Our Many Maliciously Fabricated and Purposely Induced Cultural Delusions.

Cultural-Marxism + Freudianism + Multiple Crises + Many Years Abuilding = Multiple Cultural Delusions.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, June 04, 2015

Why is our world upside down?  What was good is now bad; what was bad is now good.  What we once anathematized now anathematizes us.  What was normal is now abnormal; what was perverse is now normal.  What was ordered is now disordered; disorder is the new order.  What was sinful is now virtuous; vice is the new norm. 

Who are we?  

Are we still Americans?  Are we still Civilized? 

This social confusion is all purposely induced.  It involves a systematic removal and destruction of all the "fixed pegs" depended upon for centuries to point the way to Truth, Virtue, Decency, Honor and the building blocks of Civilization.  All of our current Cultural Delusions are born of and fed by an evil program advancing Cultural Marxism

We talked about the increasing success and dominance of the Cultural Marxism movement, most recently in Conquest by Delusion; Making Us Conquer Ourselves, The Origin and Destiny of the American Catholic Identity Crisis, and The Treacherous Global Delusions of Marxism-Leninism.  A long time ago, we talked about The Fatal False Premises: Deadly Logical Traps for the Mal-Educated Person

Don't look now, but all of those old fatal false premises appear to be accepted as not false by vast segments of our population, and new ones are abuilding all the time.  This is the purposeful and predictable product of Cultural-Marxism's concerted mal-education of us through our own unconstitutionally government controlled education system.  And we are not alone; it's happening all over the world.  It began here when our previously private education system stopped being private, and increasingly came under the ever tightening control of ever increasingly Marxist-Infected government administrations. 

False Premises, especially Political False Premises, now rule the day. 

Recognition of Induced Political False Premises is a critical necessity in the current run-up to the 2016 election.  False Premises are being used and will continue to be used to help the enemy select our Presidential candidate for us, with our help, and then defeat him or her.  The problem is that Marxist ideology now infects, where it does not control, the government, Protestantism, the Catholic Church, education, upper academia, science, medicine, journalism and the entire news media, and nearly the whole of the entertainment industry.  Many if not most of the "Capitalist" captains of industry and banking are infected with notions of Cultural-Marxism, at the very least

Highlighting the curiosity that the most elite are often the most stupid. 

You and I must not be so easily fooled.  Only Truth can set us free and only Truth can keep us free.  We must concentrate our attention on Truth, and if we do that, we will reject false premises and select our candidate based on Truth alone.  Truth is "the ball" in this game; keep your eye on the ball, always.  The American Idea will not be served by the candidacy of another Dole, or McCain, or Romney.  Nor will it be served by any Third Party candidate, which will split the vote and lose the election again.  The American Idea will only be preserved and strengthened by a candidate who is an Absolute Constitutionalist

Such a candidate will win the final election, hands down, against all the "Big Tent" political factions created and animated by the Cultural-Marxism Movement. 

The most major false premises that need to be confronted and defeated are the ones establishing our existing four completely unconstitutional branches of the federal government:  The Marxocrat Party, the Republicrat Party, all of our unconstitutional Giant Bureaucracies, and the News Media. 

The Unconstitutional Marxocrat Party, born the Democrat Party of Slavery, then of Secession, then of Segregation, and now of open Marxism, has opposed the Declaration and the Constitution from its birth to this very day.  Yet it has the power and the monied interests and the "tradition" of selecting candidates for Constitutional office, running against traditionally Republicrat opposition, with a Party agenda that always opposes Constitutional America, Christian religion and Judao-Christian morality, and always advances Marxism, while politically play acting at religiosity and patriotism.  It acts with political authority as if it were an authorized branch of government, which it is not. 

The Unconstitutional Republicrat Party, born the Republican Party of Abolition, then of Union, then of Integration, and now of Cultural-Marxism, Bipartisan Cooperation, Compromise, Conciliation, Weakness and Great, Big, Political Smiles.  Unmentioned in the Constitution, it has the power and the monied interests and the "tradition" of selecting candidates for Constitutional office, running against traditionally Marxocrat opposition, with a Party agenda that always seeks to limit Marxocrat Party advances and unconstitutional Marxist Bureaucratic Regulations without ever eliminating them.  It acts with political authority as if it were an authorized branch of government, which it is not. 

Neither Party Agenda has anything to do with Constitutional Government. 

Both unconstitutional Political Parties exist for the purposes and special interests of their big money donors, and in those causes, the rules of Constitutional government may be damned. 

The Unconstitutional Soviets (Administrative Bureaucracies), modeled after the Soviet Union dictatorship, were born of the delusional need for our government to "Administer" the people rather than represent, serve and defend the civil rights of the people.  We are being Administered by bureaucrats who report to the Dictator alone, and who have the power to unconstitutionally issue and enforce "Regulations" with full force of law behind them.  Congress has willingly, unconstitutionally and illegally "delegated" its sole Constitutional authority to Legislate Law to unelected, unaccountable, nameless, faceless bureaucrats who answer to no one other than the Dictator.  I mean President. 

Their very areas of expertise and authority, and their very purposes for being are all unconstitutional.  Education is not listed in Article One Section Eight of the Constitution; nor are the weather or the climate, nor is Housing, nor is Urban Development, etc., etc., etc.  All of the Cultural-Marxism induced, imagined into being delusional purposes of nearly all of our gigantic and continually growing Federal Agencies are outside the Constitutional scope of Constitutional government. 

The Constitution - the Supreme Law of the Land - has been overlaidCongressional oversight, where it exists at all and where it is exercised at all, serves the purposes of Big Money Donors who fund our unconstitutional Political Parties, and who fund our Professional Politicians.  Oversight seldom serves the purposes of the Constitution.  Little in government bureaucracy is legitimate; bureaucracy hides illegitimacy. 

The Unconstitutional Mainstream News Media, which predominantly acts as the official Propaganda Wing of the unconstitutional Marxocrat Party, enjoys special privilege, White House facilities and office space, accommodation on Air Force One and in Presidential and various Congressional travel entourages, all at taxpayer expense.  Imbued with Cultural-Marxism if not outright Marxism-Leninism, "Journalists" regularly and predictably attack Constitutionalists and laud and build-up fellow Marxists, in editorials, articles and slanted "News".  Nearly all of our "News" is pro-Marxist anti-Constitution Propaganda. 

Note that King George had no Press Secretary, and was never required to subject the government to regular "Press Conferences" with Thomas Payne, who represented the Mainstream News Media of the Revolutionary Era.  He would have had Thomas Payne hung.  The Press was independent of government, private, and adversarial, rather than an integral part of the government, with authority.  Until Woodrow Wilson. 

The Wilson administration "incorporated" the already Left-leaning News Media into the already Left-leaning Democrat Party, in a marriage made in hell.  Since then, Marxist "Journalists" of the Party officiate and facilitate all Political Debates between Marxocrats and Republicrats, demand and receive regular, even daily, Press Briefings, and periodic Press Conferences.  Unless a Marxist candidate, such as Madame Hillary, would prefer not to participate in one; that's OK.  Republicrats receive no such mercy. 

These four entities, the Marxocrat Party, the Republicrat Party, the Federal Bureaucracies and the News Media, all behave as though they were actual "branches" of our federal government, which they are not.  But that is the authority they wield.  Each Party has an official Convention, with exclusive control over candidacy for office.  They are officially listed on Ballots; we the people are required to register as one or the other to vote in Primary Elections.  This gives them enormous power, and attracts Big Money to buy, and own, candidates, whole Parties and whole elections.  Where News Media used to report to the people what government did, it now promotes one Party and demonizes the other, controls debates and slants "News" to affect outcomes.  Meanwhile, the actual governing of America is done through unconstitutional bureaucratic administration.  Which is to say, Dictatorship

That is what must be changed if Constitutional America is to survive.  But there are many Cultural Delusions today, all coming out of the Cultural-Marxism Movement, which we have documented all over this site.  Let's just look at a few of the current Political False Premises being promoted by all the American Marxists today. 

Sadam's WMD Program and the Iraq War.  "knowing what we know now, would you have gone into Iraq as President Bush did?"  That's the Marxist question put to candidates for office, and it is not merely based on a false premise; it is a lie.  "Journalists" know it is a lie; therefore, when they ask the question, they lie, publicly, on camera or on microphone.  Therefore, they should be called liars, on camera or on microphone.  What, exactly, do we know now that we didn't know then?  Sadam did indeed have WMD, and they know it, and they are lying when they say he did not have WMD. 

It was the Presidents Clinton, not Bush, who issued the Executive Order establishing the policy of Regime Change for Iraq, by any means necessary, because of the menace of Sadam's WMD programs.  Long before Bush.  See the Bush Lied, People Died page for all the solid evidences.  The News Media, like all good Marxists, lies.  Professionally. 

ISIS and Jihad "Radicalizing" and Recruitment.  The Marxist false premise here is that Social Media, the Internet and all "Alternative Media" - meaning anything other than the Marxocrat Party Owned Mainstream News Media - is the main source of recruitment to the Jihadist cause.  This false political premise is an opportunistic Marxist lie to grant Obamunism and Marxocratism the excuse to control, filter and propagandize through these mediums, if not shut them down entirely.  "Alternative Media" is putting the Mainstream Media out of business, and Marxist dominated government cannot allow that to happen.  Marxism absolutely must control the news.  For security reasons, of course. 

ISIS may be using social media to contact and recruit, but, ask yourself who radicalized ISIS?  Who radicalized Al Queda?  Who radicalized Osama Bin Ladin?  Who radicalized the Blind Sheik?  Who radicalized and recruited any Jihadist individual or group in the first place, without exception? 

It was the Koran, stupid

All the "radicalizing" and all of the "recruitment" to Jihad action or to join various Jihad groups originates with the black and white instructions of Mohammed to his followers recorded forever in his Koran.  There is nothing ISIS or any other Jihadist group does or has done that was not in accordance with the instructions of Mohammed himself to all followers as recorded in his Koran.  Social media and the internet today are no different than the pony express of yesterday.  So long as anyone may communicate with anyone else by any means, Islamic barbarian groups will seek to get would-be barbarians to join them.  If you kill the messenger, the message will get through some other way.  The Marxists currently running our government merely want to control all communication media, as well as news reporting, and eliminate or control open civilian communication.  That's what Marxists do. 

Put Petty Partisan Politics Aside.    Do not vote for any candidate who spouts this incredibly stupid false premise.  Politics, almost definitively, are Partisan.  If a candidate for political office does not want to be Partisan, just what the hell is he doing in Politics?  It's such an obvious Marxist trap that anyone who falls into it has got to be dumber than dumb.  It's a Marxist recruitment drive, aimed at convincing Republicrats that they cannot win unless they adopt Marxocrat agendas.  Then, some of the Marxocrat voters might vote for Republicrats.  See? 

Here's what I recently said about Rand Paul on this topic: 

Just a word on Rand Paul and his "inclusive" candidacy. 

Republicrat candidate Rand Paul does not believe that any candidate can win with just our vote, meaning, just the Constitutionalist - Tea Party vote.  He believes that a winning Republicrat needs to add some of the black vote, some of the Hispanic vote and probably some of the sodomite vote and abortionist vote, too.  So he is "taking his message" to black Churches and Hispanic venues and "inclusive" rallies, so that he can say many of the same things the Marxocrats say, and maybe get some of their votes. 

He is McCain-Light.  He seeks to go Marxocrat-Light, in hopes of getting some of the Marxocrats to switch, while not loosing too many of us in the process.  Like, if he promises the inner city black some government benefits, he might vote for Paul rather than the Democrats he has been fed by and dependent upon all his life.  That ain't gonna happen.  Paul will go down just like Romney, just like McCain, just like Dole.  

His premise is wrong.  We outnumber all of them together. 

The blacks who are Constitutionalists are already with us; the rest need to be defeated, not joined.  The Hispanics who are Constitutionalists are already with us; the rest need to be defeated, not joined.  As for the sodomite vote, the abortionist vote, and any other vote deluded by the advance of Cultural Marxism in America, they need to be defeated, not mollified, patted on the head or even tolerated.  No one who opposes nature and science and decency and normal civilization should be any part of our camp. 

Rand Paul will betray the Constitution in favor of bipartisanship, meaning cooperation with evil, just like the current Republicrat leadership, just like the Libertarians, and just like all the "professional" politicians. 

That's my opinion. 

Nor should we ever forget Marco Rubio's similar "Gang Of Eight" betrayal of the Tea Party that elected him, and his flagrant lies about their goal not being amnesty.  If a criminal stands to be indicted and charged today, and tomorrow, by passage of some law or regulation or executive action, he is not liable to be indicted, although he still committed the crime, that is, definitively, amnesty.  He remains a criminal, but he will not be charged with a crime.  Rubio is a liar who betrayed us.  Do not forget that. 

Libertarian Moral Relativism.  The Judao-Christian moral base and foundation of our nation is being destroyed more by "no skin off my nose" moral relativism than by the purposeful advance of evil.  Libertarianism leads the charge.  "Social Conservatism" is damned today by people who no longer believe a society needs fixed moral standards for the common good.  Saying you don't care if someone else puts his sexual perversion preferences out on open public display, becoming an accepted, integral part of the larger culture, was music to all Marxist anti-religion, anti-family and anti-morality ears. 

It laid the groundwork for homosexual marriage. 

Goodbye morality, goodby Christian culture, goodbye normative family, hello fatherless families, hello motherless families, let's all just join a Commune.  Like Madam Hillary said, it takes a village to raise a child.  Or was it, it takes a child to raze a village, thank you Florence King

Just a short time ago, the Obamas and the Clintons were speechifying about how our cultural problems all stemmed from fatherless families, and the importance of good strong families.  Now, they're all on board for homosexual marriage.  They're all in.  And that means not only fatherless families, but motherless families.  Maybe we shouldn't call it a family any more.  Maybe we should just call it a hodge-podge. 

Hey, if you're a Libertarian, it's no skin off your nose, right? 

Suing our way back to Constitutionalism.  I only heard part of this one on Talk Radio, but I heard enough to know that it held another false premise.  It was a strategy involving millionaires or billionaires contributing to a legal fund, used to reverse-"Cloward-Piven" Obamunism and Marxocratism by overloading them with lawsuits to enforce the Constitution.  The reason I think it's a false premise is that the entire legal system and court system is infected with Cultural Marxism, at the very least.  Four point five of our nine Supreme Court Justices are already in the Marxocrat Party camp.  The whole judicial system, up and down the line, is infected with Lefties.  Lawyers and whole law firms all got their legal and other education in universities that are hotbeds of Cultural Marxism.  I would not expect a "typical" lawyer to be anything other than a Leftie.  When Marxism rules from the bench, the prosecution and the defense, the Truth of any case has nothing whatsoever to do with the final adjudication. 

Thank you Marxified unconstitutional government-controlled education system, and thoroughly Marxist academia. 

Political Premises that oppose themselves and/or oppose the Constitution.  The advance of Cultural Marxism in American politics is loaded down with false premises that either totally or partially contradict themselves, or that oppose the Constitution while pretending to be Constitutional.  It began with issues that were Constitutionally out-of-scope being addressed at the Federal level anyway.  If such things as abortion, contraception, marriage, etc., are not listed in Article One Section Eight, or anywhere else in the Constitution, then the Federal Government has no Constitutional business even addressing them in Legislation, Execution or Adjudication of Federal Law in the first place. 

But they do all of that anyway.  They just don't give a damn. 

Items not listed in Article One Section Eight are supposed to be matters of state and local community standards, not federal law, and not subject to be imposed upon the whole of the nation against their will and against their Constitution.  But, hey, who in government cares about the Constitution or about national citizen representation these days anyway. 

Hate Speech and Hate Crimes are examples.  How do you define a hate crime?  Is there any such thing as a love crime?  These unconstitutional bogus laws always seem to be applied one-way only, that being, anti-existing culture.  Always either anti-majority, or anti-morality.  Pro-Cultural Marxism.  Call sodomy a sin and you have committed a hate-speech crime.  Call a sodomite a sodomite, and you will have committed another one, and perhaps a hate crime, too.  Goodbye First Amendment Freedom of Speech.  "Hate" is whatever the supposedly injured party says it is at the moment. 

Discrimination laws are another example.  The government should be restricted from discrimination, but not the people.  Freedom of association, and liberty itself, demands the ability to discriminate.  What is liberty other than the ability to discriminate?  How do you even define liberty if you are not free to make choices? 

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws are the exact opposite of what they claim to be.  They force people to discriminate based on race, and now on gender, and all sorts of behaviors, including the worst of immoralities.  Claiming to opposed racism, they are racist on their faces.  Claiming to oppose sexism, they are sexist on their faces.  Claiming to oppose discrimination, they force discrimination.  This is so glaringly obvious I don't know why everyone doesn't see it for what it is. 

We are being intellectually and morally herded by "our" government. 

Farewell Individual American Citizen Liberty. 

But that's just for openers.  Every supposedly scientific law or regulation or executive order or judicial legal precedent - none of which are in Article One Section Eight - opposes actual science.  There is no scientific evidence supporting whatever the current "Climate Change" claims of the moment might be; there exists only scientific evidence refuting them.  There is no empirical evidence whatsoever that not recycling, for instance, hurts the environment, or that anything man does can affect the Ozone Holes, or the weather, or the climate, or earthquakes.  Nor is there any evidence that we are or ever will run out of fossil fuels, or that fossil fuels will destroy the environment, or that nuclear power plants are somehow more dangerous than Catholic Churches. 

All of these outright frauds, born of Cultural-Marxism, base themselves on the older and completely discredited, but still operational, Human Population Problem Hoax.  There is no population problem.  Simple arithmetic proves it.  Every time you hear some elitist clown going on about "Sustainability" and "Limited Resources" that clown is aiming at Human Beings, as being the real root problem of all other problems. 

The only real population problem we face in America is that we are contracepting ourselves out of existence.  Free men are the sole originators of "wealth", which is to say, "profit", which is to say, "private property", all of which generates tax revenue for government, and wealth added to the larger economy.  Therefore, the more free men in the population, the more wealth produced, the more government revenue collected, and the greater the economy grows. 

But the reverse is also true.  Un-free men do not originate wealth, because they are not free to originate it.  Therefore, rather than being Human Capital and Highly Valued by their governments as free men are, they are merely dependents; they are mouths to feed, and a drag on the economy, and an economic "problem" for government. 

The only human population problem in the world involves all the people who are not free to originate wealth, which they would all do if they were only free to do it. 

The Destruction of the Family is now almost upon us, with the advent of homosexual marriage, and all of Marxism, and all of pre-Marxism Socialism is cheering.  Marx specifically attacked the family, religion and morality in his Manifesto.  Before Marx, other utopian screwballs, such as Owens, attacked the same three things.  If you have read much on this site, you know that my "Unholy Trinity" are Darwinism, Freudianism and Marxism.  Well, Owens' "Unholy Trinity" were Private Property, Religion and Marriage.  Marx merely reinforced that stupidity.  The Family was the first target; destroy the family and the rest of the culture would tumble on its own, or with a gentle violent push rather than a massive violent Revolution. 

The family is the primal social unit; the building block of human culture.  The goal of Marxism is "the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions."  To that end, Marxism attacks all existing "authority", and that begins with the fatherly authority of the family.  It then opposes all other existing authority, including Church authority, and especially government authority, to be replaced by - for the stupid, Utopia - for the insiders, Dictatorship

Just as soon as the anti-Constitution amoral buffoons on our Supreme Court bless and approve homosexual marriage - and if they don't do it this time, they will do it sooner or later, if they are not impeached - the floodgates will be opened for all sorts of marriages.  Because Marriage - which is not even in Article One Section Eight, and is thus out of Constitutional scope - will have been redefined in violation of Natural Law and in opposition to the Divine Author of Natural Law. Polygamy, incest, bestiality and unimagined combinations and arrangements will follow.  Why not?   Who are you to put limits on who can marry whom? 

Say hello to fatherless families and motherless families, and to common multi-member sexual arrangements, and maybe open sex communes. 

Say farewell to the Commandments. 

How can you Honor Your Father And Your Mother if you don't necessarily have a father or a mother?  How can you not Commit Adultery in an unnatural "marriage"? 

And where is the Church on all of this? 

We have multiple Bishops actually, actively promoting cultural acceptance as well as Catholic Church acceptance of Mortal Sin

I am willing to predict that Pope Francis will eliminate Priestly Celibacy.  Watch and see.  And I am willing to predict that, just as soon as that happens, Cardinals like Timothy Dolan and Reinhardt Marx will begin looking forward to the day when Cardinals can marry each other. 

Do you see anyone trying to put a stop to any of this?

That's funny, neither do I. 

Addendum June 8, 2015:  This tries to respond to the limited coherent points contained in some crude and vulgar reader submissions that did not make the cut for publication here. 

The American Idea is all built upon the Natural Law civil rights to:

  • Equal treatment of all men before the law;
  • Life;
  • Liberty;
  • The Pursuit of Happiness.

These are the uniquely American civil right rules for civil, that is, worldly rather than spiritual, government.  In that worldly context, "Pursuit of Happiness" means the ability to earn, posses, accumulate, acquire and trade in one's Earnings, which equate to Income, and to Wealth, and to Private Property, for the betterment of one's self and one's family and one's neighbors and one's nation, as one sees fit.  

Marxism opposes all of that.  Every bit of it. 

Islam opposes all of that.  Every bit of it. 

All you need to know that Marxism is diametrically opposed to the American Idea is the ability to read and the reading comprehension level that used to be assigned to anyone with an 8th grade education. 

All you need to know that Islam is diametrically opposed to the American Idea is the ability to read and the reading comprehension level that used to be assigned to anyone with an 8th grade education.

The curious fact that only something like 15% of Moslems become Jihadists only means that 85% of them either have not really gotten into the Koran yet, or are only willing to support Jihad in ways that do not involve them personally in violent acts.  Even at that, if there are 1 billion Moslems in the world, 15% of that means 160,000,000 active Jihadists loose in the world at any point in time. 

Marxism and Islam are not merely un-Amercan, they are anti-American. 


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Date:  Sun Jun 07 13:24:52 2015
From:  Rick Butkowski
Location:  Taylor, MI.

Thank you, Vic, for the excellent article. You have a laser's-sight fix on the problem which plagues America and the Church. It is moral cowardice, and the recognition that we are trapped in a matrix of deceit on all sides. A fundamental problem that I perceive is that the Marxists in the educational system have succeeded in conditioning out of the American population the ability to apply the disciplines of logic and critical thinking, not to mention the destruction of common sense. We need to train our children in the deceptive ways of Marxism, and give them the capacity for critical thinking. And the more important lessons before all of that are home-taught in the the subject of individual liberty vs. collective subservience.

Date:  Sun Jun 07 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth


Right you are, on all points.  But the problem will persist as long as we have government education, and as long as Cultural Marxism owns the classrooms in higher education.  Whatever children are taught at home will be weakened if not destroyed by formal education, so long as that is the case.  It's pretty hard to home-school someone into an advanced degree. 



Date:  Tue Jun 09 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth

I overlooked one important current false political premise that is getting mentioned here and there, but not treated with the attention it deserves.  This is to correct that oversight. 

The Fair Tax will Destroy the New Housing Market, and / or the new yacht market, or the new super-car market, etc.  Bullcrap.  False Premise.  There always was and there always will be a new house market.  When the income tax is no more, all prices of all new products will undergo radical competitive change, and that includes houses.  If people cannot afford a new house at the price of the moment, they will save their money until they can afford it.  That's the way it's supposed to work.  That's the way everybody buys anything they can't plump down cash for.  The new housing market will undergo a change, but it will certainly not be destroyed, so long as anyone anywhere really wants a new house. 

The elimination of income tax will immediately give everyone with income a significant raise.  Many "handy" people will build their own homes, and that, too, will put pressure on builders to lower prices as much as competitively possible.  If taxing states and taxing localities begin to adopt state and local variations of the Fair tax, eliminating all other forms of taxation, I believe that might increase, rather than decrease, new home sales.  If such things as income tax, existing sales tax, property tax and inheritance tax are eliminated by new state and local versions of the Fair Tax, companies (and jobs) will relocate to those areas, the economy will boom, and the new home, new yacht, new super-car market should see increase rather than decrease or flat line. 

I always thought people who bought yachts, super-cars and mansions paid cash anyway.  It is extremely unlikely that Fair Tax will kill any market at all, at any level.  That's my opinion. 



Date:  Wed Jun 10 00:40:07 2015
From:  M.

How can a Masonic oligarchy which treats man-made sects as if they were equal to the True Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ be pleasing to God? All those things which you rightfully find abominable, unjust laws, sodomite so-called "marriage" etc. are only the fruits of the ideas of men like Jefferson who denied the Divinity of Christ and had a library of impious books. This is not to say that he or the other founders of the American republic would have approved of all of it, but these things were potential philosophically speaking in their liberal doctrines.

Unless America converts wholeheartedly in the manner that the Franks, Poles, Lithuanians and so on were converted from heathenism (I well know that humanly speaking this is an impossibility) it is doomed. The Catholic Religion must be the State's religion, for one is either for Christ or against Him, there is no neutrality.

Monarchy, or something akin to it is inherently superior to the republican form of government. When Portugal was ruled by Dr. Salazar and Spain by General Franco, they were beautiful Catholic countries. When these great men died and their countries became republics they almost immediately degenerated into the same sort of open sewer that the rest of western Europe and America have become. The only way to deal with Communists and Masons &c. is with an efficient police apparatus. If Tsar Nicholas II hadn't been so liberal-minded and had had Lenin, Stalin and others shot instead of merely imprisoned and released there would have been no Bolshevik revolution.

I could adduce many other examples, but am too tired to do so now. It wouldn't make any difference anyhow. Western Europe and America are done for. The pernicious doctrines of the classical Liberalism of the so-called "enlightenment" (indubitably the work of the devil who makes himself appear as an angel of light as is written in the Holy Scriptures) have worked in the same manner as precisely measured doses of arsenic, weakening those societies which accepted them and finally killing them. What we are living through now is the process of their putrefaction.

The more disciplined and vigorous people of the East will crush the corrupt decadent western "democracies" (really plutocratic oligarchies, but I digress)in the same way as the Germanic tribes subjugated so many provinces of the disintegrated Western Roman Empire, or the Mohammedans the Eastern Roman Empire. It is a just punishment from the Almighty on worthless apostates who thought they could mock Him at will. They will discover all too soon that God is not mocked.

Date:  Wed Jun 10 2015
From:  Vic Biorseth


No worldly system of government ever was, is, or ever will be perfect.  Perfection is not of this world but the next.  The European states you name that became Catholic were never perfectly Catholic.  Evil rules this world.  There will always be an ebb and a flow in the worldly battle between good and evil.  Man must come to Christ willingly, or not at all.  Man can come to Christ willingly when and only when man is free to make that decision.  That is the real value of freedom.  Freedom to chose between good and evil is more important for individuals than for nations, because individuals make families, families make culture, culture makes distinct Peoples, and Peoples make nations. 

That is why the absolutely unique American idea of being a nation of laws rather than just another nation of men is superior to the monarchy you speak of, so long as the people are (mostly) highly moral.  The people run it; not a dynasty.  We could argue about the goodness of Franco, for instance, but let's suppose for this discussion that he was a perfect monarch.  Spain had no guarantee that his successor would not be another Caligula.  Successive monarchs have a way of being grossly different. 

The law is fixed. 

The only thing wrong with the current working of the American idea involves the success of the enemy in convincing so many individuals that there is no evil, that nothing is to be shunned or anathematized, that everything is to be, at the very least, accepted by the larger society, lest we be guilty of the newly invented "sin" of Discrimination.  



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Blessed Polarization & Political Division: what America desperately needs today. Lord, give us blessed polarization, a line drawn in the sand and a polarizing leader like Sarah Palin to lead us back to American sanity.

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Atheizing America - we sit, seemingly mesmerized, merely watching it happen. Among all Leftist agendas, the atheizing America agenda is the one we seem to notice the least. Like deer in the headlights, we just stand there and watch.

A fatal false premise is a deadly logical trap for the mal-educated person. A Fatal false premise with broad general consensus will always trump reason, evidence and critical thinking.

The World says: Faith Versus Reason. The Spirit says: Faith And Reason. Choose. Is it possible to be a man of faith and reason simultaneously? Or is true faith exclusively reserved for dumb hillbillies, bible-thumping zealots, and unthinking cradle traditionalists?

Behold the Masters of Hypocrisy who denigrate us and highlight their own shame. Good Leadership, for the Masters of Hypocrisy, means Surrender to the World and Follow The Mob.

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Linda Kimball

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"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

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Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

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The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

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