Jesus had Zeal for His House. Do we have Zeal for our American House? 

Is there any evil, any sin at all, before which you would stand firm and say "Not in my house!"? 

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, April 07, 2015

"Jesus always sought out the sinners!" is always the loud proclamation of the worst of modern scandalous public sinners these days.  And He did; true enough.  He entered their houses, and He ate with them and He even called them.  But he never sought out sinners to join them in their sin, or to remain in their company while they continued unrepentant in their sin.  He sought them out not to bless their sinfulness, but to heal them from it.  He called them to repentance and conversion from their sin, in every single case

With Zacchaeus the conversion was instantaneous.  Jesus' instruction to the woman caught in adultery was to go and sin no more.  Even the Prodigal Son came home repentant and converted, ready to do penance in obedience.  Of his own free will, which was the same way he left his father's house.  By your own free will is the only way you can leave Grace, and by your own free will is the only way you can return to Grace.  You cooperate with the grace that is given you, or you do not, by your own free will. 

But today everyone seems to have forgotten that very simple fact. 

As we said in the Scandal treatment, when a Christian people no longer recognize Scandal any more, they are no longer a Christian people.  If they cannot even recognize mortal sin any more, they are spiritually dead.  When mortal sin is a normalized part of any culture that culture has lost its soul.  When a culture goes so far as to legally protect if not promote mortal sin, that culture is damned.  By its own free will. 

We can all point at Bishops and Archbishops who at best look aside from and at worst bless scandalous public sinners in their dioceses or archdioceses, for failing to say "Not in my house!"  But is that where it starts, or where it ends? 

We can point to Pastors in the same way, regarding their individual Parishes, for failing to say "Not in my house!"  But again, we have the chicken or the egg question before us. 

We can point at our Courts; we can point at Judges and Justices, as well as law firms, law schools and Attorneys General for saying, "Yes, in our house!"  But where did they get the idea that mortal sinners have a legal right to mortally sin, and that right is protected, and anyone who in any way opposes their act of mortal sin violated some civil law? 

Well, we can point at our legislatures, state and federal, and we can point at our Governors and Presidents who signed laws into effect, which said "Yes, in America's house!"  But how ever did that come to be, when they are supposed to represent us, the people who elected them? 

We can point to all the people who loudly proclaim that "You cannot legislate morality!" which is a lie.  What the hell else are you supposed to legislate?  Immorality?  If a culture has no moral code held in common then it has no logical basis for any civil law at all.  Period.  The notion that you cannot legislate morality is just too stupid for words.  It represents the end of all social order and the advent of total chaos and disorder. 

There are all the show business productions who consistently fail to say "Not on my stage!" or "Not on my show!" or "Not on my screen!"  There are all the publishing houses who fail to say "Not in our books!"  There are all the teachers who fail to say "Not in my classroom!"  There are all the "Journalists" and news editors who fail to say "Not in my News!" and "Not in my commentary!"  But that's not where it begins either. 

It begins with you and me being mesmerized by evil wearing a smile. 

Every time one of us says "Some of my best friends are active homosexuals" we fail to say "Not in our American House!", and sometimes we even fail to say "Not in my house!" in a very personal way.  What we say in fact is quite the opposite.  We approve of active mortal sin in our presence.  We stand in the presence of mortal sin, and smile an approving smile.  Thus, mortal sin conquers culture.  To the point where Mortal Sin reproves, admonishes, legally punishes and socially anathematizes Judao-Christian morality. 

And that's really where it all begins. 

If you are able to truthfully say that you have friends or relatives who are active homosexuals, ask yourself how you came to know that fact.  See it you didn't find out due to the Advance of Sodomic Culture within our own once highly moral American culture.  In Celebrating Sodomy we discussed how Angie's List, Apple and other big businesses began a movement to boycott and economically destroy all examples of open Christian exercise of religion in Indiana.  Solely to advance sodomy, in their own houses, and in our larger American house. 

These newest lovers, sponsors and champions of mortal sin in our culture falsely claim to be fighting evil discrimination, while in truth they are advancing cultural evil.  There is and can be no discrimination against any sinner, per se.  First of all, how would anyone know they were a sinner? 

If they are blatantly public about their sinfulness, what are we to do? 

Clearly, the homosexual "community" has no interest in merely keeping their sinful ways private and personal.  They seek to boldly proclaim it from the rooftops, and to force the larger culture to embrace it, using every tool available, be it legal, economic, demonstration, education, pop-culture or even riot and death threat. 

They twist the notion that Christians are called to hate the sin but love the sinner.  In this new twisted view the sinner is no longer called to repentance and conversion from sin, but encouraged to remain sinful, and still be loved.  To the modification of the larger house, for the worse. 

In Biblical times lepers were required to live apart, and to cry out "Unclean!" when anyone approached, to warn them of feared leprosy.  Cruel as it sounds, there was a reason for that.  It kept the disease from spreading through the entire culture.  People would bring food and necessities out to them, and they would remain apart.  Whenever a leper would hide his leprous condition and remain in the culture, he would infect others and the disease would spread. 

What we are facing today is a moral leprosy: the social acceptance of certain kinds of mortal sin.  And it appears to have made most of its advances in society from the bottom up, rather than from the top down.  Sinners have adopted Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals and taken the path of grass-roots community organizing for eventual revolution.  They are strongly supported in their efforts by other Alinskyites such as the Clintons and the the Obamas, and by our overwhelmingly Marxist academe, education system, entertainment industry and mainstream journalism

Even Science (Scientism?) has been recruited to the cause.  It is falsely claimed that homosexuals are born homosexual, by people pretending to be scientists, and yet the Scientific Method has never even been applied to this patently false claim.  There exists absolutely no empirical evidence supporting the claim that some people are born homosexual and thus homosexuality is natural and normal.  It is nothing more than a personality disorder involving a crisis of identity.  Even surgery does not correct it.  After sex change operations, the homosexuals still exhibit symptoms of, guess what, Identity Crisis. Today, it is my conjecture that some of it if not most of it is educationally induced

Bottom line, there is nothing behind the "born thataway" claim other than "Scientific Consensus", which is to say, Science By Democracy. 

You cannot say, in truth, that it's no skin off your nose if someone is an open practicing homosexual.  It does, indeed, affect you, because it affects your larger culture.  We have said, a blue million times, that if you ever let Satan on the bus in the first place, he will eventually wind up driving the bus.  And that is what's happening now.  Look at Indiana.  We are being anathematized by them.  Christians are being anathematized by sodomites. 

And everyone is looking at modifying or rewriting "Discrimination" law, or inventing new ones, when they should be repealing them or declaring them to be unconstitutional, null and no law.  As we said in Discrimination.  We need to simplify, not complexify.  We need less law, not more.  The original discrimination law was to affect treatment human races, not mortal sins or mortal sinners.  And, that was then, and this is now.  Even racial discrimination law should no longer be needed, because of the American principal of equality of all men before the law, and the historical advance of its recognition and observance in America.  Existing racial discrimination law should be limited to exactly that, so that the economic necessities of life and access to larger society should not be limited or restricted along racial lines. 

We the people need to be free to discriminate against scandalous open public sinners.  Remember, the Constitution restrains the government from interfering with citizen rights, and it puts restraints on government, not citizens, pertaining to citizen rights.  What that means is that citizens are free to discriminate in all of their associations.  Government must ensure that we are all treated as equals before the law, and then leave us alone. 

This has been turned upside down, to where now, the government and the government courts can force Christians to bless and approve and even participate in mortal sin.  What can I say? 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. 


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