Definition of Freudianism

Vic Biorseth,

Sigmund Freud is infamous as one of Western Culture’s so-called Unholy Trinity, consisting of Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and last but not least, Karl Marx. These three are the authors of fatally flawed theories that became major, in fact, arguably the most major of all erroneous theories to ever infect rational thought in the history of Western Civilization. All are widely held to be “scientific” and yet all have no scientific basis whatsoever. All are easily falsified when subjected to objective critical thinking; none have any scientific evidence to back them up, all have heavy scientific evidence weighing against them. And yet they all enjoy popular support in the “scientific” community. Showing that science today is more a matter of consensus than of proofs, experiment, empiricism, objectivity and honest critical evaluation. And, proving that, today, popularity rules the once scientific laboratory.

This definition of Freudianism just lays out the basic ideas of Sigmund Freud, the recognized father of the field of psychoanalysis. The historic importance and world impact of these ideas are huge. The basic philosophical difference that Freud introduced to psychology was the notion of what drives human nature; Freud's big idea emphasized the importance of unconscious forces in determining beliefs, decisions and actions in human beings.

Before Freudianism, psychology primarily concerned itself with cognition, rational thought and the conscious intellect, which were deemed to be the dominant factors in mental health. Freud turned this upside down, arguing that mental health was subject to "subconscious" desires, urges, instincts and various inhibitions. He postulated that mental illness was traceable to repressed memories of traumatic incidents, usually from childhood, and usually of a sexual nature, which resulted in neurotic behavior and various manifestations of mental illness.

Mentally ill people are required, by the very definition of Freudianism, to "discover" these repressed, hidden causes in order to cure their mental illness.

The main problem with this should be immediately obvious. One cannot materially measure or even observe the immaterial, or the ephemeral. It is not even possible today to define human consciousness with any precision at all; Freud blew right past that problem, to "define" unconsciousness, and he did it to rave reviews of virtually all of his peers.

Cognition, understanding, perception, intellect, education, experience, reaction, decision-making, etc., are things that can be tested and observed.  The subconscious mind, repressed memories and dream analysis are what Freudianism contends with, and none of these may be tested or observed; they may only be imagined or concocted.  Freud's psycho-analysis is an obvious fraud. 


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Date: Wed Feb 10 07:04:02 2010
From: Thomas

I would like to point out that Darwinism, Marxism, and Freudianism are NOT supported by the major scientific community.

Evolution is, but Darwinism is not. Darwinism believed that Humanity was the final step in evolution, and while yes, this is a step closer to reality than Lemarckism, but still not quite true.

Marx's beliefs weren't science at all, I don't what you meant by that. On the definition of Marxism page you equated Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Leftism, these are all different ideas that are simply based on each other and have similar, though not equal ideas and ideals. I would like to have a more in depth discussion on this, so I have given you my e-mail address.

And for the actual topic of this article, Freudianism. It has been, on the whole, rejected by the scientific community for at least the last twenty years.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that I would appreciate it if either you had a greater understanding of the subject matter, or if you could reply to this and give me the understanding that you already have.

Date: Wed Feb 10 18:38:02 2010
From: Vic Biorseth


If indeed Darwinism, Marxism and Freudianism are not supported by the major scientific community, then the major scientific community has a very funny way of showing it. All three theories are formally taught everywhere, and opposition to them is held up to open ridicule where not prohibited or censored outright.

All published theories related to Darwin’s original GESGOEAEOT2 “fundamentalist” theory pointed to the same result – origin of species – and all were false. Lemarck’s heritability of acquired characteristics still pointed to the same thing Darwin pointed to, which was, evolution of species. No heritability of any kind except strictly within species has ever been accomplished, observed or recorded in the fossil record, by anyone, ever. Yet the theory addresses the evolution of species, does it not? As does Gould’s PEWAG3 theory, which, like all other variants of Darwinism, has never been accomplished in the laboratory, observed by anyone, or recorded in the fossil record. Ever. This is not science; it is pure nonsense.

Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Leftism, Liberalism, Progressivism, all have the same root and all drive toward the same end, which is some variant of statism, central planning and total government control. That necessarily means the end of liberty. The greatest champions, including Marx, called the movement scientific, and so do most of the elitist academics, politicians, political activists and those economists who still champion it today; I simply take them at their word. They appear to be a majority everywhere. I don’t waste energy differentiating between the nuanced variants of the theory; the whole thing is nothing but trash, so all variations are equally fatally flawed. This includes “teentsie-weentsie Marxism” forms of Keynesian Interventionism such as that espoused by Galbraith.

If Freud has been rejected by the scientific community, again, the scientific community has a damned funny way of showing it. Freud was the father of the field of psycho-analysis, a booming multi-billion dollar industry, here and everywhere. You cannot throw a rock without hitting some millionaire celebrity who doesn’t hit the couch regularly, and who doesn’t recommend it to everyone, because, you see, it’s scientific. Freud, today, is still the most quoted name in psychiatry, and even in psychology. Where is all the scientific refutation?

As I tried to explain in the Contact Me page, I had to end all the individual email dialogues because there were just too many of them to keep up with, and most of them were near duplicates of other dialogues in process. So it’s either dialogue at the bottom of whatever subject page you want, or start your own subject in the Thinking Catholic Blog page, where this and other current dialogues get automatically bumped to the top of the list with each new submission.

To see my more in-depth treatment of the three theories in question, see the Darwinism page, the Freudianism page and the Marxism page.

To see my refutations of them, see the Refuting Darwin page, the Refuting Freud page and the Refuting Marx page.

Those should give you an idea of the understanding I have.



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