American survival itself depends on getting Islam out of America.

Cult forms Culture; Islam forcibly attacks all non-Islamic cultures. American national existence depends upon getting Islam out.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, December 08, 2015

"Peaceful Coexistence" is quite impossible with an ideology implacably determined to dominate and destroy all other ideologies.  Read the Jihad page again.  Jihad is the inseparable, irreformable central driving doctrine of Islam.  So long as that is true, Islam cannot indefinitely coexist peacefully with any other form of religion, government, law or ideology.  The central goal of Jihad is to dominate the world by force.  This will remain true so long as the Koran exists unchanged.  

Really, the same thing may be said of Marxism.  That's why we wrote The Last Barbarians, and the Three Fatal Oversights.  And that's why we recommended Outlawing Marxism and Outlawing Islam, after recommending Outlawing Sharia.  Sharia is merely a form of Islamic jurisprudence.  The real problem is Islam itself, from which Sharia springs.  Islam is a culture violently intolerant of any other culture.  It says so in the Koran.  Intolerance of other cultures is precisely what Islam is all about.  Destruction of all other cultures is Islam's very reason for being. 

So why are so many millions of Moslems not active Jihadists at the moment?  Well, for the same reason that so many Catholics practice contraception, and/or shack up, and/or divorce and remarry, and/or practice homosexuality, etc., etc., etc.  Like all other religions, the majority of the disciples do not really know and live their faith.  Pick a religion; any religion; that rule will probably apply. 

Even among the most outwardly faithful, who attend all services and meet all faith requirements, there are always many, perhaps even most, who are merely "doing their duty" or "setting an example" or "keeping up appearances" before going back to the living of their lives, which have little to do with the religion, and which may involve conveniently misinterpreting or ignoring the religion to allow various kinds of sins. 

Islam is no different in that regard.  Most Moslems do not even fully and properly know their own religion.  Moslems become more dangerous to non-Moslems when they get deeper into their Koran, and understand it, and take it seriously.  The deeper they immerse themselves in their religion, the more dangerously intolerant they become.  Any Moslem who takes the Koran quite seriously becomes a Jihadist.  That's just the way it is. 

Islam is absolutely antithetical to America, to all other forms of government and jurisprudence and all other religions.  Murderously so. 

So how do we get Islam out of America?

Hopefully, by getting them to leave voluntarily. 

In Outlaw Islam we recommended getting all Moslems out of political office, military service, and any positions requiring the swearing of an oath of office upholding the Constitution.  No Moslem can take such an oath without lying, and remain a Moslem.  We recommended taking security clearances away from Moslems, and getting them out of positions of authority over or education of Americans. 

Since Islam, in and of itself, is so diametrically opposed to everything America stands for, Moslems should be cut from all welfare - food stamp, etc., government benefit programs of any kind, including Social Security.  They should be stripped of American citizenship, meaning, loss of the right to vote, keep and bear arms, etc.  As we have said before, all Moslems should be prohibited from immigrating here, or even traveling here.  So any Moslems who leave America should be unable to return. 

"Anti-Discrimination" laws need to be repealed, as violations of citizen rights to freedom of (and from) association.  No one should be forced against their will into close association with anyone else not of their choosing.  People should be perfectly free to discriminate in their hiring, firing, inclusion and exclusion.  Especially since the only people anti-discrimination laws are ever aimed at and enforced against are white Christian heterosexual men, who may be and are discriminated against, everywhere, all the time. 

"Anti-Profiling" laws also need to be repealed, as violations of simple common sense.  Presbyterian old ladies in wheelchairs do not need to be strip-searched in American airports; Moslems wearing burkas do.  It's time to start leaving ordinary Americans alone and going after the obvious potential Jihadists, based upon outward appearances. 

Finally, Mosques should be shut down, and locked against entry, if not bulldozed.  No Mosque should be allowed to open, and no Moslem prayer in public should be permitted, until the Koran either no longer exists, or no longer calls for our conversion, subjugation or death.  I think that's quite reasonable. 

If these rules were established and enforced, Moslems would either leave us permanently, or rise up to fight us in the open, for a change. 

Marxists and other kinds of atheists and agnostics will never understand this, just as they will never understand any religion, because they have no religion.  They cannot even understand the Declaration's signature line clause,

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

because they don't understand the Divine, nor do they hold anything at all to be sacred.  They cannot even understand "Sacredness" as a term; nor could they possibly understand "Honor".  They have no fixed rules; they do not recognize the existence of any permanent sense of right versus wrong, or good versus evil, for they do not hold that such things even exist. 

But Culture itself is born of fixed rules of morality, and morality comes out of religion, exclusively.  The word Cult, in the highest form, involves a group holding to and observing the same worship, liturgy and moral rules of living - a specific religion. 

Cult forms Culture.  

Western Civilization is a Culture built upon the morality that flows from the Judaeo-Christian Religions. 

Islam is a Cult that is built upon violent opposition to all other Cults, aimed at eventual global governance. 

Marxism is an atheistic revolutionary ideology aimed at eventual global governance, for which the ends justify the means. 

America is Western Civilization's last stand. 

But Marxism and Islam are within the walls. 

Update Friday, December 11, 2015:

This is provoked by off-line discussions on the topic of getting Moslems, even when they are American Citizens, the hell out of America.  (See the Islam pages.) 

  1. Moslems cannot be good, believing, practicing Moslems and good American citizens at the same time.  Islam and the Constitutional Republic of America are absolutely incompatible. 
  2. Islam murderously opposes the American Constitutional citizen rights to freedom of religion, speech, press, etc., to the point of compelling believers to murder those who exercise them. 
  3. Islam demands that all non-Moslems be converted, subjugated to Islamic law and forced to pay a Jisya tax, or be murdered. 
  4. Islam calls all believers to Jihad, or holy war, which is not to cease until the whole world is in submission to Islam. 

I have a problem with all of that, and so does the Constitution. 

Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, knows all of this, and that's why he is bringing in as many Moslems as he can, and keeping as many Christians as he can out.  Every Moslem enclave in America that he can grow or create represents another potential group of future Machiavellian Agent Provocateurs to upset social order all over America. 

A big enough event will give him the excuse he needs to suspend elections, normal operations, the Constitution, kill all the rioters (including his Moslems), restore order by brute force and absolute takeover.  And become Dictator of America, which, as a practical matter, he already is anyway.  He will just make it official. 

The Moslem "Community" in America is one, big, sleeper cell.  And he knows it. 

Remember the three pithy sayings of Marxism

  1. The ends justify the means. 
  2. You can't make and omelet without breaking eggs.
  3. Shut up and get on the cattle car. 

(See MPAV16 .)


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What is it about domination that folks do not understand? The Koran teaches to convert them, then jail them, then kill them if they do not "understand." Marxism is just do as we say or else.

A reading of the Ferrara's Liberty: the God that Failed explains how BOTH are allowed in the USA.

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