and the World Court already audaciously assumes some form of existing authority over the whole world. No one in either entity is representative, in any sense of the word, of the citizens of America, or of the citizens of any other nation. None of them are accountable to anyone. Yet those who object to this flat out arrogance are seen, by Leftie-Liberals, to be arrogant. Go figure.

So what the American Leftie-Liberals are driving at is the end of that which they take most advantage of and pretend to love and support, which is, the freedom and rights that are attendant to the best existing example of representative government in the world today: the very Constitutional organization of the United States of America. Imperfect though it is and imperfect though it will always be, it remains unique in the entire world, as the best example of a good and free society. Ask the millions who emigrate or try to emigrate or wish they could emigrate here every year why they want to come here, of all places. They’ll tell you.

America is, and has been from her birth, the quite real Land Of Opportunity, and the whole world knows it. The only people who don’t know it are the Leftie-Liberals who seek to bring it all down.

Since the Hoover-Roosevelt era government economic interference programs that caused and prolonged the Great Depression, the American government has been radically growing and increasing its legal grasp, lowering its own moral standards and moving us all farther away from open adherence to, let alone open celebration of, our founding and continuing Western Culture Ethos. Ranking Leftie-Liberals in high government office today are openly proud of the fact that they openly oppose the notion that any of us might publicly proclaim America to actually be a Christian nation. Or that we might be a Christian people. Or even that there is a God. Which makes one wonder who they pretend to represent, since fully 86% of us are self-proclaimed Christians, and fully 92% of us are self-proclaimed believers in God.

Regarding Immigrants I know a young man who came here from the Congo, with nothing. Literally. He went to one of those schools that teach you how to drive a big truck, and got himself a class A commercial driver’s license. All the time he went to that school, he had no place to stay, and slept outside wherever he could, until some members of a local Church took him in and gave him shelter. He went to work driving a truck, and began the process of actually buying it from the trucking company, in order to become an Owner-Operator. He paid it off in one year instead of the contracted four years, and he did it while living and sleeping on the truck, and also while still managing to send money to his mother and family members back in Africa. We’re talking about, essentially, a homeless person here, who was determined to make something of himself here in America. Today he is no longer homeless; he has his own place and car, is making good money as an Owner-Operator, and is looking to buy more trucks and hire drivers for his new personally owned trucking company.

He had no idea what he was letting himself in for when he came here; all he knew was that he wanted to be an American truck driver and have his own company. You and I probably couldn’t do that; we’re not psychologically prepared. We have monthly payments for, well, lots of things; our houses, our cars, our stuff. This young man had none of that; all he had was drive and determination. He had no monthly payments for anything, because he had nothing. Now he has something, and it’s paid for, and I predict he will have much, much more before he retires. That’s not to say there won’t be bumps in the road, setbacks and disappointments along the way. But he has something better than gold: the sure knowledge that it can be done. He knows that. It’s why he came here.

I submit for your consideration the argument that, this is precisely the kind of immigrant America needs the most. This young man exemplifies the kind of immigrants who really built this country and made it the richest nation on Earth. He is very much like my own grandparents, and perhaps like yours, too. I’m talking about people who came here with nothing, and who began building businesses and families on little more than hope, and faith in our absolutely unique American Dream.

We have quite enough well-to-do people here; we are up to our eyeballs in engineers, doctors, lawyers and professional people. Upper class people, professional people and rich people who choose to immigrate to America, basically, intend to come here to be safe, secure, free, comfortable, and live off the fat of the land. We all need to re-read the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free;
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore;
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me;
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

The one, main key word, among the many reasons to come here, for the kind of people addressed in that inscription, is free. They come here so that they will be free to improve their own condition and that of their current and future families. All they need to do that is to be left alone and unhindered, in a place secure from outside threats, and, most important: to be free.

People like that are quite valuable human capital; in uplifting themselves, they will, without even being aware of it, uplift their local communities and their new chosen nation. They will provide fuel for the economy, and they will generate entirely new wealth, where it didn’t exist before. The rich immigrant who comes here is looking for comfort, pure and simple. The poor immigrant who comes here is looking fulfill a dream, and to meet any challenge to that dream head-on, and overcome it. He will do something positive for our nation, whether he’s aware of it or not.

Obviously, we cannot open our borders to the whole world, or most of it would be here almost overnight. No civilized nation today allows unrestricted access across their national borders, and neither should we. We need to restrict immigration by some formula to keep the numbers manageable. But our national immigration law restriction criteria should favor the poorest over the richest, and I think today it might actually be the other way round. To our national detriment.

Regarding the Illegal Aliens: Amendment XIV of our Constitution was intended to assimilate all slaves and people of slave ancestry into the larger culture of free, voting, represented citizens. The first sentence reads:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

This well intended sentence has had the unintended consequence of opening a back-door path to unrestricted access to our territory for people who otherwise would be legally restricted from being here. Specifically, Mexican and other foreign citizens illegally enter the United States, give birth to babies who are then automatically American citizens, and their parent(s) is (are) thereby granted access to our territory that they would not otherwise legally enjoy. There is not much that can be done retroactively about the many who have taken advantage of this unintended loop-hole, but we can put an end to it, via the admittedly arduous path of the Constitutional amendment process. The sentence should be modified by amendment to read:

All persons born to American parents in the United States, or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

There is not much we can do about all the people who became citizens through this back-door approach taken by people who came here illegally, but we can certainly close that back door and put an end to its future use. There is nothing here that would “un-free” the slaves, since we now have no slaves, and no law may be passed and then enforced retroactively against people who may have violated it before it existed. No Amendment has any effect on what may have transpired before its passage.

Leftie-Liberal Obfuscation: The tortured Leftist terminology avoiding the term illegal alien used by those who hate national borders to begin with is both amusing and disgusting. Undocumented Workers is a popular one; and some of the millions of illegal aliens here may indeed be undocumented workers; but they are illegal aliens first. It’s pretty simple. They’re aliens, and they are here illegally. Another favored term is Illegal Immigrants, which is rather blatantly false, since they have no intention of immigrating here at all. They just want to skip back and forth across our borders illegally, make money while here, and take it back home to spend it, or to support family members. An immigrant wants to move here, to become a citizen, and to live here. That does not describe the illegal aliens at all, or, it describes damned few of them.

All we know for sure about these people is that they are alien to America and they knowingly violated the law of this country, and probably another one, in order to illegally come here. They filled out no immigration papers, they applied for no visa, or green-card, or anything else. They conspired with fellow illegal aliens, smugglers and other criminals to get here, and they periodically criminally re-cross our borders in the other direction, and then do it again. Since deporting them seems to only have the effect of having them get re-arrested here again for the same offense, they probably should be imprisoned.

One year for a first offense, five years for a second, ten for a third and each subsequent offense, each followed by deportation. It shouldn’t be too expensive or too hard to build very basic, austere, simple internment camps to house them all.

As I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with people crossing our borders, legally, in either direction. Thousands of people do it every single day. Doing it legally means providing the required identification and filling out all the required papers or applications, fulfilling the legal requirements of both countries involved, and then crossing the border. There’s nothing difficult about this. Every country on Earth has some similar requirements. That’s what passports and visas and similar documents are for.

Many of the illegal aliens who keep criminally crossing back and forth across our borders are other-than-smuggler type criminals and gangsters who are engaged in various criminal and gang activity, on both sides of the border. In accordance with the common criminal ethos, none of us should be surprised if these criminals cooperate with terrorists who want to criminally cross our borders too.

The real problem is this: The Leftie Liberals despise the very idea of national borders to begin with. They would prefer that we skip all other intermediary processes and move right into some form of internationalism, and call ourselves a Global Village or something similar. And they feel that we are arrogant and even nazi-fascist in our nationalistic pride when we disagree, and that we are “typical” Ugly Americans. Bottom line: Lefties are just dumber than doorknobs. To call them un-American would be a gross understatement. They are actually anti-American.

We oppose minimum wage laws and all other wage-price controls, because they make no economic sense. The minimum wage law is a nonsensical law that is violated every single day because it is so at odds with economic reality. Millions of migrant workers prove my point by working American fields and being paid “under the table” wages that are lower than the minimum wage. Almost every week some “sweat shop” is discovered and reported on in the news in American cities with bunches of laborers paid sub-minimum wages. There is a giant existing market for sub minimum wage work in America. This is not rocket science. The market will be satisfied. Millions upon millions of illegal aliens, many of whom come here every year, come here for the very purpose of illegally working at sub-minimum wage jobs.

I think some of you have misunderstood me on this. My problem with the illegal aliens is not that some of them are being paid illegally, but that they are here illegally. And my problem with their employers has nothing to do with how much or little they pay these people, but that they employ people who are here illegally. Employers convicted of knowingly employing illegal aliens should be imprisoned and heavily fined, and their businesses should be permanently shut down.

The overwhelming majority of American workers are employed at a level considerably higher than the minimum wage and are in no real danger of loosing any part of their pay. Any Americans who do not want to work for less than minimum wage do not have to do so. It is clear and obvious that a whole lot of people would have no problem at all with working in America for sub-minimum wages. The whole notion of a minimum wage induces in a population a sense of false security, in that a certain wage is an entitlement that is just due, and does not need to be earned. Big Government has a way of doing that, and establishing itself as the mommy state, and a segment of the population becomes mesmerized, and convinced that the Leviathan State exists to take care of us all. But, if the employer cannot make a profit because he has to pay a worker a minimum wage, then he will not employ the worker that he has to pay the minimum wage. Business exists for the purpose of making profit, not for the purpose of losing money.

Every time and in every way that the state interferes with wages or prices or profits the economy suffers in some way. Note that the very Leftie-Liberal Dems who call for higher minimum wages are the same ones who squeal when unemployment goes up, and who refer to all profits as “obscene”. Grand social planners just can’t leave any part of a free market alone and allow it to operate freely.

Eliminate the minimum wage and just watch what happens to the number of suddenly available jobs, and watch the mad competitive scramble of the employers to raise wages high enough, but not too high, to get the limited number of available employees to fill them. We might have to increase the allowed number of annual immigration applications to handle the overflow. You can safely bet that any employer currently paying people sub-standard wages under the table would prefer to do business more openly and legally. And that the truly exploitive ones would hate the sudden open and honest competition for their previously captive employees.

Opposition to Anti-Free Market Boycotts. Almost daily we see demonstrations and/or boycotts organized against companies such as Wal-mart because of a supposed exploitive-profit relationship between that company and some foreign “slave-driver” company and/or government, such as China. Companies like Wal-mart seek to provide products at the lowest possible prices, and that means looking all over the world for the best available wholesale prices for products.

Opponents say that they deal with the devil when they allow China, or a Chinese company, to pay workers what appears, in America, to be near slave-labor wages, perhaps some number of pennies per hour, to produce a shoe or a shirt that will be sold in America for a price that few if any in China could afford.

But the detractors do not see that they are comparing apples and oranges. The Chinese economy is not the same as the American economy. Ask the Chinese workers if they feel they are enslaved, and they probably will say no, they are not enslaved; they appreciate the employment and the ability to make money for themselves and their families, in the native economy where they work. Pennies per hour just might be pretty damned good wages in that particular part of China. You simply cannot compare some part of China to some part of America. All of this stems from the notion of equality of income and of housing and of stuff that is the central theme song of Marxism, but not of a free world market, which it opposes.

In the Leftie-Liberal view, everybody everywhere ought to be making the same wages, living at the same economic level and be exactly alike in all areas of their lives; that’s just impractical nonsense. Our money isn’t even the same. Nothing is the same, so why should the wages of a Chinese factory worker be somehow equivalent to what the average American factory worker makes?

When I was in Vietnam, there were people there who appeared – at first glance, to American eyes – to be impoverished. But over time, that first impression did not hold up. They simply lived in a completely foreign economic situation to the one we lived in; they did not consider themselves to be poor, and, in their economic environment, they were not poor. The fact, for instance, that Vietnamese money seemed ridiculously cheep, by our standards, and compared to our dollar, bore no relationship to whether the people were more or less rich or poor than we Americans were. The two different economic environments were simply too different to make any sort of comparison.

But the demonstrators and boycotters against companies like Wal-mart seem to think that those companies (or our government) should apply some kind of pressure to force wage controls, or some sort of a minimum wage, on a foreign entity not subject to our laws or our authority. Does that smell like Marxism to you?

If it’s not our country, we have no business telling them what to do. If the world’s free market is to remain free, it needs to be unhindered by extraneous interferences, most especially foreign ones. Where government interference to the point of control of a market occurs, the result is the sort of thing witnessed in the old Soviet Union. Empty store shelves; long lines of people trying to get toilet paper or something similar; shortages of everything; huge prices on things that are cheep everywhere else, and so forth. That’s what Marxist-enforced equality brings you.

Eliminating the Income Tax. Our whole tax structure in general and our income tax structure in particular has become almost impossibly complex. When most people cannot even do their own taxes, but need some form of help, or software, or professional services just to fill out their tax return, things have gotten out of hand. It may be argued that we never should have ever had an income tax instituted in the first place.

What I would prefer to do, at the federal level, would be to eliminate every form of tax save one: a national sales tax. No income tax, no property tax, no corporate or other business tax, no form of tax at all other than a sales tax, collected at the site and time of the retail purchase. If any other tax were allowed to remain alive, then this would not work, because another sales tax would just join the existing pantheon of taxes and we would merely have one more tax, and nothing much would have changed.

One immediate benefit would be that everyone who buys anything retail would pay it, with no way out. Even illegal aliens (and other common criminals) would pay it. Priests, ministers and rabbis would pay it. Every worker in America would get an immediate huge raise in salary, and every employer in America would lose a huge business expense. Last but not least, no one would need to file a tax return ever again. Think about it: what business is it of the Leviathan State how much money you make? What business is it of the government how much money your pastor makes? Why should you have to go through this humongous tax return red-tape rigmarole every year?

This would require somehow killing off Social Security taxes. How to do that? Well, pick a date, and call it the SS Date. When the SS Date arrives, everyone who is not yet retired stops paying Social Security taxes, and no one else retires on Social Security. Those already retired continue to collect their retirement payments, for the rest of their lives. Those not yet retired, as they attain retirement age, are paid the total of what they paid into Social Security plus interest over all those years. With that money, they can buy themselves a paid up annuity, if they wish, and begin collecting their monthly payments.

That could potentially put us into a temporary deficit situation, but, so what? A temporary deficit never hurt anyone, including our first deficit under FDR, and it won’t hurt us either. The important thing is that federal expenditures for Social Security would finally hit a point where they would be increasingly in decline rather than perpetual increase, as the retired population ages, people die and there are no new retirees entering the pool.

The inducement for American industry to expand would be huge. The existence of a retail sales tax as the sole form of taxation, meaning among other things no corporate taxation, would be a major attraction to off shore corporations (which is to say, employers) to relocate their operations to America. There are other offshore places they can operate without paying taxes, but there is no place anywhere near as physically secure as America where they wouldn’t pay taxes.

As the federal government would go, eventually, so would the individual states. The first state to abolish all state taxes in favor of a simple state sales tax would set off an extreme competition among states to attract and lure large corporations away from each other. States that abolished state corporate taxes would experience an economic boom, and states that didn’t, wouldn’t.

Of course, it would be curtains for all those IRS jobs, and it would be doom for companies like H&R Block who do people’s taxes, and it would not be good for Turbo Tax and other software vendors. All those tax consultants, and all those corporate tax accountants and attorneys, and a huge segment of the general accounting population, would have to find something else to do for a living. But all the rest of the economy would boom like never before.

A return to the American Ideal involves, first, getting out of the way of individuals and businesses trying to improve their condition. Removing hindrances rather than emplacing them. Reducing government rather than increasing it. Eliminating bureaucracy rather than multiplying it. The American Ideal represents the culmination of Western Culture history, and grows out of the Western Ethos. America is unique in all the world, and all the world knows it. We have something very precious here; imperfect, yes; with lots of problems, yes; but still, the best thing going in the world for freedom loving men. Reagan had it right; the path to increasing national wealth involves increasing freedom of citizens, and reducing government rather than growing it.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.


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Date: Fri Jan 02 16:24:53 2009
From: Henry Hendrickson
Subject: Gilding the Lily?


It seems to me that you are over-stating the case on how great opportunity is and has been here in America. Every life story of every poor immigrant who comes here does not end up as another Horatio Alger rags to riches story. Probably hundreds if not thousands who try to start a business here fail in the attempt. The success stories gain attention and news, but the failures should be at least acknowledged in a treatment of the subject such as this.

Cordially, Hank

Date: Sat Jan 03 07:01:28 2009
From: Vic Biorseth
Subject: Gilding the Lily?


You are quite correct; I suppose one in hundreds, or maybe one in a thousand business start-ups succeed at all, and only a small percentage of the successes are what we might call wildly successful. But, I maintain, the basic premise still stands. This is the land of opportunity, like no other in history.

My own grandparents didn’t immigrate here and start businesses; what they did was to come here and get jobs, and begin an economic life that wasn’t possible where they came from. Today those jobs look humble, even pitiful by today’s standards. And they were humble by American standards; but not by the standards of the rest of the world. However humble they might have been, they were a vast improvement over the economic and social conditions that were left behind in the old country.

This remains the case today, in spite of the growing obstacles to business thrown up by our government. I could site, for example, the idiotic law that is largely ignored everywhere which involves how much you might pay the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn in summer or shovel your sidewalk in winter. If over a specified amount, you are supposed to deduct Social Security for him, pay for a medical insurance program, and so forth.

This is, of course, preposterous on its face. But it shows the level of legal complexity and regulation our government quite typically puts out there to hinder people from bettering themselves, at all levels. Even in spite of all this, I submit that America remains among the most free lands on Earth, at the moment.

The people, if not the government, still adhere to the original American Ideal.




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Date:   Tue Oct 14 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

Changes pursuant to changing the website URL and name from 
Thinking Catholic Strategic Center to
Catholic American Thinker.

Pulled the trigger on the 301 MOVE IT option June 1, 2014. Working my way through all the webpages.  . 



Date:  Mon Jan 05 02:53:26 2015
From:  WilliamZ
Location:  AusTxUS

Walmart provides goods and services with subsidization from US Taxpayers therefore it is a corporate free-rider . This country, great in many ways as it undoubtably is is still built upon much greed and exploitation and violates fundamental Christian tenets , the most important of which is " to do unto ones as neighbor as one would have done to oneself. Ex. The post 1st Gulf War economic sanctions against Saddam led to the deaths of 565,000 Iraqi children ( see The Lancet Report published by Johns Hopkins Medical Schl. epidemiologists . Also , consider the fact that there was an effort by the bastion of free market utopianism ,  The Heritage Foundation to suppress the report . 20,000 + people die each year from a lack of adequate health care due in part to the propagandistic efforts of the Heritage Fndn . , the same who initially designed and promoted universal hlth care as implemented in MA by Republican Gov. Romney who opposed the similar Obama Care .  Although , I agree with much that is said here

Date:  Mon Jan 05 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth


Yeah, right.  You have your indoctrination down well enough to spew it, but your committed and dedicated stupidassism is showing.  Check out the American Political Ideology tables to see where you fit; you should quite comfortably fall into the OWS column.



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He who is indifferent to God has already forfeited his soul.
He who is indifferent to politics has already forfeited his liberty.
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Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it! Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Jesus Christ; Matthew 7:13–15

Linda Kimball

Christendom and Protestant America’s Apostasy into Paganism A Timeline

The presence and influence of powers, principalities, and demons in our age of apostasy into godlessness

Nihilism…All That Exists is Matter and Energy The Worldview that Caused the Collapse of Christendom and Protestant America

Revisiting Nihilism: The Will Turned Toward Evil and the Destruction of Western and American Civilization

The enemies of God, reality, truth, western civilization and our souls Linda Kimbal column

The Last Hour and the New World Order Prayer

Our Call to Battle: Rise of the Spirit of Antichrist Prayer Article: “And this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (1 John 4:3)

God to Mankind: NOW Do You See the Stupidity, Depravity, and Evil in Your Hearts?

Raising the New Tower-- Occult Evolution: Antediluvian, Babylonian and Modern Expressions

Psychopathy and the Western and American Tyranny of Evil Leftist Progressive Myths

Supernatural Genesis 1-11 vs. Pagan Darwinism God and Liberty or Fallen Mankind and Tyranny

Luke 21: 29-31: Some Signs Of America's Abandonment And Spiritual Bondage

Eternal Paradise Or Hell? How And Why Both Choices Are Freely Made

Luciferian Humanists: Citing the Genesis Account is Evil "Any country grounded in Judaeo-Christian values can't be overthrown until those roots are cut ... "

Who is intolerant because ashamed: Creationists or Evolutionary Theists?

Death of the Christian God in Hearts of All Humans Why America and W. Europe are Committing Suicide


Pagan-Darwinian-Materialism Redoubt of Miserable Self-Deceived Non-Self Nihilists

Americas' Spiritually Dead, Deep State and Ruling Class Nihilists Walking Dead Parasitic Idolaters

Doctrines of Demons and the Modern Pagan and Pantheist Antithesis The West's Greatest Threat

Gnosis: The Main Expression of Paganized Christianity in the New Age Inner Knowing, Self-Salvation

Our Age of Malicious Perversion How Truth, Meaning, and Reality Have Been Perverted

The Serpent's Gnostic Luciferian Elite Oligarchy and Global Powers Demonic Darkness Over the West and America

The Creation Model Versus Modern Pagan Models
2 Corinthians 10:5

What Kind of God Do You Believe In?
2 Cor. 10:5 Destroying 'scientific' arguments for false Gods

Evil Spirits, Death of God, Satanic Inversion Pagan America's Reality of Madness, Demonic Bondage, and Non-Self

Judgment and Wrath The Biblical Explanation for Madness and Evil

The Worldview of Evil Spirits Revolution, Evolution, Materialism, Nihilism, New World Order, and More

Gnosis The Main Expression of Modern Paganized Christianity

America's Transformation Into A Mystical Pantheist God-State What the Death of God Has Wrought

Message to All Wearied Truthtellers: Let Isaiah Be Your Inspiration the Remnant

The Triune God, Supernatural Heaven, Souls, Hell, and Demons Do They Exist?

Teachings of Demons The Aeon of Horus, Reign of God-Men, and End of the Christian God

Revelation 2:7" ...the closing of a steel door – a solemn, cataclysmic slamming of a door."

Systemic Nihilism: End of the Human Race Eternal Damnation of Human Souls

Infernal Apocalyptic Atmosphere Over America Disintegration into nothing

Global and Ruling Class Criminal Elitists Their Ring of Power and Pact with the Spirit of Death and Hell

Blessed is the Man Who Does Not Listen to Falling Stars Who Follow After Damnable Heresies

Darwinism: An Abomination Aborting and Rotting the Church. The falling away and apostasy from the one true and personal Holy Triune Creator God has not ended

The Evil One and the Impenitent Who Receive His Mark“. And the LORD God formed man (and) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

The Fall of Mankind, the Religion of Evolution, and the Antichrist. "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

Why Secular Liberals Actively Promote Evil. Mentally Retarded Liberals

Cultural Marxism. The Many Hidden Faces of Living Active Communism

The Devil, the Big Bang, Evolution, Extraterrestrials and the Genesis Problem

The Ascension To Power Of Misogyny. Hatred of Women

Gnostic Chiliastic Evolution: Satan's Alternative Plan of Salvation. The Great Reset

Why Proclaiming Jesus Christ the Word Became Flesh is Offensive. The Technocratic Utopian World Order

The Divine Androgyne, Pandemonium, and the Battle for Our Souls. Satan's Rising New World Order

America's Modern Pagan Oligarchy, Aztec Gods, and Human Sacrifice. Isaiah 57 Revisited

The Peace Symbol: Occult Sign Meaning Death Against Christians. Hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity

Americas’ Spiritually Desolate, Parasitic, Ruling Class Nihilists. Satan and Powers and Principalities

Global Oligarchy, Forces of Darkness, and the Spirit of Antichrist. Forces Darkness Within Church and State

Darwinism: Idol of mind symbolizing hatred of Triune Creator God. And Logical End of America

Is the World a Computer Simulation in the Minds of Robotic Overlords? Magic Science, Transhumanists, Gnostic Physicists.

Your soul: Cost of admission to the Progressive Pagan City of Man. New Egypt, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah

Iron Curtain Over American Minds Progressive Marxisms’ Ideological Utopia

Satan’s New World Order Blueprint and Key Strategy. Christian Capitulation To the Serpent's Consensus Process

Chaos, Breakdown, Demoralization, Destruction: America's New Normal. How it came about and where we are going.

Demonic Darkness: America's Invisible Wave of Evil. Staring into the abyss

Cain, Marxism, Leftism and America's ruling class of 'superior' humans. The dragon they have in common

Modernist Christians in a Man-Centered Universe. Scientific Neutrality and Biblical Deconstruction

The Connection Between Baphomet and Why Researchers Are Creating Interspecies Embryos. 2 Corinthians 10:5

Isaiah 57 revisited: America's progressive pagan elites. Staring into the Abyss

Evolutionary Theism Implies That Christ is Wrong About Creation"For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?" John 5:46-47

Utopianism. Progressive Utopian Cultural Marxism Poisoning Minds, Churches, Schools, Politics

Acts 17:18-19-modern pagan and pantheist antithesis of the Word of God Ecclesiates 1:9 "What has been is what will be.."

Trotsky's Permanent Revolution From Hell In America. The Soviet System in America

Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children. The Divine Androgyne

The Evil Eye Of Envy: Why Being ‘White’ Is Offensive To Some People. No Vice Worse Than Envy

Absolute Nothingness and Non-Self: The Reigning Worldview of Global Power Elites and Western Ruling Classes

What is Evil? Man-made alternative realities

Cliff Kincaid

Terrorist Attack in Baltimore By Cliff Kincaid

Moscow Terror Attack is Another KGB Operation to Fool the West

Obama’s New Nazi-Communist Alliance

On the "Days Of Rage" Planned For The 2024 Marxocrat Party Convention Some of you just couldn't believe that the formerly Democrat (Confederate) Party had already gone totally Communist before the 1968 Party Convention

Making Russia Great Again By Cliff Cinkaid

De-Nazification and De-Communization in Russia The The mutual non-aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact, which started World War II, has been carefully “forgotten”

Climate Emergency To Produce a New World Order By Cliff Kincaid

The Next Phase of Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” By Cliff Kincaid

Evil in the White House In This War, The Enemy Is In The Ranks, Standing Right Next To You

Satanism, Communism: What's The Difference? Look To The Roots Of Communism

Fox Is the Leading "Trans" Channel There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel.

Trump and His Communist Enemies The Demonized Joe McCarthy Turned Out To Be Accurate In Everything He Claimed: Fox News Is Wrong About Him And About Much More

The Five Stooges on Capitol Hill They Think We Need Even More Doped No-Hopers In The American Intelligence Community

The Biden Doctrine of Demoralization and Defeat By Cliff Kincaid

A Republican Church Committee? Do Pro-American Republicans Even Know Who Frank Church Really Was?

A Top to Bottom Housecleaning of America When we clean our house, my wife has a slogan, “Top to bottom,” meaning you have to target the whole house. The same advice applies to nations.

China's Mass Murder Experiment Phase Two

Bury The Dead And Move On Fuggedaboutit!

9/11 Truth This is the real 9/11 Truth: Our “intelligence” agencies are infiltrated.

Moving Toward Gorbachev’s “World of Communism” It's called the Monster Plot.

The Errors of Russia, the Dupes of Putin, and Another Holocaust Can The Increasingly Faithless Free World Be Saved From Russia?

World War Quietly Conquering A Distracted and Blithely Unaware World. Could it actually be Satan's world war on despised humanity?

Stand With Ukraine Against Russia and China By Cliff Kincaid

Tucker Carlson Carlson Gets His Comeuppance. Tucker's View: It is not moral for us to intervene in support of any nation's (Ukraine's) democratic self-determination and against Soviet military expansion.

The Need for Secure Borders. Have we so easily forgotten what borders are for? Have we forgotten that evil exists in the world? Have we forgotten how to keep apart from this evil?

Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden? Can America? Can the Free World? Can Faith in God?

The Soviet Union: Back From The Dead The Return of the Evil Empire

Could an American Surrender be in the offing with Biden at the wheel? Is this not the perfect time for Communism to strike, with Commies now governing America, China and Russia? What would Biden do?

Abortion and Communism. If you ever wondered where all the popular abortion-contraception-sexuality-perversion nuttiness came from, look to Marx's Communist Manifesto.

The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

(See The Darwinism Pages)

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