Progressive-America: From Constitutional Republic into Democratic Socialism.

Progressive America aims at ending the rule of subsidiarity and ending individual liberty.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Saturday, September 20, 2014

The opening question I put before you is whether America is to remain a Constitutional Republic and the world's first classless Nation Of Laws, as originally founded and Constituted, or, America is to become an enormous, purely political, Marxist-leaning, highly Democratic, Social Experiment


It began with Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt and his favoring of Federalism over State's Rights.  He saw the need to centralize more power in the Presidency to "get things done" in a more expeditious manner.  He had served two terms as President and then stepped down.  Then, he decided to run again (there were no term limits at that time), but his own Republican Party, favoring State's Rights over an all powerful Washington, nominated the incumbent William H. Taft as their candidate.  And this despite Teddy's enormous popularity.  Thus began the new battle between Federalism and State's Rights.

(The Federal Government is described in the Articles 1, 2 and 3 of the Constitution.  Citizen rights and State rights are described in Amendments 1 through 10, comprising the original Bill of Rights.  Roosevelt sought to migrate considerable legal authority and power from the states to the federal government, despite Amendment 10.) 

Infuriated at his Republican Party, Roosevelt split off and formed a new Progressive Party, popularly called the Bull Moose Party by the press.  Pulling huge numbers from the Republicans, the Progressive Party nominated Teddy Roosevelt as their candidate, and America had a three-way Presidential race.  Actually, it was a four-way race, since Eugene V. Debs was also running on the Socialist Party ticket.  (A fact that shows how America, since the birth of Marxism, never really saw Marxism as any kind of mortal threat to the American Constitution and to the liberty of man.) 

Democrat Woodrow Wilson and ex-Republican, then Progressive Theodore Roosevelt tried to out "Progressive" each other in the campaign.  This was a real "Chicken In Every Pot!" promise type of campaign, in which the candidates each strove to present himself as the candidate "Of The People!" and "Of the Working Man!".  Constitutional Principle was dropped in favor of who could deliver the most to the ordinary citizen.  And that sort of campaign favors pure Democracy over the Constitutional Republic.  

It is a form of "buying votes", which America was warned about by Alexis de Tocqueville in an earlier generation.  This marked the beginning point of the politics that resulted in the Progressive America that we are experiencing today.  It initiated the twin destroyers of the Constitutional Republic predicted by Tocqueville: 

  • The nearly irresistible temptation of populist politicians to transform America into less of a Republic and more of a pure Democracy, and,
  • The inevitable dictatorial end of all pure Democracies.  

To quote Tocqueville, from his Democracy in America:

  1. "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money."
  2. "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years."

That is why the Framers wrote the Constitution as they did, favoring a Constitutional Republic over Democracy, with lots of constraints and constrictions on pure Democracy.  They knew full well the same principles that Tocqueville would later warn about.  They sought to avoid all that.  They intended to make a nation of laws, which would endure, and in which all men stood equal before the same law. 

And that is why Karl Marx said:

Democracy is the road to socialism.

And, that is why Democracy, if it is to survive for long, must be controlled and restricted to some degree in some reasonable way.  Original Constitutional America was perhaps as perfect in that regard as any system devised by man may ever be expected to be.  But Marxism began to infect popular intellectual thought in the mid 19th century, becoming a real fad among the "enlightened" elites.

Marx's version of Socialism is the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" which is the necessary training-period, stepping-stone on the way to the ultimate goal of Communism.  And the state of Communism, viewed by the dupes and "Useful Idiot" believers of the Marxist lies as Utopia - the perfect, Worker's Paradise - is known by the true Marxist deceivers to be Dictatorship, pure and simple.  The assumption of total power by someone through deception and, if necessary, revolution.  See the Lies of Communism

"We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find out they have Communism." --Nikita Khrushchev.

Deeply interested and involved in all of this newly developing "Progressive" American politics was Teddy's nephew, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat Party State Senator from New York, who accepted a position in Woodrow Wilson's new administration as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. 

It was Woodrow Wilson who managed, with stunning speed, to get the 16th Amendment passed, allowing the government to tax income.  (From Item 2 of the 10 Pillars of Communism: "A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.")

And it was Woodrow Wilson who managed, with stunning speed, to get the 17th Amendment passed, changing the US Senate into a popularly elected body, just like the House of Representatives, moving America closer to becoming a pure Democracy. 

And, it was Woodrow Wilson who created the Federal Reserve, or the FED.  (From Item 5 of the 10 Pillars of Communism: "Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.")

Each of these were giant steps in migrating America away from the original Constitution and toward a purer Democracy, leading, of course toward eventual depression, economic failure, chaos, revolution and dictatorship.  And young FDR (Franklin Roosevelt) was an integral part of the Wilson administration. 

Few saw the evil in it.  As a simple political process, it was simply seen as being more representative of the ordinary people.  Even the ravings of Marx were not universally seen as evil, particularly among the ever increasingly secularized, and ever increasingly irreligious "Enlightened" elites, who were ever increasingly enraptured by their own self-perceived brilliance. 

But they were losing track of how to tell right from wrong. 

The "Sameness" of the Parties.  I submit that Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were, essentially, birds of a feather.  One Republican, one Democrat, both "Progressive".  And what's the difference today? 

I submit that Madam Hillary and Newt Gingrich are, essentially, birds of a feather.  One Democrat, one Republican, both "Progressive".  In their own words, by their own self-descriptions. 

Hillary is an "Alinsky" Progressive whose favorite past President, whom she hopes to emulate, is Teddy Roosevelt, the first anti-Constitution Progressive. 

Gingrich is a more conservative big government Progressive, who holds that the greatest President in American history was FDR, who did the most good for America.  Not Washington; not Lincoln; but FDR. 

And, FDR was the aggressively Progressive President who so exacerbated, aggravated and increased Hoover's Great Depression that it might have brought America down, had it not been for World War II.  FDR's gigantic New Deal spending programs, including the Social Security Ponzi Scheme, were partially described in the Financial Crisis page. 

But the people loved FDR, because he did it all for the people. 

Do you see how it works? 

To hell with reality, and to hell with actions; it is only good intentions, or the appearance of good intentions, that count. 

Today there is not one major difference between the American Marxocrat Party and the American Republicrat Party. 

I call the Democrat Party the Marxocrat Party because it has adopted just about all of the Pillars of Communism laid out in Marx's Manifesto, and it has adopted just about all of Stalin's Communist Goals of Subversion for agents working outside the Soviet Union.  That makes the Democrat Party Marxist, through and through.  And that makes the Marxocrat Party the implacable mortal enemy of the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. 

I call the Republican Party the Republicrat Party because it has no discernible purpose, no charter, no mission, no guidelines, no principles.  It is merely the Party of opposition to the Marxocrat Party.  It exists to exist.  All it does is negotiate bi-partisan compromises between Constitutional America and Marxocrat Party goals.  It has no goals of its own.  The Marxodrats set the agenda and the Republicrats just go along for the ride.  Along with the Marxocrat Party, it forms the Washington Elite inner circle of professional politicians. 

Both Parties, and the SLIMC1 , make up the "in crowd" in the rarefied atmosphere of upper crust Washington high society.   Feeding off of the citizenry who pay for their lifestyles through their taxes, they are less interested in winning major contests than holding office, or some office, in an ever changing mixture of lucrative job opportunities.   They live in and for The Party, and they are totally dependent upon The Party for their high position in society.   Their dedication is to the Party, not to America, and certainly not to the Constitution.

Thanks to the Party, one year they may be in office, the next, an executive or a lobbyist for some Crony Capitalist firm, the next, a network or newspaper commentator, the next, on some other office-holder's staff, the next, in office again, the next some big Party functionary, the next, a Dean or Professor at some university, etc., etc., etc.  All while making megabucks on speaking tours and writing or authorizing ghost-written "celebrity-name" books for publishing houses.  And rubbing elbows with the best people. 

With every single opportunity made available through the auspices of The Party. 

Eventually, The Party(s) is (are) to form the Ruling Class in America. 

What Principles?
We don't need no stinking Principles!

Unrecognized Progressives.  Remember, the semi-secret, unspoken ultimate goal of Progressive Marxism is a ruling class of government administrators, bureaucrats and petty bureaucrats all reporting to a dictator, modeled after the old Soviet Union.  And remember, there are a lot of uninformed cooperators with the Progressive process. 

Working from the bottom, there are the untold numbers of Marxism's "Useful Idiot" brigade.  The Occupy Wall Streeters, the descendents of the Hippies and the ignorant "Do Gooders" who oppose the status quo for various diverse reasons.  Among them are the Anarchists and Revolutionaries, ready to act as Machiavelli's Agent Provocateurs, oblivious to the fact that they are being set up for slaughter. 

Working from the top, there are the super-rich Grand Conspirators among those working for Globalism, the end of nations and even more personal gain.  For some of them, like George Soros, all of this is an entertaining game, or a hobby; something to have fun with. 

In the middle, we have the various brigades created or controlled by Marxism's Divide And Conquer master stratagem.  All those who see real or contrived unfairness / inequality / impending doom / coming disaster / etc., for which "There ought to be a law!" and "There ought to be a new bureaucracy to oversee and enforce the law!" and "we ought to spend megabucks on this issue!".  Meaning, government growth, more migration of power from the people to the government, more interference of government with more mundane details of citizen life, more economic excess, and - more interference with the ancient Rule of Subsidiarity

Progressives who don't know they are Progressives exacerbate the situation.  "Conservative" authors, commentators, editorialists, politicians, political Party members, office holders and personalities who oppose some Tea Party hopefuls for purely political reasons.  They have opposed such worthy candidates as Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell because "she can't win", because the Marxocrat Party Media said so, and the Marxocrat Party Entertainment Industry has trashed them. 

They call themselves Conservative, but for them, politics trumps principle.  They are not Conservative at all; they are purely political animals.  They are easily fooled by the opposition.  Many of them do not even recognize who the opposition is.  They join the opposition in picking "Conservative" candidates "who can win" that they will support.  Candidates who win primary elections, with their help, but who then quite predictably lose final elections, because the Marxocrat Party, News Media and Entertainment Industry turn on them and destroy them. 

These faux Conservatives have been fooled into believing that Conservatism, when it includes all social or moral issues, cannot win, but they are wrong.  They were always wrong.  Convinced in their error, they will even not give real Conservatism a real chance.  Amoral Libertarianism, too, needs to be defeated in the polls, and it would be if ever true Conservatives were put up against it. 

Even Glenn Beck, the worst enemy American Progressivism ever had, who rails against Woodrow Wilson Progressivism more than anyone else in the public eye, unknowingly advances Progressivism in his own way.  See the Glenn Beck Progressivism page for the details.  In the name of Free Speech, he joins the Left in demonizing Joe McCarthy and his Hearings, and damns the McCarthy Black Lists as infringements on liberty.  By doing that, he encourages and gives aid and comfort to growing American Tolerance of Intolerance of us, of the Constitution, and of America. 

And how is that working out for America? 

Due entirely to the demonizing of Joe McCarthy and the elimination of Black Listing, Marxism today owns a whole political Party, the entertainment industry and the news media.  Because, you see, McCarthy was right.  The highest levels of government and society were indeed infiltrated by active Soviet agents.  The opening of the Soviet Archives after the fall of the Soviet Union proved it.  All those people really were Communists. 

In demonizing Loyalty Oaths, Glenn unwittingly advances the Progressive ball a little farther, in accordance with item 13 in the Communist Goals of Subversion.  The unique thing about the loyalty oath in the oath of office for all American high office holders and all who enter the American armed forces is that it is an oath of loyalty to the law, not to the nation.  To the Constitution, as the supreme law of the land. 

I submit that there is nothing in all of Marxism that is compatible with, let alone not antagonistic to, the American Constitution.  Marxism stands diametrically opposed to the American Constitution.  There is no way that any Marxist, of any variety or  description, can truthfully take the American oath to adhere to, protect and defend the American Constitution.  The same thing may be said about Moslems.  They have to lie to take the oath. 

If you don't believe that Marxists and Moslems cannot truthfully take the American oath of office, then you have not read Marx's Manifesto or Mohammed's Koran.  There can be no compromise between either of those documents and our Constitution. 

But Glenn Beck feels that Communists, too, deserve to be heard and represented.  Even if it means eventually ruling us. 

Like Cardinal Dolan, he proudly  gathers with obstinate unrepentant sinners, such as sodomites.  They are not alone.  Just as America now has its "Establishment" Republicrat politicians, the Church in America has its "Establishment Bishops" who work to promote and support the Marxocrat Party in general and Obamunism in particular.  And sodomy.  

Here's Cardinal Dolan's personal defense of sodomy, explained through his own personally owned and/or controlled supposedly "Catholic" news media:  See also the Iniltration of Evil Pages, and the Treachery and Treason Pages, for how the Church in America is following (leading?) the moral decline of the nation under the relentless evil forces of modernism, secularism and Marxism.  

If you are looking for evidence of what might result from a public failure to recognize a mortal enemy of our Constitution, even among political candidates for high government office, you need look no farther than the current occupant of the White House: 

Comrade Obama, peace be upon him. 

Who do you gather with?  Who, if anyone at all, do you shun?  Jesus said:

"He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters." --Matt 12:30; Luke 11:23.

Matthew tells us how to treat the obstinate unrepentant sinner, as follows:

[15] "If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.
[16] But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses.
[17] If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

That is to say, let him be shunned.  That is how Gentiles and tax collectors were treated. 

Jesus went to the sinners, but He did not go to the sinners to join them in their sin, nor to tolerate them in His close company while continuing in their sin.  He went to them to convert them from their sin.  To save them from it, if they would be saved. 

When He sent his disciples out to evangelize, He instructed them to  leave anyone who would not receive their words, and to shake the dust from their sandals against them as they left, as testimony to their obstinacy.   (Matt 10:14; Mark 6:11; Luke 9:5.)

I submit that anyone - whether they call themselves Libertarian, Enlightened, or whatever - who tolerates unrepentant sinners, especially if they publicly announce their toleration, let alone broadcast that toleration in print or electronic media, by that very act of public tolerance, promotes the sin.  By tolerating it, standing aside for it, not renouncing it, winking at it, etc., you participate in that sin, and encourage the spread, increased social tolerance and active participation of others in that sin.  Do what you will. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. --Joshua 24:15

Government by Social Experiment.  As more of the elites grew more enamored of popular Enlightenment ideas, they uncritically adopted many of the "findings" of the Scientism that was born of it.  Chief among these were Darwinism and Freudianism, accepted dogmatically, because they were officially taught, even at the university level, as "well known scientific facts".  Uncritical acceptance of these major errors made the elites even more susceptible to embracing some, if not all, of the errors of Marxism itself. 

If evolution of species was true, then, is it not reasonable to assume that human psyches, social orders and forms of government evolve, too?  If so, perhaps its time for the American government to "evolve" past the constrictions of the Constitution.  And, perhaps its time for Western Culture to "evolve" past the constrictions of the Bible. 

Modern Marxists think so.  Modern Secularist Marxism incorporates notions of social and psychological evolution into itself. 

Having abandoned God and His laws, the modernists, secularists and Marxists now in charge of the rest of us needed some new formula for determining right and wrong, since the old one was abandoned along with God.  Ideologically, they replaced old fashioned objective reality with moral relativism, or, variable reality.  They rejected human reason and replaced it with a theory of pure materialism, thereby entering into even purer forms of stupidassism.  We, and everything, are still evolving, you know. 

So, how do we continuously tell right from wrong in this continuously evolving people, and culture, and government, and geopolitical reality? 

Why, by vote.  Of course!  By majority rule!

By pure Democracy. 

The fact that the Constitution has not yet been sufficiently weakened to allow weekly or daily or hourly elections on various moral points of contention has been solved by our new, Marxist-dominated, undocumented, extra-constitutional branch of federal government:  The Mainstream News Media

Woodrow Wilson was the Marxist President who first seduced the previously antagonistic and watchful media, and actually went into partnership with them.  Special treatment, special clearances, special access, White House accommodations and office space, inclusion in traveling entourages, big annual press appreciation dinners and gala events, and on, and on, and on.  He made them an integral part of his administration, and made them accepted members of Washington high society. 

They have been an integral part of the Marxocrat Party ever since.  The Party loves them, shows it in many ways, and they love the Party right back.  Indeed, they are nearly all members of the same political Party.  The mainstream news media is no longer an independent watch dog of government; they are part of the government, and thus, part of the problem.  Like the Party that now owns and controls them, the mainstream news media attacks the Republicrat Party, but not so much as it attacks simple conservatism and Constitutionalism, and objective truth, wherever they may be found. 

As examples of their political muscle, the media and the media alone broke the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson, won the Vietnam War for the Communists, and broke the Presidency of Richard Nixon. 

So what does the mainstream news media contribute to help solve the pure Democracy ambitions of its Marxocrat Party? 

The publishing of Mainstream News Media Opinion Polls

They are all geared to Marxocrat objectives and agendas.  Many published polls are just fraudulent; but more often they are just "spun" to favor the desired result.  Polls are slanted by the wording of questions, and by the sized, location and selection of samples.  Results that favor truth are simply suppressed and not reported.  Results that favor the Party view are headlined and hammered. 

If the latest published opinion poll says that people favor abortion, then, abortion is right, and not wrong.  Very simple; nothing to it.  That's how we tell right from wrong now. 

In the 1940s, Dr. Benjamin Spock, pediatrician, came to public awareness and roaring popularity through his book, Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.  Imbued with fraudulent Freudian nuttiness, Spock popularized super-indulgent parenthood, catering to children's "feelings", accommodating their preferences, making the home life more child-centered.  Not "training" children in behaviors, but letting them find their own way.  Spock's theories became hugely popular, through gushing supportive commentary in print, on radio and TV. 

We experienced the first results of this self-indulgent child rearing in the 1960s.  The flower-child, I'm OK - You're OK, if it feels good do it, whatever floats your boat, Hippie generation.  It's still with us, and it is now, intellectually speaking, considerably worse.  It's Spock on steroids.  Today, if you so much as utter the word "spank", the media, or someone motivated by the media, will have Child Protective Services, or the cops, or both, on your case in a heartbeat. 

Lately Rush Limbaugh has been spending a seemingly inordinate amount of time on the NFL, but not on football; on the media reporting of football.  The point he's making is that sports commentators are spending more effort on topics extraneous to the game than they are on the actual game itself.  It's a good point, and not just because it's correct, but because current NFL reporting shows in microcosm the way everything is being covered.  From politics and national & international news to local weather and pop-culture coverage. 

It is an effort to change things rather than to report things. 

And to control us.  And through us, to control others. 

The Marxism-dominated, Marxocrat Party controlled American news media is making itself into a giant laboratory for social experimentation.  Already involved in thought control, with huge success among the ever growing Moron-Vote, it is now openly challenging authority in all spheres of human activity.  The NFL is one such sphere. 

Media hyped, off-the-field, nothing-to-do-with-football scandals involving battered women, abused children and so forth have the commentators calling for the "no punishment is too severe" punishment of, not the offenders, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Because, the media would have us know, the NFL must be made perfect first, as a shinning public example, to help Marxism in its ongoing effort to make the whole world just perfect.  See? 

But this time, as Rush pointed out, it's not working.  The sports media commentators seem shocked, shocked, that after all this time and effort, after all this media pressure has been brought to bear, that there appears to be no move to fire Goodell, fine him and ruin hem, if not imprison him or hang him or behead him.  After all, he tolerated the intolerable.  (Although that is precisely what they try to get us to do on feminism, abortion, homosexual marriage, etc., etc., etc.  But this is different, see?) 

Why, it's as if the fans, and the NFL powers-that-be didn't realize that these sports commentators were the US government.  I mean the US media.  Why, fans are coming to games adorned in the jerseys of the worst offenders, in massive numbers, in open defiance of the media.  And the horrid Redskins still have not changed their name, and the fans actually like the Redskins name, again, in open defiance of the media.  Fans actually come to football games just to watch football games!  They cannot be incited to demonstrate or to riot, despite the best efforts of the US media.  The sports media world is upside down! 

Maybe they should have hired the Race Brothers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their bullhorns. 

The overriding point is that making mountains out of mole-hills is job one for Marxocrats.  Spousal abuse, child abuse, battered women and mistreated people have been with us since the dawn of history, and they will be with us until the end of time.  The world is never going to be made perfect in this regard, or in any other.  Perfection is not of this world, but the next. Such sins are always the exception, never the rule, at least in Western Civilization.  But the Marxocrats would establish severe rules over everyone on earth based solely on the rare exceptional cases. 

As Rush pointed out, incidents of battered women, abused children, or any other kind of crime, in the NFL, is only 13% of the same per capita crime rates among the general population.  But the media won't report those figures.  They never do.  It doesn't suit their purposes. 

Remember the Catholic cleric sexual abuse of children scandal?  Ill bet you didn't know there were actually higher percentages of child sexual abuse among public school teachers.  And coaches.  And Protestant ministers.  I am not excusing the Catholic clerics in this; far from it.  In my opinion they all belong in prison.  Especially the Bishops.  But note well how carefully the US Marxocrat media picks its victims, and picks the stories to not report

Any incident involving a child and a gun will be headline news coast to coast for a week.  In the same time frame, the hundreds of real incidents in which a life was saved or a crime was stopped by the mere presence of a gun, quite often without a shot being fired, will never see the light of day.  Nobody ever knows about that. 

They are training us, or trying to.  They are already herding us. 

All the American government Soviets, or administrative bureaucracies, that we recommended eliminating in the Cut the Spending Pages and in the Fixing America Pages originally came to be in this way.  A small problem or an exception to a rule was overreacted to in a highly public and political way, and a solution was provided by a new bureaucracy. 

Every single one of these is not only extra-Constitutional and not Constitutionally authorized for the federal government to even address, but they all also violate the Rule of Subsidiarity.  They violate Constitutionally established State's Rights, and they violate Constitutionally established Citizen Rights.  They migrate power and authority from the citizen and from the individual states to the federal government. 

And now, under Comrade President Barack "Kiss my ass because it's black" Obama, peace be upon him, this process has gone crazy.  His government, including his media, intends to tell you

  • what you can and cannot buy, 
  • what you can and cannot eat or drink,
  • how you may or may not behave,
  • what you may or may not say,
  • how much money you can make,
  • how much money you can (or must) pay someone,
  • how to light your house,
  • what kind of car, if any, you may drive,
  • who your doctor, if any, is,
  • what medicine or treatment you may obtain,
  • what that will cost,
  • who will provide it,
  • whether or not you are to receive medical attention,
  • what you are to pay for the benefit of others,
  • and finally, to just shut up and get on the cattle car. 

subsidiarity?  What's that?  Constitution? 

The latest poll says nobody knows what the Constitution says. 

We're not following it any more.  Therefore, we don't need it. 


If we don't radically change all this beginning with the mid-term election in November, depression, nationwide impoverishment and eventual Marxist dictatorship is in our future.  At this precise point in time, the infiltration of Marxist ideology into American government poses a greater national threat to the Constitution than ISIS, or even all of Islam, which ISIS is part of. 

Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is going to grant amnesty to all the criminal aliens.  All of them, not just a few million.  He can do it any time, but he will most likely do it after the mid-terms, and even more likely as a parting shot as he leaves office, which, if he leaves office at all, he intends to leave office only temporarily

The first thing a new President and/or a new Congress must do after that is declare that executive action to be unconstitutional, null and void, and begin rounding up all the "amnestied" criminal aliens for trial, punishment where needed, and deportation.  The same thing should be done regarding the detainees in GITMO, to whom he fully intends to grant a Presidential Pardon on his way out the door.  They are a menace to us and to the whole world, and he knows it. 

Who do you vote for, when there is so little discernible difference between the Marxocrats and the Republicrats?

Easy.  Vote for the Party that contains the highest number of Tea Party supporters, in the hope that they will eventually take over the Party, or replace it with something better.  (It could hardly be worse.)  

Do not sit this election out in disgust.  Four million registered Republicans did that in 2012, and the result was four more years of Obamunism.  McCain disgusts me, too; but he would have been less of a disaster than Obamunism.  Romney might not have been a wonderful choice, but he would have been a damned sight better than what we have now. 

Think about it.  Islam threatens to take us down, eventually.  Marxism, supported as it is by nearly our whole current sitting government, threatens to take us down right now

Pray for America, defend the Constitution, and Vote! 


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SLIMC1 Secularist Liberal Intellectual Media Complex
GESGOEAEOT2 Gradually, Ever So Gradually, Over Eons And Eons Of Time
PEWAG3 Punctuated Equilibrium's Wild-Assed Guess
TTRSTF4 Them There Real Scientifical-Type Fellers
TTRSPTF5 Them There Real Smart Perfesser-Type Fellers
TTRSJTF6 Them There Real Smart Journalistical-Type Fellers
SNRTACBT7 Surely No Right Thinking Adult Could Believe Today
STNSEACPB8 Surely Today No Serious Educated Adult Could Possibly Believe
WDN9 We Don't Know
BMDFP10 Baboons, Mongrel Dogs, Filthy Pigs and ...
HBAACOTE11 Human Beings Are A Cancer On The Earth
ACLU12 Anti-Christian Litigation Union
FLORMPORIF13 Flagrant Liar, Or, Mindless Parrot, Or, Innocent Fool
MEJTML14 Marxist Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
IEJTML15 Islamic Ends-Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
MPAV16 Marxist Principles And Values
WBESSWG17 Wise, Benign, Elite, Super-Scientific World Governance
TRMITM18 The Reason Man's In This Mess
IYI19 Intellectual Yet Idiotic
TTRSCBTF20 Them There Real Smart Catholic Bishop Type Fellers
IACMPVND21 Illegal-Alien-Criminal Marxocrat-Party-Voting Nation-Destroyers
PEJTML22 Palestinian Ends-Justify-The-Means Liar
PSYOP23 "Psychological Operation" Mind Trick
CDC24 Covid Developmentally Challenged
LGBTQ+25 Every Letter Represents A Serious Psychotic sexual Identity Disorder

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Jesus Christ; Matthew 7:13–15

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The Purpose of this group of links is to provide a repository for articles exposing the purposeful deadly fraud behind all of Marxian theory.

The Marxism Pages
Marx's Communist Manifesto was a masterpiece of deceitful rabble-rousing incitement to class warfare and revolution against the status quo.  But it produced nothing of value to human kind, in the fields of economics, political arrangements, social science or anything else.  This was just another evil man with a solid following of other evil men and hordes of convinced useful idiots. 

The Marxism Pages: The Destruction of Western Civilization From Within. The Marxism Pages, on the Western Cultural transformation from Judeo-Christianity into Pure Materialism.

Another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting Marxist theory. Articles refuting Marxism are linked to in the right column of this webpage.

Refuting Marxism and sub-theories of Socialism and Communism, as Scientism. If Marxism represents any sort of true Scientific Theory then there must be a preponderance of evidences supporting it. Show us any of it.

Definition of Marxism: Total control of means of production, including workers. The definition of Marxism describes the social, economic and governmental philosophy of Karl Marx, co-author of the Communist Manifesto.

The intellectual elite embrace Marxism and reveal their own true stupidity. It is astounding that any philosophy so obviously fatally flawed as Marxism could ever have gained such wide support and alliance throughout the world.

Against the great Communist Lie; the old, current and newer forms. Our argument: The whole “Communist Dream” is a lie; the history of “Communist Revolution” is a lie; virtually everything about Communism is just a big elaborate flagrant categorical lie.

American Colonial Communism lasted less than 3 years; reality destroyed it. From the Mayflower Compact through an economic disaster of Socialism to Capitalistic Liberty, our first Colony triumphed.

Communist Manifesto; Democrat Party Platform: What’s the difference? The current American Democrat Party follows the Communist Manifesto almost exactly. Here it is.

Catholic Communism: Similarities between Church Hierarchy and Pure Bureaucracy. Mises said that Communism equals Bureaucracy; the Church is a bureaucracy, therefore we have Catholic Communism. True?

Marxism Socialism Communism – what’s the difference between them all? Marxism Socialism Communism are all mistakenly held to be different things, but they are one and the same.

Definition of Communism: Marx's theoretical classless utopian society. The Marxian definition of Communism involves the theoretical, perfect, classless society with common ownership of all economic "means of production."

The term Marxist defined: Marxism today has overtaken many earlier terms. Re the term Marxist defined in contemporary usage. The term Liberal doesn’t mean what it used to mean either.

It’s Liberty versus Marxism and Islam, which cannot coexist with Liberty. Liberty versus Marxism and Islam: the epic contest of this historic era.

Can we outlaw Marxism in the USA and still be a free thinking society? I say we can and should outlaw any ideology that seeks the elimination of Constitutional America.

The Marxism of Obama: Marching America into another Socialist dictatorship. Describing the self-documented Marxism of Obama which is still not widely recognized among the American citizenry. Obama “change” is Socialism, pure and simple.

Marxist Fundamentals clearly describes the threat to America that we now face. A timely and timeless submission by Professor Libor Brom; Marxist Fundamentals describes the most successful destroyer of liberty since 1776.

Warning all bourgeoisie: Obama will destroy the middle class. Take fair warning all bourgeoisie, i.e., members of our vast middle class: the Marxists despise you and intend to conquer you once and for all.

On Evil and Nonsense: Look closely at Nonsense, and find Evil at its root. Evil and Nonsense: deny evil and you deny right vs. wrong; which is to deny common sense, which is to invoke nonsense.

Three fatal oversights of the top conservative cognizanti: Glenn, Rush and Sean. Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity are on the right track, but just nibbling around the edges of who the enemy is.

In support of American Nationalism and American Patriotism. American Nationalism and American Patriotism have been demonized long enough.

Are our federal bureaucracies all malignant outgrowths of Marxism? Any extra-Constitutional government agency is likely to be a malignant outgrowth of Marxism.

Leftist Useful Idiocy of Marxism: a time bomb planted deeply in Western Culture. Leftist Useful Idiocy idealizes impossible man-made utopian perfection at the expense of the Western culture sense of telling right from wrong.

Progressive-America: From Constitutional Republic into Democratic Socialism. Progressive America aims at ending the rule of subsidiarity and ending individual liberty.

Karl Marx: the dark, brooding malcontent, the bloody revolutionary, the would-be dictator, who was and is popularly portrayed as a great social thinker, an economist and a philosopher.  Right.  Click for a description of one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on human society.

Refuting the false theology, doctrines and dogmas of Marxism

Linda Kimball

Christendom and Protestant America’s Apostasy into Paganism A Timeline

The presence and influence of powers, principalities, and demons in our age of apostasy into godlessness

Nihilism…All That Exists is Matter and Energy The Worldview that Caused the Collapse of Christendom and Protestant America

Revisiting Nihilism: The Will Turned Toward Evil and the Destruction of Western and American Civilization

The enemies of God, reality, truth, western civilization and our souls Linda Kimbal column

The Last Hour and the New World Order Prayer

Our Call to Battle: Rise of the Spirit of Antichrist Prayer Article: “And this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” (1 John 4:3)

God to Mankind: NOW Do You See the Stupidity, Depravity, and Evil in Your Hearts?

Raising the New Tower-- Occult Evolution: Antediluvian, Babylonian and Modern Expressions

Psychopathy and the Western and American Tyranny of Evil Leftist Progressive Myths

Supernatural Genesis 1-11 vs. Pagan Darwinism God and Liberty or Fallen Mankind and Tyranny

Luke 21: 29-31: Some Signs Of America's Abandonment And Spiritual Bondage

Eternal Paradise Or Hell? How And Why Both Choices Are Freely Made

Luciferian Humanists: Citing the Genesis Account is Evil "Any country grounded in Judaeo-Christian values can't be overthrown until those roots are cut ... "

Who is intolerant because ashamed: Creationists or Evolutionary Theists?

Death of the Christian God in Hearts of All Humans Why America and W. Europe are Committing Suicide


Pagan-Darwinian-Materialism Redoubt of Miserable Self-Deceived Non-Self Nihilists

Americas' Spiritually Dead, Deep State and Ruling Class Nihilists Walking Dead Parasitic Idolaters

Doctrines of Demons and the Modern Pagan and Pantheist Antithesis The West's Greatest Threat

Gnosis: The Main Expression of Paganized Christianity in the New Age Inner Knowing, Self-Salvation

Our Age of Malicious Perversion How Truth, Meaning, and Reality Have Been Perverted

The Serpent's Gnostic Luciferian Elite Oligarchy and Global Powers Demonic Darkness Over the West and America

The Creation Model Versus Modern Pagan Models
2 Corinthians 10:5

What Kind of God Do You Believe In?
2 Cor. 10:5 Destroying 'scientific' arguments for false Gods

Evil Spirits, Death of God, Satanic Inversion Pagan America's Reality of Madness, Demonic Bondage, and Non-Self

Judgment and Wrath The Biblical Explanation for Madness and Evil

The Worldview of Evil Spirits Revolution, Evolution, Materialism, Nihilism, New World Order, and More

Gnosis The Main Expression of Modern Paganized Christianity

America's Transformation Into A Mystical Pantheist God-State What the Death of God Has Wrought

Message to All Wearied Truthtellers: Let Isaiah Be Your Inspiration the Remnant

The Triune God, Supernatural Heaven, Souls, Hell, and Demons Do They Exist?

Teachings of Demons The Aeon of Horus, Reign of God-Men, and End of the Christian God

Revelation 2:7" ...the closing of a steel door – a solemn, cataclysmic slamming of a door."

Systemic Nihilism: End of the Human Race Eternal Damnation of Human Souls

Infernal Apocalyptic Atmosphere Over America Disintegration into nothing

Global and Ruling Class Criminal Elitists Their Ring of Power and Pact with the Spirit of Death and Hell

Blessed is the Man Who Does Not Listen to Falling Stars Who Follow After Damnable Heresies

Darwinism: An Abomination Aborting and Rotting the Church. The falling away and apostasy from the one true and personal Holy Triune Creator God has not ended

The Evil One and the Impenitent Who Receive His Mark“. And the LORD God formed man (and) breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

The Fall of Mankind, the Religion of Evolution, and the Antichrist. "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

Why Secular Liberals Actively Promote Evil. Mentally Retarded Liberals

Cultural Marxism. The Many Hidden Faces of Living Active Communism

The Devil, the Big Bang, Evolution, Extraterrestrials and the Genesis Problem

The Ascension To Power Of Misogyny. Hatred of Women

Gnostic Chiliastic Evolution: Satan's Alternative Plan of Salvation. The Great Reset

Why Proclaiming Jesus Christ the Word Became Flesh is Offensive. The Technocratic Utopian World Order

The Divine Androgyne, Pandemonium, and the Battle for Our Souls. Satan's Rising New World Order

America's Modern Pagan Oligarchy, Aztec Gods, and Human Sacrifice. Isaiah 57 Revisited

The Peace Symbol: Occult Sign Meaning Death Against Christians. Hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity

Americas’ Spiritually Desolate, Parasitic, Ruling Class Nihilists. Satan and Powers and Principalities

Global Oligarchy, Forces of Darkness, and the Spirit of Antichrist. Forces Darkness Within Church and State

Darwinism: Idol of mind symbolizing hatred of Triune Creator God. And Logical End of America

Is the World a Computer Simulation in the Minds of Robotic Overlords? Magic Science, Transhumanists, Gnostic Physicists.

Your soul: Cost of admission to the Progressive Pagan City of Man. New Egypt, Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah

Iron Curtain Over American Minds Progressive Marxisms’ Ideological Utopia

Satan’s New World Order Blueprint and Key Strategy. Christian Capitulation To the Serpent's Consensus Process

Chaos, Breakdown, Demoralization, Destruction: America's New Normal. How it came about and where we are going.

Demonic Darkness: America's Invisible Wave of Evil. Staring into the abyss

Cain, Marxism, Leftism and America's ruling class of 'superior' humans. The dragon they have in common

Modernist Christians in a Man-Centered Universe. Scientific Neutrality and Biblical Deconstruction

The Connection Between Baphomet and Why Researchers Are Creating Interspecies Embryos. 2 Corinthians 10:5

Isaiah 57 revisited: America's progressive pagan elites. Staring into the Abyss

Evolutionary Theism Implies That Christ is Wrong About Creation"For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?" John 5:46-47

Utopianism. Progressive Utopian Cultural Marxism Poisoning Minds, Churches, Schools, Politics

Acts 17:18-19-modern pagan and pantheist antithesis of the Word of God Ecclesiates 1:9 "What has been is what will be.."

Trotsky's Permanent Revolution From Hell In America. The Soviet System in America

Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children. The Divine Androgyne

The Evil Eye Of Envy: Why Being ‘White’ Is Offensive To Some People. No Vice Worse Than Envy

Absolute Nothingness and Non-Self: The Reigning Worldview of Global Power Elites and Western Ruling Classes

What is Evil? Man-made alternative realities

Cliff Kincaid

Terrorist Attack in Baltimore By Cliff Kincaid

Moscow Terror Attack is Another KGB Operation to Fool the West

Obama’s New Nazi-Communist Alliance

On the "Days Of Rage" Planned For The 2024 Marxocrat Party Convention Some of you just couldn't believe that the formerly Democrat (Confederate) Party had already gone totally Communist before the 1968 Party Convention

Making Russia Great Again By Cliff Cinkaid

De-Nazification and De-Communization in Russia The The mutual non-aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact, which started World War II, has been carefully “forgotten”

Climate Emergency To Produce a New World Order By Cliff Kincaid

The Next Phase of Obama’s “Permanent Revolution” By Cliff Kincaid

Evil in the White House In This War, The Enemy Is In The Ranks, Standing Right Next To You

Satanism, Communism: What's The Difference? Look To The Roots Of Communism

Fox Is the Leading "Trans" Channel There are some rather peculiar goings-on at the Fox News Channel.

Trump and His Communist Enemies The Demonized Joe McCarthy Turned Out To Be Accurate In Everything He Claimed: Fox News Is Wrong About Him And About Much More

The Five Stooges on Capitol Hill They Think We Need Even More Doped No-Hopers In The American Intelligence Community

The Biden Doctrine of Demoralization and Defeat By Cliff Kincaid

A Republican Church Committee? Do Pro-American Republicans Even Know Who Frank Church Really Was?

A Top to Bottom Housecleaning of America When we clean our house, my wife has a slogan, “Top to bottom,” meaning you have to target the whole house. The same advice applies to nations.

China's Mass Murder Experiment Phase Two

Bury The Dead And Move On Fuggedaboutit!

9/11 Truth This is the real 9/11 Truth: Our “intelligence” agencies are infiltrated.

Moving Toward Gorbachev’s “World of Communism” It's called the Monster Plot.

The Errors of Russia, the Dupes of Putin, and Another Holocaust Can The Increasingly Faithless Free World Be Saved From Russia?

World War Quietly Conquering A Distracted and Blithely Unaware World. Could it actually be Satan's world war on despised humanity?

Stand With Ukraine Against Russia and China By Cliff Kincaid

Tucker Carlson Carlson Gets His Comeuppance. Tucker's View: It is not moral for us to intervene in support of any nation's (Ukraine's) democratic self-determination and against Soviet military expansion.

The Need for Secure Borders. Have we so easily forgotten what borders are for? Have we forgotten that evil exists in the world? Have we forgotten how to keep apart from this evil?

Can Ukraine Survive Putin and Biden? Can America? Can the Free World? Can Faith in God?

The Soviet Union: Back From The Dead The Return of the Evil Empire

Could an American Surrender be in the offing with Biden at the wheel? Is this not the perfect time for Communism to strike, with Commies now governing America, China and Russia? What would Biden do?

Abortion and Communism. If you ever wondered where all the popular abortion-contraception-sexuality-perversion nuttiness came from, look to Marx's Communist Manifesto.

The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. A life almost totally at odds with his reputation as a minister of the Gospel.

"We belong to the Church militant; and She is militant because on earth the powers of darkness are ever restless to encompass Her destruction. Not only in the far-off centuries of the early Church, but down through the ages and in this our day, the enemies of God and Christian civilization make bold to attack the Creator's supreme dominion and sacrosanct human rights." --Pope Pius XII

"It is not lawful to take the things of others to give to the poor. It is a sin worthy of punishment, not an act deserving a reward, to give away what belongs to others." --St. Francis of Assisi

Find a Latin Mass

Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.—Winston Churchill

Note the Military Assault Rifle common to the American Founding Era.

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.—Ayn Rand

Atheist Genesis:

In the beginning there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing.
And then nothing accidentally exploded and created everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally encountered other bits of everything and formed some new kinds of everything.
And then some bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into self-replicating bits of everything.
And then some self-replicating bits of everything accidentally arranged themselves into dinosaurs.

(See The Darwinism Pages)

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