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It's the Koran, stupid!

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I never know what's going to light my fire. 

This morning before I left for work I responded to a couple of comments on The Way the Truth and the Life page taking issue with my opposition to Marxism and Islam.  One of them was a Moslem and one was an aficionado of wonderful Diversity and blessed Pluralism.  That is to say, one was potentially evil wearing a mask, and the other was incapable of recognizing evil, or even believing that evil exists. 

Then, while working, I heard Hannity, again, challenging "Radical Jihad" and "Radical Islamism" and "Radical Sharia," in strong, strident terms, but always interspersed with caveats about how "no one is condemning all of Islam." 

Why not?

He still doesn't get it.  Discussion after discussion always came back to the same thing: varying definitions of Sharia law, varying definitions of Jihad, discussions on how young middle-eastern men get "radicalized" and so forth.  It's the preaching or teaching in certain particular Mosques.  It's the preaching or teaching of certain Imams.  It's the overheated rhetoric of disciples of recognized terrorist groups, like Al Queda.  And I suppose all of that is true, but where does all of that come from? 

It's the Koran, stupid. 

There are at least 41 references to Jihad in the Koran.  And, there are another at least 80 references to a requirement of violent force and murder being applied against unbelievers. 

For this discussion, forget Sharia.  Forget the Twelvers, or the Chechnyan or any other versions of the Islamic drive toward a world Caliphate.  Forget the Sunni - Shia split, and the Islamic dream of united Islamic army, as it was united under Saladin.  Forget the 72 virgins, and all that extraneous stuff, and even forget the Hadith. 

Just look at the Koran.  Jihad is all over it.  It is absolutely unavoidable

Hannity could not believe the remarks of CIA Director John O. Brenen, one of the dumber among Comrade Obama's typical anti-American appointments, after Brenen publicly declared that

"Jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam ... "

That was a true statement.  Jihad is exactly what Islam is all about.  And yet, Hannity seemed to think Jihad had nothing to do with Islam.  Jihad is an Islamic invention.  Islam owns Jihad.  Here is how I responded to the Moslem comment on the The Way the Truth and the Life page this morning:

 ... There is no such thing as radical Jihad.  There is only Jihad, which is an important, integral part of Islam.  Jihad is mentioned at least 41 times in the Koran.  And, Islam is most certainly not a religion of peace.  Besides the Koran, actual history itself proves the militaristic, warlike nature of Islam. 

Jihad is an important and required duty of all Moslems. 

There are different kinds of Jihad, but the most frequently referred to and the most frequently applied kind of Jihad involves violence or actual war. The Holy War aspect of Jihad outweighs both non-violent Koranic references and non-violent historical events. 

The inner or "greater" Jihad is the inner struggle to submit oneself totally to God.  The outer or "lesser" Jihad is the external struggle to spread Islam all over the world. 

There are peaceful forms of outer Jihad; there is Jihad by debate or argumentation, and there is a "Jihad of the pen."  But the peaceful uses of Jihad are and always have been vastly outnumbered by the violent uses called for in the Koran.  When all other forms of outer Jihad fail, the disciple is called to at least support, if not actually perform, violent Jihad against unbelievers. 

And they always do. ...

When any Imam or any Moslem speaks of Jihad, in the overwhelming number of cases, he is speaking of the Holy War aspect rather than any other.  The whole world knows, or should know, that Jihad is Islamic Holy War intended to bring the whole world into submission to Islam.  That is mainstream Islam.  Any other interpretation of Jihad within Islam would be the interpretation that would be Radical Jihad

Violent, Holy War Jihad is the Islamic norm.  It is mainstream Islam. 

This is what we all need to know: even your very friendly Islamic neighbor or close friend or colleague, even if he is not particularly happy about it, will not oppose, and will support, at least, violent Jihad performed against you personally.  To do otherwise would be a violation of his religion.  Speaking or preaching against Jihad is "sowing discord" in the Ummah, which is a form of Islamic apostasy, earning a potential death sentence. 

The Peace Verses and the Violent Verses.  All of the more peaceful verses toward unbelievers, particularly Jews and Christians, were written in Mecca, before Mohammed fled to Medina.  It was upon his arrival at Medina that Islam, the religion, was born, and it was in Medina that the more bloodthirsty verses were written, with exceptional cruelty aimed at Jews and Christians. 

There are many, many contradictory verses all over the Koran; Mohammed would say one thing one day, and totally contradict that statement later, and it was all recorded in the Koran.  In Islamic theology, whatever Mohammed said last abrogated and replaced any previous thing he said on that topic.  What that means is that all of the "Islam is peace" verses from Mecca - all of them - were abrogated and replaced by the later verses written in Medina, all of which were full of hatred, cruelty and animosity aimed at the Jews in particular and all unbelievers in general.  

The cruelty in these verses is unbelievable, to those raised in Western culture. 

So Hannity and the "experts" argue and dig and research into how these Boston boys of Chechnyan extraction, but raised here, got themselves "radicalized" to the point of bombing the Boston Marathon.  They look at trips outside the country, at the Mosque(s) they visited, at various possible radical individuals, etc., etc., etc. 

And they find one of them spent time in a Russian area that was a hotbed of Islamic "radicalism," and a Mosque in the Boston area has some "radical" aspects, and at least one idividual at that Mosque is a potential "radical," and some family members might be fairly "radical." 

But what these experts don't know is that what they call radical is normal in Islam. 

Every Mosque on earth preaches and teaches Jihad, including the Holy War aspect of Jihad.  Every Imam on earth preaches and teaches Jihad.  Every Mosque congregation contains some members, however few or however many, who are totally committed to a life of Jihad, and even a committment to martyrdom in the name of Allah.  Not all of them, to be sure; however, you will not find one single member of any Mosque who will, in the presence of his fellow members, stand up and roundly renounce and condemn Jihad and Holy War against us infidels. 

There is nothing Osama Bin Ladin did or said or planned or tried to do that was not in full accordance with the Koran, which is the teaching of Mohammed himself.  The modern version of Islamic terrorism is just another strategy through which to achieve the same Islamic goal that was sought by Saladin, or any other Mujahid down through history. 

What can I say?

It's the Koran, stupid.  And that means it's Islam. 


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Date:  Thu Apr 25 00:37:53 2013
From:  ed

Thanks for another well thought-out article. Not being Catholic I needed to force myself to read the several of your papers, now I see that we are much closer in thought and beliefs on the subjects than many of my Baptist friends. I always get a few items that I did not know; thanks again.

Date:  Thu Apr 25 06:19:03 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


Thank you, sir. 

Maybe you should start a "Thinking Baptist" website.



Date:  Fri Apr 26 08:56:41 2013
From:  Charles
Location:  Woodbridge, VA, USA

I don't always agree with you. In fact I'm often appalled at your line of reasoning as I've found it incendiary at times. However you are a brave man, you speak the truth well and with conviction and for that I'm thankful to have found your insights.

I pray you find peace and grace always to fight the good fight of faith. Like you am Catholic but pray that soon our Savior and King will unite all his children who love and seek the truth under one umbrella.

Peace be with you!

Date:  Fri Apr 26 19:01:54 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth
Comment:  Charles:

Thank you, I think. 

The one umbrella you speak of is over the successor of Peter, and it is a very large umbrella, with more than enough welcoming shelter for all who would seek, ask or knock. 



Date:  Fri May 31 23:12:19 2013
From:  Stan

Thomas Jefferson must have liked Islam since he wrote an English version of the Holy Qu'ran.  If he were to apply for citizenship today, let alone run for President, you could not upport him.

Date:  Sat Jun 01 07:27:31 2013
From:  Vic Biorseth


This is an almost verbatim repeat of the same comment you sent in Thursday on the Outlaw Islam page.  Maybe you didn't see my response there. 

These dialogues are not "automatic" - I'm not here 24/7, and nothing automatically happens re updating comments to anything on this site, or my responses, or anyone else's responses to them.  Things stack up until I get to them.  Nothing happens here until I am home and at the computer.  I just get far too many blithering, insulting and obscene comments from Liberals to allow automatic updates on this site.  If you submit a comment and don't see anything happening, please be patient.  Come back tomorrow and check again. 

Here's my response to your almost verbatim comment on the Outlaw Islam page:


You have it backwards, my friend.  Jefferson feared and despised Islam; that's why he had the Koran published in English; it was to be a warning to all who spoke English. 

Here's what I said about it in The Way, The Truth and The Life:

Thomas Jefferson knew that Islam was the mortal enemy of all of Christendom, and all of Western Civilization, and all of the non-Islamic world, and he knew it way back in the 18th century, for heaven's sake.  Don't look now, but it is the 21st century, and we are in need of learning this terrible lesson all over again.  Jefferson was so alarmed by what he learned of Islam that he personally published and distributed an English translation of the Koran, as a warning to all who spoke English, about what these people intended to do to us. 

Are we all deaf, dumb and blind? 

Are we now so semi-literate that we cannot read with understanding? 

Sometimes I feel like I'm flogging a dead horse. 

Go back and study America's very first war after gaining independence.  You might be surprised. 



Date:   Mon Sep 01 2014
From:  Vic Biorseth

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